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Improving Relations

(Author Notes)

Last Time

Now that he was alone, with the exception of his two Digimon, the blonde shinobi tried to think of something that he could do to help Rika, but he knew just how stubborn the girl could be. If he was going to help Rika then he would need a bit of help himself he realized, as he pulled out his cell phone and dialing a number.

"Hello?" The voice of Seiko Hata asked from the other side.

"Seiko-Obaachan, it's Naruto I'm calling to let you know I'm planning on kidnapping your granddaughter." Naruto said with a smile spreading across his face, as he started to plan what he was going to do.


The line was silent for a moment and Naruto started to sweat lightly beginning to think that maybe he had said the wrong thing when Seiko finally said something.

"What do you mean by 'kidnapping' Naruto-Kun?" Seiko asked her voice very sweet, yet with a dangerous tint to it, and Naruto just knew that she was smiling into the receiver waiting for his answer.

"Uh, well I'm planning on taking Ri-Chan out tomorrow and I'm sure she will refuse, so it's kind of like kidnapping." Naruto explained in a hurried voice.

The line went silent again before Seiko replied, her voice now back to normal, "Oh, so you're planning on taking Rika out on a date. Why didn't you just say so Naruto-Kun?" Seiko questioned the blonde teen whose face had started to go red at the word date.

"It's not a date! Ri-Chan and I are just friends; it's just that some things happened tonight that we need to talk about." Naruto insisted, doing his best to ignore his two snickering Digimon.

"Oh my, you two didn't have a fight did you?" Seiko asked concerned.

"No, well at least not with me, but I was keeping something secret from her, and she found out about it tonight, so I doubt she will be too happy with me." The blonde shinobi sighed at the end, leaning against the fence that was on top of the building.

"And I suppose that you won't be telling me what this secret is." Seiko said it more as a statement than a question.

"I'm sorry." Naruto began.

"It's fine." Seiko replied cutting the boy off before he could say anything else. "I understand that teenagers today feel like they need to keep things secret from adults. Just know that if you need someone to talk with to the things you are keeping secret I'm here ready to listen, and of course so is Rika, and most likely my daughter as well. Rumiko was very impressed with you and expects you to come over for dinner the next time she is home."

"Ah, of course," Naruto said rubbing the back of his embarrassed. "And thank you for understanding Seiko-Obaachan."

"You're welcome Naruto-Kun. Now you wanted my help asking Rika out." The one on the other end of the line stated.

"It's not a date." Naruto reiterated with a groan.

"Of course it's not." The way Seiko said it made it clear that she still didn't believe him. "I suppose that if my granddaughter is upset with you than you will need my help. Alright then come by the house at around noon I should have her ready for your date by then." Seiko told him.

At that point Naruto didn't even bother trying to correct the elder woman knowing that she won't listen to what he was trying to say anyway. "Okay," Naruto answered a bit stupefied by the fact that Seiko seemed the one calling the shots now. "But I'm going to need her Digimon cards for what I have planned."

"Very well I'll make sure to get you them, goodnight Naruto-Kun."

"Goodnight Seiko-Obaachan." Naruto replied before hanging up. Looking at his two Digimon they were both smirking in amusement at him, and it was obvious that they both wanted to say something. "Not a word." The cerulean eyed Kyuubi muttered, as he turned around and roof jumped back home with Firamon and Angemon following from the sky.

Next Day

Rika sat in her room the next morning thinking over everything that happened last night from Icedevimon, to Renamon, and finally to Naruto. Rika was confused, not only with her situation with Renamon and what she had said last night, but also with everything that she witnessed Naruto being able to do that let him fight a Champion level Digimon on even grounds even though it looked like he was holding back. While Icedevimon had come close, he never managed to land a devastating blow on Naruto while the blonde had managed to land more than a few on the Virus Digimon and was calm and collected no matter what was thrown at him.

But she also found herself being angry and frustrated, weren't they supposed to be friends the idiot had said it more than enough times to make it obvious that, that is what he thought. So why would he keep something like that secret from her?

Rika was brought out of her thoughts when she heard a knock on her door.

"Rika may I come in?" Seiko asked, her shadowed figure being able to be seen through the paper door.

"Sure Grandma." Rika answered turning around to face the door, as Seiko opened the sliding door while holding something behind her back. Seeing that her grandmother was hiding something behind her back caused Rika to raise an eyebrow in question, as she looked at the elder woman curiously. "What is it Grandma?" She asked referring both to why Seiko came to her room and what she was hiding.

"I was hoping that you would try something on for me." Seiko replied with a small hopeful smile, doing her best to hide the mischief she felt, as her granddaughter let out a little groan. "Now there is no need for that. I promise that this is nothing like the clothes that your mother gets you." Seiko assured the redheaded teen. She had to hide her desire to laugh at Rika's reaction as her granddaughter didn't know that, while Rumiko did wish to see her daughter in some of the frilly dresses, the blonde mother brought most of those dresses home just to mess with her tomboy daughter. "Plus I got these for you myself. I'm sure that they will be to your tastes and I would like to see you wearing them." She added in a pleading tone.

"Fine," Rika finally said with a sigh, as Seiko handed her the clothes she was holding, agreeing solely on the fact that her grandmother had never asked her to wear anything before.

"Good," Seiko stated with a smile as she exited the room and closed the door behind her, "Oh and Rika if you could please come to the front gate after your done changing. We need to get some groceries for tonight's dinner, and I'm going to need some help carrying the food home." The Nonaka grandmother finished saying through the screen door, as she looked at the wrist watch on her hand and noticing that it was almost noon and that Naruto would be arriving at any minute.

"Ok." The amethyst eyed tamer said with another sigh.

Walking toward the front gate Seiko got there just in time to hear a knock on the gate door. Opening it Seiko was greeted by the sight of Naruto wearing a white jacket outlined in orange, dark orange shirt, and dark blue colored jeans. He had on his normal shoes, but only had on a single belt and only a single fingerless glove on his left hand.

"Good morning Naruto-Kun." Seiko greeted the blonde tamer. "My, don't you look nice today." She complimented him.

"Ah, thanks Seiko-Obaachan." Naruto said bashfully rubbing the back of his head. "Is everything ready?" The cerulean eyed shinobi asked the grandmother.

"Rika is getting ready now and should be here soon enough. I was also able to get these out of her waste basket without her looking." Seiko replied handing over Rika's D-arc and Digimon cards to Naruto. "Whatever has Rika upset must be serious if she would throw those away. I have no idea what that device is, but I hardly see my Granddaughter without it in the last few months, and I've seen you with one similar to it, so it must be important to that card game of yours." The grandmother finished.

Naruto was thankful for the older woman's assumption, as he took Rika's D-arc and clipped it to his belt next to his, and put her cards in his coat pocket. "Thanks for the help Seiko-Obaachan." Naruto said thankfully.

"It was trouble at all Naruto-Kun." Seiko replied with a fond smile. "In fact I should be the one thanking you. I don't think I ever told you how grateful I am that Rika met you and that you two became friends; my Granddaughter has changed so much since meeting you." The older woman said. "She is happier, more trusting of others as well I suppose. While she might not be the definition of warm and welcoming to everyone she meets she isn't as cold to others either. I've seen her smiling and laughing more often now than ever before and it's all thanks to you, Naruto-Kun." She finished.

"Ah, you really don't need to thank me Seiko-Obaachan." Naruto said embarrassed.

"On the contrary Naruto-Kun I have every reason to thank you. I know that I can entrust my Granddaughter's future and happiness to you, whether your friendship with her becomes something more in the future or not." Seiko told him honestly as Naruto blushed lightly from her words.

At that moment Rika came to the front gate, not yet noticing that Naruto was there. "Alright Grandma I'm ready to go." The redheaded tamer said to her grandmother before finally taking note of Naruto, "Fishcake? What are you doing here?" Rika asked her voice a bit colder than it usually was when talking to Naruto.

Naruto didn't answer right away as he was too busy taking in Rika's change in clothes. She wore a shirt the same color as her eyes with a white broken heart around her neckline surrounded by chains, as if they were trying to keep the heart together, light colored jeans that came down to few inches below her knees, and she had on a pair of sandals on her feet. She still had her hair in its usual style, but the change of clothes made her look, cuter, prettier, more beautiful, all the above. Naruto wasn't completely sure which one it was.

"Well?" Rika asked again crossing her arms a light blush across her cheeks, as she had noticed Naruto staring unblinkingly at her, and she did the best not to do the same, while Seiko giggled lightly in the background seemingly momentarily forgotten by the two teens. "I'm waiting." She continued impatiently.

"I'm here for you, after last night I thought we could both use a day to relax and just have some fun." Naruto finally replied with a huge grin on his face.

"Well, I can't. Grandma needs my help with something so you can just leave." Rika said dismissively.

"Actually Rika, I can take care of getting the groceries on my own so you can enjoy your day with Naruto-Kun." Seiko cut in.

Rika stared at her grandmother for a second and suddenly got a feeling that she was being setup. "What if I just don't want to go with you?" Rika questioned her fellow tamer challengingly.

Naruto's smile just seemed to spread wider at her question. "That is exactly why I told Seiko-Obaachan last night that I'd be kidnapping you." He told her amusedly.

"What?" Rika deadpanned, glancing at her grandmother and noticing that the older woman was nodding her head confirming what Naruto had just said, resulting in a disbelieving look from the redheaded girl.

Grabbing Rika's hand Naruto proceeded to drag her away from her home, Seiko waving at them as they left with a smile on her face, and proceeded to ignore the her redhead granddaughter's protests to be let go. "Well let's not waste any more time, Ri-Chan. I've got everything planned out, mostly anyways." Naruto said smiling, as his friend dragged her feet on the ground in a futile attempt to stop him.

"Have fun you two, enjoy yourselves!" Seiko called out to them.

