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Bad Fire Breathing Dino!

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"Megidramon or anything else I feel like"

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"I think I finally get why Shikamaru liked cloud watching so much, it is really relaxing." Naruto said as he lay stretched out on the roof of the school; having decided to send a reinforced clone back to class in his place after the school tried to get the students to eat that toxic waste they are trying to pass off as food.

It had been a few weeks since his dinner at the Nonaka's, the small incident with Vilemon, and meeting Calumon. In that time he had visited Seiko and Rika a few times, much to the former's delight and the latter's ire. He had also finished watching the first digimon series and started the second season, as well as getting a good grasp on how to play the card game from the many times he has played against Henry, Takato, and whenever he could get the her to agree, Rika.

Patamon's and Coronamon's training had improved over the last few weeks as well. The two digimon's stamina had vastly improved from what it was when they had started; being able to fight Naruto for a longer period of time during their spares. The Rotation variation they had been working on for Patamon could now defect Coronamon's Corona Flame along with Naruto's kunai and shuriken. Though they had learned that the defensive move only lasted a few seconds against attacks like Coronamon's Coro Knuckle before it resulted in an explosion. They had also been able to make his Boom Bubbles stronger by compressing them into a smaller size so they held more power in them, and were now able to fire it at a much faster rate than before.

Like Patamon Coronamon had also improved over the last few weeks. The first thing that improved was Coronamon's ability to control his fire attacks so that he could now create duo flames when using Corona Flame instead of just one, or use both his hands to create a bigger Corona Flame. Naruto had also taught him some more Taijutsu for when Coronamon had to fight other digimon in close range combat. They had also began improving Coronamon's speed, for right now Naruto only had Coronamon running more laps around their training ground than usual, but he was considering using some weight seals on Coronamon to help, but that was still at the very least a couple months away before he felt it safe enough for Coronamon to use this training method.

Those weren't the only things to happen in the last few weeks. His problem of finding a way to earn money on his own was solved, both to his great relief and regret, with the publishing of the first book in the Icha Icha series. Naruto was very thankful that his meeting on Saturday had gone well, and that it seemed that the male population seemed to be just as perverted in this world as it was in his own, he could only imagine what would have happened if his meeting had been with someone of the opposite sex. He had also chosen to have the book published under the alias The Toad Sage, both to honor his sensei and godfather, Jiraiya, and to keep him safe from the enraged females that were sure to appear with the book's release.

But what he was really proud of was the second objective that he accomplished and would be coming out in a couple of weeks. It was a book that he had written in memory of Jiraiya called "The Gallant Jiraiya", a lot of what he had written in the book was based on the journals that Jiraiya had written starting since the day he became a genin and right up to the point when he went off to infiltrate Ame and his final battle with Pein, though the book would only go up to his first meeting with Nagato and the others. Naruto was given the journals by the toads one time while taking a break from learning Fuuinjutsu, which came surprisingly easy for him he figured it, was his Uzumaki blood, at Mount Myōbokuzan. The book would be released under the alias Arashi Kazama, he decided it was best to use a different alias incase people didn't buy his book just because the author was the same as the one who came up with Icha Icha series.

"The Gallant Jiraiya" was only going to be the first book of three that he planned on releasing; the second one would be about his fellow pupil under Jiraiya, Nagato, and would be from the moment he lost his parents and obtained the Rinnegan to Yahiko's death and Nagato's descent into darkness. The last book would be about him, his life as the Kyuubi's jinjuriki, and all the adventures he had. Out of all three books the last one would probably be the most challenging to write. Since there would be the danger of someone being able to make a connection to him and figure out that it was real. He also needed titles for both books.

Looking up at the sky trying to figure out what the time was from the position of the sun; Naruto noticed that it was almost time for school to be let out. Since he didn't need to be anywhere right now, seeing as Takato had to help out at his parent's bakery and Henry needed to take care of his little sister, he decided he would visit his favorite red head and anno… err, keep her safe on her walk home, yeah that sounds right. He'd have to have his clone dispel in a janitors closet or something. This would also keep him safe from any fan-girls that were stalking him on his way home. 'I mean who the hell does that?' Naruto thought as a shiver ran down his spine, as he remembered a couple of them following him the other day with a crazy obsessed gleam in their eyes.

Meanwhile back in Konoha

For no apparent reason a certain Hyuuga heiress sneezed, she looked around for a second before shrugging her shoulders before continuing on her way reminiscing about the days she would stalk… uh follow no that's not right either… unknowingly cheer on her blond obsses- CRUSH! Yeah crush.

Back to Shinjuku

His decision made Naruto stood up dusted himself off before disappearing in a burst of speed.

Rika Nonaka was having a bad day. Of course any day she had to go to her stupid school was a bad day. There was a reason behind Rika's hatred for the school, besides the fact that it was a school. It had to little to do with the school itself; it was actually one of the best private schools in all of Shinjuku. It had more to do with the other girls that went to the school. To put it simply they embodied everything Rika disliked. Their world seemed to revolve around three things: Fashion, boys, and gossip. Having to constantly listen to them talk about one of the three subjects made Rika wants to gag.

She couldn't stand going to this school, but as much as she, and the other girls, wanted to change schools she just couldn't or more accurately she can't transfer schools, but the reason why isn't something that Rika wanted to think about right after getting out of school for the day. As she approached the gates to her school the faint whispering of the other girls didn't really register in Rika's mind, but the closer to the gate she got the more the whispers seemed to increasingly grow in volume and number. 'Can't they ever keep their mouths shut?' Rika angrily thought to herself.

"Yo Ri-Chan," The familiar voice and nickname caused Rika to stop in mid-step, as her eyes widened slightly in surprise and the whispers of the girls around them became so loud they hardly counted as whispers anymore.

The whispered questions of,

"Who is he?"

"What's he doing here?"

"How do they know each other?"

Were some of the few that reached Rika's ears, who had yet to move a muscle since hearing Naruto's voice.

