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Calumon Comes to Play and Dinner at Rika's




(Author Notes)

It was finally the end of the week and we find our favorite blond lying on top of Guilmon's shed reading a book while Coronamon, Guilmon, and Patamon played a game of tag. Now most back in Konoha would have been surprised by the blond's choice of pass time but ever since he read "The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Ninja"by his godfather Jiraiya he found himself reading more and more as time went on. Normally at this time he would just be getting out of school but he decided to send a Shadow Clone in his place, one reinforced with the former Kyuubi's and now his chakra to make it more durable, to further familiarize himself with the city or out of laziness he couldn't decide.

Of course the fact that he got to spend the entire day without having to look over his shoulder every few seconds for any of his fan-girls that might be following him around was a nice bonus. The fan club already seemed to consist of most of the girls in his class and year with a few of the older students as well. Though he said only most due to the fact that Jeri Katou, a friend of Takato's, seemed not to be a fan-girl like the rest of his female classmates something he was thankful for, and Takato seemed to be relieved about as well. So far the brown haired girl seemed to be very nice, if not a little strange, as she seemed to be friends with everyone.

While he was out exploring the city he had discovered that Rika went to an all girls private school if the glimpse he caught of Renamon while he was walking by was anything to go by. With this new bit information he already had a few ideas forming of ways he could tease the redheaded girl. He didn't try to embarrass the girl to be mean he just liked the way she would get when she was all flustered at his remarks it was kind of funny. Besides she needed to lighten up and not take things so seriously.

As he lay there his mind drifted to the events that happened earlier that week.


The one human and two digimon were lying on the couch in the living room with content smiles on their faces having just finished their dinner that was cooked by the talented blond after having finished their first training session and fighting Apemon. They were currently watching a TV show about a teen with orange hair and a girl with raven colored hair with lousy drawing skills.

"Hey Coronamon… Patamon?" Naruto spoke up getting the attention of the two Rookie level digimon.

"Hm." The two replied in unison still full from dinner and on the verge of falling asleep.

"During the fight with Apemon, when I slashed the modify cards how did you know it worked how it was supposed to?" Naruto asked as he stared at the D-arc he held in his hand above his head.

The two digimon spared each other a glance before turning their heads to look at their tamer. "What do you mean Naruto?" Patamon asked.

Sitting up Naruto look at the two digimon and seeing their confused expression decided it was best that he explained what he was currently thinking. "When Rika and Henry slashed their cards through the D-arc it worked perfectly and I can understand that but for us it's different. If I had two D-arcs it wouldn't be as bad, all I had to do is remember which are which but that isn't the case I only have the one." He said as he held it up for them to see as well, "So how do we know it won't accidently give one of you the card meant for the other?" he asked.

"As long as it works who cares if we don't understand it." Coronamon replied before he lay back down.

Naruto shook his head in negative before answering. "No Coronamon this is important if one of you seriously needed a modify card and the other got it, it could cost one of you your lives." He said in a completely serious tone.

Coronamon sighed as he nodded his head, "Fine I guess I can see your point."

"Then what are we supposed to do? Never use the modify cards or only when we're desperate?" Patamon asked understanding how important and serious this conversation really was.

"No," Naruto shook his head, "Using modify cards are too much of an advantage over the digimon that have bioemerged to simply decide to stop using them. We have to figure out how this works."

"And how are we supposed to do that?" Coronamon asked.

Crossing his arms Naruto closed his eyes in thought, "Well first we have to see if there was anything special when I slashed those modify cards." He said before opening his eyes. "Is there anything that you guys can remember that might help?"

Both digimon took a moment to think about what happened earlier to see if anything stood out to them. After about a minute of thinking Patamon seemed to remember something from his fight with Apemon.

"Well, I do remember this sort of tingling in the back of my mind." Patamon said as he scrunched his eyes up in thought trying to recall any more details that could help.

"Tingling?" Naruto questioned as Patamon nodded his head.

"Yeah it was just this feeling in the back of my mind and that's the best way to describe it. It wasn't strong enough to distract me during the fight but it was strong enough for me to notice." Patamon said before turning his head to his fellow orange furred digimon to see if he experienced anything similar when Naruto used the speed card on him.

Coronamon tapped his chin in thought before speaking up. "Now that you mention it I definitely felt something like that right after Naruto scanned the card. I didn't give it much thought because I had to avoid Apemon's attack but I did feel something."

Naruto nodded his head in acceptance as he tried to think what the tingling feeling could mean, "What about the third time when I scanned the Garurumon card?" he asked as he tried to figure out if anything happened when he swiped the third card.

Coronamon nodded his head in confirmation before answering, "Yeah I felt the same thing when you scanned the last card."

"Me too," Patamon added in.

"Ok so we know how to tell which of you gets the card's affect but not how it's decided which one of you gets it." Naruto concluded. "I mean does it go to who needs it more, does one of you or me decide who gets its affects, or to whoever can still fight."

Coronamon scratched his head in frustration "What does it even matter? It's not like we can actually do anything about it right now so we might as well stop worrying about it." He stated.

Naruto sighed before nodding his head in agreement, "Yeah I guess your right Coronamon. It'll just have to be one more thing we'll add to our training regimen." He said before looking at the clock and seeing how late it was and remembering he still had school in the morning. "I guess we should turn in for the night, good night you two." Naruto said as he turned off the TV and made his way to his room as the two digimon went to their own room.

"Good night Naruto." The two digimon called back at the same time as they entered their room.

Flashback End

Since then they had trained every night of the week in improving the physical condition of both Patamon and Coronamon before moving on to sparing against each other or Naruto, and ending it with practicing with the modify cards. Naruto was proud in how far the two had come in their physical training but they were still had a long way to go before they were at a level he was comfortable with. On the other hand the modify training was a bit uncertain thing though they did figure some things out.

'So far we've figured out that the cards will work for either one of them or both depending on my own will.' Naruto sighed, 'There is a little chance either Coronamon or Patamon will get the wrong card at the wrong time though. But we have to test it out in actual fight to make sure we aren't wrong and that I can actually do it right under the pressure of a fight.'

Bringing himself out of his silent musings Naruto read more of the book he bought the other day before the others got there seeing as the Shadow Clone had dispelled itself when school let out a few minutes ago, where no one could see it go up in a puff of smoke of course.

"Fire, burn! Burn and light up the path to her future!" It wasn't much but he found himself liking that one line more and more with each time he read it. That something known to consume all that was in its way would be what destroyed one girl's terrible past, while forging the way to a future, free from the pain caused by one man, a man who should have protected her, who kept her in the dark and cold; seemed almost fitting to the cerulean eyed boy.

"Who do you think is behind it?" hearing a voice close by Naruto silently cursed to himself for being so distracted that he didn't notice someone coming. He was ready to move and grab the three playing digimon before they could be seen when a second voice replied to the first question.

"It's probably just some of the students playing a practical joke Takato."

Taking a second to register what was being said Naruto relaxed when he recognized who the two voices belonged to.

Letting out a sigh of relief; 'It's just Takato and Henry.' Naruto thought to himself. Wondering what the two were talking about he got up and moved to the edge of the shed before sitting down. "Hey there guys! What are you two talking about?" he asked his two fellow tamers.

Apparently the two boys hadn't realized that the blond was there from the way the two jumped in surprise when he spoke. Looking up to the top of the shed they were greeted with the sight of a grinning blond waving at them from his seat on top of the roof.

"Naruto don't do that! Jeez you nearly gave me a heart attack. What are you a ninja or something, coming out of nowhere like that." the goggle wearing tamer said as he got his heart rate back under control.

Naruto chuckled uneasily at Takato unknowingly guessing one of his secrets but decided to play it off as a joke to lessen any possible suspicion, "He he you never know Takato maybe I am." Naruto replied in a joking manner.

"Hey Naruto?" Takato began.


"Where did you go after school let out? One second your right there and the next you disappeared."

"Oh that… Nowhere really I just decided to rush over here seeing as I had nothing else to do and figured you guys would be here soon. I also wanted to check up on these guys." He said indicating to the digimon who had been joined by Terriermon in their game of tag. "Since I let them hang out here with Guilmon instead of being home by themselves all day. And in the mean time I was reading this" He finished by holding up the book he had been reading.

"A book?" Henry asked curious about what kind of literature the blond would be reading.

"Yup, here catch." Naruto replied as tossed the book toward the half-Japanese half-Chinese tamer when he noticed the boy's curiosity over the book he was reading.

Catching it Henry turned it over in order to read the title. "Legend of the Hiiaro Ookami," He read out loud.

"Yeah, it's a pretty good sort of like a mystery book only with a whole lot of cases instead one. If you want to borrow it just ask." Naruto answered as he jumped down from the top of the roof, "Now what was it you guys were talking about when you got here?" Naruto questioned again.

"We were trying to figure out who broke into the equipment shed at school and then left those chalk drawings on the soccer field yesterday and today." Takato replied.

"They showed up today too? But didn't the faculty put a lock on the door?" Naruto asked.

"They did, but whoever did it was apparently able to break the lock on the door." Henry answered as he handed the book back to red streaked boy saying that he would like to borrow it at another time.

"Really?" Naruto asked though he didn't really expect an answer. For the last couple of days someone had broken into the equipment shed and stole the chalk drawing thing (AN: Anyone know what it's called because I'm coming up with a blank.) before drawing lines all over the soccer field that no one could make heads or tails of. With no clues pointing to who was responsible the student body had resorted to making rumors on all possible suspects ranging from a rival soccer team to aliens and ghosts.

"Who do you think is behind this Naruto?" Takato asked.

The boy in question crossed his arms over his chest and closed his eyes as he gave the question some thought. "It's probably just some little kid." he decided.

"A little kid?" Henry asked surprised at the blond's conclusion, "What makes you think it was a little kid?"

"First of all they did the same thing twice. Any true prankster would never repeat themselves. Secondly those "drawings" are just some random squiggly lines. Usually they would be some crude drawing of a teacher or the principle or some message to taunt to faculty. This just all seems to childish in nature." He explained.

"But if it was a little kid then how would they be able to get by the lock let alone break it?" Takato asked; he knew he would never be able to do something like that when he was younger.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders, "Never stopped me." He answered. This earned him curios looks from the two other tamers along with a bit of suspicion. Naruto noticed the looks he was getting and decided to clear things up before they got it in their heads that it was him. "Hey hold on don't look at me like that. I mean sure I am an experienced prankster but it wasn't me, the prank was way too simple for anything I would do."

"Alright, if it is a little kid what do we do about it?" Henry asked as he accepted the blond's explanation.

"Nothing," Naruto replied.

"But shouldn't we do something to get this kid to stop before he or she gets into trouble?" questioned Takato.

"What can we do? We still don't know who the kid is or do you have a clue as to who it could be?"

"Well, no." Takato admitted.

"Then we would only be wasting our time trying to figure it out without anything to go on." Naruto explained as he sat down against a tree with his book open, "Besides I'm sure whoever it is will get tired of pulling the same prank over and over again and move on to something else soon enough."

"He has a point Takato without any leads there isn't much we can actually do. Besides I'm sure that the teachers will take care of it and catch whoever it is if they don't stop." Henry said as he came to the same conclusion as the blond.