On one of Shinjuku's many streets Henry was walking with Terriermon on his head. Getting strange looks from the people they passed by, as they looked curiously at the boy with what they thought was a stuffed toy on his head.

"People are giving me weird looks, you shouldn't have come." Henry finally said, stopping on a bridge after another couple of people whispered something to each other.

"I had to!" Terriermon insisted, "Suzy would have had me in tights and a tutu by now. It's embarrassing."

Henry wanted to argue that, that was the same situation he was currently in, but everyone on the bridge suddenly gathering on one side drew the tamer and Digimon's attention to the sudden cloud of fog that had appeared. The regular citizens of Shinjuku figured it was just strange weather for the city, but Henry and Terriermon knew what the unnatural occurrence really was.

"Here they come!" Henry murmured apprehensively, starring at the Digital Field.

On Henry's head, Terriermon didn't seem to share any of his tamer's worry, "Digimon!" The rabbit-dog Digimon hybrid commented eagerly.


In Hypnos Riley and Tally were quickly working on tracking the wild Digimon that was trying to cross over into the real world.

"I can't seem to secure a tracer lock on the anomaly's data." Tally said typing a few commands on her keyboard.

"We won't make it in time, it's going to Bioemerge." Riley added reading the data that they were receiving on the unknown Digimon, as the chances of them being able to stop it from entering their world were already slim.

Below the two women was Yamaki, starring up at the screen through his shades with his closed lighter in his hand, "Use Yuggoth!" Yamaki ordered angrily. "Stop that thing!"

"It's too late sir, it's already begun." Riley replied immediately, "Full breach estimated in sixty seconds. At this point the application of the Yuggoth program could be extremely dangerous." The dark brown haired woman warned her boss.

"Don't question me!" The blonde haired man shouted, "Circumvent the safety grid and release the program now. That wild one is a ticking time bomb! Apply!" Yamaki ordered once more. The two women had no other choice but to listen to his orders, as they initiated the Yuggoth program, or risk losing their respective jobs.

With Henry and Terriermon

On the street Henry was looking down nervously at the car packed road below the bridge, the drivers refusing to move while the Digital Field obstructed their vision.

"I realize how nice the view is from up here, but how long do you think it'll stay this way if we don't check it out?" Terriermon said, urging his partner into action, before jumping off of the blue haired tamer's head and running on the railing towards the bridge's end.

"Hey, Terriermon wait!" Henry shouted chasing after his partner Digimon.

"Come on, Henry!" Terriermon yelled back, only to stop a second later as Henry grabbed one of his failing ears. "Hey that hurt!"

Not letting go of Terriermon's ear Henry said, "We've gotta go home now."

"What?" Terriermon asked not believing what his overly long ears were hearing.

"We're going home." Henry repeated himself, making sure that there was no room for argument. Terriermon of course wasn't a Digimon that gave up so easily.

"Wait a minute, please don't tell me you've changed your mind about Suzy and the tutu cause' I won't do it." Terriermon said as he tried to run toward the Digital Field again, but Henry still hadn't let go of his ear. "Henry, let me go, I wanna see it!"

"Terriermon, how many times do I have to tell you?" Henry asked in an exasperated tone of voice. Before he quickly pulled the rabbit like Digimon to him when he noticed two people walk by them, whispering loudly about the strange sight they were witnessing between Henry and Terriermon. "Will you stop? Why don't we let someone else handle this for a change?"


"Confirmed! Yuggoth has fond the wild one." Riley said, as on the monitors that covered the ceiling above them showed Yuggoth closing in on the wild Digimon.

"Make sure that it's completely destroyed, I want nothing left." Yamaki instructed in calmer tone of voice, but made sure that the two women understood that it was still an order. Not even a second later the signal of Digimon that was trying to bioemerge disappeared from the screens.

With Henry and Terriermon

Out on the street the Digital Field suddenly disappeared getting a "Whoa" from both Terriermon and Henry as everything suddenly went back to normal like nothing happened.

"Guess someone else handled it." Terriermon said offhandedly.


"Termination of wild one is confirmed." Riley said confirming that they managed to keep the unknown Digimon from appearing in the real world.

"Tally, get me an analysis of the impact on the Real World, right away. Plus all the data you've got on the point of termination." Yamaki told the light brown haired woman. "No matter how they play at being living creatures they're nothing more than trash on the internet to me. Ha, ha, ha," The blonde haired man muttered to himself laughing at the end.

"I will...have my..." The voice of the unknown Digimon echoed throughout the room ominously, causing Yamaki to look around for a moment trying to locate where it was coming from, "Revenge!" It declared resolutely before going silent, as a scowl appeared on Yamaki's face.

With Henry and Terriermon

"Hey, Henry you never explained why you wouldn't let me fight before, what's up with that?" Terriermon questioned, looking down at his tamer from atop of his head, having left the bridge after the Digital Field disappeared for some unknown reason to Henry and Terriermon.

"Nothing's up, I just don't want you to fight, okay?" Henry replied doing his best to avoid actually answering Terriermon's question.

"Rika was right; you are starting to sound like a broken record." Terriermon commented teasingly.

"Leave her out of this." Henry told his partner Digimon, not wanting to bring the redheaded tamer into this discussion. "It's just that on the Net, Digimon only exist to do battle." The half-Chinese tamer began, trying to explain his reasons to Terriermon.

"So because I'm here now you want me to lie around like a house pet, is that right?" Terriermon said cutting his tamer off.

"Are you gonna let me explain or not?" Henry asked with a tired sigh.

"Henry, you once told me that my very existence in the Real World was wrong, is that still true? Is that how you feel about me?" Terriermon asked sadly, "Cause' if it is I'll sign up for the Ms. Pretty Pants treatment right now. You just say the word." The Vaccine Digimon finished miserably as he jumped off of Henry's head and looked down at the ground.

"Hey, you know that's not what I meant." Henry said putting his hand on top of his partner's head comfortingly, "We're a team." He finished smiling down at Terriermon and getting a smile in return.

"What are you doing?" A disgruntled Rika asked, she had quit trying to get away from the blonde and just see what he had planned, as she saw Naruto looking at his D-arc for a couple seconds, noting that he also had her D-arc clipped to his belt. She figured that her grandmother most likely got it to him. Of course after last night she couldn't deny the possibility that he somehow got it himself, but that would mean that he was in her room at some point and who knew what else he did while in her room. "Pervert," Rika muttered quietly to herself, as she glared a little more heatedly at the blonde.

"What was that?" Naruto asked, not being able to make out the last thing Rika said, but the redheaded tamer refused to answer so he decided to answer her previous question. "The D-arc was picking up on a Digimon that was bioemerging, but it suddenly stopped. False alarm I guess." Naruto finished shrugging his shoulders thoughtfully as he tried to figure out what could have stopped a Digimon from coming into the real world, but in the end decided to dismiss it as a problem for another time.

Rika let out a slight huff, as she looked off to the side, "So when are we going to get to wherever you're taking me?" She asked him.

"Oh, we are already there." Naruto replied, clipping his D-arc back on to his belt, gesturing to the store that they were standing in front of.

Looking at the sign on the front of the building, Rika recognized it as one of the Digimon card shops she frequented every once in a while. "Last night I said that I hate Digimon and the first thing you do the next day is take me to a card shop." She said incredulously looking at her friend, as he rubbed the back of his head and smiled sheepishly.

"Ah, you noticed that didn't you." Naruto stated more than asked sheepishly.

"Idiot," Rika muttered, as she turned to leave, but before she could even take a step Naruto put a hand on her shoulder keeping her in place.

"They're having a card tournament today." Naruto spoke up with a sly smile, Rika looking back at him with a gleam in her eye at the word tournament, "And I know how competitive Ri-Chan is." The blonde continued. "It's the only reason you enter any of the other tournaments to be the best, even though there was no one there who could give you a challenge, right? At least that's what you told me before." He finished with a shrug of his shoulders. "Plus they have a special prize for the winner of the tournament and whoever the runner-up is." Naruto added at the end.

"Well even if I wanted to it's not like I can, I don't have my cards with me." Rika said remembering how she threw them into her waste basket. Of course she had also thrown her D-arc into that same waste basket and Naruto had it with him, so it was possible that he had her cards too. She was proven right when the shinobi tamer pulled out a deck of cards from his pocket. "How did you get these?" She asked glaring at him, as she took her cards.

"Seiko-Obaachan got them for me. I wanted to make sure you had them with you when we came here, so she helped me out." Naruto explained before a smirk appeared on his face, "So is the beautiful Digimon Queen going to participate, or is she too afraid that she is going to lose to me." Naruto finished challengingly.

Rika did her best not to react to being called beautiful by Naruto instead turning her head away from him. "I'm not afraid of anything." She said while doing her best to conceal the blush that appeared on her face. "Just because you have superpowers, which you still haven't explained but you will, doesn't mean that I'm going to lose to you." Rika stated walking into the building, determined to remind Naruto who was the better card player.

Naruto smiled happy that his plan worked; Rika was just as likely to have refused to take part in the tournament as she was to agree to it. The reason Naruto decided to bring Rika to a Digimon card tournament, despite what she said last night, was because he knew that playing the card game was one of the few things that Rika actually enjoyed, at least from what she told him. Despite how disappointed Rika was in the end with most of her opponents and their lack of an ability to pose a challenge to her.

Following behind the somewhat irritated redhead, Naruto did his best to keep his eyes from wandering lower than they should, but it was really hard for him not to notice how Rika's new jeans accented a certain part of her body. Naruto also noticed how Rika's hips seemed to sway from side to side in her jeans. One thing was for sure Naruto would have to find a way to thank Seiko for getting Rika her new clothes.

An hour and a half later saw Naruto and Rika at the end of the final round to decide the Champion. Things had gone like one would expect with Rika and Naruto easily beating their competition in their respective matches and making it to the final round, with Rika ending up being bored after just two matches, due to the amethyst eyed tamer's natural talent and experience with the card game. Naruto also wasn't being given much of a challenge by the other contestants having played Rika so many times, along with Henry and Takato after school. The half-Chinese tamer was good in his-own right, Takato though still needed more time and experience in learning the ins and outs of the game.

