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Revelations of a Shinobi

(Author Notes)

The next day the Tamers and their Digimon met for the first time in Naruto's apartment, Naruto helping to sneak Guilmon in, so that Naruto could explain to them how he was able to fight Icedevimon and perform Jutsus. As it was the first time any of them had ever been to Naruto's apartment they took a few minutes to take a quick look around at everything, and they were all very amazed with how well it was furnished and everything Naruto had in his apartment. Soon after all the Tamers and their Digimon sat down in Naruto's living room waiting for the blonde shinobi to start his explanation.

Sitting down on one of the coaches Naruto let out a sigh as he looked at the others, Rika sitting on a coach by herself with Renamon standing behind her, while Henry and Takato sat on a sofa, Terriermon sitting on Henry's shoulder and Guilmon standing beside Takato. "Alright last night I said I owed you all an explanation and I guess the best place to start is at the beginning." Naruto started, while Coronamon and Patamon were keeping Calumon entertained in a different room. "The first thing you all need to know is that I'm not from this world." The cerulean eyed shinobi stated.

"Wait, what do you mean you're not from this world?" Takato asked bewildered cutting in on Naruto's explanation, asking what everyone was wondering. "Are you like from the Digital World, or some type of alien?"

"Neither," Naruto replied. "I'm from a different dimension, or universe, or reality. It's kind of confusing and hard to tell which one it really is, if there is any kind of difference between them." The spikey haired blonde said rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"A different dimension, seriously?" Rika asked him dubiously, she would have been more inclined to believe him if he said he was an alien. "Shouldn't you have told us this sort of thing when we first met?" What Rika really wanted to ask was since they both had first met personally, but didn't want to say that sort of thing in front of the other two male Tamers.

"If I had told you the truth when we had both first met would you have believed me?" Naruto asked back with a raised eyebrow.

"He's got a point there." Henry spoke up pacifyingly, "It is sort of hard to believe." He finished trying, as always, to act as the peace keeper.

Rika let out a light huff, as she crossed her arms over her chest, "Okay so if that's true, then how is it that you're here?" The redhead questioned.

"I was brought here by the Four Great Dragons." Naruto answered her. "But I'm getting ahead of myself and you all need to know about the world I came from first, and that will help to explain how I was able to do all the things I did the other night. You see back in my old world I am a shinobi." Naruto then told them everything that he felt was relevant that explained what one's life was like in the Elemental Countries, the Hidden Villages, the Five Kages, Jutsu and Chakra, and Shinobi and Kunoichi. He told them a bit about some of his adventures as a shinobi and his old friends, Senseis, and people he cared about.

Then he told them about Akatsuki, Madara, the Fourth Great Shinobi War, and how the Uchiha's plan was to cast the world into an eternal genjutsu. What he didn't tell them was about the nine Bijuu, the Juubi, and how he was personally involved in it all by being the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. It's not that he didn't trust them with his old secret or how he had become the new Kyuubi; it was more like old insecurities were keeping him from telling them until he was sure they could handle it. The civilians of Konoha couldn't understand him having the Kyuubi sealed inside him, and they lived in a ninja village were things like seals weren't all that uncommon. How would Rika and the others react when they found out that bit of information when even the most basic of ninja techniques were something they would have never considered imaginable? Naruto at least wanted them to be more comfortable with everything he's telling them about the Elemental Countries before he tells them about his connection to Kyuubi.

After Naruto got finished telling them all of that they were shocked to say the least, though Guilmon did look a little lost.

"So you're a ninja from a different dimension?" Takato asked for the sake of clarity.

"Yup," Naruto replied simply. He could understand Takato's skepticism; it was a very hard thing to just accept even with their knowledge of the existence of Digimon. At least they knew about Digimon beforehand from the T.V. show and the card game, before they learned that Digital Monsters were real.

"Well the existence of other worlds isn't impossible." Henry stated, as he cupped his chin thoughtfully. "There have been more than a few theories of other worlds and different dimensions after all. The Digital World is a good example of a different world and we know it's real because of the Digimon." The blue haired Tamer rationalized.

Rika sat quietly for a moment as she digested all the information that Naruto had given them. Her mind was reeling with the news, that her friend was from such a world was astounding, and it sure helped to explain what she saw him do in his fight against Icedevimon. But that still left his strange effect on Renamon unanswered. Rika guessed that after Naruto had shown her that genjutsu of his home the other day she shouldn't be as surprised as the others by what they had just learned. One part though stood out to the amethyst eyed redhead. "You were part of a war?" Rika asked Naruto. The question quieted Takato and Henry from their amazement and interest of the other world filled with ninja and jutsu. They had been so caught up on their own things, Takato on ninjas and Henry on the thought of a completely different world that they had forgotten for a second about Naruto participating in a war. Neither of them could even begin to imagine what the blonde Tamer had faced during that time.

Naruto expected one of them to ask him about that, and he wasn't all that surprised when it was Rika that did. "Yes," Naruto answered, his mind momentarily going back to his part of the war. "The Fourth Great Shinobi War was the shortest of all the wars and the first time the Five Great Shinobi Nations came together to fight a common foe. I can't really say how it was compared to the other three wars, but it was definitely the most important with losing costing everyone their freedom." The sapphire eyed shinobi told them.

"And did you have to kill anyone." Rika asked him uncertainly.

"That's a difficult question to answer." Naruto said. "During the war the enemy forces consisted of resurrected shinobi, little better then zombies really, and an army of humanoid plant creatures called Zetsu." He explained, recalling the army of white Zetsu. "But even before then I have killed." The former Jinchuuriki informed them honestly.

"No… way," Takato said disbelievingly and his eyes wide, as he started to see the blonde in front of him in a slightly different light. Rika and Henry were also shocked by Naruto's admission as the idea of their friend being a killer was not something they had ever expected, and a small part of the three Tamers were afraid, even though another part of them was sure that the blonde shinobi would never do anything to hurt them.

"How can they all be ok with having children trained to be killers?" Henry asked horrified by what seemed like something so barbaric.

Naruto let out a sigh, "I know that it's hard for you all to understand, but that's just the kind of life we lived back there. Nobody forced us to become shinobi and we spent years learning about what would be expected of us if we did become shinobi." Naruto said making sure to look at every Tamer in the eye as he said that, so they understood how serious he was being. "Each ninja village has their own exams that test whether an academy student is ready to graduate and become Genin, and even then there is a second test to decide if graduates are deserving of keeping the rank of Genin."

"Genin?" Rika asked confused.

"It's one of the ninja ranks." Naruto explained, "For simplicities sake the ranks of Genin, Chunin, Jounin, and Kage, are like a Digimon being Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega respectively. There are a few others ranks, but we can ignore those for now." The blonde shinobi stated.

"What rank were you?" Takato asked him curiously.

Naruto blushed lightly at the question. "Genin," He mumbled looking off to the side.

"You were only a Genin." Rika said incredulously. From what Rika had seen she would have expected him to be something higher.

"Hey that is only my official rank; I'm much stronger than any Genin and most Jounin." Naruto said heatedly. "It's only because of the war and everything leading up to it that I wasn't able to advance in ranks." He finished.

Henry was still not okay with allowing children to become soldiers, but decided to focus on something else for the moment and he was curious about how shinobi got promoted to a higher rank, so he asked Naruto how it happened.

"For Genin to become Chunin they normally take part in Chunin Exams that are held twice a year." Naruto started. "A Genin team, approved by their Jounin sensei, goes to whichever village is holding the Chunin Exams and takes part in the exam that consists of three parts. Each village's first two parts of the exam is different but the third test is always a tournament for the Genin to display their skills to everyone, and if they show that they have what it takes they are given the rank of Chunin."

The three Tamers then asked a few more questions, which Naruto answered as long as it didn't have anything to do with the Jinchuuriki. The more Naruto explained about his old world the more the Tamers came to accept the difference between the two worlds, even if they weren't ok with it they understood that there was nothing they could do about it besides needlessly complain.

