I'm going to add a few characters in here, just to make the story flow better with my storyline. As much as i might wish it, all characters belong to either Disney Channel Original Movies or/and Meg Cabot.

Training was going well, the football team were on their field, Lance and Will with them, the cheerleading team at the side practicing as well, with the track team on the side, on the tracks, just getting ready to have a break. Marco, Miles and his grilfriend were in the stands, watching and helping to give constructive critisism. Miles gasped in pain, he was getting a vision.

"Allie, someone catch her." he almost yelled, that was when they all saw Allie fall to the floor, Will, Lance and Jen ran over to her from where they were, Isa was already there as she was on the track team with Allie. Will ran to her and pillowed her head on his lap, he was rambling, talking to Allie, but no one could tell what he was saying. Allie moaned, and her eyes fluttered open.

"Will?" she asked.

"Yeah, its me." he said to her, she got up, well apart that no one would let her, she just sat up.

"Just eat this and we'll let you go, i think you should get some sugar into you. And then we need to talk, all of us, because if you don't i will, Allie, this is serious, you know what almost happened last time. they won't let you compete if you are." Isa said to Allie, the others just looked at them as of they were odd, not really knowing they were having their own little conversation. All Allie could see was worry in Marco's eyes though, no confusion.

"You told Marco, i can't believe it, you didn't even tell me, he didn't ask me. I am fine, just let me get up and i'll be fine." Allie said to everyone, but mainly Isa.

"She only told me because i was worried about you, plus you need my help, everyone's help." Marco said. He then got handed a chocolate bar by Miles, it was so full of sugar it should help her, Marco handed the bar to Allie and waited until she ate the whole thing. The track coach watched on at the scene, he too was a member of the order and had been keeping an eye on this, the kids knew he was a member, he left them to look after Allie, he called training off early, so that the group could help Allie. Soon after the group had all gotten cleaned up and decided to go to the mall, it was ok with everyone's parents as long as they were all home by 12.

In a cute little coffee shop that was hidden from view, they all settled, the owner was glad to have so many customers, and the owner was so surprised that the group of teenagers were so polite as to when they asked if they could move some furniture so they could sit together, it was so kind of them, the owner couldn't resist. The owner was talking mainly to Marco, this was when the owner saw Marco's symbol.

"You are order of the bear?" the man asked, and then said the password that alerted other members to show they were members, not the dark forces at work.

"Yes, i am. Just let me get the others, they will want to talk to you." he said, then walked over to the others who had slightly begun the conversation.

"You guys, i know we have a lot to talk about, but there is another order member here, said the password and everything." Marco said, everyone was shocked.

"Thats probably why we were drawn here when we wanted somewhere to talk. I swear, this just keeps getting weirder and weirder." Allie said. "well, let's go meet him then, Will, you coming?" she asked her boyfriend.

"Yes, lets go meet him." Will said to her, after saying they would be back in a moment to the others, they left the group and went to meet the owner.

"Hello, i believe you wanted to meet us?" Allie said to the owner.

"Yes, Lady of the Lake, it is an honour to meet you." the owner said, Will and Marco started to chuckle slightly.

"Um, i'm sorry Allie, i didn't explain." Marco said from his laughter.

"What Marco means is that Allie is King Arthur, Mr...?" Will said/asked.

"Benolin, Mr Benolin, but you can all call me Claude. I am terribly sorry, i mistook you, your highness..." Claude started to bow.

"No, no more bowing, it intimidates me, just call me Allie, and i'll call you Claude, and no bowing. It's alright really, i thought Will was King Arthur until i actually held a plastic sword and it changed to excalibur." Allie said to Claude.

"Oh my word, so you've all seen it? What did it look like?" Claude asked, they all laughed at his enthusiasm.

"It was pretty awesome, i have to say its great we were drawn here, do you think its something to do with the reincarnation?" Allie asked.

"I know it is, it is said, all that believe in the reincarnantion and that are members of that wil be destined to once again reunite. Now what did you lovely people want to drink, now that you are all in my coffee shop, don't worry about closing times either, it was a slow day today and i was just about to close up before you came." Once they all gave their drinks orders Claude went and got them, then would not accept money from any of them, he decided he would leave them to talk once he had locked up, he told them to yell for him if they needed him.

"Now we can talk about you Allie, i mean, how we can get you better." Will said with Marco nodding along beside him.

"I'm sorry ok, i slipped, i shouldn't have but people kept saying stuff and we have championships coming up, then with all this King Arthur stuff as well, i just wanted to control something and this seemed like the easiest way to do so. I'll get better i promise, just don't tell my parents, it's not that bad." she said to them.

"Wait, you said people were saying stuff, who honey?" Jen asked, looking straight at her, in that way only she could.

"Just some ." Allie said, getting it all out as fast as she possible.

"Oh my." Mikela said. "People on the cheerleading and football team said this, they made you do this?" Mikela said, not realising that it was people so close to them that had hurt her.

"People that we trust, our teammates. It's just not right. We have to do something, Will. I think something, like Miles's new found magic can help with that." Lance said, everyone else nodding along.

"Allie, we'll help you, now i know even when healthy you don't eat breakfast so we can skip that, but lunch and dinner we can help with." Isa said, knowing that even if Allie didn't agree they were going to do something.

"Ok" was the small voice that came from Allie, Will picked her up from her chair and put her in his lap. she curled into him and sighed contentedly, she looked up at Will who smiles, they kissed and then everyone began plotting.