'Please not here.' Rika all but begged to any deity that would listen to her as she slowly turned her head toward the source of the voice, only to have her prayers ignored. There with his legs crossed on the stone pillar at the entrance of the school Naruto sat lazily, eyes closed with his fox like grin in place, as he waved his hand at her in greeting. Rika could feel her eyebrow twitching at the blond's casual way of greeting her with that damnable nickname. Not even bothering to reply Rika turned away from the blond ignoring him completely and continued walking. It took a few seconds before Naruto realized that Rika had left without saying anything.

"Oi, Ri-Chan chotto matte!" Naruto called after her as he jumped down from his perch and rushed to catch up with the red headed girl, who had quickly sped up when she noticed that he had started after her. "You can be real mean when you want to be Ri-Chan, not even saying hello to your best friend like that." He said with his hands behind his head easily keeping up with her.

Rika scoffed in reply as she slowed down to walk at a normal pace, already knowing how pointless it would be to try and out run the boy walking beside her. "Who says we're friends?" Rika muttered.

"Do you know what Seiko-Obaachan is making for dinner?" Naruto questioned with a thoughtful look on his face ignoring Rika's muttering.

Rika scowled slightly at having Naruto ignore her question "You are NOT staying?" Rika replied irritably, "and don't call her that Fishcake no Baka, like it's not bad enough you spend so much time over at my house." She grumbled out in the end.

"Fine, fine I won't stay."Naruto promised, "I have somewhere else to be anyway." He said unconvincingly.

"Uh hu, sure you do." Rika replied the sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"Well whatever, there is something much more important that I need to talk to you about anyway." Naruto said his carefree attitude disappeared and he became very serious, as he stared intently at Rika. The sudden change caught Rika by surprise because in the weeks that she had known him, Naruto had only acted this way one other time. The night he first came over for dinner.

"W-what is it?" Rika asked feeling inexplicably nervous at the sun-kissed blond's behavior.

"You should really consider wearing skirts more often." Naruto answered in the same serious tone.


"You should wear skirts more often," Naruto repeated himself, back to his usual self, having been secretly checking out the red head out from the corner of his eye as they walked. "You have a set of really nice legs Ri-Chan; it would be a shame not to see them more often." 'Especially what those lovely long legs are attached too.' Naruto thought to himself in the end the grin on his face being a cross between his usual fox like grin and his godfathers perverted one.

Rika's face burned red at the whiskered boy's admission, though like any other time the blond caused her face to go red it was impossible to tell if it due to embarrassment or anger. In the end anger seemed to win out, again, as she sent Naruto a heated glare. "You-You PEVERT!" she yelled as she aimed a kick at the still grinning fool. Naruto had half expected the easily irritated girl to react this way so was more than prepared to dodge her kick.

Naruto chuckled as he dodged another kick, "Just because I gave you a compliment doesn't make me a pervert Ri-Chan." 'Well not a total pervert anyway.' "Besides," he continued, "Is it really a good idea to try and kick my head off while in a skirt?" he asked while stressing the last word. Rika stood in stunned silence, as his words took a moment to register in her mind. His next comment, as he took a thoughtful pose, knocked her out of her shock "Though I never expected them to be white, Ri-Chan. Just doesn't seem you."

Rika's face soon matched her hair color, as she once more tried to hit the blond in hopes of wiping that damnable grin off his face, though she made sure that she only threw punches at him this time. "Shut up Ero-baka!"

Naruto took the new nickname in stride as he let out a chuckle and sidestepped one of Rika's punches, "You shouldn't blame me just because you embarrassed yourself Ri-Chan."

"I'm not embarrassed now hold still so that I can hit you!" Rika replied.

"You'll have to catch up to me if you want to hit me." Naruto said as he turned around and took off in a run with Rika quickly chasing after him. Up in the roof tops Renamon wondered if she should be laughing at the blond shinobi's actions, and how easily he seemed to get a rise out of her tamer, or concerned that he seemed to like making Rika so angry; but she was sure of one thing. Humans were very strange creatures.

Opening the front gate, someone having knocked on it not too long ago, Seiko found herself face to face with Naruto. Seiko smiled at the blond in greeting glad to see he had decided to visit, having grown fond of the boy from his previous visits to her home.

"Hi Seiko-Obaachan," Naruto greeted her with a way of his hand.

Seiko gave a faint chuckle at the name the cerulean eyed boy had started to call her by in the last few weeks. She was sure that one of the main reasons he did call her that was because of how Rika reacted to it, she had admit she had been awhile since she had seen Rika be anything but indifferent to the world around her. "Hello Naruto-Kun. If you're looking for Rika I'm afraid that she still hasn't gotten home from school." She apologized.

Naruto gave her a grin as he scratched at the back of his head, "Yeah I know, but she should be here right about… now!" he said dramatically pointing toward the street corner where Rika appeared gasping for breath.

"Finally (gasp) caught (gasp) you." Rika said in between breaths.

"You didn't really catch me if I stopped Ri-Chan." Naruto replied amusedly as he watched the red headed girl struggle to catch her breath.

"Are you alright Rika?" Seiko asked worriedly only for Naruto to reply before Rika could answer.

"She's fine. She is just a little out of breath from a bit of exercise." Naruto said causally.

"I see," Seiko replied though there was a hint of confusion in her voice. "Well come in you two I'll get some snacks ready. Will you be staying for dinner tonight, Naruto-Kun?" she asked as she led to two teens inside.

"Not today Seiko-Obaachan, I have some things that I need to do." Naruto answered.

"Oh that's too bad." She said. "Maybe next time then,"

"Sure." Naruto agreed with a smile, ignoring the fact that Rika, having by now caught her breath, was now trying to glare a hole in the back of his head.

"I'll be in my room." Rika said the moment that they had stepped into the house, as she walked passed her grandmother.

Seiko nodded her head as she gave her granddaughter a small smile. "Alright dear, there will be some snacks and tea for you in the kitchen if you want any."

Naruto had made to follow the red head only to be stopped by her next words, "And you better stay away from my room Fishcake." without even turning around.

