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Meetings and Battles





Last Time

"You may come in now." With that a blond teen entered the room walking toward the teacher's desk before facing all his new fellow classmates.

"Hello everyone my names Naruto Uzumaki."

For the first half of the day Naruto was bored out of his mind to the point he was almost wishing he could fight Madara again. 'Seriously when am I ever going to use this stuff in my life?' Along with what Megidramon uploaded into his mind about the common things Naruto could find in this world he also uploaded the information he would need and while it wasn't enough to make him a genius he wouldn't be the dobe of the class either.'Even the threat of more homework or detention school isn't that big of a deal because of the kage bunshin no jutsu.' It wasn't until after P.E. had begun that something interesting started to happen.

Apparently while they were outside the principle came across a red dinosaur he believed was going to eat him. Naruto immediately noticed that one of his fellow classmates, Takato Matsuki he believed, started to panic and run around the school looking for someone. 'Someone called Guilmon most likely his digimon partner. Either Guilmon doesn't listen very well or Takato is a really lousy tamer, could be both.' Naruto would have followed Takato in his search for Guilmon but decided against it seeing as the kid didn't have a clue were his partner could be and Naruto didn't feel like searching half the city for him. 'Takato's got to learn to keep better track of his partner.' Luckily for Naruto the rest of the school day was canceled to deal with the principle's panic attack while the teachers assured him that there were no dinosaurs. 'I should head over to the apartment and pick up Coronamon and Patamon and take them to the park so they aren't stuck all day inside.' With that thought in mind Naruto dashed off toward were his apartment was located.

Making it to his apartment and picking up his partners didn't take more than a few minutes, apparently they had got bored with what was on TV and were excited at the chance to explore the city. Turning towards his partners Naruto instructed them to get on his back so they could make it to the park quicker. "Come on you two if we're lucky we might find something interesting." Once they made it to the park they immediately began to explore the park, they really couldn't enjoy it before seeing as they were in such a rush to get to the apartment and the race Naruto and Coronamon had. It reminded Naruto of Konoha which brought a nice break from the differences between it and the city of Shinjuku.

'It's peaceful here I could definitely see myself spending a lot of time here either relaxing or training.' Naruto took a deep breath of the fresh air the park offered, being from a village with little to no pollution Naruto had taken for granted how clean the air was compared to that of Shinjuku. 'This place is definitely the best thing I've seen since I got here.' While they were looking around they also remember to keep a look out for any potential places they could train and while they did find good spots nothing seemed to be exactly what was needed. 'Either the place isn't big enough for us to train properly or it's too out in the open making it easy to be discovered.' Letting out a sigh Naruto and his partners continued looking around and enjoying the atmosphere, 'Maybe I should try and contact Megidramon and see what else he can tell me about the field.' Their search had also been limited with the fact that Patamon and Coronamon had to remain in the shadows casted by the trees to make sure no one found them and while Naruto could easily claim that they were stuffed toys it would be hard to explain why he was caring around two of them no matter how popular digimon were.

It was during their search through the park that Naruto and company found Takato and what look like a red raptor out walking around in plain sight, 'Looks like I was right Takato really isn't much of a tamer if he's walking around with his digimon where anyone can see them.' Turning his sights to Guilmon, Naruto took in the virus digimon appearance, 'Mostly read with black markings over his body, bat ears similar to Patamon's and what looks like a white underbelly from what I can see.' Still hidden by the foliage Naruto watched Guilmon was suddenly attacked by Renamon. 'Well, looks like we did find something interesting after all.'

"Come on Guilmon its right around here." Takato and Guilmon had been in the park looking for a place to hide Guilmon during the day, well Takato was looking Guilmon was chasing squirrels, away from everyone. "And stop chasing the squirrels." Takato wore a blue short sleeved shirt with a hood and white undershirt. He also wore grey pants/shorts (AN: What the hell are they they're too long to be shorts but too short to be pants.) and green and grey shoes. He wore yellow wristbands and had on yellow rimmed goggles with blue tinted lenses on his head.

"Aw but they like It." Guilmon replied in a childish voice.

"I somehow doubt that boy." Besides the scare that Guilmon had given him earlier this still had been the best thing that had ever happened to Takato I mean he was a tamer how many could say they actually had a partner digimon. Of course his excitement about the situation started to go downhill when he watched his partner being knocked into a fence from a kick from another digimon, a Renamon by the looks of it.

"What was that all about?" Takato asked as Guilmon picked himself up from being knocked into the fence and got ready to fight if his dilated eyes and the growling coming from him was any indication.

"That was your digimon eating dirt," stated Rika as Renamon landed beside her by the looks of it neither thought much of the other tamer and digimon.

"I saw you in my dream," Takato replied, a little freaked, shaking himself out of his surprise Takato continued, "No way, it can't be."

"So, you're a lousy tamer and you're weird. This doesn't seem like its going too much of a fight" said Rika, she was starting to doubt if this kid should even be a tamer. "A lousy tamer, who probably wastes his time writing a whole bunch of pathetically mushy Taiora fanfiction just because you didn't like the shows ending," (AN: I have nothing against the pairing its actually one of my favorites when it comes to digimon I just had to put it in because it sounds like something Rika would say.)

'Heh, I don't even know what she's talking about and I can still tell she insulted him,' Naruto thought from his spot behind the tree his digimon partner sharing similar thoughts. Looking toward Guilmon as he picked himself up Naruto caught sight of something on the virus digimon's chest 'Wait was that…?'

'How did she know?' thought a panicking Takato.

Guilmon's thoughts on the other hand were a lot simpler than those of his partner and less panicked, 'I wonder if Takatomon has anymore bread, I'm hungry.'

"Now am-scary, unless you think you can handle us, little boy."

"I am not either a lousy tamer." Takato shot back, getting over his mental panic attack, before trying to explain himself, "Guilmon is just young, that's all."

"Like tamer, like digimon, come on he's at least a rookie right?" Rika really was starting to doubt if this kid should be a tamer. 'Maybe I'll be doing the world a favor by having Renamon absorbing dino-boys data.'

"Um, eh, well," Takato thought to himself as he looked at Guilmon getting what sounded like 'I don't know' from the rookie level digimon, "Yeah, well at least I think so, that's what I was going for, I've never done this before."

"Never done what before?" Rika was curious as to what this goggle-head thought he was doing, Takato just uh'd to that question so she assumed he was stalling until he thought of something, "Oh, how clever, Renamon."

Renamon started to walk towards the other pair as Takato tried to talk his way out of things, "No wait, call her off, come on we don't want to fight."

"I knew you were just a little boy with a pet digimon," Rika said annoyed, "What do you think digimon were made for you goofy little goggle-head."

"Uh, that's like asking the asking the meaning of life," Takato replied

"For goodness sake, let's just get this over with," Renamon interjected before she leaped up into the air and prepared her best attack. Renamon was once again getting that feeling from the other day, the presence was here watching them and she wanted to get this over as quickly as possible to figure what it was exactly that was making here feel this way.

"Guilmon, run away," Takato cried, he didn't want to lose his partner digimon so soon after meeting him.

"Diamond Storm," Renamon cried before the dozens of crystal shards that she had just generated launched towards Guilmon only to have no affect as they harmlessly bounced off the red digimon's skin.

Guilmon answered the attack with his own, "Pyro Sphere," he cried as he shot a fireball from his mouth, only to miss his target as Renamon had jumped out of the way of the fireball as soon as she had landed.

Seeing that neither of their attacks had accomplished anything both digimon charged one another only to end up rolling around in the dirt. They ended their little wrestling match with Guilmon on top of Renamon biting one of her arms as he held her down.

