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First Impressions





With the digital field clearing Naruto could make out the shapes of his two new partners. Really he didn't know what to expect Goldramon and the others had all been dragons though they didn't look anything like the other so he assumed every digimon would be different from the other. So when he had a clear view of the two new digimon he wasn't totally surprised by what he saw.

The first look something like similar to a lion cub. The differences being that this one was able to walk on two legs instead of four that came up to about his shins (AN: He's about the same height as Impmon). He had what appeared to be wristbands on each of his hands with some sort of buckle that also appeared on his head. The next thing he took notice of was the flame that was over the buckle on his head and another one that appeared on his tail. The fur color was a red-orange, and on his chest he seemed to have extra fur and instead of the red-orange fur that covered most of his body it was yellow color.

The second digimon was considerably different from the first. This one seemed to walk on all four legs unlike his fellow digimon. His top half was orange while the bottom was a white cream color with three black toes on each leg. It had bat like ears that also allowed it to fly, which it was currently doing. If Naruto went by appearances alone this one would be the less impressive of the two. It was also the smaller of the two only coming about half the height of the other digimon.

While Naruto was checking them out the digimon were checking everything else. They knew they had an important mission but that didn't stop their curiosity of this new world from showing. All digimon dream of coming to real world when the Four Great Dragons asked for their assistance in saving their world and the real one they couldn't deny them, especially with the offer of coming to the real world and being partnered with their own human tamer. But they had time to get to know this world later, now they should get to know their tamer and the one the Great Dragons have put their faith in.

Seeing that he had his partners' attention he decided he should begin with introductions, "Okay since we'll be partners from today on we should introduce ourselves, my name is Naruto and you two are?" Naruto wasn't too sure what he was doing after all how many people have to deal with partnering with digital beings in order to save two worlds when they weren't part of either one to begin with.

The two digimon shared a glance before the lion decided to speak first "Names Coronamon it's nice to meet ya!" The way Coronamon spoke with such enthusiasm reminded Naruto of when he was younger before he had to deal with maniacs trying to kill him. "Hello my name is Patamon it's nice to meet you." Patamon's tone of speaking was more respectful but still friendly and light hearted.

Before Naruto could say anything else he heard a beeping coming from his D-arc, grabbing it from his belt he held it up as he watched a screen came up with a picture of Coronamon on it. 'Coronamon, Rookie level vaccine type his attacks are Corona Flame and Coro Knuckle hmmm those sound like very nasty attacks can't wait to see what they can do. Looks like Azulongmon left out a few things when he was explaining this thing, I wonder if…' as he thought that Naruto pointed the D-arc from Coronamon to Patamon to see what would happen, '… just like I thought, Patamon, Rookie as well a Data/Vaccine type, interesting, attacks are Boom bubble and Slamming attack. So this thing can also give me some information on different digimon that'll be helpful if we have to fight any later on but for now we should get out of here before someone finds us.' Looking back to is newly meet partners Naruto began to speak "Ok we should probably leave before…" Naruto was cut of there when he heard someone coming in their direction and by the looks of it his partners can sense it to. With that in mind Naruto grabbed Patamon and Coronamon and hid himself how only a ninja can.

They only had to wait a few seconds before Naruto saw someone else enter the clearing where they just were. From what he could tell it was a girl about his age with red hair tied in up in a ponytail similar to how Iruka had his, with blond highlights. She wore a short sleeved white short with blue sleeves and broken heart on her chest. A regular pair of jeans with a couple of belts one around her waist the other her thigh, red wrist bands, what appeared to be red steel toed shoes, and finally a card holster and d-arc that was mostly white with blue ring, buttons, and strap.

'She's a tamer huh? Let's see what I'll be working with. But by appearances she's a tomboy if I ever did see one.' Naruto thought as he checked his fellow tamer out, you know for the mission's sake and nothing else. 'Yeah just for the mission, there's no other reason.'

For one Rika Nonaka this was a good day, maybe even a great one. It had been a couple of months since she won the Digimon card game tournament, got her D-arc, and finally and definitely the most important part was Renamon becoming her digimon partner. That was also where all the good things came to an end. Since then she's had Renamon fight all the digimon that they came across and load their data so she could get stronger and digivolve. But for some reason Renamon had yet to digivolve. This was something Rika wouldn't accept she was the best as such she expected the best out of her partner, so when to digital fields appeared one right after the other and in the same location she saw it as the perfect opportunity for Renamon to finally digivolve.

