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Dreams are wonderful and cruel things. While asleep there is nothing we can't do or have, but once we wake the next morning all those wonderful things are ripped away and we are forced to face reality.

A Juggernaut, a Tiger, and a Snake

Lion vs. Tiger, Who is Strongest?

(Author Notes)

It had been several weeks since Naruto infected the Hypnos' computer systems with the Digital Hazard's Data Corruption, and in that time both him and Yamaki had been very busy. The latter had been busy getting Hypnos back up and running. Yamaki had almost been fired when his superiors learned about what happened, it was only the fact that there had been nothing anyone could do to stop it that saved him from losing his job.

The former was busy creating something that would counter act the effects of Juggernaut so that the Tamers' Digimon wouldn't be destroyed by the deadly program. After a week and a half of work, and with the help of the Digital Hazard, Naruto was able to come up with a counter program of his own that would prevent Patamon, Coronamon, and the others from falling victim to Juggernaut. The next challenge came in trying to figure out how to enter the new counter program in the digital make-up of the Digimon's highly complex code, without accidentally messing anything up and causing undue harm to the Digimon. Luckily Naruto had all the time he needed to apply it to Coronamon and Patamon, though he had to forcefully subdue Renamon, Guilmon, and Terriermon in a spar so he could safely apply it without revealing anything. Calumon, as it turned out, didn't need the counter program added to his code because his was different enough from being the Catalyst of Digivolution turned Digimon that Juggernaut wouldn't affect him.

Once he was able to create the counter program Naruto focused back on everyone's training, the Tamers and their Digimon improving greatly over the last few weeks. The Digimon were managing to perform their attacks better with an increase in both speed and power, which also included when the Digimon digivolved to Champion as Naruto had them practice their attacks and do a modified versions of their training regimens. The Tamers had learned to summon the moderate amount of chakra that they possessed, when they managed to do that all three Tamers were immensely proud of themselves, especially Rika who had put in the most amount of effort into mastering the exercise and was able to summon her chakra before the other two Tamers. With that part of the training done Naruto then went on to teach them the first level of chakra control, Leaf Balancing, to say the least none of the Tamers found that very interesting. After that the blonde shinobi taught them how to channel chakra to different part of their body, what effects that would have on them and how to control it.

After learning about Juggernaut Naruto made sure to tell the other Tamers about it the day after he infected Hypnos' computer network. The Tamers and their Digimon were understandably worried about the Digimon destroying computer program, it was only Naruto's reassurance that he had sabotaged Juggernaut from working properly for the foreseeable future that calmed them down and allowed them to focus on their training.


Inside Hypnos Riley and Tally were within one of the many rooms of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, this one was exceptionally large as it housed a giant machine that had many cables leading from it to varies' computers. Standing not so far away was Yamaki looking at the machine almost reverently with his lighter in hand, for once not messing with it as he was too busy staring at the machine. The top half of the machine was dome shaped with computer terminals underneath it, this machine was Juggernaut and what would rid the world of the digital menace once and for all. Ever since Hypnos was infected by the mysterious virus they, along with everyone else who worked in the building, were forced to work long hours for several days to get everything back up and running. Today marked the last day of system repairs and the two analysts found themselves with the rare opportunity, in the last few weeks, to relax.

"Hey Riley, what do you think that is?" Tally asked gesturing to the machine with the cup of coffee she held in her hand, it being the only reason that she managed to stay awake' most days.

"Hm..." Riley hummed distractedly while she checked appearance in the mirror inside her compact, she was in no way vain but even she grew concerned with the way she looked after getting very little sleep in the last few days. "Well whatever it is it isn't pretty." She said factually.

"We sure didn't get authorization for this." Tally continued, a bit of uneasiness in her voice, as she stared up at the machine. The way that her boss was staring at the thing wasn't exactly helping with things.

"Yamaki does what he wants," Riley commented dismissively, not sharing the same concerns as her partner. "If I were you I wouldn't ask too many questions. Just know all his projects mean bad news for somebody." The long haired woman finished knowingly. Riley had worked for and with Yamaki far longer than Tally had so she knew the blonde man better than her coworker did, it was part of the reason that there were so many rumors about them.

Yamaki stared intently at Juggernaut with a stratified smirk on his face. 'Finally,' Yamaki thought to himself, 'After being set back by weeks Juggernaut is fully operational! Soon all those damn abominations will be nothing but an unpleasant memory.' "Riley, Tally, let's go!" Yamaki called Riley and Tally over so that they could head toward the observation floor, so that the second phase of the plan could begin.

Once they reached the observation room with its dome like ceiling Riley and Tally immediately made their way toward their seats and started the final preparations, as the chairs made their way off the ground to hang in midair.

"Operation Juggernaut, initiated." A scientist said as he entered the final commands to start Juggernaut.

From her chair Riley was looking things over and noticed the information that she was receiving. "I'm getting an abnormal reading." Riley said out loud. "Sir, is this all part of the project we're testing, the Juggernaut?" She asked her boss somewhat anxiously.

Tally pouted a little. Didn't Riley just tell her not too long ago about asking questions? And it actually looked like Yamaki was going to answer her. It was just another aspect of their unique relationship that added fuel to the fire about the rumors that surrounded them, and which convinced Tally that there was more between them then either was willing to admit.

"Yes," Yamaki answered, just like both women knew he would whenever Riley asked him something. "But it's nothing to be concerned about; we're just giving it a test run." He said somewhat reassuringly. "Using data from the Digimon we've captured I've constructed a Digimon composite to act as bait. Instead of us hunting for them, they'll come to us." The blonde government agent informed them, as beams of blue light started to appear on the monitor covered ceiling and reflected off the people in the room.

"You're brilliant, sir." Tally found herself unconsciously saying, staring at the blue beams of light almost hypnotically.

Yamaki flipped his lighter open and then close. "Well that's your first accurate observation." He said just a bit smugly and with an arrogant smirk, as he headed toward the exit.

From the top of Hypnos a giant beam of light reached up to the sky above the building, rings of energy forming from the ray of light.

"Operation Juggernaut activated." Yamaki could hear a scientist say from his earpiece. "Data stream dispatched; projected response immediate."

As he stood outside, looking up toward the sky, an image of Juggernaut was on Yamaki's com-device. 'Those Digimon won't know what hit them. Let's see the kiddies deal with this.' Yamaki thought.

Guilmon's shed

Inside Guilmon's shed the Virus Tamer and Digimon were spending the last few hours of the day relaxing, while Takato thought up new card combos and Guilmon stuffed his face with bread. On that note Naruto's goal to convert Guilmon to the glory that is ramen was not going well. Takato was cut off from explaining one of his new ideas when the ground started to shake.

"An earthquake?" Takato asked out loud as he and Guilmon shakily made their way to the shed's entrance. The brown haired Tamer let out a gasp once he noticed a tower of light and the rings it was producing in the sky. "Whoa," He said in both awe and fear.

"Takato," Guilmon muttered from beside his partner, his voice sounding oddly serious, as he stared straight out ahead but not necessarily at what was in front of him. "Something's coming. A Digimon and it's really big." The raptor Digimon told his Tamer.

Takato didn't like the sound off that, especially since it would most likely be up to him and the others to deal with whatever Digimon was heading their way. With a sigh Takato stepped out of the shed. "We should get going then, come on Guilmon." The brunette said back to the red dinosaur Digimon.

Henry's Apartment

Henry was enjoying having an early dinner with his family, laughing lightly when his father joked that they were having fried frog or pickled pig feet. Though he had to quickly excuse himself from the table when he heard sounds coming from his room, with the claim that he had must have forgotten to turn his computer off, Henry made his way to his room to discover the true cause for the noise.

"Terriermon, what's up with all' the racket?" Henry asked the rabbit Digimon who was standing by the window in his room.

"Uh, Henry you might want to take a look at this." Terriermon replied without looking away from the window.

Slightly confused by the way that Terriermon was acting Henry walked over to stand behind him and looked out the window. What he saw made his mouth drop open, from the city a blue beam of light reached up to the sky, almost like it was dividing the sky itself in half, and at the apex rings of the same light were spreading out in a manner similar to dropping a stone into a body of water.

"What the hell is that?" Henry gaped at the tower of light he could see in the distance. Even as he asked that something in the back of his mind told Henry that the cause of the strange phenomenon was most likely the Juggernaut that Naruto had told them about.

"I don't know but it isn't good." Terriermon said, "I can feel something coming." The small cream colored bunny Digimon finished.

"Let's go." Henry said seriously, scooping up Terriermon and leaving his room.

Nonaka Residence

Rika and Renamon were sitting just outside of the redhead's room reminiscing about how different things are now from what they used to be. There greater connection to one another, Rika not being as cold or indifferent as she was before, her lack of desire to make fun of Takato and Henry and their Digimon, and even her budding feelings for Naruto and the kiss on the cheek the blonde shinobi had given her. That last part Rika only told Renamon once she made the yellow furred kitsune promise never to speak about it to anyone.

The two were sitting in a comfortable silence when Renamon's fur suddenly bristled and she stood up startling Rika, spinning around Renamon jumped up onto the roof to stare at the city a beam of light stretching high into the sky. Rushing from where she was sitting Rika looked up toward her partner.

"Renamon, what is it?" Rika asked, being unable to see the tower of light from where she was standing.

"I'm not sure." Renamon replied uneasily without looking back at Rika. "I can sense a Digimon coming, and it's very powerful." The Kitsune stated.

Rika looked at her Digimon with eyes widened slightly; if she didn't know any better the amethyst eyed Tamer would have thought that Renamon sounded nervous about the Digimon, "How strong?" The redhead found herself asking.

"I'm not sure." Renamon answered.

'Perfect.' Rika thought to herself as she entered her room to retrieve her D-arc and cards. "Well we might as well get going. Fishcake and the others are probably on their way as well." Rika said to Renamon, who had appeared inside the redhead's room after Rika, and got a nod from the digital kitsune.

Naruto's Apartment

Naruto was on his laptop in his room working on one of the books that he was going to have published when the Digital Hazard started to pulse erratically and sting his hand slightly, the last time it had hurt him, the blonde shinobi Tamer recalled, was when Guilmon was taken during the flood tunnel incident. He didn't have time to think it over when Coronamon and Patamon rushed into the room looking a bit distressed.

"Naruto!" Coronamon said loudly. "We have a huge situation!"

"What is it?" Naruto asked as he tried to sooth the slight sting in his hand.

"A powerful Digimon is coming." Patamon replied.

"And something is going on with the sky." Coronamon continued, "There is huge beam of light in the sky. It's on all the news channels!" The small lion claimed.

"Yamaki," Naruto said in a growl, he was sure that the older blonde was somehow responsible for what was going on. Grabbing his things Naruto threw on his dark orange and black jacket as he headed towards the door. "Let's get going then." The shinobi said to his two partner Digimon that following behind him.

Out in the busy streets of Shinjuku, Calumon was running for his little life. "Leave me alone!" He shouted, as he looked back at the one following revealing it to be Impmon. Sadly his momentary distraction caused him to trip and fall forward. Turning over Calumon stared up at the purple Virus Digimon, who had conjured a single small flame over one of his red gloved fingers. "What do you want from me, you big bully?" Calumon demanded, his voice sounding a bit angry.

"Nothing pally," Impmon said with a vicious smirk, "Just your data." The white faced Digimon finished. Though before he could execute his attack on the small green eyed Digimon he was knocked off his feet by someone. "Hey what's the big idea, huh?!" Impmon shouted, rubbing the back of his head where he had hit his head on the pavement. He scowled when he noticed that it was Naruto, with his Patamon on top of his head as usual. "Oh, it's you." Impmon muttered unhappily.

"You have to learn how to stay out of trouble Calumon." Naruto chided the white and purple Digimon, not that Calumon seemed to be listening to him from the happy expression that appeared on his face the moment he saw the cerulean eyed shinobi. "And you," He continued turning his gaze toward Impmon. "You shouldn't be picking on Calumon, Makeupmon." The shinobi finished reproachfully.