"That's just plain sloppy, Renamon" stated Rika irritated with the situation at hand, the fact that Renamon was having so much trouble with a couple of rookies was disgraceful, that they didn't have a clue what they were doing only added to her irritation. Sliding a card through her D-ark she called out "Digimodify Armor activate" before a blaster like weapon appeared on Renamon's arm.

Sadly, for her anyway, before her partner could use her new weapon Takato was finally able to gain Guilmon's attention "Guilmon now would be a good time for you to start listening to me."

That seemed to snap Guilmon out of his trance since his eyes lost their viral trait and he started to make his way back to Takato saying something about it being time to play.

Seeing the way that Takato and Guilmon interacted with one another caused Renamon to hesitate, something that Rika wasn't about to allow.

"What's wrong with you, attack!" at her partners orders Renamon jumped toward the other digimon and tamer pair getting her temporary weapon ready to fire.

Watching the fight Naruto could honestly say that he was slightly disappointed with his fellow tamers. 'This fight was a real let down. Takato has no experience with fighting and Rika is still showing her tendency from the other day to rush into a situation she doesn't know if she can handle.' Seeing Renamon prepare to attack again Naruto decided it was time to intervene.

"Patamon, Coronamon, I think it's about time we join in don't you?" Naruto questioned, getting a nod of the head from both his partners. "Alright then let's go."

As Renamon reached the height of her jump her mind was distracted by the way the other two partners interacted. 'How they treat each other is so much different from the way Rika and I interact, what makes their bond is different from the one Rika and I share.'

She was so distracted by her thoughts that she didn't notice the attack coming from her side until it was too late. All she knew was that one moment she was about to attack the virus digimon the next she heard a cry of "Boom Bubble" before she being hit from the side by a massive amount of air pressure. Luckily she had enough time to recover before she hit the ground, landing on her feet before she looked up into the sky and saw that her attacker had been a Patamon.

With Renamon distracted by looking up at Patamon she missed Coronamon rushing toward her with his left fist being on fire. It wasn't until she heard Coronamon call out "Corona Knuckle" did she realize her mistake but by that time it had already proven to late as Coronamon had already punched with an upper cut sending her in Rika direction where she landed right behind her shocked tamer.

Snapping herself out of her shock Rika pulled out her D-arc to check out the two new digimon. 'They must be the digimon that came through yesterday. Good that means we won't have to hunt them down later.' pointing it toward the digimon she didn't recognize, Rika read out the information.

"Coronamon, a Rookie level digimon, vaccine type, his attacks are Corona Flame and Coro Knuckle. Nothing that Renamon can't handle." Taking her D-arc Rika turned to Patamon and read his stats. "Patamon, another Rookie as well a Data/Vaccine type, attacks are Boom Bubble and Slamming Attack, nothing special about this one." 'Just a couple of Rookies, nothing Renamon can't handle.'

Looking toward her newly risen partner Rika said, "You know what I expect."

Renamon's replies to her words were a simple, "Of course Rika."

But before Renamon could start to fight against the two new arrivals she was prevented by a shout of, "STOP!" Hearing the voice everyone turned their heads toward the direction that the shout came from to see who decided to interrupt the fight only for one person to recognize who it was.

"It's you!" Takato cried out happy that someone he at least recognized had come to stop the fighting that had been going on.

"It's me, it's him, and aren't you happy to see us?" a rabbit/dog digimon said as it made its way to the other digimon. (AN: That is seriously my favorite line for Terriermon don't know why though it just is.)

"Another Digimon," Rika questioned, a little confused and very irritated at this point, "This is just crazy, they're popping up everywhere."

When he finally reached them he decided to comment on the fight he had witnessed, first toward Renamon. "You were really good there at the start but didn't you feel silly rolling around in the dirt like that." Before turning toward Coronamon and Patamon, who had just landed seeing as the fighting seemed to have ended, "And isn't two against one in a fight unfair, especially when they were already fighting someone."

"You know it's not smart to mouth off to someone bigger than you or when you're out numbered, Terriermon." said the boy as he finally reached the group. He had blue hair and grey eyes. He wore an orange vest with a black shirt underneath and, brown pant, and a pair of grey shoes and wrists bands.

The digimon, Terriermon apparently turned toward his partner, "Henry, momentai."

"You take it easy." Henry shot back.

Before anything else could be said Naruto joined in having gotten tired of watching as nothing seemed to happen, "You know when you fight you really shouldn't worry about if what your doing is fair or not."

The tamers and their digimon turned toward where the voice came from to see a blond walking out from behind a tree and making his way toward them. At first they were worried, well Takato and Henry were worried Rika didn't care, that someone had discovered that digimon were real but relaxed slightly when they saw Patamon and Coronamon make their way to the blond.

"Yo." Naruto said with a way of his hand in a manner similar to that of his old sensei Kakashi. At the same time he took a discrete glance at Guilmon's chest where he saw the symbol for the Digital Hazard. 'Yup there it is, I'll be keeping a close eye on him incase anything strange starts to happen,' Turning his attention to Takato he took careful note of the boy, 'I should probably keep my eyes on him too just in case.'

"Hey, you're Naruto Uzumaki the new kid in my class, right?" Takato said when he finally recognized the blond.

"That's right and your Takato Matsuki the boy that was running around the school like a chicken with its head cut off looking for a Guilmon, right." Naruto questioned though he said it in a way that made it sound more like a statement than a question. This caused mixed results between those who were gathered, Terriermon and Coronamon chuckling heavily at Takato's expense while said tamers was blushing heavily from embarrassment, Patamon and Henry tried to hide their amusement so not to appear rude; Guilmon didn't understand what was going on, Renamon showed no outward reaction at all seemingly to have frozen the moment that Naruto stepped out from behind the tree, and Rika held a smirked in amusement.

Finally regaining his composure Henry decided he should figure out what is going on. "Just what are your digimon fighting about anyway?"

Rika scoffed at the question but answered anyway. "That's a stupid question, what else are digimon supposed to do." she asked though it didn't seem like a question.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders, "Got bored of watching Takato and his partner get their butts kicked." This got an offended "Hey" from the goggle headed tamer.

Not sure how to respond to what Naruto said Henry ignored it and focused on Rika. "Whatever they want to do, they're not our slaves or pets," Henry stated, before Terriermon jumped up into his arms, "they're our friends, they just want to do the same sort of things we do."

"Well Renamon wants to fight, so do I for that matter," Rika stated, before walking off, it only took a moment for her to realize that Renamon wasn't following her. "Renamon what are you doing, let's go already."

Renamon hadn't moved since Naruto had come out from behind the tree her body frozen completely upon laying eyes on the whiskered blond. 'Who is he? What is he? This suffocating presence it's all coming from him! He appears to be human but I've never felt anything like this before.' She didn't understand it was taking every fiber of her being not to kneel to the blond and show him respect even though she's never meet him before. 'Who is this boy and why do my instincts demand that I obey his every command.' Renamon was so distracted by her thoughts concerning Naruto she didn't hear her partner calling her until Rika was practically yelling in her ear to get her attention.

"RENAMON!" Rika shouted finally having enough of her unresponsive digimon partner.

Finally snapping herself out of her thoughts concerning the blond, Renamon turned toward her partner with an almost questioning look. A look that Rika didn't hesitate answering to, she had spent enough time hanging around these losers for one day.

"Stop wasting time and let's go Renamon." Rika said forcefully leaving no question in the others mind that this was an order to the digital vixen, her annoyance with the situation could be easily heard in her voice. Turning around again Rika all but stomped away from the other tamers as she once again expected her partner to follow.

With most of those gathered watching Rika make her dramatic exit they missed the subtle look Renamon sent Naruto's way as if asking for permission to follow her tamer and Naruto's almost unnoticeable nod of his head. With the permission given Renamon turned to follow her partner, only taking a couple of steps before seemingly vanishing into thin air.

