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"Faster, you brats! We ain't got all day!" a man bellowed as he swung a whip to the ground. A group of children, the eldest barely at the age of fifteen, wore shackles on their wrists and ankles as they did the labour. Hours of back-breaking tasks with little food and water had left some of them sickly. As time passed, their energy faded, leading to eventual death.


A storm was coming that night. Thunder sounded, echoing through the silent night. A child, about twelve, sat on the cold stone floor along with other children. She had reddish brown hair, and eyes of a deadman. She hugged her knees close to her chest as she waited for the guards to serve the daily meal.

Finally, the awaited moment came. Several men, dressed in full battle armor save the helmet, entered the chamber with pots of edible misture. The slave children formed a line and took turns for their food. The child with russet hair joined her brethren in the line.

Holding out her empty plate, she waited for the guard to scoop in her meal. Unfortunately, a day of hard work had left her exhausted, thus losing strength on her grip, the precious food slipped from the girl's hands. White watery gunk splattered on the floor and all over the man in armor.

The boiling mixture fell into the chinks of his armor and burned his skin, causing him to roar in rage. Lifting a huge hand, the guard grabbed the child by her hair and with much force, threw her across the room. She winced from the pain, but dared not scream for it may anger the guard further.

Curling herself up into a ball, she sat at the corner alone as she watched the other children fill their stomachs with the given food. It took all her willpower not to break into tears of frustration and anger.

"Here, you can have some of mine.." a voice sounded from above. Looking up, the girl saw an older boy, smiling widely as he handed out his leftover food.

"Alex?" she said. "I can't.. Its your food."

"Well, you still need something to eat, don't you?" Alex said.

The girl shook her head.

"Its alright. This is my punishment for being careless."

Heaving a sigh, Alex scooped up a spoon of food and stuffed it into the surprised girl's mouth.

"Just eat, dummy..." he said.

The other child flushed and said nothing more. Reluctantly, she took the plate from the boy and ate quietly.

Suddenly, the chamber door slammed open and a muscular man appeared.

"No. 17! Come here! The boss wishes to speak to you!"

Alex stood up. Seventeen was his slave number. The other children watched as he made his way towards the place that separated them from the outside world. Before leaving, her flashed a confident smile to his companion, telling her everything would be alright. Then, the wooden chamber door closed.

The slave girl waited. Minutes turned to hours, hours turned to days, and days turned to weeks. Alex never came back. One day a guard opened the chamber door, tossed in a ragged item, and slammed it shut. Children neared the item, curious to see what it was. But then, curiosity turned to sorrow when they found out. It was the hat that Alex had always wore. The boy himself was clearly dead.

Overwhelmed with grief, the russet haired girl sat in her usual corner and gazed outside the small opening high on the walls. She thought of her life ever since her parents were murdered. She was robbed of her family and property, thrown into humiliation, and now; into slavery. Worst of all, the only light in her days of sufferings was dead.

Grief turned to anger and hatred. What did all the children here do to deserve all these? What did they do wrong?

"Hey.. I heard that if you make a deal with the devil, you can get anything you wish for.." a group of children nearby said among themselves.

Summoning the devil, huh? The girl thought. What difference does it make?

That night, everyone was asleep- except for the child herself. She stared blankly outside, with the memories of her beloved flooding into her mind.

"Oi, you!"

The sudden noise in the silent chamber almost caused the girl to jump from shock. Spinning around, she saw two slender figures. Under the moonlight, she could vaguely make out the appearance of a boy and a tall young man, standing before her. The boy wore classic English-styled clothes, while the man wore a simple butler outfit. Both would've looked like normal humans- except, they had glowing red eyes.

"Demons, I presume?" the slave girl said emotionlessly. Nothing mattered to her anymore, not even if she was being consumed by demons.

"Well?" the younger demon demanded, not even bothering to answer her first question.

"..Well what?"

"You summoned me, didn't you?"

The girl cocked her head aside.

"I summoned you? Yes, maybe, but what can you do?"

The boy smirked.

"Your hatred had attracted us here. With such an immense emotion, perhaps what you seek for is revenge?"

The female child shrugged.

"I just want all this to end…. All this suffering…"

"Then shall we form a contract? The exchange is simple. In return of my services to you, you will let me have your soul."

Thinking for a while, the girl answered;

"I agree to those conditions. Until I find the people who took everything from me, you are never to leave my side."

A smile crept onto the young demon's face.

"Understood, milady." He said as he lifted a hand onto his left chest and bowed.

Slowly, a mark appeared on the palm of the girl's right hand.

"That," he said pointing towards her hand, "is the sign of our contract."

"…What are your names?" the girl randomly asked without taking a single glance at her palm.

"..I'm Ciel… Ciel Phantomhive." Replied the boy. "This here is my butler, Sebastian Michealis." The other demon bowed formally when he was introduced.

"A demon butler for a demon butler?" the girl scoffed.

"Laugh all you want, human." Ciel said coldly. "He swore his loyalty to me.. before I became this.."

"You mean.. you used to be human?" the slave asked.

Ciel faltered. Still, he managed to hold his chin up high to show that he was superior.

"Enough of these useless blabbering. Give me your or-"

"Wait.. if Sebastian's a demon too then.. I want to make another contract with him." The girl said, cutting the demon off.

The young demon snorted.

"Sebastian's my butler."

"Well, two's better than one right? Besides.. he looks hungy.." The child studied the tall demon clad in black. "He hasn't eaten in a while, has he?"

The demon Sebastian merely smiled.

"Yes.. it has been a while.."

"Care to be my second butler?" the girl asked without the slightest hesitation. "That way at least, the two of you might just be able to subside your hungers."

Ciel stared at her in disbelief. To think that a human would willingly offer her own soul to two demons she just met.

"What? Sebastian! You can't possibly-"

He was silenced with a gloved hand clamped over his mouth. The older demon wore a satisfied smug smile as he bowed.

"I am honoured to be offered such a task by the mistress of my master."

"Its settled then."

"What are your orders, milady?"

The girl's expression immediately changed.

"Ciel, Sebastian… I order the two of you.. to get me out of here, and help me reclaim what I had lost."

Her orders were responded with a formal bow from the two demons.

"Yes, my lady."