"Oh? And here I came all this way to hang out with Ri-Chan." Naruto said with a sigh before a sly smile found its way onto his face, "That's fine." He began with a shrug of his shoulders, "I'll just hang out with Seiko-Obaachan. I'm sure she could show me some baby pictures along with telling me a story or two, right?" he finished as he stared at the older women questioningly, who was finding it hard to keep her composure at his antics, but was able to nod her head in reply.

For the second time in the last hour Rika stood frozen mid-step. She had clearly heard what the blond said and could only imagine, in horror, the things her grandmother would and could tell the mischievous blond. Her grandmother would of course not mean to embarrass her, but what parent/grandparent didn't embarrass their child/grandchild. It was a fact of life that every child is eventually embarrassed in front of their friends, not that Rika considered the cerulean eyed boy her friend. Knowing that it would be inevitable Rika hurried off to her room without saying a word.

Naruto chuckled as he watched Rika run toward her room. "If you're going to make tea Seiko-Obaachan," Naruto began as he turned to look at the elderly women, "I think we're going to need an extra cup since Ri-Chan's decided to join us." He finished with a large grin. And truth to word, not even a minute later Rika had sat herself at the table the Nonaka's had in their living room with a cup of freshly made tea in front of her. Naruto laughed silently as Rika did her best to intimidate him into not asking anything and leaving quicker through her glare. "Change your mind Ri-Chan?" Naruto asked innocently.

"Be quite." She muttered in response.

Naruto let out a small chuckle before he turned his gaze toward Seiko. "So how about those stories now Seiko-Obaachan?" he asked.

"Well where should I start?" She asked thoughtfully, "Ah I know. When Rika as about three years old she would carry this stuffed rabbit wherever she went."

"Really?" Naruto questioned in wonder as Rika's face did a good impersonation of a tomato.

"Grandma please don't." Rika pleaded hoping to stop her grandmother from further embarrassing her.

"Why not dear? You were so cute with how you used to hold it close to you." Seiko said as she recalled the past. "You even gave it this adorable little name, what was it again? Flopsy… Mr. Whiskers," Naruto let out a snort of amusement when he heard this and Rika's face burned an even brighter red, "Thumper, Mr. Cotton Tail, Fluffy, Bouncer, Hoppy, Moppsy. No those aren't right."

Rika grumbled something out but it was impossible to make any sense of it.

"What was that dear?" Seiko asked smiling.

Rika refused to look at either of the two occupants of the room in the eye as she answered. "Its name was Flopsy Woppsykins."

"Oh that's right." Seiko said as she finally remembered the elusive stuffed rabbit's name, as Naruto started to laugh softly. They all then heard a ding come from the kitchen. "Oh!" Seiko exclaimed, "That will be the cookies I set to bake. I'll be back in just a moment." She finished as she excused herself from the table.

For a while neither teen spoke, one due to embarrassment the other because he was trying not to burst out laughing.

"So…" Naruto started after a bit.

"I swear if you ever mention this to anyone." Rika said leaving her threat hanging.

Naruto waved her threat off, "I won't tell anyone." He promised. Rika was staring at him carefully before she slowly nodded her head accepting he wouldn't mention it to anyone, "Though should I warn Terriermon to be careful around you?" He asked teasingly. "Personally I don't know if he'd prefer to be called Flopsy Wopsykins by you or Pwincess Pwetty Pants by Henry's sister." He finished with a large grin in place.

Before Rika could say anything back Seiko returned with a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies "Here we go." She said placing the plate full of cookies at the center of the table. Looking at the two teens she found her granddaughter once more glaring at the blond haired boy. "Did I interrupt something?" She asked with a raised eyebrow and a small smile on her face.

Naruto reached out for one of the cookies and answered before he took a bite, "Not at all Seiko-Obaachan." After stopping to enjoy the delicious treat he continued. "So what other stories can you tell me?" he asked eliciting a groan from the amethyst eyed girl who sat beside him.

"Well there was this one time when she was four that…" And so the next couple of hours were full of stories that Seiko told about when Rika was a little girl, which were quickly followed with baby pictures. By the time Naruto left Rika's face was redder than even her hair could ever be. She had to threaten the whisker marked boy again when he had asked for one of the baby pictures.

Opening the door to his apartment Naruto had to immediately duck his head in order to avoid being hit in the face by a fireball. "What the hell was that for Coronamon?" Naruto yelled at the small Pyro digimon.

"What do you think?" Coronamon fired back, "I'm hungry, bored, and you should have been home hours ago."

"Well you should have found something to do here. Besides I taught you how to make ramen, why didn't you eat some of that?" Naruto asked.

"I burned it all." Coronamon deadpanned.

Naruto dropped his bag on the floor before rushing toward the kitchen. The first thing he saw when he got to the kitchen was Patamon standing beside a pile of ash on the floor. Naruto walked slowly toward the pile before he dropped to his knees. "Why?" he said in a whisper.

"I'm sorry Naruto." Patamon apologized, "I didn't know what he was going to do until it was too late to stop him."

"It's alright Patamon." Naruto said monotonously. He looked closer at the pile of ash and saw that one cup of ramen had survived but when he reached out to grab it, it turned to ash as well. Pulling his hand back he clenched it close to his chest, as he fought back tears 'My precious ramen I swear you will be avenged.' Naruto thought to himself.

"Come on Naruto its just ramen." Coronamon said from the doorway into the kitchen.

"It is not just ramen. It is the greatest food ever given to us by the gods!" Naruto shot back fiercely.

"Whatever. Can you start to make dinner now?" Coronamon questioned.

At the word dinner Naruto got a strange gleam in his eyes as he slowly rose up and made his way to the fridge. "Yeah sure, but it will have to be light since we'll be… training tonight." Naruto said pausing for only a second before he said the word training.

While Coronamon cheered at finally getting some worthwhile food Patamon shivered as he was the only one to see the strange look Naruto had in his eyes. 'I have a really bad feeling about this.' He thought to himself.