A tick mark appeared on the top of Impmon's head. "Who are you calling Makeupmon, you pointy haired whisker faced bastard?!" Impmon roared indignantly, as he stood up with his fists balled. None of the people surrounding the Digimon and Tamer listened, or reacted at all, to Impmon because they were all looking up towards the sky something the imp Digimon noticed. "What's the matter?" He asked confused as turned to look at what everyone was staring at.

The sky seemed to be looking worse with every passing minute, as above Hypnos' twin towers a dark red colored vortex seemed to form.

Naruto was about to continue on his way toward Hypnos when he suddenly heard a familiar voice coming up from behind him, "Whiskers!" Naruto heard Rika's voice shout. Turning to look over his shoulder, Naruto watched as Rika made her way through the gaping crowd towards him. "Move out of my way!" Rika ordered; shoving passed another group of people who were transfixed with looking at the sky. "What the hell is going on?" She questioned him once she made it to his side.

Though before Naruto could answer, Calumon jumped at the redhead with a happy cry of, "Rika!" His ears fully extended so he glided smoothly through air, and forcing Rika to hold him to keep him away from her face.

The amethyst eyed Tamer blinked a couple of times at the Light of Digivolution unexpected appearance, "Calumon?" Rika questioned confused not having noticed him, before she refocused on what was going on and looked at Naruto expectantly.

"It's Yamaki's Juggernaut." Naruto answered her previous question.

"What?" Rika gasped in surprise. "I thought you took care of that thing?" She said a bit accusingly as she stared up at what was happening in the sky a bit worriedly. "Are Renamon and the others going to be okay?"

"I was able to sabotage it for a while, but it looks like Yamaki's has had enough time to fix it." Naruto replied staring up at the vortex that had formed in the sky. Looking carefully Naruto noticed that small pieces of debris were floating near the area. "Since it doesn't seem to affecting these three I'm guessing that Juggernaut isn't at 100% and Yamaki rushed its repair." The blonde Tamer continued, hiding the real reason why it wasn't working on Patamon and Calumon, though he wondered why Impmon didn't seem to be affected. "Either way we have to stop that thing before it causes anymore problems, I'm going on ahead." Naruto said.

"Wait!" Rika exclaimed only to curse when Naruto disappeared right in front of her, "Damn it." At the speed Naruto was currently moving no human would be able to keep track of him. Looking down at Calumon, who she was still holding, Rika decided to take him with her. After all if he really was this catalyst that helped Digimon digivolve then he could be helpful if the Digimon that Renamon seemed worried about was as strong as the fox Digimon thought it was.

Standing on a bridge outside Hypnos, Yamaki looked up at the sky almost proudly. "Goodbye." Yamaki said taking his sunglasses off for the first time revealing his dark brown eyes, his com-device in hand still displaying an image of Juggernaut. "Beasts of mayhem, time to go away. The world will soon be free of this hideous pestilence forever." He continued chuckling darkly before he noticed Takato and Guilmon making their way to the bridge he was standing on. "Well look who's come to marvel at my brilliance." The blonde man in the dark suit finished smugly, putting his sunglasses back on.

"Hurry, we're almost there!" Takato shouted to his partner once they reached the bridge.

"Bout time," Guilmon said, thankful for the training Naruto gave them since he wasn't tired at all from the sprint he and his Tamer took, as they had ran from the park all the way there. Whatever relief the red raptor felt disappeared when the shadowed form of a wild Digimon flew by him and his Tamer and was sucked into the vortex, before being deleted right in front of their eyes.

"What's happening?" Takato asked as another Digimon flew by them. "They're all leaving; it's like some huge Digimon vacuum cleaner." The brunette Tamer stated naively. He remembered what Naruto told him and the other Tamers about the Digimon destroying program. What he was currently seeing happening before him, the anguish screams of the Digimon that were being pulled in, definitely seemed to be the work of the Juggernaut program. Takato saw Yamaki standing across from him on the bridge, "Why are you doing this?" Takato asked him.

"We had no other choice." Yamaki replied evenly as he took a couple of steps towards Takato.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Takato questioned him confused.

"Let's just say we're controlling an infestation, all vermin must go." The blonde agent stated in cold indifference.

"But you can't just destroy all the digimon," Takato said in a desperate attempt to reason with the man. "Guilmon's my best friend."

Yamaki moved closer to the Tamer and Digimon pair until he was standing beside them, "Really, this foul beast?" Yamaki said with a scoff, as he tried to place his hand on Guilmon only for the red raptor to growl at him, "Hm, you naive little boy." Yamaki continued pulling his hand back. "This thing isn't capable of friendship. It's nothing more than a dangerous artificial life form." It was at that point that Yamaki saw something on Guilmon's chest, something he hadn't seen the last time he had met the duo. A symbol, the same symbol that had brought Hypnos down weeks ago and almost got him fired. "It was you." Yamaki growled darkly.

"What?" Takato asked, freaked out by the man's sudden change in demeanor, as he took an uncertain step away from the blonde male.

"You and you're little pet were the ones responsible for that virus, weren't you?" Yamaki accused the Tamer and Digimon.

"I have no idea of what you're talking about." Takato denied honestly.

"Don't lie to me!" Yamaki yelled, seconds away from attacking the brunette. "I recognize that symbol on that thing's chest. It's the same one that appeared on all the computers of Hypnos weeks ago."

"That," Takato said looking toward the Digital Hazard symbol that was on Guilmon's chest, not that he knew what it really was, "That's nothing it's just something I added at the last second." The crimson eyed Tamer claimed.

"There is no point in lying I know the truth." Yamaki said almost hysterically, as he reached to grab Takato.

But before he could land a single finger on the brunette Naruto appeared between them, glaring at Yamaki his eyes glowing ominously. "That's enough." Naruto said seriously. "Leave now."

While a bit unnerved with the younger blonde's sudden appeareance Yamaki didn't let it show, "Or what?" Yamaki replied challengingly.

A smirk appeared on Naruto's face. "Or I'll kick your ass." He answered.

Yamaki scoffed in some false sense of bravado. "You think I'm afraid of you?"

"You should be." Naruto returned, "And if not me then you should probably be afraid of my friend here." The blonde shinobi finished gesturing to the red Virus Digimon, whose yellows eyes were dilated until the pupils looked like slits and was growling menacingly at Yamaki.

Seeing the situation he was in Yamaki made the wise decision and chose to leave rather than risk being attacked by Naruto and Guilmon. "Fine this is just a waste of my time. Now that Juggernaut is fully operational it will only be a matter of time before all these abominations are gone forever." Yamaki said as he turned and made his way towards the far end of the bridge. Though what none of them expected was for at that precise moment a blue beam of condensed waving energy to come down from the vortex

"Takato its coming," Guilmon said, his pupils still dilated as he gazed up at the vortex.

"He's right." Coronamon said, having landed and stood beside Naruto when the blonde shinobi first appeared. "I can feel it, the Digimon, it has almost crossed through." The orange lion Digimon stated with Patamon nodding in agreement, both orange furred Digimon staring at the vortex far above them.

Yamaki stopped at the end of the bridge the moment he saw the beam of energy come from the vortex, when his ear piece started to beep.

"An anomaly has infiltrated the Juggernaut!" Riley's voice immediately came through hastily the moment Yamaki answered. "It's coming through the vortex!" She informed Yamaki.

"What?!" Yamaki muttered disbelievingly, looking down at his com-device Yamaki saw that what Riley said was true and something was coming through the vortex that Juggernaut had created. "But, but that's impossible! This program is flawless, I designed it myself! Nothing can get through there! This cannot be happening! What have I done!?" The blonde agent shouted with an angst-ridden cry.

Naruto was only half listening to what Yamaki was talking about as he watched the sky seemingly rip in half, with the digital plane being clearly visible through the tear. And just as the sun finally set Naruto and the others watched as a Digital Field covered Hypnos completely. With his enhanced hearing Naruto could also hear a voice coming over Yamaki's com-link.

"Humans created us," The voice of the unknown Digimon started. "But now we are free! The time has come to claim our place in the real world! You have but one purpose to serve the Digimon!" The Digimon claimed.

"No, you're wrong!" Yamaki denied staring up at the tear, "Who are you?!" He demanded to know.

The Digimon just laughed off Yamaki's demand to know his identity, "I am only a representative of those who are to be your masters!" The Digimon answered.

"Ugh, I can't let you do this!" Yamaki said frantically, "I will never be a servant to any of you data scum!"

The Digimon once more laughed at Yamaki, "It's because of you that all this happened." The Digimon pointed out. "I should thank you. You have opened the portal to the real world for all of us."

"Alright that's enough waiting around." Naruto decided, "We should get moving and stop whoever that is before things get worse." The blonde shinobi stated, getting sounds of agreement from his fellow Tamer and their Digimon. With that said the group of five made their way towards Hypnos, ignoring Yamaki's delusional mutterings.

Not too long later Henry and Terriermon were finally close to where the Digital Field had appeared when they saw Yamaki ahead of them walking towards them. A second after they passed each other the two stop.

"You," Yamaki muttered as he turned around.

"Yeah me," Henry replied turning around to face the blonde man. "What do you want?" The half-Chinese Tamer just got done asking his question when Yamaki grabbed a hold of his shirt, inadvertently knocking Terriermon off his perch from Henry's shoulder.

"It's your fault!" Yamaki claimed angrily.

"Huh?" Terriermon uttered, a bit disoriented from his fall, before taking note of Yamaki's hold on Henry. "Leave him alone!"

Not even a second later Yamaki felt a fist impact the side of his head, knocking him down and releasing his hold on Henry. Looking up Yamaki didn't expect the person to have it him to be a redheaded girl he immediately recognized as Rika Nonaka, another one of the supposedly Digimon Tamers, or that her punch was strong enough to almost dislocate his jaw. Behind her Yamaki could see two other Digimon, one was floating in the air and the other looked like a yellow furred fox.

"So you're Yamaki." Rika said rather than asked.

Yamaki picked himself up off the ground, "I'm just wasting my time hear. You all aren't worth it." He said before walking away, "You ignorant Digimon loving freaks!" The Hypnos Agent muttered. "You and your disgusting pets, now look what you've done!" They heard him say before he disappeared from their line of sights.

"That was definitely rude." Terriermon said with his hand on his hips.

Henry definitely agreed with his partner. "Thanks for the help." Henry said to Rika after Yamaki had left. "I think you almost knocked out a couple of his teeth." The bluenette observed.

"No problem," Rika replied with a shrug of her shoulders. "And too bad for him he was the one who had to suffer from some misplaced aggression. You see there is this other blonde I really want to punch some time, but I can never actually hit him." Naruto was her best friend, and maybe something more, but damn if he didn't annoy her sometime.

"Okay," Henry said unsurely. If Naruto and Rika really did get together Henry couldn't help but think that they would have one weird relationship. "You ready?" He asked her instead, turning toward the Digital Field, Terriermon climbing back onto his shoulder.

"Yeah," Rika replied. "Whiskers already went on ahead, so he is probably already there." The redhead informed the Vaccine Tamer.

At the base of the Hypnos building Naruto, Takato, and their Digimon were looking up to the building's roof, already determining that, that was where the unknown Digimon was.

"We have to get up there." Takato said as he made to move forward.

"Wait," Naruto said holding him back. Takato was about to ask him why when Renamon dashed by all of them and quickly climbed up the building. "Nice of you three to join us," Naruto continued once Rika, Henry, and Terriermon arrived.

"Yeah, well, we all aren't supper fast like you." Rika replied bringing out her D-arc, the screen showing her exactly what Renamon was seeing. "Besides that we meet this bastard you might know and I just had to punch him." She told him with a smirk on her face.

"Nice to know you are putting my training to such good use." Naruto said back with a smirk of his own.

"So what's up?" Takato asked Rika.

"Not you." Rika replied carelessly.

"I meant up there." Takato specified a bit exasperated with Rika's response. Rika was a lot nicer from when Takato had first met her, but Rika was still Rika and sometimes she would still treat him and Henry a bit coldly. The only ones that she always seemed friendly, at least, with were Naruto and Renamon.

"So did I, now be quiet." Rika told him, staring intently at her D-arc.