The Digimon were more understanding of the world Naruto came from, well Renamon and Terriermon were Guilmon didn't understand the more serious parts of the conversation. In the Digital World it was ruled by the idea of kill or be killed, so they understood the need to kill others either to survive or protect those they care for. When a Digimon was deleted it was basically the same thing as dying after all, it didn't matter if the deleted Digimon's data was absorbed or not the likely hood of the Digimon remembering their past life was almost nonexistent, so it was the end of a Digimon's life no matter how you looked at it.

"So how did you get here?" Rika asked repeating her question from before.

"It was during the end of the war, I was able to land a finishing blow on Madara when a rift was torn in space sucking me in. I nearly died but was saved at the last second by the Four Great Dragons: Azulongmon, Magnadramon, Goldramon, and… Megidramon," The last name was spoken hesitatingly as Naruto wasn't sure how the other occupants in the room would react to it.

"You actually meet the Four Great Dragons." Terriermon said astounded.

"Incredible," Renamon said in a whisper.

Rika looked back at her partner in confusion. "Renamon, who are they?" The redhead questioned. She recognized the names of Azulongmon and Magnadramon, but she did not recognize them by the title of the Four Great Dragons, none of the Tamers did.

"'Who are they?' How could you not who they are, they are some of the strongest Digimon in all the Digital World that look after everyone?" Terriermon questioned her in disbelief, which earned him a glare from the amethyst eyed girl.

"Hey behave." Henry said scolding his partner lightly. "I don't know who they are either." The blue haired Tamer pointed out.

"Do you know who they are boy?" Takato asked his partner, who shook his head negatively.

"What the rabbit seems to have forgotten is that even amongst Digimon the Four Great Dragons are spoken only in legend. While the existence of Azulongmon and Magnadramon are common thing there is only one Azulongmon in the entirety of the Digital World, while the Magnadramon that is part of the Four Great Dragon faction is far more powerful than any other Magnadramon." Renamon explained in her calm and almost stoic voice, before continuing. "Little is known about the last two members besides that Goldramon is said to be on equal grounds in terms of power as Fanglongmon, who is regarded to be something like a god in the Digital World." The fox Digimon stated, shocking the Tamers by how powerful Goldramon seemed to be, even Naruto didn't know that the dragon was so strong. "Even less is known about Megidramon, not even what he looks like, what is known are just rumors about an incredible power he possess. Though what that power exactly is no one is sure, and no one can agree on." The digital kitsune finished.

Naruto knew that the power Renamon was talking about was the Digital Hazard; it was the same power that Megidramon had given him when he arrived and the same power in Guilmon that he was supposed to keep in check. It was also the same power that Lucemon had under his control, and what made him even more dangerous of an opponent. He couldn't tell the others this fact as he had promised Megidramon to keep any information about the Digital Hazard secret until it was absolutely necessary to tell the others, and so far Naruto didn't have enough of a good reason to tell them.

"After rescuing me the Four Great Dragons asked for my help." Naruto said, continuing to explain his arrival. "They told me that you all would be facing something they weren't sure you'd be able to handle on your own, it wasn't until later that I learned exactly what it is we'd be facing."

Rika felt a little insulted at having some Digimon she has never met judge her as being too weak to fight some unknown opponent, but because of them she was able to meet Naruto so she could let it go. "Who is it?" Rika asked instead, wanting to know the identity of the enemy they would be facing.

Instead of answering Naruto stood up, signaling that he would be back in a second, when he returned Naruto was carrying his laptop. Setting the red laptop down on the coffee table, Naruto opened it and proceeded to pull up Lucemon's data from the database.

"Lucemon," Naruto said simply.

The name drew silent gasps of horror from the others in the room. Renamon and Terriermon's eyes were almost wide with fear at the knowledge that they would be facing the child angel Digimon at some point, even Guilmon felt something in the pit in his stomach that for once he didn't associate with hunger. The Tamers weren't as familiar as their Digimon with how powerful Lucemon was, but like any true Digimon fan they had all researched the fallen angel. The Digimon that was stronger than Daemon, the only Digimon the original Digidestined couldn't defeat, and the leader of the Seven Great Demon Lords.

"We have to fight that guy?" Takato asked fearfully, he was suddenly feeling very grateful to the Four Great Dragons for sending Naruto to help them.

"Yeah," Naruto said seriously, "And Lucemon has already made a few moves." He finished, shocking the other Tamers and Digimon, and calling Patamon and Coronamon for the next part.

"How? When?" Henry questioned stupefied.

"Do you guys remember the Devidramon that Growlmon fought?" Naruto asked them back and got nods of confirmation from the others. "Do you remember what he said before the fight started?"

"No," Rika stated flatly. "How could anyone, he was on top of a skyscraper."

"Oh right," The blonde shinobi said sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. "Chakra enhanced hearing." Naruto continued. "Anyway he said he was searching for someone. I don't know who he was searching for, it could be one of us or somebody else entirely, though going by what Devimon said it seemed he was after me, but either way somebody must have sent him and I bet it was Lucemon." The cerulean eyed Tamer declared, "Which most likely means that Devimon and Ninjamon were also sent by him." He finished.

"Okay, so what was the second thing he did?" Rika enquired with a raised eyebrow.

Naruto let out a sigh as he looked down the floor momentarily. "The thing is I feel partially responsible for that." Naruto admitted before focusing his attention back to his guests. "To make sure that I didn't run out of kunai and shuriken, or if I needed any other type of ninja supply, a portal was created that connected to my old world and I would be able use my laptop to get whatever I needed."

"If," Rika began hesitatingly, "If these dragons could create a portal back to your world, why didn't you' use it to go back home?" The thought of Naruto leaving scared Rika more than she thought it would.

"The portal was unstable," Naruto answered. "Only none living things could go safely through the portal." He stated before locking his gaze solely with Rika. "Besides even if I could go back I don't think I would want to now." The sapphire eyed former Jinchuuriki finished looking into Rika's amethyst colored ones.

The others gazes shifted between the blonde to the redhead and back again, Naruto and Rika ignoring them, and the rest of the world, as they looked at one another.

"Um," Takato began a bit uncomfortably. "Should we leave the room to give you guys a moment alone?" The brunette finished, snapping Naruto and Rika out of their trance like state.

"Yeah, I don't think my stomach can handle watching you two make googly eyes at one another." Terriermon said teasingly. For once Henry didn't reprimand his Digimon, as he was too busy trying to keep the amused smile off his face.

"You know for some reason I'm suddenly in the mood for rabbit." Naruto remarked pleasantly yet with a dangerous smile on his face, which resulted in Terriermon scrambling to hide behind his Tamer's back. Rika agreed that rabbit definitely sounded good at the moment. "Anyway," The blonde continued after taking a moment to calm down, and Terriermon stopped hiding behind Henry. "It wasn't long after the portal was created that it suddenly disappeared. One of the Four Great Dragons contacted me when it disappeared; we think it was Lucemon who was responsible for whatever happened to it." The Konoha shinobi stated, before finishing in a whisper. "And I don't know what he's done with it." Naruto could only speculate what the angel Digimon did with the portal; he could have simply destroyed it or something else. It was the idea of what Lucemon could do with the portal if he hadn't destroyed it that worried Naruto the most.

"So what do we do?" Henry asked. Lucemon wasn't the kind of Digimon Henry wanted to try his chances with when it came to negotiating a peaceful solution, and if these Four Great Dragons thought they needed help then they obviously needed to prepare for what was to come.

Rika scoffed at the question. "We get ready to fight obviously." The redhead said bluntly.

"It's not that simple," Naruto said cutting in. "Lucemon isn't the only thing we have to worry about." He told them before continuing. "Azulongmon also warned me of Zhuqiaomon, a fellow Sovereign that looks over the Southern Quadrant of the Digital World, and the one that corresponds with us." What followed was a quick explanation of who the Sovereigns were and the four different quadrants of the Digital World. The explanation was helped by Renamon and Patamon, and to a lesser extent Terriermon and Coronamon.