Hours later Coronamon was lying on the ground trying to catch his breath after being put through the hell that Naruto dared to call training. Patamon had also been put through the same type of training as his fellow digimon but not anywhere near as intense. For the last few hours Naruto had both Rookie digimon dodge his clones kunai, shuriken, and punches all the while having training weights on that made them twice as heavy, he was also using this as a chance to test their endurance and measure how long it would be until it was safe for him to place the weight seals on them. Of course Naruto and his clones focused most of their attention on Coronamon "avenge" his ramen, by the time they finished Coronamon learned one important lesson. You do NOT mess with Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze's ramen.

But the nights training wasn't limited to improving the digimon's evasion. Seeing that they could both now fire multiple Corona Flames and Boom Bubbles, Naruto had them move onto target practice next. They had to hit at least two moving targets, played by his clones, at the same time and if they failed and only managed to hit one or didn't hit two clones every five minutes Naruto would create two additional clones. Needless to say by the end of that training regimen the training ground was filled with an army of clones dashing all over the place. Finally to give them a bit of a break Naruto ended the nights training by having them work on combination attacks, which sadly they still had a lot of work to do before it became possible to use.

Now, while Patamon and Coronamon were recovering, Naruto focused on his own training with the Digital Hazard. After weeks of learning how to manipulate raw data and be able to read binary code, through scanning anything digital which included Coronamon and Patamon, he was ready to test the first of his new abilities. Taking a calming breath Naruto closed his eyes as he concentrated on forming a kunai out of the data the digital field naturally gave off. First was constructing the kunai's shape. "Digital Hazard," he spoke softly holding his hand out with the palm facing up, "Data Construction." He finished, as the Digital Hazard symbol glowed a bright red that it could be seen even through the glove he wore. Naruto focused on what the standard kunai looked like, as the wire frame of what looked like a kunai formed. Taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly Naruto started the next step, creating the algorithm that would make the kunai real. This would be the hard part if Naruto didn't get the code right there were two possible outcomes. First there was the chance that the kunai would simply not be created, or second there would be some sort of defect in the kunai that would make it useless.

When he finished writing the last part of the data sequence Naruto opened his eyes to find a perfect looking kunai in his hand. Pulling out one of his own to compare it he found they looked exactly the same.

"Wow that is amazing Naruto," Patamon praised, as he flew beside his tamer, having gotten plenty of rest while Naruto created the kunai.

"I suppose." Naruto replied indifferently, as he continued to stare at the data created kunai in his left hand.

"What? You created that thing out of nothing, why aren't you more excited?" Coronamon asked, as he joined the other two, in an exasperated tone as he threw his arms out in the air.

Instead of answering Coronamon Naruto threw the digital kunai at a nearby tree. The moment the kunai struck the tree it shattered like glass before the pieces burst into red flakes of data. "That's why." He said simply.

"What happed? That kunai looked exactly like the real one did." Patamon asked confusedly, having gotten a good look at both of the kunais while Naruto was comparing them.

"That's exactly the problem it only looked like a real kunai." Naruto answered realizing his mistake.

"Huh?" Coronamon questioned, not understanding what his tamer was saying.

"I was only thinking about making the kunai look right, I didn't even think about what it would have to do, so it wasn't made for combat." Naruto explained. "But that's fine now I can really get started on my training with the Digital Hazard." He finished with the excitement plainly evident on his face.

"But you spent like Twenty minutes just to make that thing." Coronamon said, "And what do you mean get started? What have you been doing all this time?"

"Didn't either of you two wonder why I haven't been using Shadow Clones speed this up?" Naruto questioned. Both digimon nodded their heads admitting that they had been curious as to why the blond hadn't used his favorite jutsu. "I didn't use them because of how dangerous Megidramon made the Digital Hazard out to be. I wanted to make sure there was nothing dangerous with what I was trying to do before I let them try." He explained getting nods of understanding from both orange Rookie digimon. "But that can't wait till tomorrow night I think we've done enough training for one night, don't you agree?" the blue eyed boy questioned which Patamon and Coronamon especially were quick to agree to. Sadly before they could even begin their journey home Naruto's D-arc chose that moment to make itself known. Pulling out his D-arc it switched to its tracking mode the red arrow pointing toward where the digimon was bioemerging. "Guess our night isn't over just yet. Come on guys we've got work to do." Naruto said as he started to run off toward the direction his D-arc was telling him. Patamon followed silently as Coronamon was quietly cursing whatever digimon decided now to cause trouble.

Running down the street Naruto took an immediate right as he followed the direction his D-arc was pointing him toward. Turning the corner Naruto could see the digital field was at the center of what is a large and busy intersection during the day. Luckily a quick look around showed no other human being in sight, as at this time of night the street would have been most likely abandoned by the residents of Shinjuku since nothing note worthy happened here during the night.

"Alright guys." Naruto said as he pulled out his sunglasses, "Lets kick some digi-butt." He finished as an excited grin spread out across his face.

"It's about time something exciting happened. We finally get to put all that training to some use." Coronamon said feeling just as excited as his partner is.

"You two sure you'll be able to handle this?" Naruto asked just a bit concerned that his partners might still be tired from the training that they had just gotten through with. The last time something like this happened it was up against Apemon and he had to step in at the end in order to stop him.

"Don't worry Naruto we are ready to fight whatever is bioemerging." Patamon reassured him correctly guessing what it was that Naruto was so worried about.

"Yeah, plus we are way stronger then we were weeks ago. No one can hope to beat us." Coronamon said confidently.

Naruto smiled at the confidence this two partner digimon had in themselves, "Come on then."

Walking through the digital fog bank Naruto could see two figures that were hidden by the fog standing there; one taller than the other. Telling his partners to be quiet by placing his finger to his lips Naruto silently snuck up on the two figures. When he was a few feet away from them Naruto decided to take a page out of Bushy Brow and Bushy Brow-Sensei's book, running the last few feet Naruto jumped into the air aiming to kick the taller kick, "Dynamic Entry!" he shouted.

