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The Will to Fight

(Author Note)

"Alright team with have them on the ropes now!" A boy with brown hair that spiked upwards with a white shirt and shorts yelled.

"Umm… Kazu?" A glasses wearing boy that seemed to have green tinted hair in reminiscence of a bowl cut asked nervously

"What is it Kenta can't you see I'm leading my team to victory." The now known Kazu replied with his hands on his waist in the classic superhero pose.

"Well were losing." Kenta answered in a deadpan voice as he pointed toward the scoreboard.

Not believing what his friend was saying Kazu turned toward the scoreboard before his face shifted to a surprised look with his mouth hanging open and his eyes bugging out. "10 to 0, how the heck are we so far behind?" Kazu half shouted half asked.

Walking up toward his longtime friends Takato in a similar outfit as the two other boys; his signature goggles missing from their usual place on top of his head. He was panting slightly as he whipped the sweat from his forehead, "I'm pretty sure that it's because they have Naruto on their team Kazu." Takato answered.

At the mention of the blond the three boys turned to look toward the soccer field where Naruto was currently making his way down the field. Naruto was wearing the same thing as the rest of them only with a red jersey to signify that he was on the opposing team. One of the other players moved in front of Naruto in order to stop him only to watch as the soccer ball went over his head, he was so distracted watching the ball he forgot about Naruto until he was behind him and in possession of the ball once more. At this point one of the players on Kazu's team tried to steal the ball by coming in from the side only for the ball and Naruto to jump over him as if he wasn't even there. And this is how it continued with Naruto making his way down the field weaving pass the other players, and by looks of it with little effort, before making it to the opposing team's last line of defense. With only the goalie in the way Naruto kicked the ball and it quickly made its way toward the goal with the goalie jumping in an effort to stop it. Unfortunately, for the goalie, the ball hit the ground right before the goal with a spin resulting in it going in the opposite direction than it was originally.

"Dudes now it's 11 to 0," Kazu exclaimed as he grabbed his hair on the verge of pulling it out, "And did you see that move; how is that even possible?"

"Yeah that was incredible!" Kenta voiced his opinion with equal amount of awe and shock.

"Well I did try to warn you this might happen when teams were being made Kazu." Takato said in a tone that just oozed I told you so.

"Wait! You knew he could do this." Kazu asked with a sense of betrayal as he pointed an accusing finger at Takato.

"Maybe, yeah, sort of," Takato answered hesitantly.

It was now Monday during the only part of the school day that the students actually enjoyed besides lunch, no wait during lunch the school lunch ladies tried to feed them that mutated food that made Naruto wish he could fight Madara again rather than eat it, P.E. where Ms. Asaji had decided to give them a free day while she dealt with the headache that came with trying to teach hormone driven teenagers. It was quickly decided by the guys of the class that they would play a game of soccer with a few girls joining in and those who didn't want to play went to sit off to the side to talk with friends about what they did over the weekend and watch the game.

By some miracle of Kami Kazu was made captain of the white team where he quickly chose Kenta and Takato to be on his team claiming that as best friends they had to stick together. When it finally came time to decide what team Naruto would be on Kazu didn't waste a second in letting the red team captain, Shiro Miyazaki, have him. Though Takato tried to warn his friend considering how fast Naruto was from the other day Kazu just ignored it.

"But how is he doing this? I mean he's supposed to be smart from the way he was able to answer all of Ms. Asaji's questions on Friday so he shouldn't be good at things like sports." Kazu said trying to find an explanation for what was happening before him.

"Wait? What does Naruto being smart have anything to do with the fact that he's good at sports?" Takato asked; confused with what his longtime friend just said.

"Smart people aren't supposed to have any athletic ability it's why they're smart, it's like some unwritten rule or something. Like how Kenta won't ever get a girl to date him." This got an offended "Hey" from their glasses wearing friend.

"So wait the only reason you didn't pick Naruto to be on our team was because he was smart?" asked Takato not completely sure about the "logic" his friend decided to use.

Kazu nodded his head as if he just proved his point, "Yup, I mean if we wanted to impress the girls we had to have the best right."

"Well they're definitely impressed, just not with us." Takato said as he stared off toward were most of the girls in the class were sitting. Hearing what his friend said Kazu turned to see that most of the girls of the class were all staring at Naruto with hearts in their eyes.

"How the hell is he that good!" Kazu exclaimed before a fire ignited in his eyes, "Well so what as captain of this team I'll lead us to victory no matter what the challenge." With that Kazu ran toward the field intent on changing how the game will end.

Seeing their friend rush off Takato and Kenta spared each other a glance before sighing simultaneously and following after him at a more sedate pace. 'This can't end well.' Was the shared thought between the two friends.

In the end the score was 15 to 1 in favor of the red team, obviously. Kazu was actually able to come through for his team when the ball bounced off the back of his head, knocking him out for a few minutes as a result, before it went into the red team's goal. Due to the unexpected score it took everyone a couple of minutes before going to help Kazu at which point Ms. Asaji ended the game.

By the end of the day everyone was talking about the game do to the grapevine. Everyone would stop to congratulate Naruto and he was even offered a position on the soccer team by its captain which he politely turned down. And, though Naruto didn't know it, girls from his class were quickly forming their own fan-club dedicated to him, which was quickly gaining members.

Naruto was already at the gate getting ready to head home when he heard someone call his name.


Turning around Naruto saw that Takato, goggles once again on his head, was the one who called him as he was quickly made his way toward him, "Hey Takato need something?" he asked.

"I wanted to see if you were up for a look around the city for anything interesting with me and Henry." Takato replied once he was close enough to the blond.

"Sorry Takato, but I should get home and make sure that Coronamon hasn't burned the place down yet. Patamon can only make him behave for so long." Naruto said with an apologetic smile.

Takato nodded his head in understanding, "That's okay how about we meet up at Guilmon's shed, then we can continue to teach you how to play the card game."

Naruto grinned, his fox like grin as he quickly agreed, "Sure thing. Now I should really get going." With those parting words Naruto waved goodbye to the goggle wearing teen as he walked away in the direction of his apartment.

As Takato waited by the gate, after watching Naruto leave, in order to meet up with Henry he couldn't help but hear the conversation that was happening between a few girls that were close by.

"Hey did you see the guy who just left?" asked the first.

"You mean the blond with the whisker marks? Don't tell me he's…" The second girl asked back.

The first nodded her head and replied, "Yeah that was Naruto Uzumaki, the one everyone has been talking about today."

"Really, so he's the one who dominated the soccer game that you had in your class today?" The third one asked in an amazed tone.

"Not only that but he's really smart, Ms. Asaji gave us a pop quiz today and Uzumaki-kun was finished before 10 minutes even passed."

"10 minutes that's amazing that quiz was really hard and nearly took me all the allowed time to finish." A fourth girl said as she joined into the conversation the other three girls were having.

"So, Uzumaki-kun is handsome, smart, and very good at sports if today's game was anything to go by, and he is so nice to everyone…" The first girl said as she counted off all of Naruto's traits on her hand.

In unison all the girls that had gathered let out a dreamy sigh before saying, "He's perfect." in a similar manner.

"Who's perfect?" asked a girl that Takato was sure was from a grade of above theirs.

"Naruto Uzumaki." The girls answered at the same time still carrying that dream like tone to it.

"The cute blond one with the whiskers?" one of the older girls friends questioned after seeing her friend walk over.

"You know I'm failing math do you think Uzumaki-kun would mind tutoring me?" asked one of the girls.

"I don't think so seeing as he will be too busy helping me study for my science class." Another girl replied.

"You two can ask him to help you study all you like but it won't matter in the end seeing as I'll be the one to asking him out on a date." A girl with dark blue hair and lavender eyes added as she crossed her arms under her, admittedly, impressive bust which only served to emphasize their size.

"I don't think so Yui I was the one who saw him first." A fourth girl said hotly while staring at her friend.

With that Takato watched as more and more girls came together to talk about the new blond that came to the school a couple days ago. Only to start insulting each other with every discouraging remark known to mankind. Well at least they weren't hitting each other…


…Well should have seen that one coming. And so let it be known that on this day the Naruto Uzumaki fan-club was officially founded so it has been written so it shall be.