"So what's the problem?" Takato ask confused and with a hint of curiosity. "I mean if he is one of the protectors of the Digital World doesn't that mean that he'd be helping us?"

The first one to say anything was Coronamon, "The problem." The small lion said with a snort. "Is that Zhuqiaomon is a crazy roasted chicken that hates anyone or anything that has anything to do with humans and the real world." Coronamon finished, as Naruto pulled up Zhuqiaomon's information from the data base and showed it to the Tamers.

"Couldn't put it better myself." Terriermon remarked jokingly as he laughed cheerfully, before Henry bopped him on top of his head. While Renamon and Patamon didn't disagree with how Coronamon described the Sovereign of the Southern Quadrant they wouldn't have used those exact words.

"Wow he does look kind of scary." Takato gulped once he saw an image of the phoenix like Digimon engulfed in intense flames on Naruto's laptop.

"According to Azulongmon because of Zhuqiaomon's hate he is searching for something called the Catalyst so he can use it to help Digivolve his followers and invade the real world." Naruto explained. Coronamon and Patamon already knew this fact so they weren't surprised by that bit of information, but Renamon and Terriermon were.

"Catalyst? What is that?" Rika asked curiously with a raised eyebrow.

"The Catalyst is also known as the Light of Digivolution." Renamon said from behind Rika drawing everyone's attention once more to her. "I've heard of it only once in passing. I didn't think it was true and just wrote it off as some story." The yellow furred kitsune Digimon admitted. "Supposedly the Catalyst is an ancient Digimon artifact that is responsible for a Digimon's ability to digivolve." She continued as she recalled what little she knew of the Catalyst.

"So we're expected to protect this Catalyst, whatever it is?" Rika questioned.

"Yes," Naruto answered, "But the Catalyst isn't an 'it' anymore, but a 'whom.'" He stated drawing confused looks from the other Tamers and Digimon. "Azulongmon turned the Catalyst into a Digimon, don't ask me how because I don't know, and he's currently in the other room." The blonde finished.

"Wha?" Rika began before she and the others registered exactly what Naruto was alluding to, "The creampuff?" The red haired Tamer said dubiously, and got a nod of confirmation from Naruto. "So basically we're going to be playing babysitters for the little runt." Rika stated her voice filled with indignation.

"It won't be that bad," Naruto said pacifyingly. "So far no Digimon have shown up looking for Calumon. I've also been able to convince him to stay here with the promise of delicious food and that Coronamon and Patamon will play any game he wants with him. I doubt the little guy will just stay here all day but at least I can keep some sort of track on him." The blonde shinobi explained. "Until a Digimon actually comes looking for him we just have to keep Calumon out of trouble."

"Somehow I don't think that's going to be all that easy." Takato murmured out loud.

"Hey Naruto," Henry spoke up, having been reading all the information on Zhuqiaomon that the database had to offer. "What exactly is this? How do you have this information?" The blue haired Tamer asked gesturing to the laptop. Now that Henry mentioned it the others were also curious about the information that Naruto had shown them, being momentarily overwhelmed by what Naruto had told them to pay it much attention.

"The laptop was a gift from the Four Great Dragons." Naruto replied, choosing not to tell them that it was a gift specifically from Megidramon so they could remain in contact, "With it I can create my own untraceable Digital Fields that I, along with Coronamon and Patamon, use to train." The cerulean eyed Tamer began, shocking the others with the fact that he could create his own personal Digital Fields, before continuing. "It also has a Digimon database on it with information on all known Digimon."

"No way?" Takato breathed disbelievingly.

Naruto smiled at them. "Give it a try." The shinobi offered nodding toward the laptop on the table.

For the next several minutes Rika, Takato, and Henry all looked up information any Digimon that they could think of. Even Terriermon amused himself for a while with looking up the data of some of his fellow Digimon, and of course he also searched for info on himself.

"Hey, how come there isn't more information on Guilmon?" Takato asked after entering his partner's name into the database and only finding info on his Rookie and Champion levels.

"I think it's because you created Guilmon." Naruto said honestly. "You're responsible for creating a new Digimon, so the data will only appear as Guilmon Digivolves." He finished without mentioning that if the Digital Hazard acted up the end result would see Guilmon Digivolving into Megidramon for his Mega level.

"If Guilmon is a new species of Digimon, how do you have information on him and Growlmon on your archives?" Henry questioned since Guilmon had only Digivolved into Growlmon a few weeks ago.

"The database updates itself whenever there is any new information on any Digimon." Naruto replied instantly. "My D-arc is also connected to this database unlike all of yours."

"What do you mean?" Rika asked curiously, and with a bit of impatience starting to appear in her voice.

"Remember when you used your D-arc on Guilmon the day we all met and you didn't get any information on him?" Naruto asked her instead and got a nod in return. "Watch this." The former Jinchuuriki said as he pulled out his D-arc and pointed it at Guilmon. Everyone saw how an image of Guilmon came up along with information on the red raptor.

"What the hell?" Rika muttered as she pulled out her white and blue D-arc and pointed it at Guilmon, who was looking at them confused. The picture of Guilmon appeared on Rika's D-arc, but unlike Naruto's that is all that appeared. "What the heck is wrong with this thing?" The amethyst eyed Tamer once more muttered angrily, and looked toward Naruto for an explanation.

"It's because my D-arc is linked to the database unlike yours." Naruto said, as Henry tried his D-arc on Guilmon and got the same result as Rika. "I might be able to do something with all of your D-arcs so they are connected to the database."

"That's great and all," Rika remarked, "But what are we going to do about Lucemon and Zhuqiaomon? If they are really sending Digimon after you and Calumon then we need to be prepared." The only female Tamer said seriously.

Naruto let out a sigh. "The most we could do now is train and have the Digimon become stronger so they're ready. I can help train Renamon, Terriermon, and Guilmon like I have been doing with Coronamon and Patamon." The Konoha shinobi offered.

"What about us?" Rika questioned with a raised eyebrow.

Naruto gave her a confused look. "What do you mean?" He asked tilting his head to the side.

"Are you going to teach us some of your ninja skills," Rika said, as she crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at him, though it came out sounding more like a demand.

"I can't," Naruto started.

"Why not?" Rika said challengingly. "Is there some sort of rule that says you can't?"

The blonde shinobi held his arms up in a sign of surrender in order to placate the irate redhead. "That's not it; it's just not possible for any of you to learn Ninjutsu." Naruto told her before explaining. "To learn jutsus a person first needs to learn how to mold and control their chakra at an early age. When we're younger a person's chakra coils haven't hardened yet, and with the right training they can be made to grow and expand which makes learning jutsu possible. Adult's chakra coils can't grow any larger, which makes it impossible for adults who haven't had training when they were younger to be shinobi. All of you have larger chakra coils than most civilians, which I think plays a part in you all being Tamers, but it's not enough to learn jutsus safely. I can probably teach some exercises to use what chakra you have to run faster and hit harder, but that's it." Naruto finished honestly.

"So what we're just going to stand on the sidelines while you, Renamon, and the others fight whichever Digimon comes after us." Rika said angrily as she balled up her fists in frustration.

"It's for your own safety." Naruto insisted.

"He's right Rika." Renamon said agreeing with Naruto's statement. "It's our jobs as your Digimon to protect you, not for you to put yourselves in danger by fighting rogue Digimon." The yellow kitsune said passively.

"But Whiskers is fighting alongside his Digimon." Rika pointed out. "He's fighting with Coronamon and Patamon."

"I've been trained to fight Rika, you haven't." Naruto said softly. "I'm more than strong enough to fight any Digimon."

"You got to admit Naruto has a point." Henry said looking at the red haired Tamer. "We can't do the things he can."

"It doesn't seem fair," Takato began somewhat sadly. "But what can we do?"

"You guys don't have to worry about it I can take care of myself." Naruto said reassuringly to all of them, but most of his attention was focused on Rika. "And I'll have the Digimon backing me up in any fight we get into, and you all backing them up." The blonde haired Kyuubi stated confidently. "And in the mean time I'll help train them so they can get even stronger."