It was only a couple of seconds later that the taller figure had grabbed him out of the air before slamming him to the ground with an "oomph" escaping his mouth. Opening his eyes Naruto stared up at a yellow bipedal fox he knew to be Renamon.

"What do you think you're doing?" a familiar female voice asked that Naruto knew belonged to Rika.

Looking to the side Naruto saw the irritated red head standing not too far away with her arms crossed waiting for an answer. Grinning Naruto waved at her from his place on the ground, where Renamon was keeping him with a foot on his chest. "Hey there Ri-Chan, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"What do you think?" Rika replied, "Now tell me why you decided to attack us." She demanded.

Naruto gained an over exaggerated look as he pointed toward himself, as he pretended to look around for someone else before looking back at Rika "What? Me? Never!" he said before he turned to look at Renamon, "By the way mind letting me up now?" he asked.

Renamon just stood there for a second in shock before realizing that she was still standing over him, "S-sorry," she stuttered as she hastily moved off him with her head bowed waiting for the punishment that she deserved for what she did. But why was she suddenly feeling so afraid of him and what he would do to her?

Rika stared at her partner in surprise her eyes open wider than usual. She stuttered, Renamon the always calm and cool Renamon had actually stuttered! Rika glared at Naruto with more intensity than usual, who was currently dusting himself off, how was it possible that this Baka could get such a response out of Renamon, she had been Rika's partner digimon for a couple of months now and she had never seen her act that way. This was bringing up all the questions that she had over the blond, and even though she had spent a lot of time in the blond's company, much more then she would have liked in fact, she had yet to get any answers to any of her questions. 'That's it starting from now I'm going to find out all of your stupid secrets Fishcake.' Rika thought to herself before saying, "Now that you're off the ground you can tell me what you're doing here." She demanded more than asked.

"Oh you know fighting digital monsters, protecting the city, helping out a pretty girl." He said offhandedly, winking at Rika when he mentioned the last part causing her to blush lightly.

'P-pretty,' Rika thought stunned that the whiskered boy thought she was pretty, sure he had hinted at it from time to time but he had never come right out and said it, before she mentally shook her head to get rid of those kinds of thoughts, "We don't need your help." She said hotly.

"I'm not about to let my friends fight against a digimon on their own Ri-Chan." Naruto said his voice and eyes showing just how determined he was about his decision to help no matter what.

Rika let out a groan at the Naruto's refusal not to get in her way, "Why are you so stubborn?" she asked not really caring about getting an answer.

"I could ask you the same thing Ri-Chan," Naruto said with a smirk.



"You stubborn Baka!"

"Do you guys feel like you're being totally ignored like I do?" Coronamon asked getting a nod in return from both Renamon and Patamon. "Come on lovebirds break it up already, or did you forget we are here for a reason?" he asked agitated.

"We are NOT lovebirds." They both denied. Sure Naruto liked to tease the girl and see her blush as much as possible but he didn't see her that way. Rika refused to have anything to do with the word love. Oh how oblivious the two teens still were to life. It wasn't long after that Rika was once again trying to make Naruto leave.

The two tamers were soon interrupted when the digimon that had just bioemerged let out a roar. A few feet away the digimon stared menacingly at the tamers and their partner digimon. The digimon for the most part looked like a grey skinned green eyed Monoclonius dinosaur with black amour plating on the top half of its body, and on its legs along with three black toenails. Its frill had some things that resembled horns with each horn having red vertical stripes on them. Though what drew their attention were the many sharp teeth the digimon possessed.

"That's a Monochromon." Naruto stated recognizing the large reptile digimon from the one on the TV show.

"Really I couldn't tell." Rika replied sarcastically, still annoyed with the blond's actions from earlier that day and that he refused to leave, as she pulled out her D-arc which scanned the digimon showing a picture of the digimon. "Besides the obvious of his name and that he is a Champion level digimon, it says here that he's a Data type. His attacks are Volcanic Strike, besides being lethal giant fireballs they also explode on impact. And, well here is a surprise, its second attack is Slamming Attack, just like your Patamon there Whiskers. The amour on the top half of its body is as strong as diamonds, making it comparable to a tank." She said as she read off her D-arc with a smirk. "Finally a challenge, you ready Renamon." She said more then asked.

"Always," The yellow fox digimon responded.

"How about you two, we can't let the girls have all the fun now can we?" Naruto asked.

"Ready." Patamon and Coronamon replied in unison.

"Do you honestly believe that such weak and pathetic digimon have a chance of defeating me?" Monochromon spoke his voice ruff and gravely, "The idea that I would lose to a bunch of Rookies is insulting. I'll enjoy absorbing your data."

"Shut up!" Naruto shouted, "Don't underestimate us!"

Coronamon and Renamon rushed forward, as Patamon took to the skies so he could attack from the air. When they got closer Coronamon and Renamon moved to split up so they could attack Monochromon from different sides only to be stopped short when he fired multiple fireballs at them.

"Volcanic Strike!" Monochromon roared.

Coronamon and Renamon were just able to stop themselves before they were hit but they were still in the range of the explosion caused by the Volcanic Strike. They weren't overly hurt but the damage that they received was still not something they could brush off easily if they weren't careful of the explosion's range or were hit directly by the Volcanic Strike. Patamon who was in the air was easily able to avoid the one that was poorly aimed at him.

"See that this battle has only just started and those two runts are ready to drop on their knees." Monochromon said arrogantly.

"Someone has a big mouth." Rika muttered to herself.

"Agreed," Naruto replied, as he grabbed her hand and dragged her off toward an alley that was nearby. "Now come on we have to get some cover."

Rika struggled against his grip but wasn't able to get herself free, "Hey what do you think you're doing? Let me go!"

"Do you honestly think it's a good idea to be out in the open with a digimon that is throwing around exploding fireballs?" Naruto asked.

"I'd be fine. Now let go." Rika replied still trying to escape his grip 'Just how strong is he damn it?'

