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Those that Have Fallen

(Author Notes)

The couple of weeks following the incident with Devidramon were quite ones, well mostly quite. From what Naruto learned the following day, from Henry and Takato, Growlmon had trouble de-digivolving back into Guilmon after his fight ended. Eventually the two tamers were forced to have Growlmon sleep in the flood tunnel, when he couldn't fit in his stone shack in the park for the night, only for Impmon to chase him out later that night. The next day Naruto joined Takato and Henry in their search of the missing red dinosaur and eventually found him in a nearby playground. Afterwards Takato, Henry, and Terriermon tried to paint Growlmon with some paint Takato had from when his parents painted their bakery, with even Coronamon and Patamon choosing to lend a helping hand. Naruto just stood back and watched them paint Growlmon in varies shades of green and brown, choosing not to take part once he noticed that they were using water based paint, and how the sky was quickly darkening with storm clouds. Rika put another hole in the two male tamers' plan when she had Renamon easily point out where Growlmon was hiding, and said any other digimon seriously looking for the red dinosaur could do the same thing, before leaving only sparing Naruto a quick glance as she did. Naruto finally stepped in to do something when everyone was distracted looking up at a rainbow that had appeared after the short rain that fell. Using the Digital Hazard, Naruto removed the excess data that made up Growlmon allowing the virus digimon to return to being Guilmon. Naruto was careful in making sure that if it didn't work than nothing would have happened, and that there would be no undesirable results affecting Guilmon afterwards. Luckily after Guilmon returned to normal everyone figured that the rainbow had something to do with it, how exactly they came to that conclusion Naruto didn't know. Later Naruto made sure to tell Coronamon and Patamon what actually happened.

Naruto let out a sigh, as took a stroll through the city, for most of the day there had been a feeling of foreboding in the air, and it wasn't because of the black vans or goons in suits that had been following him for the last week or so. The blonde shinobi figured that Yamaki, for some reason, had become suspicious of him and was now having him followed in an effort to learn as much about him as possible, and maybe even find out where his digimon partners were. Not that it really mattered to the Nidaime Kyuubi no Kitsune whenever they tried to follow him, he easily lost them after a couple of minutes, but they weren't the only ones that had been following him the last few days. He wasn't sure who or what it was because whenever he got the feeling of being watched it would always disappear before he could locate it. As of right now he had come to three possible explanations 1) Somehow he was being watched by a ninja, 2) He was being watched by a digimon, or 3) He was just being paranoid. Either way it was getting on his nerves, but he had something more important to deal with at the moment he decided, as he focused on the blonde haired man standing in front of him wearing a business suit, shades, and had a lighter in his hand.

"Ah, if it isn't my friend Agent-San," Naruto said with an unassuming smile.

"What do you think you're playing at, Uzumaki?" Yamaki questioned the sapphire eyed tamer seriously; clicking his lighter closed a final time as if to emphasize his seriousness.

"Hm? How do you know my name I'm pretty sure I never gave it to you the last time we met." Naruto said to his blonde counterpart a mocking smile spreading across his face. "What exactly have you been up to since the last time we met Agent-san?" The blonde former jinjuriki asked him rhetorically.

"That is none of your concern Uzumaki." The sunglasses wearing blonde told him seriously.

"You can at least tell me your name Agent-San." Naruto replied coolly.

"Very well, you may call me Yamaki and I'm telling you right now Uzumaki this isn't a game, so stop treating it like one." Yamaki said almost threateningly, as he took a single step towards Naruto.

"What are you talking about?" Naruto asked feigning ignorance.

Yamaki scowled at the sapphire eyed boy, as he opened and shut his lighter in an attempt to keep his temper under control. "Don't play dumb with me. I saw you and your little friends the other day along with those things. I'm telling you this now if you know what is good for you you'll separate yourselves from those abominations."

"Ara, ara. You're not making much sense Yamaki." The former Konoha shinobi said aloofly, as he moved passed Yamaki calmly before stopping when his back was to his fellow blonde. "Oh by the way, if you don't have your men stop following me I can assure you that I'll do more than just loose them next time." He finished before continuing on his way.

'Damn that little…" Yamaki growled mentally, as he listened to the blonde's footsteps walk away from him, opening and closing his lighter one final time.

Later that night Rika was in her room going over some of the cards in her deck while her mind was focused on the process of Digivolution, and how the digimon managed to digivolve in the first place. First she thought of the first time Terriermon digivolved, then when Guilmon digivolved, and almost scoffed in disbelief that Guilmon who had little to no battle experience managed to digivolve in the first place, and finally she thought of when Renamon digivolved, when she was fighting Dokugumon, as she set out two cards showing a picture of Renamon and Kyuubimon. Finally her thoughts turned towards Coronamon and Patamon the only digimon in their merry little band that had not digivolved yet. Rika didn't understand it at all besides Renamon those two would have been the ones she expected most likely to digivolve, and yet they hadn't yet. In terms of fighting experience they easily out ranked both Terriermon and Guilmon, and with Naruto as their tamer she couldn't put their inability to digivolve on him. So why, if they were the most qualified, were they the last to digivolve out of all the digimon?

'I don't get it.' Rika thought to herself.

"Rika, Rika dear!" The voice of her grandmother behind her startled the redheaded girl, as she turned her head around to face her grandmother.

"Grandma?" The amethyst eyed tamer said surprised.

"Rika didn't you hear me?" Seiko asked her granddaughter, "I've been calling you for the last 5 minutes. Dinner is ready." She told her.

"Sorry." Rika replied. "I was thinking about something."

"I see." Seiko said with a kind smile on her face, before she looked down at the cards that her granddaughter had placed on the table in her room, and recognized one of the pictures on the cards. "Oh my, is that the Kyuubi?" The elder woman asked her only grandchild.

Looking down toward where her grandmother was staring, Rika noticed she was talking about the Champion form of her digimon before she let out a sigh. "That's Kyuubimon grandma." Rika said correcting her grandmother.