"If you guys' say so."

It was at that point that Guilmon finally noticed that his tamer was there and rushed over to greet him.

"Takatomon!" Guilmon shouted as he collided with Takato knocking them both over.

"Guilmon don't do that! And how many times do I have to tell you I am not a mon!" Takato exclaimed from his position on the ground.

"I'm sorry Takatomon but I had so much fun today." Guilmon said getting off of his tamer and conveniently ignoring his tamer's denial about being a digimon. "I got to play all sorts of games with Coronamon and Patamon. Then we ate this food called ramen and it was really good, but not as good as bread."

A shocked whisper came from the blond that was still managed to be heard by everyone there, "What?"

Everyone turned to stare at the blond who was just barely holding onto his book as he stared at the red raptor with wide eyes. Standing up Naruto quickly walked over to the digital dino in an almost trance like state.

"What did you just say?" he asked in a monotone voice as he stared down the confused digimon who didn't understand why his friend was acting so strangely.

'Oh no.' the shocked whiskered marked boy's partners thought in unison as they silently groaned to themselves, already knowing their tamer's obsession with ramen and what Guilmon's must have done to him. All the while they also made sure to signal to the others that everything was alright so they wouldn't freak out by their partner's antics.

While still confused by how the blue eyed blond was acting the naïve not so little digimon answered the blond's question anyway. "The ramen that Coronamon and Patamon gave me was really tasty but I like the bread that Takatomon brings me I think that it tastes way better." He replied cheerfully with a big smile on his reptilian face.

Suddenly a light appeared behind the blond as he kneeled in front of Guilmon with a gentle smile on his face. Reaching out with his hand he placed it on the red dino's shoulder. "Guilmon you miss guided soul; I'll show you the errors of your way. That any food could possibly be greater than ramen is pure blasphemy." Standing back up he held his hand out to the saurian digimon expecting for the dino to actually take it. "Come Guilmon let me lead you to the path of greatness and show you the undeniable truth that is rame-" The end of Naruto's sentence was cut off when Coronamon jumped up and smacked the back of his head.

"Enough you ramen nut! All you're going to do is scar him for life with all your ramen talk." Coronamon said as he pointed to the red digimon who still looked more confused than anything else.

Naruto got up from the ground having fallen over when Coronamon hit him having been caught completely by surprise. As he rubbed the spot that Coronamon had hit him Naruto glared at the small digimon, though it lacked any real malice. He knew that he had might have gone off into a bit of a rant just now but when it came to ramen he really couldn't help himself it was just that great. "Damn it Coronamon was that really necessary?"

"Well either Patamon or I had to do it and Patamon is too nice." Coronamon answered his tone making it seem like it should have been obvious to the sun kissed blond. "Really what does it matter it is not like ramen is really that good anyway." Coronamon finished in a huff as he crossed his arms over his chest.

A look of horror appeared on Naruto's face as he pulled off a good imitation of 'The Scream'. "Wha-wha-WHAT! Coronamon how can you say such a thing, there's nothing in the world that is better than ramen. Blasphemy I say blasphemy!" The blond exclaimed as he stared at his partner in disbelief.

The others watched on as the two began arguing with each other not knowing what to do or if they should even step in and stop it. Guilmon was confused why his two friends were fighting each other and worried that he might have caused it, "Takatomon did I say something wrong?" he asked hoping his tamer would know what was wrong and what he could do so his friends would stop fighting.

"I don't think so boy." Takatomon replied as he continued to stare at the fighting pair who were now pulling at each other's faces making them look quite silly.

"Then why are they fighting?" Guilmon asked as he tilted his head to the side in confusion. To him it just seemed silly as long as you could eat it what did it matter which one was better.

"I'm not sure Guilmon." Takato answered wondering if he or Henry should step in and stop them. Being the kind of guy that usually tends to avoid all types of fighting unless absolutely necessary, and never with your friends, Takato wasn't really sure how he was supposed to handle the situation.

Patamon, noticing the group's looks of concern, flew over and landed on the red dino's head, "Hey don't worry about it they're not really fighting."

"Really? It sure doesn't look that way to me." Henry commented as the face pulling continued between the human and digimon pair.

Patamon couldn't help the chuckle that escaped him. Looking over at the two it would be easy to see how the others would think that they were actually fighting each other, but even after a week the bond between the three was already really strong and Patamon could tell they were just messing around with each other. Naruto and Coronamon were more likely to joke around with each other while Patamon just watched on from the sidelines laughing at their antics. At times the two digimon would gang up on Naruto and force him to eat something besides ramen for a couple of reasons. The first reason being that, that much ramen wasn't good for him and the second because they didn't feel like eating ramen as much as he did or as often. Their bound also got stronger with all the time they spent training with each other every night that week.

"Trust me it might not look like it but they aren't being serious. This is just something they do every once and a while to have a bit of fun." Patamon reassured them. It was only moments later that the two stopped fighting and walked over to the group, having gotten a good distance away when they fell onto the ground and began to roll around for a bit, acting like nothing happened.

"So do you guys have any plans for the weekend?" Naruto asked as he sat himself against the tree he had left earlier, with Patamon flying over and landing on his head while Coronamon jumped up the tree to reach a branch and sat himself there.

"I have a martial arts lesson this weekend, and I think that's about it." Henry replied as he leaned up against another tree making sure to keep an eye on Terriermon, as the small rabbit began to explore the surrounding area with Guilmon following soon after, to make sure he stayed out of trouble.

"You practice martial arts?" Naruto questioned genuinely curious and excited at the prospect of having a sparring partner again, though he would have to hold back a bit to make sure he didn't accidently hurt the half-Chinese tamer.

Henry nodded his head in confirmation before answering, "For a few years now."

"That's so awesome we should have a spar sometime." Naruto said his excitement obvious to everyone there, he would basically bouncing off the walls if it wasn't for the fact that there weren't any and he was still sitting down.

"You know martial arts?" Henry asked, though he wasn't very surprised with how fast Naruto seemed to be it should have been obvious he had to have some sort of training.

"Yeah, ever since I was 8 years old. It's sort of tradition from where I come from that everyone learn at least the basics." The blond said as he also gave a little half lie to his friends.

"Wow you must be really good then." Takato said amazed at how long his friend had practiced martial arts, 'I wonder if he can break cinder blocks in half like those guys on TV.'

Naruto rubbed the back of his head as he gave the goggle wearing tamer a sheepish smile as he chuckled nervously, "Not really, I pretty much was the worst in my class for the first four years and didn't actually start to improve until I was 12." He continued as he .looked back at Henry, "So what do you say about that spar Henry."

"I'm not sure." Henry replied still uncomfortable with the whole idea of fighting.

"What are you so worried about Henry, the whole point of sparing is to test ourselves and get better in the process. If it makes you feel any better we can spar at where ever it is you train if your sensei agrees to it." Naruto offered.

Henry thought about it for a second and realized there really wasn't anything wrong with the idea. Both he and Naruto were both well trained so there was little chance they would hurt each other, and if his sensei did agree to let them then he really didn't have any reason not to, "Alright I'll ask my sensei tomorrow about it and then let you know what he says."

Naruto nodded his head in agreement with any luck he might be able to learn some of this worlds martial arts and add it to his repertoire. "What about you Takato have anything interesting planned?" Naruto asked as he turned his attention to the brown haired boy.

"If you call feeding the school rabbits interesting, then yes." Takato said lamely as he shrugged his shoulders, "Besides that I'll probably help my parents out in the bakery and hangout with Guilmon."

"Your family owns a bakery?" Naruto asked at the new piece of information the virus tamer had supplied.

"Yeah," Takato confirmed, "its how I'm always able to bring Guilmon bread in the morning and for dinner." He supplied.

"What about you Naruto?" Henry asked, "Do you have anything planned?"

Naruto hummed to himself as he thought about it for a second. "I need to find a way to make some money." He finally answered.

"Why?" Takato asked surprised. "Didn't you say that your guardian was paying for everything?" He continued as he remembered the blond mentioning it once at some point in the last week.

"Only for necessities" Naruto replied, "Anything else has to come from my own pockets, which are currently empty. And besides I don't want to rely on him for this sort of thing." The two boys nodded their heads understanding where the blond was coming from having learned he was quite independent in the one week they had known him.

"If you want I can ask my parents. I can't promise anything though. It's a small bakery so there isn't much need for extra help." Takato offered.

Naruto smiled gratefully at the boy but shook his head, "Thanks Takato but I already have an idea of what I can do." Naruto said as he kindly refused Takato's offer.

"And what do you have in mind." Henry inquired, curious at what the blond could have possibly planned.

"Sorry but I want to keep that a surprise for now." Naruto replied. Both tamers saw the mischievous glint in Naruto's eyes and knew better than to ask further questions, at that point Terriermon had called the two over to play with him and Guilmon in a game of hide and seek. The Nidaime Kyuubi was silent for a moment as he was trying to figure out why he was feeling like he was forgetting something. 'I'm sure that there was something else about today that I was supposed to remember.' Naruto thought as he tried to remember what was so important.

"Hey Naruto is there something wrong?" Patamon asked having noticed his tamer's discomfort.

"Huh?" Naruto asked as he looked up toward his flying partner, "No it's nothing; it's just that I'm sure that I'm forgetting something important. Got any ideas what it could be?"

"Didn't you say something about being invited over for dinner today by someone last week?" Coronamon asked lazily as laid against the tree Naruto was sitting under.

Naruto blinked a couple of times as he finally remembered his meeting with Seiko Hata a week ago. "That's right Hata-San invited me to eat with her family to welcome me to the city." Naruto answered, "But how did you remember that?"

"When it comes to food there is no way I could forget." Coronamon answered a bit smugly.

Naruto shook his head very amused by how proud Coronamon sounded of himself. Getting up, Naruto dusted off any dirt that got on his pants as he announced his leaving to the others.

"Why are you leaving already? We all just got here." Takato asked his blond haired friend.

Naruto gave Takato an apologetic smile for not staying longer to hang out with his friends, "Yeah sorry but I just remembered that I was invited for dinner tonight."

"Dinner?" Henry questioned taking a part in the conversation, "That's still at least a few hours away." Henry stated.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders in reply, "I know but I still have to make these two dinners," He said as he pointed at his two partners, "and then get ready myself before heading out." He finished as he made his way down the stairs.

"Alright I guess we'll see you tomorrow Naruto." Takato called out to the retreating blond. Henry also saying his goodbyes to the blond. Naruto waved goodbye from over his shoulder, Patamon on top of his head waving his own goodbye with Coronamon quickly following his tamer and fellow digimon by hoping from tree to tree.

"Sure thing, make sure to bring your cards too. I thought of a few combos that I want to try out." Naruto said.

In another part of the city a certain red head was walking down the street, having gotten out of school awhile ago she was in her usual outfit of a white t-shirt with a light blue broken heart and sleeves with blue jeans with a couple of belts one around her waist and another at her thigh and her red steel toed shoes. Listening to the music that was playing through her headphones she ignored the rest of the world… or at least that's what she tried to do. A memory of the meeting she had with a certain whiskered marked, spiky haired blond with red streaks, sapphire eyed boy kept coming to the forefront of her mind.