As Takato waited by the gate watching the girls fight each other Henry walked up to his goggle wearing friend, having finished talking to his teacher about an extra credit assignment. "Hey Takato, what's going on?" Henry asked referring to the group of girls that were still fighting with one another.

Shaking his head Takato answered with a simple, "You don't wanna know." Before a green rabbit dog thing fell out of the tree that was located by the gate and landing on his tamer shoulder his ear holding on to the boy's right shoulder to keep him from falling off.

"What does it look like Henry? It's obviously a catfight, hey maybe if you guys are lucky they'll start to tear each other's clothes off." The digi-rabbit finished with a light snicker.

"Terriermon." Henry said warningly.

Terriermon waved his tamers warning off dismissively, "Momentai Henry I was only kidding… mostly." Replied Terriermon adding the last part in a whisper though he knew Henry heard by the annoyed sound Henry made.

"So I'm guessing Naruto won't be joining us." Henry stated more than asked upon seeing that the blond tamer wasn't there.

Takato nodded his head in confirmation before answering, "Yeah he said he had to go home to make sure that Coronamon hasn't burned down his apartment."

Henry nodded his head in understanding. He had once left Terriermon home alone only to return a few hours later to find his room a complete disaster because Terriermon claimed to be looking for his secret stash do to boredom, what stash the Rookie digimon talking about Henry never did find out being too scared to ask him. It's also the main reason that Henry now takes Terriermon with him where ever he goes when there is no one home. "Should we get going then?" Henry asked.

"Yeah let's go." Takato answered as they made their way toward downtown Shinjuku. As they left the school grounds Takato couldn't help but look back one last time at the fighting group of girls that had grown in numbers since the last he looked, 'I'm not sure if I should be jealous of Naruto or feel sorry for him.' He watched as one girl finally decided to go look for the whiskered blond. One of other the girls guessing her intentions had quickly voiced it to the rest as they all began their search for the schools most desirable boy. 'No, I should definitely feel sorry for you Naruto.' Were Takato's final thoughts on the subject.

Quite a few blocks away Naruto felt a sudden shiver go down his back, and not the good kind he got when he thought of … Uh never mind. Naruto shook his head trying to get his mind off the feeling of dread. 'I'm probably over reacting over nothing, yeah that's it just over reacting I mean I've fought Madara and Orochimaru and they're nothing compared to this… this feeling. There couldn't be anything worse than a psychotic old man and a gay pedophile, right?' Naruto thought trying to reassure himself but he couldn't help the small voice of doubt at the back of his head whispering to him that he was doomed.

As he made his way home after shaking away his previous thoughts Naruto focused on the real reason he decided not to go with Takato and Henry into the city. While he was heading toward his apartment he didn't have to worry about Coronamon burning the place down seeing as he left a Shadow Clone to study up on data manipulation so he could begin to learn how to use the Digital Hazard, and if he really wanted to get home quickly he could always run their in a couple of minutes or use the Shunshin no Jutsu.

No the reason Naruto refused their company was to think about all that happened in the last few days. Sure he had thought about it before but it wasn't until now that he realized what it all implied. He was in a different world, a different dimension even, and he had effectively lost everything he cared about, he could never go home, never see his friends again, and the dream he aspired to achieve all his life was now forever out of his reach.

It wasn't that he was ungrateful for what the Four Great Dragons had done for him; on the contrary he was very grateful after all it was this or be stuck in an endless void until he died. But that didn't keep him from missing his home and everyone there. He knew that with time he would get over it but until then he would miss it all very much. 'I need to get my mind off these depressing thoughts and the only way to do that is with the food of the gods, the food that wars all through time are started over, RAMEN!' And with that our favorite blond ramen addict sped up his pace home cutting through the park to get there faster.

When he reached the park he quickly noticed the black vans that were parked near the park, 'If that doesn't scream secret government agencies then I don't know what will and I'm not even from here and I figured it out.' Naruto decided to stay hidden and spy on what these guys were doing seeing as potentially involve him and the others. 'Considering what happened here a couple of days ago it's not that surprising that the government would want someone to investigate the happenings that occurred. The question is do they already know about the existence of digimon?'

As Naruto watched them he saw that a few scientists were gathering data on the surrounding area were the tamers meet for the first time. The typical guard that is more brawn than brain, to keep civilians away from the area they were in. Finally Naruto saw a man in a black business suit with short blond hair in a style similar to his own only messier with dark shades and a liter. Just by the way the man walked Naruto knew he was the one in charge, his stance just screamed "I'm better than you." to the world. After a while they started to pack up their gear and Naruto decided to come out of his hiding spot up in a tree to see if he could get any additional information.

"Wow it isn't every day that you see government agents out and about."

Hearing the voice Yamaki stopped and turned to see a teen with blond hair whisker marks with what he swore were slitted cerulean eyes. He had on black cargo pants with steel toed combat boots, white shirt with a dark orange hooded jacket that had black lining the edge and two belts that crossed each other forming an 'x'. "And what makes you think that we're government agents?"

Naruto smiled in amusement as if the Yamaki's question should have an obvious answer which it did, "I don't know; maybe it was the imposing black vans, the big guards keeping everyone out you know should really reconsider what you're paying them seeing as they couldn't keep 16 yr. old out or the scientist in hazmat suits. Take your pick." Naruto replied.

"I see… and who exactly are you?" the older blond asked.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders before answering, "Just a concerned citizen of Shinjuku."

Yamaki took a second to take in Naruto's words knowing that he evaded the true purpose of the question, 'Not that it matters if it was really important I could have either Riley or Tally bring up this kid's birth records and any other necessary information.' "Well let me put you at ease then there is nothing you should be concerned about."

"Oh really now? Those scientist in the hazmat suits say otherwise, for all I know there could be some deadly disease in the air threatening to kill everyone in the city." Naruto shot back.

Now Yamaki was getting annoyed this kid was wasting his time, time he could be using either to search for those digital abominations or looking over any available data to help him further improve his juggernaut program. "I can assure you that, that is not the case and it was simply a precaution that we are forced to take."

"Is that so, but that still leaves the question on what you're doing here doesn't it?" Naruto questioned, "From what I can see it can either be about the dented fence," he said gesturing to the dented fence Guilmon was knocked into the other day, "or something to do with the Digimon card you picked up." Naruto continued as he pointed to the card Yamaki placed in his pants pocket, "And considering that destruction of public party seems something that the police would take care of I'm guessing it has something to do with digimon." Naruto concluded.

It was subtle, so subtle that unless you knew what to look for and had been doing it for a while you wouldn't have been able to pick it up. But when Naruto mentioned digimon he noticed that Yamaki tensed for just a split second before relaxing again. 'So he does know something, though what he knows and what he'll do with that knowledge is the question.'

"Aren't you the observant one." Yamaki stated more than asked.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders again before answering, "Something I learned over the years, and it's a necessary skill to have if you don't want to be made the fool."

Yamaki made no move to acknowledge Naruto's remark before replying, "In any case I am not at liberty to discuss matters that concern the government with any random citizen, no matter how concerned they might be."

Naruto placed his hands behind his head as he gained a thoughtful look and looked up towards the sky, "Hmm, I guess that is true. Well then I'll leave you to your work then." Naruto said as he made his leave, "Take care Agent-san and keep up the good work I guess." 'I doubt I'd have been able to get any more information out of him without making him more suspicious of me then he probably already is.' Naruto thought sparing a subtle glance back toward Yamaki from the corner of his eye looking forward once again, 'Now the question I should ask myself is I should tell Henry and Takato about this… No I don't have enough information on this yet so there wouldn't be a point in making them worry on what could amount to being nothing.'

As Yamaki watched Naruto leave he decided that he would have Riley bring up all available information on the blond. There was something about the kid that unsettled Yamaki a bit and he wanted to make sure he knew everything he could about the young blond teen before any conclusions were made.

Having finished his little chat with Yamaki Naruto had immediately made his way to his apartment. The second Naruto entered he was greeted by both his partner digimon.

"Hey guys, what's up?" questioned Naruto.

"We're bored Naruto we've been stuck in here all day." Answered Coronamon with a bit of the frustration he felt making its self-known.

Patamon nodded his head in agreement, "Yeah, there is nothing to do here." He added.

"Well then you two are in luck we'll be meeting up with Takato and the others in a bit," Naruto began causing both digimon to cheer, "After I eat some ramen." He finished causing both digimon to face plant.