'Ok that was pretty cool. Wonder if Patamon or Coronamon can do that.' thought Naruto before turning to face Henry and Takato, "So… what do we do now?" he questioned.

It was a couple of hours later and the male tamers and their partners were in Guilmon's new home, which was just a concrete shed with an iron gate that was out of the way of the main paths people took when walking in the park. For the most part the tamers just asked each other questions to get to know one another and joked around, while the digimon played with one another.

"So Naruto where did you live before moving to Shinjuku?" asked Takato as he looked toward the blond that was leaning against the entrance to the shed.

"I use to live in a village called Konoha that is out in the country, but because it's so small and far out no one knows about it and the fact that it's basically cut off from the outside world doesn't help either. I don't think it's even on any maps." Naruto responded, while he couldn't tell them the whole truth at least part of it should do.

"Seems like a nice place, except for that no digimon thing, what made your family want to move here?" Takato questioned only to immediately regret it when he noticed the look that appeared on Naruto's face when he mentioned his family.

"I'm here on my own my parents died shortly after I was born," noticing the guilty look Takato had and sad look Henry was now sporting Naruto decided to say something so neither of them felt guilty for asking that sort of thing, "Hey don't worry about it I got over it a long time ago and I eventually meet people that sort of became an extended family for me. Besides I'm starting to like it here, especially with all the digimon showing up I'm getting pumped up just thinking about it."

"I see… but still I'm sorry for bringing something like that up." Takato said his voice slightly sad and guilty over the fact that he brought the subject up, it must be painful Takato didn't know what he would do without his parents.

"I already said not to worry about it Takato it happened a long time ago and I'm over it so if I'm not sad about it neither can you. That goes for you too Henry." Naruto said ending it with one of his usual foxy grin. "Anyway the reason I came here was because someone asked for my help and it dealt with coming to Shinjuku, where I was lucky enough to meet Coronamon and Patamon." At the same time Naruto thought it would be a good idea if they changed focus from him and learn more about the other two boys. "So… how did you two meet Terriermon and Guilmon?" Naruto asked genuinely curious about how his fellow tamers meet their partners.

"I think a better question is how you got two partners, Naruto. It isn't something that happens every day after all." Henry questioned, it had been bugging him since he meet Naruto and was something Takato quickly agreed with wanting to know how the new kid in his class not only ended up with a digimon partner but two of them.

'Well so much for that plan,' thought Naruto, "It really isn't that much of a story." Seeing their expectant looks Naruto just gave a sigh before continuing, "Fine when I came here yesterday I was walking through the park when I happened to come across a digital field. When it started to clear Patamon and Coronamon were there and that's pretty much it."

"That's it?" asked Takato

"Yup, told you it wasn't much of a story." Naruto said 'Though I could probably give them a bit more.' "Though, I did have this weird dream a couple nights before that influenced my decision to coming here." Seeing that he had both boys attention Naruto continued with his little story, "I can't remember much of it just this voice calling out to me saying that I would be needed in Shinjuku for something important. Then everything just becomes foggy again."

The three tamers were silent for a moment each with their own thought concerning the 'dream' Naruto had. Henry wasn't sure if it really had to do with anything seeing as it was a dream, Takato was wondering if it was similar to the dream he had about Rika and her fight with the Lynxmon a couple nights ago, though he wasn't about to let anyone know he dreamt about Rika it just opened to many chances for potential teasing. Naruto just wondered how this might affect things later on.

Ignoring the dream for now Henry decided to go next in explaining how he met Terriermon. "I met Terriermon when he came out of a Digimon video game that my dad had bought for me when he came back from a business trip. He was fighting a Gorillamon and losing when I used some modify cards so he could win when he digivolved and lost control of his power. A bit later a blue card appeared and when I swiped it Terriermon came out of the computer." He could still remember it all clearly, how Terriermon ended up hurt because of him.

'That must be why he is so opposed to fighting, he's probably guilty over all the harm he caused Terriermon and the other Digimon in the game even though it's not his fault.' thought Naruto as looked at the half-Japanese boy before turning his sights the small green bunny that was still playing with the others, 'This just keeps getting more difficult, with Henry's current mind set he won't be much help in the battles to come.' Giving out a mental sigh Naruto turned his attention to Takato to wait for his story though he already had a rough idea of what it is.

But before Takato could begin to explain how he met Guilmon they were interrupted from their little story telling by the voice of a certain green digi-bunny.

"Hey, I'm hungry," Terriermon said from his perch on Guilmon's head.

"But you just ate," Henry said exasperated with how much his digimon partner could actually eat.

"So, what's your point?" Terriermon asked as he tumbled to the ground, only to jump on to Henry's back before wrapping an ear around his neck for balance.

"All right, dinner time," Henry said before he walked toward the exit of the shed.

"Yeah I think we should head home too." Naruto said thoughtfully, not having noticed the sun setting with the conversations that the tamers were having, as Coronamon and Patamon made their way to him from their spot beside Guilmon. "But first I think we'll explore the park a bit more." Naruto added as he made his way outside only though heading in a different direction then Henry as he made his way deeper into the park.

"Hey, I forgot to ask, what does Momentai mean?" Takato called after them.

"You still haven't figured it out?" asked Terriormon, "It means take it easy."

Walking into the deeper parts of the park Naruto couldn't help but go over what happened earlier.

(Small Flashback)

Naruto caught sight of something on the virus digimon's chest 'Wait was that…?' getting a better look at Guilmon Naruto noticed the Digital Hazard symbol that was on Guilmon' chest, the exact same symbol that was on Megidramon's chest and now his left hand. 'The Digital Hazard, that wasn't so hard to find. So it was Takato who tapped into the Hazard's power, guess that means that it'll be him that I'll have to watch out for. Though for now let's see what his pet dino can do.'

With that final thought Naruto pulled out his D-arc so he could take a scan of Guilmon, 'Now let's see here. Name Guilmon, level rookie, oh lookie here a virus type huh might prove interesting later on. Next his attacks are Pyro Sphere and Rock Breaker, a long range attack and a close range one guess that the norm for most digimon.' Lowering his D-arc Naruto watched as Guilmon and Renamon began to fight. 'Alright let's see what a digimon with the Digital Hazard can do in a fight.'

(End Flashback)

In the end the fight turned out to be a real let down seeing as for the most part Renamon was in control until the end and because he didn't really learn anything about Guilmon that could be useful later on besides him having trouble listening to this tamer.

'Though that isn't completely true I did learn something.' thought Naruto. It was during the fight when he noticed Rika pull out her D-arc and try to get a scan on Guilmon only for it not to work which resulted in her calling it a piece of junk. 'Why was my D-arc able to get information on Guilmon while Rika's couldn't? It doesn't make sense besides the color scheme they look exactly alike.' Letting out a sight Naruto decided he would simply have to ask Megidramon the next time he contacted him. Naruto was pulled out of his silent contemplation by the sound of one of his partner's voice

"Naruto?" questioned Patamon.

Shaking his to clear himself of his thoughts Naruto turned to look at Patamon who was flying beside him. Looking around Naruto noticed that they stopped in a clearing, "Sorry Patamon I was just thinking about something."

"Oh, what were you thinking about?" asked Coronamon as he looked up at Naruto.

Shaking his head Naruto replied, "Nothing important, just some things that happened today." continuing to look around Naruto noticed that the clearing they were in was pretty far from any of the paths in the park, had plenty of room, and unless someone came here they wouldn't be able to see anything that happened. 'This place could work out as a potential training area. But I'll have to make sure no one comes through but how… I know I can leave a Shadow clone to keep watch.'