Naruto sighed in disappointment as it seemed that his words weren't making much of an impact on the cold hearted girl before he smiled softly. "No I've said my piece." He said as he turned to walk away with Patamon and Coronamon following him, "But don't think I've given up on convincing you yet Ri-Chan. I'll show you that digimon are alive and they are more than data." He finished saying as he looked over his shoulder at the girl a confident grin on his face before he turned his head forward and headed to his apartment. "See ya around Ri-Chan." He called back.

It had already been a few days yet those words were still ringing in her mind. Normally Rika would have been quick to dismiss the blond's words but she just couldn't shake the memory of the look he had in his eyes when he said them. It brought back the memory of the second time she meet the whiskered marked boy. He had that same look, the same blazing unyielding determination. They were just as fierce as she remembered them being when she was looking up at him right after he saved her from being gunned down by Gargomon and he held her in his arms. A shudder went down her spine because of the memory, the reason why even she didn't know.

But the look he had, it was almost like he didn't even have the smallest of doubts in himself or that he would be able to do as he said. In truth it unnerved Rika slightly that there could be someone with such a great amount of determination. The confidence that he held when he spoke those words almost had Rika convinced that Naruto would be able to do it.

"Is there something the matter Rika?" Renamon asked as she appeared behind the girl with their backs to each other as the world around them faded into black. "You seem troubled."

"I'm fine Renamon." Rika replied.

"Are you sure you've been acting strange for the last few days." Renamon persisted. "Would this have anything to do with what Naruto-Sam-n, what Naruto-San said to you earlier this week?" Questioned Renamon as she silently hopped that Rika didn't notice her slight slip up or question her about showing the blond tamer some respect.

If Rika did notice she didn't comment on it, "It's nothing Renamon and it has nothing to do with that baka." She denied though her partner had guessed right. "But since you brought him up maybe you can help answer a few questions about him."

"What questions are those Rika?" Renamon asked. She was slightly taken back by her tamer's questioning seeing as she had about as much knowledge about the blond as her she did.

"That day when the two digimon bioemerged you said you felt a presence right?"

"Yes." Renamon replied turning around to stare at her tamer.

"Did you feel anything whenever we were around Whiskers and his digimon?" The amethyst eyed girl asked.

Renamon hesitated for a second before she answered her tamer's question, "I have Rika."

Rika turned her head to look over her shoulder as her eyes narrowed slightly, "From which one?" she asked.

Renamon registered her question and noticed how Rika's question didn't exactly exclude Naruto. 'Does she already suspect something?' Renamon thought to herself. Seeing that her tamer was still waiting on her she decided it best she answer her, she had no reason not anyway. "From Naruto-San," Renamon answered. She watched as Rika faced forward again and lowered her head a bit so she was now looking toward the ground as if deep in thought. Unsure of what was going through her tamer's head she decided to wait and see what she would say.

"Is there anything else you sense about him?" Rika asked without turning around to look at her partner.

Renamon thought it over for a bit but ultimately there really wasn't all that much to think about. "You already know Naruto-San seems to emit a presence I can sense whenever he is nearby but there is something more. I've also felt a certain sense of fear that I can't fully explain yet Rika, but my instincts tell me not to cross him."

Rika raised an eyebrow at Renamon's reply; it didn't make any sense for Renamon to be afraid of someone she should be able to easily handle should he become a threat. "Is that all?" She asked curious if there was anything else she could possibly learn about the blond.

Renamon hesitated again unsure if she should continue and how her tamer would take it, "There is something else. Besides the sense of fear I get whenever he is nearby there is also this underlying need to obey him should he command me to act."

"He can order you around." Rika asked a tinge of concern for her digimon partner making it to her voice.

"I'm not completely sure, if anything I would be highly inclined to follow anything he says. But I also believe that I can fight his commands if my will is strong enough." Renamon explained. "It is very confusing," she finished.

"So this won't affect you too badly?" Rika asked

"No Rika." Renamon replied.

"Good because I still expect the best and I won't accept any excuses Renamon." Rika stated as she returned to her usual cold and indifferent self.

"Understood Rika," Renamon said as she once more vanished to continue watching her tamer from the rooftops. With Renamon gone the world faded back into existence everything picking up exactly where it left off as if no time had passed while tamer and digimon were having their conversation. Rika spared a glance back at where her partner stood not a moment ago before she continued her walk down the street once more deep in thought.

The blond became more of enigma with every passing day. At the forefront of her mind was how he was able to move so fast to save her from the trigger happy bunny and then, if what Renamon said was true, his ability to command her, Renamon, if he wanted too.

'How could he move so fast? That Gargomon was seconds away from shooting me and yet that blond-baka was able to save me.' Rika thought. Then there was what she learned just now, if anything it made even less sense than him being freakishly fast. What kind of human could actually make a digimon fear them, and then there was the fact that Renamon also felt the need to follow his commands. 'None of it makes any sense.' She decided. It didn't help that she knew next to nothing about the boy and anything she did learn just seemed to bring up more questions rather than the answers she was looking for. Nothing about him made sense the boy could be an annoying idiot one moment and the next he was totally serious and determined.

She was brought out of her thoughts when her cell-phone started to ring. Pulling it out of her pocket she took a moment to look who was calling before answering, "Hi grandma." Rika answered somewhat more politely then usual seeing as the call was from her home and as far as she knew only her grandmother was home.

"Hello Rika dear." The familiar voice of Seiko Hata came through the other end. "I wanted to remind you to be home in time for dinner tonight, seeing as we will be having a guest over."

"Ok grandma." Rika replied, "Is there anything else?" She asked.

"Yes could you please pass by the grocery and pick up a few things?" Seiko asked back. Rika agreed and after Seiko told her what she would need Rika to pick up thanked her granddaughter and was about ready to hang up. "Thank you for helping me Rika, I'll see you when you get home."

"Its fine grandma and I'll see you soon, will mom be there tonight?"

"I'm afraid not dear; she called earlier today and said something about one of her photo shoots running late tonight so she won't be able to make it." Seiko replied her tone of voice saying how sorry she felt and the slight disappointment in her daughter she felt.

"It's fine. I'll be home soon bye grandma." Rika answered in a slightly more hurried manner and in a way that made it sound that she didn't really care either way. 'At least I know the guest tonight isn't one of mom's boyfriends.'

"Ok Rika, please remember everything I asked for." Seiko said her voice still tinted in a bit of sadness. Ending the call Rika headed off in a different direction then from before figuring she might as well get the food; take it home before she headed out again. Her mind lingering on the mysterious guest and on a certain whiskered faced; sapphire eyed boy and his words from the other day not knowing they were actually the same person.

"But don't think I've given up on convincing you yet Ri-Chan. I'll show you that digimon are alive and they are more than data."

'There is nothing to convince Whiskers they are just data.' She thought finally.

Back at his apartment Naruto was busy looking for the scrap piece of paper that Seiko had given him last week with the address and directions to her home in his room. So far he had little luck finding it. He already had a couple of clones searching the rest of his apartment but so far none of them had found it.

'Where the hell did I put that thing.' Naruto thought to himself.

"Hey Naruto wha-Whoa what the hell happened in here?" Coronamon asked as he and Patamon came into Naruto's room after having spent the last few minutes watching his clones searching the apartment for something. Naruto looked up from his futile searching, all the drawers were out on the floor, everything they once contained scattered around the room, clothes thrown everywhere, and the bed's mattress was half laying on the floor.

"I've sort of been looking for the paper Hata-San gave me last week." Naruto said as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment at how messy the room became during his search.

"You mean the one that's on the nightstand?" Patamon asked as pointed over toward the nightstand by the bed with a piece of paper on top of it.

'HOW DID I MISS THAT?' Naruto shouted inside his head seeing the note he had spent the last several minutes looking for lying right there for the world to see. He gave his two partners an embarrassed, chuckle as a sheepish grin quickly found itself on his face, "I knew that was there." He said lamely

"Sure you did." Coronamon said mockingly as Patamon silently chuckled by his side.

Making a couple more clones to help with the clean up, "Man I can't believe I wasted so much time looking for that thing." Naruto complained.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah you're an idiot we know, now can we ask you something?" Coronamon said more than asked.

A tick mark appeared on Naruto's forehead at the idiot comment but he decided to ignore it…for now, 'You'll regret that Coronamon, I'm not Konoha's prank master for nothing,' "Sure, what is it?" said prank master asked no signs of him planning his retribution on the fire lion showing.

"We wanted to know what we were going to do about training tonight, you know with you having to go to dinner at this Hata-San's place." Coronamon replied.

"Huh? I hadn't really thought about that." Naruto replied, "I guess we can cancel the training for tonight, think of it as a reward for all the hard you two have put in this week." He declared. The two digimon silently cheered to themselves happy to have a night off, "Just don't expect to this often got it."

The two digimon gave their confirmation before they returned to the living room to continue watching their most recent TV show. Naruto chuckled to himself, looking at the clock in his room he saw that it was still a bit early. Seeing as he still had time he decided to do the homework that Miss. Asaji had assigned them for the weekend. Even with a couple of Shadow Clones Naruto knew that it would take him a while to finish it all. 'I think I finally understand why Baa-Chan always complained about paper if this is what she had to deal with on a daily basis. I wonder how the others finish all of this.' Naruto thought to himself as he sat himself at his desk.

A few hours later Naruto had finished his homework and taken a shower putting on some of the newer clothes he had bought for himself. Stepping into the living room he called out to his partners, "So guys how do I look?" he asked.

Looking over toward their tamer Coronamon and Patamon saw that Naruto was still wearing the replicate necklace of the one Tsunade gave him. He was also now wearing a black jacket with the kanji for Hokage written on the back in orange along with an orange silhouette of the Kyuubi going up his left sleeve. Under that he wore a dark red shirt and black cargo pants with a pair of black converse instead of his usual steel-toed boots. Also instead of his dual crossing belts he only wore one that had the Konoha symbol on it. The final thing that they noticed different was that instead of wearing his fingerless gloves he had his left hand bandaged in order to hide the Digital Hazard.

"Eh you look alright." Coronamon said uninterested as he returned his attention back to the TV, only to get whacked in the back of the head by Patamon, "Hey!"

Patamon ignored the indignant digimon, "You look very nice Naruto." Patamon said politely.

"Thanks Patamon," Naruto said. Looking up toward the clock on the wall he noticed that he should be leave soon if he wanted to have enough time before hand to find the place. "Guess I'll be leaving soon. See you guys when I get back." Naruto said as he made his way toward the front door.

Seeing his tamer making his way toward the door immediately got Coronamon's attention. "Wait your leaving? You haven't made dinner yet. What are we gonna eat?" Coronamon asked almost in a panic as he feared going without food… for a couple of hours. "You can't leave us here without food! We'll starve; we'll die of hunger before the night is over. I think I already feel faint, please I need food." Coronamon pretty much begged.

"Relax Coronamon I've taken care of it." Naruto replied as he silently laughed to himself, he also noticed Patamon was trying to hold his own laughter back. "I got a Shadow Clone in my room working on data manipulation and I've already ordered you guys a pizza to eat and should be here soon."

