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Not so Itsy Bitsy Spider

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In Shinjuku's private girls' school, Rika was barely listening as the teacher droned on about something or other. Not really caring about what the teacher was saying Rika looked down toward her desk, at the mirror inside her pencil case, her eyes instantly focusing on the blonde women the mirror reflected. The woman's beauty and clothes made her stand out from everyone else who stood in the back of the room. She had her hair pulled back in a fancy bun that still left some of her hair loose, with only the barest hint of makeup accenting her natural beauty. She wore a light lavender shirt and jacket, that hugged her figure nicely, with the jacket having violet fur lining, and a violet dress skirt all of an obviously high quality. Her body drew envious glances from the other women in the room, and looks of admiration from the girls, with her D-cup bust, hourglass figure, and a butt that was nice and firm she had many men, and many women, drooling at her feet. She was famous supermodel Makino, and more importantly she was Rumiko Nonaka, Rika's mother.

Rumiko had arrived home a few days ago from one of her photo shoots overseas, for how long was still to be seen. Once she had learned that the school had invited the parents to come for a day Rumiko had insisted on coming. Rika would never admit it but a part of her was sort of glad her mom did come.


From the mirror's reflection Rika could see her mother walk out of the room to answer her phone. When she didn't return Rika knew that her mother had left for another photo shoot. 'Typical.' She thought somewhat bitterly, as she snapped the pencil case close.

"Yo Ri-Chan," A familiar voice from her left said, causing her to let out a sigh.

It had been a few hours since her mom had left and school had just let out. Rika wasn't surprised that Naruto was there waiting, the whispers of the other girls' on her way to the school entrance clueing her in. He had chosen to wait leaned against the wall by the entrance.

"Hi whiskers," Rika answered unenthusiastically.

"Eh? What's up with that greeting? Where is the 'Naruto-Kun I missed you so much.'" He said, finishing in a voice that was louder than absolutely necessary ensuring that everyone heard him; at this point the other girls stopped acting like they weren't eavesdropping. Rika could feel her eyebrow twitching, not only because of the whispered conversations from her schoolmates, but because Naruto somehow managed to imitate her voice perfectly and made her sound like one of them. "Well at least you've accepted that I'll be waiting for you sometimes."

"Not like I had much of a choice." Rika grumbled. It had been a couple of weeks since the first time Naruto had waited for her after school. Since then Naruto had waited for her a few more times. The first time couple of times Rika had tried to force the blond to stop his visits to her school on her own, that had failed miserably. She then had Renamon keep a look out for him, but somehow he always managed to slip by the vulpine digimon no matter what Renamon did to try and stop him. Finally Rika was forced to ask some of the faculty for help, something that she really hated doing, but the elusive boy always disappeared when they drew near and only appeared after the faculty member had left. Suffice to say he left her very frustrated and annoyed, but ultimately accepting the fact that no matter what she tried the boy would be waiting for her after class whenever he wanted.

The walks home had helped to cement a sort of friendship between the two tamers. Bit by bit Rika found she accepted the cerulean eyed boy's forced company. Listening to Naruto retell all the pranks he managed to pull when he was younger had the red headed girl forcing herself not to burst out laughing at some of the things that he did. She had also learned that the blond boy, while bordering on genius level, had his moments of idiocy that seemed almost unbelievable; I mean who in their right mind would willingly wear an orange jumpsuit; Rika actually did start laughing when he accused her of being jealous that she didn't have one of her own. She did find it frustrating, and very suspicious, that he refused to talk about anything, but the pranks he pulled, when she questioned him about his life before coming to Shinjuku. The most she had learned in the weeks of knowing him was his home village's name, Konoha, that it wasn't on any map, which she had later confirmed, and a couple of names of people he knew. Rika knew that Naruto was trying to hide something; this only served to steel her resolve to learn what he was hiding that much more.

Naruto was having an even harder time trying to get anything out of Rika. If the girl was anything it was stubborn. Even though they were friends, and Naruto knew that they were friends now, the amethyst eyed girl still refused to talk about herself. Naruto knew that if he really wanted to learn something about Rika than he could always ask Seiko, but it wouldn't mean the same thing as if Rika had told him. It wasn't until after a particularly hard day of school did Rika tell him, or rather rant, about her immense dislike of her school. It was also at that point that Naruto heard for the first time of Rumiko Nonaka, though he had yet to meet her, and her constant attempts to get her daughter to be more girly. Naruto almost laughed when he learned of the older Nonaka women's wishes just imagining someone like Rika in a super frilly pink dress had him holding onto his gut, only the threat of what Rika could, and probably would, do to him kept him from busting his gut. It wasn't till after that day that Rika started to tell Naruto small things about herself on occasion.