On the rooftop of Hypnos Renamon landed in a crouch ready to move if the Digimon attacked her the moment she landed. After not being instantly attacked Renamon took a quick survey of the rooftop, 'Where are you?' Renamon thought as she continued to look around.

Back on the ground Rika was growing annoyed with not being able to find the Digimon that had come through. She was about to voice her displeasure when she finally saw something. "There you are. But why am I not receiving any data? Hey Fishcake I thought you said you made this thing better, why isn't it showing me anything on this Digimon?" Rika had just gotten through with asking her question when the arrows on the screen of her D-arc started to spin rapidly. When the arrows stopped spinning a proper image of the Digimon appeared.

The Digimon was a yellow furred tiger with purple stripes going up and down its body, with a white underside, and a pair of wings coming out of its back that ended with pure white feathers. Around its neck was a red scarf, purple arm braces attached to its front and back legs, and on the thigh of its legs were violet round shields with a single spike coming out of their center. A large red scarf was worn around its neck. Its eyes were a blood red with white pupils.

"Mihiramon," Rika began to read before her face paled slightly at the next part. "An Ultimate level Data Type Digimon," She said a bit shakily. "He is one of the twelve Deva, a group of Digimon that work for the Four Digimon Sovereigns. His attacks are Samurai Tiger Tail, Armored Tiger Tail, a stronger version of his Samurai Tiger Tail, and Tiger Wing Blades." The redhead finished reading.

"An Ultimate," Takato said shocked. "We have to get up there and help her."

"Wait, don't." Naruto spoke up once more, stopping Takato and this time Henry and their Digimon as well, from doing anything.

"What? Why?" Takato questioned him. "Renamon is strong but even she can't take on an Ultimate level Digimon by herself, even if she does Digivolve to Kyuubimon." The crimson eyed brown haired Tamer pointed out. And though she didn't want to admit it Rika had to agree with Takato on that one.

"And I didn't say she would have to." Naruto replied steadily before continuing. "But there isn't much room up there, sending Growl and Gargomon would only make things worse. It would be better if Coronamon and Patamon digivolved and go instead, they would be able to fight from the air." The cerulean eyed shinobi said, gaining looks of understanding from the others. Seeing that they agreed with his plan Naruto focused his attention on Rika. "Are you ready?" He asked her, pulling out a card from his deck holder.

"Ready," Rika replied, pulling out her own card.

"Digi-Modify," Both Tamers said slashing the cards they held through their D-arcs. "Digivolution Activate!"


"Renamon digivolve to… Kyuubimon!"

"Patamon digivolve to… Angemon!"

"Coronamon digivolve to… Firamon!"

Coronamon and Patamon had been running towards the Tokyo Metropolitan Building when they were both encased in orange digi-egg like constructs. When they reemerged both Digimon were now in their Champion forms and soaring up to the top of the building.

"So, shall I start things off?" Kyuubimon said, after coming out of a digi-egg made of crisscrossing blue data strands, as she spread her nine tails out wide, "Fox Tail Inferno!" The yellow furred quadruped fox called, summoning ghostly flames to light all nine of her tails.

Mihiramon wasn't overly concerned about the Champion level Digimon's attack, he knew that he was strong enough to survive the attack and fast enough to dodge it if he wanted. What the tiger Deva hadn't expected was the sudden appearance of two more Digimon, an Angemon and a Firamon.

"Fire Bomb," Firamon shouted channeling his power into the flame located on his forehead before firing it at Mihiramon.

"Omni Typhoon!" Angemon continued with his own attack, the hurricane he created with his staff combining with the other two Champion Digimon's attacks creating a flaming hurricane heading straight for Mihiramon.

The Ultimate level Digimon jumped over the incoming triple attack; once more while he was sure about his chances of survival he was also sure that the attack would be strong enough to cause some damage. Mihiramon flew above the attack a bit shakily the heat and winds being generated by the attack causing him to be unsteady in his ability to fly. Looking ahead of him Mihiramon saw a pale blue flamed dragon heading towards him.

"Dragon Wheel!" Kyuubimon's voice came from within the fire dragon.

Mihiramon once more moved out of the way of the incoming attack and watched it sail past him, he was taken by surprise when instead of dissipating once it touched the ground the dragon redirected itself and went back towards him. This time prepared for it Mihiramon called out the name of his own attack, "Samurai Tiger Tail!" The tiger roared its tail transforming into a three sectioned staff, also known as "Tiger Rod" or "Bao-Bang," that Mihiramon swung at Kyuubimon's Dragon Wheel the three section staff slicing through the flames and hit Kyuubimon, destroying the rest of the pale blue flamed dragon.

Kyuubimon landed in a heap on the building's roof, the Dragon Wheel had taken a majority of the force behind the Samurai Tiger Tail out and with Naruto's training Kyuubimon managed to withstand the remaining power in the attack. But she would still need a moment to recover completely.

A smirk appeared on Mihiramon's feline face as he stared down at Kyuubimon's wounded form. Hearing something coming behind him Mihiramon turned around to see Angemon coming at him with his own staff raised ready to strike the Data type Digimon. "Samurai Tiger Tail." Mihiramon said, once more transforming his tail into its weapon form before proceeding to wrap it around Angemon's golden staff and rip it out of the Angel Digimon's hands.

Undettered Angemon cocked his fist back, gathering holy energy into it, before unleashing it. "Hand of Faith!" Angemon shouted firing the energy he gahtered in a single punch aimed at Mihiramon. The attack moved to fast for Mihiramon to dodge it and it impacted with the tiger Digimon's chest causing him to growl in some pain and discomfrot. Mihiramon glared at the angel Digimon, but a shout from behind him drew his attention momentarily away from Angemon.

"Fire Claw!" Firamon roared, his claws on fire as he slashed at his tiger counter part.

Mihiramon managed to dodge the first few swipes of Firamon's Fire Claw before counterattacking. "Samurai Tiger Tail!" The Deva shouted breaking Firamon's stride and slamming his Bao-Bang into the Lion Digimon's chin. With a vicious fanged grin Mihiramon pressed his attack, "Armored Tiger Tail!" Mihiramon's tail transformed once more the tip of its three sectioned staff becoming sharp and pointed as spikes appeared out of it, before he slammed it into Firamon's chest causing the fire lion to roar out in pain.

With the Tamers Naruto suddenly grabbed his chest, in the same place that Firamon had been struck, as he grunted in pain.

"What's wrong Whiskers?" Rika asked in some clear concern for her cerulean eyed friend when she noticed him grab his chest and grunt painfully.

"I felt that last attack." Naruto replied, as he held his D-arc, that up until a few seconds ago was split in half to show what both Angemon and Firamon were seeing. Now it showed Angemon looking down at Firamon from the sky.

"What? How is that possible?" Takato asked, having heard the Naruto's response.

"Don't know." Naruto muttered as he straitened himself out, "But we should finish this as soon as possible."

Back on the rooftop Mihiramon still had a malicious fanged grin on his face as he moved to deliver the finishing blow on Firamon. "Samurai Tiger Tail!" The tiger Deva roared victiorious, only for his presumed victory to be cut short by Angemon.

"Angel Rod," Angemon said slamming his retrieved staff between Firamon and Mihiramon's attack.

"Why you little…" Mihiramon growled out.

"Now don't forget about me." Kyuubimon's voice said tauntingly. Looking over toward the source of the voice Mihiramon saw that Kyuubimon was in her stance for her Fox Tail Inferno attack. Kyuubimon could see the arrogant smirk that Mihiramon wore, so sure of himself that he knew what was coming and that it wouldn't hurt him. Kyuubimon's tails ignited in their ghostly pale blue flames, but then those flames moved and gathered in front of the kitsune condensing into a small sphere, "Fox Tail Imari!" Kyuubimon cried unleashing the attack with tremendous force. Fox Tail Imari was something that Kyuubimon was developing with the help of Naruto over the last few weeks of training. The blonde shinobi had told the digital fox how the Imari, or Bijuudama, was the ultimate attack of the Bijuu of his former home world. And while her attack was powerful, very much more than her Fox Tail Inferno and maybe her Dragon Wheel, it was nowhere near perfected as there was a very real chance it would blow up in her face. But they were already one Digimon down and fighting an Ultimate level Digimon, so Kyuubimon was willing to risk it.

At first Mihiramon didn't react to the attack because he was sure of what would happen, and then he didn't do anything because he became curious when he noticed that the fox Digimon was compressing her attack into a small sphere. By the time he knew he needed to move and get out of the way of the attack's trajectory it had already been too late. The attack moved far faster than he had expected and when it hit him Mihiramon couldn't help the roar of pain that escaped his mouth. When the blast finally dissipated it revealed a Mihiramon with its fur and armor scorched, but no worse for wear.

"You insolent," Mihiramon muttered, "Samurai Tiger Tail!" He snarled swinging his tail wildly at the vixen Digimon faster than either she or Angemon could react. While Kyuubimon had become stronger from Naruto's training there was only so much she could take, so with one final blow she was tossed over the edge of the building. Angemon moved to help the falling Digimon, but Mihiramon got between him and Kyuubimon, "Oh no you' don't Tiger Wing Blades!" Slamming his Bao-Bang on the ground Mihiramon created shockwaves that headed in Angemon's direction and knocked him off his feet. And while the angel was picking himself up the tiger came in with his Samurai Tiger Tail, reverting the Champion level Digimon back to Patamon.

On the ground the Tamers and the remaining Digimon watched as Kyuubimon was thrown off the roof before she' De-Digivolved back into Renamon, her form still.

"Renamon," Rika murmured worriedly for her partner.

"I've got her." Naruto said panting; he had felt the attacks that Angemon had suffered just seconds ago, as dashed towards the Hypnos building before running up it vertically with the application of chakra to the soles of his feet. In a matter of seconds Naruto had reached Renamon's descending height, jumping off the building the shinobi grabbed the unconscious kitsune in midair. When they reached the ground Naruto landed smoothly, having infused his limbs with chakra to absorb the force of the impact, and laid Renamon down gently where she was immediately surrounded by Rika and the others.

"Renamon," Rika muttered again as she stared at the wounds her Digimon suffered.

"She'll be fine." Naruto reassured her, "Her injuries are bad, but they're nothing a Digimon can't survive through." Digimon were far sturdier than other living creatures being able to recover from wounds others might find fatal. It was why Firamon hadn't been deleted when Mihiramon pierced him with his Armored Tiger Tail, he was hurt but it wasn't anything he couldn't survive.

"We should send Guilmon and Terriermon up there now." Takato said tearing his eyes away from the sight of the beaten Renamon.

"Not yet." Naruto replied.

"What?" Henry said incredulously. "Renamon and Patamon can't fight anymore and Firamon is seriously hurt." The blue haired said indignantly. At that moment they all heard helicopters above them. Looking up they saw a couple of choppers open fire on Mihiramon. "Guns won't stop him; it'll take something a lot stronger than that." Henry finished grimly.

On the rooftop Mihiramon just laughed as the bullets had absolutely no effect on him. "Pathetic humans you cannot stop me. Your time is at an end!" The Deva claimed smugly.

"You all are underestimating what my Digimon and I can do." Naruto said with a confident grin his eyes shining with determination, as he pulled a card out of his deck holster. "We're not done yet, are we Firamon?" On the rooftop Firamon picked himself off the ground with a growl as he glared at Mihiramon, who hadn't spotted the lion Digimon getting back up. "Let's show that Hello Kitty reject why the lion is considered the King!" The sapphire eyed shinobi said the card he was holding turning into the fabled Blue Card the others told him they all received before becoming Digimon Tamers. "Digi-Modify… Matrix Digivolution Activate!" The whiskered Tamer finished slashing the card through his D-arc.

From beside the blonde Tamer Calumon's Zero Unit started to shine brightly, 'Crystal Matrix Activate!'


"Firamon digivolve to… Flaremon!"