"I can see that dear." The gray-haired woman said, not once losing the smile that was on her face. "But it is based off of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, right?"

"Kyuubi…no Kitsune?" Rika asked confused, "What's that?"

"Really now," Seiko said with a huff of exasperation. "What's the point of sending you to that private school if they don't even teach you about your own culture?" She questioned with a shake of her head before fixing her stare on Rika. "The Kyuubi no Kitsune is an ancient spirit that could level mountains and raise tsunamis with a swing of one of its tails. Now there is some controversy on what exactly the Kyuubi is some call it a demon, others a force of nature, and finally some refer to it, myself included, as a guardian spirit. But what is agreed on is that it is incredibly powerful and that the Kyuubi is the King of all Kitsune, or foxes. Also like all other kitsune it can take human form."

"King of all Foxes," The redheaded tamer murmured quietly to herself, that piece of information got Rika thinking about something that she had been wondering about since the first time that Renamon mentioned it, but what exactly she was thinking about seemed just to impossible to be real. "Grandma," Rika began. "What if it was a digital fox? Would that mean that the Kyuubi would be their king as well?"

"Hm, what do you mean?" Seiko questioned confused.

"Well hypothetically speaking if this digimon." Rika continued, gesturing to the Renamon card on her table. "Were real would that mean that Kyuubi would be her king as well?"

"I don't know dear." Seiko answered honestly, as she took a quick look down at the card. "I would imagine so, but I just can't be too sure." She concluded.

"Oh," The woman's granddaughter whispered, as her mind once more tried to make sense of this new piece of information and what she already knew from before.

Seiko seeing her granddaughter deep in thought once more decided to add in something that she hadn't mentioned before when she had been explaining things about the Kyuubi. "You know Rika." The grandmother started. "Our family has a history with the Kyuubi no Kitsune." She said drawing Rika's attention to her. Once Seiko noticed that she had the amethyst eyed tamer's attention she continued. "It's a story that has been passed down in our family for generations. According to the story the Kyuubi fell in love with one of our ancestors, he admired her for her beauty, her mind, and for her fiery spirit because of how different she was from all the other women around her. After some time observing her from a distance, making sure no harm befell her, Kyuubi finally met her in his human form and the two became fast friends. Over the following couple of years our ancestor also fell in love with Kyuubi and he fell deeper in love with her, eventually he confessed his true identity to her and when she told him that she didn't care about that they married, and a child was born." Seiko paused as she stared fondly at her granddaughter, "The proof that this story is apparently true is a trait that appears in our family every few generations." She finished.

"What trait grandma?" Rika asked curiously.

Seiko's smile grew in warmth, as she answered her granddaughter. "That would be your red hair Rika." She replied while her granddaughter's eyes widened in surprise, "Every few generations someone in our family will be born with red hair. The last time I had seen that hair color in our family was when my grandmother, your great, great grandmother, was alive."

Rika slowly lifted a hand and stroked her hair that was still in a ponytail. She had often wondered where she got her hair color considering that her father had brown hair and her mother had blond hair, even her grandmother had brown hair so that didn't help explain things.

"Of course," Seiko spoke up drawing Rika out of her thoughts. "It is just a story and the explanation behind your red hair could be something completely different. Now come along dinner is getting cold." She told her granddaughter, as she made her way towards the dining room.

Rika sat at the table in her room for a bit longer, as she contemplated everything her grandmother told her, even the story at the end, before following after her. When she stepped out of her room she felt a chill crawl up her spine, before she spun herself around trying to locate the source of the unpleasant feeling only to find nothing there. That hadn't been the first time that she had felt the cold chill, all during the day she had been having similar experiences and it was seriously starting to unnerve her.

The next night Naruto was jumping from rooftop to rooftop Patamon on his shoulder while Coronamon ran beside him, not too long ago his D-arc had went off signaling that a digimon had just bioemerged. He didn't have to search real hard to find where the D-arc was showing that the digimon was located due to the fact that he just had to look out his window to see one of the city's buildings' being covered in a dome of ice, with its own Aura Borealis thrown in for added affect. What was disconcerting was the amount of power that a digimon would need in order to have that kind of effect on a Digital Field, meaning that it was most likely the strongest digimon the tamers had faced to date. What made it worse, in Naruto's opinion, was the fact that he could sense Rika's chakra signature emanating from inside the dome, but Renamon didn't appear to be anywhere near her. He could also sense Takato and Henry, along with their respective partner quickly approaching the building, but if the digimon was as strong as he believed it to be then they would need help. Before leaving Naruto changed his clothes into something more appropriate in case he would have to step in and help.

Now racing across the rooftops Naruto had his eyes focused solely on ice covered building, but because of his years of training as a shinobi he was able to evade the surprise attack that was aimed for him, pulling Coronamon along with him. Looking toward where he was standing just a second ago he noticed that a few shurikens were now embedded into the rooftop. Looking around Naruto tried to find who was responsible for the failed surprise attack.

"That is far enough Uzumaki!" A voice shouted from the shadows.

A smirk spread across Naruto's face, as his eyes darted around the rooftop trying to locate the source. "So I guess you've finally decided to reveal yourself." Naruto said to his hidden assailant, "I was wondering for how much longer you were going to be following me around like a stalking fan-girl." The blonde Kyuubi taunted.

"Joke all you want." The voice replied with only a hint of anger. "But you won't be getting by me to reach your friends without a fight."

Reacting on instinct Naruto spun around, pulling out a kunai as he went, and blocked the ninjato that was aimed for his back. The two blades caused sparks to fly between the two warriors as they tried to overpower the other. The mystery assailant was finally forced to jump back when Coronamon threw a Corona Flame at him. With some space finally between them Naruto was finally able to take in his attacker's appeareance. The first thing that Naruto thought of when he saw his opponent, which he now knew be to a digimon, was that the digimon sort of reminded him of a radish that had grown arms, legs, orange eyes, and a mouth. Then he noticed the red mask that ninjas in this world were portrayed to wear, mesh armor on its arms and legs, and it wore spiked shoulder pads. Three white belts around both its wrists, red gloves on its hands with the back of the hand having white plating. Red cloth ninja sandals with black socks, and finally a blue sheath on its back for its ninjato finished the digimon's appearance.