Rika let out a resigned sigh. "Fine," She said coolly, still not happy with it. "So when do with start the training. And I'm going to want you to teach me those exercises you were talking about." The amethyst eyed teen said determinedly, and by the look in Rika's eye Naruto knew that there was no way he or anyone else would be able to convince her otherwise, with Henry and Takato also wanting Naruto to teach them.

"How about we talk about training later?" Naruto offered instead. "This is the first time we're all together like this without having to fight some Digimon, or each other." He added at the end grinning at Rika, who looked off to the side in a huff with a very light shade of pink on her cheeks. "Let's just hang out today and have fun. I'll order us some pizzas." It had been a few hours since Naruto had started his explanation and it was almost lunch time.

"Yay food!" Guilmon cheered instantly, happy that they were finally talking about something he was actually interested in.

"Extra cheese for me!" Terriermon declared, raising his paw from around Henry's shoulder.

"Pepperoni!" Coronamon and Patamon voted simultaneously with their own arms raised

Naruto chuckled at the four male Rookie's enthusiasm for food, before turning his attention to the Tamers. "Well what do you guys say?"

"Sure, it would be fun for all of us to hang out for a change." Takato said happily with a smile on his face.

"I don't see why not." Henry commented with a smile of his own.

Naruto turned to look at the only female Tamer and Digimon pair expectantly. "What?" Rika said challengingly arms crossed, though her defiant look was ruined when her stomach started to growl. In her rush to get to Naruto's apartment and have him explain himself Rika had skipped out on breakfast and was now quite hungry. "Fine I'll stay, but it's just because I have nothing better to do today." Rika declared rebelliously as she blushed lightly.

"Sure Ri-Chan." Naruto replied trying to hold back a laugh at how stubborn Rika was.

The rest of the day was spent eating pizza, watching T.V., playing some video games, and listening to Naruto tell stories about some of his adventures back in the Elemental Countries. While the Tamers knew that there would be tough times ahead they were happy to get the chance to spend a day relaxing and having fun like any normal teenagers. Even Rika silently admitted that she was enjoying herself. At the end of the day Rika, Henry, and Takato left their D-arcs with Naruto so he could upgrade them and connect them to the database through the use of the Digital Hazard, not that any of them knew that last part, with the promise to return it to them the next day.

For most of the following week the Tamers were busy with school that it wasn't until near the end that they were all able to meet again to discuss training. Naruto took them to the clearing where he trained with Coronamon and Patamon and set up his personal red tinted Digital Field.

"Whoa this is kind of weird." Takato said looking around at the strangely colored Digital Field.

"I know what you mean Takato." Henry agreed, after being used to the normal mist like Digital Fields, seeing a red one made it seem like the mist was made out of blood.

"Alright," Naruto began, drawing the Tamers and Digimon's attentions to him. "With the field set up we won't have to worry about anyone noticing us train or what affect it will have on the environment." The blonde shinobi stated.

"Why not?" Rika asked curiously.

"The Digital Field will return everything back to normal after it's taken down, and no attacks can exit the perimeter not even my jutsu." Naruto explained before turning his attention to the gathered Digimon. "We'll start your training the same way I did with Coronamon and Patamon by having you all spar with me one on one." He informed them. Normally the others would be worried for Naruto, but after seeing him fight against Icedevimon they were eased of some of their worries. Naruto then turned to the Tamers. "While they're doing that I'll have one of my Shadow Clones working with you to help improve your physical strength and speed." The shinobi of the Digital Hazard finished.

"What?" Takato said stupefied.

The grin that Naruto gave the three Tamers seemed different, scarier more predatory, than one he usually gave them. "What? You didn't think I was just going to let you three sit back and watch as the rest of us trained did you?" The blonde shinobi asked, though from the looks on their faces that's exactly what they thought. "Before you learn to use the little chakra that you have your body has to be able to deal with the stress it will be under, which means you all need to get stronger too. So get to it." Naruto finished as he created a Shadow Clone and had it lead them to a different part of the clearing they were in.

A couple of hours later found the Tamers and their Digimon exhausted after finishing their respective forms of training Henry, Terriermon, Takato, and Guilmon had no problem lying on the ground completely worn out. Meanwhile Rika and Renamon tried to look a bit more composed, but just as tired. Coronamon and Patamon had also been training, but they were far more used too Naruto's method of training, so while they were a bit tired it wasn't to the same level as the others.

"Well," Naruto said smiling amusedly. "I guess all things considered you all didn't do all that bad." He commented lightly.

"You're… crazy." Rika said breathlessly.

Naruto's smile became a bit sheepish. "Maybe just a bit," The former Jinchuuriki and now Kyuubi admitted. "But all shinobi eventually developed some kind of quirk. Most of my Senseis turned out to be perverts of some sort."

"And you?" Rika asked just a bit darkly.

"Ramen junkie," Patamon and Coronamon answered at the same time.


Rika raised an inquisitive eyebrow at the two orange Digimon simultaneous responses. "I know that Whiskers likes ramen, but is it really that bad?" She asked ignoring Naruto's claim that there was nothing with the amount of ramen he ate.

Coronamon's snort of amusement made it clear how funny he found Rika's question; even Patamon seemed to be struggling to hold back his laughter. "He eats it nearly every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it's always ten bowls or more of the stuff. The only time Naruto doesn't eat that much ramen is when he comes home during lunch from school, and even then he makes sure to have a few extra bowels once he does get back." Coronamon stated flatly.

Rika turned her focus to Naruto. "You're going to kill yourself eating all that ramen Whiskers." She told him accusingly with a deadpan look.

"Don't be ridiculous an all ramen diet is perfectly healthy." Naruto stated confidently while the others, even Guilmon, stared at him dubiously none of them blinking. "Anyway," The cerulean eyed Tamer continued after coughing into his hand. "You all didn't do too badly for your first day of training, but you can definitely get stronger. Once all of your physical abilities are stronger I'll be applying a weight seal to help with your training on all of you." The blonde shinobi said as he looked at his fellow Tamers to make sure they understood that they would also have the seal applied to them.

"Weight Seal?" Henry asked, as he and the others started to pick themselves up off the ground.

"The weight seal, or gravity seal, is a seal that was designed to help train a person's natural strength and speed. It affects the weight felt applied to your body making it harder to move around strengthening your muscles." Naruto explained. "I'm not applying the seal now because I don't think your bodies could handle the strain they would be put under even if it was just for a few minutes. Coronamon and Patamon are just about ready to have it applied to them, but I think I'll put it off until everyone can get it." The former Konoha ninja finished, unknowingly relieving his two partners that their training regimen wouldn't be getting any harder for the moment.

"So what are we going to do now?" Rika questioned.

"I think we're pretty much done with training for the day. We'll finish by trying to get you, Henry, and Takato to summon your chakra. This won't be easy and I don't expect you guys to get it right away or at all today, but it's something you all can work on in your spare time." Naruto told them before he taught them the Ram hand sign and what they were trying to accomplish.

While the Tamers were doing that Naruto had Coronamon and Patamon work with the other Digimon on their attacks. Renamon had to make her Diamond Storm attack stronger while also reducing the time required to fire her attack, if possible fire a single shard that could pierce Digimon that had stronger skin. Terriermon had to make his Bunny Blast stronger as well, firing a single sphere instead of multiple smaller ones that had less power behind them; Guilmon had to fire his Pyro Sphere faster.

When Naruto called training for the day the Tamers and their partner Digimon were surprised to learn the last ability of the red colored Digital Field allowed for time distortion, so while a few hours passed during their training only an hour and half had passed in the real world.

With their training done Naruto decided to walk Rika home, Coronamon and Patamon going back to the apartment on their own.

"So what did you think of the training?" Naruto asked his red haired companion from the corner of his eye with his hands behind his head.