"Pizza?" the two digimon asked not knowing what the new food was.

"Don't worry you guy's will love it." Naruto reassured as he grabbed a couple of kunais that he had around the apartment and hid them on him, he might be in a different world but it never hurts to prepared in case something unexpected happens. With that Naruto made his way out of the apartment with one final farewell to his partners before closing the door behind him.

Some minutes later Naruto was standing in front of the gates that lead to Nonaka residence, not that he knew that, with the piece of paper that Seiko had written the address of her home on, he unconsciously noticed that the homes in this area of the city were more traditional than the ones he had seen so far. Knocking on the gates he waited for someone to answer.

He didn't have to wait long as soon after he heard footsteps approaching before the gate doors opened to reveal the smiling face of one Seiko Hata, "Ah Naruto-Kun you're here. Welcome to my home." Seiko said as she stepped to the side to allow the young blond to enter her home. "It's nice to see you again Naruto-Kun." She said closing the gate behind him.

"It is nice to see you to Hata-San; I hope I'm not too early." Naruto said as he rubbed the back of his head nervously.

"Not at all Naruto-Kun," Seiko replied as she motioned for the blond to follow her as she led him inside and to the dining room. "Dinner will actually be served soon." She said, "But if you would excuse me there are a couple of things that I still need to take care of and I also need let my granddaughter know to come and eat, but please take a seat this won't take long."

"Alright, please take your time." Naruto said.

With those parting words Seiko went to get Rika and let her know that there guest had arrived and that she should make her way to the dining room. Naruto having taken his seat couldn't help but look around the room, there wasn't much to speak of in the room but even then he could feel the warm atmosphere the room emitted. He had often gone to the Hyuuga compound to spar with either Hinata or Neji whenever there was a break in the war and he could afford to be away from the battlefield to rest. Whenever he visited, while he enjoyed the time he got to spend with his friends, he couldn't help the unease he felt. The Hyuuga were strict and uptight when it came to their traditions and ideals that he was sure that if he ever did something wrong when he went over, that most of the clan would all be saying that they had expected it from him.

But here, though it reminded him much of the Hyuuga compound, there was no sense of being pressured to meet someone else's expectations. This home was far warmer and inviting, if he was honest this was the kind of home he had often imagined he would have grown up in had his parents survived the night of the Kyuubi attack. The kind of home and family that he knew would be there for him should he ever need them, but he could also feel an underlying sense of sadness and loneliness as he sat there. While curious Naruto decided not to look too far into it he had no right to interfere in other people's personal problems.

"Rika?" Seiko called from outside her granddaughter's room as gently knocked on the sliding door. It was only a few seconds later that Rika slid the door open.

"Yes grandma?" She answered in a bored tone.

Seiko gave her a warm smile in return, "Dinner is almost ready and our guest has I arrived, I was hoping you could keep him company while I finished?" she asked.

Rika sighed as she really didn't want to be alone with whoever her grandma had invited over but knew that she couldn't refuse anything she asked of her, "Sure grandma."

Seiko's smile widened, "Thank you Rika." She said before she left heading in the direction of the kitchen, Rika going toward the dining room not long after.

Coming into the dining room Rika was surprised to find the whiskered blond that had been the source of her constant ire as of late sitting at the table. He had yet to notice her seeing as he had his back toward her but she was sure it was him since no one else in Shinjuku seemed to have that same shade of blond, bar Renamon and even then it only seemed to come close.

Stepping closer so she was directly behind the blond she asked the all important question as she crossed her arms over her chest, "What are you doing here Whiskers?" she asked her irritation with the former shinobi making her forget that he was most likely the guest that her grandmother had been talking about.

For his part Naruto already knew that someone had entered the room thanks to his years of training, but even though he had the ability to sense individual people, thanks to his sage training, he still wasn't able to tell anyone apart by their chakra signature having not yet familiarized himself with anyone's signature in the week he had been there. So it only came as a mild-surprise when the person asked their question in a voice he recognized.

Turning around Naruto found a glaring red head just a few feet away from him arms crossed and obviously expecting an answer to her question, "Oh, hi Ri-Chan. How are you?" he asked her with his fox like grin as he completely ignored her question.

"Don't call me that and answer the damn question!" Rika replied and in turn ignored his question.

Naruto found it very hard not to smirk at the female tamer's reaction. He loved messing with the girl he decided she always got so cute when she was angry, 'Wait cute?' Taking in the narrowed eyes, the slight scowl on her face, and the red that danced across her face, Naruto had to admit that she was definitely cute when angry, the fact that she would probably only get angrier if she ever found out made it all the harder not to burst out laughing. "Isn't it obvious Ri-Chan?" he answered with a question.

Rika thought it over for a second before her glare seemed to intensify as she narrowed her eyes in suspicion, "Don't tell me you're…" She began.

"Oh that was quick, did you already figure it?" Naruto asked as grinned at her.

"…You're a stalker." She finished. At her answer Naruto's face immediately became aquatinted with the floor, completely taken back by the girl's conclusion.

Getting up from the floor Naruto was quick to deny the girl's accusation, "No! How the hell did you come to that?"

"A fan-boy then." She deadpanned repressing a shiver at the possibility and that there might be one of that not only knew where she lived but was actually in her house.

Naruto crossed his arms in front of himself making an 'x', "NO! Come on Ri-Chan don't even joke about that its ugh a very disturbing thing to say let alone consider." Unconsciously Rika nodded her head in agreement.

"I'm calling the police." Rika stated as she completely ignoring the blond's denial of not being a stalker and any mention of fan-boys. The thing tied for third most evilest thing in the world, right in front of the evil known as paperwork.

"W-what? Wait!" Moving quickly Naruto got between the irate red head and the phone. Seeing that she was about to open her mouth to say something, most likely an order for him to get out of her way, Naruto held up his hands in a sign of surrender. "Fine, I was invited to eat dinner here last week by Hata-San." Naruto explained hoping to placate the fiery red head.

"Wait you're the guy that grandma invited?" Rika asked still a bit skeptical.

"Hai," Naruto replied with a nod as he slowly lowered his hands and relaxed a bit now that it seemed that Rika wouldn't be calling the cops on him. Rika stayed quiet as she stared intently at the blond-red streaked boy to see if she could find any signs of him lying to her.

Before she came to a decision Seiko stepped into the room with dinner. "I see you've met our guest. This is Naruto Uzumaki and he just moved into the city last week. Naruto-Kun this is my granddaughter, Rika Nonaka." She introduced.

"We've met." Rika muttered.

"Oh?" Seiko responded.

"Yeah," Naruto agreed. "I actually met Ri-Chan at the park last week after we met Hata-San." Naruto replied.

Seiko nodded her head in understanding before turning to look at her granddaughter with a raised eyebrow, "Ri-Chan?" she asked as she looked on amusedly at her granddaughter with a small smile. "I didn't know that you two were on such friendly terms already Rika."

This time the blush that found itself spreading across Rika's face was solely due to her embarrassment. "We're not." She denied. "He just won't stop calling me that."

"Is that so?" Seiko asked, though her smile and the tone of her voice made it plain to see that she thought otherwise. "Please Naruto-Kun take a seat, I'll get the rest of our dinner out here in a minute. Rika could you please set the table?" She asked as she reentered the kitchen.

Fighting down the blush on her face Rika did as she was asked knowing there was no point in trying to argue with her grandmother; though that didn't keep her from shooting the blond one final glare before she left to do what she was asked.

It was moments later that Rika returned with some plates, cups, and silverware. She first set her grandmother and hers' places on the table first before going over toward where Naruto was sitting and putting everything down, almost to the point where she actually slammed it onto the table, before she returned to her seat across the table from the blond doing the best she could to ignore him while shooting him a glare at the same time. Naruto didn't really mind, after growing up in a village that either ignored and or glared at him a fifteen year old girl's glare didn't really affect him. Especially since it lacked the raw hatred the villagers had, her glare was more along the line of irritation then out right anger.

Luckily Seiko soon returned breaking the slightly awkward silence that had fallen between the two tamers. "Here we are." She said placing the dinner on the table as she took her seat at the head of the table. On the table there was now some cooked rice, Miso soup, and some Tonkatsu all and all it all looked and smelled delicious.

"Wow! This all looks great Hata-San; you've really out done yourself." Naruto exclaimed as he stared at the food that was placed in front of him, he could already feel his mouth watering just looking at it.

"Why thank you Naruto-Kun." Seiko replied as she served him his meal before doing the same for Rika and finally herself.

They all held their hands together as if in prayer before they all said, "Itadakimasu." At the same time with varying degrees of enthusiasm. After the first bite Rika could swear that the blond across from her seemed to have stars in his eyes.

"This is definitely amazing Hata-San it just might be better then ramen." Naruto complemented as he took another bite of the delicious food.

"Do you like ramen Naruto-Kun?" Seiko asked.

"Yup it's my favorite." Naruto replied cheerfully.

Seiko smiled at the blond boy's exuberance it was refreshing to have someone so lively to eat with, she of course loved her granddaughter very much but meal times where often spent in silence so having someone to talk to was a nice welcome. "Then I am happy that you like my cooking so much Naruto-Kun. You can come by and join us for dinner whenever you like, with just Rika and me here most of the time we wouldn't mind a bit of company every once and a while."

"I'd love to Hata-San, this way I get to spend more time with Ri-Chan." Naruto replied as he smiled slyly at the red headed girl that hadn't said a word since the beginning of the meal. Rika glared at the blond in return she was mad enough that he now knew where she lived and that he could pretty much come over whenever he wanted but she figured it also had its advantages. She would be able to keep a close eye on the sapphire eyed boy and figure out what he is trying to hide.

"Whatever," Rika replied uncaringly as she took another bite of her food.

"Come on Ri-Chan you make it sound like it doesn't matter if I come over." Naruto said as he feigned being little hurt at Rika's careless dismissal of his coming over.

"I've told you not to call me that." Rika said as he glared at the grinning blond.

"We've already had this conversation Ri-Chan, that's how Rika-Chan became Ri-Chan." Naruto stated. Rika just glared harder refusing to say anything in case he decided to give her another nickname that was even worse than Ri-Chan he came up with last time. Seiko laughed silently to herself at how the two teens interacted with one another she couldn't remember the last time she had talked with someone, that wasn't her, with an indifferent tone.

"Speaking of names," Seiko cut in, "do you mind if I ask you a question Naruto-Kun?" she asked.

"Uh, no go right ahead." Naruto replied

"I was wondering if your parents named you fish cake after the ramen topping." Seiko asked.

When Rika heard the second meaning to Naruto's name she snickered at how funny it was that someone would name their child after a ramen topping. "So your name means fish cake. I guess that would explain why ramen is you favorite food doesn't it fish cake." She said, 'Oh I could have some fun with this.'

"No, my name means maelstrom not fish cake." Naruto huffed as he crossed his arms. 'Even if Ero-sennin came up with it while eating a bowl of ramen,' "and my name has nothing to do with why I like ramen." Naruto added.

"Sure it is fishy." Rika replied with a smirk, glad that she now had something on the blond boy for whenever he called her by that nickname he came up with.