"Well," Naruto began. "You obviously know who I am. How about telling me who you are?" The blond shinobi finished questioningly.

"My name is Ninjamon." The now identified Ninjamon answered, as he got into a ready stance, "And I shall be your opponent to see which of us, is the better ninja." Ninjamon declared.

Naruto stared down Ninjamon for a second before speaking to his digimon, "Patamon, Coronamon stay out of this one." Naruto said causing Patamon to fly off his shoulder and stand on his right side while Coronamon stood on his left.

"What?!" Coronamon shouted, looking up at his tamer in disbelief, "Again?!" His tone more of a demand than a question, "You already took on Raidramon last time!" The little fire lion pointed out.

"Don't worry I have a feeling that this won't be the only fight we will be in tonight." Naruto replied calmly never taking his eyes off the digimon that stood across from him. "You and Patamon will need to save your strength for later." He finished.

"Are you sure Naruto?" Patamon asked, once again voicing his worry for his cerulean eyed tamer, "Ninjamon is one of the fastest Champion level digimon in all the Digital World."

"You worry too much Patamon." Naruto told the Rookie digimon with a wide reassuring grin on his face. "Now," The sage stated. "Shall we get started?"

Not even a second later the two trained ninja disappeared in a burst of speed, speeds that Coronamon and Patamon were just barely able to follow, before sparks started appear all over the rooftop at varies spots as the two clashed before separating and repeating the process. Appearing a short distance away from one another Ninjamon pulled some shuriken from somewhere and threw them at Naruto. Naruto easily deflected most of the oncoming shuriken with the kunai in his hand, before grabbing the last two out of the air and hurled them back at their owner, who deflected them with his ninjato. Ninjamon barely lifted his sword in time to block a strike from Naruto's kunai when the tamer appeared in front of the ninja digimon. Pushing Ninjamon's ninjato out of the way, Naruto threw a punch at the Champion level digimon only for Ninjamon to roll out of the way of the strike. Coming out of his roll Ninjamon threw more shurikens at Naruto forcing the blond to jump out of the way this time in order to evade the deadly weapons.

"Let's see how you handle this!" Ninjamon called, forming a single hand seal, "Bunshin no Jutsu!" Multiple clones of Ninjamon appeared beside the original before they all started to run around the whiskered shinobi in attempt to confuse him. Throwing the kunai he had in his hand, Naruto watched it go through one of the Ninjamon clones before it faded out of existence. "You're going to have to do better than that." Ninjamon taunted.

"You know what my name is and that I am a shinobi." Naruto started, as he brought his hands up into a cross hand seal, "But not what I am capable of, Shadow Clone Jutsu!" He shouted, as his own clones appeared beside him, the exact same number as the ones that Ninjamon had remaining.

Before he knew what was happening a Naruto clone had appeared in front of him and in front of every one of his Bunshins. He watched the Shadow clones punch or kick through his Bunshin dispersing all of them. Ninjamon barely had enough time to react when he had to block the punch that was aimed at him, and immediately drew his ninjato slashing the Shadow clone across the chest making it go up in smoke. The ninja digimon wasn't given any time to rest before it was swarmed by Naruto and his remaining Shadow clones, the first one to reach him managed to land a punch that had him staggering backwards, but he was able to bring his ninjato up in time to block another incoming punch with the flat side of his blade. But before he could react a kick to his side sent him flying and forcing Ninjamon to drop his Ninjato, recovering in midair Ninjamon pushed off the ground with a hand and landed back on his feet, pulling a couple of kunai from behind his back once he righted himself.

Ninjamon only had a moment to take note of the fact that he would facing five Shadow clones plus the original making for a total of six opponents before he was swarmed by all the blonde shinobi and his clones. Ninjamon did the best it could to block the kunai strikes that the clones were aiming at it with kunai of his own, but the speed and number of them were slowly overwhelming the Champion level digimon. Naruto's strikes were quick and precise while the shinobi digimon did its best to block or evade the strikes, but sheer number and the speed that they were being sent at him made it nearly impossible, as evident by the cuts that started to appear all over Ninjamon's body whenever one managed to get through his defenses leaving his appearance a far cry from what it was when he first appeared. Seeing that he was quickly losing ground Ninjamon thrust forward aiming for the two closest opponents, receiving a few more slash marks for his trouble, before he thrust his kunai forward instantly dispelling the two clones he was aiming for. Seeing an opening Ninjamon rushed towards it, jumping into the air the ninja spun itself around summoning a giant shuriken from out of nowhere.

"Ninja Knife Throwing!" Ninjamon shouted grunting slightly in pain, what usually required him only using one arm now needed both because of all the damage he had suffered.

The giant shuriken spun towards Naruto and his remaining clones like a buzz saw forcing the cerulean eyed tamer to jump out of the way to avoid the sharp spinning object. Glancing back he watched as the shuriken cut through his remaining Shadow clones. Looking back toward Ninjamon, Naruto watched as the Champion level digimon raced to retrieve his dropped ninjato.

"Let's end this." Ninjamon muttered tiredly, as he held his ninjato in one hand and preformed a single hand sign with his other, "Fire Enbuken!" Suddenly the ninjato's blade turned a bright orange color before bursting into flames.

"Fine with me," Naruto replied holding out his hand and gathering chakra into it, "Rasengan!" He finished, calling out the name of one of his father's signature jutsu.

Dashing at each other the two shinobi met at the center of the rooftop each trying to overpower the other in their clash. Ninjamon glared into Naruto's determined sapphire blue eyes before his own widened in shock and fear when he noticed his ninjato's blade started to crack. Naruto seeing the same thing gave one final push before he completely shattered the blade and slammed the Rasengan into the ninja digimon, but because of power used up in the clash against Ninjamon's Fire Enbuken their wasn't enough power to finish the heavily damaged digimon.