A nervous female voice from their side caught the two tamers' attention. "Ano…?" Turning their heads in the direction the voice came from the two saw a girl about their age with short cut black hair with a hair clip keeping a bang out of her face, glasses, a slim figure, wearing the private school uniform fidgeting nervously under the two's stare.

"What is it?" Rika snapped.

The dark haired girl flinched at Rika's voice and seemed to only get more nervous, "Um, well." Glancing shyly at Naruto, "I, I mean we, we were wondering who you are?" the girl said indicating to a group of girls that were nearby before gesturing to Naruto.

'Who he is, is none of your, or your friends, business.' Rika thought angrily, as she glared at the glasses wearing girl who was too busy staring at Naruto to notice, though she didn't understand why she was suddenly so angry that other girls were suddenly so interested in her friend.

Naruto blinked a couple of times in confusion before he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, just now realizing that in the few times he came to the private school to wait for Rika none of the other girls ever learned what his name was, just the nicknames Rika greeted him by. "Oh, I'm Naruto Uzumaki. It's nice to meet you," He said.

The girl managed to give the blond a small smile before she bowed slightly to him and introduced herself, "It is nice to meet you too, Uzumaki-San. I'm Miyuki Kasahara."

"Ah, call me Naruto. I'm not too big on formalities and Uzumaki-San makes me feel old." Naruto said with his fox grin causing Miyuki to blush

"Now that you've been introduced you can go." Rika said, angry that she was being ignored by the other two teens.

Miyuki shot the red head a quick glare, a glare only Rika saw as Naruto had been looking at her, before her expression returned back to one of shyness. "Well I-I was wondering if Naruto-San would like t-to do something with me, I mean us. Th-that's if he isn't busy or anything. I-I j-just thought that may-"

'That's it!' "I'm out of here." Rika said cutting Miyuki off. Naruto watched Rika walk away for a moment before looking back toward Miyuki.

"Gomen Miyuki-San, but I've got to go." He apologized before running after Rika. Miyuki scowled, as she watched the handsome teen with the beautiful blue eyes run after the Ice Bitch her shy act completely dissolving, before a wicked smile spread across her face.

'Enjoy Naruto-San's company while you can Nonaka, he'll soon see the kind of person you really are and leave you behind. Until then I'll have to tell Miyazawa-San that I've at least learned his name.' Miyuki thought to herself, before moving toward where the other girls were eagerly waiting for any information on the mystery blond.

"Oi Ri-Chan,"


"I don't get why you're so angry."


"It's not like I did anything wrong."


"All I did was introduce myself, it would have been rude if I hadn't"


"Fine be like that. I think you're just jealous that another pretty girl is interested in me."

"What!" Rika finally exclaimed, staring at Naruto in shock, disbelief, and no small part anger.

"Finally!" Naruto said throwing his hands up in the air, "I've been trying to get you to talk to me for the last ten minutes, almost thought you'd gone deaf." He paused for a second, as a sly fox grin spread across his face, "Though I wonder why you reacted like you did, is there something you want to tell me Ri-Chan."

"You wish Fishcake," Rika muttered, as she turned her head away from him in an effort to hide the blush that spread across her face getting a chuckle out of Naruto.

"So now that you're talking to me again, are you going to tell me what's wrong?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing's wrong." Rika replied.

"Please," Naruto scoffed before thumping his chest with his closed fist, "I'm your best friend, Ri-Chan. While you're not exactly Miss. Sunshine you are a bit moodier than usual today."

"Moody?" Rika questioned with a hint of anger in her voice, as she narrowed her eyes at the boy and clenched her fists.

"C'mon," Naruto said, ignoring the irritation she was feeling, walking in a different direction than the one they usually took to get to her home, "let's go get something to eat, my treat." He finished, as he took her hand in his to make sure she followed along.

"What?" Rika asked, taken back by the sudden change in topic.

"I said let's go get something to eat." Naruto said again, as if Rika hadn't heard him the first time.