Naruto sighed before turning to the elder woman in the room, "Hata-San why did you have to mention that? Now Ri-Chan won't stop calling that," Naruto whined though there was still some amusement evident in his voice.

Closing her eyes Seiko answered the blond while trying to keep herself from laughing, "Now Naruto-Kun if you're going to tease my granddaughter she needs something to tease you back with too." She said before she opening one eye so she could look at her granddaughter, "Isn't that right Ri-Chan?" she teased.

Rika groaned silently as the smirk she wore after learning the second meaning to the blond shinobi's name being wiped off only to be replaced by a frown at hearing the nickname he came up with being said by her grandmother. "Grandma please don't you start calling me that." The red headed girl pleaded.

Seiko laughed with Naruto joining in soon after as Rika seemed to pout of all things, who said you couldn't have some fun as you got older. "Now Rika don't pout, though it does make her quite cute doesn't it Naruto-Kun?" she asked. This served two purposes she of course knew of her granddaughter's dislike for anything 'cute' so being referred to as such had to possibilities either she will become embarrassed by the complement, which is what she hoped for, or she would become angry for being referred to as such, either way it was best to move the attention to the other occupant in the room and there was the second purpose to the room.

"Um, I.. Uh?" Naruto for his part didn't know how he should answer so quickly used to delicious food in front of him to buy him more time. Of course he knew how he was supposed to answer he was supposed to say if either he agreed with Seiko or didn't. The problem wasn't if agreed or disagree it was what would follow his answer that he had a problem with. If he agreed Seiko would have further fuel to add to the fire in terms of embarrassing both tamers and Rika would want to kick his ass, if he disagreed he would be asked why with no answer and Rika, no matter how different she was from other girls, would be insulted for saying she wasn't attractive and would want to kick his ass. He had heard stories of others being in similar situations like this and had learned that it was basically damned if you do, damned if you don't with Rika wanting to kick his ass no matter what he said. "Uh…yes?" he finally answered, though he still was unsure if that was a good idea.

Rika groaned again when she heard him answer and knew that her grandmother would use his answer as another way to embarrass both of them. 'Couldn't he have kept his mouth shut, I'm so going to kick his ass for this' she thought, unknowingly causing the boy in question to shiver slightly, as she once more glared at the blond which she started to feel would be a common occurrence throughout the night. "Grandma, please stop it already. It's not like it really matters what this baka thinks anyway." Rika said as her glare intensified in an attempt to keep Naruto from opening his mouth again and giving her grandmother more opportunities to embarrass her. Naruto in response crossed his arms again as he looked down pouting and mumbling about him not being a baka.

Seiko smiled at the little banter that happened between the pair, sure it wasn't the friendliest or kindest of exchanges but when it concerned her granddaughter any kind of exchange with anyone was an improvement. She was tempted to continue to tease the two teens some but she wanted to learn more about the young man that she had invited over for dinner a week ago. "Alright, alright I'll stop… for now." She said adding the last bit almost as if an afterthought before she set her sights at on the only male in the room. "So Naruto-Kun tell us about yourself."

"Like what?" Naruto questioned unsure exactly he would actually be able to say without giving away that he was actually from a different dimension entirely.

"For starters how about you tell us where you lived before coming to Shinjuku?" Seiko replied.

Naruto smiled as memories of Konoha once more resurfaced but he quickly shook them away, this was not the time or place to be lost in his memories of the past. "I was born in a village called Konoha…" he then went on to tell them as much as he felt was safe for him to say. He talked about Sarutobi looking out for him when he was growing up and how he was the Hokage, or the leader of the village, he even took off his jacket to show them the back where the kanji for Hokage was written and how it was his dream to one day become Konoha's leader.

"Does that mean that you'll eventually return to your home village Naruto-Kun?" Seiko asked once she heard how he wanted to become Hokage.

Naruto saddened at the question and knew how impossible that dream really was now. "No, it's complicated but I won't be able to go back."

"I see." Seiko replied, "But what about your friends that live back in Konoha? Don't you have any family left there?" she went on to ask. Seiko's last question caught Rika's attention, now that she wasn't focused on having the blond in her home she realized that he was here on his own. Where was his family? If her grandmother had invited him here then wouldn't that mean that his family was also supposed to come with him.

"Of course I'll miss my friends and I hope that I'll be able to see them all someday but that doesn't seem possible. Besides I have Ri-Chan here to keep me company if get lonely." Naruto said as he gave the amethyst eyed girl his usual grin.

Rika scoffed "Yeah right."

Naruto chuckled before continuing, "As for my family besides my parents and godfather, and they've all passed away already, I don't I don't think I have any other family." He finished.

'He's an orphan?' Rika thought in mental shock while being able to hide it physically. Though she supposed it would explain why he mentioned the leader of his village, the Hokage, watching over him when he was younger.

"I'm sorry for bringing that up again." Seiko said sadly remembering that the blond had mentioned before that his parents had passed away though this was the first she had heard mention of his godfather.

Naruto waved the apology off, "I've already said it is fine Hata-San there is no need to apologize." He replied his grin not once leaving his face though his eyes did dulled a bit at the memory of his parents and Jiraiya. "Oh I almost forgot my dad Minato Namikaze was actually Hokage before he died and was who inspired me to become Hokage someday, though I didn't know he was my dad at the time." He added.

"Wait, Namikaze?" Rika asked her curiosity getting the better her. When Rika asked her question Naruto smiled in her direction because of how curious she was; something that she quickly noticed as she went back to eating her food and acting like she didn't care for the answer one way or another.

"Yeah my parents names were Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, technically my full name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze but because I was Naruto Uzumaki until I learned who my father was that is how I usually introduce myself." Naruto explained. He continued to tell them the same thing he had told Henry and Takato earlier that day about how everyone in the village learned martial arts, catching Rika's interest once more though this time she didn't voice her curiosity, and his favorite pass time growing up pulling pranks.

"There was this one council member that I pulled a prank on once by making him look like a giant chicken." Naruto said as he remembered that day. He pranked the council member partly because of how he would treat him because of the Kyuubi, though he wasn't happy that another person was looking down on him this wasn't the real reason he decided to prank the man. Naruto had heard him talk badly about Sarutobi and how the old man was no longer fit to be Hokage. He could take people talking badly about him, it had been happening for as long as he could remember but for someone to talk badly about Hokage-Jiji that was something he couldn't forgive.

"A giant chicken? That's the best that you could do?" Rika commented in disbelief with all the others pranks he had pulled on others in his home this one seemed to ne real lame in comparison.

Naruto smiled sly the obvious mischief present in his eyes, "Ah, ah of course that's not all Ri-Chan. A giant chicken while funny by itself isn't a good enough prank anymore. That is why I had the feathers smelling like tuna, cat food, and a bit of cat nip." He said grinning hugely, "I had all the cats in the village chasing him for hours. The best part is that when he went to complain to the old man I was hiding under the desk and I heard as the old man told him they couldn't do anything about it since no one had any proof of who pulled it off."

"So no one ever knew that it was you?" Seiko asked.

"I didn't say that Hata-San. The whole village knew that I did it, that's why the councilmen went to complain to Hokage-Jiji, they just couldn't find any evidence that proved that I was the one that did it." Naruto replied. For the next couple of hours that is how they spent their time eating the delicious dinner that Seiko had made and laughing about the pranks that Naruto would pull on varies villagers and how the Hokage was his accomplice on more than one occasion, Rika even found it hard not to laugh at some of the pranks he was able to pull off though she still refused to take an active part in the conversation. He also talked about his friends though he couldn't tell them about the exciting missions that they had gone through he did talk about the D-rank missions or chores as he and all ninja called them and explained how they were a way for the academy to make money for any necessities.

Though Rika had come to terms with the fact that Naruto was there she still was annoyed by his presence so when everyone finished with their dinner she immediately excused herself and left the room. Seeing her granddaughter leave Seiko sighed to herself though the night had gone better then she had originally expected seeing as Rika didn't storm out of the room right after realizing that Naruto would be joining them she still wished that she would have spoken up more than she did.

Naruto watched as Rika left before he stood up from his seat at the table. Turning to Seiko he smiled cheerfully, "Well I think it is about time that I make my way home. Thank you for the meal Hata-San, it was delicious." He said.

"You are most welcome Naruto-Kun, I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much." Seiko replied.

"Um… Hata-San if it is alright with you could I say goodbye to Ri-Chan before I leave?" Naruto asked somewhat shyly.

"Of course Naruto-Kun you can she is probably out on the walkway by the backyard." Seiko answered with a smile.

Naruto thanked the kind women before he made his way in the direction that Seiko had pointed him toward. When he found her she was exactly where Seiko said she would be, leaning against the wooden pole as she stared at the backyard ignoring the rest of the world. "Hey there Ri-Chan." He said with a small wave getting the red heads attention.

"What do you want?" Rika asked her tone demanding as she glared at the blond haired boy as she silently wished he would just leave her alone already.

"Easy, I just wanted to say goodnight." Naruto responded.

"Doesn't look that way," she replied pointing out the fact that he had sat down beside her. He didn't reply straight away choosing instead to silently stare out at the backyard. He saw a small garden off to the side that he assumed belonged to Seiko, there was also a pond with a bridge going over it and for a moment he wondered if there were any Koi fish there. He also took in the few trees and shrubs that were by the wall and the pound, it was all so peaceful. Unlike his apartment that was basically in the middle of Shinjuku surrounded by all the noise one expects from a city, it was relatively quite here. He had already figured that the reason he was so comfortable here was because how similar it was to the world he had left behind.

"You know we're actually a lot alike Ri-Chan." Naruto said after a few minutes of silence.

"Yeah right," Rika replied sarcastically

Naruto smiled softly as he understood the girl's disbelief at his statement. "It hurts doesn't it?" He finally asked.

"What are you talking about?" She replied as she was quickly finding herself getting angrier with his inconsistent ramblings.

"It hurts doesn't it," he repeated, "To feel like you're all alone." Noticing that she was about to say something Naruto cut her off before she could get started, "I can see it in your eyes Ri-Chan, all the sadness and loneliness you feel I can see it in your eyes because mine were exactly the same once. You might be able to fool others by acting mean and uncaring but I can tell that's not the real you Ri-Chan. Growing up the people of my village hated me for something that I didn't even know about and that hurt me so I hated them in return. But you on the other hand act cold to everyone to keep them at an arm's length so that they won't be able to hurt you, right?" He said as he stared off into the distance as memoires from his childhood resurfaced.

Rika on the other hand was too shocked and unsure to respond to the boy's words, she wouldn't deny that his words held some truth to them; of course she would never admit to it either, not to him. But could he be right did she act the way she did because she was afraid to be hurt to feel betrayed by someone that she had let in. If he had gone through the same thing she had, or at least something similar, then how they were so different, how could he let others get so close to him and trust them enough not to hurt him in the end. She didn't miss how he said that his whole village hated him when he was younger and how he returned that hatred, so what was different how could he be alone and hated for so long and not be like them? What could he have done to receive that amount of hatred so early on in life, and yet look past it? How could they be so similar to each other and yet so different too?