"Like you were against Gargomon," Naruto retorted only letting go of Rika's hand once they were in the alleyway.

"I would have been fine. I'm not some helpless little girl that needs to be protected." Rika said.

Naruto nodded his head, "Maybe not." He admitted, "But that doesn't mean that I'm not going to do what I can to keep you safe no matter what you say."

"If I was in any real danger then Renamon would protect me I don't need you." Rika said while looking him straight in the eye refusing to back down.

'For someone who doesn't think that Renamon is anything but data you sure do put a lot faith in her, Rika.' Naruto thought to himself before replying, "I'm sure that she could, but if Renamon is putting half her concentration on keeping you safe then that means that half of her concentration isn't on winning. From here we can still see what is happening and not have to worry about being blown to pieces." He finished. Rika huffed in annoyance as she looked away refusing to say anything in reply, as she knew that what Naruto said was true. This was further emphasized when a Volcanic Strike hit right where they were standing a few seconds ago. Rika absolutely refused to look at the sapphire eyed boy's direction after that, as she could practically feel the smirk he now wore on his face.

Back on the battle field Renamon was silently thanking Naruto for taking Rika out of the range of fire and keeping her safe. So far the battle hadn't been in favor of the three Rookie digimon, Renamon's Diamond Storm seemed to bounce off of Monochromon's armored skin, something she noticed with a great deal of annoyance happened a lot when she fought dinosaur type digimon, Coronamon's attacks hadn't been much better seeing that his Corona Flames didn't leave in a scorch mark when they impacted, and Patamon's Boom Bubble weren't affective at all, although they did seem to annoy Monochromon greatly.

Refusing to give up just yet Coronamon held both of his hands above his head a bigger fireball then usual started to form, "How about you try this? Odama Corona Flame!" he yelled as he threw a bigger then average Corona Flame at Monochromon, though it only managed to leave a burn mark on the armored dino who suffered only bit of discomfort when the attack hit.

"Odama Corona Flame?" Naruto asked with obvious amounts of amusement in his voice at the choice of name one of his partners decided to name their attack, having been showing them his jutsu so if they ever fought together again they knew what to expect.

"Shut up!" Coronamon shouted in reply, "It's my attack and I can call it whatever I want!" he finished as jumped away from another of Monochromon's Volcanic Strikes. Coronamon tried to move in closer but was forced away by one of Monochromon's Volcanic Strikes hitting close to where he was standing resulting in Coronamon becoming disoriented. Monochromon was about to take advantage of Coronamon being momentarily out of it when he heard an attacking from his side.

"Boom Bubble," Patamon said as he fired a couple of air bullets at Monochromon. The attack didn't have any effect on the dinosaur type digimon but it had bought Coronamon enough time to recover and move away.

Monochromon quickly rushed at the flying digimon before hitting him with his horn that was glowing a pure white while yelling, "Slamming Attack." Sending Patamon flying back a few feet before Patamon hit the ground with a thud. Renamon appeared in front of Monochromon and hit him with a kick to the forehead before using his head as a springboard and jumping high into the air. From her position above the Data digimon she prepared her signature attack.

"Diamond Storm,"

The shards all flew down at the Jurassic digimon but shattered without hurting him when they impacted with his amour clad body. Charging in the direction Renamon was landing, Monochromon slammed into the vulpine digimon knocking the air out of her as she flew backward like Patamon did not too long ago.

"Oi, Teme! Over here!" Coronamon shouted drawing Monochromon's attention to him, dodging under one of Monochromon's Volcanic Strikes Coronamon threw a Coro Knuckle aimed for the side of Monochromon's head. Coronamon watched in slight shock as Monochromon's head hadn't moved at all from being hit. 'Oh that's not good.' Coronamon thought as Monochromon growled in annoyance.

"Pathetic." He muttered; as he shook his in order throw Coronamon away.

Patamon, after recovering, flew behind Monochromon and fired a Boom Bubble to the back of his head. Monochromon grunted in slight pain when he was hit but he quickly recovered before he prepared his next attack.

"Volcanic Strike," From his mouth Monochromon unleashed three blasts of fire in quick succession each aiming for one of the three Rookie digimon. Knowing that none of them had the power to match Monochromon's attack the three digimon successfully dodged his attack.

Patamon flew above the rampaging digimon trying to get out of range of being hit by its Volcanic Strike and retaliated with his own attack, "Boom Bubble." While the attack was stronger than it was originally it still was not enough to hurt Monochromon through its tougher hide and amour plating. Renamon, using the distraction that Patamon gave her, jumped onto the Jurassic digimon's back attacking with her Power Paw hoping that a close ranged attack would be more effective. Monochromon didn't even seem to feel it, as he had started to thrash around in an effort to get the vulpine digimon off. With her grip on Monochromon slipping Renamon had no other choice but to jump off.

Coronamon, having gotten tired of sitting on the sidelines, rushed forward in order to get in close now that he had the opportunity since Monochromon calmed down slightly now that he didn't have the extra weight on his back. By the time Monochromon noticed the small lion digimon Coronamon was already in front of him, "Coro Knuckle." With a flaming upper cut Coronamon landed a hit on the underside of Monochromon's head. Grunting in slight pain Monochromon took a couple of staggered steps back before he recovered, spinning around he aimed to hit Coronamon with his armored tail but Coronamon was able to jump over it in order to dodge. Unfortunately that had left the fire digimon open in mid-air, which Monochromon took full advantage of by slamming his diamond hard head into him.

Hitting the ground hard Coronamon slowly stood back up as he rubbed the spot that Monochromon had made direct contact with. "Itai! Teme that hurt," Coronamon grumbled to himself. "Oi Naruto!"

"Yeah I noticed." Naruto replied already having a good idea of what Coronamon was trying to tell him. Pulling out his cards Naruto began to search through them. "Listen Rika," Naruto began "I have a plan, but I'm going to need your help." He finished as he found the card he was looking for.

