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Only The Angel Knows

Chapter 1


"Okay, let's do this Leah" I grab her hand and smile excitedly.

"I can't…I can't do this" she screams from the pain.

"Leah, listen, Jake wouldn't have given you this if he didn't think you could do this, now come on he is watching. Show him he isn't wrong."

She nods as tears fall from her eyes. "Alright, Miss. Clearwate r, push" Leah squeezes my hand as she pushes. After three rounds of pushing the doctor speaks again " Stop we are crowning," he cleans out the nose and mouth, "one more big one, and we should be able to get the shoulders out."

"Alright, let's bring it home Leah"

She pushes one more time with everything she has. The room fills with a baby screaming and Leah drops back on the bed smiling and panting.

"It's, a boy" the doctor holds up the little baby boy.

"Way to go hun, way to go." I complement her.

The doctor cleans the little boy up and brings him back to Leah. He instantly nestles into her breasts. "What's wrong?"

"Leah, I think that means that he is hungry. This is where you try to nurse him, like we talked about."

"Okay…" she looks a little confused by all of this, so I slowly walk her through it, without actually touching her or showing her myself. After I am sure she has it under control, I leave her to bond with her son.

As I am walking out the door Leah calls out to me. "Bells,"

After everything that has gone on since Jake died Leah has taken to calling me Bells, she has moved in to the guestroom because about a month after Jake died so did his father. We all believed he died because he had no one else left and he just wanted to be with his family, so when he had his heart attack, he just gave up. He is now next to his wife and son on the reservation. He is missed but I know right now, at this point, they are looking down on Leah and they are so proud of her.

Through all of this when Leah's parents found out she was having Jakes baby and keeping it, despite their efforts to discourage her, they made her feel so bad she left. That is how she ended up with us.

I turn to face Leah "I will back hun, you need time to bond with your son- alone. I will see you tonight."

"That's not it, I have a question…" I walk back to her bed side. "With everything that has gone on I started working on a will. I would like you to be Jacob Jr.'s god mother."

A tear slides down my cheek, " Jacob Jr…It would be an honor Leah." I leave her to be alone with her son, the creation of her and the man she loved with all her heart, before I lose it all and start sobbing.

I walk out to the room and stop dead in my tracks. Standing before me are Leah's parents.

"What are you doing here" Mrs. Clearwater spits at me.

I square my shoulders and face the woman head on for Leah. "I am here to help her with her child, what the hell are you doing here? How did you even know, we didn't call you. I will not let you convince her to give up that baby. That is a part of her and Jacob. You have no right…"

"You have no right, she can't do this. She needs to let him go. You are poison to her."

"You can stop right there, she doesn't need to forget, she needs to deal and that is what she is doing. She is moving on but keeping him in her heart. She wants his son, your grandson, she wants to raise it and I will be right by her side as long as she needs me too."

A nurse rushes over "Could you please quiet down, we have tired mothers and newborns that need their rest."

Edward walks over and rests his hand on my back. "Love…" he questions.

"They want to see Leah, to try," I look back pointedly at them "to get her to give up her baby. She wants it Edward she really does, I saw it in her face just now. I think this is what she needs. Edward she named the baby Jacob Jr."

"You have got to be kidding, you call that healing." Her mother scoffs throwing her arms in the air.

"I find it an honor as would Jake, his FATHER!" I whisper yell at her.

"Who is dead!" she screeches.

All of sudden Leah's room light goes off. I whip around and dart into her room. "Leah, what's the problem?" I look around her.

"Would you please take J.J and put him in his tub…thingy…over there?" she waves her hand to the make-shift crib the hospital provides. I take the little guy and place him in there carefully. "Now help me up, please." I again do as she asks, once she has her bearings I let her go and she slowly walks to the door with a determination about her.


"No they don't get to talk about your and my son's Father that way." As the nurse comes in I point to the baby and follow Leah out the door. She stops right in front of her parents. "You two, listen to me and you listen DAMN good. I am not giving up my baby, we will be going back home to Bella and Edward's place, where we have been for months now. You on the other hand will stay the hell away from me and my son. He will never know of you, because I will not break his little heart by him finding out you don't want him. We will be fine, we are surrounded by family, and that's all we need. Now I want you to leave." She turns to Edward, "Will you please make sure, they come nowhere near me or J.J please."

"Uh…I will do what I can, but I have a feeling I have just lost my girlfriend for the next three days. So I don't think you will need the nurses you will have your personal guard dog." He chuckles.

"I'm sorry baby, will you be okay."

He nods "I will call in the troops. No big deal. I'll let mom know I need her a little longer. Be careful, love." He kisses me on the forehead and walks away.