Pulling out her D-arc Rika looked around searching for the two digimon. "What? Where are they?"Looking down at her D-arc in hopes it would give her answers to her questions all she got was a blank screen. "Useless piece of junk it's totally worthless, Renamon!" With that a tall yellow fox appeared behind Rika its fur was mostly yellow with the exception being what would normally amount to the underside of most foxes along with the tips of her ears, tail, hands, and feet they were all white. She had purple lighting marks under her eyes and what appeared like the yin yang symbol, in Naruto's opinion two tomes of the Sharingan, in purple on her thighs. She also wore purple armguards with the Taoist taijitu symbol on them.

Renamon seemed slightly distracted the closer they got to this area the more uneasy she felt, some part of her just felt strange she really couldn't describe it and until she knew exactly knew what it was she didn't know how to react, but not enough were she couldn't respond to her partners call "Yes Rika?" she questioned although she could easily guess what her partner would ask considering the lack of an opponent.

Without turning around to even look at Renamon Rika responded. "Look around this area there should be a digimon hiding nearby if this stupid thing lead us here." Glaring at the device she currently had clutched in her hand. Normally it wouldn't have taken Rika telling her to start searching for the digimon but with that strange presence still in the area there was nothing she wanted to do more than leave as soon as possible.

"Rika we should leave here." Already knowing this would upset Rika she continued hoping her explanation would be enough reason to get Rika to leave. "There is a presence here that unsettles me; I've never felt anything like it before I can't even explain it I just know what my instincts are telling me and that is to watch where I step while we're here. Please Rika we should leave here." Renamon pleaded with her partner she wasn't sure how she would react if the person behind this presence made itself known to her.

For a second it actually looked like Rika was going to listen to what her partner was going to say is for she scoffed and frowned in her partner's direction. "Stop being so paranoid Renamon whatever you're sensing is probably one of the digimon and if it's resorting to such pathetic tricks then it's already weak so quit wasting time and find it." By the tone of her voice Renamon knew her partner was already annoyed with her and wouldn't take long for Rika to lose her temper so she began to search for the digimon that came through.

'But this feeling isn't like any I've ever had to any digimon before.' With these final thoughts Renamon began her search hopefully being able to find at least one of the digimon to appease her partner.

Having seen the interaction between tame and digimon Naruto couldn't help but give a mental sigh, 'This girl, Rika, will be trouble. She doesn't listen to her partner even though she gave her, her reasons for wanting to leave here. If one isn't sure about the situation then they should be cautious, heh, if anyone from back home heard me thinking this they would think the world is coming to an end.' Shifting his line of sight from Rika to Renamon Naruto continued his thoughts. 'What's really interesting is her partner's reaction. Hmm I guess even in another world I'll be seen as the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the king of all kitsune even the digital ones.'

"Naruto." Turning toward Patamon Naruto held a questioning look as he stared at the small orange digimon. "Don't you think we should leave before she finds us and makes us fight her?" Looking back toward Renamon Naruto couldn't help but agree, they just became a team there was time to fight later one when they were more comfortable with one another. So with a nod of his head Naruto grabbed the two digimon and disappeared from the area.

After a few minutes of searching the area for the two digimon that crossed over Renamon wasn't able to find them even the presence had disappeared a while ago. Turning to her partner Renamon gave her the news of her not finding any digimon in the area though the digital field disappearing had probably clued her in. "I can't find any digimon here Rika and that presence I felt is gone as well." She could this instantly pissed off her tamer but really what could she do, though she would admit, if only to herself that she was sort of relieved the presence had disappeared she still had no clue what it was or what it meant. "We should probably leave before anyone comes through here."

"Fine let's go. But start looking for those digimon and when you find them delete them and load their data, Renamon if we're going to be the best we need to beat as many digimon as possible and I won't accept anything less, got it?" Rika said not even looking at her partner as she stared to walk away. 'I won't accept anything but the best Renamon. These two new digimon made a fool of us, of me, and I won't allow that to happen ever again, when you've loaded their data you will digivolve.'

Renamon nodded her head at her partner's command as she watched her walked away before following her emotions shifting between relief and disappointment, relief that whatever was here had left and disappointment at her own apparent weakness, 'I won't fail you again Rika, I promise.' With that final thought Renamon shifted out of sight to begin her search. But before Rika was able to get out of there her cell phone rang.

