A/N: Hey, everyone. It's been a while, so I figured I'd add something new. This is a cross between Bleach and PPGZ, neither of which I own. Several characters appear in this story that are of my creation, such as Takuya and Lepodalia. There are some characters, though, that belong to a friend of mine, DoubleCrescentMoon. For now, sit back and enjoy the show.

It takes place during the final battle between the PPGZ and Kare (HIM), and takes an alternate course to the Winter War in Bleach. Enjoy.

Akatsutsumi Momoko, Gotokuji Miyako, and Matsubara Kaoru are three ordinary girls in Tokyo who share a not so ordinary secret. They are, in truth, the hidden identities of the Powerpuff Girls Z. Hyper Blossom, Rolling Bubbles, and Powered Buttercup are Tokyo's elite fighting force and primary protectors of the waking world. In order to stop Kare, a sinister being from ancient times bent on destroying humanity and corrupting the remainder of life on Earth, the girls have fought together for nearly a year since gaining their powers.

During that course of time, the girls have employed the aid of two boys who revealed themselves to be allies, and thanks to their continued assistance have managed to bring Kare to a final confrontation. However, Kare has also been indulging in the aid of another, one that the two boys have sworn to bring to justice. Aizen Sosuke.

Today, though, although Kare and Aizen are present, the girls' allies, Lunar Blade and Howling Blaster, are nowhere to be found, and have not been present for a few weeks. The girls, in a last-ditch effort to find a workable plan to defeat Kare, had traveled back in time to gather the mysterious white lights that had granted them their powers in the first place. They succeeded in making the White Lights connect, but instead of separating the demon's soul from his body, as was the original intent, it instead gave him a rather disagreeable power boost.

In a flash of crimson light, Kare had transformed from the jester-like madman they had known him as into a rather well-built man with scarlet-tinted skin. He'd retained the crab-claw hands and the unusual clown-like outfit, but his demeanor had become closer to that of a murderer of Hannibal Lector's level of wit and tenacity. The most disturbing part of the transformation was the hole that had opened up in Kare's midriff, allowing a perfect view of the world behind him. This battle would mark the first time the girls had encountered Aizen as well, making it doubly troublesome.

"Kare! This war ends now!" Hyper Blossom called out, gripping her yoyo-like weapon tightly.

"I'm through being nice." Rolling Bubbles added, her knuckles turning white under her black gloves as she gripped her bubble-staff tightly.

"Time to say 'goodbye', you ugly freak!" Powered Buttercup said, shifting her grip on her hammer.

"As if you could deal with me now!" Kare spat back, the hatred in his voice almost dripping from his very words. "DIE!"

Kare fired a laser beam so quickly the girls could only try to dodge. However, there was a soft echo of thunder from where Kare stood, and he vanished from sight. As the girls wondered where he'd vanished to, there where four quick peals of thunder, resulting in the girls being thrown back into three separate buildings. The fact that Kare had manipulated Mt. Fuji to eruption-point wasn't helping them any. However, as Kare laughed the girls' eyes began to glow with an almost ethereal light.

"I warned you, Kare." Bubbles said, lightly twirling her staff as the same light that was emanating from her eyes began to engulf her weapon, transforming it into a shorter object. A katana. "I'm done playing your games."

"Let's take him out quickly." Blossom said, spinning her yoyo so fast it began to glow. It transformed into a shield-like object, the edges of which were so sharp that when she cocked her arm back, it severed the building in two. "Ready?"

"Hell yeah!" Buttercup said, spinning her hammer in a way that made it seem like she was wielding a scythe. When the glow around her weapon died down, it had transformed into just that. A scythe. "He's going down!"

Aizen, who stood calmly in the air about a thousand feet from them merely smirked at the new developments.

"So, they've tapped into their Zanpakutou? Subconsciously, even. This is more interesting than Kare made it out to be." Aizen mumbled to himself. "Perhaps turning him into an Arrancar was not a waste of time after all."

"Hissatsu! Breaker Alpha!" Buttercup called, swinging her scythe with such force that it launched a crescent-shaped beam of emerald energy at Blossom, who flung her shield like a frisbee at it.

"Hissatsu! Choco-Breaker Omega Coronet!" Blossom called, and the ruby energy that coated the shield spat the object back towards her and combined with Buttercup's, then turned towards Bubbles.

"Now, you will perish Kare." Bubbles said, pointing the katana at the energy coming her way.

When the beams connected, a sapphire energy aura combined with them, turning it the purest shade of white you'd ever seen. With the extra burst of energy she felt, Bubbles pulled the katana straight back, glaring daggers at Kare as it transformed into a spear that was identical in shape to the legendary Hokuraku-Shimon of Tokugawa Hidetada.

"Oceans break upon the stone and become my shield." Bubbles said, drawing a surprised look from Blossom and Buttercup, who had not known of this new addition the blonde was adding to their attack. "Thunder crash down on the plains and become my blade. The depths of space coalesce and become my armor. Hissatsu!" As she spoke, a black robe-like outfit began to appear, albeit semi-transparent, over her Z-uniform. It looked almost identical to the outfit that one of their classmates wore during his kendo classes. "Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu Kuzuryusen Demashita Breaker!"

