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Meetings and a New Adventure Begins



"You'll see"

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'What's going on? Where am I?' were the first thoughts of one Naruto Uzumaki as he found himself in a place that was completely white which never seemed to end with the occasional one or zero appearing around him (AN: Where the Digidestined showed up when Apocalymon made them fall apart). 'The last thing I remember was hitting Madara with the Tailed Beast Blast before everything went black,' sigh 'probably died because I ran out of chakra from that last attack. At least I was able to take that teme down with me. But what am I supposed do now! Do they even have ramen in heaven!' For those who knew Naruto not having any more ramen would like being in hell for the rest of his life, well afterlife in this case.

Still looking around Naruto wasn't sure if it was heaven wasn't heaven supposed to have clouds and angels flying around not an endless sea of white. 'Maybe I'm in some sort of genjutsu which would mean Madara is alive and the world is most likely doomed to that moon eye plan of his.' Then again it wouldn't surprise him if he ended in some kind of limbo because of the fox if he did die; it had already ruined most of his life why would it be any different in his afterlife even if it was gone. During some point of his training with Bee the shiki fuujin finished its job of taking the last of the Kyuubi's chakra and converting it so Naruto could use. As a result he essentially became the new Kyuubi, though according to what the Hachibi had said he still lacked the control necessary to use all of Kyuubi's power to its full extent. But besides that he was now considered the strongest of the bijuu and all the foxes would see him as their king. That last part really caught Naruto off guard who would have thought that a demon fox would be the king nearly a god to all the other foxes of the world. As a side effect of taking the Kyuubi's chakra his appearance also changed and thankfully nothing too drastic like a tail or ears thankfully. His hair gained some red streaks and his pupils were more like they were when usually used the Kyuubi's chakra.

Finally voicing out his thoughts after nothing happening for a few minutes Naruto said, "WHERE THE HELL AM I!" well said isn't quit the word to use here, no one ever said Naruto was patient and to be kept waiting with nothing to do but watch numbers float by really annoyed him.

And just like that as if summoned by some godly other worldly being four dragons appeared around him surrounding him from all four sides each one having a primary color of either gold, red, pink, or blue. Suddenly the idea of being by him didn't seem so bad. These things were huge he doubted he could take all four of them on at once without using Kyuubi's chakra and it also didn't help that he still felt like he was running on empty from his fight with Madara. 'I've already have had one reptile try and eat me I don't need four more giving it a shot!'

Seeing the boy's nervousness the dragon right in from of Naruto decided to speak in order to calm the boy down, no reason to give the kid a heart attack, and explain his reason for being here.

"Calm yourself young Uzumaki we wish you no harm." The gold dragon spoke his, at least it sounded like it was that of a guy, Naruto wasn't sure with these cases it's hard to tell sometimes, voice firm and confident without the arrogance many had, the voice one would expect from a true leader. "We have brought you here because we are in need of your help to save our world and that of the human world."

Now slightly calmer with the situation but still ready to run if the need presented itself Naruto spoke to the dragon in front of him getting the most important questions out of the way first. "Who or what are you four? And what do you want from me?" Being cautious seeing as he was surrounded for all four sides Naruto kept his senses on high alert in case one of the three decided to attack while he spoke to the dragon in front of him. "And where am I?" he added at the end who knows maybe he could figure out a way out of this boring place.

"I suppose you do deserve an explanation on what's going on before we get down to business, don't you?" the dragon asked though the question seemed to be targeted more to himself then to Naruto. "Very well for things first I believe introductions are in order I am Goldramon. To your right is Azulongmon. To your left we have Magnadramon and finally the one behind you is Megidramon. We are known as The Four Great Dragons by the beings of our world and we are digimon" (AN: I'm not going to describe them most already know what they look like and for those who don't look it up.)

As they were being introduced Naruto turned to each one getting a nod from the first two which he returned but it wasn't until he turned to the last one, Megidramon, did he take a good look at him and how demonic the red dragon looked he was definitely someone he didn't want to fight. Not to mention that his eyes were exactly like that of Kyuubi's that alone almost made Naruto flinch, almost wouldn't be good to show any sign of weakness in front of any of them.