"But I'm not even hungry, Baka!" Rika protested, as she tried to free herself from his grasp.

Naruto looked back at her with a smirk on his face, "You say that now, but in a couple of minutes your stomach is going to growl. Besides it's good for friends to go out and eat together."

"Whatever," Rika muttered giving up on trying to get her hand free from his firm grip, "But you better not call this a date, tell Obaa-San or anyone about this, got it Whiskers?"

"Ara, Ara…" Naruto said with fox like grin, "I never said anything about this even being a date. Are you sure that there isn't something that you want to tell me, Ri-Chan?"

"Urusai!" Rika shouted with a small blush across her face, if there was one good thing that came from Naruto keeping a firm hold on her hand, Rika learned, it was that it made it impossible for him to dodge her punches.

"So are you going to tell me what's wrong?" Naruto asked, as he and Rika sat in a booth in a WcDonalds; because there always has to be a WcDonalds. (AN: I do not own McDonalds, WcDonalds, or any other _cDonalds that might exist.)

"I already told you that there is nothing wrong." Rika answered in an exasperated tone, as she took a sip of her drink. She of course knew that Naruto wouldn't believe her, but that didn't mean that she was going to admit it.

"And I've already made it obvious that I don't believe you, so…" Naruto replied trailing off at the end.

"I'm surprised that you didn't drag us off to some place that serves ramen, Whiskers." Rika commented offhandedly, knowing about his love for the food, in an effort to distract him, and if there was any way to do that it was through ramen.

Naruto actually pouted, as he crossed his arms over his chest, "I haven't found a ramen stand in this city that has even halfway decent ramen."

Rika smirked slightly, as her plan was working now she just to push it a bit more, "Well what do you expect?" Rika asked with a scoff, "No one is going to waste their time making ramen when the instant stuff is just as good."

Naruto gave her a stupefied look before shaking his head vigorously in denial "No way, sure the instant stuff is good, it's ramen after all, but there isn't anything like ramen that has been freshly made." He argued.

Rika raised an eyebrow, "You really are a ramen nut, aren't you." Rika stated more then asked.

"I," Naruto began, "am a ramen connoisseur, my dear Ri-Chan." He finished proudly.

"Whatever," Rika replied dismissively taking another bite of her burger. "Ramen isn't that good."

"You just don't understand how great ramen is yet, Ri-Chan. I'll just to take you out to eat some decent ramen someday." Naruto said, as he let out a sigh before giving the red headed girl a smirk, "So now that I've answered your question how about you tell me what's wrong."

'Damn it,' Rika swore, "It's nothing, so stop asking." She answered.

Naruto stared at the girl intently, but could see that nothing he said would convince her to tell him. 'Even after about a month of knowing each other she still refuses to talk about anything that bothers her,' He let out a mental sigh, 'Guess there is nothing I can do but wait until she is more comfortable with talking about these sort of things with me.' Giving her a small gentle smile he said, "Fine if you don't want to talk about it then I won't force you."

'What? Did he? Just like that?' Rika thought honestly surprised at how easy Naruto accepted her not telling him what happened. "Um… thanks." She said softly not completely sure how she was supposed to react, before she shook her head lightly and returned to her usual self. "It's not like there was anything to talk about anyway." She said with a bit of annoyance of her voice.

Naruto let out a chuckle, earning a glare from the girl across from him, before his phone went off.

*Ringtone Go! By Flow*

Already having a good idea of who would be calling Naruto wasn't at all surprised that the caller id showed his home phone number, or that it was Coronamon's voice he heard when he answered. "Hello… Hanging out with Rika… Well there is always ramen, unless you burned it all again… That's good to know. Fine I'll be there soon." Ending the call Naruto turned his attention to Rika, "Well it looks like it is time to go." He said getting a shrug from Rika not really caring one way or another.


"Hold on a sec," Naruto said before making his way to the counter. When he came back he was carrying a couple of bags and three cans of soda, "Alright now I don't have to cook tonight, let's go."

When it finally came time for the two tamers to part ways Naruto handed Rika some of the food and a soda. "For Renamon," he said answering her unasked question before leaving. Rika watched Naruto's retreating form for a moment before making her way home, as she passed by an alleyway she threw the food into it where it was caught and disappeared not even a second later.

Rika rushed into her home quickly making her way toward her room in order to change clothes, having seen the begging of a digital field forming as she was making her way home.