"Hello who is this? Mom? What, no; listen mom I'm not going to wear a dress… because it's stupid. I'm not going to a photo shoot either… Goodbye mom. No mom bye. I'm hanging up now." Hanging up her cell phone Rika started to walk off again her left eyebrow twitch from her barely restrained fury. 'There is no way in hell! I'm going a stupid photo shoot again.' With that Rika made her way home scarring any man, woman, or child that crossed her path.

Appearing again a good distance away Naruto, Patamon, and Coronamon came to a new area of the park. Putting down his partner digimon Naruto took a quick look around to make sure no one was in the area before he turned to face them. "Ok now that we meet one of our future partners we should probably make our way to our new home." Pausing for a second Naruto realized something. "Do either of you know where that is?"

"We just got here, how are supposed to know?"

"Sorry Naruto no."

Was Naruto's response from Coronamon and Patamon respectively. Hanging his head Naruto couldn't believe what he was hearing. 'How are we supposed to get to this apartment when we don't even know where it is?' As if to answer his question Naruto's D-arc started to beep again but instead of the screen with his digimons' stats he got what appeared to be a compass/arrow pointing to what he assumed to be the location his and his partners new home. 'Well can't hurt to try not like we have an idea where this place is.' "Alright you two come here and I'll take us there."

Coronamon looked at Naruto like he just said the stupidest thing ever and had no problem voice it. "Why should we it's not like we can't walk on our own or get there faster than you can anyway?" And it was true what human could possibly be faster than a digimon. 'What kind of partner did the Great Dragons give us?'

Looking down toward one of his partners Naruto answered his question like it was the most obvious thing in the world, "Maybe because people aren't used to seeing real life digimon walking down the street and I seriously doubt your faster than me Coronamon. Now come on we shouldn't waste time." Turning away to follow the direction the compass was pointing him Naruto began to walk forward until he heard Coronamon behind him.

Crossing his arms over his chest Coronamon turned away from where Naruto was before he decided to speak. "As if any human; could actually be faster or stronger than a digimon." Coronamon wasn't arrogant or prideful he just knew that some things were impossible and while he understood that his partner might be stronger than the average human that didn't mean that he could possibly compete with him or any digimon for that matter, it just how things were. He will have to set his partner straight so he didn't do anything to hurt himself.

Giving a mental sigh Naruto turned back to his partner, 'Looks like Goldramon and the others didn't explain what I can do guess I'll have to show him and who knows this could be fun.' "Look Coronamon I'm stronger and faster than you would think." Seeing his partners skeptical look he decided on something that should convince him even if only temporarily. "Alright how about this lets have a little race." Looking around he pointed towards a tree a good distance away from their location. "The first one to that tree is the winner and that'll settle which one of us is faster agreed."

Seeing which tree his partner was pointing to Coronamon could easily determine that he would win this race. 'This should work I'll prove my point and Naruto won't end up hurting himself later on.' Nodding his head in agreement Coronamon prepared himself for what he believed to be an easy win.

"Alright then," turning to his other partner Naruto asked, "Patamon do you mind starting this race for us."

"I don't mind at all Naruto." Flying in between his tamer and fellow digimon Patamon made sure that both of them were ready to start. "Ready… Set… Go!" Taking off as soon as the word was said Coronamon didn't spare a glance at his tamer, while he knew that Naruto couldn't possibly keep up with him the Great Dragons did say he was stronger than the average human so Coronamon wasn't going to underestimate him who knows how many people have lost because they have underestimated their opponent.

Reaching the tree Coronamon placed his hand on the tree as the official ending to the race. "Ha… told you… you… wouldn't be able… to keep up" Panting for breath Coronamon had his eyes closed with a massive grin on his face as he faced the direction he assumed his tamer was. With his win this should convince Naruto not to try and match any digimon, if he couldn't keep up with a rookie what hope did he have against the stronger digimon.

"Um… Coronamon?"

With his eyes still closed he answered, "Yeah Patamon?" Coronamon heard a sigh come from his fellow digimon before he was told to look up at the tree. When he turned his sight to the tree what he saw was something completely unexpected, there was Naruto lying on one of the branches looking like he was asleep if the light snores he heard coming from him were any indication. "WHEN DID YOU GET HERE?" seeming to have woken him up Naruto began to rub his eyes as if to get the sleep out of them.