Turning back to Goldramon he decided he should introduced himself even if it seemed that they already knew who he was after all its common courtesy to give your name to those you just meet, "I'm Naruto Uzumaki" he said giving a slight bow before straitening himself back out. Raising an eyebrow in curiosity as something just registered Naruto asked, "Digimon?" he had traveled all over the Elemental Nations when he was training with Jiraiya for those two and a half years and he had never heard that word before.

Instead of Goldramon answering it was Azulongmon who decided would explain a few things to the young ninja. "Digimon also known as Digital Monsters are being that exist in a world that is parallel to that of the human world. How we came to be is difficult to understand and explain and we aren't too sure ourselves." Seeing questioning look Azulongmon decided he would try to explain "As we understand it the digital world is split into four quadrants each one being looked over by a Digimon known as a sovereign myself being one of them with each Digital world being connected to an alternate human world each kept separated from the other by a wall that's almost impossible to get around but still allows a minimum interaction between the worlds. For instance the quadrant I watch over while connected to the other three is also separate at the same time. The lives of those who exist in my quadrant of the Digital world and the human world are only a fictional show in the world of a fellow sovereign, Zhuqiaomon." Azulongmon paused there for a moment to allow all this information to sink in.

Naruto for the most part barely understood what was said but figured that there was more than one human world each one having its own Digital world that was connected to one another without the human worlds knowing the existence of the other human worlds. 'His voice is sort of nostalgic it's similar to that of the old man it's exactly like how I imagined a grandfathers voice should sound like.' Shaking those thoughts out of his head Naruto decided to try and focus on the issue at hand. 'This is seriously going to give me a monster headache. He was right this is complicated. I could use some sake… Uh! Great first Pervy Sage was corrupting me with his research and now Tsunade-bachan is getting to me to.' With his those final thoughts pounding in his head Naruto rubbed his temples in hope of striving off the impeding headache if only momentarily. Feeling that he was ready to continue with the explanation and hopefully get more of his questions answered Naruto nodded towards Azulongmon to show he was ready to hear the rest of the story behind the creation of Digimon and the Digital world.

Seeing how Naruto was ready to hear the rest of this little lesson Azulongmon continued where he left off. "Because of the multiple Digital worlds and multiple human worlds how we came to be with one we existed since the beginning of the digital and other electronic devices were created. While in another Digital life did not exist until human beings created us so as you can see it's difficult to determine when Digimon were first born."

'Ok so they've told me what they are but not why I'm here, what they want with me and how did they know my name to begin with?' With that in mind Naruto decided to continue and see what else they would tell him concerning his reason for being where ever here is. "Ok you told me what you are but why I am I here? Is this place the Digital world?"

This time the response he was waiting for came from his left. "No child this place is a sort of limbo between worlds between realities. And the reason you're here is as Goldramon said, we need your help to save your world and that of the human world." It was Magnadramon who responded sounding like caring and loving mother explaining a child's simple question. When Magnadramon spoke Naruto could feel the last of his nervousness and hesitation to what was going on leave him, her voice was just so soothing it was hard for him not to calm down.

"What is it you want me to do exactly? And you still haven't answered me on how I got here!" Naruto asked and exclaimed slightly frustrated for not being able to get all the answers he needed.

At this point Goldramon he would resume with the explanation they did still have much to discuss and while time passed differently here it did still pass. "The reason for your being here young Uzumaki is due an unforeseen consequence of your fight with Madara Uchiha. When your final attack, the Tailed Beast Blast, connected with him the chakra from Kyuubi and the residue chakra on Madara from the bijuu he had already captured reacted with one another opening a rift sucking you into it just as you passed out due to chakra exhaustion. Normally anything within a rift would be instantly destroyed. It was only due to the combined effort of the four of us, that we were able to bring you into this plain of existence. Now the reason for us doing this is because we have watched you for a major part of your life young Uzumaki. Just like there is a connection between the human worlds connected to the four quadrants of the Digital world so does a connection exist to your world because of the electronic devices that can be found there. But because there is so little technology in your world, the connection is not strong enough for anything on this side to travel to your world." After saying that Goldramon paused again waiting for this information to sink in and what it meant to Naruto.

Naruto couldn't help but frown at Goldramon's words; basically he was saying that he was trapped in this reality. 'While I can probably try summoning a toad so I can be reversed summoned the chance that will not work will mean I would have trapped someone else here with me and I can't risk that.' Letting out a sigh Naruto accepted that he probably wouldn't be going home with a great deal of reluctance but what could he do if it took the combined chakra of all the bijuu then he doubted he would be able to do it again. 'But if this new world needs my help I can't turn my back on them besides what kind of Hokage would let anyone suffer when they could do something to stop it' With those final thoughts Naruto gained a determined look in his eyes that Goldramon instantly knew that no matter what happened from this point forward it wouldn't deter Naruto from doing what he felt was right.