It was currently Rika's turn and she was contemplating what her next move would be. Their match had been going on for the last 20 minutes and Rika had to admit that Naruto had gotten much better since the first time she had played against him, Naruto being able to digivolve his Garurumon into Weregarurumon.

'But it still isn't enough to beat me.' Rika thought with a smirk, as she drew a card and finalized her strategy. "Alright Whiskers are you ready to lose." The way the amethyst eyed tamer said that made it obvious that it wasn't a question.

"Hm, you sound surprisingly confident Ri-Chan." Naruto replied, a smirk spreading across his face when he noticed the fire in Rika's eyes, instead of the self-pity/loathing that she was feeling for herself earlier. She was moving past what happened last night and starting to act like she normally did, the Rika that Naruto would admit, to himself at least, that he was slowly falling for. "I'm the one in the lead after all." The blonde shinobi pointed out.

"Not for long," Rika stated confidently with her own smirk. "I'll start by placing Betamon on the field." The redheaded tamer began placing a card with the picture of a small green skinned Digimon with four talons, blue strips, red eyes, and one large red fin at the top of its body. "Then Digi-modify, Warp Digivolution, De-Digivolution, and Flood." Rika said placing the three cards down.

Naruto already knew what the two cards affects were. Warp Digivolution would allow Rika to digivolve her Betamon to its Ultimate form, while De-Digivolution would turn his Weregarurumon back into his Champion form of Garurumon, in one move Rika had effectively turned things in her favor. The last he wasn't as familiar with, but he was sure that he could guess what it was capable of.

"The Flood Modify card gives Digimon, like Megaseadramon, an advantage over other Digimon." Rika explained the abilities for Naruto's benefit and everyone who was watching the match.

"Not bad," Naruto told her impressed with the three card combo. "But I'm not finished yet; I have my own Modify cards after all." The blonde shinobi said placing his own Modify card down on the field, "Digi-Modify, Metal Attack," The Modify card boosting Garurumon's attack and defense.

"Digi-Modify, Depth Charge." Rika countered, doubling the power of her Megaseadramon's next attack.

Now Naruto was becoming worried about his chances of winning the match, as Rika continued to prove why exactly she was considered to be the best Digimon card player in all of Shinjuku. "Digi-Modify, Plug-in B," Naruto said increasing Garurumon's defense one final time hoping that it would help it survive.

Rika never lost her smirk, in fact it became almost predatory, as she placed one final card down that she was certain would ensure her victory, "Digi-Modify, Power Freeze." The redheaded tamer stated confidently as she activated one final Modify card that Naruto knew would finish him. "For those of you who don't know Power Freeze cancels the affects off all my opponents Modify cards," Rika explained to the gathered crowd. "So there is nothing left but to finish this. I'll have my Megaseadramon attack your Garurumon with his Thunder Javelin deleting your Digimon." She declared ending the match.

"And that's it Ladies and Gentlemen!" The owner of the card shop, a man in his late 30's with short cut black hair and brown eyes, and the host of the tournament announced to the gathered crowd. "Our winner is the one and only Digimon Queen, Rika Nonaka!"

The cheers that followed were immediate as crowd had all been awed by how the two players continually did their best to outdo the other, and gain an advantage, only to be countered at every turn until the very end.

"Now as promised our champion and runner-up will receive a prize," The owner said, as he brought out six cards from behind the counter. "My humble card shop was chosen to give out six rare Digimon cards. Our winner will receive a card from the first set of three cards by choosing Vaccine, Data, or Virus." The card shop owner explained before turning to Rika, "If you would?"

Rika was quite for a second as she thought over her choice before coming to a decision. "I choose the Vaccine." Rika said evenly acting as if winning and receiving her prize wasn't all that important.

"Very well," The owner said before handing Rika one of the cards with the back of the card facing her.

When Rika turned the card over she saw a picture of a female angel Digimon with ten golden wings and green and gold armor, holding a javelin in one hand and a shield with the image of a unicorn in the other. "Ophanimon," Rika said reading the name of the Mega level Digimon that was on the card out loud.

After Rika had gotten her card the store owner turned towards Naruto. "The same applies to you young man, choose which card you'll receive." He said putting away the remaining two cards of the first set and holding the second set in his hand.

Naruto only took a moment to decide, "I'll take the Data one." Naruto stated getting a nod from the owner, as he handed the blonde shinobi the appropriate card.

Turning the card over Naruto saw the image of a red dragon, with white underside and white hair on the top of its serpentine like neck with two sets of horns growing out of the neck's sides. The horn at the tip of its nose formed a crescent near the base before twisting back; a red triangle jewel was located on its forehead. Black zigzagging strips went down the length of the Digimon's body nearly to the tip of its golden spiked tail. It had grey colored dragon wings coming out of its back that looked like they were sharp enough to cut through anything, Naruto figured that the blades that the wings possessed helped with that illusion.

"Dorugreymon," Naruto said reading the name of the Digimon, which he noticed was an Ultimate level Digimon.

"Can I get one final round of applause for our two contestants?" The owner asked, getting another round of cheering from the crowd.

A few minutes later the two tamers were once more walking down the streets of Shinjuku looking for some place to have lunch after leaving the card shop. "So did you have fun?" Naruto eventually asked his companion after a few moments of silence.

Rika didn't answer right away as much as she would hate to admit it she actually did enjoy herself, at least she enjoyed her match against Naruto, plus she got a rare Mega level Angel class Digimon card out of it. "It was fine." She eventually relented, "So what now?" Rika asked him.

"Now we should find someplace to grab something to eat." Naruto replied looking around.

"Yay, food!" A childish voice shouted from above them before a certain white creampuff landed on top of Naruto's head. "Can we get some yummy bread?"

"Calumon?" Naruto asked his eyes going up towards where the In-Training Digimon was lying on his head.

"Yup," Calumon answered cheerfully pushing himself so he was looking down at Naruto from on top of his head with a wide happy smile. "So can we?" He asked again before finally noticing Naruto's female companion, "Rika!" Calumon cheered, jumping off of Naruto's head straight at the redheaded tamer, who took a hesitant step back. "Eskimo kisses." The small white and purple Digimon finished rubbing his nose against amethyst eyed girl's nose.

"Get off of me." Rika demanded, though Calumon didn't seem to be listening as he continued to rub his nose against her nose, all the while giggling gleefully. "That's it." Rika growled, grabbing the white Digimon and pulling him off her face. "What do you want?" She questioned while glaring at him.

"Let's play." Calumon answered joyfully, not at all affected by the red haired girl's glare, before his stomach growled loudly. "But first let's get some yummy bread." He pleaded, his green eyes wide almost begging as he stared at Rika.

Naruto chuckled at the In-Training's antics, "Well I don't know about the bread, but you can join us if you want Calumon." Naruto offered, as the green eyed Digimon escaped from Rika's hold and hovered in the air before landing back on Naruto's head and began to excitedly cheer again, and a huff of annoyance from Rika, sadly before they could begin their search of finding somewhere to eat Naruto's and Rika's D-arc had gone off again signaling that a Digimon had just bioemerged. "Looks like lunch is going to have to wait for now," Naruto muttered looking at his D-arc that was tracking the new Digimon's signature. "Let's go." The blonde shinobi finished, as he grabbed Rika's hand not giving her a choice of whether she wanted to go or not.

Takato could honestly say that he has had better days than today. It had all started when he accidently let it slip about the existence of real Digimon to Kazu and Kenta, only for them to call him a liar. So he took them to Guilmon's shed where they were promptly scared away before they even had the chance to really meet the red dinosaur Digimon. When Takato eventually meet up with Kazu and Kenta again they didn't believe that what they saw was a real Digimon, and had once more called Takato a liar before leaving him alone. Then not even half an hour later he and Guilmon tracked down a samurai like Digimon with red-orange armor. From the start of the battle things had not been looking good for the brown haired tamer and his Virus type Digimon, as the Digimon, Musyamon, proved to be a strong opponent.

"Digi-Modify… Hyper Wing Activate!" Takato desperately shouted scanning the third card through his D-arc since the fight started.

"Something doesn't feel right." Guilmon murmured panicky, as he struggled to get himself off the ground let alone use the power of the Modify card, jumping back at the last moment to avoid a strike from Musyamon's sword.

"Use the wings like last time, you can do it." Takato instructed Guilmon from the sidelines the worry he felt clearly evident in his voice.

"I'll try." Guilmon replied jumping up and kicking himself off of Musyamon's head only to float around uncontrollably. "I can't stop!" The red raptor shouted to his tamer as he attempted to direct the direction he was going.

"Is that the best you've got?" Musyamon said darkly spotting two humans entering the Digital Field, a small female and a male child the same apparent age as the other human, with a Terriermon on the other boy's shoulder.

Musyamon wasn't the only one who noticed Henry's arrival as Takato also saw his friend show up, "Henry, help me!" The red eyed tamer called out pleadingly, as Musyamon slowly moved toward the new arrivals.

"What now?" Henry whispered quietly, "If I do nothing then we'll all be made into sushi." He continued only to see the Champion level Virus Digimon turn its attention to the little girl, who was a few feet away crying over losing her balloon, "I don't think I could talk us out of this one." The half-Chinese tamer finished fearfully as he watched Musyamon stop a couple of feet away from the little girl.

"Goodbye human." Musyamon muttered raising his sword above his head in preparation to strike down at the girl.

"Wind Style: Wind Palm!" Naruto shouted, appearing between the rouge Digimon and the little girl, the palm of his hand hitting the samurai Digimon on the chest and blasting it back.