Looking down at his partner digimon Naruto answered in a lazy voice, "Oh hey (yawn) Coronamon when did you get here?"

Annoyed with his partners for not answering his question he decided to ignore his "Me? How did you get up there?"

"I climbed" "When?" "When I got here" "And when did you get here?" "Before you did." Now that took Coronamon by surprise "How? When did you pass me?" "For the first part I ran of course that's the whole purpose of a race. As for the second I didn't." Frustrated at his answer Coronamon couldn't help the irradiation that slipped into his voice. "If you didn't pass me then how did you get here before me? Unless…" 'No it he couldn't be that fast. Could he?'

Now with a smirk on his face as he saw the realization of what happened appear on Coronamon's face Naruto answered his partner's question. "I didn't pass you because I was never behind you Coronamon, right Patamon?" Both tamer and digimon turned to the final member of the group.

With a simple nod of his head Patamon affectively shattered all thoughts of Naruto's win being some sort of mistake. "Hai one second Naruto was there the second he was gone and when I looked at the tree he was already lying down, it was incredible I've never seen anyone move that fast." Having Patamon's confirmation Coronamon hung his head in defeat having no choice but to accept that Naruto was indeed faster than he was.

With his fox grin now firmly on his face Naruto decided they had wasted enough time, even if the look on Coronamon's face when he realized he had beaten him to the tree was priceless. "Ok now that we've established who is the fastest how about we get on with finding our new home." With that Naruto grabbed both his digimon partners before they could respond and blurred out of existence.

A few minutes later Naruto reappeared in front of what was to be his apartment. It didn't take long to find it, it turned out they were dropped off in a location close to it and with Naruto speed they found it soon after with the people they passed by only seeing a different shades of an orange blur. The apartment was located in a decent part of the city and like Magnadramon said it appeared to be fully furnished. The living room had the comfiest couches Naruto had ever seen a coffee table and a plasma screen TV mounted onto the wall. The kitchen had all the cooking utensils Naruto could ever need, he wasn't a gourmet chef but he did know how to cook something besides ramen, and some he didn't even know how to work. Again like Magnadramon said he would have to go out and buy groceries seeing as the refrigerator was currently empty. The apartment also had a couple of guestrooms, one which Patamon and Coronamon would most likely share, a bathroom located down the hall from them and finally the master bedroom. The room didn't have much; a king sized bed, a nightstand on both sides of the bed, a dresser and a bedroom cabinet. The room had a closet, which was empty, and another plasma TV on the dresser but what really caught Naruto's attention was what was on the bed. There he found his orange and black jacket along with his ninja gear, he didn't notice until now that he didn't have them but that also brought to mind what he would once he ran out. But it was what was next to his stuff that caught Naruto's attention; there on his bed was a blood red laptop notebook more specifically the mostly black screen with the red Digital Hazard symbol on it.


There was that voice again, the only one that could ever possibly match Kyuubi's in pure hatred and malevolence even when they weren't trying, it again caused Naruto to jump partly from the voice itself and the other being from the surprise itself. Attentively Naruto came closer to the laptop to make sure it was from it that he heard the voice and hesitatingly asked, "Megidramon?"

A dark chuckle could be heard coming from the laptop most likely do to Naruto's reaction before Megidramon continued, "Nice to see you where able to make it here Uzumaki. Now before you ask any questions I have a few things to say. First of all the card next to the laptop is what you will use to pay for anything you buy until you have some actual money." Seeing that Naruto had picked up the card and placed it in his pocket he continued, "Keep it safe because we won't be giving you another. Second you begin school tomorrow morning, you'll have to buy any supplies necessary when you go out for groceries. Lastly and most importantly is this laptop." Seeing Naruto's questioning look Megidramon explained, "Not only does this laptop have a database for all known digimon, it will also help you develop your control over the data manipulation of the Digital Hazard. Also to help with your training the laptop will be able to generate its own digital field that's untraceable to anyone in the human world, even your fellow tamers, and any damage you create, and you will, will be repaired instantly once the digital field falls. Now while it can't be tracked down that doesn't mean it can't be found by anyone who happens to come across it so find a place no one will stumble upon it by accident. Now any questions?"