I look to the Clearwaters "Don't make me escort you out, Leah has made her decision and clearly you are not supporting it and she has just delivered a baby, so I will take care of her…light…work." With a lot of huffing and grumbling they turn and walk out.

I take Leah back to her room and sit with her while the nurse takes little Jake for his bath, and stuff.

Leah and I visit about stuff to do when she gets out and what to expect when she is home. We laugh about how Alice took to motherhood with such grace and fashion. She loves having a little girl of her own. Samantha, but we all call her Sammy for short. She is such a good baby, she is now six months old and she is progressing well. Alice works from home a lot now so she can spend as much time with Sammy as possible. I suppose being a fashion designer she can do that.

I know in my heart Leah will be the same way. Beings I work from home I will be keeping J.J. for her while she works. I know Jake is looking down right now with such pride for his love and his son.

*Three Days Later*


"Alright, let's get the hell outta here." I say grabbing Leah's duffel bag.

"Bella, language" She playfully scolds.

We walk out laughing, past the nurses and wave good bye.

We walk in the house and there is a banner hanging up, and everyone shouts "SURPRISE"

Leah starts to cry silently, while smiling. The baby cries a little from being startled.

Leah starts to get a little overwhelmed because she doesn't know how to calm him. I rest my hand on her shoulder and smile. "You calm down and so will he. It is a vicious cycle, hun. Try putting him over your shoulder and patting his back. Make a little 'shushing noise' it helps."

She does as I recommend and he doesn't calm down, he starts to get louder. She gets more nervous. This makes her cry, and with that on top of J.J crying she starts to leak through her shirt. "Okay, now we do the trial and error, first you need to calm down," she takes a deep breath, as Alice, Angela, Esme and my mother walk forward for support.

"How is his diaper dear?" Esme asks calmly.

Leah goes over and lays him down and changes his diaper, as he screams on. She is having a hard time calming down. My mother holds out her arms "May I?" Leah hands her the crying baby. My mother tries to bounce him gently making a shushing sound, as he screams on.

I walk over and take him from my mother, "It's alright little guy" I coo to him. I hold him close hoping the closeness and the calmness, I have, will help. He turns his head and nestles into me. It clicks right at that point this is Jake's son. I should have known. I smile brightly and look to Leah. "I think he is hungry."

"I just fed him before we left. It's only been like two hours." She says. "I don't think I have had time to replace it."

"Sweetie, I'm sure you have, most babies need to be fed every two to three hours." My mom tells her.

"He is Jake's son Leah, remember how much he ate." We all laugh at the long standing joke about Jake being a bottomless pit.

She takes her baby and heads to her room to feed him. All of us mothers smile as we watch her go. We all know how she is feeling, helpless, overwhelmed, and lost for answers.

When she returns with the baby monitor in hand and a new shirt, all of the mothers in the room walk over to her and do what we can to console and reassure her she is doing wonderfully. We all know there is nothing scarier than being a first time mom.

"So, you named him after his daddy huh…" Angela says making Leah smile brightly.

"I thought it was appropriate considering what all has happened. I think Jake would have liked it." She replies.

Out of nowhere we hear a crash then two babies cry. Leah dashes to the bedroom. Alice just dances over to Sammy and picks her up, soothing her. Angela dashes to where her little ones are toddling around and ushers them away from the broken dishes, while apologizing profusely.

"Ang, stop its fine its only dishes." I sweep it all up and toss it out making a mental not to make sure to keep the plastic stuff out. I have a tendency to forget with having six, seven and nine year olds in the house.

Billy has adapted to calling Edward dad, so well. He used to feel so guilty but once he saw that Jake is still everywhere he seemed to calm down. We keep pictures of Jake and Billy, Jake and me, all three of us, as well as Leah and Jake or Leah, Jake and the boys all over. Leah and Billy have also started to build a special bond. He knows that her baby is his little brother and that he is now a big brother too, just like Seth.

Amanda has started asking for a little brother or sister. Edward and I, so far, have been able to dance around it, by telling her it just isn't the right time. I wonder if kids can get baby fever.

I look across the room and see Edward and Alice chatting quietly. After over a year together I know that no good can come of those two whispering. I make my way over to make sure they are not going to cause any trouble. Almost as if he could feel me coming his head whips up and faces me. I smile at his all to not so innocent look.

"What are we talking about over here you two." I ask as I reach them.

"Nothing" the both say in sickly sweet voices.

Uh huh. Do you really think I have stupid stamped on my forehead you two? I think not. I will figure this out.

I know I have a disbelieving look on my face that makes them both separate like children caught in cahoots' against their mother.