"Painful," Rika replied just a bit sore from the day's training, "And frustrating." She added. Like Naruto said none of the Tamers had managed to draw out their chakra, but this fact just made Rika angry. "How did you manage to sit still when you were learning this crap?" The female Tamer asked looking at her friend wryly; somehow she couldn't imagine seeing Naruto sitting still for long periods of time in order to summon his charka.

One of Naruto's hands dropped to his side while the other rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "It wasn't easy at first." Naruto revealed. "It took me the longest to summon my chakra in my entire class, but that was mostly because of how impatient I was and how I just got more frustrated when I couldn't get it right, right away." He didn't tell her that the sensei had purposely tried to sabotage him by not telling Naruto everything. "But once I calmed down it became a lot easier, it even turned out I had a whole lot more than anyone else. Still it takes an academy student about a week to summon their chakra and draw more of it out each time they do practice." Naruto told her. "So relax you'll get it eventually." The second Kyuubi reassured her.

"Whatever, if you say so," Rika said indifferently though she was still a little frustrated. "What about Renamon and the others? How was their training?"

"Today really was more of an assessment." Naruto answered honestly. "Either way in the spar Renamon gave me the most trouble; she's fast and skilled at hand to hand combat."

"Of course, she is my partner after all." Rika stated proudly.

"Yes, yes Ri-Chan is awesome." Naruto said jokingly with an amused smile, as he dodged a swipe from the redhead. "Anyway Renamon might be the most skilled out of the three of them, but Guilmon has the most raw power. He just doesn't know how to use it and is hesitant to really attack me, which is kind of surprising for a Virus type. Terriermon is somewhere in between Renamon and Guilmon, more skilled in fighting than Guilmon but not as much as Renamon. He doesn't have the same level of power as Guilmon but is more ready to fight." The sapphire eyed shinobi explained.

"What about when compared to Coronamon and Patamon?" Rika asked having noticed how he left his own partners out.

"Coronamon and Patamon might be just a bit better than Renamon, though they're at their best when fighting together." Naruto told her, he knew that eventually he would have to work with them on fighting on their own and not depend on each other. "They also don't have as much raw power as Guilmon, but they do know how to make their attacks stronger."

"Like that Oodama Corona Flame." Rika said rather than asked.

"Yeah," Naruto replied nodding his head. "That attack is something Coronamon created after seeing my Oodama Rasengan once during training. And that defense Patamon used during his and Coronamon's fight against Devimon is something based off another jutsu called Kaiten or Rotation, it belonged to a clan called Hyuuga and was called an Ultimate Defense." The cerulean eyed Tamer added.

"Really?" Rika said a bit skeptically. "It didn't look all that strong."

"It's because of the attack that Devimon used." Naruto defended, "For attacks like Coronamon's Corona Flame and Renamon's Diamond Storm, Patamon's defense would work just fine and the attacks would bounce off. But for attacks like Devimon's Death Hand or Kyuubimon's Dragon Wheel, Patamon's Slamming Attack would eventually be overwhelmed." He explained. "I'll see what I can do to fix that."

The two grew quiet after that as they got closer to Rika's home. The silence only became more profound and awkward when both teens remembered what had happened the last time the two of them stood outside of the redhead's home.

"So, uh, I'll see you later." Naruto began a little nervously, before he turned to leave.

"Hold on a second Whiskers," Rika said, grabbing the blonde teen's arm keeping him from leaving. "Are you keeping any other secrets from me?" She asked. Rika really wanted to ask him about the kiss on the cheek he had given her, but instead chose to ask something else she had been wondering about. She was still a bit unsure if she really wanted to talk about the kiss.

While Naruto was relieved that Rika didn't ask him about the kiss, because he really hadn't thought about why he had done it himself, her question wasn't all that much better. With a sigh Naruto said, "I told you before that we all have our secrets Ri-Chan."

"So what? You don't trust us enough to tell us what else you're hiding?" Rika asked a bit of anger entering her voice. So after everything he was still not telling them, and more specifically her, everything.

"It's not that I don't trust you Ri-Chan, in fact I trust you guys as much as I do anyone from back home." Naruto started placating her. "It's just that there' are something things that aren't easy for me to talk about and others that I'm not allowed to tell you, yet." He finished.

That last part made Rika curious. "What do you mean you aren't allowed?" She questioned him.

Naruto thought it over for a second as he tried to determine exactly just how much he could actually tell her without giving anything away. "One of the Four Great Dragons gave me an extra mission that I am to keep to myself for as long as possible."

"And you can't tell me what this 'mission' is." Rika said rather than asked.

"No, I can't." Naruto confirmed. "But I can tell you that right now all I'm doing is keeping my eye on things." The blonde shinobi divulged.

"Fine," Rika eventually said reluctantly. If Naruto really couldn't tell her anything more then she would just have to accept it and help him when he needed it, for now. Just because he couldn't tell her didn't mean that she couldn't try and figure out what that so called "mission" was. "I'll see you later Fishcake." The redhead said as she entered her home, once more trying to quell the thoughts in her head about the kiss that Naruto had given her on the cheek, though she did glance back at the blonde shinobi with a bit of desire to relive the experience.

"Yeah, later Ri-Chan," Naruto said relieved on the inside that Rika had accepted not knowing at the moment as the door closed behind the amethyst eyed girl. Of course she would probably be a bit angry with him for keeping things from her, so he would have to find some way to make it up to her. For a second Naruto just stood outside the gate to Rika's home before leaving and making his way to his home.

A few nights later Takato and Guilmon managed to track down a newly bioemerged Digimon to an underground parking lot where they found a black flame lizard like Digimon with golden colored claws and helmet on its head. Takato, standing across from the Digimon along with Guilmon, had already scanned the Digimon with his D-arc and learned that it was Darklizardmon a Champion level Digimon.

"Ready Guilmon?" Takato asked his partner Digimon and getting a growl from Guilmon in return, "Digi-Modify… MetalGarurumon's Blaster Activate!" The brunette Tamer said slashing a card through his D-arc.

"Metal Blaster!" Guilmon shouted releasing the power he acquired from the modify card and fired it at Darklizardmon, causing the black fire lizard to fall to the ground in a heap.

Takato lets out a sigh of relief believing that the battle had been decided. "Darklizardmon was one tough cookie, but you did it." Takato said congratulating his partner for a job well done.

Guilmon turned his attention to his Tamer at the mention of food. "Mm, did you say cookie?"

"I can't believe you're thinking of food right now." Takato murmured in exasperation, baffled by his Digimon's seemingly one track mind. Suddenly a helicopter appeared at the entrance of the parking lot shining a bright light that almost blinds Takato and Guilmon. "Huh? What's going on?" The red eyed Tamer asked no one in particular as he shielded his face from the light and winds that the helicopter was producing.

"Are we supposed to fight them Takato?" Guilmon asked his Tamer, looking at Takato in confusion unsure what to do in the current situation.

"No, I mean I have no idea. Maybe we should scram before we find out." Takato said hastily, but before the pair could do anything they heard a voice that they didn't expect coming from in front of them.

"No, I want to stay." Darklizardmon said in a distinctively female voice, as she slowly picked herself up off the ground. "Make me stronger, make me digivolve!" The fire Digimon finished desperately. Takato watches Darklizardmon stand up in astonishment, and a bit of fear, unable to believe that the dark Digimon was still able get back up.

From the helicopter two canisters were thrown into the parking lot releasing clouds of smoke, obscuring everything from view.

"Takatomon where are you?" Guilmon asked having lost sight of his Tamer.

Takato was looking around frantically being able to hear his Digimon's voice coming from in front of him but not able to see the red raptor. "Guilmon, where are you? Guilmon?!" Takato called out to his partner. The smoke cleared a little and Takato could see a shadowed figure, but any hope that the brunette had that he had found his partner turned to dread when he realized that it was Darklizardmon standing in front of him and not Guilmon.

"Please!" Darklizardmon begs desperately taking a step toward Takato frightening him, only for the dark lizard to be shot by the guns on the helicopter that sent her back to the ground.

"You okay?" Guilmon asked, the smoke having been blown away enough to reveal him standing in front of his Tamer, looking at Takato with concern.