Taking a few seconds to absorb all the new information Naruto could see the value in the digital field, 'With that I could continue my training and begin Coronamon and Patamon's training as well. And with the digital field repairing any damage done we won't have to worry about any destructive attack. But…' "Will we have to take the laptop with us to set up the field?"

"You don't have to, you can just program the area where you want the field to be set up and head to that area afterwards you can either dissipate the digital field using the laptop or, what I recommend, use the Digital Hazard to dissipate it on the spot." Megidramon responded.

'That's good to know, it wouldn't have done us any good to be able to use stronger attacks if we had to worry about that thing getting caught in the crossfire.' Naruto thought before another question came to mind. "What would happen if one of attacks heads toward the edge of the digital field?"

With another dark chuckle coming from Megidramon he responded to Naruto's question. "Good Uzumaki you're actually thinking I half expected you to ask pointless questions." Seeing the tick mark appear on Naruto's head Megidramon answered his question. "Should one of your Justus or one of your partners' attack head toward the edge of the digital field it would be dispelled before it could make it to the outside, in the case of your kunai, they would react as if they hit a wall."

Nodding his head at the information Naruto noticed this actually helped him with the question he had earlier. "What do I do once I've used up all the ninja gear I have with me, I mean I doubt I can find a place here that I can make kunai, shuriken, and even less likely exploding tags?" It was a valid question kunai and shuriken only last so long and he didn't have any way to make more tags with him.

Megidramon hummed a bit but to anyone listening it would sound more like a growl before he answered Naruto, "That is a good question which I don't have an answer to, I'll speak to the others and see what we can do." Seeing that, that was all he was going to get from Megidramon Naruto decided to ask his final question.

"So how am I supposed to find this school you all signed me up for?"

"Not really important to the situation at hand Uzumaki, but all the information you need will be on the laptop." With the last of his questions answered Naruto thanked Megidramon before the Great Dragon left to do whatever it is dragons do when they have free time. With his conversation with Megidramon over Naruto realized something or more like some ones were missing. 'Where are Coronamon and Patamon you'd think they would be here listening in on the conversation?' With this thought Naruto went throughout the apartment in search of his digital partners. When he found them they were in front of the TV watching some program that look like it just started.

"Hey guys you just missed out on an important meeting." Naruto waited for a few seconds to see what their response would be but when they didn't even look at him he tried again. "Patamon? Coronamon? Anyone in there?" Again nothing so with a heavy sigh, Naruto walked over to the TV and turned it off getting an instant, "Hey we were watching that!" from both his partners.

"Ah! Good you returned to the land of the living now seeing as you two were doing something so important…" Both digimon could easily hear the sarcasm in Naruto's last sentence but didn't care much they were watching an awesome show. "I'll be going out to get the groceries for tonight's dinner and a few school supplies so while I'm out stay here and don't yourselves in trouble, understand?" All he got was a "Yeah, yeah get out of the way" from Coronamon before he turned the TV back on and a "Hai Naruto." From Patamon but it sounded like it came without Patamon even realizing he was talking seeing as it lacked any real feeling.

'Well it's something.' With that Naruto walked out of his apartment in search for some food.

While he was out Naruto decided to take some time and explore the city and where everything was, in other words he was lost. 'I'm not lost, I'm not lost, I'm- Oh who am I kidding I'm totally lost, damn it!' While he could still find his way home seeing as he had his D-arc with him going back would totally defeat the purpose of going out in the first place. 'Ok stay calm don't let this bother you, remember Naruto your awesome kickass ninja you can find your way around a city, right?' It was during Naruto's mental panic that an elderly woman that noticed Naruto's distress and decided to approach him to see if she could.

"Excuse me young man do you need help with something?"

When Naruto heard the woman speak he nearly jumped 10 ft in the air due to the surprise caused by his distraction, 'Awesome ninja my ass I can't even sense when a civilian is right behind me!' Turning to face his elder Naruto decided to ask for help, it was better than wandering around without a clue of where he was going. "Um yes I'm kind of new to the city and I was looking for a place I could buy groceries when I got lost." Naruto said while he rubbed the back of his head, a nervous tick he had ever since he was a kid.

With a short chuckle at the blonde's dilemma the elderly woman decided to help the young man out. "If that's the case then all you have to do is go down that street there and take a left and walk for a bit and you should come across what you're looking for."