"Thank goodness." Henry said letting out a relieved sigh, positive that the blonde tamer could easily deal with Musyamon. But instead of continuing his attack like how the blue haired teen expected Naruto turned to glare at him.

"What are you doing?" Naruto demanded confusing Henry, "Why are you just standing there doing nothing?!" He continued not even bothering to pay any attention to the enemy Digimon, "I told you before that you can't solve everything with words and that there would come a time where you would have to act or innocent people were going to get hurt. You saw how Musyamon wasn't going to listen, so the only choice you had of stopping him was to fight." The blonde shinobi said.

"But…" Henry tried to protest, but his voice trailed off at the end. Henry did remember Naruto telling him something similar to that back when they all had first met. At the time he had seriously considered the blonde's words, but aside from the incident with Gorillamon all those weeks ago, and Icedevimon the other night, Henry hadn't participated in any battles. So he didn't have a reason to think about what Naruto told him and it just slipped from his mind. Now though…

"You no longer have the option of waiting to see if a Digimon will listen. Musyamon didn't hesitate to attack someone, a little girl, who had absolutely nothing to do with this, so you and Terriermon are going to have to fight him and delete him." Naruto told him.

"Us? Why us? It's not like you're not strong enough fight him yourself." Henry pointed out, though Terriermon had already jumped off his perch on Henry's shoulder and was facing the recovering samurai Digimon, prepared to take the Virus on.

"I'm not here to fight your battles for you. You're going to have to do this on your own." Naruto declared determinedly, not giving Henry much of a choice, as he turned his attention to the little girl.

While Naruto was talking with Henry, Rika had stayed back at the edge of the Digital Field away from the action so she didn't get involved, but her eyes kept shifting around trying to see if Renamon was there somewhere. Calumon in the meantime had jumped off of Naruto's head and floated up to retrieve the balloon and brought it down to the little girl, not liking the fact that she was crying and realizing that it was because she lost her balloon. The little girl stared at the small Digimon that held her balloon out to her in surprise, a few tears in the corner of her eyes, before smiling brightly at the Digimon and taking the balloon letting a few giggles as she did so, which made Calumon happy as well.

Naruto watched the scene with a smile on his face before kneeling down in front of the girl. "Hi there," He said softly. "My name is Naruto, and this is my friend Calumon. What's your name?" The blue eyed tamer asked.

"Yumi," The little girl replied shyly.

"Well Yumi, how about I take you back to your mom or dad?" Naruto asked, getting a nod from the brown haired girl. "Ok, but how about I take care of this first." He continued tying Yumi's balloon string around her wrist. "There now it can't get away again. Now let's get you back. I'll leave the rest to you guys!" Naruto finished calling back to other male tamers, as he grabbed the little girl's hand and walked back toward Rika, while waving back at Henry and Takato over his shoulder.

"Wait you're just going to leave us on our own?!" Takato questioned.

"Yup," Naruto replied unconcernedly, Calumon back on his head, as he reached Rika and they began to exit the Digital Field. "I sure you guys can handle it."

"They're going to get themselves killed." Rika muttered quietly, making sure that the cheerfully humming Yumi didn't hear her, a light blush appearing on her cheeks as Yumi grabbed her hand linking the three of them together. Rika didn't even want to start imagining what they would look like if someone saw them at that moment.

"Ah, I'm sure that they'll do fine." Naruto replied waving his free hand dismissively.

Henry watched the couple walk away, absentmindedly wondering if the two were out on a date, before turning his attention back to Musyamon, who had finally got back on its feet after Naruto's surprise attack. He realized that Naruto was right his hesitance almost ended with an innocent girl being hurt, or worse, and from the emotions Henry could get off of Musyamon the Virus Digimon regret wasn't one of them.

"We have to stop him." Henry said finally coming to a decision, as he pulled out his D-arc and grabbed a card.

"Well it's about time." Terriermon said happy that his tamer was finally willing to let him fight and not just sit on the sidelines.

"Digi-Modify… Hyper Sonic Activate!" Henry said slashing the card through his D-arc. Terriermon, who was running toward the charging enemy Digimon, went for a head-butt to Musyamon's torso only for the samurai to sidestep it. Spinning around Terriermon fired a quick Bunny Blast that hit Musyamon in the side.


"Terriermon Digivolve to… Gargomon!"

From the green Digi-egg Terriermon's Champion level form emerged and started to fire at Musyamon with his Gatling gun arms. Musyamon did its best to deflect all the incoming Gargo Laser before jumping into the air sword raised high.

Gargomon rushed the Virus Digimon, hitting Musyamon with an uppercut to its chin while firing his green bullets, "Gargo Laser!" The Champion level rabbit Digimon shouted, the energy bullets powering up Gargomon's punch causing Musyamon to hit the ground hard before bursting into data and being absorbed by the trigger happy bunny.

With Musyamon defeated the tamers and their Digimon decided that it was best to leave before anyone saw them.

"Hey was it just me or did it look like Naruto and Rika were on a date?" Takato asked the others.

"Sure looked that way to me." Henry answered.

"Come on guys of course their dating it's obvious that they are crazy about each other." Gargomon said in a cheerful mood.

"What's 'dating' is that some type of bread?" Guilmon asked naïvely as Takato let out a light groan at his Digimon's cluelessness.

Though in their rush to leave the area they didn't notice a certain shades wearing blonde in the crowd.

After leaving Henry and the others to deal with Musyamon, Naruto and Rika decided to go to the burger joint they had visited last time. The two tamers sat in relatively comfortable silence as they enjoyed their food, Calumon sitting on the table happily eating his fries, neither paying much attention to the other people in the restaurant.

"Do you really think those four will be able to handle themselves?" Rika finally asked her blonde companion, taking a sip of her drink, "Because I don't." She stated evenly.

"They'll do fine. You and Coronamon need to have more faith in them, they're not completely incompetent." Naruto replied offhandedly, "Now are you going to tell me how you're doing after last night." The seriousness that appeared in his voice made it clear that it wasn't really a question.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Rika muttered looking off to the side.

"I'm talking about that 'I hate Digimon, all of them' thing you said last night. Not to mention having to deal with the frozen freak." Naruto said, "I'm your best friend Ri-Chan you can talk to me about this stuff."

"There's nothing to talk about." The redheaded tamer said, "Besides what kind of best friend keeps the fact that he has superpowers to himself." Rika said accusingly giving him a light glare.

Naruto just chuckled, not at all bothered by her glare. "We all have secrets Ri-Chan, even from our closest friends; after all I know that there is something that you've never talked to me about." The sapphire eyed shinobi said, Rika looked away again as she had a good idea of what he was talking about, "I promise to explain everything soon Ri-Chan, but first we have to fix things between you and Renamon."

"Like I said there is nothing to talk about and nothing to fix." Rika answered, taking another sip of her drink, before continuing. "Renamon was just using me to get stronger so that she could digivolve. She never cared about me, not really." She finished a hint of sadness entering her voice.

Naruto closed his eyes for a moment and then let out a sigh before opening his eyes and looked right at her, "You don't really believe that, do you?" He questioned her with a raised eyebrow. "I remember that you were just as determined to make her strong as she was."

"That doesn't matter now. Renamon is strong now and no longer needs me." Rika said coolly.

"Are you really that stupid?" Naruto asked her bluntly surprising Rika and causing her eyes to widen. "Why was Renamon able to digivolve in the first place?"

"Huh?" Rika asked still caught off guard.

"Back when you and Renamon battled Dokugumon, Renamon was only able to digivolve because you showed that you cared for like a true friend and partner would." Naruto began, "Renamon digivolved so that she could protect you. Because she cares about you just like you care about her. That's why she digivolved again last night in the fight against the frozen freak, Icedevimon." He said staring at her intently.

"You're starting to sound real corny Whiskers." Rika told him.

"Maybe," Naruto admitted with a slight chuckle. Their discussion was cut short when Naruto's and Rika's D-arcs once more signaled that another Digimon had just bioemerged. "I guess we should check it out." The blonde shinobi said grabbing his D-arc.

The redhead tamer across from him let out a groan at his announcement, "Wasn't the whole point of this was to give me a break from everything Digimon related?" Rika asked him.

"Come on, you can't tell me you aren't at least curious to see what's going on." Naruto replied, with a grin spreading across his face, standing up with Rika mirroring his actions despite a few grumbled protests, and Calumon landing happily on Naruto's head after finishing his fries.

Arriving at the baseball field where their D-arcs had taken them, Naruto and Rika stood just outside of the fence that contained the Digital Field within. Focusing on the signatures within Naruto could sense more than one unknown Digimon inside of the Field along with Renamon, which he made sure to let Rika know about.

Rika didn't say anything to the news, the redheaded tamer felt herself' being torn about what to do, a part of her wanted to enter the Digital Field and help Renamon. Another part of her though insisted that Renamon didn't need her anymore, despite everything that Naruto had said to her earlier.

Naruto could see the indecision and sadness in Rika's eyes and let out a mental sigh. He already knew that Rika was concerned for Renamon the only reason that she wouldn't admit it was because sometimes she was to stubborn for her own good. Then again her stubbornness was one of the things Naruto liked most about her. Turning his attention back to the Digital Field, Naruto focused on sensing the fight that was happening inside.

Inside the Digital Field, Renamon faced off against the small group of three Digimon that all looked the same. She identified them all as Flybeemon, red and black Armor level Data type wasp like Digimon. The three insect Digimon surrounded Renamon before two of them charged at her one from the front and the other from behind. Spinning around Renamon knocked away the Flybeemon that was charging at her from the front with her tail, focusing instead on the other one.

"Power Paw!" Renamon said her two paws igniting in their ghostly blue flame. In a burst of speed she appeared in front of Flybeemon before punching at the red wasp Digimon's torso repeatedly, pale blue streaks of light following after every punch from the flames that covered her fist. Finally the yellow vixen slashed at the stunned Flybeemon her claws digging into its chest until the Digimon burst into red specs of data. "Easy," Renamon stated confidently.