Firamon's Ultimate level was revealed from a blinding white light. Flaremon for the most part looked exactly like Firamon with a few key differences. The most notable being Flaremon's lack of wings, that he stood on two legs and was taller, even taller than the height Growlmon stood at, and that his mane was much longer reaching all the way down to his ankles. Flaremon had grey armor on its chest, shoulders, and around its waist. From the armor on Flaremon's shoulder pads small flames raised from a circle on each shoulder pad, and attached to each shoulder were three extra pieces of sectioned armor colored red, white, and then back to red that spiked. The buckles he had on his legs as Firamon were now gone, though the ones on his hand that were around his wrists were changed a bit so that they extended a bit up his arm.

Mihiramon turned around when he noticed the light from Firamon's Digivolution and growled at the bipedal lion Digimon, while Patamon tiredly opened his eyes to stare at his partner Digimon's Ultimate level. With the Tamers Naruto got the new data on his D-arc on Flaremon through Patamon and read it out loud, so the others could hear.

"Flaremon, Ultimate level, Vaccine type Digimon," Naruto started. "His attacks are Crimson Beast-King Wave, Red Lion Dance, and Purifying Howl. Even though he can't fly anymore Flaremon is much faster now and a better skilled fighter, I guess all those Taijutsu lessons will be put to good use." Naruto finished reading with a smirk, as he was filled with anticipation for the upcoming fight between the two Ultimate level' Digimon.

"You digivolved," Mihiramon said pointing out the obvious. "How is that possible?" The tiger Digimon demanded, but didn't receive an answer from Flaremon who just stared at him intently. "It doesn't matter I suppose. I defeated you once and I can easily do it again!" Mihiramon declared loudly. "The Sovereign One shall take control of this world and wipe away all humans! Samurai Tiger Tail!" He finished lashing out with his Bao-Bang.

Flaremon blocked each of the strikes with his arms, the once powerful bone crushing blows reduced to almost non-painful strikes. With the Tamers, Naruto could also feel the blows from Mihiramon, but like his partner Digimon they almost didn't register. Back with the fighting Digimon Mihiramon was growing increasingly agitated with the fact that he wasn't able to break through the lion's defenses and land a real hit, his anger only grew once he realized that Flaremon wasn't getting all that hurt by his attack.

"You dare mock me!" Mihiramon roared angrily, "You who have chosen to be a slave to these worthless humans. You are a disgrace to Digimon everywhere, and I shall take much pleasure in showing you your place for daring oppose me, Armored Tiger Tail!" The Deva finished transforming his tail into its strongest form before aiming it at Flaremon.

"That won't work on me a second time." Flaremon muttered, stepping to the side and proceeding to grab a hold of Mihiramon's tail with his powerful hands. Swinging the tiger by his tail Flaremon released his hold on Mihiramon and sent him flying, "Crimson Beast-King Wave!" Flaremon shouted summoning and releasing crimson colored flames from his hands that took the shape of roaring lion's heads, which looked much like Leomon's Fist of the Beast King. The attacks flew through the air at Mihiramon, who just managed to right himself in midair to dodge the attacks but even then could feel the heat coming off the attack.

"Tiger Wing Blades!" Mihiramon countered, slamming his Bao-Bang onto the roof and creating shockwaves in Flaremon's direction, hoping the shockwaves would give him an opening for his next attack. What the tiger Deva didn't expect was for Flaremon to jump high into the air when the shockwaves approached and hit him with a drop kick to the head. Slowly Mihiramon unsteadily picked himself up; shaking his head in a desperate attempt to clear the cobwebs in his head Mihiramon did his best to rush his opponent, "Samurai Tiger Tail!" Mihiramon shouted swinging around.

Flaremon easily saw the attack coming and was prepared for it, igniting his hands and feet in crimson flames, the Ultimate lion Digimon disappeared from Mihiramon's sight in a burst of speed. "Red Lion Dance!" The lion roared before landing a barrage of fiery punches and kicks all over Mihiramon's body, appearing and disappearing all around Mihiramon during his assault.

'Impossible,' Mihiramon thought a moment before Flaremon's first punch landed and his mind lost itself to the pain he felt. It was widely known amongst the Devas that he was one of the fastest, so for him not to be able to keep up with Flaremon's speed was unbelievable and terrifying.

With one final flaming kick to Mihiramon's chin, which Flaremon would freely admit was for a bit of revenge, Flaremon launched the beaten tiger up into the air, "Purifying Howl!" Flaremon howled unleashing a blast of energy at Mihiramon.

"NO!" Mihiramon shouted, as he felt himself slowly being destroyed, "Do you realize what you have done?! We could have ruled over these weak and pathetic humans, nothing could have stopped us and you had to ruin everything!" He continued, his life coming to a slow end. "But it won't matter in the end. My brothers will defeat you and avenge my death. Do you think you've won? You've only prolonged the inevitable! The Digimon Sovereign shall rule over both worlds and the Devas shall be by his side when it happens!" With that Mihiramon was deleted.

Taking a quick survey of the rooftop Flaremon noted the damage the Digimon caused during their fight, before he spotted Patamon lying off to the side. Picking him up Flaremon observed that most of Patamon's injuries had already healed, but that the small Rookie level Digimon would still need some rest. With Patamon held securely in his arms Flaremon jumped off the edge of the building to rejoin their Tamer and friends, creating a small tremor and creator when he landed back on the ground.

The Tamers, their Digimon, and Kazu, Kenta, and Jeri stared in amazement of the Ultimate level lion Digimon, the last three arriving near the end of the battle.

"You two were amazing back there." Naruto said praising both his Digimon, as he took hold of Patamon, and ignored Kazu's grumbling in the background about how unfair it was that the most popular guy in school was also a Digimon Tamer. "And congratulation on digivolving Flaremon." The blonde Tamer continued. "But we should leave before more people come here." He stated and the others quickly agreeing with his suggestion, though how they were supposed to hide Flaremon none of them were sure.

Two weeks after the fight with Mihiramon things had returned to relative normalcy. The few days right after the fight with the Deva were spent by the Tamers trying to figure everything they could about the Devas and who they served. With the help of the Digimon Database they easily figured out who the Devas were, and though the Devas were assigned to one of the Four Sovereign Digimon, that they all currently served under Zhuqiaomon. With the knowledge of who they would be facing all the Tamers and their Digimon intensified their training in preparation. Another thing they discovered was that for their Digimon to reach the Ultimate level they apparently would need the use of a Blue Card, as Coronamon hadn't been able to Digivolve to Flaremon since his fight with Mihiramon.

Henry's apartment

The half-Chinese half-Japanese Tamer was sleeping peacefully in his bed until his rest was interrupted by the phone ringing and his little sister waking him up.

"Wakey, wakey Henry," Suzie said trying to imitate Terriermon's voice, though she didn't know that Terriermon could really talk.

"Uh, Terriermon knock it off." Henry mumbled sleepily still not fully awake, so he didn't realize that it was actually his younger sister.

"Good morning!" Suzie said cheerfully revealing herself from behind Terriermon, and surprising the now awake Henry. "Wise and shine. Henwy that angwy kid's on the phone again." The little girl informed her brother.

The blue haired Tamer could feel his eye twitching, 'Angry, huh?' Henry thought as he got out of bed and made his way to the phone. 'I'll give him angry.' He finished his thought as he picked up the phone. "Takato, this better be important. It's 6:30 in the morning." Henry said into the phone knowing that it was his fellow Tamer from the way his sister described him.

"Hey Henry! Rise and shine!" Takato said from his end, way too loudly and with too much energy for that early hour of the day, before he got on to the reason he called. "I was thinking, as Tamers we should always do our best to try to get the jump on any potential threats."

"Great." Henry said doing his best to hold back any sarcastic remarks.

"Anyway," Takato continued, not noticing how disinterested Henry sounded at that moment. "I thought we could all patrol around the city today."

"I'd like to," Henry started still not sounding all that enthusiastic about Takato's idea, as he glanced at a nearby calendar that had the date circled. "But... I've other plans, sorry." The bluenette finished apologetically before hanging up.

Matsuki Bakery

Takato looked at the phone in his hand after Henry had hung up listening to the dial tone. "Well okay..." Takato mumbled confusedly before dialing in the number for the Nonaka home to tell Rika his plan, and after a couple of seconds someone answered just not anyone he was expecting.

"Hello, Nonaka residence, Naruto Uzumaki speaking." Naruto's voice came over the phone line.

"Uh, Naruto?" Takato said unsurely into the phone receiver.

"Takato? What's up?" Naruto asked his friend and fellow Tamer.

"What are you doing at Rika's?" Takato asked instead, holding off on telling the blonde his idea for the sake of learning why Naruto was at Rika's home so early in the morning.

"I was invited to go with Ri-Chan and Seiko-Obaachan to the theatre." Naruto answered, though he wasn't all that looking forward to it, but was forced into going by Rika.

"So I guess that means that neither you nor Rika can go for a patrol around the city?" Takato asked dejectedly and then told Naruto his brilliant plan to patrol the city in case there were any attacks by the other Devas. When Naruto confirmed that they wouldn't be able to the two Tamers said their goodbye before hanging up. "Wow," Takato began after putting the phone down. "I guess I'm the only one who takes taming seriously."

"Takato," Takato's mother's voice came from another part of the home/bakery. "There are some friends here to see you!" She informed him. "They're at the front door!"

Walking to the front door of the bakery Takato was only mildly surprised to find a group of his classmates waiting for him with excited smiles on their faces, with Kazu, Kenta, and Jeri at the front of the group.

"Hey Takato," Kenta greeted his friend. "We were just in the neighborhood..." He started only to trail off at the end.

"Uh," Jeri continued since Kenta wasn't going to do it. "They want to meet Guilmon," The brown haired girl explained with a slight gesture to the others that were behind them. "Is that okay?" She asked worriedly.

"Well, it's not like it's a real problem." Takato said as he scratched the back of his head nervously, a habit he had picked up from Naruto. "But I'm supposed to keep Guilmon a secret and I almost got into some real trouble for telling you guys last time."

"No worries," Kazu said before turning to look at the group. "Alright listen up! This is going to be our secret, so no one better open their big mouths to anyone else or you'll answer to me, got that?" He finished as threateningly as possible, with everyone quickly agreeing so they could get on their way of meeting an actual Digimon.

Takato looked at everyone, still not completely sure about showing Guilmon to everyone, but with the way they were looking at him Takato found himself unable to refuse. "I guess if everyone promises to keep Guilmon secret then should be okay." The Virus Tamer eventually relented, much to the excited cheering of his classmates. 'This is okay right?' Takato asked himself.

A few hours later Naruto, Rika, and Seiko were in the subway station waiting for the subway train to arrive. The play, in Naruto's opinion, had been lousy the actors would never find themselves staring in a movie or on Broadway of that Naruto was sure. The story itself wasn't all that bad enjoyable even, Rika seemed to have liked it at least from the smile on her face, something that really surprised Naruto since she seemed very annoyed, or vexed as she liked to say, when they first set out for the theatre.

Currently Seiko was on her phone talking to Rumiko as they waited for the subway train. "Oh the play, it was...interesting, I think." Seiko said, even the always kind and generous Seiko Hata was having second thoughts about the quality of the play. "Rika, Naruto-Kun, and I are taking the subway. We'll be home soon." The grandmother continued and then listened as her daughter told her something. "Alright I'll ask him." Seiko replied before turning toward Naruto. "Naruto-Kun how'd you like to have dinner with us tonight?" She asked him with Rika looking at him as well expecting him to agree like he usually does.

Naruto thought it over for a second. He sincerely enjoyed eating dinner with the Nonaka's but he was really starting to feel like he was taking advantage of their hospitality. "I'd like that Seiko-Obaachan, but I'm starting to feel like a burden, forcing you to make extra food for me whenever I come over." Naruto said regretfully, and surprising both women with his reluctance.

"Don't be ridiculous," Seiko said scolding the teen lightly. "It's no burden at all Naruto-Kun. I enjoy having you at our home and see it as no bother in making you something to eat; in fact I quiet enjoy hearing you praise my cooking." She said with a light laugh. "Besides that Rumiko wants to have the chance to talk with you again, and I'm sure Rika likes it when you come over too. Right, Rika?" The grandmother finished by turning to her granddaughter in question.