With Naruto's usual foxy grin making its way to his face Naruto expressed his gratitude to the kind woman, "Thank you very much…" pausing for a second Naruto realized he never got the woman's name.

"Oh where are my manners my name is Seiko Hata."

Giving the woman a friendly smile Naruto gave her his thanks once again, "Thank you very much for your help Hata-san my name is Naruto Uzumaki it's nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you to Uzumaki-san."

"Please Naruto will do just fine having people call me Uzumaki-san is to strange for my tastes. Once again thank you but I must be going now but if there is ever anything I can do for you I'd be more than happy to help." With that Naruto began to turn in the direction that Seiko pointed him to. But before he did Seiko was able to get something else in.

"If that's the case how do feel about you and your family coming to have dinner with mine in a few days, think of it as a way of welcoming you to Shinjuku, Naruto-kun." It was only after she finished that she noticed sad look that crossed Naruto's face before he hid it with a grin that didn't seem to reach his eyes.

"It's just me living here Hata-san my parents died when I was young." Noticing the women's saddened look from most likely bring up the subject Naruto responded quickly so she wouldn't feel guilt about it, "Don't worry Hata-san it happened a long time ago and I know my parents wouldn't want me to feel bad about it for the rest of my life so you shouldn't be sad either."

Giving the blonde a small nod Seiko smiled once again to show she understood. "Then I must insist you come to dinner Naruto-kun to welcome you to Shinjuku and to apologize for my mistake."

"You really don't have to apologize Hata-san you didn't do anything wrong and I wouldn't want to bother you or your family by imposing." Naruto really didn't know how to react to this woman not only did she help him out with the directions to the nearest grocery store but now she was inviting him to her home, how did he get in this mess.

"It's no bother at all Naruto-kun, so can I expect you to come to dinner a week from tomorrow." She asked though it really didn't seem much like a question as she wrote down the address of her home and directions to get to it on a piece of paper she had in her pocket before handing it over to Naruto.

Seeing no way to refuse the invitation Naruto had no choice but to accept. "Hai Hata-san" he responded as he accepted the piece of paper taking a quick glance at it before storing it in his pocket so he doesn't lose it.

"Good see you soon Naruto-kun" And with that Seiko Hata turned and left presumably going home as she left one confused as hell blonde behind her all the while thinking, 'Naruto-kun would be a good friend for Rika, he hasn't had it easy but he doesn't let that affect him negatively maybe he can help Rika to open up a bit.' With those final thoughts she made her way home to begin that night's dinner before her granddaughter got home if she wasn't already.

'How did this happen? And it was Coronamon and Patamon who were supposed to stay out of trouble.' Giving a mental groan Naruto turned and made his to the grocery store and finish what he first set out to do.

When Naruto got home with the groceries and his school supplies, thanks to the help of some shadow clones and the transformation jutsu to carry all the extra bags, the first thing he heard was Coronamon asking him a question all the way from the living room.

"Hey Naruto where have you been? You just up and left without telling us." When Coronamon asked this Naruto was really agitated, this day had really tried his patience.

"What do you mean I told you, both of you, before I left that I was going out to get some groceries."

"You did?"

"Yes I did."

Taking a second to try and remember Coronamon drew up a blank so he just shrugged his shoulders before turning to the new program he and Patamon were watching.

Seeing that his partners ignore him in favor of what they were watching Naruto made his way to the kitchen to prepare he and his two partners were going to have (AN: I have no idea what kind of food is made in Japan and I'm already bad with our own so imagine up whatever you want.) before he turned in for the night so he could get up early to go to school the next day, thankfully it was already Thursday so he would only have to deal with one day of class before the weekend started.

After a good diner with some decent company Naruto lied down in his bed to sleep for the night, 'Well that takes care of the first here hopefully the next few won't be as troublesome… Great now I'm channeling Shikamaru I really need to sleep.' With that Naruto feel into a deep sleep where he dreamed of ramen and becoming Hokage all night long.

"Hello may I have your attention please, before we begin today I would like to introduce a new student that would be joining us please greet him warmly." A woman spoke to her class as they all quieted down as soon as she began speaking none of them wanted to get detention or be assigned extra homework over the weekend. Seeing that all her students were giving her their undivided attention she turned toward the door located at the front of the room. "You may come in now." With that a blond teen entered the room walking toward the teacher's desk before facing all his new fellow classmates.

"Hello everyone my names Naruto Uzumaki."

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