"WHAT!" exclaimed Coronamon.

"Huh? What's wrong?" Naruto asked confusedly when he registered their reactions.

"What's wrong? What's wrong is that you had six bowls of ramen before you left for school this morning!"


"So," Patamon continued, "you then came back during lunch to eat three more bowls of ramen." He finished.

"Hey that's not my fault. The stuff they're trying to pass off as food is worse than anything the T&I division back home could come up with." Naruto said before shuddering at a thought 'Well not the worst thing.' Naruto thought as memories of two spandex clad men came to the fore front of his mind. "Don't worry guys I'll just eat a couple of bowls and then we'll be on our way, alright?"

Coronamon just crossed his arms and looked off to the side muttering a quiet "Whatever," Before Coronamon pointed a finger at Naruto. "Just be quick about it." Coronamon said in a commanding tone.

Naruto gave a mock salute before answering in a teasing tone. "Hai, Hai Coronamon-sama."

Coronamon simply turned back in the direction of the living room before speaking to his fellow digimon. "Come on Patamon we might as well watch some TV while we wait."

Patamon simply nodded his head before following; all the while thinking that as far as tamers go a ramen addict was still better than a total newb, a pacifist, and a girl who made a rampaging Monochromon look tame.

Naruto watched both his partners with amusement before heading to the kitchen, 'Wonder how they would react if they knew I've actually been eating less ramen than I normally do.'

After having finished his ramen and putting the bowls away Naruto made his way to his room to grab his card holster and see how the Shadow Clone he left behind was progressing with learning about data manipulation.

"So how is it coming along?" he asked.

The Shadow Clone didn't bother responding preferring to dispel itself and let the memories of what it learned going back to Naruto.

'Hm.' Thought Naruto as he massaged his temples to strive off any unwanted headaches. 'Not as much progress as I would've wanted but at least it's something.' He let out a sigh as he made another clone to continue studying up on data manipulation before he made his way to the living room.

From what Naruto learned all data was made of a sequence of 1's and 0's known as binary code. But that was the easy part the hard part was actually split in two steps; the first step of data manipulation was being able to scan the binary code of any object or being. The second step is being able to understand binary code perfectly and how to rearrange it to what he desired it to be or do. (AN: Have no idea what I just said or how much of it is right.) So the beginning of his studies will focus mostly on being able to understand binary though if what he understood from what Megidramon had told him about the Digital Hazard it will help speed up the process.

Naruto shook his head to get rid of the thoughts for now though he couldn't help but notice the slight tingle in his left hand. "Alright guys we can head out now." He called out.

"It's about time we've been waiting for ages." Coronamon complained only to receive a slap on the back of his head from one of Patamon's wings.

"He means we're ready whenever you are Naruto." Patamon clarified ignoring the glare Coronamon was sending him.

Naruto chuckled as he watched the two Rookie level digimon interact as they walked out of the apartment. He made sure to lock it on his way out though not really worried with the Shadow Clone he left behind being able to handle any would be thief that tried to steal anything from his apartment.

Naruto walked down the street heading toward the park Patamon riding on top of his head and Coronamon, as he preferred, following from the roof tops. As he looked around he couldn't help but still be amazed at the sheer size of Shinjuku and its buildings. The only thing that came to mind that could compare to the city from back home being the Five Great Ninja villages.

A cry of "Naruto!" knocked the blond out of his thoughts as he turned to see who called him.

"Takato?" questioned Naruto with a raised eyebrow. "What's up; I was just on my way to the park."

The goggle wearing tamer stopped in front of the blond Shinobi gasping for air with his hands on his knees. "It's… Henry."

"What? Did something happen to Henry?" Naruto asked in a slightly more alarmed tone at the possibility of his friend being hurt.

Takato took a few more seconds to catch his breath before he was able to respond. "We were on our way to the park when a digital field showed up out of nowhere and started chasing us. When we split up it kept going after Henry." Takato took a quick breath before finishing up. "I was on my way to get Guilmon when I ran into you."

After hearing Takato's explanation Naruto quickly unclipped his D-arc which screen had changed into that of its tracker function which had a red arrow of sorts that pointing in the same direction Takato had come from. "Ok looks like I got a signal on its location." Naruto said before he looked back up toward Takato, "I'll go back up Henry while you hurry and get Guilmon."

"Right, I'll get there as soon as I can." Takato replied as he ran off towards the park.

"Ready to kick some digi-butt, Patamon?" Naruto asked as he took off in the direction the field was located.

"I'm ready Naruto." Patamon answered as he made sure he wouldn't fall off from his perch on top of Naruto's head.

Naruto nodded, "Then lets hurry something tells me Henry will need all the help he can get." Naruto said back as he sped up but made sure that Coronamon could still keep up. A few minutes later Naruto found the digital field at a construction site.

"Looks like they've started without us," Naruto stated as he pulled out orange tinted sunglasses and put them on. "Ready to join the fun Patamon… Coronamon?" Naruto asked.

Coronamon had jumped down from the roof tops once they came into an unpopulated area and was now running beside his tamer with his eyes solely fixated on the building that was in front of them that had now become a battleground. Both digimon nodded their heads their eyes reflecting the determination they felt as they concentrated on helping out their friends.

When the three passed through the field they saw what appeared to be a giant white haired gorilla that had a cannon for a left arm. Naruto could see both Terriermon and Henry directly across from them, Terriermon in front of Henry prepared to protect his tamer from the impending threat the newly biomerged digimon posed.

"Boom Bubble!"

"Corona Flame!"

The giant ape was hit from behind by both Coronamon and Patamon distracting it enough from his target. Turning around the digital prime ape growled at the two newly arrived digimon that were getting in the way of him and its prey. It lifted its left arm and gathered energy into its cannon preparing to fire.

"Terrier Tornado," Terriermon cried out. With the attention no longer on him it had given Terriermon the perfect chance to attack.

The small twister was able to hit the champion level digimon, not expecting an attack from Terriermon the enemy digimon was caught by surprise which resulted in it being thrown off to the side by the tornado. Naruto took this opportunity to cross the distance between himself and Henry.

"Hey there Henry I heard from a certain goggle head that you might be in need of some help." Naruto said lightly as if what was happening wasn't that big of a deal.

"Well if you're offering who am I to refuse." Henry replied with a slight smile glad that he and Terriermon would have some help dealing with the situation.

Naruto grinned as he brought up his D-arc to scan the mystery digimon. "Alright, let's see who we're dealing with… So this is Gorillamon huh? He's a Champion level digimon and a Data type. Attacks are Power Lifting and Energy Cannon, not much in the brains department by the looks of it." Naruto read, "This wouldn't be the same Gorillamon that you told us about the other day about would it Henry?" Naruto asked.

Henry frowned as he watched Gorillamon get back on his feet, "Definitely looks that way." He answered grimly.

"Well I guess there is no helping it then," Naruto said his grin almost becoming feral in appearance, "Coronamon, Patamon show that overgrown monkey what you're made of."

"Wait Naruto you can't be serious!" Henry exclaimed, "You can't attack him for no good reason, if we try to talk to him I'm sure that we can figure something out without fighting."

Naruto sighed in disapproval before he spared Henry a glance. "Think about what is going Henry. You said it yourself and the proof is right in front of you Gorillamon crossed over from the Digital world just to find Terriermon, why do you think that is?"

"But-" Henry began only for Naruto to cut him off.

"-You can't hesitate when it comes to things like this Henry." Naruto said forcefully, "No matter what you say Gorillamon's mind is set on getting revenge on Terriermon. He can't be reasoned with and if you keep trying it will only end up costing you." He finished as memories of his best friend came to the front of his mind and what he eventually he became. 'Some people can't be helped no matter how hard one tries to.'

Before Henry could reply they both watched as Gorillamon fired an Energy Cannon at the trio of digimon who were just able to escape being hit by the attack by jumping away from the immediate blast area. Seeing that his initial attack had failed Gorillamon charged the closest of the three which just happened to be Coronamon. Gorillamon jumped into the air both fists raised above his head and as he came down he swung them down hoping to smash Coronamon.

Coronamon was just able to dodge Gorillamon's fists, which left cracks on the floor, by jumping to the side but wasn't able to get out of the way in time as Gorillamon swung his arm out hitting Coronamon in the gut and sent him flying before he hit the ground.