Goldramon couldn't help the smile that graced his, let's go with face, face as he saw Naruto's determination. 'The boy would probably go and fight the enemy by himself right now if he could. We chose right by intrusting the safety of our worlds to you Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.' All throughout his life Naruto faced down any challenge that came his way without hesitation never letting the sadness he experienced in his childhood hold him back and now didn't seem to be any different.

His mental musing coming to an end Goldramon thought it best to continue. "The reason we chose you young Uzumaki is because of your never ending desire to protect."

"Your unwavering will and determination"

"Your loyalty to those you love and consider family"

"Your almost godly bakaness"

When Naruto heard he couldn't help but jump since it came from behind him and since Megidramon hadn't spoken since they arrived he wasn't expecting it either. Not to mention that Megidramon's voice so dark that it reminded him when the Kyuubi would speak to him, well berate him; it carried this suppressed hatred for all things around him and the desire for destruction.

"Ah Megidramon finally decided to join in on our conversation" asked Goldramon though it seemed more like a statement than an actual question.

Naruto could see that the comment just irritated Megidramon more than what he already was. "Just get on with it Goldramon my patience is running thin." Megidramon growled out. He didn't have time to waste, for a few days now he could feel something changing within himself concerning the Digital Hazard and while this was important it meant nothing in the end if the Digital Hazard destroyed the Digital world on its own. While he knew what it was, or at least a rough idea, there was little he could actually do but this boy might be able to do something which is the only reason he actually came to this 'meeting' with the other Great Dragons.

Goldramon took careful note of his friend, something many had a hard time believing, and could tell something had gained his concern but he had not mentioned anything to him so most likely he already had a solution to this problem. Still it would be best to finish this so his friend could deal with what concerned him. The fact that it had gained his concern was enough cause for worry seeing as Megidramon wasn't the type to be worried about things and the few things that did worry him, mostly dealing with the hazard, were usually of great importance.

For their part Azulongmon and Magnadramon also could tell that Megidramon was bothered by something sure they weren't as close as to him as Goldramon was but they have still spent a lot of time with one another so they could tell something was up what that was they had no idea. Naruto decided to remain silent if it concerned him he was sure one of them would explain it to him.

Nodding his head Goldramon decided it was time to finish his explanation. "Now the reason we need your help is that Southern quadrant of the Digital world is in danger of being destroyed. While normally a group of humans are chosen, also known as Digidestined, that are partnered with digimon to defend their world and the Digital world we have sensed threat to the world that they alone will not be able to handle. Normally this isn't the case as each quadrant of the Digital world faces some sort of struggle that the Digidestined is able to put to an end before it's too late. But there is a danger even we don't fully understand yet but we believe you can turn the tide of this upcoming battle. As such we would like to ask for your help, if you agree we will send you to the human world because of how the human world works you will need papers to prove who you are and also be enrolled into the school were we believe that the Digidestined attend. Because the world is ruled mostly by technology we can easily have this both things done even to the point that no matter how hard someone looking into your past tries to prove the papers are fake it'll be impossible."

Pausing for a second to make sure Naruto was following him and getting a nod in return he continued. "Now normally the a Digidestined only has one partner but because of the danger that's coming we decided to bend the rules and give you two partners, both have been chosen and wait for on the other side. This is your choice Naruto you don't have to fight anymore we will still send you to the human world with your identity set and live the life you want we will not force you into anything." With that he left the choice up to Naruto on what his future would be.

But it wasn't even a minute after he said this did Goldramon now Naruto answer. Still there for all to see shining brightly in his eyes was his determination and a smile came to his face one that spoke of the excitement he felt at the prospect of a new adventure unfolding before him.

"Bring it on there is no way I'm just going to sit back and watch as the world is put in danger especially if I can do something about it. So when do I leave and where exactly am I going you haven't mentioned that?" Naruto was practically bouncing around now reminding the Four Great Dragons of when they watched him when he was just a young child.