"I hated them all for such a long time Ri-Chan." He began again, "But because I hated them I was only left feeling more alone. I was left with nothing but hatred for them and eventually even for myself." He spoke sadly remembering things that felt like they had now happened in another life but then smiled a true smile as new memories surfaced, "But then I meet the old man and he became someone very precious to me because for the first time I felt like I didn't have to be alone anymore, that I didn't have to hate everyone and eventually I meet others that also became precious to me. They saved me from my anger, my sadness, my despair, and the darkness I was falling into."

Hearing Naruto speak as he remembered the people that became precious to him was… she really couldn't find a word to describe it, amazing, incredible awe-inspiring she wasn't sure if any of these words could really do him justice at the moment. He spoke with such tenderness and care his eyes gentle and warm and his smile filled with so much joy and life. He seemed to become a different person entirely to Rika. This wasn't like the time when he held after rescuing her from Gargomon or when he promised to change her mind about the digimon he wasn't even the joyful idiot she was forced to spend the entire night with. Right now he was someone else.

"But your still pushing people away." He continued but instead of simply saying it like he was stating a fact, or as a parent scolding their child for doing something wrong, or as someone taking pity on another person he said it with the same tenderness he had spoken with before and a bit of sadness making itself in there. But why? Why was he doing this why was he going out of his way for her? They weren't friends, hell she wasn't even sure that she liked him at all, so why then? "You are still afraid that they will end up hurting you if you allow them to get close. I don't know what happened to you that made you close yourself off from the rest of the world," This wasn't exactly true he admitted to himself, he had noticed that throughout the night that while they had spoken of Rika's mother no mention of her father was ever made and he knew that there could be only two reasons for this. "And I won't ask because I don't have the right to ask such a thing, but you don't have to push people away anymore and you don't have to act cold towards everyone in order to protect yourself. You aren't alone Ri-Chan you have people who care about you and would never do anything to hurt you, Hata-San, Renamon, and your mom they all love and care about you and when you push them away your not only hurting yourself but them as well." Naruto said as Rika looked down at the ground. He knew that that last part might have been just bit harsh but hopefully it would help in getting his point across that she wasn't actually alone

"Why?" she finally asked as she fought to keep her voice steady. "Why are doing this?"

Naruto smiled at her before he stood up, "I already told you," he began before walking forward so he stood a short distance away from the pond in the middle of the backyard, "We are a lot alike so of course I would help you. I understand the kind of pain that you are going through I know how much it hurts to feel all alone. Besides…" turning around he smiled softly at her as the light that came off the crescent moon shone down on him bathing him in its glow, "I am your friend Rika, even if you don't consider me one now, that means that you can count on me to help you out no matter what the situation might be." Having said his piece Naruto made his way back inside, "Good night Ri-Chan... Renamon." He said amusedly as the digital fox appeared in front of her tamer, her eyes only marginally wider than normal showing her surprise that the second Kyuubi knew she was there.

Renamon nodded her head in reply though the blond didn't see it. After Naruto had left the two just stayed there not saying a word to each other one not sure what she could say the other to deep in thought to say anything. After a few minutes Renamon finally tried to start a conversation with her partner. "Rika…" she began tentatively having listened in to the exchange of words that happened between the two tamers.

Rika cut her off "I'm going to bed." She said though her tone of voice was far quitter then what Renamon was used to, nodding her head Renamon bid her tamer a good night before vanishing.

"Thank you for coming Naruto-Kun." Seiko said from the front gate having accompanied Naruto on his way out.

Naruto grinned sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, "There is no for that Hata-San. In fact I should be thanking you for the great food and having me over in the first place." Naruto replied

"Oh it was nice having you over Naruto-Kun please do visit." Seiko responded as she smiled gently at the whiskered blond. She had honestly enjoyed the boy's company. She had also noticed that he was able to get a smile from her granddaughter even if it was only a feint one that lasted only a few seconds.

Naruto smiled in return. "Of course Hata-San," his smile turned a bit more mischievous "especially since I will be able to visit Ri-Chan too." Seiko chuckled as a response it had also not escaped her notice how the young man was able to get her granddaughter to open up more even if it was a result of being annoyed by the blond.

Turning to leave Naruto said his final farewell as he walked out the front gate, "Goodnight Hata-San."

"Goodnight Naruto-Kun." Seiko returned before closing the gate in the process.

Heading back to his apartment Naruto thoughts returned to a certain fiery red head. He had told her that he wanted to be her friend and meant it but he knew that he wouldn't be able to do much to get her to open herself up if she didn't want to change. He hoped that with what he said to her tonight it would at least make it easier on her to open up to him at least about what it is that seems to cause to be cold to everyone.

Naruto sighed again as he looked up at the crescent moon. 'I'll be there to help you no matter what but in the end it'll all depend on you Rika.'

The Next Day




Coming out from one of the bedrooms was Coronamon as he lazily rubbed the sleep from his eyes haven just woken up from his sleep by the phone going off. After Naruto had gotten home from his dinner at Rika's, which surprised both Coronamon and Patamon to no end, they watched a few episodes of the Digimon series before heading off to bed. He didn't walk far the phone being in the hallway that lead to the bedrooms from the living room.

"Hello, U- "Yawn" Uzumaki residence." Coronamon answered.

"Uh Coronamon?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Yeah," Coronamon responded hearing his name form the other end bringing him further out of dreamland. "Who is this?"

"Coronamon its Takato," The now identified Takato said, "Is Naruto there?" he asked.

"Hm I'm not sure. Around this time I think he goes out for a morning jog though he could have decided to sleep in today." Coronamon said as he scratched his head trying to remember if his blond tamer was in or not.

"Just let him know that I think that I've figured out who was doing those chalk-drawings on the soccer field and to meet Henry and me at Guilmon's shed, alright?"

"Sure thing Takato see you then." Coronamon answered before he hung up the phone. A few minutes later Naruto walked into the apartment slightly sweaty as he took a drink from a water bottle he had with him.

"Hey you guys up yet?" Naruto asked closing the front door and taking off his shoes. Hearing his tamer's voice calling from the front door Coronamon walked over having been in the living room waiting after having made sure the blond shinobi wasn't in his room. "Hey Coronamon, is Patamon still asleep?" He asked when only Coronamon came over when he called out to them.

Coronamon nodded his head, "Yup!"

Naruto nodded in reply as he made his way toward his room, "So did anything happen while I was out? I find it kind of surprising you're awake this early in the day."

"Yeah," Coronamon answered, "Takato called not too long ago."

"Oh. Did he say why he was calling?" the blond questioned as he entered his room seeing as from what he was told yesterday the brunette was supposed to be feeding the schools rabbits around this time.

"He said something about knowing who was making the chalk-drawings and for you to meet him and Henry at Guilmon's shed as soon as you could." Coronamon responded as he stood by the door into the blonde's room.

"Alright then, let me take a shower and change into some clean clothes while you wake up Patamon." Naruto replied.

"Wait what about breakfast?" Coronamon asked as his stomach choose that moment to make itself known. "I don't think I can go on for much longer without having something to eat." He said as he held onto his stomach that was now growling loudly demanding to be feed some of the delicious food that it had been getting to for the past week. Hearing his partner being over dramatic, over breakfast, again, had the blond boy laughing, "What are you laughing at Whiskers?" An annoyed Coronamon asked as he used the nickname Rika had come up with a week ago.

"Again with that Whiskers nickname," Naruto muttered to himself before shaking his head, "Nothing at all Coronamon, don't worry I'll take care of breakfast." Making an all too familiar cross hand sign Naruto channeled a bit of chakra before a copy of himself appeared beside him in a puff of smoke. "You get breakfast started while I take a shower." Naruto commanded his clone.

"Sure thing boss" The Shadow Clone responded as he saluted Naruto before walking off toward the kitchen.

Looking back toward his partner Naruto asked, "Happy now?"

"You bet!" Coronamon replied cheerfully as he headed toward his and Patamon's room, now that he knew that breakfast was being made. Naruto shook his head as he chuckled to himself highly amused by his partner's behavior.

'Sometimes I think Coronamon could give Choji a run for his money when it comes to eating. And with Patamon it's lucky I have Megidramon and the others paying for the food or I'd be broke by now.' Naruto thought to himself as another chuckle escaped him as he entered his bathroom.

A few minutes later the trio made their way out of the apartment having finished stuffing their faces with the omelets that the Shadow Clone had made for them. Naruto now wore Khaki colored cargo pants his black steel toed boots, his belts, a white shirt, his orange and black jacket, (AN: You know the one he wears in Shippuden.) and his left hand still bandaged in order to hide the Digital Hazard. It didn't take them long to make their way to Guilmon's home in the park where they found the others at the entrance to Guilmon's shed.

"So Takato, what was this about knowing who made those chalk-drawings at school?" Naruto asked as he climbed the steps up to the shed

"Take a look." The virus tamer answered as he gestured to the inside of the shed where Naruto noticed cries of laughter were coming from. Stepping into the entrance Naruto saw a small white digimon that had big green eyes with purple lining his hands, feet and ears. He also noticed that the little digimon had a red triangle pointing down with three black triangles surrounding it on his forehead. He also seemed to be source of the laughter as Naruto watched the cream puff be sniffed to death by Guilmon.

"So who is he?" the blond tamer inquired as he watched Patamon and Coronamon joined by Terriermon start to play with the giggling digimon who was futilely trying to escape from the reaches of Guilmon's nose.

"He says his name is Calumon." Takato said, "Guilmon and me found him this morning when I went to feed the school's rabbits. The soccer field was drawn on again; Guilmon smelled the little guy and we found him sleeping against the equipment shed."

'Calumon?' Naruto thought as stared down at the small white digimon; Azulongmon's words from over a week ago reverting inside of his head, 'So this is the light of digivolution? Not exactly what I expected, but I guess if you want to hide something so important the less assuming the digimon is the better.'

"It looks like you were right Naruto," Henry said. At Naruto's questioning glance Henry decided to clarify a bit. "Yesterday you said that the culprit was most likely a little kid, right?" at the blond's nod Henry pointed to Calumon, "That definitely seems like a little kid to me." Looking at Calumon Naruto couldn't refute Henry's words, Calumon was just that a little kid he was still so innocent. The little guy's biggest worry in life was probably not having anybody to play with. He also remembered what Azulongmon had told him about Zhuqiaomon and how he was after Calumon for the power he held within him. His own past with being hunted by the Akatsuki quickly found itself at the forefront of his mind.

'I won't let Calumon go through what I and the other jinjuriki went through. I'll kick Zhuqiaomon's butt myself if I have to but I will protect Calumon.' Naruto thought to himself as he made a promise to look after the young in-training digimon and help him out no matter what.

As if knowing that someone was talking about him Calumon looked up from his position on the ground under Guilmon's nose. Seeing the blond tamer Calumon's ears seemed to expand as he jumped into the air and just seemed to just float there, his eyes seemed to glisten with excitement as he spoke a quick pace making it hard to understand what he was saying. From what he could understand Calumon had been watching the soccer game they had on Monday. He had watched as Naruto moved across the field with the ball, running circles around the other players, in a way that simply amazed the small white digimon and that played a big part in him drawing all over the soccer field as he had hope that people would come and play.