Seeing his friend hit the ground Terriermon attacked with his Bunny Blast. Knowing he was the target for the attack Gorillamon rolled to the side in order to dodge before he lifted up his cannon arm and taking aim.

"Energy Cannon!" The attack only missed Terriermon by a hair as he had ran off to the side in order to avoid the Champion level digimon's attack.

"Boom Bubble."Patamon launched his signature attack hitting Gorillamon in the back of his head causing him to kneel as he groaned in pain as he held his head.

Having been given enough time to recover Coronamon stood back up and rejoined the fight his Coro Knuckle in full blaze. He landed a couple of successive hits before Gorillamon got his guard up protecting himself from any series damage. Coronamon seeing that he no longer could do much in terms of close range jumped back while summoning a fireball, "Corona Flame." Coronamon yelled as he threw it directly toward Gorillamon's face.

When the Corona Flame hit it caused a small explosion the smoke temporarily hiding Gorillamon from view. When the smoke started to clear everyone was witness to the results of the attack. The fireball had left some scorch marks but besides that there wasn't that much evidence to any damage.

"Oh come on that didn't even faze him." Whined Coronamon

"Look at the bright side Coronamon; now, thanks to you, he is a whole lot better looking." Terriermon joked.

Gorillamon growled when he heard this and focused his sight on the small little rabbit digimon plans on what to he was going to do to the annoying pest already forming in his mind.

"Terriermon." Henry said in an exasperated tone while still conveying his warning to his partner.

"Momentai Henry it's not like he's smart enough to know what I'm saying." Terriermon replied in the same joking manner as before.

"Enough; Energy Cannon!" Gorillamon snapped as he charged his cannon arm fully intending to obliterate Terriermon.

"Boom Bubble!"

"Corona Flame!"

Thanks to the combined attacks of both Patamon and Coronamon Gorillamon's attack was held back long enough for Terriermon to get out of the way before he could have been hit. Growling in frustration Gorillamon rushed forward.

"Power Lifting." He yelled as he closed in on Patamon.

"Quick Patamon try and block it with your Slamming Attack!" Naruto said hurriedly as he watched on as his partner was about to be hit by the Champion level digimon's attack.

Reacting quickly at his tamers command Patamon began to spin around in midair as he charged up the required energy for his Slamming attack. He was just able to get his attack fully charged when Gorillamon slammed his fist into it. For a moment the two were at a stalemate as they tried to push the other back but eventually the two attacks pressing against each other resulted in an explosion that sent both back.

'So it's like I thought.' Naruto mused to himself as he watched the results of the collision, 'Patamon's Slamming attack is similar to the Hyuuga's Kaiten and if we work on it we might be able to make it a good defensive move.'

With Gorillamon still recovering from the explosion Terriermon took the chance to do his own damage on the giant ape. "Terrier Tornado" The whirlwind made a direct hit lifting Gorillamon off the floor before sending him crashing into an iron pillar.

Picking himself up Gorillamon growled in frustration as he watched the three Rookie digimon stand next to each other. It was supposed to be simple crossover into the real world, find Terriermon, and delete him while his tamer just stood there too frightened to do anything. But instead he was met with three additional annoyances that were proving to be a handle full, he was still stronger than them but that meant next to nothing when you're outnumbered and have to deal with them covering for each other.

"Pyro Sphere!"

It was only due to Gorillamon's battle hardened instincts that came with living in the Digital World's Southern quadrant was he able to dodge the fireball that would have caught him by surprise at the last minute. Looking for the source of the attack only served to further agitate Gorillamon as he watched a new digimon he didn't recognize join up with the others as another human child made his way toward the other two.

'And now there are four.' Gorillamon thought on the verge of tearing his own fur out in frustration at how much more complicated this had become now that he had to deal with four opponents.

"Hey guys sorry I took so long, are you all alright?" asked Takato concerned that one of his friends might have been hurt while he had been gone getting Guilmon.

"Don't worry Takato we're fine just kicking some furry monkey butt up and down this construction sight." Naruto reassured his friend before he turned toward Henry a series look back in his eyes. "So Henry have you decided yet; will you fight or will you continue to hold onto your foolish beliefs that everything can be resolved without conflict."

Henry didn't even bother answering because there wasn't a choice to be made he knew what he had to do. Throughout this fight he watched as Gorillamon would attack the others without restraint, but there was something else that wasn't so obvious. Even now against four opponents he watched as Gorillamon would focus on attacking Terriermon the most. He wasn't ignoring the others in favor of Terriermon but there was no doubt in Henry's mind that Gorillamon wouldn't stop until Terriermon was deleted. Henry didn't have any more time to contemplate the situation because at that moment Gorillamon's frustration had reached its limit.

"Energy Cannon!"Gorillamon roared. The problem was that he wasn't aiming at any of the digimon but at their human tamers. Naruto saw the attack coming and thanks to his Shinobi training was able to push Takato and Henry out of the way before jumping away himself in the opposite direction he had thrown his two friends.

"Hey where the hell are you aiming at?" Naruto yelled.

Gorillamon practically growled his response, "Damn humans it's because of you that this had become so difficult."

"Come on now don't blame us if you're too weak to handle a few Rookies." Naruto shot back.

Gorillamon growled again before he lifted his left arm again and prepared to take aim. Seeing that Gorillamon was now targeting them finally made Henry see just how dangerous the situation really was and made him realize that there was no chance they could convince Gorillamon to stop.

"Terriermon you have to stop him!" Henry told his partner.

"What do you think we've been doing?" Terriermon replied in a more serious manner now that Gorillamon was actively threatening Henry and the others.

Guilmon rushed in intending to slam into other digimon only for Gorillamon to jump to the side in order to avoid the attack. Lifting his cannon arm Gorillamon only began to gather the necessary energy to fire his cannon when he fired with the little energy he had gathered resulting in multiple shots that hit Guilmon's back but because it lacked the vast energy the usual Energy Cannon carried it did little damage but still resulted in Guilmon falling forward. Gorillamon was about to fire a fully charged Energy Cannon when he heard Coronamon and Patamon launch their attacks at him from behind.

"Corona Flame"

"Boom Bubble."

Only for the two attacks to miss again when he again jumped to the side in order to dodge. When he landed he aimed at the two digimon and fired what little energy he had been able to gather forcing them to move away or risk being hit.

"Bunny Blast." Terriermon shot his own attack right after Gorillamon fired his catching him by surprise and effectively knocking him on his back.

When Gorillamon opened his eyes he saw Guilmon coming down on him with his arm appearing to be on fire.

"Rock Breaker!"

Gorillamon was forced to roll to the side or be hit by Guilmon's attack. Standing back up Gorillamon tried to hit Guilmon with his Power Lifting attack only to have it blocked by Guilmon's Rock Breaker before the two digimon jumped away from each other and the resulting explosion that followed. Once he landed he watched as the four digimon regrouped with one another.

"What does it take to get this guy to stay down?" Takato asked as he and Henry stood on the second floor of the construction site in order to be better protected from the fight while still being able to see what is going on. "We've hit him with everything we have and he either dodges it or ignores it like its nothing."

Henry was also worried; he knew that if Terriermon were to digivolve they could probably win but he was afraid that if that were to happen, that Terriermon would lose control again like he did the other day. "I don't know Takato we don't seem to have a lot of options."

"Maybe if Terriermon digivolved into Gargomon we could beat Gorillamon." Takato suggested.

"NO! I won't allow it." Henry replied forcefully.

"But Henry…"

"No Takato. I understand that the only way to get out of this mess is to fight Gorillamon but I won't allow Terriermon to digivolve. I just won't." Henry said as he looked down at the grown "Maybe a modify card." He suggested at the end.

"Okay," Takato said understandingly, "but I don't think any of the cards I have will help us here. I actually think Kazu gives me some of these cards so he can use on me later." Takato finished as he pulled out his cards and began to look through them. Henry also brought his own cards out but knew he didn't have anything with him that could possibly help him.

'This is bad none of these cards are of any use to us.' Henry thought frantically as he searched for a card that would get him and the others out of this situation. As he continued to search for a useful card Henry saw out of the corner of his eye as Takato accidently dropped a card. Picking it up Henry saw what it was, 'Training Grips?'

Takato looked over and saw what card Henry had picked up, "Oh that's the card Kazu gave me today he said it was to help train Rookie digimon or something like that but I don't think that can't help us with this."