"Uh huh," Takato answered still shaking slightly in fright.

Walking into the parking lot was Yamaki a large shadow being cast by the light coming from the helicopter. Yamaki continued to walk into the parking lot until he stood between Takato and Guilmon and the Darklizardmon. "Well aren't you going to thank me?" Yamaki asked Takato, as he turned to face Takato and Guilmon, completely unconcerned with the Digimon that was now behind him "After all I did just save your life. That deserves something." He said as if stating an obvious fact.

"Huh!?" Takato muttered confused not having gotten his head around everything that happened in an instant.

"This is dangerous work little boy, shouldn't you be napping?" Yamaki continued in a condescending tone of voice.

"W-who are you?" Takato asked him instead, even as he started to recognize the man that stood in front of him as the same man that Henry and he had come across some days ago, though he still didn't know who he was.

"I'll ask the questions here." Yamaki replied sharply, as scientists in hazard suits and Special Forces dressed in black with guns and their faces hidden entered the parking lot. "Who do you think you are attacking Digimon on your own? Do you think this is a game?" The blonde man in a suit asked rhetorically, as he signed something given to him by one of the scientists. "They are lethal creatures, who should be contained." He continued. "In fact, for your safety, I should take your little red friend there too." Yamaki finished nonchalantly while looking at Guilmon.

"Leave him alone!" Takato shouted, coming to the defense of his partner Digimon. "He's nothing like Darklizardmon!"

Yamaki scoffed at the brunette's claim, "Hm, so young, so naive." He said almost shaking his head in disappointment.

"Who are you calling naive?!" Takato yelled offended, only to watch in shock as Darklizardmon moved slightly and groaned in pain proving that she was still alive. "I don't believe it, she's still alive." The Virus Tamer said in awe, after taking on Guilmon's attack and being shot at, Takato was sure that Darklizardmon was done for.

The scientists left as the Special Forces came forward and fired nets at Darklizardmon trapping her. "And dangerous," Yamaki commented snidely. "Maybe I should take your friend, he could become dangerous too." The blonde haired man, that wore sunglasses even at night, added thoughtfully.

Takato moved to stand in front of Guilmon with his arms spread wide. "No! You'll have to go through me!" He stated determinedly.

"Well," Yamaki continued not looking at all impressed by Takato's declaration. "Probably more trouble than he's worth, right?" He said indifferently as he started to walk away. "Don't say I didn't warn you, little boy." Yamaki finished with a dark chuckle, as he took Darklizardmon with him.

"Who was that guy?" Takato muttered to himself. "And why does everyone I meet keep calling me a little boy?" He finished in a dejected mumble with his head hung over.


Within Hypnos Yamaki was inside an elevator that took him to the research lab where Darklizardmon was being held.

'Those clueless Tamers and their digimon, so oblivious to what I'm cooking up in my little lab,' Yamaki thought as he stepped out of the elevator into a large room with many different computers and other large equipment, with scientists scattered around looking over the equipment. At the very center of the room there was a giant tank that was part of the floor with a bridge going over it; inside the tank was the unconscious body of Darklizardmon. 'They'll find out soon enough and they'll be surprised.' He finished his thought by looking down at the tank from the bridge at Darklizardmon.

"What is this place?" Darklizardmon asked as she started to wake up. "Let me out! I don't want to go back!" The black flame Digimon shouted desperately, her body too weak to move.

"Sir, uh we're ready to initiate the data scan, but the creature may not survive." One of the scientists beside Yamaki said hesitatingly.

"Huh, you say that as if I should care." Yamaki said with cold indifference. "It's not as though that thing down there is flesh and blood, you know."

"Excuse me sir," The scientist persisted. "But it has a real body, it's a life form." He insisted not being able to believe that anyone could be so cold to another life form even if it wasn't flesh and blood.

"A worm is more of a life form than this thing." Yamaki replied with the same cold indifference in his voice before continuing. "They're just packets of data, computer code, zero's and one's. Their ability to appear in our world is a fluke, but our monstrous friend here is not without its use. By analyzing its data we can learn how Digimon are created and how they can be destroyed." The blonde man said logically. "Proceed with the scan, I want full power." Yamaki ordered a seconded scientist that stood beside a nearby machine.

"Yes sir." The second scientist said with a bit of resignation in his voice.

"Oh! No! Let me out of here!" Darklizardmon begged frantically.

Yamaki ignored the Digimon's cries, as the other people in the room did their best to tune them out. The process of obtaining the digital abomination's data would take a while, but if it meant acquiring all the data possible to learn how to keep those things from entering the real world then Yamaki wasn't about to rush the process and endanger the information they were going to collect. Moving back to the elevator Yamaki left the instructions to call him once the scan on Darklizardmon was finished.

With one final click of his lighter the screams of Darklizardmon were cut off as the elevator doors closed behind Yamaki.

The next day Rika was making her way to the park. Takato had called her earlier at her home to tell her they needed to meet at Guilmon's shed. He hadn't told her what was so important, but he had told her that he had already called Naruto and Henry and they agreed to meet, so she was currently making her way there to see what was so important.

"Rika!" The sudden cheer of her name caused the redheaded Tamer to stop mid-step, that along with the unexpected appeareance of Calumon who jumped towards her with his face right next to hers. "Eskimo kisses!" Small white and purple Digimon cried happily as he rubbed his nose against Rika's.

"Calumon, what are you doing here?" Rika asked with a groan, as she grabbed the in-training Digimon and pried him off her face. "Isn't Fishcake supposed to be taking care of you?"

"Let's play?!" Calumon requested ignoring Rika's question, causing the amethyst eyed redhead to let out a tired sigh, though before she could say anything more someone else called out to Rika from behind her.

"Rika, sweetheart, is that you? I'm so happy to see you!" The voice of Rumiko Nonaka called out to her daughter from behind her.

"Mom? What are you doing here?" Rika asked turning around with Calumon in her arms.

"What a day," Rumiko said with a tired sigh. "We had a photo shoot, but before we could start all these people showed up and started asking me questions. In the end it was decided that the shoot would just have to wait for another day." The blonde haired woman explained. "But enough about me, what are you doing today?"

"Uh, nothing, I'm just going to meet up with some of my friends in the park." Rika answered a bit uneasy.

"Oh," Rumiko said interestedly with a sly smile appearing on her face. "Does that mean that you're going to meet up with Naruto-Kun?" Rika was reluctant to answer her mother this time, but her silence was more than enough for Rumiko. "I'm happy to see that you and Naruto-Kun are getting along so well Rika. I heard from your Grandmother that Naruto-Kun even took you out on a date, how was that like? Was it totally romantic?" Rumiko continued to question her daughter a blush appearing on the younger girl's face.

"It wasn't a date." Rika insisted embarrassed.

"If you say so dear," Rumiko conveyed in a tone that said she didn't believe her daughter, the same tone her grandmother used whenever Seiko brought up Rika's outing with Naruto and Rika denied it being a date. "By the way," Rumiko continued, looking down at Calumon that was being held in Rika's arms. "That toy is absolutely adorable!" The mother said gleefully with a sparkle in her eye.

Rika looked down at Calumon who was staring back at her, without Rumiko noticing. "You just had to be cute." Rika mumbled quietly to the Digimon, who just looked up at her cutely as if to emphasize her point.

"I'm so glad that you have finally taken an interest in cute things Rika." Rumiko said with a happy smile. "I have a few new dresses that I would love for you to try on." The blonde haired mother added.

Rika started to panic a little at the thought of being forced to wear even more dresses with even more frills on them. "No you got it all it all wrong." Rika said hurriedly as she tried to think up some excurse. "I just got this thing because of, uh, a science project from school." The redhead thought up quickly. "We're supposed to test the effect of gravity on small objects, so I'm going to throw this over a bridge." Rika was sorely tempted to do that to the small white and purple Digimon at the moment.

"Oh?" Rumiko asked questioningly tilting her head to the side. "Then what about the fox plushy that your Grandmother told me Naruto got for you?"