Panting heavily Ninjamon struggled to pick himself up from where he landed. Starring at Naruto and his two digimon that had moved to stand beside him, across from him Ninjamon pulled out a small sphere, something that Naruto faintly recognized as a smoke bomb. "This isn't over Uzumaki! I'll be back!" Ninjamon growled before dropping the sphere, which exploded into a cloud of smoke, when the smoke finally dispersed Ninjamon had disappeared.

Naruto could sense the direction that Ninjamon was running, but he wasn't concerned about chasing after the escaping digimon because he could see that the others hadn't beaten the other digimon due to the fact that the building was still covered in a dome of ice. "Let's go." Naruto said to his two digimon, after picking up the equipment that he used during his fight, it was a bad idea to let dangerous objects just lying around where anyone could find them after all.

"We aren't going after Ninjamon?" Patamon asked curiously.

"No the others need our help and we've wasted enough time." The whiskered teen answered, picking up Patamon and Coronamon, much to the protest of the small lion digimon, before he vanished in a burst of speed in the direction of the ice covered building.

(AN: Just to be clear everything to this point is exactly how it was in the show)

After a tough battle against Icedevimon, a white devil digimon, the tamers thought the battle was finally coming to a close when Takato pulled off a successful combo that allowed Guilmon to smash Icedevimon into the ceiling of the ice dome. The red raptor was about to finish the frozen Champion level digimon when something from the shadows suddenly attacked Guilmon's unprotected back.

"Touch of Evil!" The unknown figure shouted, a black clawed hand with one red tipped finger came out of the darkness, and connected with Guilmon's back causing arcs of black lighting outlined in red to appear, as Guilmon screamed in intense pain before crashing to the ground in front of the others.

"No Guilmon!" Takato shouted worriedly running toward his fallen digimon.

The other two tamers and digimon, while concerned, were more worried about the dark and malicious laughter that filled the area after Guilmon crashed. They couldn't take their eyes off of the black version with tattered wings of the digimon they had just been fighting, and recognized the digimon as Devimon one of the original enemies that the Digidestined faced in the show. It looked down at them with ill-concealed contempt for them in its eyes and a cruel smile on its face, before it turned its attention to the struggling Icedevimon who was desperately trying to free its head from where it was stuck. Lifting its hand Devimon struck the ice beside his white counterpart destroying enough of it so Icedevimon could free himself.

"What have I told you about playing with your pray, brother?" Devimon questioned his voice filled with annoyance and impatience, as he glared angrily at his supposed brother.

"It couldn't be helped I wanted to show my new tamer exactly what I am capable of." Icedevimon replied in an uncaring tone of voice before his focused his gaze down on Rika and smiled sinisterly. "And I will have her." He concluded determinedly.

"So you will continue to insist on sullying yourself with such a repulsing ambition." Devimon muttered distastefully. "Let's just end this I have other commitments that I must be getting to." The fallen angel digimon said, as he and his brother spread their wings wide and prepared to strike at the tamers and their digimon.

The three humans moved back slowly, as best as they could without making it to obvious, with only Terriermon in any condition to fight things weren't looking good for them. Just as Devimon and Icedevimon were about to swoop down an explosion occurred at the top of the dome that drew everyone's attention, and forced the two devils to shield themselves with their wings to avoid the debris that fell. When everything cleared everyone could see a figure standing in a hole, much bigger than the one Renamon made when she arrived, with his features being shadowed by full moon behind him.

The person wore black combat boots, black cargo pants with holsters around his thighs that held kunai and shurikens. Around his waist were two belts that crossed each other to form an "x" with a card holster and black and orange D-arc on each belt. He wore a dark red shirt, a white Anbu vest over it, a green gem necklace, and a Konoha headband around his neck, black fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back, and white Anbu armguards. He had on a dark red long sleeved hooded cloak with black flames licking the bottom half around his shoulders were black armor plating, similar to the type Hashirama and Madara wore. The hood was over his head further shadowing his face his blond hair falling down around it framing it perfectly, three whisker marks on each cheek, and his sapphire blue slit eyes shining brightly, as he stared down fiercely at the two fallen angels before moving further down to his friends.

Everyone looked at the figure for a moment, Devimon and Icedevimon having a better view of him because they were floating in the air so close to him. Finally it was Rika who broke the silence that had fallen over all of them.

"N-Naruto?" She stuttered slightly, being able to recognize his cerulean blue eyes anywhere, not that it meant anything. Before there very eyes Naruto disappeared only to reappear a second later standing in front of the tamers and their downed digimon, and in between them and the two virus level digimon, with both Patamon and Coronamon standing beside him.

"How did you do that?" Takato asked astonished.

"Now is not the time for questions Takato." Naruto replied evenly.

"Ah, Uzumaki I was going to find you after I was done with this situation, and finish the job that foolish Devidramon was supposed to do." Devimon said, as he and Icedevimon landed down across from them.

"You're the second digimon today that has known my name without me giving it." Naruto remarked watching both black and white devils carefully, as he took the hood off his head freeing his blonde hair.

"I wanted to meet you too Uzumaki." Icedevimon spoke up, drawing the blonde's attention to him, "Of course not for the same reasons as my dear brother."

"Oh? And why did you want to meet me?" The whiskered shinobi asked only half-interestedly.

Instead of answering him Icedevimon shifted his attention to the redheaded tamer, making her shiver slightly and take a step back away in fear. "You remember what I told you before, Rika? About your cold frozen heart, your need for perfection in yourself and others, how you see all digimon as stepping stones in order to become the best. I told you the truth, but this boy has been poisoning your heart making you believe that you are not alone and that you can count on others. He's filling you with a sense of warmth that is making you weak making you doubt the person you're supposed to be, cold and heartless, my perfect tamer. The truth is that pathetic digimon by your side isn't the biggest threat that's keeping you from being my tamer. No it's Uzumaki and if I remove him from the equation then there would be absolutely nothing keeping you from becoming my tamer!" Icedevimon finished with a mad cackle.