"No," Henry shook his head as an idea came to him, "This is exactly what we need if we can get Gorillamon to hold still for a second." He said as he watched as Gorillamon continued to dodge their digimon's attacks while throwing his own whenever he got the chance.

Takato nodded his head in understanding deciding to trust his friend when he suddenly blinked in realization before he looked around, "Hey where's Naruto?" he asked. This caught Henry by surprise as he had forgotten all about his blond friend while he watched the digimon fight.

"I don't know after he pushed us out of the way of the Energy Cannon he sort of disappeared on us." Henry replied.

"I hope he's not hurt." Takato said worriedly.

"I'm sure that he's fine Takato, Naruto doesn't seem to be the type to be taken down so easily." Henry tried to reassure his goggle wearing friend. Takato simply nodded his head in acceptance but the worry for his friend was still evident in his eyes.

The blond Shinobi in question was actually still on the first floor of the construction site watching from the shadows observing the fight and trying to figure out a way to help without the others finding out his secrets. 'But if there is no other choice I won't let some stupid secret keep me from helping my friends.' Naruto thought. He was able to hear what Henry and Takato had planned thanks to his enhanced senses and knew that if something didn't happen soon he would provide them with the necessary time to use the modify card, 'But how?' Naruto asked himself. It wasn't until he saw Patamon get hit by Gorillamon's Energy Cannon and go his way that an idea came to him.

Moving quickly the former Jinchuriki caught his fallen partner in his arms before returning to where he had been observing the fight. "Hey Patamon, how are you holding up?" Naruto asked softly so as not to be heard by the others.

Patamon groaned as he shook the remnants of the attack off before answering, "I'm fine Naruto it'll take more than that to take me down." Though he said he was fine Naruto could tell that last attack had taken more out of Patamon then was willing to admit.

"Take it easy Patamon don't push yourself to hard, rest." Naruto replied.

Patamon shook his head, "No I'm can still fight I have to help the others." He said as he tried to fly back into the battle.

"Whoa hold on a second Patamon I have a plan and need you here in order to do it." Naruto said.

Looking at his tamer Patamon nodded his head as he waited to hear what the plan this ramen addict had come up with was. "Okay." He said.

"Alright listen I'll hit Gorillamon with one of my jutsu once I get a clear shot, all you need to do is rest and pretend to be knocked out when the others come so they'll believe it was you who did the attack when I tell them that." Naruto explained. Nodding his head in understanding Patamon dropped down onto the ground as he watched the fight progress beside his tamer.

The now trio of digimon were still holding their own even with one less fighter on their side. Guilmon being the strongest of the four Rookie digimon would be the one to mainly engage Gorillamon in close combat with Terriermon and Coronamon attacking from a distance, with Coronamon also helping in close combat when possible.

Closing in from behind Coronamon threw a punch toward Gorillamon covered in flames signifying the use of his Coro Knuckle. Gorillamon was just able to dodge the attack as it burned a bit more of his fur. Luckily Terriermon and Guilmon fired a Bunny Blast and Pyro Sphere respectively while Gorillamon was distracted. The two attacks hit sending sprawling on the ground. Terriermon tried to follow up with a Terrier Tornado only for Gorillamon to flip back so he was on his hands and feet before jumping back to fully avoid the attack. Hoping to surprise Gorillamon with a follow up attack after the Terrier Tornado Coronamon fired a Corona Flame. Gorillamon had just landed from his jump when he was hit by Coronamon's attack causing him to be thrown further back; unfortunately he managed to land on his feet and quickly charged an Energy Cannon which he then fired at all three digimon forcing them to dodge.

Seeing his chance now that Coronamon and the others could no longer be hit by accident Naruto went through a series of hand seals before announcing his attack in a whisper. "Wind Style: Air Bullet Jutsu." Naruto took a deep breath of air before releasing it in the form of a giant ball of air that raced toward Gorillamon kicking up dust as it went along.

Everyone was witness as jutsu made its way to Gorillamon at a speed that the Champion level digimon, even if he wasn't in too much shock from the sheer size, didn't have a hope of being able to get out of the way in time. The Air Bullet slammed into the surprised digimon not only sending him flying and leaving quite a bit of damage as Gorillamon was struggling to get up unlike before. Turning in the direction that the attack had come from everyone saw Naruto with Patamon once again in his arms apparently passed out, having flown into them to further help with the illusion of passing out after the attack. For a second everyone was in a state of shock as they just stared at Naruto and the "passed out" Patamon until they were snapped out of their shock by said blond.

"What are you guys doing? He's hurt this is the best chance we have in taking him out so if you got a plan do it." Naruto said.

This got Henry's attention as he realized that he was wasting valuable opportunity. Holding up both his D-arc and the modify card Henry slashed the card through the D-arc. "Digi-modify, Training Grips Activate!"

On the ground floor the Training Grips appeared on Terreirmon's ears as he returned his attention on the now risen Gorillamon. The Training Grips glowed for a second before Terriermon threw them at Gorillamon and restrained him forcing his arms close to his chest and made him kneel on the floor. For a second it seemed that the Training Grips would be enough to restrain the enraged Champion until he started to stand back up and moved his arm away from his chest with a great amount of force.

'This guy really is strong.' Naruto thought as he watched what Gorillamon was doing.

"Pyro Sphere."

"Corona Flame."

Not wanting to waste any more time both fire type digimon launched their respective fireballs at the struggling ape and hit him on his exposed chest distracting him breaking the restraints that bound him. But this seemed to further enrage Gorillamon as he managed to bring his left arm down and began to gather energy for his Energy Cannon.

Terriermon seeing what Gorillamon was trying to do gathered energy for his own attack, "Bunny Blast!" he exclaimed as he aimed the attack at the concentration of energy in Gorillamon's left arm. With Gorillamon having his concentration focused fully on gathering energy and pointing his arm forward he didn't realize until it was too late at what Terriermon was aiming at. When the Bunny Blast hit the energy gathered in the cannon, it made it become unstable and explode. The explosion along with the damage he had already taken from the fight was all that Gorillamon could take and he broke down into data.

Walking over to the data of the fallen digimon Terriermon was about to absorb it before he was stopped.

"Terriermon stop!" Henry yelled from the second floor as he watched what his partner was about to do before turning to him. "I don't want you to load his data."

"But Henry…" Takato began not sure why his friend was keeping Terriermon from absorbing the data seeing as it could help him become much stronger.

Henry shook his head before he making his way to his partner and the other digimon, "Maybe if his data isn't loaded Gorillamon will come back someday as a nicer digimon." He explained himself.

"Can I at least do a victory dance, well can I?" Terriermon asked; understanding Henry's feelings and reasoning.

Henry chuckled before answering, "Maybe later Terriermon." Hearing some footsteps approaching Henry turned his head to look at Naruto who was still carrying Patamon, "Hey Naruto is Patamon okay?"

Naruto gave him a reassuring smile before looking down at his partner. "Don't worry Henry he's just tired after some rest he should be just fine."

"What happened to him?" Takato asked concerned about the little digimon.

"It was a combination of things. That last attack Gorillamon hit him with took more out of him then he thought so when I used a modify card to power up his Boom Bubble it knocked him out." Naruto explained.

"Wait so you're saying that giant attack came from Patamon?" Takato asked amazed he had never seen a Rookie level digimon launch such a big attack.

"Pretty amazing right." Naruto said as his fox like grin made its way onto his face.

"Yeah." The two male tamers replied at the same time.

At that point the digital field started to dissipate bringing everyone's attention back to the fact that they once again had a fight with a lot of explosions that were should to be heard by someone.

"I guess we should be leaving now, huh?" Takato asked.

"Yeah that sounds look like a good idea." Henry commented before looking where Naruto was not even a minute ago only to find said blond was missing.

"Hey what are you guy doing lets go." Naruto shouted back from the construction sites entrance, "Seriously what is it with you guys and wanting to be caught."

At his words the remaining group quickly chased after the laughing blond and small lion that was at his partner's side.

"Seriously how does he keep doing that?" Takato asked exasperated with the blond's antics of leaving them behind.

"Don't know but if you figure it out be sure to tell me." Henry replied.