Rika blushed lightly, she had thought that no one knew that she had kept Naruto's gift and that it was currently hidden somewhere in her room. "That's nothing," Rika claimed. "After Fishcake got me the stupid thing I was going to throw it away, but I decided to wait until he forgets about it so that way he won't be able to complain when I do." She said, with what she hoped was a good enough excuse for her mother. Out of the corner of her eye Rika did notice how a crowd started to gather around her and her mother, and from what she could tell they were all fans of her mother.

"Is that so?" Rumiko said in an amused tone, not noticing the gathering crowd. The blonde model never thought she would actually see the day when her daughter was actually interested in a boy. And until her daughter actually admits it Rumiko can tease her daughter about her first crush. "But still for you to keep it at all means that you must really like Naruto-Kun, right?" She questioned her daughter.

At this point Rika started to slowly back away from her mother as the older Nonaka's fans drew closer. The blush on Rika's face darkened at her mother's question but she refused to answer. Calumon just giggled at how silly Rika was being, she and Naruto were friends so of course she liked him. Luckily Rika was saved from having to answer because at that moment Rumiko's fans decided to surround the oblivious model giving Rika the chance to make a hasty retreat.

Rika eventually was able to make her way to Guilmon's she, where the other Tamers' and their Digimon were waiting for her, with Calumon still in her arms. The moment she entered the surprisingly spacious concrete shed Rika tossed the giggling In-Training Digimon at Naruto. "Here you should keep a better eye on him." Rika told him with a light glare, as Renamon appeared behind her.

"Calumon?" Naruto said looking down at the still laughing green eyed Digimon.

"Hi," Calumon replied with a cheerful smile, his ears enlarging due to his happiness. "Can we play?"

"Uh not right now," The blonde shinobi answered, causing Calumon's ears to shrink and give Naruto a pout.

Calumon's disappointment didn't last very long when he spotted Guilmon, jumping out of Naruto's grasp and his ears enlarging once more the Catalyst glided over toward the red raptor Digimon, "Guilmon!" Calumon shouted joyfully.

"Calumon!" Guilmon returned just as jubilantly as the two Digimon started to play with one another, Terriermon and Patamon soon joining them.

Naruto smiled at the sight of the four Digimon playing with one another, his smile only grew bigger when he noticed how Coronamon was trying to be serious about Takato suddenly calling a meeting, but kept glancing toward his fellow Digimon. "Alright," Naruto began getting everyone's attention, as he focused his attention on Takato. "Why did you call us here Takato?" The cerulean eyed shinobi asked the brunette focusing everyone's attention on him.

"Well," Takato started before he proceeded to tell everyone about his and Guilmon's strange meeting with a blonde man in a dark suit and glasses and how he took the Darklizardmon that the Tamer and Digimon pair had been fighting to some unknown place. Henry then proceeded to tell Rika and Naruto about how he and Takato had met the man before on some random street before losing him.

"Yamaki," Naruto muttered softly drawing the Tamers' focus to him.

"What?" Rika questioned confused.

"The guy's name is Yamaki." Naruto reiterated. "I've met him a couple of times before." He admitted.

"And you didn't think to tell us this before?" Rika asked incredulously, "That there is some guy out there hunting Digimon?" She finished indignantly while Takato and Henry looked at Naruto curiously. The redhead was seriously getting tired of all the secrets that the blonde was keeping.

Naruto let out a sigh before replying. "The first time that I met Yamaki was the day after we all met for the first time." The former Jinchuuriki informed them. "At the time he and a few scientists were looking around the area where you had Renamon fight Guilmon."

Rika remembered that day it was also the day that she had met Naruto for the first time.

"I didn't get much out of Yamaki besides that he was interested in Digimon, and even then that was only speculation since he didn't give anything away." Naruto continued as he recalled his first meeting with Yamaki. "The second time I met him it was to tell me the same thing that he's told Takato and Henry, and that he had seen us during Growlmon's fight with Devidramon." He stated. The cerulean eyed Tamer decided to keep to himself that Yamaki had some of his men follow him.

Rika continued to look at Naruto intently trying to decide if his excuses for not telling them sooner were good enough before she nodded her head in acceptance.

"So what are we going to do?" Takato asked, "If this guy really is hunting Digimon then that means that Guilmon and the others aren't safe." The crimson eyed Tamer pointed out.

"Right now we should focus on all of yours' training and making sure you're ready for anything." Naruto replied steadily. "In the mean time I'll also see what it is that Yamaki did with the Darklizardmon Guilmon' fought last night."

"How are you going to do that?" Henry asked curiously.

A smirk appeared on Naruto's face. "You forget that I'm a ninja, I've been trained to get in and out of places without anyone knowing." Naruto explained, though what the others didn't know was that Naruto planned to use the Digital Hazard in order to gather information.

"Don't do anything dangerous." Rika said in warning.

Naruto waved it off, "Don't worry they won't even know I was there." He promised and then turned to face Takato a mischievous grin on his face, a grin that frightened the brown haired Tamer a bit, as Naruto threw an arm around Takato's shoulder. "Now what's this I hear about Jeri passing you a note during class, was she asking you out or something?" The blonde Tamer asked teasingly.

"Way to go Takato!" Terriermon cheered, having heard that last part, from beside the other Digimon who were now all looking at Takato. "You're the man!" The rabbit Digimon declared, giving the Virus Tamer a thumbs up, while Guilmon just looked on confused as to the proceedings. Henry just chuckled at his friend's flustered face already knowing about Takato's not so secret crush on the girl who carried around a dog puppet wherever she went.

"It's not like that!" Takato protested shaking his head in denial, though a part of him wished that it was true. "She was giving me a picture of Guilmon that she drew." He stated, pulling out said picture from his pocket to show everyone. The drawing was of a more childish looking Guilmon wearing a white t-shirt with a smiley face on it and blue shorts.

The Tamers and their Digimon all stared at the drawing stoically without giving anything away on what they thought of the drawing of the red dinosaur Digimon.

"I look cute, don't I Takatomon?" Guilmon asked his Tamer breaking the silence.

"Let's not start that again Guilmon." Takato replied exasperated. The one thing Takato regretted about introducing Jeri to Guilmon was the fact that she insisted in calling his super badass Digimon cute. Guilmon was not cute!

Naruto tore his eyes away to look at Takato. "You told Jeri about Guilmon?" He asked Takato ominously.

"Uh, well I, uh." Takato spluttered.

"Did you tell anyone else?" Naruto continued just as seriously, Henry and Rika now looking at Takato waiting for his answer.

Takato became more nervous once he realized that everyone was staring at him expectantly, "Uh, Kazu and Kenta?" His statement came out sounding like a question, as if unsure himself if he had given the right answer.

"Are you stupid goggle-head?" Rika asked rhetorically, because she was sure that he was. "How are we supposed to keep our Digimon secret if you go around and babble it to everyone you know?"

"I didn't tell everyone." Takato defended lamely. "And Kazu and Kenta didn't even get a good look at Guilmon before they ran away screaming." He added.

Naruto laughed at the image that he imagined of the two boys running away. "Then did you at least tell Jeri not to tell anyone else?" Naruto questioned his fellow Tamer.

"Uh, I might have mentioned it." The brunette replied with an unsure smile. Truthfully he couldn't remember if he did or didn't, but decided it was best that the others weren't aware of that little fact.

Naruto sighed mentally the way Takato was acting the blonde shinobi was sure that the Virus Tamer had not even mentioned keeping Guilmon secret from everyone else, he'd just have to hope that Jeri was better at keeping secrets than Takato was. "Right," Naruto said dubiously. "We might as well train a bit since we're all here," He decided, getting groans of complaint from everyone which he ignored. "I want to start working with all the Digimon's Champion levels as well, so they're training isn't limited just to their Rookie forms."

With that the others reluctantly agreed, while they all wanted to get stronger Naruto's training was insane.