"Y-you, you would…?" Rika couldn't finish understanding what Icedevimon was trying to imply.

"Your right in saying that I'm the one standing between you becoming Rika's partner," The blonde tamer said resolutely, as he moved to stand right in front of Rika. "Because I would never let a monster like you even come close to her."

"Naruto you can't fight this guy on your own!" Henry argued, "Terriermon, Guilmon, and Kyuubimon couldn't even match up to one of these guys. There is no way that Coronamon and Patamon will be able take on both of them."

"Yeah these guys are dangerous. We have to think of something and work together to beat them." Takato added.

"Patamon and Coronamon won't be fighting these guys on their own. I'll be fighting with them." Naruto said not taking his eyes off the two Champion level virus digimon, as Coronamon and Patamon got ready to fight. "Besides I doubt Icedevimon will be too much of a threat with all the damage he's already suffered." The Nidaime Kyuubi said mockingly.

"Heh, you would think that wouldn't you? But the truth is..." Icedevimon began before stretching his wings out wide causing the icicles that held varies digimon to explode, before absorbing their data and restoring him completely. "I kept those remnants of the past as proof of my accomplishments and for such an occasion like this." He said smugly.

The two male tamers looked at their friend stupefied even after such a display he looked just as determined to fight as before, "Stop kidding around!" "Are you insane? They'll pulverize you!" Henry and Takato shouted simultaneously.

The redheaded tamer shook her head furiously once her mind registered what Naruto had said, "Naruto you idiot!" Rika shouted the worry she felt for him clearly evident in her voice. "This is no time to be making stupid jokes like that. There's no way that you can actually fight these guys on your own."

"There are a lot of things I can do that you all don't know about, Rika." Naruto replied, his back to her and the others. "Fighting these guys is one of them." He continued, as he went through some hand seals, at the last seal he glanced at her over his shoulder. "Trust me and I'll do my best to explain once this is all over." Then he turned back to face Devimon and Icedevimon, "Wind Style: Drilling Air Bullet!" He finished launching a giant bullet of air at the two virus digimon, and drawing silent gasps from the tamers, more so from Takato and Henry as they remembered seeing something like that once before, forcing them to separate from each other in opposite directions in order to avoid the wind attack.

"Patamon, Coronamon you two take care of Devimon." Naruto instructed his digimon, getting a nod from both of them, "I'll deal with Icedevimon." He finished, as the three of them separated and went after their respective opponents.

Seeing his enemy quickly approaching Icedevimon shot one of his arms forward calling out the name of one of his attacks, "Frozen Claw!" He shouted his right arm stretching out farther than it should be able to, his clawed hand' glowing a light blue.

Naruto didn't even slow down a little as he watched arm closing in on him, before he jumped over the clawed hand and landed on Icedevimon's arm, and continued his dash toward the frozen virus digimon landing a kick to his head, which caused the ice digimon to growl in anger.

Focusing his gaze on the blonde bastard that dared hit him, Icedevimon focused his power into his eyes before releasing it, "Tundra Freeze!" Icedevimon yelled firing beams of ice from his eyes that were aimed directly at the sapphire eyed shinobi. At the last second Naruto managed to pull off a Replacement jutsu replacing himself' with some ice debris that fell harmlessly to the ground as a bigger hunk of ice. Scowling at the fact that his target somehow managed to escape his attack, Icedevimon spun himself around, and just managed to block the kick that Naruto had aimed for his back by bringing up both his arms in a cross fashion. The power behind Naruto's kick forced Icedevimon down to one knee, grunting under the strain of the kick Icedevimon pushed back, getting his foot under him gave Icedevimon enough leverage to throw Naruto back and towards the ceiling.

Channeling chakra into his feet Naruto stuck himself to the ice dome's ceiling before going through a quick string of hand seals, finishing by bringing one of his hands close to his mouth, "Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu!" The whisker marked tamer shouted releasing the giant fireball down at his target. Icedevimon didn't have enough time to react before he was consumed by the intense flames of the jutsu, seconds later Icedevimon flew out of the fire with burn marks all over its body. Canceling the flow of chakra to his feet Naruto fell toward the ground, once he landed the tamer shinobi pulled out a couple of kunai, having one in each hand, and threw them at Icedevimon. Reacting on instinct Icedevimon brought up his hands in a guard position only to yell out in pain a second later when the kunai's sharp metal pierced his skin. Grunting slightly with a deep scowl on his face Icedevimon pulled the kunai out of his arms, before channeling his power through the kunais instantly freezing them and letting them drop to the ground where they shattered into pieces.

Glaring at the shinobi across from him, Icedevimon spread his wings out wide before he started to flap them, "Avalanche Claw!" He exclaimed firing numerous icicles from his wings. Naruto didn't even bat an eye, as he charged at the incoming icicles easily weaving through them all, "Frozen Claw!" The frozen devil shouted once he realized that Naruto was dodging his attack, as he thrust his right arm forward, and it extended aiming to impale the blonde red streaked teen with his claws. Moving just enough to let the clawed hand sail harmlessly over his right shoulder Naruto cocked his fist back before slamming it into Icedevimon's gut, causing the white devil to gasp as the air was forcibly removed from his body, then using the momentum he gained, Naruto jumped up and kicked down on Icedevimon's shoulder forcing him down on his knees. Snarling in frustration Icedevimon spun himself; around and tried to hit Naruto with the back of his wing, but the blonde shinobi had already moved a safe distance away. Landing on the ground Naruto pulled out some shuriken and threw them at the virus type digimon. Icedevimon learning from his previous mistake used his Avalanche Claw attack to knock the shuriken out of the air and send some icicles at Naruto. The former Konoha weaved through the icicles again closing in on his opponent, and aimed a kick at his side only for Icedevimon to block it with his wing. Smiling wickedly at stopping Naruto's kick Icedevimon lashed out with his own kick, but Naruto avoided the kick by blocking it with his arms before using the outstretched leg as leverage to spin around and land a kick on Icedevimon's head.