Rika blushed lightly when Naruto's attention turned to her as they waited for her to answer. "I guess I don't mind all that much." Rika admitted, briefly the redhead wondered how long ago it was that she thought the opposite and preferred the blonde teen stayed away from her home.

Naruto was genuinely touched by the two females' acceptance of him in their home, for someone who lived most of their life by themselves it was… nice. "Still," Naruto continued, "I want to pay you all back for having me over so often, so how about tonight I make you all dinner at my apartment." The blonde shinobi offered with a smile. "That way Seiko-Obaachan can enjoy having someone make dinner for her for a change." He stated with a smile directed toward the elderly woman.

Seiko really appreciated the gesture. "That's sounds lovely Naruto-Kun." Seiko told him with a smile of her own. "I don't see why not. Let me see what Rumiko thinks." She said before telling her daughter the younger blonde's suggestion and Rumiko seemed delighted with the idea so they agreed to have dinner at Naruto's that night.

"You are going to make something that isn't ramen, right?" Rika questioned curiously with a single eyebrow raised.

"I do know how to cook food besides ramen." Naruto claimed with faux indignation in his voice, before he continued in a whisper so only the amethyst eyed Tamer would be able to hear him. "Besides Coronamon would be irritated if all he could eat all day was ramen." He told her with a smirk of amusement.

Rika was about to say something else when both Tamers' D-arcs suddenly went off. Pulling the D-arcs out both watched as the screens changed into their tracking modes. "A Digimon is close by." Rika stated as she started to look around for any sign of the Digimon. Looking off to her right Rika spotted Calumon being fond over by a couple of girls. "Oh, it's just Calumon." Rika said dismissively.

"I wouldn't be too sure about that Ri-Chan." Naruto said looking in the opposite direction that Rika had.

"What?" Rika said confused before noticing that both their D-arcs were pointing down the subway tunnel where a Digital Field had appeared, "Another Digimon." The redhead Data Tamer realized just as the Digital Field engulfed them, and forced both Tamers to put on their sunglasses.

"Hey, who's smoking?" Seiko asked out loud mistaking the fog for smoke.

The sound of Seiko's voice reminded Naruto that he and Rika weren't alone. "We have to get Seiko-Obaachan out of here." He told Rika with the redhead quickly agreeing, as she called for Renamon.

The fox Digimon being in another part of the city confident in her Tamer's safety as long as she was with Naruto, but didn't mean she was going to take her time getting to Rika's side, not to mention her King's.

In the subway station Rika was pushing her grandmother towards the exit. "Come hurry, you need to get out of here." Rika said trying to get her grandmother to move faster.

"Wha- Rika what's the matter why are' you pushing?" Seiko asked confused by her granddaughter's actions.

"Hurry," Rika urged the older woman.

Behind them Naruto stared down the Digimon that came out of the subway tunnel, with a scowl on his face as recognized what it was. "I hate snakes." Naruto muttered to himself, as he glared at the Digimon. Naruto also silently cursed the fact that Patamon and Coronamon weren't with him, but he couldn't risk calling them with his phone in case the Digimon attacked while he was distracted.

The Digimon was a white scaled cobra with the hood being patterned with violet scales and had a gold rim lining the hood making it look like a turtle's shell, the underside of the hood being white like the rest of the snake. It had blood red colored eyes. It had a purple underside that almost looked armored and that also had gold rimming, near the base of the hood a green portion with two gold circles. On the Digimon's head it had three horns and purple markings under its eyes and on the center of its head. On the top of its hood Naruto could just barely make out a gold symbol that he couldn't really recognize.

Renamon suddenly appeared beside the blonde Tamer as he sensed Rika rejoin them, and heard Seiko being escorted out while calling out for Rika and him, "Rika mind telling us who this guy is?" Naruto asked, not taking his eyes off of the snake in front of him, as he grabbed a kunai he had hidden; since Naruto wasn't expecting to face off against a Digimon he only had a small amount of kunai and shuriken on him. From the Tamers' earlier research Naruto recognized the white scaled snake as one of the Devas, but that is all he could recall about it at the moment.

"Hold on," Rika told him, grabbing her D-arc and pointing it at the cobra as data appeared on the screen, "Alright, got it, Sandiramon, Ultimate level, Virus type, and one of the Devas." The amethyst eyed Tamer read, the only information she hadn't figured on her own was that the snake was a Virus type. "Its attacks are Venom Axe and Bio-Kui or 'Treasure Lance.' He is cruel and cunning choosing to make his opponents suffer by suffocating them before killing them. He normally lives underground and subterranean maneuvers are its specialty." Rika finished sounding disgusted when she read the part about how Sandiramon tortured with his opponents. Which Sandiramon seemed to find amusing if it's chuckling/hissing was anything to go by.

"Great," Naruto muttered as he focused on the part about skills of fighting while underground. "While down here Sandiramon has the advantage. We need to be extra careful while fighting him, and if we can figure out a way to get him above ground, somewhere far away from people." He told them.

"Where are Patamon and Coronamon?" Rika asked her friend. As strong as Naruto appeared to be Rika wasn't sure if he could take an Ultimate level Digimon without some serious help and with Renamon being a Data type and Sandiramon a Virus her partner was at a serious disadvantage while fighting the snake Deva.

"They're at the apartment." Naruto replied. "Call them, me and Renamon will keep scaly busy while you do that." Rika quickly agreed as she pulled out her phone and dialed the number for Naruto's apartment. Turning his attention to Renamon Naruto told the yellow furred vixen her part. "Ok I'll take this guy head on while you back me up." Naruto informed her and Renamon immediately nodded her head. She couldn't go against his plan, besides obvious reasons, Renamon understood just how bad the situation currently was for them. "Ready?" The shinobi Tamer asked.

"Ready," Renamon replied determinedly.

Naruto started things off by throwing some shurikens at the snake Renamon adding in her Diamond Storm, Renamon having worked on it until she could fire it almost instantly, but Sandiramon swiped them away harmlessly, almost lazily, with his tail. Obviously regular kunai, shuriken, and Renamon's attacks on their own weren't going to be enough. Naruto created some Shadow Clones and sent them to fight the snake Deva in close combat, this was for the sake of buying them a little more time and to see how well Sandiramon did with an opponent that fights up close. The first couple of clones were taken out quickly in a surprising display of speed and agility by the Deva. The next couple of clones were better prepared to deal with Sandiramon and managed to get passed the cobra's initial strike and got in close to land a couple of hits. The few hits they landed did nothing more than cause Sandiramon to grunt in slight pain with a bit of a bruise forming under its eye. Sandiramon retaliated violently insulted that a filthy human dared to touch him. Quickly wrapping around one clone Sandiramon tightened around the clone until it popped, while momentarily confused at the clone's sudden disappearance, the white snake went after the other clone and bit down on its head forcing it to pop, and sending the memories back to Naruto, causing him to shiver fearfully as he recalled his past experience with being eaten by a snake.

"I've called Coronamon and Patamon, they're on their way." Rika said, bringing Naruto out of his memories, as she rejoined the fight and pulled out a card from deck holster, "Alright Renamon time to really join the fight." She continued slashing the card through the D-arc. "Digi-Modify… Digivolution Activate!"


"Renamon digivolve to… Kyuubimon!"

With Sandiramon's attention focused on Naruto it didn't see the pale blue flamed dragon heading his way, "Dragoon Wheel!" Immediately after digivolving Kyuubimon launched one of her strongest attacks at Sandiramon, which made it all the worse for the faux Kyuubi no Kitsune when Sandiramon looked at most annoyed with her interfereance.

With Sandiramon distracted Naruto went through a quick set of hand signs, "Wind Style: Drilling Air Bullets!" Naruto shouted, firing three spiraling bullets of air at the Virus Deva. The first air bullet hit Sandiramon in the side of the head and caused him some obvious pain, Sandiramon recovered enough to dodge the second bullet from hitting him but the quick succession of the third wind bullet managed to connect with Sandiramon's long snake body.

Sandiramon hissed angrily at the shinobi before a smirk appeared on its face, as it quickly slithered toward one of the subway tunnels. Naruto was surprised for a second at Sandiramon's quick retreat before he followed after the snake. Rika climbing on top of Kyuubimon and following after him, but not before she grabbed Calumon, you never know when the creampuff would prove useful.

It was only a few minutes later that the urgency to stop Sandiramon became more apparent when Rika and Naruto saw that the snake was heading straight for a subway train, and by the look in Sandiramon's eyes the Digimon had no intention of letting it stop him. With another curse Naruto grabbed a few kunai and infused them with wind chakra before jumping into the air and throwing them at Sandiramon, the kunai actually managing to penetrate the snake's white scales. But the kunai weren't chakra conductive, so while Naruto could sharpen the kunai enough to imbed' themselves in Sandiramon it wasn't enough for them to go through the white scaled serpent. With another painful hiss Sandiramon thrashed his body around, without slowing down, causing the kunai to dislodge themselves before falling uselessly off to the side. Naruto made a note to come back for those kunai later or hazard having someone else find them.

Henry spent the last few hours since receiving Takato's call running a few errands, along with going to his martial arts practice with his sensei at the dojo. Since Henry started his training with Naruto Henry's sensei had been amazed by the bluenette's astounding improvement. Terriermon had tagged along all but begging Henry to take the small rabbit Digimon with him instead of leaving him at home at the mercy Nurse Suzie.

"I'm bored," Terriermon said with a sigh as he and Henry stepped off a subway train. "I wish something exciting would happen." He continued wistfully before his body grew tense and he glanced at the subway tunnel. "Oh," Henry looked down at his partner, who he was carrying in his arms, rather than have Terriermon hanging off his shoulder like usual, in question. "I got my wish." Terriermon finished, Henry looking in the same direction as his partner.

From the tunnel Sandiramon appeared heading straight for the subway train, scarring the Subway Conductor and all the passengers onboard the train that could see it off in a panic. Through the chaotic noise of stampeding feet and fearful shouts Henry could hear a woman screaming for her child, just as Sandiramon came up to the subway train and opened its mouth wide and started to vaporize it. Turning to look inside the disappearing train Henry could see a toddler crying while lying on his back.

"Venom Axe!" Sandiramon shouted, firing a halberd with its blade glowing' a venomous purple, and with a green staff, at the child.

Rushing back into the train Henry pulled out a card and his green D-arc, with Terriermon behind him. "Digi-Modify… WarGreymon's Brave Shield Activate!" Terriermon moved to stand between his Tamer, the child, and the Venom Axe coming at them, a replica of WarGreymon's shield appearing in his small hands. Henry managed to pick up the small child just as the Venom Axe struck the shield before Tamer and Digimon exited the train in a hurry, the last remnants of the subway disappearing just as they got off, and proceeded to return the small boy to his mother.

While the mother was thanking Henry and Terriermon for saving her son the two of them were watching carefully as Sandiramon slithered passed them, before they heard something else coming from the tunnel in the same direction that the snake had come from. Prepared in case it was another enemy Digimon neither of them expected to see Naruto rush passed them' chasing after Sandiramon, Rika on Kyuubimon was far less of a surprise.

"Coming through, watch your toes!" Kyuubimon said as she ran by not slowing down in the least.

"Call Goggle-head!" Rika shouted having spotted Henry as she tossed him her cell phone. "We're going to need his help!" She stated before she and Kyuubimon disappeared down the subway tunnel.

Henry stood there for a moment stupefied by his friends' sudden appearance and then disappearance before what Rika said registered in his mind and did what she told him to do.

In the subway tunnel Kyuubimon was slowly falling behind Sandiramon and Naruto. "He's getting away!" Kyuubimon said as she did her best to keep up with the other two.

"Not for long!" Rika said grabbing a card from her deck and slashing it through her D-arc. "Digi-Modify… Hyper Speed Activate!"

In a burst of speed Kyuubimon started to catch back up with Sandiramon and Naruto. "Now that's more like it!" Kyuubimon stated thrilled, getting a rush out of her new found speed, as her tails left behind a trail of light blue flames.

"Need a lift?" Rika asked, offering her hand to Naruto, as they came up beside him.