Those two have gotten a stronger bond built too. Alice requested Edward be in the room when she had Samantha, so he could learn as much as possible. Now Jasper teases him all the time about trying to get an easy peek at his girlfriend's southern regains. Edward turns red and tries to defend himself but then Jasper shoots back with asking him why he is so defensive about it. It's enough to make a person die of laughter.

Alice rushes off to talk to someone, as I look at Edward. He shrugs and hurries to find the kids. I know right there that they are up to something. I decide I will talk to Seth about it later.

I stand with Leah and J.J to tell a few of the guest good bye. Then I return to the kitchen to start the cleanup. Leah comes in empty handed but with the baby monitor on her pants. "Can I help?" she asks.

"No, hun I have it. You go spend time with that beautiful little guy you have. You have to be back to work soon." I smile brightly. "Then you will miss him so much. Take advantage now."

I am just finishing up what dishes are not broken when Alice walks in. "Hey Bella, what ya doin." She almost sings.

I look at her out of the corner of my eye as I rinse some of the dishes. "What's it look like pixie." There is a quiet pause and I know she came in here for something so I call her on it. "Alice what do you want?"

"Well, I am wondering why you haven't gottin married yet."

I raise my brows at even her brassiness, "Why haven't you?"

"I told Japer to wait until after Sammy turns two and if he still thinks he can do this then I told him I would say yes. Have you given any idea to Edward on whether or not you want to get married?"

"Alice we are fine the way we, it's only been a little over a year. Why rock the boat?"

"What are you afraid of?" she pushes and it is kinda pissin me off. My issues are my own to deal with.

"Alice I am not afraid of anything." I turn my back to her and finish rinsing the silverware.

"I call bull shit Bella, I know what you are afraid of and I want you to say it." I stay quiet. "You want to know what I think."

"Nope, I want you to go away now. You are going to stir up a pot that is not yours to stir."

"Well you aren't doing it." She says crossing her arms. I silently wish for Jacob at moments like these. He used to handle her so well for me.

"Alice back off. I got this." I give her a warning in the tone of my voice.

"I don't think so…" she shakes her head.

"Don't you have something to do?" I rub my head, then start to dry the dishes.

"Yup and I am doing it."

"Annoying me is not it. I can assure you of that." I snip.

"Then you tell me what I want to know and I will go away."

"Fine, what the hell do you want to know…huh, why I am not ready for another baby, or how about why I am not blissfully married like Rosalie and Emmett? Which is it Ali, cuz you only get one answer." I am so tired of her pestering, yet again, that I am raising my voice without thinking. She switches constantly, bugging me about why I am not married or having more children. I wish she would just back off, this is working for us.

"I want to know why you are so afraid to get married to Edward. I know he loves you but you hold him at arm's length, you two know each other so well I swear you wouldn't have to even say a word to know what the other wants. Hell Bella, you let him help you in the kitchen and there are only a handful of us that are allowed to do that. So Bella tell me, now why the hell you don't just ball up, and ask him. What in the hell has you so damn scared, that you would hold the one person who loves you the most on pause. You practically act married for Christ's sakes Bella." She throws one hand in the air and lets it fall slapping her side.

I throw my towel on the counter and pause as I look at her, waiting for an answer from me.

You are such a bitch right now. How dear you call bull shit at a welcome home party for a baby. How dare you even suggest I am afraid of something, it doesn't matter if I am or not it is my business. You are such an annoyingly nosy fucking pixie. Why can't her kid just cry right about now? Ugh. What the hell am I supposed to say oh I'm waiting for him to ask…well she will call bull shit right there cuz she knows I will tell him no. I can't tell her its cuz I'm am so in love with him, and that I am afraid he isn't in love with me. I know he has said he loves me but is he…

A baby crying breaks my mental chastising of Alice. "Is that Sammy?"

"Jazz will get her, come on out with it I want to hear you say it Bella." She leans on the counter casually; I think she can see my resolve breaking.

"Because…" I lower my voice.

"Because…why" she keeps her voice a little louder but at least she stopped yelling.

"Because, I'm in love with him." I mumble.

"Bella Swan, I don't hear a mumble. You cannot gripe at the kids for doing that when you are doing it just the same. Hypocrite." She hollers.

"Alright fine, damn it. Because I am so in love with him and I am afraid he doesn't feel the same." I can't stop yelling at her now I so pissed off. "Happy now, you god damn annoying pixie. I am so in love with him that if he were to leave me right now I feel like the world would slide right out from underneath me and that scares the hell out of me. I have never felt like this before." I pause before I bite one more time. "Happy now? You got to hear what you wanted to hear…

"I am. In love. With Edward."

"Uh Bella…" Edward voice breaks in to my yelling at Alice.

I look over and he is standing there with Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper who has Sammy in his arms, as well as my folks and Edward's parents…

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