Later that day, night had finally fallen with the moon haven come out and bathing the city of Shinjuku in its mystifying light. For many who lived in the city the day had finally come to an end and were now making their way home for a well-deserved dinner before turning in for the night. For others it was merely marked the beginning of a night full of partying for friends to unwind from the events of a stressful day. But while the city was very much awake the park was virtually empty of people except for the occasional couple out for a stroll through the park.

It was here that we find one blond former Jinjuriki and his two partner digimon. After spending a couple of hours with their friends they had gone home in order for Naruto to prepare for the training he had planned for Coronamon and Patamon. Though because this will be the first night of their training and he was still getting used to idea of being a tamer so the two digimon's tor… I mean training yeah training would be light.

Having arrived at their designated training ground deep within the park Naruto unclipped his D-arc from his belt before bringing it up and scrolling through it looking for a certain program.

'Okay the Digital Hazard Field should activate after pressing this.' Naruto thought as a screen with the Digital Hazard in the background with the letters DF came up with an option for activate under it. Pressing the center button on the D-arc Naruto watched as the Digital Hazard symbol began to spin at a fast pace before a Digital field that had red tint to it appeared a few feet away from the three. 'Well that didn't take long.' "Come on you two lets go." Naruto said as he put on his orange tinted sunglasses before walking into the field.

"So Naruto how exactly are you going to train us?" Coronamon asked genuinely curious about what he and Patamon would be learning.

"Well I already have some idea on what we are going to be working on in regards to your attacks and how to improve them but for tonight we'll focus mostly on improving your speed, strength, stamina, etc. I might also have you either spar against me or a Shadow Clone either by yourselves or together to improve your teamwork." He said as he looked at the two of them.

"What do you want us to do then?" Patamon asked

"Well I made the Digital field big enough so you guys to be able to do some laps so I guess you guys can start by running, or in your case Patamon flying ten lapses around the field." Naruto replied to small Rookies question.

"What! Ten!" Coronamon exclaimed in shock.

Naruto nodded his head, "Yeah it will be a good warm up so get to it."

Both digimon made their way to the edge of the field before beginning their laps as Naruto began his own work out while he waited on his two digimon.

'I can't let myself become rusty just because I won't be the one fighting most of the battles.' He thought beginning with some basic exercises before moving on to the more complex stuff. About 20 minutes later Coronamon and Patamon had finally finished their final lap and while they weren't on verge of passing out they were winded from their exercise. "Well…" Naruto began as he looked at the two heavily breathing digimon, "we will definitely be working on improving your stamina so you'll last longer in fights."

"Um… Naruto?"

"Yeah what is it Patamon?" questioned the blond

"Before you said we would be working on our attacks what did you mean by that?" the orange ball with wings asked.

Coronamon nodded his head in agreement, "Yeah work on what we can already can use them fine."

"True." Naruto agreed, "But what I meant was work on improving them so you guys could use them differently." Seeing that his two partners weren't getting it Naruto decided to further explain himself. "For instance the most obvious thing would be finding out how to cut down on the time necessary fire your Corona Flame and Boom Bubble attacks and make it so its rapid fire like what Gorillamon did earlier today. Another example would be how I had Patamon block Gorillamon's Power Lifting by using Slamming Attack."

"But that didn't work right Patamon was still hurt in the end." Coronamon commented.

"Yeah," Naruto once again agreed, "But he wasn't as hurt as he could be and that is exactly why we need to work on it here where there is no real danger plus so far we've only seen it in action when the attacking digimon powers up a physical hit." He explained.

The two nodded in understanding accepting their tamers reasoning and explanation both remembering their fight earlier today and their fight with Renamon a few days ago.

"Okay then now that you're rested we'll continue with you to sparing against me." Naruto said as he made his way to the center of the training field.

"But won't that be dangerous?" Patamon asked concerned that they might accidently hurt their tamer.

"Yeah, you might be fast but you can't dodge the two of us working together for long you have to get tired at some point." Coronamon added.

Naruto grinned, "I'll be fine don't worry now come on if you guys actually manage to hit me I'll cook us up something extra good for dinner when we get home."

At the mere mention of food both digimon's stomachs growled letting them know they were all for the idea of a well cooked meal.

"Alright!" Coronamon cheered, "Let's go Patamon we'll have him beat in a few minutes."

Still uncertain, though definitely looking forward to the meal, Patamon nodded his head has he got ready to fight Naruto.

And so for the next hour or so the two Rookie digimon tried to hit their tamer only to miss every time as Naruto would duck and weave through their attacks with little effort. The longer the fight went on the more frustrated Coronamon would become before attacking sloppily do to his frustration, something Naruto took note of. Patamon on the other hand didn't become as frustrated as Coronamon was so much as becoming desperate in trying to hit Naruto as he continued to fire Boom Bubbles one right after another without rest.

After a few more minutes Naruto told them that they had done enough for today and rest while he trained for bit longer. This not only surprised the two but also depressed them slightly with the knowledge that while they were tired their tamer still had enough energy to keep going. Something Naruto quickly picked up on.

"Hey come on now don't get all sad on me. This is the reason I'm training you guys so that you'll get strong enough to be able to fight anyone you meet." Naruto said as he tried to cheer them up. This got a firm nod from the two as their determination to improve and get stronger quickly solidified as they both silently promised to get stronger in order to be able to fight alongside their tamer if the need ever arose.

After finishing the last of the training regimen and Naruto taking a few minutes trying to figure out how to cancel the Digital Field through the Digital Hazard by will alone. 'Would have really helped if Megidramon told me how I was supposed to do that.' Naruto thought irritably. The three were about to make their way home when the D-arc started to beep and both digimon tensed up.

"Well this is unexpected." Naruto said as he grabbed his D-arc which immodestly showed the red arrow pointing off to the right. Looking in that direction Naruto saw the typical Digital field not that far away, "Though very convenient." He finished.

"So are you guys up for a little fight?" the blond questioned as he looked at his digimon from the corner of his eye.

"We're ready Naruto." Patamon stated not even hesitating for a second in answering.

"Just try and stop us." Coronamon replied a confident smirk on his face as he walked toward the Digital field and the awaiting digimon.

"Alright then, but if it looks like you two need help I'll be stepping in but only if you need it." Naruto answered as he put on his shades as he followed the two determined digimon.

Walking through the fog created by the digital field Naruto looked around trying to spot the digimon that just biomerged. With his advance senses he heard the leaves rustling in a tree a short distance away. From it came out a giant gold furred ape with blue face, hands, feet, chest, and ears with black claws and a giant bone on his back.

"Whoa what is it today and freaking monkeys' crossing over?" Naruto asked as he pulled out his D-arc. "Alright let's see what we have here, Apemon a Vaccine Champion level digimon his Metallic Fur attack makes for an awesome defense and his Mega Bone Stick and Magical Monkey are something to watch out for." Naruto read before looking up toward the digimon that was standing across from them, "Are you guys sure you can handle him?" Naruto asked again.

"We're sure, don't worry we won't take long." Coronamon answered a fireball already in hand.

Rushing forward Apemon brought the bone off his back and swung it hoping to hit any one of them. The three jumped away from the mad monkey to safe distance from Apemon. Naruto had jumped back body tense ready to step in at a moment's notice while Patamon and Coronamon were already firing their attacks.

"Boom Bubble."

"Corona Flame."

Apemon only took a second to acknowledge the two attacks now racing toward him from opposite sides before raising both hands and placing them in the path of the attacks, "Metallic Fur." He growled before his fur seemed to glow for a second before being obscured by the attacks collision.

'He just took it like it was nothing is his defense really that good?' thought Naruto as he tried to peer through the smoke.

Naruto got his answer when the smoke cleared and Apemon stood there without any sign of damage what so ever. Apemon growled before looking left and right trying to decide which digimon he should attack. It only took a second before he jumped left toward Coronamon bone club raised his intention clear.

While momentarily caught by surprise Coronamon recovered quickly and got out of way just in time before Apemon smashed it against the ground with a cry of "Mega Bone Stick" shattering the ground where Coronamon once stood.

Patamon reacted immediately the moment Apemon moved to attack Coronamon, "Boom Bubble." He called and watched as the pressurized air bubble made its way toward Apemon's back.

The second the Boom Bubble got close enough Apemon swung around and hit it with his bone club. As a result he was pushed back slightly by the air that was inside of the attack but there was no sign of it doing any major damage to him.