"Show offs," Naruto said once he noticed the trial of ghostly fire they were leaving behind them, but took Rika's hand anyway and pulled himself onto Kyuubimon sitting himself right behind Rika. "But I guess this isn't so bad." The blonde shinobi continued placing his arms Rika's waist to make sure he didn't fall off, enjoying how close to Rika he was, off course he could just use a bit of chakra to keep himself from falling but he preferred this.

Rika blushed lightly at the feel of Naruto's arms around her; she hadn't realized how close that would make him. "You better not do anything perverted Fishcake no Baka." Rika told him warningly.

"Don't really know if I can help myself." Naruto said jokingly and with a large grin.

"Oi you two better be behaving yourselves back there," Kyuubimon said gaining the two Tamers' attention, but even from the tone of her voice they could tell she was amused with the situation that her amethyst eyed Tamer found herself in.

At the last subway terminal Sandiramon managed to scare away all the people leaving the Tamers and Digimon by themselves. With nowhere to go the snake Deva turned around to face his opponents. Naruto and Kyuubimon stood protectively in front of Rika both ready to continue fighting.

"Now that you have no more innocent people to terrorize maybe you'd like to pick on me." Kyuubimon said confidently, as she spread her nine tails out wide, "Fox Tail Inferno!" The kitsune called summoning her ghostly flames to the tip of her tails before launching them at the cobra.

Naruto backed upped Kyuubimon's attack with one of his own. "Wind Style: Great Breakthrough!" The winds from Naruto's jutsu enhanced Kyuubimon's Fox Tail Inferno, causing the flames to burn brighter, stronger, and fly faster towards Sandiramon.

With Sandiramon trying to withstand the high pressure winds that Naruto created he couldn't concentrate on moving out of the way, or blocking Kyuubimon's attack so each of the pale blue fireballs connected. The enhanced fireballs caused Sandiramon to flinch painfully and once he recovered he glared murderously at the cause of his pain. Lunging at the fox Kyuubimon jumped back to avoid being eaten by the white serpent, sadly she didn't see Sandiramon's tail as it wrapped itself around her and constricted around her tightly and causing her to scream.


"Terriermon digivolve to… Gargomon!"

"Gargo Laser!"

"Corona Flame!"

"Boom Bubble!"

The moment that Henry and Terriermon arrived, accompanied by Coronamon and Patamon who had seem the two make their way toward the subway station, Terriermon digivolved to his Champion level and the three Digimon immediately attacked, as they aimed for Sandiramon's tail in order to free Kyuubimon. Sandiramon wasn't expecting the triple of attack from the three Digimon, so when the three attacks connected he reflexively released Kyuubimon and drew his tail back to him in both pain and surprise.

"It's about time you two showed upped." Naruto said to his partners with a smirk.

"Sorry we took so long Naruto." Patamon apologized.

"It's not our fault someone decided to leave us at home and then run around half the city after a Digimon." Coronamon shot back.

Naruto chuckled lightly at how different his two partners were when it came to their personalities. "Well are you two ready to really join this fight?" Naruto asked pulling out a card and grabbing his D-arc, his Digimon growing serious as they nodded their heads, "Digi-Modify… Digivolution Activate!"


"Patamon digivolve to… Angemon!"

"Coronamon digivolve to… Firamon!"

"Where's Takato?!" Rika asked Henry not seeing the brown haired Tamer or Guilmon.

"I couldn't find him!" Henry answered. "You'd think with how eager he was to patrol the city this wouldn't be a problem."

"Figures," The redhead muttered.

Sandiramon stared down the humans and Digimon that dared to oppose him. Even outnumbered as he was the snake Deva refused to admit any kind of fear or worry at his chances of surviving. He was one of the Sovereign One's personal Devas; he wouldn't be defeated by a bunch of humans and their pet Digimon. Sandiramon opened his mouth wide open, displaying his sharp white teeth. "Venom Axe," Sandiramon hissed firing one Venom Axe after the other.

Gargomon and Henry moved to stand behind one of the pillars in the subway station to avoid being skewered by the poison axe. Naruto moved to get Rika out of the line of danger Kyuubimon, Firamon, and Angemon moved to stand between their Tamers and the Venom Axes, blocking any that were going in their direction. After the last Venom Axe was deflected Firamon was the first to retaliate.

"Fire Bomb!" Firamon shouted unleashing a flame bomb at Sandiramon. The snake Deva moved swiftly to the side to avoid the fire bomb only to be pelted by Gargomon's Gargo Laser. From above Angemon came down at Sandiramon with his golden staff.

"Angel Rod," Angemon said his staff glowing with holy energy.

Before the attack could connect with the top of Sandiramon's head the snake Deva used its tail to grab ahold of the staff and toss it, and Angemon, to the other side of the station. Angemon was just able to correct himself before hitting the wall.

Firamon moved in to attack Sandiramon at close range with his Fire Claw, only for the white scaled snake proved to be too agile and evade all of Firamon's strikes. After another swipe by Firamon the snake Deva attacked the fire lion Digimon.

"Venom Axe," Sandiramon said unleashing his poisonous attack to close for Firamon to evade. The attack caused Firamon to be thrown across the room and falling in a heap, the attack from the Ultimate level Digimon at such a close range almost causing the Champion level Digimon to revert back to Coronamon.

With one of his partners out of the fight Naruto dashed toward Sandiramon a Rasengan in hand. Sandiramon watched the blonde Tamer's quick approach and struck at him with his tail only for Naruto to jump over the tail and start running on it. Sandiramon, seeing his initial attack had failed, opened its mouth in attempt to eat the irritating human.

"Not this time." Naruto said jumping up above Sandiramon and brought the Rasengan down on top of the snake's head, "Rasengan!" The teen shouted almost triumphantly, the spiraling ball of destruction forcing Sandiramon into the ground, before the shinobi jumped off.

With Naruto out of the way Kyuubimon proceeded to attack the serpent, "Dragon Wheel!" The ghostly flame dragon almost looked like it was running along the subway tracks before it slammed into Sandiramon. Sandiramon actually felt the pain from Kyuubimon's attack this time, Naruto's Rasengan being strong enough weaken him momentarily. But just because he was hurt didn't mean that he was going be defeated.

Moving swiftly Sandiramon slammed into Kyuubimon knocking the kitsune back. Gargomon and Angemon tried to attack the snake, but Sandiramon moved to fast for them to land a successful hit. They also had to be careful about the stations pillars or risk having the ceiling fall in on them. Sandiramon slithered out from behind one of the pillars, "Venom Axe!" The snake shouted firing two Venom Axes at Gargomon and Angemon.

Gargomon dove out of the way of the axe that was heading in his direction, while Angemon spun his staff in front of him to block the poison axe aimed at him.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu," Naruto said creating a couple of Shadow Clones that appeared beside him. Naruto and his two clones pulled out a couple of kunai and channeled wind chakra into them before the three blonde's ran toward the white scaled serpent Deva. The Ultimate Virus Type Digimon did its best to keep track of the three approaching blondes as it prepared itself to strike at a moment's notice.

With Takato

After Takato showed his friends and classmates Guilmon they spent the rest of the day playing in one of the park's wide open fields. Currently the Virus Tamer was pushing his Digimon partner in a shopping cart as they chased after Jeri and Kenta. In Guilmon's nostrils were wads of paper that the Rookie level Digimon fired at whoever he was chasing. Kenta came up with the idea, calling Guilmon's new "attack" the Snot Blaster after Growlmon's Pyro Blaster.

"You can't catch us!" Jeri said back to the Tamer and Digimon pair cheerfully.

"Fire, Guilmon!" Takato instructed his Digimon with a smile on his face. The brown haired Tamer might have been planning on patrolling the city, but having fun with his friends wasn't a bad way to spend the day either. Guilmon did as his Tamer commanded and fired the wads of paper out of his nose and at the two teens in front of them. With a surprising look of mischief on her face Jeri grabbed Kenta's hand and pushed him into the line of fire.

"Ah!" Kenta shouted dramatically, "You got me." He finished dropping his head in defeat before falling over completely, the others laughing at his antics.

Guilmon, who was laughing along with the others, suddenly stops and starts to sniff the air. "I smell a Digimon nearby." He said gaining the attention of his Tamer and all of his new friends.

"Well I was wondering when you buffoons would figure out that there was somethin' goin' on." A voice a majority of the group hadn't heard before said. Looking over toward where the voice originated from the teens saw a mostly purple Digimon with a white face, red gloves and scarf, and a smiley face on his stomach with sharp teeth.

"Hey Takato do you know that guy?" Kazu asked his friend, while he and the other stared at the strange looking Digimon.

"Yeah," Takato said regretfully. "That's Impmon." The brunette revealed, "He's really annoying, just ignore him and he'll go away." He advised his friends, going so far as to turn his back on the imp like Digimon.

"But just look at that guy," Kazu continued incredulously. "How can you ignore a guy like that? Especially when it looks like he's wearing-"

Impmon cut Kazu off, summoning a flame on one of his fingers that was way bigger than the ones he normally did. "Say makeup and this is goin' somewhere where it's really goin' to hurt!" Impmon shouted threateningly, causing more than a few of the gathered teens to take a huge step away from the Virus Digimon. A smirk appeared on Impmon's face at the clear looks of fear on the teenagers' faces. "You know you all are a bunch of ingrates you know that?" Impmon continued letting the flame he summoned to disappear. "Here I am to tell you two idiots, out of the goodness of my heart no less, that your friends are down there fightin' for their dear lives, while you're here playin' baby and stroller." The purple Digimon finished.

"No way!" Takato said in shock. He couldn't, didn't want to; believe that while he and Guilmon were having fun their friends were in danger.

"Way," Impmon replied with a sneer.

Mostly ignoring the conversation that was happening between his Tamer and Impmon Guilmon started to sniff the ground around them. "I can smell them," The red raptor stated confidently "They're right beneath us, in the tunnels down below."

Takato looked down at the ground, "Below us?" Takato repeated confusedly before realizing what that meant. "They must be down in the subway."

"Move to the head of the class, genius." Impmon comment with his sneer still present, "Now that you've waited enough time overworking your pathetic brains your friends are about to become snake food, bravo, nice work." The imp remarked snidely, "Though if something were to happen to the blonde bastard I wouldn't mind all that much." He finished in a mutter to himself that no one else heard.

"You mean there's a real Digimon fight going on in the subway system?" Kazu asked Takato excitedly before looking over his shoulder at everyone else. "I don't know about you dweebs but this I gotta see."

Takato's gaze shifted from Kazu to the others who looked just as excited at the prospect of seeing an actual Digimon fight.

"Well, what are we waiting for you guys?" Kenta asked.

"Come on Takato," Jeri continued looking at Takato pleadingly. "Can we go with you?"

Normally with the pleading expression Jeri was giving Takato would have caused the crimson eyed Tamer to cave immediately, but he knew how dangerous things could get and didn't want to endanger his friends by taking them with him, "Absolutely not!" Takato rebuffed his voice sounding completely serious. "This isn't a game this is for real and it's dangerous, you guys could get killed!" The group was surprised by Takato's sudden change in demeanor, and in Jeri's case maybe, kind of, just a bit turned on. Takato turned his attention away from his friends to Guilmon. "What do ya say Guilmon, you ready?" He asked, Guilmon quickly agreeing. "Digi-Modify… Digmon's Drill Activate!" Takato finished by slashing a card through his red D-arc.

With the power of the card that Takato scanned Guilmon's hands were replaced with drills. Guilmon then started to dig a tunnel quickly with his new hands straight down heading for the subway. Once Guilmon had dug the hole so that it was a few feet deep Takato was about to jump into it so he could follow after his Digimon.

"Takato wait a minute." Kazu said; stopping Takato before the Tamer jumped into the hole, with a card in his hand. "Here take this power modify card. You might need it." The brown haired visor wearing boy said, handing over the card to Takato.

"Thanks, I owe ya one." Takato said, taking the card with a grateful smile, before jumping into the hole.