Icedevimon was momentarily stunned, which Naruto took full advantage of, "Rasengan!" He shouted slamming the spiraling ball of destruction into the frozen Champion level digimon's chest, blasting him away. Naruto allowed a smile to spread across his face as he watched Icedevimon slowly pick himself up wincing from the pain caused by the Rasengan. The smile quickly left his face when he heard a small explosion and turned around just in time to see both Patamon and Coronamon crash beside him.

When Coronamon and Patamon separated from their tamer they were both very determined, seeing this as the first official time that they would be fighting beside their tamer. They trained hard for hours every day for weeks for this one moment, and they would do their best not to let Naruto down. Starting things off the two Rookie level digimon began by firing their combination attack.

"Boom Bubble!"

"Corona Flame!"

It had taken them a long time to perfect the move, but now when the wind and fire attack came together instead of exploding soon after they made contact the two attacks merged perfectly forming a larger fireball with wisps of wind swirling around it, causing the flames to burn hotter. Devimon brought both his wings forward to act as a shield to block the attack, but the moment the wind-fire attack connected with his black wings it exploded the winds carried the flames passed the tattered wings and hit Devimon although a majority of the power behind the attack was blocked.

Continuing with the attack Coronamon charged forward his fists alight with fire, "Coro Knuckle!" He shouted fists ready to strike.

Devimon wasn't about to let himself be hit again by a Rookie without doing something. "Death Hand," He said coolly extending his arms out and firing a transparent beam of black energy at the cat like digimon.

"Slamming Attack," Patamon said moving in front Devimon's attack and stopping it from reaching Coronamon. Coronamon jumped over Patamon, from experience Coronamon knew that while Patamon could block most attacks, as long as they weren't overly powerful, it didn't last long and by the looks of it Devimon's attack had plenty of power behind it. Coronamon's punch was about to connect, but Devimon canceled his attack and blocked the Vaccine digimon's punch grunting only slightly before closing his hand around Coronamon's.

"Boom Bubble!" Patamon yelled, Devimon looked towards the small Rookie digimon and was shocked to see that instead of the large ball of air that he expected there were numerous balls of air of a smaller size going in his direction, Devimon was forced to let go of Coronamon due to the surprise and the fact that even though they were smaller the Boom Bubbles still had some power behind them. Free the Vaccine lion digimon backed away from the fallen angel and moved to stand besides Patamon a safe distance away.

Recovered from his momentary surprise, Devimon dashed at the two Rookie level digimon, his ability to fly allowing him to move faster. The two orange digimon fired their Boom Bubble and Corona Flame attacks at him, but Devimon just flew out of the way before dive bombing his arms crossed in an "x" fashion. "Touch of Evil," He said darkly his hands turning black as energy radiated off of them. Patamon and Coronamon tried to move out of the way, but Devimon proved to be faster and quickly eliminated the distance between them and delivered duo cross chops to their backs making them both scream out in pain, as black red lightning arced from the point Devimon's hand had connected.

Picking himself up from where he fell, Coronamon charged at Devimon trying to match the Champion level digimon's speed with his own. Patamon also picked himself off the ground and fired some Boom Bubbles at the Virus digimon to help cover Coronamon. Devimon used his wings to block the incoming Boom Bubbles, but that left his back exposed something that Coronamon took full advantage of when he appeared behind him.

"Coro Knuckle!" Coronamon exclaimed, igniting both his fists and proceeded with a barrage of punches instead of the typical one punch, something he developed during his training and learning taijutsu from Naruto. For a finisher the Vaccine lion digimon channeled his fire energy to his left foot before a flame roared to life, something else he managed to develop through Naruto's training, "Coro Kick!" He shouted slamming his foot into the Virus' back, before moving away and regrouping with Patamon. Devimon clenched his teeth in slight pain the fire from Coronamon's attacks burning his back caused, turning his attention to the two Rookie digimon he nearly snarled in anger feeling insulted that a couple Rookies were able to hurt him at all.

"Death Hand!" Devimon roared firing the black energy at them.

Patamon and Coronamon jumped away from fallen angel's Death Hand and succeeded as the energy harmlessly impacted the ground they were standing on, blowing up and causing some debris to be scattered, but not enough to hurt the two orange digimon. But Devimon wasn't aiming for them and only used his attack as a means to distract the two of them for a second while he appeared next to them. Slashing his arm out Devimon struck both digimon, channeling a bit of his dark energy into his arm in order to make the hit stronger, knocking them down close to their blonde tamer.

"Are you two alright?" Naruto asked his two partner digimon, sparring them a glance but keeping his attention focused mostly on the black and white devil digimon in case they tried to attack while Patamon and Coronamon were recovering.

"We're fine." Coronamon grunted, as he slowly picked himself off the ground leveling a glare at the two fallen angels across from them.

"Yeah," Patamon added. "He just caught us by surprise."

Looking at them Naruto could tell that the last attack had hurt them more than they wanted to admit.

Across from them Devimon and Icedevimon were having their own conversation.

"I see that you are having trouble, brother." Devimon commented smugly while starring at his brother's haggard appeareance, though he was quickly recovering.

"Shut up!" Icedevimon replied his voice tinged with anger. "From what I saw you weren't exactly having an easy go of things either, brother." He finished a sneer appearing on his face.

"That was nothing of consequence." Devimon said dismissively, "While I admit that they had caught me by surprise a couple times, and are stronger than I expected for a couple of Rookies, they are nothing that I can't deal with."

"Whatever," The white virus devil digimon grunted. "I'm ready to end this little game with the boy and finally convince Rika to become my tamer." Icedevimon said a deranged smile spreading across his face. Devimon ignored the last comment his brother made still seeing his wanting a tamer a disgrace to them and every digimon like them.