Due to her overconfidence from her easy victory Renamon dropped her guard for a moment, allowing the third Flybeemon to catch her by surprise and hit her with its stinger in the leg.

"Damn," Renamon muttered, reproaching herself for making such an amateurish mistake, as she pulled out the stinger, she could already feel the poison start to spread. It wasn't anything serious as Flybeemon didn't produce any really dangerous poisons like some of the other insect Digimon, but it was enough to be a bother. She briefly wondered where Rika was, and then came to the conclusion that her redheaded tamer wouldn't be showing up to help, not after last night.

Taking advantage of Renamon's weakened state the two remaining Flybeemon crossed their arms over their chests, their wings cackling with electricity. "Lightning Sting!" They shouted in unison firing bolts of electricity at the digital kitsune. Renamon did her best to dodge, but after a couple of failed strikes the wound to her leg made her falter which caused her to be hit by the lightning.

Outside the Digital Field Naruto voiced the latest happenings to his companion. "Renamon's been hit, she's on the ground." Naruto informed Rika, but the most she reacted to the news was a tightening of her fists.

At that moment Henry appeared, with Terriermon back to his Rookie level and riding on his shoulder. Noticing the presence of the other two tamers caused Henry to stop by the chain linked fence and stare at them curiously. "Naruto, Rika? What are you two doing out here?" The short blue haired boy asked them confused. "Where are Coronamon, Patamon, and Renamon?" Henry asked after looking around, and not spotting either of the blonde and redhead's partner Digimon. Staring harder into the Digital Field Henry was just able to make something yellow struggling to pick itself up off the ground, before his mind finally registered what it was, or more exactly who it was. "Rika, Renamon needs you." Henry said urgently while stating the obvious at the same time, something that Naruto chose not to point out.

"Looks like Renamon just got her second wind." Naruto said just loud enough for everyone to hear, not moving his eyes from the digital fog for an instant.

Back inside the Digital Field Renamon's eyes suddenly snapped open and she jumped back onto her feet. The two Flybeemon launched their stingers at the fox Digimon only to miss when Renamon jumped out of the way of the two stingers. Then she dashed by them going higher in the air before turning herself around to face to two red insect Digimon beneath her and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Diamond Storm!" Renamon shouted the shards appearing around her. Uncrossing her arms unleashed the barrage raining down at the Flybeemon from above, and covering every inch of their bodies with the white shards and causing them to turn into data, which she proceeded to absorb.

"Well that's the end of that." Naruto stated before turning his attention toward Rika. "What now?" He asked her wanting to know what Rika would do now that there was the chance that she could be face to face with Renamon.

"Let's go." Rika muttered somewhat sadly, turning around and walking away causing Naruto let out another sigh and started walking after her, Calumon following them.

"Naruto!" Henry called out making Naruto stop and look at him curiously. "I understand what you were trying to say to me before and you were right. As much as I want to avoid having to make Terriermon fight, and find a peaceful solution instead, that won't always be an option and I've accepted it." He stated, looking down at the ground for a moment before looking back at Naruto. "I can't help but think what I would have done if it had been Suzie that was in danger. Would I have just stood there and done nothing because I couldn't convince the Digimon to stop?" The half-Chinese tamer asked himself more than anyone else, while Terriermon looked at him in concern. "I finally get what you were saying about fighting to protect, because if it meant keeping my family safe I'd be willing to fight any Digimon myself if I had to. So thank you." Henry finished with a small smile.

"No problem I'm glad that you finally understand." Naruto replied, "I'll see ya later, I need to catch up with Rika." The blonde shinobi told him, as he picked up his pace to catch up with the redhead.

A few minutes later Naruto was walking beside Rika again right outside the park without any particular destination in mind. Naruto opened his mouth to say something, but before he could even begin to form a sentence Rika cut him off.

"Just drop it." Rika murmured quietly.

"Why are you so stubborn?" Naruto asked with a frustrated sigh, "Just say you're sorry or something." The whisker marked teen told her.

"What's the point?" Rika retorted.

"The point is that Renamon needs her tamer. She needs her partner." He insisted.

"According to what you said back there that isn't true." Rika pointed out, "Renamon did just fine on her own. She doesn't need me anymore." The amethyst eyed girl finished, doing her best to keep her voice even and uncaring.

"Renamon is strong." Naruto admitted with a nod of his head. "But that doesn't mean that she'll be able to do everything on her own, and when she can't she is going to need you to be there." The Nidaime Kyuubi said softly, as Rika stayed quite. Seeing how the atmosphere was starting become somber from their discussion Naruto decided a change in topics was necessary. "Well enough of that we're supposed to be having fun and enjoying ourselves. Now let's see…" Naruto murmured before spotting an arcade nearby. "That looks like a good place." He stated as he started to lead Rika to the arcade.

"What are you doing?" Rika asked him rhetorically. "I don't like playing video games Fishcake."

"That's fine; I just want to get you something to cheer you up." Naruto told her looking around before spotting a crane game filled with stuffed toys and made his way towards it.

"You can't be serious." Rika said in exasperation, as Naruto started the game, "You're trying to cheer me up by giving me a stupid stuffed toy." The redheaded tamer finished incredulously with a raised eyebrow looking at her friend as if he were an idiot, which she knew that he was from time to time or at least he acted like he was.

"Just accept the gift and don't complain." Naruto ordered handing the disgruntled girl his recently won prize.

Looking at the small stuffed toy in her arms Rika noticed that it was a yellow kitsune plushy, with white tipped tail and ears, and blue eyes, in other words an almost exact replica of Renamon. The redheaded tamer was left speechless by the gift that Naruto decided to give her.

"Come on I want to show you something." Naruto said grabbing Rika's hand and started to lead her off somewhere before she could gather herself.

Back at the baseball field Renamon walked toward the edge of the field and jumped over the fence landing where Henry and Terriermon continued to stand.

"Renamon, Rika and Naruto were just here." Henry informed the yellow kitsune after she landed on the other side of the fence, "I think Rika was worried about you." The half-Japanese tamer told her.

"She was? Are you sure?" Renamon asked, her tone complying how disbelieving she was of Henry's statement.

"She was all white faced and jumpy, you know? She was in a bad way." Terriermon commented from Henry's shoulder.

The Vaccine Digimon raised an eyebrow that couldn't be seen, "Rika? I doubt it." Renamon remarked. "In fact if it wasn't for Naruto, I doubt that Rika would have wasted her time coming here." She finished.

"I'm sure that you don't believe that." Henry said, "Renamon, you two fit together, you should be partners not enemies." He tried to reason with her.

"Partners," Renamon muttered the word; as if it were the first time she ever said it for herself. "Partners, you keep using that word. Am I supposed to know what it means?" The yellow furred digital kitsune asked him.

Henry was quite for a moment as he tried to figure out what to say. "It's like this Terriermon and I are both friends and equals." He finally said.

"Equals," Renamon murmured the concept once more foreign to her.

"Exactly," Henry continued happy that he seemed to be making progress with the Data type Digimon, "We know each other's strengths and weaknesses." The blue haired boy tried to explain. Renamon looked thoughtful but didn't say anything. "Both of you and Rika must've had something in common or you wouldn't have become partners in the first place. It was no coincidence, I'm sure of it."

Renamon didn't say anything in regards to what Henry was saying, trying to silently decide if his words held any truth to them, before disappearing in a burst of speed. With the fox Digimon gone Henry wondered if she would actually consider anything that he said.

On top of a building stood Renamon staring out at the city, 'I won the fight,' Renamon thought remembering her earlier fight with the Flybeemon. 'Why do I feel like I lost? Something doesn't feel right, something is missing.' She finished thinking trying to figure out what problem was when she spotted Impmon jumping from one building to another. "Now what is he up to?" The kitsune Digimon wondered.

Looking into a kids' playroom Impmon watched as two kids, that looked to be a close age to each other, fought over a stuffed toy teddy bear, "Humans, look at 'em. Dogs have more sense." Impmon muttered angrily to himself before gaining a far off look, as he recalled something that put him in the place of the stuffed toy. When Impmon saw the two kids pull on the toy until it was ripped apart and the children end up falling backwards crying. Unable to help himself Impmon grabbed his own arms with a scared look on his face, almost like he was afraid of the same thing happening to him, as he shuddered fearfully. Hearing someone come up behind him the purple Virus type Digimon turned to see Renamon walking up to him. "Well what?" Impmon demanded returning to his normal self.

"What is wrong with you?" Renamon asked him incredulously.

"Hm! Not a blasted thing toots, now toodles!" Impmon replied rudely before jumping away.

Naruto led Rika to a different area of the park where he knew few people frequented and then wrapped his arm around her waist, before jumping and landing on a tree branch sitting them both down beside each other, Calumon having been taken to Naruto's apartment by one of his clones. The little In-Training Digimon starting to nod off after they finished lunch a while ago.

"Why are we sitting in a tree?" Rika asked, her cheeks turning red from both anger and from sitting so close to Naruto that their shoulders were touching. "You said you wanted to show me something and all I can see is more trees Whiskers."

"First I need to explain something to you; I wanted to wait until everyone could be together, but it can't be helped for what I'm about to show you." Naruto began running a hand through his hair. "Alright, you remember everything I did last right?" He questioned her and getting a nod in reply.

"Hard to forget you breathing fire, standing on the ceiling, creating spiraling balls of destruction, and some other stuff." Rika remarked, still not happy with the fact that the blonde shinobi had kept such a big secret from her.

"Well basically those were jutsu or ninja techniques that I can perform with the use of chakra, I'll explain this better later." Naruto promised before continuing his explanation. "Jutsu can be broken down to three main branches, along with a few others; there is Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu. What I'm about to show you uses Genjutsu or the Art of Illusions." The cerulean eyed boy finished as he began performing hand seals.

"And that is?" Rika asked curiously.