"Then when that one boy stopped the ball with his head, it made me laugh it was so silly. So can we play please? It's no fun playing alone." He asked as he imagined an epic game between the two where everyone came to watch to cheer them both on and when the game was over, with him winning in the end of course, everyone wanted to join in and play too.

"Sorry Calumon." Naruto apologized, "But I have to be somewhere so I can't play with you right now." Seeing how dejected Calumon seemed to get at his answer Naruto tried to think of someway that he could make it up to the little guy, "But that doesn't mean that Patamon and Coronamon can't stay and play with you. And when I get back later I'll join in."

This seemed to excite Calumon as his ears that once shrunk in sadness once more expanded; "Really?" he asked excited which he immediately received a nod of confirmation to. "Yay, Yay lets play." Calumon said as went back over to the other digimon as they started to play some game. Naruto smiled as he watched Calumon get the other four digimon to start chasing him around the small concrete shed before they all rushed outside nearly trampling the three tamers that stood by the entrance.

"Well he seems excited doesn't he?" Naruto asked as the dust that was kicked up by the digimon running by them dispersed, "And I need to get going." He said as turned to face the other two tamers.

"Is it a good idea to just leave those guys running around? What if someone sees them?" Takato asked anxiously, he could already imagine a bunch of black helicopters, tanks, and guys in swat uniforms storming the park in search of the five playing Rookie level digimon.

"Relax," Naruto said nonchalantly as he waved off the goggle head's concern, "I've made sure both Patamon and Coronamon understand that they can't be seen by anyone. They'll make sure that Guilmon and the others stay hidden if anybody comes by, well Patamon will not too sure about Coronamon." He said wistfully as he started off to where ever he was going.

"So you're not going to tell us what you have planned?" Henry called out to his retreating friend. Naruto turned to face them and gave them a mischievous smile in return.

"Sorry guys but like I said it's a secret." He replied as he turned to face forward and went on his way. It was only a few minutes later after making sure that no one was around to see him that Naruto stopped and ducked into an alley, making sure that the sealing scroll he had brought with him when he left his apartment was still in his pocket, before he held his hands up making a hand sign before calling out one of the only two academy jutsus he could use, "Transform." In the whiskered blond's place stood a man that was a few years older than him with spiky white hair, only this man's hair was spiked back, honey brown eyes, slightly paler skin then his, and wearing a dark blue business suite caring a brown brief case. Coming out of the alley Naruto checked himself over making sure that he didn't get anything wrong before he continued walking down the street to the business appointment he was somehow able to set up earlier that week. 'Might as well get this over with,' he hesitantly thought to himself, a part of him still not wanting to go through with what he was planning.

Later that night Naruto and his two partners were back at their apartment having spent the last few hours trying to keep up with the inexhaustible Calumon; even Naruto with his incredible stamina was winded by the end of the day. When he had returned his partners questioned him on what he went off to do seeing as he saw it fit that they were also kept in the dark. He of course refused to answer any of their questions and when Henry and Takato arrived later on he once again refused to answer to any of their prodding choosing instead to say that they would just have to figure it out themselves if they wanted to know.

Naruto was just in the beginning process of making ramen for dinner, much to Coronamon and Patamon's displeasure, when his D-arc went off signaling that a digimon had just bioemerged. Unclipping it from his belt Naruto watched as the arrow appeared pointing in the direction that the unknown digimon had bioemerged from. "Well guys looks like dinner will be put off until we take care of this." Naruto said out loud to his partners that were by the kitchen table as he turned off the stove.

Before they could make their way out of the apartment they heard the phone ring walking over Naruto answered it, "Hello… Takato? ... Calm down I'm sure they're fine… Yeah I was just about to leave… The school?… Most likely… Yeah I'll head over there right away." Hanging up the phone Naruto turned around and was met with the curious eyes of both his partners, "That was Takato apparently Guilmon and Calumon aren't at the shed and he's worried." Naruto explained.

"What he lost Guilmon again?" Coronamon asked as he was on the point of bursting out in laughter at how the boy couldn't keep track of his digimon partner.

"Yeah, and most likely they're at the school seeing as that's where Takato believes the digital field opened up." Naruto finished.

Patamon grew concerned that his friends might be put in danger by the recently bioemerged digimon, "Then we should hurry shouldn't we."

Making sure that he still had his modify cards with him Naruto nodded his head in agreement before leaving the apartment. A few minutes later they finally arrived at the school and found it surrounded by a fog bank. Pulling out his orange tinted glasses Naruto ran straight ahead toward where he heard the sounds of explosions coming from. When he finally got through he found himself by the soccer field, that once again be drawn on, just a ways bit behind of Takato and Henry. Looking toward where his fellow tamers were staring at he saw Guilmon and Calumon running for their lives from the ugliest flying monkey he ever saw.

"This isn't fun anymore." Calumon said as he ran as fast as he could from the

"I don't know what we did but we're sorry can you please stop chasing us now!" Guilmon pleaded as he barely dodged one of the attacks that the little imp sent his way.

The unknown digimon closed its gaping mouth before opening it again and shooting of its attack, "Nightmare Shocker!" From his mouth came a blast of sound waves seemed to come out heading for the two running digimon, jumping out of the way the two were just barely able to avoid being hit.

"Looks like I'm the last one here." Naruto stated, "So who are we dealing with?" he questioned.

"We're about to figure that out." Henry replied as he brought up his D-arc to scan the digimon. "Vilemon its attacks are Nightmare Shocker and Demon Darts, it's a nasty little thing. He's a virus at the Champion level," he read.

"That guy is a Champion level digimon? Kind of small for a Champion isn't he?" Naruto asked.

Vilemon seemed to have heard what the blond shinobi said because he turned to face them with a tick mark appearing on his forehead. "Who are you calling so small that an ant could step on them and not realize it!" he shouted as he waved his arms around in an exaggerated fashion.

'No one said that,' everyone, even Calumon, there simultaneously thought.

"I am known throughout the digital world as one of the most cruel and malicious of digimon. I am stronger then you could ever hope to be tremble in fear. Demon Darts" he finished in a yell as he brought his arms back, before throwing them forward as light blue darts were flung where the trio of tamers and their digimon stood. Reacting quickly Naruto grabbed both Henry and Takato by the scruff of their shirts before he pulled them back and away from the immediate range of impact.

"You can't get away that easily. Nightmare Shocker," Vilemon announced firing off his signature sound wave blast.

"Coronamon, Patamon." Naruto called.

"Right." The two replied in tandem as they jumped in front of the tamers. "Corona Flame," "Boom Bubble." As one the two orange furred digimon launched their attacks in order to intercept the flying imps attack before it could do any damage to their tamer and friends. When the attacks collided it caused a small explosion with the smoke quickly dispersing.

"Our turn, you ready Guilmon?" the goggle wearing asked as he stepped forward D-arc in hand as he picked a modify card from his deck.

"Ready, Takatomon." Guilmon answered.

"Digi-modify… Hyper Wing Activate!" Takato shouted slashing the modify card through his red D-arc. Soon after six glowing white wings appeared on the red reptilians back before he took off into the air.

"Patamon give him a hand." Naruto said once he noticed that Takato intended to make this an aerial battle. Patamon replied by nodding his head before taking off after Guilmon.

Being more used to the concept of flying Patamon was able to reach Vilemon before Guilmon did and decided to take the opportunity to attack, beginning to spin he called out his attack as he neared the small digimon, "Slamming Attack." Vilemon while at first surprised that he was being attacked in his element was quick to recover in order to dodge the flying Rookie's attack. While Vilemon was able to dodge most of the attack and escape harm, Patamon wasn't about to let the small digimon off so easy. Using one of the few things that he was able to learn from Naruto in their one week of training he channeled more of his energy into the attack making the range of the attack expand slightly as he was right beside Vilemon. Vilemon not expecting that Patamon could do such a thing had only moved enough to dodge the attack, so when the energy sphere's range expanded it was able to hit one of his wings.

"Damn you, you flying pest." Vilemon cursed as his wing throbbed in pain. He was so distracted by Patamon that he had forgotten about the fact that Guilmon was right behind him. The Pyro Sphere he received to his back quickly reminded him of the flying red raptor. When he hit the ground Vilemon quickly recovered from the fall, looking up he watched as Guilmon landed in front of him with the wings disappearing and Patamon landing beside him. He scowled as best he could as he glared at the gathered digimon. "Don't think it will be that easy you haven't beaten me yet." Jumping back up into the air, though with a lot more trouble because of his hurt wing; Vilemon prepared another of his Nightmare Shockers.

"Terriermon it's your turn." Henry announced as be brought out his own D-arc and a modify card.

"Well it's about time." Terriermon replied as he jumped off from his perch on Henry's shoulder.

"Here let me help you out." Naruto said as he unclipped his D-arc and modify card. "Ready Coronamon?" he said to his other partner who gave a quick "Hai." And nod of his head.

Slashing the card both tamers said the cards name,

"Digi-modify… Speed Activate!"

"Digi-modify… Speed Activate!"

With the speed granted to them through the modify cards Terriermon and Coronamon ran over toward Vilemon faster than they normally would be able to. Jumping up Terriermon head butted Vilemon forcing the imp to miss his targets. Coronamon then appeared behind him and with a quick twist and turn and with a cry of "Coro Knuckle," brought a flame covered fist down on the virus level Champion digimon sending him hurtling toward the ground.

Rising from the small, very small, crater that he made when he impacted with the ground Vilemon once more looked up to see all the digimon staring him down waiting for his next move. Feeling the blow to his pride that a bunch of Rookies were beating him Vilemon forced himself to stand as he prepared his Demon Darts.

"You're kidding right?" a new voice spoke up that was familiar to a majority of those present, "This thing is pathetic but a fight is a fight, Renamon."

Turning to look toward where the voice came from everyone saw Rika standing not that far off from the battle with Renamon in a ready position.

"Ha you think you can beat on your own?" Vilemon asked with disdain, "Don't think just because you're girls I'll take it easy on you." Jumping as high as he could with his injured wing Vilemon pulled his hand so went across his chest before throwing it forward, "Demon Darts!" he shoute

Rika didn't even bat an eye at the incoming attack as she pulled out her D-arc and a card, "Digi-Modify…. Clone Activate."

'Wait, did she just say clone.' Our favorite blond hero thought excitedly to himself. 'Now there is a card I just have to get!'

When Vilemon fired off his attack instead of hitting Renamon it hit the clone putting him off guard believing that he had managed to delete the vulpine digimon in one hit. "Now do you see? My strength is unmatched." He gloated once he had landed.

"What I see." Rika replied with obvious contempt, "is that you need to have your eyes checked. Look above you" she said as she pointed far above the conceited little digimon. Turning around, Vilemon only had a second to register that Renamon had managed to completely evade his attack before his vision was swarmed by hundreds of diamond shards.

"Diamond Storm" Renamon said and with a flourish of her arms the diamond shards made their descent toward the stunned Champion before completely overtaking him, and not a second later he burst into data that Renamon quickly absorbed without giving it a second thought.

Not wanting to be anywhere near the blond tamer after yesterday's events Rika turned to leave with not even one snide comment toward the male tamers. "Let's go Renamon, there's no point in wasting our time here with these losers." She said. Though she intended to leave as quickly as possible she didn't get her wish when Takato spoke up.