With that thought in mind Naruto made an all too familiar hand sign before a poof of smoke appeared next to him. When the smoke cleared the Shadow clone immediately jumped up into the trees where it disappeared from sight. Seeing both his partners' curious expressions Naruto decided to answer them before they were actually able to ask anything.

"This clearing could work as our training ground, the only real problem is that we don't know how often people might come here so I made a Shadow clone to keep watch over the area." Naruto explained.

"Ok, why?" Coronamon questioned not understanding why his partner did this.

Seeing the confusion from both his partners at his actions Naruto decided to clear some things, "While this might be a good spot to train we don't know how often people come through here." Pausing to make sure they understood Coronamon and Patamon nodded their heads to show they were following him so far, "Well, with the shadow clone anything it learns I'll know the instant that it dispels itself. I also gave it enough chakra to last a couple days just to make sure I know how many people pass through here."

Nodding their heads again Patamon and Coronamon understood how this would be important in order to keep their secret and how useful the technique was.

Clapping his hands together Naruto had a huge grin on his face. "Alright then how about we go home now so I can introduce you to the miracle that is ramen." With that Naruto grabbed onto both his partners and took off in the direction of the apartment, he had already gone two days without ramen anymore and he might experience withdrawal symptoms.

Early the next morning Naruto was looking around the city for a card shop, after seeing some in action yesterday when Rika used them he decided that they could really come in handy during a fight. Along with getting some cards he would have to watch the TV show to become more familiar with the concept of digimon.

'Azulongmon did say that the show in this world was based on the adventures of the Digidestined of his quadrant so it might help me deal with what this major threat is if I have an idea of what to expect. And the digimon cards could come in handy in a fight but the problem is I don't know the first thing about the game…'

Pausing for a moment Naruto thought about this problem 'I can probably get Takato or Henry to teach me.' With that in mind Naruto began to look around again in search of the card shop. "Do you see where the card shop is Patamon?" Naruto asked as he looked up at his digimon partner that was riding on his head. Seeing as it was the weekend Naruto had decided to take his partners out to explore the city. While he offered to carry both his partners only Patamon accepted, Coronamon deciding he would follow them from the roof tops, while he couldn't get there without Naruto's help he could easily follow them by jumping from roof to roof. 'Coronamon sure is a prideful little digimon.'

"Sorry but no Naruto." Patamon responded from his perch on Naruto's head.

"Oh well we'll just have to keep looking then." stated Naruto not at all discouraged.

After a few minutes Naruto and Patamon found Takato and Guilmon walking around the middle of the streets. 'What is he doing walking around with Guilmon in the middle of the day?' Naruto would have been very concerned with how the public would react if he wasn't witness to what happened next. Apparently when a little kid asked about Guilmon, Takato just told them Guilmon was a guy in a suite for Halloween (AN: Does anyone know what the date is?). This was immediately accepted by everyone as they seem to ignore the goggle headed boy and his digimon partner. 'Either Digimon is so popular that this isn't all that uncommon or people are just more gullible here than back home… or it could be both,' Looking how no one questioned Takato's answer it could be very likely it was both.

"You know…" Naruto said as he made his way toward Takato, "I'm surprised people actually bought that; the people back home would have been a lot more suspicious."

"Well… I guess that's just one of the good things about Shinjuku then." Takato replied giving out a nervous laugh at the fact that his plan worked. "So what are you doing here Naruto and where's Coronamon?" Takato asked just noticing that the small fire digimon wasn't with the blonde haired boy.

"He's here somewhere he didn't like the idea of me carrying him around like a plush toy apparently," Naruto said with a chuckle "as for me I'm here looking for a card shop, you wouldn't happen to know where I can find one would ya?"

Nodding his head Takato said, "Yeah there is one close by that I usually go to, I can show you where it-" but before he could finish he was cut off by Guilmon who started to growl as his eyes turned into their viral state before taking off. "Guilmon, where are you going?" Takato shouted after his digimon, "Why does this keep happening to me?" Takato asked himself as he chased after Guilmon.

"Who knows maybe that girl has a point when she called you a lousy tamer, Takato." Naruto replied nonchalantly as he caught a sight of Coronamon following them from the rooftops.

"I didn't really need that question answered Naruto." Takato deadpanned a slight twitch in his eye as he spared the blond who was running alongside him a glance. In return Naruto simply shrugged his shoulders.

Their chase eventually leads them to an underground parking lot where Rika and Renamon stood waiting for them. At seeing Naruto arrive Renamon immediately stiffened up the presence Naruto released unconsciously already affecting her. Rika on the other hand was annoyed the blonde along with the other boy had interfered with her fight with the goggle-head yesterday and now here he was when she was supposed to finish what she started.

"What are you doing here whiskers?"

'Oh, wow whiskers how original.' Naruto thought sarcasm dripping from each of his words, "What's the matter Rika-chan aren't you happy to see me?" Naruto asked almost mockingly.

"How do you know my name," she asked her voice gaining a threatening tone to it "and don't call me Rika-chan." she added at the end.

A sly smile appeared on Naruto's face that only served to irritate Rika further, "No reason in particular I was just looking some things about digimon and I happen to find a mention of a certain Digimon Queen and that she lived here in Shinjuku. I got curious and decided to see who she was and imagine my surprise when I learned that it was one Rika Nonaka, the same girl that was kicking dino-boy's butt yesterday." Naruto said like it wasn't that big of a deal. "Now how about you tell me what you're doing here Rika-chan?"

Rika's eyebrow twitched as Naruto continued to call her that, "I told you to stop calling me that!" Rika grounded out. "As for what I'm doing here isn't it obvious I'm here to finish my fight with goggle-head that you interrupted." Rika finished in an almost accusing tone as if Naruto's actions were some sort of crime against kami.

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that Rika." Naruto stated as he looked straight at the red headed girl. This accomplished two things, one tick Rika off more and relieve Takato who was afraid he would have fight her again now more than ever seeing as she was the Digimon Queen.

Rika scoffed at Naruto's announcement not really caring what the blond had to say, "Oh, and why is that? Because we're all tamers and are supposed to work together to save the Digital world?"

Naruto blinked completely lost to what Rika was saying (AN: The look Goku gets whenever he goes from being serious to having that wide eye look.). "No. Because, Rika-chan, your opponents are going to be me and my partners." Naruto said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world throwing in the Rika-chan bit just annoy her, Naruto had to admit she looked cute when she was angry.

Ignoring the Rika-chan part Rika raised an eyebrow at this surprised that the blond hadn't gone off on some stupid speech about how they were meant to work together, have an awesome adventure that would result in them saving both the human world and the digital one.

Takato was on the verge of having a panic attack his new friend was challenging the freaking Digimon Queen to a battle was he nuts. "Naruto, what are you doing? You can't actually believe you can beat her do you." Takato said nervously the actions of his blond friend really getting to him.

Turning to his friend Naruto put his hand over where his heart would be and said in mock hurt, "You have so little faith in me Takato I'm hurt." Seeing the incredulous that Takato had Naruto decided to reassure him a bit "Don't worry it'll be fine." Naruto finished dismissively as if what he was doing wasn't that big of a deal, which to him it wasn't.

'He can't actually he can take her can he? He just met Coronamon and Patamon a few days ago and he doesn't even have any cards with him.' Takato thought before he tried to dissuade his friend one last time, "Naruto think about what you're doing there is no way you can beat her she's the best card player in all of Shinjuku and you barely know the first thing about Digimon." Takato hoped his reasoning would get through to Naruto this girl didn't mess around and wouldn't hesitate to delete both Patamon and Coronamon.

Naruto gave Takato one of his foxy grins before he turned around to face Rika, "You shouldn't underestimate me Takato…or Coronamon and Patamon for that matter."