Apemon had only just stopped sliding backwards because of the Boom Bubble before Coronamon had jumped at him from the side fist cocked back and with it in full blaze, "Coro Knuckle." The punch connected with the side of Apemon's face he then used the momentum of the punch to go into a spin kick which connected against Apemon's face.

Apemon righted himself from the combo before he hit the ground and landed on his feet and watched as Coronamon and Patamon regrouped before gathering the energy for their next attack.

"Corona Flame!"Coronamon exclaimed as he threw the fireball he had in his hand at the golden furred monkey.

Patamon quickly followed with shouting out the name of his attack, "Boom Bubble!"

Apemon didn't bother trying to block their attacks this time and simply jumped over the attacks before he landed in front of the two Rookie digimon and pulled his fists back, "Magical Monkey Fist." then threw them forward in a barrage of punches while his fists glowed the same golden color as his fur.

Coronamon was able to block or dodge some of the attacks but the barrage proved to be too much and the occasional punch would get through is guard. Patamon on the other hand wasn't so lucky with only one way of protecting himself that was newly discovered he didn't have much of defense to speak of and suffered from Apemon's onslaught.

Coughing as he tried to catch his breath Coronamon attacked with a Coro Knuckle at the Champion digimon that had just stopped his assault which was quickly followed by a Corona Flame to knock him a good distance away. "Hey Patamon you okay?" Coronamon asked.

Patamon struggled to get up for a second before he managed though he took a few more seconds to reply. "Yeah, give me a minute and I'll be good to go." He replied.

"Alright you rest for a second and in the mean time I'll keep him busy." Coronamon answered before he charged at his opponent hoping to distract him long enough for Patamon to be able to rejoin the fight.

Seeing one of his opponents charging to him Apemon bided his time till the little Rookie was well within his striking range. The second he was close enough Apemon swung his bone club with all his strength while calling out his attack. "Mega Bone Stick." By this point it would be nearly impossible for Coronamon to be able to do much more than bloke the attack and hope to minimize the damage.

Realizing this Naruto brought up his D-arc in one hand and a card in the other before he slashed it through the scanner. "Digi-modify… Speed activate."

And just like that Coronamon disappeared in a burst of speed managing to avoid the blow that would have connected not a second later only reappear behind the confused and surprised beast-man digimon. With a fireball in hand Coronamon let it fly aiming to hit the enemy digimon before he recovered and was able to defend himself.

"Corona Flame!"

Apemon only had a split second to register what had just been said behind him before he tried block it with his own attack. "Metallic Fur."

When the smoke cleared from the resulting explosion the trio could see that while the damage from the attack had been lessened there was still evidence that the attack had managed to hit Apemon before he could raise a proper defense. They only had a second to take it all in before Apemon swung himself around to face Coronamon and threw a punch in his direction that was golden in light as proof it being a Magical Monkey Fist. Luckily Coronamon was able to get his guard up before the punch landed before he was hurled across clearing and into a tree. Apemon stalked forward toward the downed digimon club raised as he prepared to finish the little nuisance.

"Boom Bubble."Patamon cried as he stood where he had been recovering for the last few minutes. While still not at 100 percent it was enough to continue to fight thanks to the fact that digimon recover quickly.

Seeing that the Patamon was ready to continue the fight Apemon threw his bone club at him in an effort strike him before he rushed the recovering digimon. Patamon just managed to avoid it by flying above it as he watched it return to Apemon who caught it mid run as if it were a boomerang. Jumping up to reach Patamon's height Apemon swung the bone club intending to hit him only for Patamon to once again avoid it thanks to being able to move in the air because of his ability to fly. This though wasn't true for Apemon something Patamon capitalized on.

Patamon gathered the necessary energy into his wings before he rammed into Apemon while spinning like a top, "Slamming Attack." The force of the attack shot Apemon backwards hitting the ground with a grunt of pain as he slid backwards before flipping himself over.

Patamon landed on the ground huffing as the fatigue he got from the injury from Apemon's last assault was starting to take its toll on him again, 'I just have to last long enough for Coronamon to recover. I'm sure when can take him if we attack together' He thought.

"Hey Patamon are you doing alright?" Naruto asked as he came over to stand by his partner was barely standing himself. 'I should have known not to let them fight after they just go through with their first training session.'

"Yeah just tired but I don't think that my attack had much of an effect on him it doesn't have enough power behind it." Patamon replied as he stood on shaky legs.

Naruto looked on concerned as Patamon rose off the ground, "Are you sure your okay to continue? I can step in and handle him from here you and Coronamon have done enough for one night Patamon."

Patamon shook his head in a negative "No we can't always rely on you to finish these fights but…" Patamon said as he looked at his tamer, "I wouldn't say no to using another modify card like you did for Coronamon." He finished.

"I see," Naruto began as he pulled out a card from his holster, "Well I think I have just what we need. Digi-modify… Power activate!" Naruto said as he slashed another card through his D-arc.

Apemon seeing what blond human was doing and remembering what it did for Coronamon immediately went on the defensive till he figured out what it did for the Patamon.

Patamon could feel the cards affects taking hold, he was still tired but he could feel that his attacks were stronger than they ever were before. He still doubted that he could finish the fight by himself but he knew that now he would be able to hurt Apemon enough that it would give Coronamon enough time to recover. Sucking in a large amount of air Patamon held it for a second before releasing it, "Boom Bubble."

Seeing the attack coming and still be uncertain of what affects the card the human had on the small digimon were Apemon decided to play it safe before he prepared his ultimate defense. "Metallic Fur." When the Boom Bubble hit it kicked up a lot of dust that obscured Apemon from view.

"Mega Bone Stick." From the smoke Apemon through the bone club, Patamon and Naruto were forced to jump away from it or risk being hit. Apemon rushed out of the smoke screen once again catching the club on its return trip. Closing in on Patamon Apemon swung his club in a horizontal swing.

Seeing Apemon's intentions Patamon dropped to the ground in order to avoid the attack. Patamon sucked in another large amount of air before firing the Boom Bubble while in close range of Apemon.

Being so close to the attack Apemon had no way to either block it either with his club, use his Metallic Fur attack, or dodge it forcing him to take the brunt of the attack. The Boom Bubble sent him up into the air before he hit a tree hard. Luckily for the ape he was still stronger than the Rookie level digimon so he didn't have to worry about being deleted from the hit.

Patamon quickly followed Apemon as he slid down the tree from where he impacted with it. Gathering energy into his wings Patamon went into his secondary attack. "Slamming Attack." He called out as spun forming a blue doom of energy.

"Metallic Fur." Apemon quickly replied as he rushed to get his defensive move up in order to block the fast approaching attack. While he could probably survive the attack, being hit in quick succession by two powered up attacks was a bad idea no matter how you looked at it. When the attack hit Apemon grunted in pain, the power of the attack and the fact that he was just barely able to gather the energy required for using his Metallic Fur attack didn't help things at all.

"Great job Patamon." Naruto praised as Patamon backed away from the downed digimon incase Apemon was able to retaliate after that last attack.

"Thanks Naruto." Patamon said as he panted trying to catch his breath, he had used most of the extra power the card gave him in that last attack.

Rage coursed through Apemon as he shakily stood up. He was hurt. He had been hurt by a human and his pet digimon; he would not stand for this kind of humiliation he would make them pay starting with the human filth before he went after the digimon who disgraced themselves by following the human. He watched as the human male and the Patamon talked to one another totally oblivious to the threat that he still posed, 'Fools.'

Gathering his strength Apemon charged the two before he jumped into the air his bone club raised above his head as he aimed to cave in the blond's head in. "Don't ignore me you pathetic fools! Mega Bone Stick!" Apemon roared as he brought his club down. He put all his strength into this attack, plus the added force given to him by gravity and he was sure that soon the blond would be missing his head.

"Naruto!" the newly awakened Coronamon shouted as he watched what was about to happen to his tamer and being too far away and too slow to do anything to do about it.

Coronamon's shout drew the blond's attention before he looked up toward the rapidly falling Apemon. Patamon watched on shocked as the golden monkey feel down toward them he was too tired to actually do anything else then watch as Apemon tried to end his friend and tamer's life. Naruto while initially caught by surprise quickly recovered and waited with a smirk on his face knowing what the result of Apemon's surprise attack would be.