Azulongmon decided to continue from this point seeing as he would have to explain a matter concerning Zhuqiaomon and The Catalyst. "We are sending you to the city of Shinjuku in the country of Japan. Now I have some things that you must be aware of before we can send you off. Fist even though Zhuqiaomon is the sovereign of the southern quadrant of the Digital world he hates humans because he believes they will try to destroy the Digital world and the digimon, as such he will not hesitate to destroy the human world given the chance not understanding how this will affect the balance that has been created between the worlds. Second is that he planned to use the power of a Digimon artifact called The Catalyst also known as the Light of Digivolution which has the power to allow digimon to digivolve and become stronger. Because of this I've had the catalyst turned into a digimon now called Calumon and sent it to the human world. I ask that you watch over him as he is now Calumon has the mindset of a young child and could stumble into a dangerous situation if not careful and I'm sure Zhuqiaomon will go out of his way to capture him to further his plans." Seeing that Azulongmon finished Goldramon once again decided to take control of the discussion.

"We will send you immediately then." Just then a thought occurred to Goldramon that he along with the rest seemed to have over looked. "But first we have to fix the problem of your clothes." At the mention of clothes Naruto looked down on at his body half expecting to be naked, I mean that sort of thing happens in this sort of case right? But to his relief he found himself fully clothed in his normal clothes with them not even having the slightest bit of damage which was weird considering his fight with Madara should have left them as little more than rags. (AN: He's wearing his shippuden outfit.)

"What? Why?" Naruto like his clothes he didn't see any reason to change them if they were in perfect condition.

Sigh in preparation for what was sure to be a long and exhausting argument about the need for new clothes that didn't draw so much attention Goldramon prepared to explain his reasoning only to be saved the headache by Magnadramon. He was thankful really he was if anyone could convince Naruto to change his clothes it would be Magnadramon, she had a way of having people and digimon see things for what they were without the usual yelling that seemed to come with every argument. She was calm collected and never let her anger or annoyance with a situation cloud her judgment or sense of reasoning.

"Now, now Naruto while your clothes are very nice they will draw to much attention. Not only does the color orange stand out by its self, but your clothes would be considered very outdated by the people of Shinjuku so you will need something less eye catching. You can keep your jacket to wear as a reminder of home along with your headband but for the most part it would help you in the long run to have something a little more modern." Magnadramon explained her voice soothing and calm with it still possessing that trait every mother seemed to have when speaking to their child. Really there was no way Naruto could deny her words and any arguments he had died away at the sound of her voice, so with a reluctant nod of his head Naruto accepted.

Seeing Naruto's acceptance Goldramon lifted his left hand up as data started to surround it. To Naruto it seemed to be a swirling ball of light similar to his rasengan with the only difference being the data particles that surrounded it. "Now don't worry young Naruto this won't hurt at the most you'll feel a slight tingle." He said before he threw the data sphere at Naruto.

For Naruto staying still became suddenly difficult with his instincts telling him to dodge the ball of data that was heading his way but he would trust Goldramon to keep his word on this not hurting before he was consumed in a bright light that surrounded him completely. When the light finally faded three of the Four Great Dragons were witness to the change in Naruto's outfit. Naruto now wore a regular white shirt that was slightly tight over his body but not uncomfortable with loose black jeans and a pair of black steel toed boots. He was now wearing his head band around his neck letting his hair fall down making him look more like his father than before along with a replica of the necklace he won from Tsunade all those years ago. He was also now wearing a new jacket that was the color was a darker shade of orange that wouldn't draw attention to him with the symbol for Anbu located on both his shoulders in black along with the seal design of the Shiki Fuujin on his back. The bottom part of the jacket was also colored in black with the final detail being the hood that he currently had on. Around his waist he wore to belts that crossed each other forming an 'x' his digivice was located on his left side clipped to the belt the color scheme was only slightly different from the norm, not that Naruto knew that, instead of it being mostly white with a specific color his was black with orange ring, buttons, and strap. (AN: Like Ryo's digivice.) On his right side there was an empty card holder (AN: Like the one Rika has).

When Naruto pulled down the hood to take a look at himself he had to admit the new clothes weren't half bad, Goldramon even let him wear orange if only a different shade of it but still orange. When he found his Digivice he was about to ask what thing was before he was answered by Azulongmon.