Rika watched as the two boys talked slightly irked that they were ignoring her. As she watched them she started to evaluate the whiskered blonde. He was different from what she expected for one he wasn't a fan-boy of hers which is always a good thing. Secondly he wasn't afraid of her like the goggle-head and most other people who've met her. And lastly he actually seemed like he wanted to fight unlike the tamer with the Terriermon, hell he even looked excited even knowing who he was up against. 'What is with this guy he helped to stop Renamon from finishing the digital dino because he was board and now here he wants to fight me and Renamon? Why?'

Rika was snapped out of her thoughts when she saw Naruto turn to her. "So, Rika, are you and foxy ready to start this show or what?" Naruto asked as Patamon left his place from on top of Naruto's head and now flew beside him and Coronamon stood beside his tamer. Guilmon sensing that he wouldn't be fighting came out of his viral state and stepped back to stand by his tamer.

"And why exactly should we fight you when we challenged the goggle-head?"

Naruto smirked knowing that he would only have to push her a bit to accept, "What's the matter Rika-chan scared you'll lose?"

That did it, "Renamon walk all over him." Rika commanded, not only did the blond call her Rika-chan again but even asked if she was scared of losing to him, she wasn't scared of anyone or anything.

Renamon hesitated, her instincts telling her not to challenge Naruto but at the same time she knew that she had to in order not to displease her tamer.

"Now don't hold back I want to see what you can do!" Naruto said noticing that Renamon didn't follow Rika's command the moment she said it. 'I need to figure out some way to see how much me being the Kyuubi affects her.'

Though Renamon knew he said it in a way that everyone would think he was talking to Rika she knew it was his way of giving her permission to attack, especially since he was looking at her when he said it, something she doubted anyone else noticed.

With that in mind Renamon jumped into the air to prepare for her signature attack. Crossing her arms hundreds of diamond shards appeared in front of her, then with a cry of "Diamond Storm." Renamon spread out her arms as all the shards shot forward to strike both Coronamon and Patamon.

Naruto reacted at once the second he saw Renamon jump into the air, already anticipating what her attack would be, "Coronamon, Patamon launch your attacks and make them collide in front of the Diamond Storm."

Quickly following their tamer's command both digimon launched their own long ranged attack. Coronamon with a Corona Flame that appeared on his hand and Patamon with his Boom Bubble launched their attacks when the two attacks were about to hit the Diamond Storm they collided but for a split second Naruto noticed that his digimons' attacks tried to combine together before they exploded.

'Well this is interesting,' thought Naruto 'If we can get the timing right we might be able to combine their attacks into something stronger.' He then continued to watch the fight to see the results of the combined attack.

When the explosion occurred it destroyed most of the diamond shards from Renamon's attack and those that weren't were now off course allowing Patamon and Coronamon to easily dodge the attack. Flying above Renamon, Patamon shot another Boom Bubble towards Renamon while she was still in mid-air. Renamon seeing the attack coming and knowing that there was no way for her to avoid it she braced herself. When the Boom Bubble hit she was able to avoid any serious damage but still sent toward the ground, like yester day Renamon was able to recover in time but unlike yesterday she immediately jumped away from the spot she landed expecting Coronamon to try and land a hit again.

When Coronamon saw what was going to happen he tried the same tactic from yesterday and hit her with Coro Knuckle. When Renamon landed he didn't expect her to jump back which caused him to miss and leave him open for Renamon to land a kick on his head which sent him flying back into a car door denting it.

'Hope these people have insurance.' Thought Naruto just now realizing how much property damage they could cause.

"Slamming Attack!" having seen Coronamon be kicked and then crash into a car Patamon dived at Renamon and began to spin around starting his second attack.

Renamon turning her attention away from Coronamon since he wasn't currently a threat saw what Patamon was trying to do. Renamon knew that she didn't have enough time to affectively use Diamond Storm. Gathering energy into her paws Renamon called out her other attack, "Power Paw." On her hands a blue like flame appeared and once Patamon got close enough she tried to punch him. The two attacks collided and for a few seconds they pushed against each other before a small explosion sent both digimon to opposite sides of the garage.

Having recovered enough to see the end result of Renamon's and Patamon's attacks colliding immediately headed in the direction Renamon was sent before jumping into the air, "Corona Flame." Coronamon called out as a fireball once again appeared in his hand which he threw towards Renamon. Unfortunately Renamon had regained her bearings and had plenty of time to dodge Coronamon's attack with only the fur on her tail being singed from the attack.

Irritated that none of his attacks had landed Coronamon charged toward Renamon with a cry of, "Coro Knuckle!" as both his fists were covered by flames.

Patamon took to the air again once he recovered and at seeing Coronamon charge Renamon he decided to stay back and support him from a distance with his long ranged attacks.

Renamon saw Coronamon coming and once again used her Power Paw attack to meet him head on. It was an exchange of fists as blue flames meet orange, while Renamon had more experience to help her Coronamon's height made it hard for her to land an effective hit which he used to his advantage. Renamon tried to kick him again but Coronamon saw what she was trying to do and was able to block in time so the damage was minimal. The kick did manage to send him flying back toward one of the pillars but before he hit it Coronamon was able to right himself so he landed on it before using it as leverage to jump toward Renamon fist cocked back and the Coro Knuckle in full blaze.

Renamon was slightly caught by surprise that Coronamon was able to recover in time so when he came in to punch her she wasn't able to either dodge or block landing a solid hit to her face. But Renamon did have enough time to hit Coronamon with an upper cut to the stomach. The force of their punches once again sent the two a distance away from each other.

For Rika this battle wasn't going at all how she wanted it to. Sure Renamon was going up against two different opponents but to having to be on the defensive throughout most of the fight was completely unacceptable. She started to reach for a card when she was stopped by a voice coming from the garage entrance.

"What's going on down here?" asked Henry as he and Terriermon walked into the garage.

"Henry you're here!" Takato said excited hoping to convince Naruto to stop fighting, sure he was doing okay now but how much longer could that last.

Rika scoffed believing that the reason Takato was so excited was because he was hoping his friend would help them win. "Don't make me laugh do you really think that weenie little bunny can stand up to Renamon." Of course it didn't really matter to Rika they would need all the help they could get if they even wanted to dream of a chance at beating her… and Renamon too of course.

"Who are you calling a weenie? Henry, I think that qualifies as rude." stated Terriermon, with cheeks puffed out and hands on his waist.

This earned him a mild glare from Rika, "I'd be quiet if I was you unless you want to turn you into rabbit stew."

That had the digital bunny flinching mentally. 'This girl can be really scary when she wants to be.'

"Yeah that seems to be going around a lot Terriermon." responded Henry to what his partner said, looking at the two fighting tamers and their digimon

"Yo Henry it's nice to see ya." Naruto said raising his hand in greeting without taking his eyes off of Rika and Renamon.

"Naruto what are you doing?" asked Henry slightly alarmed that the blond was taking part in the fight.

Looking back at Henry Naruto had a confused look on his face, "What do you mean? I'm having a little sparing match with Rika-chan of course." Naruto said like it was the most obvious thing in the world which it was.

"But why I thought you understood that Digimon aren't here for to make them fight with each other." Henry said frustrated that Naruto would admit to it so obviously.

Sighing Naruto closed his eyes and ran a hand through his hair before he opened them and focused his gaze only at Henry with a serious look in his eyes. "Listen Henry I understand that you would prefer to avoid fighting but sometimes that isn't an option." Pausing for a second to think about his past Naruto continued to speak, "Sometimes you aren't given a choice and you're forced to fight, then what will you do Henry?"

"I don't know I'll make that decision when the time comes, but until then I can't simply give up on trying to resolve things peacefully." replied Henry.