The remaining teens then surrounded the hole and watch as Takato and Guilmon slowly disappeared from sight. "Ya better bring back my card!" Kazu shouted down into the hole just before Takato disappeared completely.

"Ungrateful little brats," Impmon muttered from the tree branch he had been standing on the whole time, being completely ignored. "Why don't I ever get any credit, huh? Ba boom," He finished complaining quietly.

Back with Naruto and the Others

Naruto panted just a bit as he regained his breath. For the last several minutes the blonde shinobi had been fighting Sandiramon along with his clones, while the Tamer Digimon recovered a bit. Naruto and his clones had engaged Sandiramon in close quarter combat with his wind enhanced kunai. The result was his current lack of breath and Sandiramon having cuts up and down the length of his body, with bits of data coming off the Digimon, and a spiral mark on the side of the snake's body as proof that he was able to land another Rasengan on it. Sandiramon proved to be quite fast in its own right; the snake Digimon's strikes were fast and precise attacking whenever it saw an opening, in other words a true user of the snake style of fighting.

Naruto could have ended the fight a lot sooner with the use of his more destructive jutsu, but the after effects of using those kinds of jutsu in a confined space would most likely result in the ceiling falling in on him and the others. And while it was very likely that he would survive he didn't want to risk Rika's and Henry's lives. Besides that a subway station that looked like a target for terrorist bombing would draw to much attention to Shinjuku.

"Whiskers, how are you holding up?" Rika asked in some obvious concern. Kyuubimon looked about ready to rejoin the fight soon and so did Firamon, but until then it was up to Naruto to watch out for himself.

"I'm alright," Naruto replied, keeping a close watch of the snake across from him. "Wishing I could go all out against the snake bastard, but besides that I'm perfect."

"You really don't seem to like snakes." Henry observed.

Naruto gave a humorless chuckle. "Yeah, well I don't have the best experience with snakes, especially white ones." Naruto said. "Doesn't help that a giant ass snake ate me once," The blonde shinobi remarked; gaining questioning looks from the others looks that Naruto noticed. "A story for another time," He promised.

A hissing laughter from Sandiramon drew everyone's attention back to the snake Deva. "Well there is an interesting idea." The snake said intrigued, "I wonder how you would taste?" It finished with a look of obvious interest.

"Yeah, not going to happen," Naruto replied. "It was bad enough the first time. I'm not about to let it happen a second time." He stated. Naruto was about to continue his assault on Sandiramon when part of the ceiling above the white scaled snake suddenly gave way causing some rocks and, surprisingly enough, Takato and Guilmon to fall on the Deva's head before they bounced off and land on the subway platform not far from Rika and Henry.

"Look who finally decided to show up." Rika said just a tad bit accusingly.

"Sorry we're late." Takato said sheepishly.

"Well better late than never." Gargomon supplied.

"We don't have the time to concern ourselves with that now." Kyuubimon said stepping forward. "Guilmon, we need you to digivolve." She said to the red dinosaur.

"I'm ready." Guilmon assured.

"Don't worry I have just the cards to finish this." Takato said confidently as he held two cards. "Digi-Modify… Digivolution Activate!" Takato said slashing the first card, a Digivolution card, through his D-arc to make Guilmon digivolve.


"Guilmon digivolve to... Growlmon!"

In Guilmon's place stood Growlmon ready, and willing, to fight the snake Deva.

"Well for once Kazu didn't give me a useless card." Takato observed, "Digi-Modify… Power Activate!"

"Venom Axe!" Sandiramon shouted; attacking before Growlmon had the chance to, firing multiple poisonous halberds.

Naruto went through a quick set and hand signs. "Wind Style: Great Break Through!" He exclaimed, the high pressure winds slowing down the axes before stopping them completely causing them to fall to the ground harmlessly before they dispersed.

"Pyro Blaster!" Growlmon roared unleashing the full power of his attack.

Sadly Sandiramon proved to be just as cunning as the D-arc had described, as the snake had been expecting the attack and moved out of the way the moment that Growlmon had fired it without problem. Sandiramon smirked at the astounded look on the brown haired human's face and his disgraced pet of a Digimon. Flicking out its tongue Sandiramon paused for a moment as it caught the scent of something, flicking out its tongue again to make sure the smirk on its face turned noticeably sinister. Sandiramon could smell the scent of humans, young humans that were different from the four in front of him. Tracing the scent back to where it was coming from Sandiramon noticed the scent was originating from the hole the brown haired human and the dinosaur Digimon had fallen out of. Sandiramon thought maybe he should greet those other humans, he was getting hungry after all and a little snack would be nice.

Without a second thought Sandiramon launched itself at the hole, firing a quick Venom Axe up it that seemed almost acidic in nature as it helped make the hole larger for the white scaled cobra, and started to burrow through it some rocks falling out of the hole as it went. The Tamers and Digimon were too shocked to do anything as they watched Sandiramon escape into the hole that Guilmon had dug, it wasn't until they saw Sandiramon's tail flick out of view that the implications of what happened started to sink in.

"Takato, where does that hole lead to?" Though it was a question the way Naruto directed it to the Virus Tamer made it clear that the blonde shinobi was demanding an answer.

"It goes to the park." Takato answered in an almost panic. "But Kazu, Kenta, Jeri, and a bunch of others from school are up there!" In his rush to help his friends Takato had unknowingly put another group of his friends in danger.

"Damn it," Naruto cursed lightly, as he ran toward the hole and jumped up into it with the use of chakra. Angemon quickly followed after his Tamer with Firamon moving steadily behind him.

"Come on Growlmon," Takato said desperately, as he pulled out another Digimon card. "We have to get to the others! Digi-Modify… Hyper Wing Activate!" He yelled scanning the card through his D-arc. On Growlmon's back six translucent white wings appeared and, after grabbing Takato, proceeded to fly up the hole that Sandiramon unwittingly made big enough for the red tyrannosaurs like Digimon to fit through.

Rika, Henry, and their Digimon knew that they had been left behind, as unlike Naruto, Takato, and their Digimon they didn't have an easy way to climb that hole so it would take longer for them to do it. They would just have to hope that the others could handle Sandiramon without them for a while.

In the park

Kazu, Jeri, Kenta, and their classmates were waiting around the hole that Guilmon had dug a few minutes ago before disappearing from their line of sight. They all hoped that they would be able to catch some part of the battle going on beneath them, but as more time passed their hope diminished. As such they were all surprised when they saw something moving in the hole, but whatever anticipation they felt quickly turned into horror when they realized what was heading towards them was a giant white snake. They all quickly backed away screams resonating through the air.

Coming out of the hole Sandiramon stared down the little humans with its piercing red eyes, a dark chuckle trying to escape out of its lips once the snake noticed that all the humans were too scared to move. "My' what tasty looking morsels," Sandiramon said in a raspy tone of voice. "Who would like to be eaten first? Or should I just decide for myself." The snake Digimon asked, licking its lips with its long forked tongue.

Luckily, before Sandiramon could make a move to eat one of the teenagers Naruto shot out of the hole, much to the shock of his classmates, with an Angemon and lion like Digimon behind him. Throwing one of his hands forward a golden flame like chain emerged from the palm of his hand and wove around the snake Deva, "Hurry run away now!" Naruto ordered to his fellow students. Sadly they were all to stunned' by Naruto's actions to move, they did just see him do something that should have been impossible for a human after all, though the girls, with the exception of Jeri, were swooning at being saved by their Uzumaki-Sama. "RUN NOW!" Naruto shouted knocking them out of their stupor and making them all put a lot of distance between them and the great white snake.

Sandiramon did its best to thrash around and escape the chains that held it down, infuriated that the blonde human had allowed its next meal to escape. Naruto struggled to keep his hold on Sandiramon, because of how he had to ensnare the snake to provide the others with a quick escape it had left Sandiramon with enough mobility to try and escape. Above the snake Angemon and Firamon prepared to unleash their attacks.

"Hand of Faith," Angemon said firing a blast of golden holy energy from his hand.

"Fire Bomb," Firamon continued, sending out multiple fire bombs that flew alongside Angemon's Hand of Faith.

With the two Champions' attacks quickly approaching Sandiramon thrashed around all the more wildly. Naruto was left with no other choice but to release his hold on Sandiramon, and the snake was able to barely dodged Firamon and Angemon's attacks. Turning around to face the Digimon Sandiramon opened its mouth wide, "Venom Axe!" The serpent Digimon hissed, firing a barrage of Venom Axes at the two flying Champion Digimon. Knowing that they couldn't block all of the axes heading in their direction they had to move out of the way.

At that moment Growlmon made his way out of the hole his wings disappearing, Takato took that chance to get off his partner, before the tyrannosaurs Digimon charged at Sandiramon. "Pyro Blaster!" Growlmon said releasing a blast of fire at Sandiramon. Dodging the attack Sandiramon waited for Growlmon to get close, "Dragon Slash!" The dinosaur Digimon said extending the blade like part on its arm that cackled with energy.

The smirk Naruto saw on Sandiramon's face didn't sit well with Naruto; it reminded him to much of Orochimaru when the Hebi-Teme had something up his sleeve, but before he could shout out a warning to Growlmon the snake Deva struck.

"Bio-Kui!" Sandiramon hissed dementedly summoning his Treasure Lance, a weapon that looked like a mix between a halberd and a lance, the staff portion of the lance a deep green with the axe bladed part of the Treasure Lance being a deep purple, the same color as Sandiramon's hood and underside, and a spike at the tip with the same symbol on his hood being on the axe. Swinging it expertly Sandiramon slashed at Growlmon hitting the Virus Champion Digimon across the chest.

"Growlmon no," Takato mumbled weakly, looking like he could faint at any second, as he placed a hand on his chest feeling what Guilmon felt. Rika, Henry, Kyuubimon, Gargomon, and Calumon managed to get out of the hole just in time to see Growlmon be slashed by Sandiramon. "This is all my' fault," Takato continued to mutter in a daze. "Everyone is in danger because of me. And now Growlmon's hurt. What have I done?"

"What are you doing Takato? Snap out of it!" Naruto shouted at his friend. "Growlmon needs your help."

"But he is only hurt because of me." Takato said still in a daze.

While Takato was having his little melt down the other Digimon were engaging Sandiramon in a fight, keeping the Deva away from the weakened Growlmon.

"I'm a lousy Tamer." Takato claimed sadly.

"You're wrong," Growlmon said softly, "You're not a lousy Tamer."

The brunette watched in awe as Growlmon struggled to stay standing. "Growlmon," Takato said his partner's name just as softly.

"Our friends are in danger Takatomon." Growlmon pointed out, off to the side Takato could see everyone who had been in the park with him and Guilmon earlier. "We have to keep fighting so that we can protect them. I'm not ready yet to give up Takatomon I can still fight, I still want to fight, but I can't do it by myself. I need you, Tamer. So please don't give up yet." The Champion level Virus Digimon finished.

"Growlmon," Takato said once more, before wiping away a few tears that had gathered around his eyes. "Alright, if you're not willing to quit then neither can I." The crimson eyed Tamer said far more confidently then he was a minute ago, "Time to show this snake exactly what we're made of!" The brunette declared at the same time that his D-arc and Calumon's Zero Unit started to shine brightly. Grabbing a card from his pocket it turned into a Blue Card the moment Takato touched it. "Digi-Modify… Matrix Digivolution Activate!"

'Crystal Matrix Activate!' Calumon thought.


"Growlmon digivolve to… WarGrowlmon!"

In Growlmon's place stood a much larger Digimon, which stood even taller than Flaremon, which had the top half of its body was encased in armor. The top half of the armor was painted red with the bottom half white. At the center of WarGrowlmon's chest armor was the Digital Hazard symbol with what looked like blasters on either side. His arms were encased in black metal and along the edges armor vambraces were long, curved, chrome Digizoid blades. A metal armor covered the lower part of WarGrowlmon's jaw that formed around its jaws, which still let the Ultimate level Digimon to open its mouth. From the back of the chest armor came two metal' like wings with a long thick cord between them. WarGrowlmon essentially looked like a cyborg version of Growlmon.

