The Lost Girl- Peter Pan Fanfic


I crawled along the ground slowly. My hands and knees ached from the constant motion, tracking down my brother. I felt dirty and tired; I hadn't slept since I was so scared loosing him.

I sighed. My brother had stopped moving at last. He was sitting by a tree, pushing leaves into a pile.

He turned from the pile just long enough to call, "Hurry up! You're acting like a girl."

"Need I remind you I am a girl?" I snapped. His comments were really starting to get on my nerves. How could I ever stand him?

That question would have to be answered later, I thought as I crawled up beside him. I could feel his breath on my arm, and his blue eyes were closed. Then I looked more closely at him. His arms and legs were covered in little bruises and cuts, even more so than my own.

I rolled onto my back and tried to go to sleep, but thoughts of my mother kept getting in the way. Did she even know we were gone? If she did, why hadn't she come back for us yet? I stared at the many little lights shining in the sky.

Then, suddenly, the lights began to disappear and reappear. A silhouette the image of a boy, much older than my brother and I, was forming before my eyes. A leaf flew off of him and landed on my brother's arm. My brother just pushed it off.

I stared wide-eyed at the boy as he landed quietly on the ground. He picked up my sleeping brother in one arm, then turned to me.I realized that my life would be changed forever. I could have a bath! I could eat good food! I wouldn't have to follow my moron of a brother.

As the boy picked me up, I smiled. I asked where were we were going, knowing he couldn't understand my words.

The boy replied, "Fifth star to the left, then strait on 'till the moon sets". He could understand! Everything would be okay. I fell asleep in his arms as we took off into the depths of night.

Author Notes: Please note that this series will be written with the original, unabridged copy of the book. Consult that before complaining. In the original story, James M. Barrie mentions Peter just made up the directions to Neverland. They can change.