Apemon grinned, a fanged filled grin as he was sure he was moments away from his victory. That grin was quickly wiped off his face as he watched the blond human catch his club in his left hand. 'I-Impossible how did he stop it.'

Naruto knew that at the speed that Apemon was falling, it would be impossible to get out of the way in time, but he also knew that it would be impossible for Apemon to change his plan of attack. Sending chakra into his left hand Naruto raised it and caught the bone club just as it was inches away from his face with little effort. For a moment when the club made contact with his hand Naruto could have sworn that he saw a series of ones and zeroes over a blue background before his vision returned to normal. Shaking it off Naruto instead chose to focus on the digimon that was right in front of him. "You know that you're the second monkey today that tried to attack me."

Apemon struggled to pull his club free from the Shinobi's grip but not even with him using all his strength he couldn't budge it an inch. "Damn human let go. Let go damn it. What the hell are you?" Before Naruto could respond to Apemon's question the digital ape raised his free hand as prepared to unleash another attack in hopes of getting him to let go. "Mystical Monk–arg."

Before Apemon could finish Naruto slammed his own chakra covered fist into his chest sending flying backwards from the force of the hit. 'Not as good as Tsunade-Baachan or Sakura-Chan but it'll do.' Naruto thought as he watched the results of his punch.

Standing up Coronamon made a fireball in the palm of his hand before throwing it at the downed digimon, "Corona Flame."

Gathering the last of the extra power he received from the modify card Patamon launched his own attack at Apemon fully intending to end this, "Boom Bubble."

Apemon was still recovering from the chakra infused punch when both attacks slammed into him. Coughing Apemon tried to stand up having to use his bone club as a crutch as he did so. "Damn you 'cough' I-I refuse to-to lose here to the likes of you!"

Naruto watched on sadly as Apemon continued to try and stand up before shaking his head remorsefully as he pulled out another card from his holster. "It's time we ended this." He said as he slashed the card through his D-arc that he re-clipped to his belt after using it the last time, "Digi-modify… Garurumon's Howling Blaster Activate!"

Both digimon seemed to let out a small cold blue flame from their mouths before it became a raging inferno of blue fire. With twin cries of "Howling Blaster." The inferno made its way toward Apemon and his inventible demise.

Seeing the attack coming Apemon put everything he had in a last ditch effort to survive, "Metallic Fur." He spoke in a panic as the blue inferno made its way toward him. For a moment his attack seemed to hold out before he quickly became overwhelmed. "No damn it how is this possible!" He roared as the Howling Blaster broke him down into specs of red data.

Sighing Naruto put his cards away as he clipped his D-arc back onto his belt before he turned to stare at the two digimon that were worn out from the fight having just come out of their first night of training. "Good work you two. You've done a real good job even with haven been tired beforehand. I'm proud of you. So how about we go home and I make that dinner I promised you have definitely earned it." Both digimon smiled at the praise they received from their tamer and at the prospect of a well made dinner after a long hard fought battle.

The trio was once again interrupted from going home this time in the form of footsteps running through the fog that had yet to disperse. Turning in that direction they watched as a certain red head ran through the fog with blue tinted sunglasses on and her partner appearing behind her not a second later. Taking off her sunglasses Rika looked around searching for the digimon that biomerged before she started to glare at Naruto.

"Hey Ri-Chan didn't think I was going to see you today." Naruto said casually as he waved at her.

"Shut up Baka now where is the… Wait a minute what did you just say?" Rika demanded more than asked as her eyes narrowed as she stared at the blond who was still smiling.

"Hm? Oh I just called you Ri-Chan since Ri-Chan didn't like me calling her Rika-Chan I had to come up with something new, what do you think?" Naruto asked after he finished explaining himself.

"What do I think? What do I think! I think I'm going–" Rika shouted only to be cut off before she could finish what she was saying.

"Rika." Renamon spoke up for the first time interrupting her tamer mid-sentence and drawing her attention and ire to her. Making eye contact the two seemed to having a silent conversation as they stared at each other before Rika let out a sigh and seemed to calm down though the obvious annoyance was still there but she was restraining herself or at least trying to.

"Fine, so whiskers where is the digimon that biomerged? Don't tell me that you let it get away." Rika asked only to end in an exasperated tone when she thought of the possibility of the blond letting the digimon get away because he didn't want to get in a fight with it, though he did prove not to have the same pacifist qualities his friend with the Terriermon had.

"Digimon?" Naruto asked in a confused tone only to realize what she was talking about a second later, "Oh! You're kind of late for that Ri-Chan." The blond Shinobi answered.

Rika clenched her fists when she heard him call her by that new nickname he had come up with, 'I swear if he doesn't stop calling me that I'm going to make him regret it. It all makes me wish he would call me Rika-Chan again it's not nearly as bad.' "Baka you did let it get away didn't. You and your loser friends should stop getting in my way and let the professionals handle it."

"Professional?" Naruto questioned in a quite tone before shaking his head amusedly, "I'm glad you're so confident in yours and Renamon's abilities in a fight but when I said you're too late it was because we already beat the digimon the biomerged." Naruto said as he gestured to himself and the two digimon standing beside him and the Digital Field that was just starting to disappear.

"What?" Rika asked slightly shocked that the blond idiot had actually gone through with deleting the digimon.

"He is telling the truth Rika." Renamon spoke up again.

Rika turned to look at her partner eyebrow raised as she wordlessly asked for Renamon to explain how she knew that he was telling the truth.

Understanding what her tamer was asking Renamon replied, "I can still sense the remnants of an unknown digimon's signature here. There are also some signs of a battle haven happened here not too long ago."

Looking around Rika noticed there were some signs of damage most likely from the fight and that the Digital Field was all but gone. "So you actually went through with deleting the digimon and had one of those two absorb its data?" Rika questioned.


"What? Why didn't you load its data and make your digimon stronger it's all they're good for anyway."

"What do you mean it's all we're good for you bi–" Coronamon began as he stepped forward, ready tear one out of Rika, as Renamon did the same to protect her tamer incase the small lion decided to attack.

"Easy there you two we don't have any reason to fight each other so calm down." Naruto intervened as he stepped in between the two digimon. The two digimon stared each other down just waiting for the other one to make a move. "Now." Naruto said forcefully. The two digimon held their positions for a bit longer before backing down. Seeing as that they managed to avoid a confrontation they most likely would have lost Naruto turned his head to stare at Rika. "Tell me Rika do you honestly believe that digimon are only data?" He questioned honestly curious about what the young red head thought.

Rika scoffed at the stupidity of the question but decided to answer it anyway, "Of course they're nothing more than data. When they fight the stronger digimon absorbs the weaker digimon's data so it can get stronger that's just how things are."

"But a digimon's life doesn't have to revolve only on fighting Rika." Naruto replied.

"Oh and tell me what else are they good for if not fighting and loading data to become the best." Rika asked though she didn't really care about the blond's answer.

"I don't know I'm new to most of this," Naruto admitted but the fire in his eyes easily dispersed any doubts or hesitations that he might have had. "But I do know that they don't have to fight if they don't want to. If they fight it's because they have their own reasons for it besides for getting stronger. You may be right and they are nothing more than data but they still have a free will of their own that lets them act on their own. Even you can't deny their existence as something more than a TV show or a card game." He finished.

Rika was getting agitated by the blond's words and wanted to end this conversation, "Is there a point to this because you can spare me the philosophy lecture and quite wasting my time."

Naruto sighed in disappointment as it seemed that his words weren't making much of an impact on the cold hearted girl before he smiled softly. "No I've said my piece." He said as he turned to walk away with Patamon and Coronamon following him, "But don't think I've given up on convincing you yet Ri-Chan. I'll show you that digimon are alive and they are more than data." He finished saying as he looked over his shoulder at the girl a confident grin on his face before he turned his head forward and headed to his apartment. "See ya around Ri-Chan." He called back.

Rika watched the blond Shinobi walk away with a blush on her face from hearing the nickname he had given her, though the likely hood of it being more from anger rather than embarrassment were pretty high. Though a part of her; a very, very small part, couldn't deny that the conviction and determination of his parting words didn't affect her somewhat. "Let's go Renamon we've wasted enough time." Rika finally said as she turned in the direction of her home.

The yellow kitsune simply followed her partner's command without a word as she disappeared from sight in order to follow and keep watch of her tamer from above.


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