"Well so do I." Rika replied, holding a card of her own along with her D-arc. "And, unlike you, I don't need help to beat this guy. Renamon!" She yelled getting Renamon to jump up above Monochromon with her arms crossed over her chest. "Now watch this Fishcake." Rika said with a smirk, "Digi-Modify… Power Activate!"

Renamon could feel herself become stronger then she was before, as the power the card gave her coursed through her. Channeling all that power she used her signature attack. "Diamond Storm," With a flourish of her arms the hundreds of diamond shards appeared before they all rocketed down toward Monochromon creating a smoke screen once they all made impact.

"And that's the end of that." Rika said arrogantly as Renamon landed on the ground and walked forward prepared to absorb the defeated Champion's data.

"Volcanic Strike!" from the smoke came out a super heated fireball.

"What?" Caught by surprise that her opponent had survived her attack Renamon didn't react in time to dodge the fire blast and was thrown back as it had impacted with the ground right in front of her.

"So what exactly am I supposed to be seeing?" Naruto asked in an amused tone.

Rika shot the blond a glare in return, "Shut up!" she snapped.

"That didn't do much did it?" Naruto asked rhetorically ignoring the girl's order to be quite.

"More than either of your two digimon managed to do." Rika replied.

"Maybe," Naruto conceded "But it also made him angrier." He said pointing out the fact that Monochromon was now constantly firing his Volcanic Strike at the three Rookie level digimon or trying to ram into them.

Patamon was still flying above Monochromon, only having to dodge the occasional Volcanic Strike, as he rained down Boom Bubbles trying to hurt Monochromon despite his though hide and armor, or distract him so that Renamon or Coronamon could do something besides dodge Monochromon's attacks. Coronamon was silently thanking his sadistic blond tamer, as he stepped to the side dodging a Volcanic Strike. He doubted he would have been able to evade even half of the Volcanic Strikes and retaliate with his Corona Flame had it not been for his training. Of course there were still quite a few close calls. Renamon was having a much easier time dodging Monochromon's attacks, her natural grace and elegance making it look like she was dancing around Monochromon's attacks. Though she was becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact she couldn't attack, with Monochromon no longer allowing them to get close and her Diamond Storm taking too long to fire and still be able to dodge the giant fireballs.

Rika clenched her fists as she scowled at the scene in front of her. She knew that Naruto was right; all she had managed to do was make Monochromon angry. She also knew that she had a card that could defeat him, but she had been rebuilding her deck when the D-arc went off, so she had been forced to leave without all her cards. "Fine if you have an idea to win just do it and get this over with." She said reluctantly.

"Are you willing to help?" Naruto questioned.


"I'm going to need you and Renamon to distract Monochromon if we're going to pull this off." Naruto replied.

"And you expect me to help?" Rika asked incredulously.

"Of course," Naruto replied without a second thought; like it was supposed to be the most obvious thing in the world.

"And what makes you think I'd help you?" She asked.

Naruto let out a sigh at how stubborn Rika was being. "It's either help me or let him delete our digimon." He said before smirking, "Besides could you really not help your best friend out?" he asked teasingly causing Rika to blush; she wasn't sure what caused her to blush it was just the way he said it, so honestly even though he was trying to tease her. Looking away Rika refused to answer. "I just need you and Renamon to distract Monochromon for a minute."

"Fine," Rika muttered.

Naruto grinned before he called out to his digimon partners, "Coronamon! Patamon! I get over here I have a plan."

"Renamon keep that dragon wannabe busy while the baka tells his digimon his stupid plan." Rika said not noticing the crocodile tears that were now falling down Naruto's face at her insults.

"Ri-Chan is so mean." He mumbled before getting smacked on the back of his head by Coronamon.

"Stop fooling around and tell us the plan, Renamon won't be able to keep that guy busy for long." Coronamon said forcefully.

"Fine," Naruto sighed before whispering his plan to his two partners.

Monochromon noticed that two of the pests, which had been in his way since he had crossed over had suddenly, stopped attacking him leaving him with just the Renamon to deal with. He didn't really care it just meant that he could put all his attention on deleting her and absorbing her data. He growled lowly as he watched that she once again jumped out of the way of his attack, and continued to taunt him.

"What's the matter big boy can't keep up." Renamon taunted in a sing song voice.

"Volcanic Strike!" he roared in return.

Again Renamon moved out of the way with just a bit of effort, "Oh I think that you might have singed my fur a little with that one." And on it went like this each time Monochromon would fire one of his Volcanic Strikes Renamon would either side step it or jump over it. Whenever he would charge at her with a Slamming Attack she would jump over him and then kick him in the back of the head. But because of his tough skin he didn't do anything more then give a little grunt in discomfort.

"Alright you two ready?" Naruto asked after finishing telling Coronamon and Patamon his plan.

"Ready!" They replied in unison before they moved to get in place. Coronamon didn't have to go far as he only had to get close enough to the fight without getting dragged in. Patamon flew above to two fighting digimon to get to on the other side of the battlefield. Out of the corner of his eye Monochromon saw Patamon making his way behind him, not wanting to have to deal with the chance of being attacked from both sides Monochromon focused his attention on the small flying digimon as he prepared a Volcanic Strike in his mouth.

"Don't forget about me now." Renamon spoke, having quickly closed in on Monochromon while he had momentarily been focusing on Patamon. Blue like flames appeared on her right arm as she threw a punch right for Monochromon's head, "Power Paw!" The punch landed and Monochromon's head was moved only marginally to the side. While it hadn't hurt the Jurassic dino it was enough it was enough to make sure that his Volcanic Strike didn't hit Patamon.

"Alright Naruto I'm all set!" Patamon shouted once he landed on the other side of the battle field.

"Perfect!" Naruto replied before glancing at the redhead beside him, "Get ready Rika your about to see my genius at work here." He said holding out both D-arc and card, "Digi-modify… Frigimon's Sub Zero Ice Punch… Activate." Behind both Patamon and Coronamon a transparent version of Frigimon, which looked like a bear version of a snowman with black coal eyes and nose, and two red buttons, appeared before breaking into data and being absorbed into them.