Back with Naruto the blonde shinobi watched as the two Champion' level digimon prepared themselves' to attack the sapphire eyed teen and his digimon again. "Don't worry you two. Rest for now, I'll take care of these two myself." Naruto said focusing all his attention on his two opponents.


Turning around Naruto was surprised that it was Patamon who voiced his disagreement. Out of the two digimon Patamon was always the one to listen to him, go along with what he instructed, be calmer, quitter, and basically be the more level headed of the two.

"We've trained very hard for weeks now in order to become stronger." Patamon continued. "So when the moment came we could fight alongside you Naruto."

"Our tamer," Coronamon began, "Is probably the most powerful human being in the entire planet. As his digimon we couldn't be prouder to have him as our partner, but that also means that Patamon and I need to become stronger so you can depend on us to have your back when you need it, Naruto. We know that you are still way stronger than both of us combined and that you can probably take care of these two losers by yourself, but this is the first time you've actually trusted us to fight with you instead of waiting off on the sidelines, or helping us when we can't win the fight by ourselves." He finished determination shinning in his eyes.

"And that is why." Patamon started up again. "No matter what…"

"We won't let you down!"

"We won't let you down!"

They finished in unison just as the D-arc on Naruto's belt started to shine brightly, the light being strong enough to be seen even through his cloak.

Naruto stared at his two determined digimon with a smile on his face before turning back around to face the virus digimon. "Well if you two feel that strongly about it then I guess there is not much I can do about it, now is there?" He asked them rhetorically. "Your right I do trust the both of you and I know exactly how strong you are, I've been training you after all, so if you still want to fight then get ready because this isn't over yet."

"We're ready." Patamon said confidently.

"Just try and stop us." Coronamon said just as confident.

Naruto nodded his head in acceptance with a fox grin. "Let's go!"


"Coronamon digivolve too… Firamon!"

"Patamon digivolve too… Angemon!"

From two orange digi-eggs made of data strands Coronamon and Patamon's Champion forms were revealed. Coronamon looked like a fully matured lion that stood on all fours with the same dark orange fur as before, but with a yellow mane with two tied up bangs and a pair of wings coming out of his back, and yellow claws. He had a type of grey headgear on top of his head with three different flames coming out of it from three red and white pieces, one on his head and one on each side of his head. The red and white buckles were also attached around the ankle of each of its leg and on its back legs, a flame coming out of each one. It's tail a torch of fire.

Patamon looked completely different from his Rookie form. No longer was he the small orange and white furred digimon instead in his place stood an angel with six white wings coming out his back. He wore a white jumpsuit like outfit with multiple grey plates on the top half of its body, golden sun armor on its left shoulder, gold bracelet on its right arm, belts tied on its left hand. On its left pants leg there was a picture of a right golden wing design and black belts on the bottom half of its leg. On its white shoes there was a golden cross on its right and left wing design its left shoe. A long blue cloth hung from the black belt around his waist with golden sun buckle like lion cloth, a blue cloth was also wrapped around its right leg and left arm. You couldn't see the angel digimon's face because of the grey helmet with a cross design on it that covered all of Angemon's head except for his mouth. From the back long blonde hair flowed down past his waist. A golden staff was held in its left hand.

Everyone starred at the two newly digivolved digimon in awe, Naruto had a small proud smile on his face while his hair shadowed his eyes from view. Finally Henry came out of his stupor and pulled out his D-arc in order to scan the new digimon.

"Firamon," He began. "A Beast, Vaccine, Champion level digimon. He's known in the Digital world as the "Lion Flying in the Sky." He protects the artifacts of the Digital world with his Flame Dive, Fire Claw, and Fire Bomb attacks each one devastatingly powerful. With his increased speed and his ability to fly there is no way that those two will be able to escape his claws." Henry finished reading.

Takato was noticeably excited, as he held up his own D-arc and read the information on the angel digimon. "This is so cool an actual Angemon. He's also a Vaccine Champion level digimon like Firamon. His attacks are Hand of Fate, Angel Rod, and another that wasn't even mentioned in the T.V. show called Omni Typhoon. Even though he is an angel when fighting evil he will not stop until his enemy is completely annihilated." The brunette tamer finished with some awe in his voice.

'He did it.' Rika thought, starring at Naruto's back as Firamon and Angemon stood beside him, Firamon on his left and Angemon on his right. 'He made them digivolve, but how?' She asked herself still not understanding the process that allowed a digimon to digivolve.

"So who wants to make the first move?" Naruto asked his digimon.

"I think I will." Angemon answered, raising his right fist and gathering energy into it, "Hand of Faith!" He shouted unleashing a blast of light energy at the two devils.

"Death Hand!" Devimon retaliated, countering Angemon's light energy attack with his own dark one. For a moment when the two attacks met they seemed to be just as powerful as the other, but slowly the type advantage Angemon's attack had started to overpower Devimon's Death Hand and pushed it back.

Seeing that Devimon was losing ground Icedevimon launched his own attack in an effort to help his older brother, "Avalanche Claw!" Icedevimon exclaimed firing the icicles from his tattered white wings.

"Not so fast, Fire Bomb!" Firamon roared the flame on his forehead growing bigger before unleashing multiple flame bombs. The flame bombs shot towards the icicles, melting them as they passed, before continuing on towards Icedevimon. The frozen devil seeing the quickly approaching fire attack flew out of the way. His eyes widened in surprise when not a second later Naruto appeared in front of him. Recovering from his surprise Icedevimon slashed at Naruto channeling his ice affinity into his clawed hand.

"Frozen Claw!" He shouted, but Naruto blocked the attack with his armguard before forming a Rasengan in his free hand and slamming it into Icedevimon's chest, which sent him crashing into a wall of the ice dome.

Seeing his brother taken down so easily Devimon canceled his attack and flew up, ending the power struggle with Angemon, he wasn't expecting for Firamon to come down at him from above the moment that he did, "Fire Claw!" The flying lion digimon yelled his claws on fire and aimed at Devimon.