"Rika is that you?" Seiko asked from the living room. "You're home pretty late."

"Yeah grandma it's me," Rika answered from her room, as she tossed off her uniform and put on her usual clothes. "Whiskers dragged me off to eat on our way here."

"Oh, that's nice. Did you have a good time?" the elder woman asked taking a sip of her tea with a small smile on her face.

"Sure grandma," Rika replied, "I'm going out for a bit." She finished, as she raced back toward the front door.

"What? But you just got here, well at least make sure to be home before dinner." Seiko said.

"Don't worry grandma I won't be long," Rika replied, "What are we having anyway?"

"My special eggplant and liver casserole," Seiko answered.

"Terrific," Rika muttered sarcastically, 'I just might have to thank Fishcake for inviting me to eat with him.' Rika thought grateful to have already eaten.

Arriving at the Digital Field Rika saw that Renamon was already there, and was standing in front of a bipedal dinosaur type digimon that had blue skin with red strips along its body and tail, yellow fur around its wrists, orange hair with Indian feathers in it, and finally wearing tribal Indian necklace.

Pulling out her D-arc Rika read out the information it gave her "Allomon an amour dinosaur type. Let's see if his Dino Burst attack has any real bite to it," She finished reading, "Walk all over him." She commanded.

"My pleasure," Renamon answered, going into a spin kick and hitting Allomon on the top of his mouth making the blue Dino groan in pain.

Allomon quickly recovered from Renamon initial attack proving just how strong he was and countering with his own, "My turn." He said, as he spun around and slammed his tail into Renamon sending her flying backwards.

"Scaly bum," Rika says pulling out a card, "Time to fight. Digi-Modify… Agumon's Frozen Wind Activate!" she said slashing the card threw her D-arc.

Renamon could feel the power that came with the data from the card as it entered and became a part of her own. Jumping into the air Renamon felt the cold air gathering around her, as she prepared her attack.

Up on the rooftops Naruto, with Patamon on his head and Coronamon resting on his shoulder, watched as the fight progressed instead of jumping in and joining like he usually would.

"Naruto, why aren't we helping them?" Patamon asked looking down toward his tamer from his perch on top of his head.

Naruto watched the fight intently before answering, "I want to see what they do if we're not there to interfere."

"So we came here for nothing." Coronamon complained from his spot on Naruto's shoulder.

Naruto smirked as he stared at Coronamon from out of the corner of his eye, "If you are that upset about not getting a chance to fight we can always have a spar later tonight during training." Naruto said with an eye smile.

"Uh… no thanks I'm good." Coronamon replied nervously.

"If you say so," Naruto said as he focused his attention back on the fight.

"Frozen Wind," Renamon said sending a blast of cold air at Allomon threw her hand.

"Dino Burst." Allomon retaliated with a stream of fire that shot out of his mouth. The two elemental attacks clashed sparks of electricity being created as one attack tried to overpower the other and end the stalemate.

"What are you doing?" Rika muttered loudly, "This isn't some silly little game."

"He's too strong," Renamon said; if it was toward Rika or to herself it was impossible to tell. Slowly Allomon's Dino Burst attack gained ground and pushed Renamon's Frozen Wind back till it overpowered her completely. Allomon's attack hit Renamon and threw her back into a light pole before falling on to the ground.

"If you just digivolved you could beat him." Rika said, as Allomon stomped closer to the downed Renamon.

"Pyro Sphere,"

"Terrier Tornado,"

The two attacks collided with the Champion level dinosaur digimon from the side knocking him away from Renamon. Looking behind her Rika saw Henry and Takato come through the Digital Field, as Guilmon and Terriermon moved to stand in front of Renamon incase Allomon tried to attack her while she was still down. She wouldn't admit it, but part of Rika was surprised that Naruto still hadn't shown up. She had at least expected him to be there with the other two male tamers.

"Don't get in the way; this is our fight so stay out of it," Rika said with a scowl on her face before turning her back on the two.

"You could at least thank us. We did just save your digimon from being deleted you know." Henry said, not getting any response out of the amethyst eyed girl at his words.

"Let's finish this Renamon," Rika said pulling out another card from her card holster, "Digi-Modify… Hyper Chip Activate!"

"You shouldn't have come." Renamon said, as she slowly walks past both Guilmon and Terriermon to stand in front of Allomon the cold air once more gathering around her.