"The device you currently hold in your hand is known as a Digivice and it is what marks you as a Digidestined and the physical representation for the bond that now exists between you and your digimon partners. It will also allow your digimon to digivolve when the time comes. Something else you should be made aware of is, as I mentioned before, that while no one knows that we really do exist are a card game and TV show based on the events that happened in the eastern quadrant, the quadrant I rule over, as such the cards will allow your digimon to grow stronger and or gain new abilities when you slash a card through the slit in the device which acts as a scanner that will last for a certain amount of time." Azulongmon decided to only explain the basics so Naruto could discover the other uses the digivice had on his own.

Nodding his head in understanding Naruto clipped the digivice back on to his belt. 'Well that explains the empty card holster I'll probably have to buy some cards when I get to this Shinjuku place which raises the question.' "What am I going to do about money and a place to live?" He didn't have anything on him and even if he did he doubted that it would be the correct currency.

"Good question Naruto and we have a solution to both." Magnadramon answered.

"You do?" Naruto questioned this seemed convenient of course he wasn't going to complain this saved him the trouble of figuring it out later, maybe. He shouldn't assume things.

Magnadramon gave Naruto a smile or at least a dragon's equivalent to a smile before answering. "Yes we do. We already have an apartment set up for you and your partners to live in. It's not anything fancy but definitely better than most would expect and it's fully furnished so the only thing you'll need to buy for yourself are any extra clothes and food. As for money we will give a certain amount a month to take care of any needs you may have, think of it as an allowance. We have also set it up so the bills and rent will automatically be paid for, so you don't need to concern yourself with that." Still seeing a questioning look on Naruto's face Magnadramon guessed what Naruto was about to ask. "Just because we are digital beings from a different world doesn't mean we don't make sure that we have sources available in the human world if the need ever arose." Nodding his head once in understanding Naruto prepared himself to begin his journey now that all his questions had been answered.

"Very well I will no-"Goldramon began before he was cut off.

"Hold on Goldramon I have something to discuss with the child before we send him off and I'd prefer to do it in private if you don't mind." Megidramon called out as his red eyes watched Naruto as the blond teen turned to face the demonic dragon. "Don't worry I will send the boy off as soon as I'm done speaking with him". He finished as he shifted his sight to Goldramon, Azulongmon, and Magnadramon. The three nodding their acceptance in the matter it wasn't often Megidramon decided to speak to someone directly, most of the time they were together he never spoke up on a matter leaving the decisions up to Goldramon.

"Take care young Digidestined till we meet again", "So long Naruto take care of yourself", "Thank you once again young Uzumaki we owe you a great debt we might never be able to repay, goodbye." With the farewells from Azulongmon, Magnadramon, and Goldramon respectively they departed to allow Megidramon and Naruto to have their privacy.

For a few tense seconds Naruto and Megidramon simply stared at one another neither saying a word. Finally with a deep sigh Megidramon decided to get this over with, "The reason I have to speak to you in private concerns this mark on my chest. It's known as the Digital Hazard and it's a virus with the potential to destroy the entire Digital world. For the past few days I have sensed a change in the Hazard and have come to the conclusion that someone has tapped into its power, most likely without knowing it, and if this is true it might cause complications in your adventure." Taking a pause to gather his thoughts before continuing he look towards Naruto to make sure he was following, he did not want to repeat himself. "It has been most likely done by one of the other Tamers, what the Digidestined will be known as, as a result should the tamer lose control of his anger he could force his digimon to digivolve into another Megidramon. The problem with this is that there, can only one true Megidramon, like their can only be one true Goldramon, as such the Megidramon the tamer will create will be nothing more than a mindless beast. At the same time the Digital Hazard will be at its most unstable within this second Megidramon, since it wouldn't be able to control it, which could if not kept in check destroy the Digital world." Pausing once again to gauge Naruto reaction it did not surprise Megidramon when the former jinjuriki became slightly nervous at the prospect at having to fight a mindless dragon was something many did their best to avoid. "Because of this I've decided to give a part of the Digital Hazard not enough to complicate things further but enough to make things slightly easier for you should the Tamer that has tapped into the Hazard's power lose control of himself, understand?" Megidramon asked as he waited for Naruto response and most likely the questions that would follow.

When Megidramon spoke of a power that would most likely unleash itself when the Tamer came to the breaking point in controlling his anger he had flashbacks to the times he lost control of himself and the Kyuubi took control over his body. If things were similar to that kind of situation than Naruto could see why the Great dragon would be worried. With a heavy sigh Naruto began to ask a question he was sure Megidramon was expecting, 'Why can't things ever be simple?' "What is it exactly that I will be able to do with this piece of the Hazard; I mean if it's so dangerous wouldn't even part of it be cause for more worry?"