Now Naruto was starting to get frustrated, "Can you really afford to wait till the last second to make that kind of choice? Because you couldn't come to a decision someone could have been in put in some serious danger." Naruto said a slight edge to his voice.

"What do you mean?" asked Henry not understanding what Naruto was trying to say and a part of him fearing the answer.

"Listen in an ideal world we would all get along and wouldn't have to worry about fighting. But that isn't the case we don't live in an ideal world and eventually a digimon will crossover that won't hesitate hurting innocent people and if you try to talk to that digimon you won't be putting just yourself in danger but Terriermon and a whole bunch of others as well." Naruto stopped to calm himself before continuing, "I'm not telling you to give up on your beliefs its actually something similar to one of my dreams, but what I am saying is that you need to be ready to make the tough decisions now rather than later when someone could get hurt."

"But to fight and delete digimon on a simple possibility doesn't feel right." Henry dejectedly replied.

Naruto gave Henry a small reassuring smile, "Then don't, fight to protect. To protect the innocent and those who are precious to me that is the reason I fight and continue to grow stronger."

Rika by this point had gotten tired of listening and decided to interrupt. "If you two are done with your chit chat I'd like to finish this fight now." Even though she said it as if what Naruto said didn't really concern her, a small part of herself couldn't help but to consider the blonds words. 'Fighting to protect that which is precious to you.' She couldn't think of that now she had a fight to win.

"Hai, hai sorry for the interruption Rika-chan lets continue." Naruto said as he turned back to face her and Renamon.

A tick mark appeared on Rika's head when she heard Naruto what Naruto called her, 'There is that damn chan again.' Rika was not about to let him get away with him calling her that again. "Renamon." she said in a commanding tone.

It seemed that was all Rika had to say because immediately Renamon got ready to resume fighting. Jumping into the air Renamon crossed her arms over her chest as the diamond shards appeared once again in front of her.

Sadly with everyone distracted no one noticed that Terriermon had gotten in the line of fire when he went to admire his reflection on a car's hub cap. By the time that Renamon had noticed that Terriermon had gotten in the way of her attack it had been too late to stop.

"No, get back!" Renamon cried out.

Terriermon only had enough time to turn around to watch as the Diamond Storm approached before an explosion occurred from the attack coming in contact with him and the car.

"TERRIERMON, NO!" Henry shouted out as he ran toward his partner as a blinding white light came from his D-arc. No one noticed the small white digimon with purple lining whose forehead began to glow just as bright as the D-arc.


"Terriermon Digivolve to… Gargomon!"

When the smoke cleared what stood in Terriermon's place was a much bigger bunny, with a gun belt around his shoulder, and blue jeans. The top of his face was painted a green color with most of his ears painted the same color only leaving the edges the regular cream color his body possessed. On his face were also two red lines on each cheek and a red diamond on his forehead. But what drew most every ones attention was the Gatling gun arms he now had.

'Oh this could be bad.' thought Naruto remembering Henry's story from the other day.

"He promised me he wouldn't do it." mumbled Henry as he fell to his knees in a mixture of shock and disbelief

"Let's see Gargomon, Terriermon's champion form, what a difference. Attacks are Gargo Laser and Bunny Pummel whatever that is." read out Rika as she looked down at the stats that came from her D-arc before turning her attention to the fight.

After admiring his new appearance Gargomon opened fire on everything. The first to fall victim to the Champion digimon's attack were Renamon, Patamon, and Coronamon who all had to jump away or risk being hit. The fact that he missed didn't seem to bother Gargomon as he continued to shoot cars causing to explode while the other digimon tried to figure out what to do to stop him.

"What are you doing Renamon get in there and finish him." Rika called to her partner annoyed that Renamon wasn't even trying to attack.

'Doesn't she realize the danger that she's in.' thought Renamon as she made her way towards Gargomon anyway to appease her tamer. Jumping onto the berserker rabbit's back Renamon tried to use her claws to hang on only to be flung off and thrown a good distance away.

Coronamon rushed forward his Coro Knuckle in full blaze as he intended to nock some sense into Gargomon. What he didn't expect was for Gargomon's speed to increase as much as it did; as such he was taken by surprise when Gargomon dodged his attack.

"Bunny Pummel." was the first words to come out of Gargomon's mouth as he punched Coronamon in the stomach with his Gatling gun arms. The result was Coronamon being knocked into a pillar hitting his head and temporarily knocking him out.

'Kuso that's two digimon down if things don't change soon I'll have to step in.' thought Naruto watching the events before him unfold.

"Guilmon you have to stop him." shouted Takato to his partner.

"Okie dokie." replied Guilmon as he made his way toward Gargomon.

"Patamon help Guilmon out by attacking from a distance and providing a distraction." called out Naruto to his only conscious digimon partner.

A quick "Right." was the only response he gained.

Sadly Gargomon saw them coming before much could be done. While Guilmon was built for speed he wasn't nearly as fast as he needed to be to reach Gargomon quickly enough and while Patamon was able to launch a few Boom Bubbles they lacked the power necessary to deal any real damage to the Champion level digimon and took too long to fire each one. That's why Patamon quickly became a flying target for the deranged bunny forcing him to hide behind one of the stone pillars to protect him giving Gargomon the chance to turn his sights on the mini-dino running at him. Only for the dino to turn back and run the other way when said bunny began to open fire on him, apparently while he had thick skin it wasn't thick enough.

'Well that was a complete bust,' thought Naruto dejectedly. 'Looks like I don't have a choice in the matter I'll have to take care of this myself.' Really you would think that four Rookies would at least be able to land an effective hit but considering that the only one with any real battle experience was Renamon I guess you couldn't expect much. 'I'm definitely going to put Coronamon and Patamon through some intensive training later on.'

With no immediate opponents insight Gargomon looked around for his next target that wasn't a car, after all cars blowing up could only offer so much entertainment after the 5th or 6th time it happened. Sadly his eyes fell on Rika, something that everyone seemed to notice right away. Making his way toward the redhead Gargomon lifted up his arms in preparations to fire.

For the first time Rika realized the danger she was in as was evident by the look of fear that crossed her face at seeing Gargomon walk toward her. For each step that Gargomon took forward it was one she took back until she was up against the wall. 'Is this how I'm going to die killed by a trigger happy bunny?' though Rika as she closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable.

Seeing her partner in danger Renamon rushed to Rika from where she was thrown, but even as she ran toward her partner she knew that she wouldn't make it in time to save her. 'No I won't make it time, Rika!'

It was also around this time that Coronamon started to wake up still a little groggy from hitting the stone pillar. Shaking his head to get rid of the cobwebs he stood up looking around to see what was happening when he noticed the situation and made his way to try and help. At the same time Patamon came out from behind the pillar that he was using to protect himself from the barrage of bullets and prepared to fire another Boom Bubble in hopes of distracting Gargomon long enough for someone to get Rika out of there.

"Gargomon stop!" Henry yelled finally coming out of his shock of Terriermon digivolving by seeing what he was about to do.

"Guilmon you have to stop him!" Takato cried out frantically as the red raptor once again made a mad dash toward the over grown bunny in blue pants.

Everyone heard the sounds of gunfire as a multiple barrage of bullets left Gargomon's Gatling gun arms and made their way to a petrified Rika as she waited for the pain the bullets would deliver before they killed her.

When the laser bullets hit their mark it kicked up a vast amount of dust that blocked everyone's vision of what happened to Rika. When it finally started to clear everyone was amazed and relieved that it revealed that Rika wasn't there on the ground bleeding to death from the multiple bullet wounds she was sure to have gotten. In fact by the looks of it the only thing that Gargomon's Gargo Laser hit was the wall, but this raised the question of what happened to Rika.