"But why?" Guilmon asks innocently.

"Dino Burst!" Allomon said attacking with another stream of fire that headed straight for Renamon.

Raising her right hand Renamon released her own attack stopping Allomon's Dino Burst just before it reached her, "Frozen Wind." For a second it looked like Renamon's Frozen Wind was going to be overwhelmed by the fire attack again only for the Frozen Wind to overpower the Dino Burst at the last second, and freezing Allomon in a block of ice. Jumping into the air Renamon finished it with a Diamond Storm the thousand shards turning Allomon back into data, which was then absorbed by Renamon.

With Allomon defeated the Digital Field started to disperse showing that the sun was on the verge of setting. "Renamon, it's time to go." Rika said getting Renamon to faze away, as Rika turned and started to walk away.

"Hey wait a minute, can't we just talk?" Takato asked before Rika got too far away.

Rika stopped and thought about her reply. Normally Rika would have just told the two to stay out of her way and to stop interfering with her fights, but these two were Naruto's friends which meant that they had to know something about the blond haired boy that could answer a few of the questions she had about him. "Sure we can talk. You can tell me what you know about Naruto." Rika said, as she turned to look at the pair.

From his place on the rooftops Naruto smirked to himself, as he heard what Rika asked his two friends. 'Trying to get information about me through my friends, not a bad plan Rika.'

"And why would we do that?" Henry asked defensively.

"I'll give you two a Metalgreymon x and Weregarurumon x card." Rika replied dismissively.

Naruto was shaking his while smiling amusedly, 'Trying to bribe them won't work Rika. There is a thing called the Guy Code Henry and Takato wouldn't sell me out just fo-"

"Deal!" Takato and Henry replied in unison unknowingly cutting Naruto off midsentence.

'TRAITORS!' Naruto thought, 'I you two better be ready, because I'm going to show you two exactly why I am Konoha's Prank Master.' At that moment Henry and Takato felt shiver go down their spines for no apparent reason, but they just dismissed it as nothing important.

"So get on with it." Rika demanded.

"Well," Henry began, "I know that he is very good at sports. Every sports team in our school has tried to convince him to join, the track and soccer teams are the most persistent."

"He's also scary smart," Takato continued, "He's in my class and he's never failed one of Ms. Asaji's, our teacher, tests, and even though she is known for giving the most homework out of everyone in our school Naruto has it all done on time, even if it's due the next day."

'So he is good at sports, which considering how fast he is I can understand, and he's smart, that I actually didn't know about him,' Rika thought, "Anything else?" she questioned.

Both boys took a second to try and remember anything else they could about their blond friend. "Well he likes to eat ramen." Takato supplied.

"I already knew that." Rika said.

"He used to pull pranks back in his home of Konoha, and he's practiced martial arts since he was about 8 years old, and his favorite color is orange." Henry commented.

"I already knew all that too." Rika said exasperated.

"Well I can't think of anything else." Henry said.

"Hey what about Naruto's fan club?" Takato asked as he looked to his friend questioningly.

"His fan- what?" Rika asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Uh yeah," Takato said uneasily, "Ever since the soccer game we had a few weeks ago Naruto has all these fan girls chasing after him. Most of the girls in our year, and some in the year ahead of us, have a crush on him, and have joined his fan club."

'So it's not just at my school that he is getting other girls attention, but his too.' Rika thought, the idea that Naruto was drawing the attention of so many people of the opposite sex irritating her for some reason. "Is that it?" Rika asked in an annoyed tone.

"Y-yeah that's it." Takato answered nervously

"Here," Rika said handing them the cards she promised before leaving.

"Hey Takato?" Henry began after Rika had left.

"Yeah," Takato responded distractedly, as he looked at his new Metalgreymon x card.

"Do you think it was alright for us to tell Rika all those things about Naruto?" Henry asked.

Takato took a second to actually consider the question before answering, "I'm sure that as long as Naruto doesn't learn about this then everything will be fine." He said dismissively.

'Too late for that Takato,' Naruto thought with an evil smile, as he began to plan the pranks he was going to pull on his two friends for selling him out. Shaking thoughts of retribution out of his head Naruto noticed a small purple digimon standing on the light pole that Renamon was standing on earlier. 'Oh who do we have here?' Naruto thought to himself as he watched the unknown digimon jump away.