Later that night Naruto sat in his room in front of his laptop. After Naruto finished the other's training they all spent some time hanging out before they went back to their respective homes, Naruto with the intent of figuring out what exactly Yamaki was planning. It still amazed him just how powerful the Digital Hazard was, even if it was a small fraction of it, and his control over it in the last few weeks had developed so far that Naruto hack into other computers without anyone realizing it. He had already hacked into a few low-risk places as practice, nothing overly important, just to make sure he didn't make a mistake. But with the Digital Hazard it was almost too easy as Naruto could easily slip pass any firewall no matter how good the security was.

The most challenging part would be trying to figure out the location of the place he would virtually be breaking into. Though that problem was solved thanks to Yamaki himself when he told Naruto that he had seen the blonde Tamer and the others during the fight with Devidramon, which meant he was in one of the surrounding buildings. After that it just came down to taking a quick scan all the computers in the surrounding buildings where Naruto, well technically his clone, and the others were standing for anything relating to Digimon. Naruto's search resulted in him hacking into the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, otherwise known as Hypnos, computer system.

"Aright Yamaki let's see what you're up to." Naruto muttered to himself, his left hand placed on the laptop to act as a medium as he used the Digital Hazard, as he looked through all the files Hypnos possessed, all the information being particularly downloaded into Naruto's mind.


Yamaki walked back into the computer lab where Darklizardmon was being with a satisfied smirk on his face, and an almost completely unnoticeable skip to his step. A few minutes ago he had received word from the scientist he left in charge, that the process of scanning Darklizardmon was almost completed and Yamaki wanted to be there to witness it himself in person.

"Progress report," Yamaki said in a commanding tone, as he walked to the bridge that was above the tank that contained Darklizardmon.

"Sir," One of the scientists that Yamaki was speaking to the last time he was there greeted the man formally before continuing, "The scanning process is almost completed a few more seconds and we will have obtained all of its data." For hours the man, and everyone in the room, had to bear with the Digital Monster's screams of torturous pain before falling unconscious from the overload only to wake up hours later and repeat the process. After listening to the poor creatures cries for so long the scientist, and several others realized, how inhumane they were being toward it. "Its particles are dissipating." The scientist informed Yamaki softly, hoping that his boss would show the dark fire lizard some mercy and order them to end the scan in order to stop Darklizardmon's suffering now that the Digimon was so close to death, even though he knew how futile his hope was.

"Don't stop until we have all of its data!" Yamaki ordered coldly looking down at the Digimon that even now was struggling to stay alive. "We're only steps from achieving our ultimate goal." He stated unemotionally.

"No!" Darklizardmon cried out one final time before her body burst into bits of leftover data.

"It's gone." The scientist said sorrowfully.

"Its data hasn't disappeared though," A second scientist said from the readings he was getting, "Just the body. Should I save the data?" He asked looking toward Yamaki for an answer.

"I don't see the point," Yamaki replied indifferently. "We got all the information we needed from the scanning procedure, eliminate anything that's left."

"Wh-what?" The second scientist said stupefied, almost wanting to argue against Yamaki's order, but the glare he received from him instantly changed the man's mind. "Uh yes sir, destroying all particles now." The scientist said as he imputed the command that would destroy the remaining data.

Yamaki watched as the tank that had contained Darklizardmon glowed blue and the data was destroyed. Turning toward the scientists Yamaki noticed their forlorn looks as they gazed down at the tanks. "Get used to it," He told them. "We'll scan as many of these abominations as we have to till they're all gone." Yamaki declared determinedly as he left the room.

Entering his office Yamaki sat at his desk and turned on his personal computer that contained all the information collected on Digimon and the Digital world, the data gathered from Darklizardmon already archived on his computer. Looking over the new data Yamaki was happy to see that with it he would be able to get his Juggernaut project developed and ready to use against the digital abominations and keep them from ever coming into the real world again.

Juggernaut was his greatest creation and he had finally gotten permission from those fools that called themselves his superiors to use it. They couldn't even begin to understand to what measures one must be willing to take if they wanted to stop all Digimon, and that meant destroying the Digital World itself if necessary.

Naruto's Apartment

After hacking into the Hypnos computer system Naruto could freely admit that he was disappointed by what he found, or lack thereof. Most of the information on Digimon that the government agency had gathered were things that he had already known, the existence of Digimon, how they were appearing in the real world, some little information on him and his fellow Tamers, basic things like names and home addresses, and even how a team of scientists had created the Digimon some years ago.

What Naruto didn't know about was the veil between the real world and the digital one. How that very veil was weakening, which allowed more and more Digimon to appear in the Human World that were also slowly growing stronger. The last piece of information that Naruto discovered, that had caught him by surprise, was that one the scientist names was Janyu Wong. Naruto wasn't sure if that was the name of Henry's father or not because the blue haired Tamer had never mentioned him by name, but it seemed like too big of a coincidence for it just to be a fluke.

Then Naruto proceeded to look for why Yamaki decided to take Darklizardmon back to Hypnos. What he found could be summed up in one word.


The program was something that Yamaki created to fight against Digimon and keep them from appearing in the real world. All that the older blonde man needed to complete it was the data of a live Digimon in order for the destroyer program to know what to seek out. Just from looking at Juggernaut's code Naruto could tell how powerful and effective the thing was. If Yamaki activated it then Coronamon, Patamon, the other Tamer Digimon, and Calumon were in danger.

"Looks like I have no choice." Naruto muttered to himself, as the Digital Hazard shined a bit brighter. "Digital Hazard: Data Corruption." Hacking into Hypnos' system wouldn't be enough to alert anyone about what he was doing, not with the Digital Hazard, but now that Naruto was actively going to affect the system it would impossible for an alarm not to be raised within the building. But if Juggernaut proved to be as dangerous as the shinobi thought it would be than the former Jinchuuriki would need time to come up with something to counteract it to keep the Digimon safe.

The Data Corruption would give Naruto the time to do just that. Effectively Naruto had just planted a whole bunch of bugs into the Hypnos' Computer System, and all of it was centered around' Juggernaut. The shinobi Tamer would have used Data Destruction on Juggernaut and completely destroyed it from the system, but Naruto was sure that Yamaki would have his prized program backed-up, and probably had a back-up for his back-up. This way they, Yamaki and everyone working for him, would be forced to try and get rid of the bugs in their system or the bugs will stop any attempt to do otherwise.


The smirk that Yamaki had on his face as he made the final adjustments on the Juggernaut program was wiped off his face he saw the symbol that had appeared in the monitoring room the day of the digital anomaly, the one that was made of three triangles surrounding a circle with a fourth triangle inside of it, suddenly appeared on his computer. The symbol flashed on his screen as electricity seemed to arch off it. Behind it Yamaki could see that his precious hard created Juggernaut's code was being warped and distorted, certain pieces being rearranged, another part of the code having more added to it making it useless, and other parts of its code being completely removed.

His phone ringing forced Yamaki to tear his eyes away from his computer screen. "What!" The infuriated blonde snapped, as he tried to keep what he realized must be a virus from causing more damage only to see that all his attempts were proving to be useless.

"Sir we have a situation." Riley's voiced replied, not at all bothered by how her boss answered. In the background Yamaki could just barely make out the sounds of furious typing on keyboard, no doubt whatever was affecting his computer were also affecting all the computers inside of Hypnos. "Something is attacking the system, it looks like a virus! Everything is being infected and at the rate its going it won't be long before we're completely shut down."

"I can see that." Yamaki muttered more to himself rather than Riley, as he brought up diagnostics on the entire Hypnos computer network. He silently cursed when he realized that what Riley said was true. "What about the anti-virus software?" Yamaki asked hastily.

"None of it seems to be working. Whatever this is has bypassed all our security." Riley replied, all but given up hope on stopping whatever was happening. "It will take weeks to fix everything." She finished with a sigh.

"Damn it!" Yamaki shouted as he slammed his hands down on his desk. Weeks, his plans were derailed by weeks! Yamaki glared at the symbol that still flashed across his computer screen, he didn't know what that thing was but he did know that whoever was behind it was to blame. And Yamaki was going to find out who it was.

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