Megidramon hummed or maybe it was a growl it was hard to tell as if in thought before answering, "Normally you'd be right child but I will be placing limitations on the piece I will give you so you can't do anything beyond what I allow. As for what it will do, simply it will allow for data manipulation. What that means I will allow you to figure out later on in time, now prepare yourself because you will accept this gift I'm giving you." With that said Megidramon extended his hand until one of his claws rested against Naruto's forehead before a dull ache seemed to spread all over Naruto's body as a light once again consumed him. When the light faded not much had changed most wouldn't notice right away but now on his left hand as if tattooed to his hand was the mark of the Digital Hazard.

"Ow. Any reason I have a sudden headache?" Naruto asked as he held his head with his right hand as he stared at his left where he was getting a tingling feeling only to notice the Hazard symbol now on his skin.

"I do everything for a reason child. The reason behind your headache is that I uploaded some information about the world you're going to that the others seem to forgotten, this way you won't be scared out your mind by every little thing you come across and it should make adapting that much simpler." Megidramon answered before collecting data to his hand similar to what Goldramon did before, before releasing it so it landed at Naruto's feet.

When Naruto saw the ball of data land at his feet he didn't know what to expect a pair of black fingerless gloves was definitely at the bottom of his list. Seeing the questioning look on Naruto's face along with the raised eyebrow Megidramon answered the unasked question.

It would be best if no one knew about the Hazard, I won't delude myself into believing you'll be able to hide it forever but for the moment it would be best if less people knew about it." Megidramon answered as he watched Naruto put on his new gloves. "Now I'll be sending you on your way."

"Huh? Wait, what about these partners of mine I still haven't even met them." Naruto asked expecting Megidramon to have forgotten about them.

"I'll send them right after you. So long Naruto Uzumaki Shinobi of the Digital Hazard." Was Megidramon only reply and before Naruto could get another word in a digital gate opened underneath him.

In a secret government building located in Shinjuku three people watch the monitors around them keeping an eye out for any digital activity. They were known as Hypnos and their job was that the 'digital threat' didn't become a threat and stayed secret to the public. They spent their time monitoring the web for any digimon that tries to cross over to the real world and put a stop to it before it happens.

"Sir, I'm picking up a reading it appears that a wild one is trying to bioemerge." One of the women said her eyes covered by some goggles with short brown hair as she tapped away at her keyboard. She and another woman were back to back in their seats that were suspended in midair as they tried to stop whatever was trying to bioemerge. "This one's data seems different from the rest though."


"It doesn't matter a bug is a bug no matter how different it may look from the rest. Put a tracer on it and destroy it we can't let any of those abominations to come into the real world." A blond man answered his irritation with the situation clearly evident from the tone of his as he opened and closed the lighter in his hand.

"We can't something is interfering with the system we can't get a lock at this rate it's going to emerge and we won't even have a general idea of its location." The other women answered unlike her coworker her hair was long and had a slight reddish tint to it. Quickly typing away at her keyboard in the hopes of being able to do something they quickly came to realizations it would be impossible to stop this digimon from bioemergeing into the real world "It's about to bioemerge in 5… 4… 3…2…1 that's it has crossed over to the real world."

Scowling the blond haired man turned to prepare for when the digimon that just emerged to cause trouble so he could put a stop to it before it gets out of hand and delete the packet of data that dared come over to the human world and infest it like some disease. 'Soon enough no digimon will ever be able to cross into the real world I just need a little more time to finish Juggernaut.

In another part of Shinjuku a digital field was just starting to dissipate when Naruto was picking himself up from his fall due to the surprise from the gate appearing underneath him. 'Damn that overgrown lizard with wings a little warning would have been nice.' His mental complaining done for the moment Naruto decided to take a look around. From what he could gather he was in a park and judging from the position of the sun around midday. 'This place doesn't seem so bad. And if the information I got from Megidramon is accurate my new apartment should be around here somewhere if I'm at the right park. I just have to wait for my partners to show up; I wonder how long that will take?' Again as if some other worldly god heard his question a second digital field appeared just in front of him. When it cleared he could see his two digmon partners.

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