"Oi Naruto!" Coronamon said, as he pinched at his tamer's cheek and pulled on it.

"OW Coronamon what the hell!" Naruto exclaimed as he rubbed his cheek.

"Come on lets go, everybody else has already left." Coronamon said impatiently.

"Fine," Naruto muttered before sly smile spread across his face, "But first, Patamon if you'd be so kind…"

"Of course Naruto," Patamon replied, already knowing what his tamer was asking, before he shifted his position on top of Naruto's head so he was closer to Coronamon, then in less than a second Patamon slapped Coronamon across the back of his head with one of his wings.


Naruto let out a chuckle, "Thanks Patamon."

"Anytime Naruto," Patamon replied with a giggle, while Coronamon grumbled about abusive fellow digimon partners.

Later that night Renamon was sitting on a telephone wire, thinking about what Rika said earlier that night and how upset she was with Renamon's inability to digivolve. Rika expected the best out of her and she was doing her best to give Rika that, but digivolving always seemed to be just out of her reach. The yellow vulpine digimon was sure that if she could just defeat a strong enough digimon and load its data then she would be able to digivolve, but she also felt that there was more to it than that.

"Aw, isn't this sweet a digi-babe pinning in the moonlight." A voice said causing Renamon to jump up facing the direction where the voice was coming from. There lying on a street lamp was the small purple digimon with a white face, green eyes, and tail. He wore red three fingered gloves and red scarf and a yellow smiling face that's teeth were like those of a shark on his stomach. "Don't look to me that you're too happy there toots, but then again what self-respecting digimon would be when you gotta answer to some snotty nosed kid like you're they're pet or something. Am I right?"

"I'm no one's pet. Rika happens to be my partner," Renamon replied testily, "and who exactly are you?"

"The name's Impmon, toots." The now known Impmon answered, "And your partner's not that impressive, even so she's got you believing that you can't do anything for yourself. It's the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. All you digi-slaves are the same, deep down you wanna be just like me."

"A short guy who likes covering his face in makeup?" a voice asked from directly below the two digimon surprising them since they hadn't sensed anyone being there a few seconds ago. Looking down the two digimon found the blond haired tamer casually leaning against the telephone pole in his usual clothes with his arms crossed over his chest. "Yo." He said, as he lifted a hand in greeting.

While Naruto dressed like he usually did Renamon couldn't help, but notice that his eyes were almost glowing as he stared up at them, and that his usual golden blond hair was a pale blond, for a moment Renamon wondered if his hair color just reflected whatever heavenly body was in the sky. It surprised her that she hadn't felt his presence like she normally would, but now that she knew he was there the aura he was giving off seemed to be even more intense than usual. What frustrated her most of all though wasn't that she hadn't been able to sense him, though she would be lying if she said it didn't bother her that a mere human could escape her sensing abilities, but he had been doing that for weeks now, but that she still couldn't put a definite word to what his aura made her feel or why she felt it. She has been trying for the past month to figure out what could possibly make her fear and respect the cerulean eyed teen since first meeting him, but nothing she learned from her life in the digital world could explain it.

"Who is wearing makeup? I dare ya to come up to my face and say that!" Impmon replied angrily, "Who the heck are you anyway?" he asked more than slightly confused at the end.

For a moment Naruto considered emulating his godfather and introducing himself like he used to, then he remembered how lame Jiraiya looked whenever he did that and decided that just giving his name would do. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki," he said introducing himself, "And I'm guessing that you're Makeupmon?" he questioned.

"The name's IMPMON!" the purple virus digimon said, his face temporarily going from white to red.

Naruto dismissed the little imp's anger with a wave of his hand, "Whatever. Hey you wouldn't happen to be looking for a tamer would you? Because I know this one guy who likes wearing makeup too; and I'm sure the two of you would be great partners." Naruto said with a smirk on his face.

"As if I'd ever wanna team up with some snot nosed brat," Impmon replied before returning his attention back to Renamon, "Listen here toots I think you're real sad, you wanna why? It's because that tamer of yours got ya thinking that you can't do anything without her. And if ya actually believe that you're in serious denial lady. There's a whole other world out there, actually a couple of them."

'Actually a few more than that,' Naruto thought to himself.

