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Epilogue (The End)


Sitting with my husband on our couch, my coffee warming my hands, I think about where life has brought us. All of our children have graduated and have homes in the area where they are starting their own families.

My father died right after the twins graduated, my mother followed behind him a few months later. Edward's folks passed much in the same way. I really started to wonder if there isn't something to that broken heart theory. Neither of our parents were able to live without the other.

Edward's hair is starting to shine with silver as I keep the dye company in business much like my mother did. Edward has done well taking care of this family. I wrote one more book after the twins left home. To say "Things You Should Never Have to Say in Life" was a hit would be an understatement. It cleared the shelves the first day. Book signing took Edward and me around the country. It was fun but I was ready for my home and children, which inspired my book.

It was even handed out around the reservation; much to my surprise they loved it. All the wives and mothers out there had me signing there books as the men watched on rolling their eyes.

Today is our anniversary, and I am watching the clock. Every year at the exact time we said 'I do' the children come through the door one after another and greet the both of us with hugs and kisses. The girls bring food and the boys bring beer, Edward and I don't have to do a thing.

Right on time the door flies open allowing our children and grandchildren in. We can hear the children laugh and giggle as their parents act worse then them. Seth comes up to me and gives me his charming smile; it always brings a grin to my face. I may love all my children equally but Seth and I have always had a connection.

We all head out to the back yard by the pool and relax as the boys grill and the kids play in the water. I can see the loving bond my family has and it warms my heart. All the older children re looking out for the younger ones allowing them space to learn for themselves. All the girls are huddled close by chattering about their husbands and all the guys are by the grill with beers in hand laughing about who knows what.

Sitting back in my chair I watch my husbands green eyes sparkle with amusement at his sons, and shine with pride when he glances at his daughters, then soften when they travel over our grandchildren. Such true angels they are.

Edward talks about life and how it makes its circles, I think I'm finally seeing what he means. Seth and Clair have slowly started to take on the rolls as head of the family; this lets me know that the ones who have meant the most to me in life will be okay when I leave.

"Mom," Esme leans down to whisper in my ear making me look at her, "your age is showing through I think its time for another dye job" She teases.

"Es, sweetie, be careful razzing your mom like that, you will be helping Clairol stay in business one day too." I smirk making her giggle.

The rest of the girls come over to my chair and for a moment I am distracted from watching my family to visit with them.

That night when everyone leaves my youngest daughter's little girl, Kaci, comes up to me to tell me goodbye and I hug her tightly holding her close.

"No worries nana, we all will be all right." She smiles at me with pure innocents in her eyes.

It's at that moment I know… Only the Angel Knows just what a person needs.

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