"How could you?" He asked in an agitated tone. "He was a living being and you just deleted him without even thinking twice about it."

Rika was about to reply before she was cut off before she could say anything by Naruto, "That's enough Takato." Everyone turned to look at the whiskered boy in slight surprise.

"But Naruto…" Takato began.

"No." Naruto said in all seriousness, "I understand that you are upset Takato, but there really no other choice. If she didn't delete Vilemon we would have to otherwise he wouldn't have stopped anytime soon." He explained. Takato while reluctant to accept that Naruto had a point finally conceded that he was right so he nodded his head to show that he understood. Seeing that Takato had accepted what he said and that Henry had as well, though neither seemed to happy about it, Naruto looked back toward the only female tamer, and thanked her for the help.

Still refusing to make eye contact with the blond Rika turned back around before she replied. "There is no point in thanking me I only did it for the data." She said in her usual cold and uncaring tone, though there was something more in her tone of voice that none of the others could place. Takato was about to speak up about how she could be so cruel to kill a digimon just to get their data but Naruto anticipating that one of his friends would have spoken up in protest raised his hand to forestall any arguments.

Deciding that she had wasted enough time Rika started to make her leave but feeling a tug at the bottom of her pants she looked down to find Calumon staring up at her with his innocent big green eyes completely ignorant of the events that just happened or the tension that remained between the tamers, "Want to play" he asked hopeful that the girl would become a new friend of his, after all you could never have enough friends. "Well do you?" Rika stared down at the little cream puff unsure about what she should do or say.

"Get away from him!" Takato said as he stepped forward determined to not let the Digimon Queen hurt his friend. Rika looked back toward the goggle headed tamer the uncertainty clear in her eyes and maybe a tinge of regret but for what it was impossible to tell. She saw how Takato seemed to lose the nervousness that he always seemed to have whenever they had meet before, and how Henry was watching her carefully incase she or Renamon tried anything against the Calumon. Mustering up as much courage as she could Rika turned to look at a cerulean eyed, blond haired red streaked boy for the first time that night. Uncaring cold blue eyes with a tinge of hatred as they watched her ready to act should it seem she intended to harm his friend that is what she expected. Instead she found herself looking at a pair of eyes that weren't judging her with a cold look about them, instead they showed kindness toward her showing that he believed in her and that she wouldn't do anything to threaten Calumon and the smile that he had was different from the usual fox like grins he wore. It was warm and welcoming and it was exactly like the one he had given her the other night, when he had said…

Rika mentally shook her head in order to get rid of that train of thought; she didn't need thoughts like that filling her head at the moment. With one final wary glance at the former Jinjuriki Naruto before turning to leave and sidestepping Calumon in the process. Naruto seeing the red headed girl leave silently sighed to himself, he knew that he shouldn't expect any immediate changes in the girl but he would be lying if he didn't admit he had hoped for it. Oh well he'll just have to get the girl to open up, after all he had promised her and himself to be her friend and get her to see the truth about digimon.

Looking around another thought found itself coming to him, 'What are we going to do about all these holes?'


The first thing Naruto herd when he got home that night after dealing with Vilemon was the familiar, if not still frightening, voice of Megidramon coming from his room. Naruto sighed knowing that tone of voice anywhere it's the, "Naruto what have you done now?", that he heard quite often from both Tsunade and Sakura whenever he screwed upped. Walking into his room, with Coronamon and Patamon following close behind, Naruto made his way over to the desk in his room where he had left the laptop and opened it to see the all too familiar red Digital Hazard symbol on the screen that signified that Megidramon had opened the connection that he set up to talk to him.

"Yo, what happened to the not contacting me for a while?" he asked curiously since the last time Megidramon contacted him he had said it would be the last for a time, "It hasn't even been a week yet."

"I don't have time for that! Tell me has that boy or the Guilmon activated the piece of the Digital Hazard they hold." Megidramon snapped back fiercely, the screen glowing a darker red as if responding to Megidramon's anger and impatience.

Seeing how serious Megidramon was being 'Well he is always serious.' and that it involved the Digital Hazard and his friends immediately got Naruto attention. "As far as I can tell Takato and Guilmon still have no clue about anything dealing with the Digital Hazard."

"Then what did you do!" Megidramon demanded.

"What? What do you mean what did I do? I haven't done anything!" Naruto replied angry that he was being accused of doing something he hadn't done. "I haven't even gotten through the first part of data manipulation yet."

"RAWWWWWR," Megidramon roared his frustration the sound rebounding off the walls and making the three occupants of the room cover their ears in hopes of blocking off the horrible sound.

'Argh! Damn that's loud.' Was the shared thought between the three of them, "Megidramon what the hell is going on? You're way angrier than you usually are." Naruto asked determined to figure out what had the virus type dragon so on edge.

"The portal," Megidramon growled out his anger still evident but understanding that this information is something that Naruto needed to have so he would know to be on guard in case something happened soon.

"Portal? What Portal?" Coronamon asked, this being the first he heard anything about a portal, with Patamon nodding his head beside him as he was also confused by what his tamer and one of the Four Great Dragons were talking about.

"The portal that the other Great Dragons and I created so Uzumaki could get any of his world's ninja gear when the time came that he needed it. The problem was that we hadn't been able to stabilize it making it a safe a secure passage between the Digital World and the Shinobi World." Megidramon answered wanting to get all explanations to the two rookie digimon out of the way so he can get onto what caused him to contact the blond tamer sooner then he intended.

"What happened to the portal and how is the Digital Hazard involved in any of it?" Naruto asked worriedly, already knowing how the portal was unstable and concerned what kind of problems it could be causing and how it might be because of him.

"It's gone." Megidramon stated simply though his displeasure was still obvious, "The reason I believed that you or the other tamer boy were involved was because of the faint data signature that is unique to the Digital Hazard." Megidramon explained.

"So what did this portal suddenly decide to go poof?" Coronamon asked.

"No, if the portal had collapsed in on itself either I or one of the others would have sensed it happening." Megidramon said as he began to calm down a bit, "It is more likely that it was how so moved by someone, the fact that we found the data signature belonging to the Digital Hazard there only makes this possibility all the more likely."

"But didn't you help create the portal through the Digital Hazard?" Naruto asked a bit confused, when Megidramon gave his confirmation he continued his train of thought, "Then isn't it possible that the Digital Hazard signature you found could have been from when you were making it?"

"Fool do you think I would be so careless. Why did you think I checked up on you those first few days, because I wanted to make sure you were adjusting well, I was making sure the Digital Hazard wasn't reacting in a negative way. I did the same thing for the portal." Megidramon let out a sigh or at least what seemed like a sigh to the three, "When I last checked it all signs of the Digital Hazards' signature presence had already vanished before then and the little power I used to create the portal through the Digital Hazard had become permanently inactive and was a day or two from disappearing as well. This means that only someone who has access to the power of the Digital Hazard could have taken the portal without anyone knowing. I came here hoping it was either you or your friend that way I had an excuse to roast you alive for messing with something you shouldn't, but apparently that isn't the case." Megidramon said as he finished in an almost disappointed tone of voice.

Naruto gulped nervously when he heard what Megidramon had planned for him and how disappointed he seemed to be. Letting out a nervous chuckle Naruto tried to steer the conversation away from talks of him being left a smoldering pile of ash. "But who else could use the Digital Hazard then? And what are we going to do when I run out of kunai and shuriken later on?" Naruto asked.

"For your latter question thanks to the recent peace in the Eastern quadrant Azulongmon has been able to get in contact with a Shogungekomon who has agreed to get a few of the digimon living under his rule to make you your ninja gear." Megidramon answered.

"Shogungekomon?" Naruto questioned not knowing which digimon Megidramon was talking about. Megidramon didn't bother answering the blond's question verbally choosing to instead to bring up a file from the digimon data base that was on the laptop. The window that opened showed a giant orange toad with a yellow belly with a cross shaped bandage over its belly button, with leaves acting as a sort of collar around his neck, whiskers, and purple hair over its head that was connected to a sort of tentacle. The last thing of note was the two instrumental horns that seemed to come out of its shoulders. Reading the information on the digimon in question Naruto learned that it was Ultimate level virus type digimon that was famous and infamous for its singing voice. His attacks were Musical Fist also known as "Samurai Tone" from time to time and Frog Kick.

Megidramon stayed silent for a few more seconds as he contemplated how to answer Naruto's last question, "If you recall Uzumaki when we brought you to this world we told you that the tamers would be facing an evil they might not be able to handle on their own." Naruto nodded his head showing that he remembered, "This is most likely to work of that evil. The fact that this enemy digimon also has the power of the Digital Hazard narrows down the possibility of who it is and makes things much more difficult than what we all originally thought."

"Then you know who it is Megidramon-Sama?" Patamon asked.

"Yes but that is none of your concern at the moment." Megidramon replied, "I will have to talk to Goddramon about this, in the mean time don't let your guard down not even for a moment." He ordered.

"What do you mean is none of our concern?" Naruto shouted at the screen, "Whoever this is has taken control of the portal, has the power of the Digital Hazard, and intends to destroy this world you can't expect us to sit around and do nothing."

"Baka I said it was none of your concern because as it stands there is nothing either you or your partners can do about it. We don't know what he has done with the portal, where it's been taken, or what his plans are for it. NOT only that but it should have been impossible for him to have any influence seeing as he was supposed to have been locked away and that is why I'll be speaking to Goddramon." Megidramon answered his anger once again rising at having to explain himself to the blond ningen. He didn't hate humans like a certain sovereign did but he would not be questioned by anyone.

"Fine," Naruto relented "At the very least tell us who this guy is. We deserve to know that much at the very least."

"Very well," Megidramon growled out, "His name is… Lucemon."

Deep within the depths of the Digital World in a place that is shrouded in unending darkness, where no life seemed to exist and the terrain was nothing more than ragged torn pieces of earth littered with caves and jagged stones. Where the sky; was hidden behind a thick swirling fog that seemed to rise from the very earth itself only to fall back down to it. In one of the isolated caves of this dark realm that was cut off from the few inhabitants, except for a chosen few, a swirling vortex of black data appeared, fragments of red data seemingly splitting off from the vortex only to fall back into the vortex moments later. Within the vortex faint images of the Elemental Nations appeared, Kiri, Iwa, Kumo, Suna, Valley of the End, the ruins of Uzu, and finally Konoha. All flashed in the vortex before they once again disappeared into static, when an image once more returned it no longer showed the Elemental Nations but the city of Shinjuku before it to became nothing but static.

Miles away in one of the few structures that existed, a lone figure sat on a throne that was cut from pure white stones contradicting the structure that was made of blackest of stones. The figure was shrouded in shadows making it impossible to try and make out any distinguishing features, within the palm of his hand a ball of white light showed the portal. An unseen smile crept onto the figures face, the light being emitted from the ball of light only serving to emphasize the shadows that surrounded him. "Soon very soon everything will fall into place. Then nothing will stand in my way. Isn't that right my brethren?" The figure asked as five silhouettes materialized from the darkness.




"Yes very soon."

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