"But you won't ever see them if you're happy while fetching bones for some lousy human." He finished before he looked back toward Naruto who had remained quite during Impmon's little rant. "As for you, maybe this will teach you not to stay out of other digimon's business." Impmon ignited a small fire on one of his fingers before throwing it at Naruto, "Ba-da Boom!"

Naruto didn't react physically, as he watched the small flame draw closer to him. When it was close enough he blew it out like he would a birthday candle. When he looked back at where Impmon was standing he found that the small virus had disappeared.

"Hey, take it from me toots, you got to quit being stupid to really be free, get away from that human immediately! Ha ha! Ba Boom!" Impmon's voice carried over from somewhere.

"So what do you think?" Naruto asked as he looked at Renamon, who jumped down to the ground from the telephone wire.

"About what?" she questioned in return.

"About not really needing Rika," Naruto replied simply

Renamon was hesitant to answer, Rika's treatment and expectations of and for her making her unsure, and she made it known. "I'm not sure."

Naruto hummed in thought for a second before asking her something else, "Do you remember what I told Henry about why I fight back in the underground parking lot?"

Renamon thought about it for a minute, as she tried to recall what happened. She remembered her intentions to fight Guilmon and instead ended up fighting the Patamon and Coronamon. She then recalled what the blond haired boy said to the half Chinese tamer, "That you fight to protect."

Naruto nodded his head, but he decided to clarify things a bit. "I fight to protect that which is precious to me," Naruto said, "It's something that I learned from a friend a few years ago, though it sometimes feels like a lifetime ago. He taught me that when you are protecting those who are precious to you, only then can you become truly strong. I can't think a better example of that than the bond between a digimon and their partner."

"What's the point of telling me this?" Renamon asked curiously.

Naruto shrugged dismissively, "Maybe I'm trying to help you achieve something both you and Rika want, or maybe I just feel like hearing myself talk. Who knows?"

As soon as Naruto finished talking what looked like a geyser erupted from the direction of the park, and his D-arc went off signaling that a digimon had just bioemerged.

"You should go. Rika is probably already on her way." Naruto stated, as Renamon nodded her head in agreement. Before she fazed away Naruto spoke up, "Renamon don't tell Rika about me being here, okay?" Though he didn't say it as an order Renamon knew that it had come close to one. She knew that she wouldn't be able to disobey as she nodded her head again, leaving in a burst of speed before completing disappearing. Naruto waited a couple of seconds before following after her wanting to make sure that nothing bad happened.

Looking around, Rika had just entered the Digital Field, and found that a lot of the trees were covered in spider webs with one large spider web straight in front of her. Combined with the misty fog like setting that the Digital Field naturally created, it made it is so the area had a slightly creepy/ominous feeling to it.

"What's with the webs?" Rika questioned, but before she could start to figure out the reasons for all the webs she heard Renamon's voice calling out to her.

"Rika, run!" shouted Renamon, but Rika wasn't given the chance to react to Renamon's warning when some spider threads were shot in her direction. "Watch Out!" Renamon yelled, as she tackled Rika out of the way of the, as of yet, unknown digimon's attack, somersaulting to land on her feet with Rika in her arms, "Are you all right?" Renamon asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Rika mumbled out still trying to wrap her head around what just happened in the last few seconds.

Looking up the two were treated to the sight of a large arachnid digimon crawling on the webs. It had four sets of legs, though the first two acted more like hands that were gripped on to the long orange-red locks of its messy hair. The second pair of legs had three leather belts on each of them, and the third and fourth pair of legs had yellow stripes, all of them with red claws. It had a yellow mask like helmet with many green eyes, and horns coming out of its side with black stripes on them. The large bulbous backside of the spider digimon had a large skull with crossbones design on it, with what looked like large red stingers coming out of it.

"Perfect, I was just thinking about what to do for dinner." Dokugumon said, as she looked down at her prey hungrily.

"Eat dirt." Renamon replied dryly setting Rika down.

"Ooh, you're spicy too." Dokugumon said in return in an almost delighted tone.

Unknown to them Naruto had just arrived and was watching, as everything played out, from behind a tree. With how things were between Rika and Renamon at the moment Naruto was sure that this fight, or one of the ones soon after, would mark the breaking point for the female tamer and digimon team. What happens afterwards was still up in the air. Pulling out his own D-arc Naruto read the information on the spider digimon Rika and Renamon were about to fight. 'Well this should be interesting.' Naruto thought after reading the information. 'Good luck Rika, this fight won't be an easy one.' He finished, as he stared at the red headed tamer. His eyes momentarily going a bit lower than they probably should, before he shook his head and focused his attention on what was happening.