'What's going on?' thought a very confused Rika she heard the gunfire so why wasn't she hurt being too scared to open her eyes. 'What's this feeling? This warmth this feeling of safety I've never felt anything like it before. What's going on?' Finally having to the courage to open her eyes again the first thing Rika saw was that she was a few feet away from where she was last standing. 'How did I get here?' At first she believed that Renamon had managed to save her only to see a dark shade of orange fabric instead of the yellow fur of her partner. Looking up toward the face of her savior she saw whiskered cheeks; sun kissed blond hair, and the most amazing sapphire blue eyes that Rika had ever seen that she could have sworn were glowing. 'Whiskers?'

Once everyone had seen that Rika wasn't where she was standing they immediately started to look around only to find her a few feet away being carried by Naruto bridal style as he sent a glare toward Gargomon. Most of their thoughts consisted of the same thing, 'He's fast.' Renamon landed near where Naruto stood kneeling before him unsure of what she was supposed to do now and settled for just watching the blond that held her tamer against his chest.

Naruto was sending a concentrated amount of killing intent at Gargomon that he made sure only Gargomon could feel as not to scare the tamers into wetting their pants. This had the desired result of causing Gargomon to freeze up. With such a clear opening Patamon fired a Boom Bubble that unbalanced Gargomon enough for Guilmon to knock him straight into a car with Coronamon close by with a Corona Flame in both hands ready to fire at a moment's notice.

'There that wasn't too hard.' thought Naruto as he cut the flow of his killing intent. Looking down at the girl that was still in his arms he noticed her looking at him with awe. "Hey there Rika-chan, you ok?" He asked with a heartwarming smile.

At the sound of his voice Rika was brought back to reality and a light blush crossed her cheeks as she finally realized how he was holding her. "Let go of me you PERVERT!" she yelled as she freed herself from his hold.

"What? Pervert? Is that how you thank the guy who saved your life Rika-chan?" asked Naruto in indignation at being called a pervert by the redhead.

"I didn't ask for you to help me Baka! And stop calling me Rika-chan!" she yelled back her cheeks redder than before if because of anger or embarrassment no one could tell.

"It's called saving the damsel in distress Rika-chan." replied Naruto emphasizing the Rika-chan part.

"What? Who was a damsel in distress? Because I sure as hell wasn't!" Rika shot back infuriated that someone would associate her with something so girly.

Naruto smirked at the fuming redhead, "Really? Didn't look that way from where I was standing." he casually replied with a hint of a mocking tone in his voice.

"Sh…Sh…shut up or I'll kick your ass Baka!"

"Humph I'd like to see you try Rika-chan."

There little lovers spat was put on hold when they heard a groan coming from where Gargomon lay indented into the car Guilmon knocked him into.

"Did anyone get the digi-code of the Monochromon that ran me over?" he asked jokingly as rubbed his head, 'Definitely going to feel that one in the morning.'

Having regained her cool in those few seconds Rika decided it was time to leave, "Come on Renamon let's get out of here," before she turned and headed for the exit, "And next time Whiskers I'll kick yours and your digital pets' butt." she finished without turning around to face Naruto.

"Yeah, yeah love you to Rika-chan." Naruto replied waving his hand dismissively.

Before Rika could go back and probably punch the blonde for his words Renamon grabbed her tamer before the two vanished off to places only known by the two of them. Seeing as how Rika and Renamon had left Naruto walked over to the others who had gathered around Gargomon.

"Hey is everyone alright?" he asked once he reached everyone.

"Well no one seems hurt…" started Takato

"Speak for yourself; my head is killing me." interrupted Gargomon still holding his head.

"Well no one it to badly hurt." finished Takato.

Looking toward his partners to make sure they were doing fine Naruto got an affirmative response that they were both doing fine. Having made sure that they were both ok Naruto turned to look at Henry who had remained quiet through all of this.

"What about you, Henry?" asked Naruto

"Huh?" was Henry's intelligent reply.

"Are you ok?" Naruto restated.

Shaking his head to get rid of the cobwebs in his head, "Oh… Yeah I'm fine guess it's just that I'm still trying to get over the shock is all." Henry said after gathering his thoughts.

Naruto smiled seeing that his friend was ok. "Alright then…so now what?" It just happened that once he got finished asking his question that they all heard the sirens of police cars heading in their direction.

"Um… getting out of here before were caught sounds good to me." Takato said fearfully as he heard the sirens get closer.

"That sounds good to me." Henry replied just as nervous as Takato felt.

"Hey! Hurry it up we don't have all day and I don't plan on breaking you out if the police catch you!" yelled Naruto from the entrance of the parking lot as he made his way outside, Coronamon and Patamon both beside him either riding on his head or his shoulder.

The two remaining tamers shared a glance before they began running for the exit with their partners following them.

"Hey Henry?"


"Do you have any idea how Naruto can be so fast, I mean he was right beside us one second the next he was at the exit." Takato asked as he desperately tried to catch up to the blonde ahead of them.

"Not a clue and right now I'm more worried about getting out of here so keep running." Henry replied.

"Hey stop chatting and run those sirens sound like they're right around the corner!" Naruto yelled back. Hearing this both tamers and their digimon ran for everything they were worth until they reached the park where they were sure they were safe.

It was a few hours later and Naruto was back at his apartment. He had spent some time with Takato and Henry at the park trying to get Gargomon to de-digivolve back into Terriermon before deciding he would call it a day and head back, after agreeing to meet Henry and Takato tomorrow at the park to go to the card shop and begin his lessons in learning how to play. He was currently on his laptop seeing what it was capable of including the digital field it could generate.

'Let's see the digital field will cover an area specified on the laptop and it even can be active for a specific amount of time,' clicking on an icon that looked like his D-arc Naruto watched as additional information came onto the screen. 'Looks like the D-arc has limited control over the digital field. But by the looks of it, it can only activate the fields that have already been set and with the Digital Hazard I'll be able to deactivate them once I'm done.' Before he could look more into this new information the screen turned black as the Digital Hazard came onto the screen.

"Megidramon?" questioned Naruto.

"Hello Uzumaki I've come to speak to you about your question the other day and see what your thoughts on your fellow tamers are." Megidramon answered slightly disappointed that Naruto didn't jump from fright not that he would ever admit it.

"My question?" asked Naruto slightly confused, "You mean the one about what I would do about my ninja gear?"

"Yes that one. Like you were told when you meet myself and the other Great Dragons it's hard to open a portal to your world. As such it'll be almost impossible for you to restock your ninja supplies," Megidramon explained. Naruto gained a disappointed look at Megidramon words but understood. "That being said we were able to open a portal to your world that will allow items to be transported here."

"That's great I was really worried there for a second." Naruto excitedly replied with a huge smile on his face, but then his smile turned into a frown. "But that's not all there is to it is it?"

At his words Megidramon seemed to give a grunt of confirmation. "Yes, the portal won't allow for anything too big to come through. At the same time the portal isn't stable enough that we will allow any living creature through safely. Finally any supplies you ask for will take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to arrive."

"Why is that?"

"We will need that time to gather the supplies you ask for without arousing suspicion from the shinobi of your world. We don't have a representative in your world that can gather the items quickly so we will have to items shipped to a secure location where we can open the portal." Megidramon answered.

"I see, but still that is better than I expected and I'll just have to make sure that the gear I have with me are well taken care of until I can get more." Naruto said.

"In the meantime you can use the Digital Hazard and the data manipulation it grants you to create anything that you need."

Naruto furrowed his brows in confusion when he heard this, "You've mentioned that before but I don't have the first clue as to how I'm supposed to do it."