"Touch of Evil!" Devimon snarled, channeling his dark energy into his right hand and blocked Firamon's Fire Claw.

Angemon appeared on the other side of his fallen counterpart and swung his staff, "Angel Rod." He said his staff glowing' a golden color. Seeing the approaching weapon Devimon used his Touch of Evil with his free hand to defend himself, but now he was stuck between the two Champion level digimon struggling to keep both attacks at bay. Eventually the energy flux was too much and an explosion of fire, light, and darkness occurred obscuring Devimon from view, Firamon and Angemon jumping back just before the explosion occurred. From the smoke Devimon fell down to the ground.

Icedevimon slowly struggled to push himself away from where he was imbedded in the wall that last Rasengan having taken a lot out of him. Before the fallen angel knew what was happening golden colored chains started to wrap themselves around his arms, legs, and body trapping him in his place and making it impossible for him to move, taking a closer look he noticed that the chains were made of some type of energy that every once in a while, while solid, looked like they were made of some sort of flame. Following the chains Icedevimon saw that they all led back to Naruto and that the chains were wrapped around his left arm.

"So, what do you think?" Naruto asked the trapped devil. "I recreated this ability after learning about the identity of my mother, these were her signature technique." The shinobi continued before noticing the white clad digimon struggling to escape. "Don't bother trying to free yourself. These chains were made to hold something 100 times bigger and a 100 times stronger than you." The blond tamer stated before forming a Rasengan in his free hand, only this one was bigger than the Rasengans he's made before. "Oodama Rasengan." Naruto said calmly holding the completed jutsu in his hand before dashing at Icedevimon. The Champion level digimon could only scream in pain, as he felt his internal organs being destroyed by the sapphire eyed shinobi's attack, it wasn't long before he burst into data.

With Icedevimon deleted his Digital Field soon disappeared with him.

"Well it looks like things are no longer in my favor." Devimon remarked, standing up from where he crashed, his tone and stance not showing any type of worry or anger he should be feeling at that moment.

Looking over Naruto noticed that the fallen angel digimon was surrounded by Angemon and Firamon, but before he could move over toward his digimon or say anything at all, he had to dodge the giant shuriken that was aimed for him. Taking a closer look at the giant shuriken that was imbedded into the ground Naruto noticed something that he already knew, he had seen a shuriken like that once before today.

"It is time for us to go." Ninjamon said appearing beside Devimon, giving Naruto a quick glare before dropping multiple smoke bombs on the ground obscuring everyone's view of the two digimon. When the smoke finally cleared both digimon, were gone and Naruto found he couldn't track them like he could have before with Ninjamon.

"I might be forced to retreat for now, but know this Naruto Uzumaki our fight is not yet done and I will return." Devimon's voice resonated from all over.

'That's just great.' Naruto thought with a sigh, 'Just a couple of hours and I have two digimon coming after me.' He finished walking over to the others, he noticed that Rika had her hands clenched and was looking down towards the ground. "Are you alright Ri-Chan?" The blonde tamer asked her worriedly afraid that something might have happened to her before he had arrived.

"I hate them." Rika replied somberly.

"Well he's gone now." Takato said with a cheerful smile.

"Not him," The redheaded tamer muttered. "I hate digimon, all of them!" She declared.

Naruto watched sadly as his friend left without saying anything else with Kyuubimon leaving soon after going in the opposite direction from her tamer, while Takato tried to get them both to stay. With both females gone Henry turned towards Naruto his curiosity evident in his eyes.

"So are you going to tell us what all that was?" He asked.

"Yeah that was totally awesome." Takato added starring at his friend in awe.

Naruto let out a sigh, as he ran his hand through his hair before answering. "Not right now." The shinobi tamer finally decided. "I will tell you guys everything, but I want to fix this problem with Rika first." He concluded leaning against the building's chain linked fence. Seeing that Naruto wasn't about to change his mind the two tamers relented and said their goodbyes. Now that he was alone, with the exception of his two digimon, the blonde shinobi tried to think of something that he could do to help Rika, but he knew just how stubborn the girl could be. If he was going to help Rika then he would need a bit of help himself he realized, as he pulled out his cell phone and dialing a number.

"Hello?" The voice of Seiko Hata asked from the other side.

"Seiko-Obaachan, it's Naruto I'm calling to let you know I'm planning on kidnapping your granddaughter." Naruto said with a smile spreading across his face, as he started to plan what he was going to do.

In the pit of the Digital World within a dark castle Devimon kneeled before a figure that sat on his throne.

"My Lord I know that I've failed you, but if you give me a second chance I swear that it will not happen again." The fallen angel digimon said actual fear lacing his voice. The silence that followed greatly unnerved the Virus digimon, as he slowly became jumpy expecting his master to delete him at any moment for failing him.

"Very well," The figure finally spoke. "You have one more opportunity. If you fail me again than I will delete you myself," He threatened before dismissing the cowering Champion level digimon. With a quick thank you Devimon left the chamber.

"My, that was sure strange of you Lord Lucemon." A sensual and seductive female voice said from the shadows of the room. "You let that pathetic little digimon, and the Ninjamon, keep their lives even though they failed their objective."

"On the contrary this is perfect." Lucemon said a screen appearing in front of him, which hung in midair, showing an image of Naruto his eyes fierce and determined as he stared down Devimon and Icedevimon. "They both now feel humiliated by the boy Ninjamon because of how Uzumaki showed him up. Devimon from the humiliation he feels at having his brother beaten by a human. In truth he didn't even care for Icedevimon the only reason he was there in the first place was because I ordered it, but now he will have something to drive him in actively defeating the boy in order to restore whatever sense of honor the fool possess."

"If you say so my Lord," The shadowed figure said disinterestedly before starring at the screen. "I will say this young Uzumaki sure is quite the looker." She remarked licking her lips hungrily, as plans of her own formed inside her head.

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