"My home village Konohagakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in the Leaves." Naruto answered, performing one last hand seal as the scenery around them began to change. The first thing she noticed was the fact they were no longer sitting on a tree branch instead they were sitting on a cliff's edge. Being so high up caused Rika to grab hold of Naruto's hand instinctively, "Don't worry we're still sitting in the tree in Shinjuku park this is just an illusion." The former Konoha shinobi said reassuringly.

Taking Naruto's words to heart Rika continued to look further out. She noticed the village that was as big as any city she had seen, but it was unlike anyplace that she had ever seen before. The buildings were different from any she had seen before in their design, and though there many buildings that were many stories high, none looked like the skyscrapers that Rika saw every day in Shinjuku. There was a single building that was red in color that seemed to be at the center of the entire village. Nature interwove with the village as trees grew freely all throughout the village blending them together unlike Shinjuku whose vegetation life was limited to a few parks at random small locations. Then there was the wall far off in the distance that surrounded the village separating it from a forest far bigger than the one close to Shinjuku.

"This is amazing." Rika stated in awe. When Naruto had first mentioned that he came from a village Rika had imagined someplace in the mountains or a forest with a few small buildings that were nothing extravagant, but this was far different from what she imagined. It all looked so peaceful.

"I know." Naruto said with a fond smile as she stared out at his home, he had really missed this place. "This is one of my most favorite places in the entire village and during one of my most favorite times. There are two reasons that this place is called the Hi no Kuni or Land of Fire. You're about to see one of them." The shinobi explained to her, and it was only then that Rika finally realized that the sun was setting.

As the sun reached a certain point in the sky the forest, the village wall, and the village itself seemed to catch on fire as everything was bathed in an orange glow. Even the sky seemed to catch fire as it became different shades of pink and orange.

"Beautiful." Rika breathed out. She had watched the sun set many times when she was younger, and even now that she was older she would watch it set every once in a while, but none of them compared to what she was seeing right now. Rika was so amazed by the sight in front of her she had yet to notice that she hadn't let go of Naruto's hand since she grabbed it earlier.

"I used to come up here all the time when I was younger. Whenever I was feeling lonely and things in the village were just too much for me to deal with at the time." Naruto could feel Rika's questioning gaze at his last remark. "Let's just say my life growing up wasn't the best and leave it at that, it didn't help that I was reminded almost daily that I was an orphan." The blonde finished somewhat sadly at the end before blighting back up. "But when I came up here I could ignore all of that because it was so peaceful. This is my one original Genjutsu the first I could ever actually perform because my skills with illusions were so bad, you're the first person I've ever shown this to and the first person I've ever brought up here. I want this to be proof that I do trust you Rika, I might not be able to tell you all my secrets right away but I never want you to doubt that you're my friend and that I care about you." He finished, starring right into Rika's amethyst eyes with an intensity that Rika remembered from last night when he was fighting Icedevimon, and the first night that her grandmother invited the blonde to dinner.

"Baka," Rika murmured quietly, finally noticing that she held his hand but didn't let go, the insult lacking any sort of negativity to it, as she returned to starring out toward the village and did her best to quell the blush that threatened to blossom on her face. Watching the sun set Rika could understand what Naruto meant by it being peaceful, and with having him beside her she also felt the warmth and sense of protection she always felt when he was near her. Peace, warmth, and safety were things that Rika hadn't felt in a long time not since her father passed away, but if Naruto said he trusted her then maybe she should start trusting him with things as well. "I was scared last night." Rika admitted softly her voice just barely above a whisper, "Not necessarily for me, but for you and Renamon. I was scared that Renamon might turn into a monster like Icedevimon if she digivolved. I was also scared that you would be hurt when you decided to fight him on your own, even when you showed that you can handle him I was still worried. I didn't want to lose the two of you." She managed to get out a part of her struggling with showing this kind of sentiments.

Naruto wanted to say something in regards to how Rika was acting, but he knew that it wasn't the best time for his antics, and that this was something that Rika needed to get off her chest, so he listened to her silently.

"When my papa died," Rika continued finally revealing to Naruto what happened to her father, "I felt all alone, it didn't help that my mother threw herself into her career afterwards so I barely saw her. Grandma did her best to help, but I still felt hurt so I pushed everything and everyone away. I knew that I was hurting Grandma by doing that, but I just couldn't deal with the pain I felt." She said a few tears going down her face as she recalled those days.

Naruto put his arm around her and pulled her into a one armed hug doing his best to offer her comfort and support, as she reviled all of this to him.

"I eventually became an Ice Queen, treating everyone coldly like they didn't matter." She said with a slight scowl, using one of the nicknames that the girls from her school had given her. "But then I meet Renamon and, not long after, you." Rika continued a small smile forming on her lips. "I hated you, you know." The redheaded tamer admitted with a light chuckle. "You were so annoying always trying to get closer to me, never leaving me alone, and how you insisted on walking me home from school. I hated how it seemed that whenever I turned around you were always there with that stupid smile on your face calling me, 'Ri-Chan,' and all but forcing me to hang out with you, but eventually I didn't mind as much and you actually became my best friend." She paused at that moment turning to look at him, knocking his arm off from around her shoulder; with the best glare she could give him at the moment. Though she came off looking rather cute something Naruto would never tell her or suffer' the consequences of her wrath. "Don't get me wrong I still think you're annoying and spend too much time at my house bothering me!" Rika stated angrily.

"Of course," Naruto said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, as he did his best not to laugh at her complete turnaround.

Rika glared at him for a minute longer before continuing, the soft smile once again appearing on her face, "Renamon wasn't anywhere near as pushy as you were in becoming my friend, but I knew she was there looking out for me like a Guardian Angel that I could count on always being there. But after last night Renamon doesn't have a reason to lookout for me anymore, she is strong enough on her own."

"You're being stupid again." Naruto said reproachfully catching Rika by surprise. "Renamon is your friend and partner no matter how strong she gets she will always be there for you. She'd never abandon you, so you shouldn't either." He told her seriously before smiling at her and his voice growing softer. "And I promise you Rika that I'll always be there beside you no matter what happens." The blonde shinobi finished.

"Baka," Rika said repeating her earlier sentiments, as she once again broke eye contact with him to look at the setting sun. Rika could feel the same sense of warmth and security once again rising' within her that put her at ease. Having Naruto help quell her worries and lessen some of the pain from her past caused Rika to feel comfortable enough to do something she hadn't done since her father had died.

"Promise that we'll stay for the sunset,
And when the moon shines through the darkness,
We can find the path that leads us home,
And on the way you'll...
...sing me a song.

Promise that you always will be there,
Hold my hand if ever I'm real scared,
Help me stand up tall if I fall down,

Make me laugh away all my bluest days!

How could you promise you always would be there?

Why'd you have to go away somewhere?

Every morning into every night,

Do you watch over me like the sun in the sky?

Am I all alone, or standing in your light?

I wish that I could...
...sing you a song...

You promised me we'd stay for the sunset..."

Rika finished singing just as the sun finally set giving way to a clear starry night sky, which were filled with constellations that Rika had never seen before. Looking toward her companion Rika found him looking at her. "What is it?" Rika asked him a bit self-conscious; the last person that she had sung that song to was her father before he died after all.

Naruto actually blushed, as he was broken out of his trance from hearing Rika sing. "Ah nothing, it's just that you have a beautiful singing voice. I've never heard anything like it before." Naruto told her, causing Rika to blush lightly as well. "In fact the last time I saw anything that could compare to that was one night when I was twelve when I saw a girl…" He trailed off at the end canceling the Genjutsu, the former Konoha shinobi noticing that the sun was lower in the sky than he remembered apparently they had been there a while. "Never mind," Naruto said hastily grabbing ahold of Rika and jumping off the tree branch and landing smoothly on the ground.

"When you saw a girl what?" Rika asked, though it came out sounding more like a demand, as she once more glaring at the blonde.

"Don't worry about it, it was nothing." Naruto said dismissively waving his hand. "Let's not ruin the moment we're sharing."

"We are not sharing a moment and even if we were you already ruined it, Fishcake no Baka!" The redhead said angrily. "Now tell me!"

"I told you it's nothing." Naruto insisted, "Now come on I'll walk you home."

Rika let out a huff of indignation, but she knew that she wouldn't be getting anything else out of him. "Fine," She relented. "But if you tell anyone else what I told you…" Her threat was left unfinished, choosing to rather leave it to his imagination.

"I got it, I won't tell a soul." Naruto said with slight chuckle.

The walk back to Rika's home was performed in silence as neither tamer felt like there was anything that needed to be said between them, so they enjoyed the walk together, Rika still having the stuffed fox Naruto had given her clutched in her hand. In no time at all the two teens found themselves standing outside of the gate to Rika's home.

"Well here we are." Naruto announced obviously turning to face Rika with a smile on his face, handing her white and blue D-arc back to her. "I hope that you had fun today Ri-Chan."

Rika had to admit that despite a couple of things she had enjoyed her time that day with Naruto. "It was fine, I guess." Rika murmured.

"That's good." Naruto said honestly. Then acting without even thinking about it Naruto leaned in and placed a kiss on Rika's cheek surprising himself' and the amethyst eyed tamer if her widened eyes were anything to go by. Pulling back Naruto stared at her for a second before giving her a hasty, if not a somewhat awkward, goodbye before leaving.

Rika's face burned hotter than it ever had before. It had lasted less than a second but in her mind it seemed to last for hours. Every fiber of her being was focused on the spot where his lips met her cheek and she was filled with the desire to feel them again. To have his lips pressed against hers, to have him kiss her, for her to be able to kiss him back. Just as suddenly as those thoughts had appeared Rika banished them from her mind, why was she so suddenly thinking of those sort of things it was very unlike her and she didn't want to think about it anymore, but if that was true then why was her heart beating so fast? Why did she feel like there were butterflies in her stomach, as it did flip flops?

