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Time line: This takes place like a few hours before Evening Soothers ends. :D

Chapter 1

"Sherlock, what the heck are you doing?"

"Planning," came the sharp reply.

John stood in the doorway of the sitting room, watching his flatmate pacing from the coffee table to the fireplace and back again. When Sherlock arrived at the table, he picked up a piece of paper, then carried it to the mirror, that was over the fireplace, and tapped it on the edge.

"Sorry, planning? Planning, what exactly?" John asked.

Sherlock stopped abruptly, turned and stared at John. "I thought it would be obvious." he gestured to the pieces of paper tapped to the mirror. "I'm planning to recover my skull."

"Your skull? The same skull that Mrs. Hudson took from you this morning? Yorick the Skull?" John asked, slowly.

Sherlock sighed. "No, the skull that Mrs. Hudson took from Mrs. Turner next door."

"Okay, alright," John said, slightly irritated. "Sherlock, how are you going to get the skull back from a still very ticked off Mrs. Hudson?"

Sherlock smiled, and went to the side table that was next to the chair John liked to sit in. He picked up a small box and handed it to John. "Do you know what this is?"

John took the box and looked at it. "Mrs. Hudson's herbal soothers?"

Sherlock nodded. "I'm glad to see that you are not blind as well as dumb."

John just ignored the insult. "Okay what did you put in this?"

Sherlock's blue- grey eyes lit up. "I replaced the 'evening soothes' with sleeping powder."

"Where did you get-? Never mind. So your plan is what?" John asked, handing the box back.

"My plan is to wait until she's asleep, then break into her flat, find my skull, then leave." Sherlock said, taking the box back to its original resting place.

"What happens to Mrs. Hudson?" John asked, warily.

"Nothing. Except a good night's rest." Sherlock said, a little too casually.

"Sherlock, what have you done?"

Sherlock only smiled.

End of Chapter 1

A/N: Yes, there will be more chapters and yes, there will be one more story after this one. Making this a trilogy. I did not plan on making a trilogy, but it all stated with the evening soothers. So much potential with just two words! I couldn't stop! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. :D