Ok, so I watched a few old episodes and just had to write how Lindsay felt when Danny slept with Rikki.
Season 4 timeline Carla

If I said it didn't hurt then i'd be lying, he hurt me more than anyone could have done or ever will do.

I tried to be there for him, make sure he didn't feel alone, honestly I did, but he pushed me away again and again and it hurt.

God it broke my heart

I wasn't mad at him

I was mad at myself for allowing him to get close to my heart.

What was I expecting from the lab player.

A long and happy life full of love and lust,

For him to be there for me in my darkest hours and me for him.

But we fell short.

I should have been expecting it.

And if it wasn't for Flack I would have quit my job and gone back home, he made work bearable.

He stuck up for me, he chose me over his best friend and God i'm grateful for him.

I Knew it would be awkward, having to face him everyday.

But I made that choice when we started dating, but who knew it would come to this

In some twisted way this whole situation was my fault, and I know I didn't push him his whore of a neighbour into his bed, but he turned to her when he needed someone,

Says alot about me doesn't it

He needed me and I didn't help, he was there for me, he needed help and he turned to her to heal himself.

He admits he did something wrong, but he doesn't realise how much he hurt me.

Sure he may be sorry now, but he wasn't sorry when he was making her breakfast or giving her his clothes to wear around his apartment when he blew me off.

I tried to avoid him as much as possible,

Spend all my time with flack,

He made me feel so much better about myself,

Told me Danny was an ass

He was.

I remember his expression,

He continued to ask me ' Why, why wasn't I myself anymore, where was that amazing smile I used to wear' His exact words.

Remembering Danny wasn't the only person who cared about me.

The colour in his face fall as the tears fell down from my eyes.

Him racing over to me, pulling me in to a tight hug, stroking my hair whispering well words into my ear.

I told him what happened

He vowed to kick Danny's ass then and there,

For a few seconds I wasn't gonna' hold him back, maybe even throw a few punches myself,

Get back at him for causing me so much pain.

But why stoop to his level, i'd just be as bad as him if I came with reinforcements.


No I didn't want to look at him, his smile made me want to either throw up or kiss him

I'd fallen in love with him. Damn

But God help me I was going to find a way to fall out of love with Danny Messer

Even if my life depended on it.

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