With that, she launched her spear in a single thrust, which reverted it back into a katana that phased into nine identical blades. Kare however, opened his claws and aimed them at the center blade.

"I don't think so, you little whores!" he ranted. "DIE!"

With that, he fired a pair of scarlet beams of energy at the girls, which intercepted the swords and created a large orb of black energy. The orb pulsed for a bit, threatening to expand at any given moment.

"What's this?" Kare asked. "He said nothing could stop a Cero!"

"Oh, great." Buttercup said, frowning. "I knew I shouldn't have held back on that."

Suddenly, and without warning, the orb exploded, killing Kare in an instant and engulfing the girls. As far as the Powerpuff Girls Z were concerned, the explosion caused them to feel unbelievable pain, then the numbness of sleep, followed by a loss of consciousness. Aizen managed to place a barrier shield around himself as the explosion ripped through the air past him, reducing a thirteen-hundred foot area of the city to nothing but a smoking crater that scarred the cityscape. It did, however, put Fuji back to sleep. What nobody noticed, however, was the sky tearing open and a man clad in white exiting sight through the hole. Nobody noticed the three female bodies that fell to the ground about five hundred feet from the edge of the crater. Nobody, that is, except for a single boy with silver hair clad in a solid black kendo shihakushou.

With a flickering afterimage as the only sign he was there, the boy stepped in and picked up the three girls, being ever so careful as to carry them by only their midriff. He even refused to look up their skirts like any normal boy would've done. Instead, he carried them to the next town over, one by the name of Karakura, where he himself lived. He brought them to the house of a friend, who was a doctor's son, but when he arrived, he met the father, a tall dark-haired man who was carrying a single cigarette in his hand, even though it was unlit.

"Kurosaki-Hakase!" the boy called, garnering the man's attention. "Please, I need you to help these girls!"

"Get them inside, Takuya." the man said. "I'll get the med kit. They look pretty beat up."

After about an hour of trying to patch them up, the doctor removed his gloves and sighed.

"I'm sorry, Takuya." he said. "I've done all I can to prolong it, but they've received mortal wounds. I don't think that even Inoue could save them."

"..." the boy, Takuya, was silent for a bit, then he looked Kurosaki Isshin in the eyes, tears falling from his own. "Thanks for doing what you could, Kurosaki-Hakase. I'll be sure to guide their souls safely, even if it is with a heavy heart."

"Come on now!" came a somewhat hearty voice from the doorway. "That's no way to talk. There is a way to save them, but it will mean that you'll be breaking your own vow."

"Anything...anything to save them." Takuya said, pulling an oddly shaped badge from his back pocket.

The badge itself was a pentagon-shaped object that had the image of a skull with a big 'X' behind it. After asking Isshin to take good care of his body, Takuya tapped it to his forehead, and in a flash, it seemed he was split in two, one form falling into Isshin's arms while the other stood with a katana strapped to his back. The form that had the katana, which was truly Takuya's soul, turned to the man in the doorway with the white-and-green striped hat and spoke softly, but firmly.

"What do I have to do, Urahara-San?"

"First you have to return their bodies to where they died, before the become Hollows, or a Hollow's dinner. Then, you have to wait until their souls realize that they're dead, and explain the situation to them. Only then can this method proceed." Urahara Kisuke said sternly, his face half-hidden behind a paper fan. "Once that's been done, lead them to me. I'll inform Yoruichi, and she'll tell Ichigo and his friends, I'm sure. We'll be waiting at my shop, specifically in the basement training hall. Do be swift, though. You've only got an hour or so for this to work."

Before Kisuke had even finished speaking, Takuya was gone, carrying the girls' now seemingly lifeless bodies back to Tokyo City. Once he'd placed their bodies in the exact positions that he'd found them in, he sat down on a nearby rock and waited. He only had about ten minutes to wait before the girls seemed to stand up out of their own bodies.

"Shit, that hurt like a mother!" Buttercup said, unaware of the fact that she now wore her civilian clothing.

"You said it." Blossom mumbled, rubbing her head. "Now I know what hamburger feels like."

"So...now what do we do?" Bubbles asked. "Did we get him?"

"I think so." Buttercup said, standing up. The soft jingle of a chain caught her attention, and she looked down. "What the crack? Where did this chain come from?"

"I've got one too!" Blossom exclaimed, her voice taking on a bit of a panic. "And we're in our normal clothes, too!"

"Oh no..." Bubbles said, a knowing look in her eyes. "Chains in our chests...our normal clothes...our...our bodies at our feet...I pray to god I'm wrong!"

"I wish you were, Miyako-Chama." Takuya said, his voice catching the girls' attention and alerting them to his presence. "Unfortunately, I've been tasked with explaining your current situation."

"Ta-Kun?" Bubbles asked. "Please tell me we aren't...we aren't...dead?"

When Takuya, who was known to the girls as their classmate and ally, only hung his head in sorrow, Bubbles, or rather, Miyako, dropped to the ground with tears pouring down her face. Momoko followed suit, but instead of putting a hand on her mouth or her eyes, her hand went straight to her stomach.