"This feels uncomfortable." Coronamon commented being a digimon of fire.

"Hurry you know what to do." Naruto rushed them getting a nod from them both. Raising up their right arms a white energy covered their fists.

'I think I get it.' Rika thought, 'His plan is to have both his digimon use Frigimon's Sub Zero Ice Punch and attack from two different sides making it impossible for Monochromon to dodge them both. I've got to admit that's not a bad plan.'

"Sub Zero Ice Punch!" Patamon and Coronamon shouted at the same time punching the ground in front of them.

'What?' Rika thought in disbelief, as a perfect opportunity was seemingly wasted for nothing. Turning to face Naruto she glared at him with scowl on her face, "That was your stupid plan? That was a complete waste of time!"

Naruto just smiled in return, "You should have more faith in me Ri-Chan, look" he said pointing toward where Monochromon was. Turning to look Rika's face quickly lost the scowl it had as it shifted to one of slight shock and awe. The Champion level digimon was stumbling around trying to keep from falling over on the slippery ground, Coronamon and Renamon were also having a bit of trouble but not as much as Monochromon seemed to have.

"What?" Rika asked confused.

Naruto's grin grew larger, "It's not over yet." Naruto said.

Moving as quickly as possible Coronamon prepared to continue the plan while Monochromon was too busy trying to keep himself from falling, out of the corner of his eye he could see that Patamon was right beside him ready to attack. "Coro Knuckle!" he yelled throwing a fire covered fist at Monochromon's side.

Patamon followed along with his own attack aiming for the same place, "Slamming attack."

Renamon getting a good idea of what the others were trying to do quickly attacked Monochromon as well by jumping and hitting Monochromon with a kick to the side. The three attacks to the same side combined were strong enough to make Monochromon fall on his side.

"Perfect." Naruto said, "Now aim for his underside, it's not as well protected as his top half." Rika was confused for a moment until she remembered how Monochromon reacted when Coronamon was able to hit him with an uppercut to his head.

Smirking Rika said, "Not bad Whiskers, I guess you're not a total idiot."

"Uh, thanks Ri-Chan." Naruto said unsure if that was meant as a complement or not.

"No I refuse to be beaten by such pathetic little digimon!" Monochromon roared as he thrashed around trying to get back on his feet. Having a perfect shot the three Rookie level digimon all attacked at the same time.

"Diamond Storm"

"Odama Corona Flame"

"Boom Bubble"

All three attacks collided with Monochromon at the same time causing him to scream out of pain, "NO THIS CAN'T BE POSSIBLE!" he screamed before bursting into data. Renamon moved to absorb the fallen Champion's data only to be stopped by her tamer before she could.

"Renamon stop!" Rika ordered, drawing curious glances from everyone.

"What's going on Ri-Chan?" Naruto asked the curiosity he felt getting the better of him.

Rika turned to leave before answering, "Renamon doesn't need help defeating any digimon, I won't accept her absorbing the data of a digimon she didn't delete herself. Next time don't get in the way." She said before walking away.

"That girl really needs to learn to say thank you." Coronamon grumbled to himself before looking at his tamer, "What do you see in her?"

"What was that?" Naruto asked in a dangerous voice.

Coronamon was about to answer, but Patamon stopped him by slapping one of his wings over the lion digimon's mouth. "Nothing Naruto, don't pay any attention to him." Patamon said nervously, worried that Coronamon's mouth might land them in another training session like the one they had tonight.

"Thought so," Naruto said, "Come on let's go home." Earning a sigh of relief from Patamon as he removed his wing from over Coronamon's mouth, but not without sending him a quick glare to make sure he didn't say anything. Coronamon seeing the glare his usually peaceful fellow digimon was sending him wisely decided to keep his mouth shut.

Next Day

Naruto was making his way toward school going over everything that happened the night before. He wasn't sure if he could call last night progress when it came to Rika working together with everyone. 'I mean she did work together with me, not that I really gave her much of a choice. But then there was what she said as she left, does that mean that she still refuses to trust others.' He thought in frustration on the verge of pulling his hair out, 'You know what, Shikamaru was right women are troublesome.' He grumbled to himself. Deciding to think about it later on, Naruto brought himself out of his thoughts to see he was already at the school's gate, where Takato and Henry were patiently waiting for him to arrive.

Lifting his hand up Naruto greeted the two other male tamers with a grin on his face, "Hey there Takato, Henry!" he all but yelled.

Sadly his shout drew the attention of all his fan-girls as they started to appear from behind bushes, trees, walls, and one even popped up from under a manhole cover. All the girls had a crazed look in their eyes as they slowly drew closer to the blond. Naruto slowly backed away not making any sudden movements.

"Uh… hi girls," Naruto said nervously with a small wave of his hand.

"Good morning Uzumaki-Sama."

"Hello Uzumaki-Sama"

"Uzumaki-Sama, do you want to walk to class together?"

"No Uzumaki-Sama is going to walk with to class."

"Ne, Uzumaki-Sama I made an extra bento, do you want to have lunch together?"

"Will you please go out with me Uzumaki-Sama?"

"I want to marry you Uzumaki-Sama."

"Let me have your babies Uzumaki-Sama."

And on and on it went as the number of fan-girls grew in number as they all slowly closed in on Naruto. Seeing them get closer with each passing second and listening as each of them kept asking for something more outrages then the last, Naruto's skin got paler and paler.

"Um look over there!" Naruto shouted pointing off to his right. All the girls looked in the direction he was pointing to only to see nothing there, when they turned back to where Naruto was standing all they found was a dust cloud shaped like Naruto, and the cerulean eyed boy running away at a speed that one could only get when running away from fan-girls/boys.

"RUNAWAY!" Naruto shouted.

"AFTER HIM!" one of the girls yelled before she and all the other girls took off after him.

'That poor lucky bastard,' Takato and Henry thought simultaneously getting their first line in the entire chapter.

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