The red haired tamer stopped at the entrance of her home, her hand on the gate door waiting to be opened. When did things change so much? How long ago was it that she was the cold hearted girl that only cared about being the best? Today when they went out, while she was forced to go at the start, she had a lot of fun spending the day with Naruto, and after the events of last night she really needed a day where she could relax and not have to worry about any wild Digimon, even though at the end she had to be present at a Digimon's bioemergence twice. They had spent a couple of hours talking while watching the illusion of Naruto's home, and she had finally been able to share some of the things she had to keep to herself for years in order to appear strong to everyone around her. Watching the sun set on the Land of Fire had been incredible and Rika hoped she would be able to see such a sight again someday.

Rika stared at the stuffed fox in her hand. Earlier when she first saw it Rika was reminded of her partner. But as she looked at it now the sun kissed blonde fur and sapphire blue eyes the fox reminded Rika of Naruto instead of Renamon. The thought caused a smile to spread across her face unconsciously as she clutched it closer to herself.

"Did you enjoy yourself on your date Rika?" Seiko asked the moment that Rika walked into the living room.

"It wasn't a date Grandma." Rika replied with a sigh. Why did she sigh? Obviously because Rika didn't like her grandmother suggesting something that wasn't true, not because she wanted her' and Naruto's outing to be an actual date, nope not at all.

"Oh? But isn't that cute little fox plushy a gift from Naruto-Kun from your date today?" Seiko continued to interrogate her granddaughter with knowing smile on her face.

Rika blushed lightly at the question before she tried to deny the accusation. "It wasn't a date." Rika muttered again. "And this is nothing; it's just a stupid stuffed toy Whiskers gave me while we were out. That idiot should know by now that I don't like this kind of useless junk and wasn't going to keep it." She finished tossing the fox toy in a nearby waste basket that was filled to brim with waded up paper.

"Is that so?" Seiko murmured a bit sadly.

"I'll be in my room." Rika told her grandmother as she walked out of the room, though she hesitated for second when she passed the waste basket and glanced at the stuffed toy.

As the sun began to set over Shinjuku, Impmon was walking on a railing in front of a billboard, which was promoting Arashi Kazama's next book release, "Nagato: The Fallen God," with Renamon following him walking on top of the billboard. "Hm, quit following me!" Impmon shouted, turning around and pointing a finger at the blonde fox Digimon.

"I have a question." Renamon stated ignoring Impmon's demand.

"And you think I care? Actually I do care, surprised? I care because I'm sure it's something stupid!" The Virus Rookie yelled, as Renamon jumped off the billboard and landed on same railing as Impmon. "Hm, I've learned not to expect much from you human loving digi-duds, but maybe there's hope for you darling, coming to yours truly for the answers. So tell me foxy, what can I do for ya?" Impmon asked her.

"Why don't you have a partner?" Renamon asked the question causing Impmon to almost lose his balance. "Why should a Digimon have a partner?" She continued.

"You got me; no self-respecting Digimon needs a partner specially a human." Impmon said dismissively.

"Are you sure?" Renamon pressed on.

"Of course I am," The small imp retorted angrily, "Humans are selfish, I'd stay far away from them if I were you. They're trouble with a capital T. I'm sorry fox face, did I go too fast for you? Ah forget about it!" Impmon continued his little rant before ending it like he didn't care one way or the other, as he jumped off the railing and landed on the building ledge.

"How can we digivolve or increase our strength unless we have a partner?" The yellow vixen continued to question just a tad bit of desperation entering her normally stoic voice.

"Ah, come on! You're not really buying that one? The power's inside of you! Forget all the rest!" Impmon answered aggravated. Really didn't these human loving digi-pets know anything, they were all pretty much brainwashed into believing that they need those pathetic humans.

"How do I find it?"

"Uh," Now that question threw Impmon for a loop as he had been basically making everything up as he went along. "I guess you're not very bright. Don't expect me to tell you what to do you gotta figure it out for yourself." Impmon said pompously acting as if he really did know the answer.

"I see, I think I get what you're trying to say." Renamon said returning back to her usual calm self.

"You get what I'm trying to say?" Impmon repeated skeptically before getting irritated, "You're just a know-it-all like the rest of them, 'I get it, I get it', well you're not Einstein and frankly you make me sick to my stomach!" He finished spitting off to the side.

"I'll leave you alone then." Renamon told him, as she turned around and jumped away onto the nearby building until she finally disappeared from sight.

"Hey I got a lot more to say, don't ya want to hear? Ah Ba Boom," Impmon shouted at her retreating form.

As Renamon was dashing across the rooftops her mind was focused on the conversation that she just had with Impmon. 'I have an idea of Impmon was saying, but I still have questions that need to be answered.' Renamon thought to herself a specific destination in mind.

After dropping Rika off Naruto returned to his apartment and was currently on his laptop the sun having already set awhile ago, while he ignored the noise that Patamon, Coronamon, and Calumon were making in the living room, and trying not to think about why he kissed Rika as he was leaving. It's not like he planned on kissing her like that, even if it was just on the cheek, it had just happened. The first time he met Sasuke after his two and a half training trip the Uchiha informed him that he had spared Naruto's life on a whim. Were his actions earlier merely a whim? Somehow that idea just didn't sound appropriate for what happened.

Naruto was brought out of his thoughts when he spotted Renamon out his window on the building across from his apartment. For a moment Naruto had the terrifying thought that the yellow vixen was there in regards to the kiss that he had given Rika, before rationalizing it with the fact that she hadn't been there when it happened. Either way Naruto figured that Renamon was there to talk to him, if the fixed way she was staring at him was anything to go by. Without a second thought Naruto jumped out of his window, and landed on the building beside Renamon. The vixen clearly surprised by the look she was giving him, apparently even despite what she had seen him do last night it still hadn't settled in her mind that he was different from other humans.

Renamon seemed to quickly recompose herself as her look of surprise returned to her normal apathetic one. "Just what are you?" She asked him bluntly getting right to the point.

"I don't know what you mean." Naruto replied feigning ignorance.

"You are not a normal human being. You can do things that no other human should be able to do. Just last night you fought Icedevimon, a Champion level Fallen Angel Digimon, and from what I could see you weren't even putting much effort into the fight." Renamon said accusingly. "Then I feel the need to obey you whenever you are present that I have yet to understand. So again, just what are you?" The vixen finished her voice sounding just a bit demanding, though her instincts were screaming at her to kneel before the blonde and beg him for forgiveness for the way she was talking to him.

Naruto could hear just how desperate Renamon was to know the answer to her question, especially with what she said at the end, so he decided it was best to answer her. "I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, Shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato, Toad Sage of Mt. Myōbokuzan, Sandaime Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, and Nidaime Kyuubi no Kitsune." Naruto informed her seriously.

"Kyuubi… no… Kitsune," Renamon spoke the name slowly almost reverently, besides the obvious association it had to her Champion level, the title resonated deep within the blonde furred vixen filling a gap in her being she hadn't even realized was missing. "W-what does that mean?" She uncharacteristically stammered out.

"It means that I am the King of all Kitsune. That is why you are reacting to me like you have been. It's your natural instincts telling you to obey my every order, though because you're a Digimon it would take a direct order from me to make you obedient." Naruto told her, reliving Renamon a bit with the news.

"How is it possible for you, a human, to be the Kyuubi?" Renamon continued questioning him.

"The story is to long if you want to have a complete understanding of it." Naruto informed her dismissively, "To shorten it I had the previous Kyuubi, Kurama, sealed into me at birth."

"Then everything that you did last night?"

"Is a result of my shinobi training, or what you would call a ninja," Naruto supplied.

Renamon absorbed all this information and took it well there was just one thing she didn't understand, "Why are you answering all my questions?" She asked him; besides his initial denial Naruto had done nothing to keep anything from her answering all her questions without hesitation.

"Because," Naruto began a smirk crossing his face, "I forbid you from telling anyone else what we are discussing." The Second Kyuubi ordered, and already Renamon could feel herself willing to comply. "It's not like I'm going to keep all this to myself, I actually plan on telling Rika and the others most of this soon, but I want to keep everything related to me being the Kyuubi secret for a while longer." He said, "Is there something else you want to talk about?"

"What does it take to become stronger?" Renamon asked him going on to something else she had been wondering about, "Is it just our own will or is there something more to it? Impmon told me that I already have the power within me and that I don't need anyone else to become stronger, is he right?" She wondered.

"Impmon?" Naruto questioned, taken back by the mention of the purple Virus Digimon. "Well, I guess he isn't technically wrong. We can grow strong on our own," The former Jinchuuriki began. "But true strength comes from protecting those you consider precious; I think this is especially true for Digimon."

"What do you mean?" Renamon asked confused.

"Digimon are naturally strong and given enough time, and the right training, can grow even stronger." Naruto said, "But they break through any power limits that are set on them, usually by Digivolving, when they are protecting their partners, their friends, or even themselves." The sapphire eyed shinobi explained, "As strong as you are and will become I know that you are stronger when you are with Rika fighting together, understand?" The whiskered tamer asked at the end.

"I believe so," Renamon murmured softly, 'But Rika and I are no longer partners, if we ever were.' The Rookie level Digimon realized, 'Does that mean I will never be as strong as I could be. If that is the case then I must rely on the power within me. I am alone in this world.'

Before the two could continue their conversation Renamon's fur suddenly stood on end, and from how she immediately turned her head towards the park, Naruto could easily guess that another Digimon had just Bioemerged for the third time that day. Not a second later Renamon disappeared heading toward the park.

Jumping backing into his room Naruto grabbed his things already sure that Patamon and Coronamon would know about the Digimon that had just Bioemerged, Coronamon had been irritated with the fact that he already missed out on fighting a Digimon twice. Grabbing his cellphone Naruto called Rika.

"Whiskers? What do you want now?" Rika asked from the other end of the line. "Is this about the Digimon?" She questioned D-arc having signaled the appearance of a new Digimon.