"But...if we're dead, then that means..." she mumbled. "Oh, god...n-no..."

Kaoru remained standing, but only through sheer force of will. She remained silent, but clenched her hands so tightly that she drew blood. She couldn't believe it. She was dead? That just couldn't be right.

"Please, girls. Allow me to explain." Takuya started, but before he could finish, Kaoru flickered out of view from her spot and reappeared in front of the boy. She grabbed him by the throat with her bare hands and lifted him off of the ground.

"YOU'D BETTER FUCKING EXPLAIN! WHERE THE HELL WHERE YOU?" she yelled, tightening her grip to the point of actually choking him. "WELL? SPIT IT OUT DAMN IT!"

"Kaoru! You're choking him!" Miyako cried out, grabbing the raven-haired girl's arms in a futile attempt.

"..." Kaoru said nothing, but she did drop Takuya, who began to rub his throat as he coughed.

However, he began to spit blood, which was a sign of his heart condition acting up. This alone made Kaoru burst into tears with the others, since she'd had a secret with him that she hadn't shared with the other girls yet.

"Damn it...damn it, Takuya-Kun!" Kaoru said.

"My...*cough*...my neighbor, Urahara-San..." Takuya said before breaking down into a coughing fit that left him coughing blood into his hand. Once he was able, he spoke softly, for fear of another attack. "Urahara-San wants to speak with you."

Miyako helped him to his feet and made sure he was okay. However, before he could lead them to Urahara's shop, the echoing roar of a beast from the underworld rang out, scaring the girls right down to the bone.

"Wh-what was that?" Momoko asked, terrified.

"..." Miyako was quiet, knowing what it was.

"That was...*cough*...a Hollow." Takuya said, getting the last couple of coughs out of the way. "I have to kill it before we can continue on."

"Ta-Kun, let me help you." Miyako said. "You're in no condition to fight it."

"No, Miyako-Chama." Takuya said, drawing his katana, the blade of which glowed a pale violet on one side and a pure ivory-white on the other. "You can barely see the shimmer around them as it is."

"Um, Takuya-San? What's a Hollow?" Momoko asked as the beast roared again, sounding a hell of a lot closer.

"It's a fallen soul." Miyako said. "It preys on the souls of humans, and on rare occasions they feed on the living as well. Only those with high levels of spiritual awareness can see them clearly."

A building that had been almost destroyed in the fight with Kare suddenly flew from its foundations over their heads, and Kaoru pointed at where it had been as her face and Momoko's began to exhibit fear.

"I-is that thing a Hollow?" Kaoru asked, and Takuya only nodded.

"But it's one I didn't expect to see here." he said, drawing his blade.

The Hollow, which looked like a leopard with a skeletal face that was missing the left eye, leaped into the air, lunging for the girls. Takuya, however, jumped between them and swung his blade, knocking the beast two blocks away. It remained on its feet, though, and Takuya had to smile.

"Heh. So, you're able to stand after my strike? Kudos on you." he said. "Not many Hollows can stand after getting hit by my Battoujutsu."

"Don't get cocky, Soul Reaper!" the feline beast cried, its grotesquely feminine voice echoing into the girls' ears. "I'll have you know I am no ordinary Hollow! I am Lepodalia, and I'm-"

"Yeah yeah. I've heard it before. You're an Adjuchas-Class. Think I care?" Takuya said, tossing his blade up and catching it by the blade in his left hand. "You're the first one to witness my Shikai in quite some time. Not since I became Captain, I think."

"You made Captain?" Miyako chimed happily. "Good job, honey!"

"Shikai? Adjuchas?" Kaoru was lost.

"What the heck?" Momoko was equally lost.

"I'll explain later." Takuya said. "For now, just watch."

A silvery aura began to engulf his katana, and it began to transform into a bow with a string made of pure energy.

"Chire, Hanabara." Those were the only words that Takuya said.

He drew the bow, and a single arrow composed of silvery light instantly formed. As he aimed at Lepodalia, it roared, knowing its demise was at hand.

"Th-that bow!"

"Yes." Takuya said. "The only Zanpakutou in the entirety of the Gotei Thirteen to rival Senbonzakura, as well as any Quincy."

Before Lepodalia could launch her attack, which had begun to form in her mouth, Takuya released the arrow, and it instantly shattered into a thousand tiny arrows, each the size of a rose petal. These tiny projectiles turned the beast into a pincushion, and as she tried to recharge her attack, Takuya vanished from his spot and reappeared before Lepodalia's face, bow held horizontally in both hands.

"Now leave us." He said.

He split the bow in the center, bringing the two halves, which could now be seen to have a sword's edge, and drove them into Lepodalia's eyes, apparently slaying it instantly.

"Hurry! There's not much time." he said to the girls. "Let's get you to Urahara-San's place."

As Takuya and the girls took off, the boy returning his weapon to a katana and sheathing it behind his back, Lepodalia opened a portal directly beneath her body, a single bloody paw covering the eyes, and vanished.

"You'll get yours, Soul Reaper!" she muttered. "Master Arturo will avenge me!"