Megidramon gave out a heavy sigh before he began to speak, "First off all information on the basics of what you will be doing can be found on the laptop as I stated before. Secondly, what you must remember at all times is that the Digital Hazard is a virus as such it will do whatever it can to ensure its survival." Megidramon explained.

"And what exactly does that mean?" Naruto questioned.

"It means Uzumaki that the Digital Hazard, once you understand the basics, will give you the knowledge necessary to ensure its survival." Megidramon said some of his patience dwindling, "The small part I gave you only knows how to manipulate the data around it as such it will give you knowledge dealing with programming, the creation of new data. Though seeing as you haven't even begun the basics I wouldn't worry about it at the moment." Megidramon finished dismissively, "Now that we are on the subject of the Digital Hazard have you come in contact with the tamer who tapped into the power of the Digital Hazard?"

Naruto nodded his head though he wasn't sure if Megidramon could, "Yeah, Takato Matsuki and his partner Guilmon though from what I saw in the last couple of days they don't have the first clue as to what Takato did or what Guilmon now holds." Naruto replied.

Megidramon another grunt of acknowledgement, "I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not, in any case make sure to keep a close eye on them."

"Yeah, yeah," Naruto said before he remembered something that happened the other day, "That reminds me, the other day a fellow tamer, Rika, tried to look up information on Guilmon but all she got on her D-arc was a blank while mine got his stats like normal, why is that?" Naruto asked.

"Like I said your D-arc is connected to the data base on all digimon that can be found on your lap top, while the other tamers also have a data base they can pull information from theirs is more limited. Once Guilmon was created all of his information was added to the data base and made available to you. If at some point in the future you want to change it so their D-arcs get their data from the same data base you'll have to reprogram them, which brings us back to the importance of data manipulation, the Digital Hazard, and learning the basics." Megidramon explained.

"Fine I get it I'll get started on learning the basics as soon as possible." Naruto said exasperated.

"Now tell me what you think about your fellow tamers." Megidramon pretty much demanded

Naruto rubbed his head as he tried to think of something, "Well there isn't much to actually tell, for the most part one is to violent, the other not enough, and the last a complete rookie no matter what way you look at it." Naruto let out a sigh before continuing, "Hopefully I'll be able to do something about this because as it stands now they aren't ready to do whatever it is you expect from them."

"I see, is there anything else." Megidramon questioned deciding that this conversation had gone on long enough.

"I've just had trouble finding my way…. around…. the …" Naruto didn't finish his sentence because it was taking all his willpower not to face palm at this moment at the realization that just hit him (AN: And me). Making a cross shaped hand sign and with a cry of "Shadow Clone Jutsu." five clones came into existence that immediately made their way to the sliding glass door located in his room which led to the balconies. Once outside they all jumped to a different roof top and began to spread out. "I'm such an idiot."

"Agreed now would you mind explaining what came to this revelation."

Sighing Naruto answered him, "For the past couple of days I've been having trouble finding anything in this city it just now came to me to use shadow clones to familiarize myself with its layout." (AN: I seriously didn't think of this until I began to type it and had to keep myself from face palming at my own stupidity for not thinking about it earlier.)

Megidramon gave a chuckle at how slow the boy seemed to be. "Is that so, huh, guess I couldn't expect anything more from you Uzumaki. One last thing though, have you found somewhere to train yourself and your partners."

"Yeah, I currently have a Shadow Clone keeping watch over the area to see how many people visit it for the next few days." replied Naruto.

"Very well, that is it for now I'm not sure when or if I'll contact you again Uzumaki just make sure you keep watch over those two who've tapped into the Hazards power and begin your training in data manipulation as soon as possible." Megidramon finished before the screen turned back to how Naruto had it.

'Well that was informative I guess.' thought Naruto before he heard a call from the living room.

"Hey Naruto when are you going to start dinner we're hungry in here!" yelled Coronamon.

"Yeah, yeah I'm on it!" Naruto yelled back.

In another part of Shinjuku one Rika Nonaka had just finished eating dinner with her grandmother. All throughout the meal Seiko Hata noticed that her granddaughter was deep in thought but knew better than to pry when it concerned her granddaughter. She just hoped that if she needed help with something Rika would come to her for advice.

"Rika dear." began Seiko.

"Yeah grandma?" asked Rika

"I almost forgot to mention this but next Friday we will be having a guest for dinner so I'll want you home early, understand?" She asked.

"Yeah I understand grandma." Rika replied not really paying attention to what her grandmother was telling her expecting it was an old friend of hers from the good old days or that her mother would be bringing a new boyfriend home, 'Hopefully it's the first one.'

Making her way to her bed Rika couldn't get the events of the day out of her head, especially thoughts of one whiskered blond. She didn't understand him, he interfered in her fight with the goggle head and his pet dino and then the next day challenges her to fight while preaching that one should fight to protect that which is precious to the tamer with the Terriermon.

'Then he risked his life to save me.' thought Rika. She didn't hold any delusions that Renamon would have reached her in time she knew that the chance of her dying were very real. And yet Naruto was able to get her out of there when he shouldn't be anywhere near fast enough. 'Then how could he?' Rika asked herself.

Then there was the fact that he had two partners instead of one and the fact that one of them was able to put Renamon on edge just by being there, as far as she knew anyway. And lastly it was the look in his eyes while he held her, she might have been coming down from the shock that she was alive but she was sure that his eyes were glowing as he stared down Gargomon but when he looked down at her his eyes looked normal.

Rika refused to think about the warmth that surrounded her body while he held her. It was nothing important she told herself though a part of her, a very small part, wanted to know the reason behind the warmth. What she definitely knew was that there was something different about the blond something outside the normal.

'And I'm going to figure out what it is.' thought Rika as she lay down in her bed (AN: Or whatever it is.) and fell asleep a few minutes later.

Up on the rooftop of Rika's home Renamon sat staring up at the night sky as she tried to figure the blond out. She couldn't figure out why she reacted like she did toward the blond. The subconscious part of her knew what it was but it always remained out of reach so she couldn't figure out what it was.

'Just who are you Naruto Uzumaki?'

In the Hypnos building the MIB wannabe sat in a chair under the monitor that covered the entire ceiling of the room, watching the two women above him work as he continued to open and close his lighter the sound from it clicking reverting throughout the room.

"Riley stats report." the blonde said to one of the women above him.

"Sir no new wild ones have crossed over in the last two days." the women with long hair, the now named Riley, answered.

"And what of the two that came through the other day." he asked though it didn't seem like a question.

Riley typed at the keyboard before she answered the question. "We haven't received any reports on any digimon citing so far it all seems quite so far." She replied

The blond man closed his lighter with a click as he stood up staring at the monitor above that kept watch over the digital world and any digimon trying to cross over. "That's not good enough we must find those abominations and capture them before the public becomes aware of their existence." He answered his tone caring a hint of irritation.

"Um… Yamaki sir." began the women with short hair hesitation clear in her voice.

"What is it Tally?" Yamaki replied in a harsher tone than was needed.

Tally flinched at her boss's voice, unlike her co-worker she didn't have the same confidence when it came to dealing with their boss, "Well, while there hasn't been any digimon citied there have been some reports of destruction happening in the city that can't' be explained."

"Where?" he asked simply

"The most notable one happened today; an underground parking lot had some of the automobiles destroyed along with some damage to the walls and pillars of the parking lot, which no one can explain. The only other incident happened yesterday in the park; a fence suffered some serious damage that once again can't be explained." Tally replied.

"I see." was Yamaki's only response as he made his way out of the room while he pulled out his cell phone. 'The park is the perfect place to hide for those monsters during the day I'll need to get a team together and check out the area.' Yamaki thought sure that he finally had a solid lead on where the digimon that crossed over where hiding.

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