"Alright now that's what I'm talking about." Takato cheered excitedly looking at his now Ultimate level Digimon. "WarGrowlmon, Cyborg type Digimon, Ultimate level."

"Our little boy's grown up." Henry said craning his head up to look at the Digimon.

"I'll give ya that one." Rika added astonished.

"Very impressive," Naruto agreed. "Let's see what else we can get on him." The blonde shinobi continued, holding up his D-arc to scan the cyborg Digimon. "WarGrowlmon's armor is made up of some of the Digital World's strongest metal of Chrome Digizoid. The verniers on his allow him the ability to fly and the 'Assault Balancer on' cable can extend to impale enemies. It attacks are Radiation Blade and Atomic Blaster." Naruto finished reading.

Now Sandiramon was growing concerned, he was now facing an opponent that was also an Ultimate. That of course didn't necessarily mean that the cyborg Digimon would win as there were plenty of Digimon that were either Ultimate or Mega in level, and yet were far weaker than other Digimon of the same level. With both Digimon having been fighting for a long while and both injured it would come down to who was stronger, or could out last the other.

Sandiramon hid his apprehension as he and WarGrowlmon charged at each other. The snake Deva attacked with his Bio-Kui repeatedly striking at WarGrowlmon only to have each strike blocked by the cyborg Digimon's vambraces to its increasing frustration, and with each failed hit Sandiramon started to swing his Treasure Lance more and more wildly nor longer expertly wielding it. But that was its desperation to beat this foe and escape so that it may recover.

WarGrowlmon on the other hand waited for the opportune moment to attack, his many spares with Naruto showing that it wasn't wise to carelessly attack an opponent. After one particular attack by Sandiramon, WarGrowlmon knew it was time to attack. "Radiation Blade," Infusing his bladed arms with energy WarGrowlmon sliced through Sandiramon's Bio-Kui at the base of the axe rendering it useless. Sandiramon followed the blade of his prized weapon with his blood red eyes as it fell uselessly to the ground, distracted as he was he didn't notice WarGrowlmon gather energy into the blaster on his chest armor. "Atomic…" WarGrowlmon began.

"Blaster!" Takato finished for his partner, who unleashed twin blasts of concentrated crimson energy. The attack tore into Sandiramon and shot him forcefully across the ground. When WarGrowlmon stopped his attack the white snake Deva didn't make a move to get back up, but still found the strength to laugh weakly.

"What are you laughing about scaly?" Gargomon asked the defeated Deva.

"You humans and your foolish Digimon do not know what you are in for." Sandiramon claimed. "I am one of the twelve Devas sent by the Sovereign one, you may have defeated me, but my brethren will avenge me. Prepare yourselves to be conquered. We are the Digimon who refuse to be tamed by mere humans. We will rule your realm and there's nothing you can do to stop us. The twelve' Devas will destroy you all!" The Virus Deva proclaimed heatedly before going off into an uncontrollable laughter.

"That's where you are wrong." Naruto said, the serious edge in his voice stopping Sandiramon from laughing. "We know exactly who you are, who the Devas are, who this Sovereign is, and what he is after." He stated each claim factually. "And we will be ready for whatever your brethren or Zhuqiaomon have planned."

That's the last thing that Sandiramon heard before turning into data.

The Tamers and their Digimon were silent for a moment to appreciate having one another battle with the Devas until…

"That was totally awesome!"

Kazu totally ruined the moment. Looking over toward where Takato, Naruto, and Henry's schoolmates had gathered, the Tamers noticed how they were being stared at in awe, more so Naruto than anyone else.

"I can't believe it you are all real." Kazu said with barely withheld excitement.

"I must be dreaming." Jeri said her eyes shifting between each Digimon, and finally landing on Guilmon. "Is that really Guilmon?" She asked.

"Amateur," Kazu said with a scoff. "Guilmon digivolved twice now, this is his Ultimate level."

"Yeah," Kenta said just as excited as his friend, "WarGrowlmon!"

Takato, though a bit exhausted by the battle couldn't help the soft smile that appeared on his face. "Yup," Takato said as he began introductions. "That's Gargomon and Henry." He started by pointing at the Vaccine Tamer and Digimon. "Rika and Renamon," He continued by pointing to the only female pair.

"You already know Goggle-head and Dino-boy." Rika said indicating Takato and WarGrowlmon.

"And of course there is-" Takato started only to be cut off by the squeals of the girls in the group of friends he was in the park with earlier, with the exception of Jeri.

"Uzumaki-Sama!" They all cheered loudly before rushing the blonde haired shinobi and his Digimon.

"You were so cool!"

"When you appeared at the beginning and then what you said at the end. You were like a real live Superhero!"

"So awesome! And these Digimon are they both yours!"

"Yeah," Naruto said unsurely as he took a step back from the girls surrounding him. "They're Angemon and Firamon." Naruto said finishing the introductions.

"So cool!" The girls swooned.

"What is this?" Rika muttered lowly, as did everything she could to restrain herself from showing these girls everything she's learned in terms of fighting from Naruto. The only thing keeping her anger at bay was the fact that Naruto didn't seem to be enjoying the attention from the admittedly attractive looking girls.

"We mentioned to you before that Naruto was popular, right?" Takato asked the redhead. "Well these are a few of his fan-girls." He finished gesturing to the girls who seemed intent on being as close to Naruto as possible.

"This is so unfair," Kazu whined. "If I was a Digimon Tamer then-"

"Then the girls would still ignore you for Naruto." Kenta cut in jokingly.

"And you couldn't hang out with some nonfan-girl friends?" Rika asked tersely.

"You say that," Takato began. "But it's not like there all that many girls in school who aren't Naruto fan-girls. It's actually easier to name the one who aren't then the ones who are."

"Well who are the ones who aren't?" Rika continued to ask.

"Right now?" Takato asked back. "Well there is Jeri and all the female teachers." The brunette said simply

"That's it," Rika said astounded and completely unhappy with the answer.

"So unfair!" Kazu complained again, though he was ignored by nearly everyone except Kenta who was patting his friends shoulder in an attempt to offer some level of comfort.

"Anyway," Henry said drawing everyone's attention to him. "We should do something before people start noticing a giant cybernetic dinosaur in the middle of the park." He finished as they all looked at the giant Digimon beside them, who waved merrily once he noticed that he was the center of attention.

"I'll take care of it." Naruto said breaking free from his fan-girls. "I'll cast a wide area Genjutsu to keep everything here from being seen by anyone else and keep them all away at the same time." The shinobi stated, "Unless we can figure some other way to revert WarGrowlmon back to Guilmon that is."

"Genjutsu?" Those that didn't know about Naruto's origins asked.

"Nothing to worry about," Naruto said dismissively. "But I do want to try something." He stated, and before anyone could question him on his attentions Naruto channeled a shit load of chakra into his legs and jumped up into the air. In a matter of seconds Naruto reached the same height as WarGrowlmon, causing more than one jaw to drop, before he slammed a foot down on WarGrowlmon's head. For a second nothing happened before the cyborg dinosaur started to glow. When the glow surrounding the Ultimate level Digimon finally faded he had returned to being Guilmon.

"Ow that really hurt!" Guilmon moaned holding the top of his head.

"Guilmon your back to being Guilmon," Takato said happily, though at the moment Guilmon didn't seem to care about that fact at all.

"Oh, wow, that actually worked." Naruto said landing back on the ground. "Guess I won't have to cast that genjutsu now."

"So you weren't even sure kicking WarGrowlmon on the head was going to do anything?" Rika asked incredulously.

"Nope," Naruto replied with his fox like grin while rubbing the back of his head.

"So if it hadn't worked?"

"Then Guilmon head would just be hurting." Naruto finished chuckling.

"Baka," Rika said with a sigh, though there was a fond smile on her face.

"Hey! How dare you call Uzumaki-Sama an idiot?!" The fan-girls shouted.

Rika crossed her arms over her chest as she glared at the fan-girls. "I called him that because I can and he is!" Rika stated.

"So mean," Naruto muttered with anime tears going down his face.

One of the fan-girls was going to say something in Naruto's defense only to be cut off before she could even start by Rika. "Before you say anything you should know that I couldn't care less what a bunch of fan-girls have to say." Rika said indifferently and shocking the fan-girls into silence.

'That's cold,' All' the nonfan-girls thought about Rika's chilly demeanor.

Suddenly Rika's phone went off distracting everyone from the current conversation, and since Henry still had Rika's phone he was the one to answer, "Huh, uh, hello?" He asked.

"This isn't Rika!" Seiko voice said loudly from the phone receiver. "Who are you?! If you have hurt my Granddaughter or Naruto-Kun I assure you, you will regret it!"

Instead of saying and incurring the elder woman's wrath Henry simply handed Rika back her cell phone. "Grandma relax, Naruto and I are fine." The redhead assured her grandmother. "We meet up with a few of our friends and are hanging out in the park." Rika spent the next few minutes assuring her grandmother that everything was okay and that she and Naruto were fine.

'Who is she to act so familiar with Uzumaki-Sama?!' The fan-girls thought to themselves.

"Hey, I don't think we should be out here in the open with Digimon like this," Kenta said.

"Kenta has a point." Naruto started, "But that also reminds me," He continued focusing his attention on Takato, the brunette freezing up at the look Naruto was giving him. "Didn't I say something about keeping the Digimon secret?" The shinobi Tamer asked.

"It wasn't my fault." Takato said in a panic. "Kazu was the one who went and told everyone." He said trying to shift the blame.

"Dude!" Kazu said disbelief in how fast his childhood friend would just give him up like that.

"Is that so," Naruto said turning his head away Takato and towards Kazu, who started to sweat bullets.

"Listen man I didn't mean to tell everyone it kind of just, uh, slipped out." Kazu said hastily.

"Well then are you planning on telling anyone else?" Naruto asked ominously.

"Of course not," Kazu immediately answered.

"Don't worry Uzumaki-Sama," A fan-girl said. "We'll make sure that no one tells anyone else about the Digimon." She promised in hopes of getting in Naruto's good graces, and hopefully something else too.

"Yeah, don't worry Uzumaki-Sama we'll take care of things."

"If Uzumaki-Sama wants it to stay secret then it will!" Two other fan-girls promised.

"Okay, thanks." Naruto said giving them a smile that nearly made them faint, and caused Rika to ground her teeth.

"Come on, we'd better get back to the hideout." Takato said afterwards.

"You mean the shed." Rika corrected the crimson eyed Tamer.

"It's a hide out!" Takato insisted.

"Whatever," Rika replied.

Naruto laughed lightly at the byplay before speaking up. "I can't," He told them. "I'm having some guests over tonight for dinner so I should go get that ready." Naruto said.

"What since when?" Firamon asked.

"Earlier today," Naruto answered.

"Then what about me and Angemon?" The fire lion continued, thinking once more with his stomach.

"I'll get something ready for you and then send you up to the roof." Naruto replied. "Oh, there is going to be a little bit extra because someone else will be eating with you." The cerulean eyed shinobi told his Digimon before turning his attention back to the others. "Anyway I should get going. I'll see you later Ri-Chan." Naruto added in the end and then turned around to leave.

"Fine, see ya later Whiskers." Rika said back, fully aware of the fact that everyone was staring at her.

'Who is this girl?! And what is she to Uzumaki-Sama?!' The fan-girls each demanded in their minds, though the vocabulary some used might have been different.

"I have to get going to." Rika said after Naruto left, and without even waiting for anyone to say anything, turned to leave. "Come on Kyuubimon." She called her partner.

"Hey Takato what's with them?" Kenta asked his friend.

"We're not sure." Takato answered. "Henry and I think they might be dating, but we don't know." He said, not realizing that several fan-girls started planning on ways to get rid of the redhead amethyst eyed Tamer, not that any of their plans would work anyway. "Anyway we should get going to the hideout." Takato continued, "And it is a hideout!" He finished yelling the last part in the direction that Rika had left in.

"No it's not!" Rika's voice came back, causing Takato to grumble.

"Come on Takato." Henry said, giving his friend an amused smile. "Let's get going."

"Yeah, sure," Takato said in a dejected tone of voice, mumbling about how it was a hide out.

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