"It is, Ri-Chan I need you to head over to the park." Naruto instructed.

"What? Why?"

"You'll see once you get there." The blonde shinobi replied ending the call before Rika could say anything, and made his way out his apartment Coronamon and Patamon already waiting on him, with Calumon tagging along for the fun it.

Making it to the center of the Digital Field, Renamon started looking around for any signs of the unknown Digimon. She could hear screeching coming from all around her and it was because of that, that she was able evade the Digimon's attack from behind.

Looking at the Digimon Renamon noticed that it looked like the general description of a harpy with white feathers trimmed in gold, it had talon feet with red claws, and long ribbon like tail flowing behind it stripped in gold. It wore a red shirt that went all the way over its head, with a silver and gold armored vest over it and a hat with the same color scheme over its head. Its face was plane, but clearly female, as it showed absolutely no emotion and didn't move unless it was to let out a piercing screech from its mouth.

The harpy Digimon continued to try and attack Renamon by diving at the kitsune Digimon, only for Renamon to easily jump out of the way. Renamon tried to counter attack with a few punches and kicks, but the harpy proved to be an agile flyer, evading the Rookie's strikes before they could land.

Through the fog of the Digital Field Guilmon and Terriermon appeared with Takato and Henry coming through seconds later. They instantly noticed the situation that Renamon was in and with a quick look around it was made obvious that the yellow fox Digimon was on her own.

Takato was the first to pull out his D-arc and scan the harpy Digimon and read out loud the information. "Whoa it's Harpymon, an Armor level Data type Digimon with a nasty screech that sounds like nails down a chalkboard. Renamon's gonna have a tough time dealing with her Wind Seeker attack." Takato finished reading.

Guilmon and Terriermon tried to move closer in order to help their fellow Digimon, but a quick screech of, "Wind Seeker!" from Harpymon caused a gust a cutting wind to be blasted at the two of them, the attack slicing through the ground between them, and sending them to the ground.

Right after Guilmon and Terriermon were forced to the ground Naruto showed up with Rika and his partner Digimon and Calumon. Seeing the redhead seemed the cheer up the other tamer and Digimon pair, as they excitedly announced her arrival to Renamon.

The female tamer and Digimon looked at each other for a moment before Renamon broke eye contact with Rika and charged at Harpymon landing a punch and kick combo in less than a few seconds, which resulted in the flying Digimon hitting the ground hard. Landing back on the ground Renamon stared at her fallen opponent thoughtfully unsure what to do now that she had seemingly won. 'I could load the data of every opponent I fight and take them apart one by one. But what's the point after it's all over?' Renamon thought to herself, closing her eyes for a moment as she tried to come to an answer.

"Idiot one let your guard down!" Naruto shouted out a warning to Renamon when he noticed her closing her eyes and ignoring her opponent.

His warning came too late as Harpymon recovered enough to fire off her own attack at the unsuspecting fox Digimon, "Wind Seeker!" The wind based attack hit Renamon at close range. Luckily the attack didn't have enough time to gather any speed or strength, so it didn't cut through her like it did the ground, but it was strong enough to tear at her fur and leave her on the ground. Harpymon flew above the fallen Digimon and tried to impale Renamon with her talons by stomping on her, only for the kitsune to roll out of the way just in time.

Rika tried to come up with something quickly to help her partner. In her rush to get to the park like Naruto instructed she had left her cards on the table in her room, just grabbing her D-arc on the way out, she was really regretting that now. In her desperation to save her Digimon Rika didn't even consider the fact that Naruto, or one of the other Digimon, could help Renamon. So when Rika saw a broken branch on the ground nearby, she grabbed it and charged at the harpy Digimon stabbing the branch right below Harpymon's armored vest, eliciting a painful scream from the Armor level Digimon.

Spinning around Harpymon glared down at the redheaded girl menacingly.

Reacting quickly Naruto dashed forward before scooping Rika in his arms and jumped over the angry harpy to land beside the recovering Renamon, as a portal appeared behind Naruto and Rika just as they landed with what looked like two Wind Seekers coming out of the portal followed by two Harpymon.


"Renamon digivolve to… Kyuubimon!"

"Coronamon digivolve to… Firamon!"

"Patamon digivolve to… Angemon!"

The two Wind Seeker attacks from behind were blocked when Firamon and Angemon launched their Fire Bomb and Hand of Faith attacks respectively, the explosion affecting the surrounding area with its strong winds. As Angemon and Firamon moved to face off with their opponents, Kyuubimon stood and faced off against the original Harpymon that flew up into the air in front of them, so the female kitsune stood back to back with the two other Champion level Digimon.

"That was a very brave and stupid thing you did. What were you thinking?" Naruto asked the girl in his arms incredulously.

"I couldn't just stand there and do nothing, I had to help." Rika replied defending her actions, watching intently as Kyuubimon stood defiantly against the original Harpymon, not even paying attention to the fact that she was currently in Naruto's arms or not minding.

Though he didn't say it Naruto was actually proud of Rika's actions, as reckless and foolish as they were, it showed just how much she cared about Renamon.

The first one to break the standoff was Kyuubimon who raised and spread out her nine tails, "Fox Tail Inferno!" She shouted, her tails lighting with ghostly blue flames before the fireballs were launched at the first Harpymon. Harpymon did her best to dodge the fireballs, but even with her agile flying the ghostly flames still managed come close enough to her to leave burn marks on her feathers.

The other two Harpymon tried to put some distance between them and the two Vaccine type Digimon and attack from a distance. Sadly, for them, Firamon and Angemon were just as good flyers as them, even better in Angemon's case as he outflew the two harpies. From above them Angemon spun his staff expertly around himself before it started to glow a radiant golden light. "Angel Rod," Angemon intoned slamming his staff into one of the Harpymon before spinning around and hitting the other one, sending both back toward the ground.

From below Firamon charged up at the two descending harpies. Igniting his claws on fire the fire lion Digimon called out the name of his attack as he passed them by. "Fire Claw," Firamon snarled slashing at the two falling Armor level Digimon.

The three Harpymon regrouped, each of them shakily keeping themselves in the air, as their three opponents did the same thing now standing protectively in front of their tamers.

Placing his staff in front of him, Angemon began to spin it around wind quickly gathering around it, before flapping his wings forward once and unleashing a hurricane. "Omni Typhoon!" Angemon shouted sweeping the three Harpymon into the gale force winds that were impossible for them to escape. With the three armored harpies gathered together and unable to escape Firamon and Kyuubimon fired their attacks to delete the three Digimon.

"Fire Bomb!"

"Dragon Wheel!"

A single red fireball entered the hurricane followed by a dragon made of ghostly flames, the winds making both fire attacks stronger and their flames burn brighter. The two fire attacks slammed into the three Harpymon and they were consumed in flames of blue and red before finally bursting into data, and the Digital Field started to dissipate. Everyone watched the data from the Harpymon disappear into the night sky, as Rika approached her partner tentatively yet curious as to why Renamon wasn't loading any of the data.

"You're not loading their data?" Rika asked softly her hand resting against Kyuubimon's head stroking the kitsune's fur, as the others looked on in silence, she already knew that Naruto wouldn't allow his Digimon to absorb the data of their enemy, but she wondered why Kyuubimon wasn't.

"No." Kyuubimon replied gently leaning into Rika's touch.

Rika looked at her partner confusedly, "But, why not?" She questioned.

"Because I don't need it anymore," Kyuubimon answered simply, but by the look that Rika was giving her the amethyst eyed tamer didn't seem to understand her. "I don't need an opponent's data, because I have you."

The redhead turned her gaze down to the ground, "Uh, because of me?" Rika repeated bashfully.

"Rika, you just saved my life. Why did you do it?" The kitsune Digimon questioned curiously.

"Someone had to do it, you saved my life once." Rika replied.

"You were just repaying a debt?" Kyuubimon

"No, that's not what I meant. You're my partner." The redhead said correcting both herself and her Digimon. She knew what she wanted to say and with the things that she and Naruto talked about it should be easy for her, but Rika found voicing it to be much harder than she had originally thought.

"And that's what partners do. We protect each other, is that what you're saying?" Kyuubimon tried to supply.

Rika gave her partner a slight smile, "Mm Hm, something like that. We'll watch each other's back." She said.

"Uh... I don't get it." Takato voiced after a moment of silence.

"The both of them are just being stubborn and refusing to admit that were both worried about each other." Naruto answered with a roll of his eyes at the female tamer and Digimon's antics. "I talked to them both about this and they're still having trouble being honest with each other." He finished in an exasperated tone of voice.

"It is kind of obvious that they are worried about each other." Henry said with a chuckle.

Takato laughed as well, "Being honest with each other would be too hard." The brown haired boy added jokingly.

Naruto let out a sigh, "Alright then," The cerulean eyed shinobi said loud enough to draw everyone's attention. "Now that we're all friends again I owe you all an explanation for what happened last night." Naruto began making them all, with the exception of Guilmon and Calumon, who were too busy playing, and Coronamon and Patamon, who already knew their tamer's secrets, curious to what he would say, though Rika already knew a small part of it. "But considering how late it is how about we wait until tomorrow? We can all meet at my apartment." The blonde former Jinchuuriki offered.

The other tamers were a little disappointed that they would still have to wait to learn how their friend took on a Champion level Digimon, but eventually agreed to meet the next day before splitting up. They justified their wait with the fact that they would get to see were their enigmatic friend lived.

Arriving back at her home Rika did the best she could to not make a sound and accidently wake up her grandmother. Before going to her room the redheaded tamer passed through the living room and grabbed the stuffed fox plushy that Naruto had given her earlier out of the waste basket, and took it to her room. As Rika entered her room she never noticed how the door to her grandmother's room was opened just a bit, how it closed after Rika entered her room, or the sound of light laughter that came from inside.

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