Bringing out her blue D-arc Rika read the data of the digimon for herself, "Dokugumon, whoa champion level, finally a worthy opponent. With her Poison Thread attack this spider's as deadly as she is ugly."

"Then I'd better step on her." Renamon said stepping forward ready to fight. Jumping up into the air Renamon started the fight with her signature attack, "Diamond Storm."

Moving faster than what was expected of such a large spider Dokugumon turned around defending herself from Renamon's attack with her own, "Poison Thread." The poison web catches the diamond shards slowing them down before they were disintegrated. When the last diamond shards were destroyed Dokugumon turned back around to face Renamon and unleashed a blast of poisonous purple gas, "Venom Blast!"

"Ahhh!," Renamon screamed in pain not being able to dodge Dokugumon's Venom Blast while in midair, which caused Renamon to fall backwards and being trapped in Dokugumon's web.

"Renamon, don't give up!" Rika shouted out to her partner, as she moved closer inadvertently drawing Dokugumon's attention to her. Seeing that Dokugumon's attention had shifted towards her tamer and was now making her way towards the red head, Renamon redoubled her efforts to break free from the web.

"Rika! Get out of here." Renamon pleaded when she noticed that Dokugumon had started to make her way toward the amethyst eyed girl, and that she wouldn't be able to free herself from the webs in time to rescue Rika from the arachnid digimon.

"Poison Thread," Dokugumon said capturing Rika in her attack making it impossible for her to run away. Jumping toward the vulnerable tamer Dokugumon was ready to sink her fangs into her. She had always heard that humans were a deliciously, and unless her sense of smell, even if she didn't have a nose, was wrong, the young virgins were especially delicious. Naruto seeing the danger that his friend was in, formed a Rasengan in his hand ready to blow a hole in the virus digimon, secrecy be damned, if Renamon didn't do something in the next two seconds.

'Come on!' Naruto thought angrily, going as far as growling in his mind, as he sent some chakra into his legs. 'It's time to see if you understand what it truly means to be strong Renamon.'

With Rika being seconds away from becoming Dokugumon's next meal Renamon started to grow desperate in her struggle to get free in order to protect her tamer. Some of the webs finally snapped under the force she was exerting freeing her arms enough to be able to do something. Spreading her arms out diamond shards started to appear though there were far fewer than there usually was, "Diamond Storm!"

Dokugumon looking over her shoulder could see the attack drawing near and was able to move herself in midair just enough so that the attack completely missed her. It then became obvious what Renamon's true target was when the Diamond Storm shredded through the spider webs that held Rika captive.

'Great job Renamon,' Naruto thought dissipating the Rasengan in his hand before going through some hand seals, 'But Dokugumon is still making her way toward Rika, so I'll help just a bit. Wind Style: Wind Bullet Jutsu.' Finishing the last hand seal Naruto unleashed a blast of air that slammed into Dokugumon throwing her away from the young red head.

Rika watched as Dokugumon came closer towards her, even though Renamon was able to free her from the webs the fear of having a giant spider bent on eating her made her freeze in place. It was just a second, but Rika noticed that there was a slight distortion in the air next to the descending virus digimon before Dokugumon was sent flying away from her. 'What was that?' Rika thought in shock before shaking her head trying to focus on the matter on hand. There was still a fight to win after all.

"Rika, get out of here, now!" Renamon begged her partner trying to use her claws to slash through the webs that still held her, but the damn things were stronger than one would expect.

"I'm not going anywhere." Rika replied, as she grabbed a card from her deck holster and slashed it through her D-arc, "Digi-Modify… Snimon's Twin Sickles Activate!" Rika shouted.

"Time to cut loose!" Renamon said, as the new data changed her arms to two long sickles that easily cut through the spider webs freeing her. Putting her new powers to good use Renamon started to cut through as many of Dokugumon's webs as possible hoping to slow the arachnid digimon by getting her out of her element.

Picking herself up from where she crashed Dokugumon saw what Renamon was attempting to do. Crawling up the nearest set of webs, that Renamon hadn't gotten to yet, she moved as high as possible before unleashing her attack, "Venom Blast!"

Seeing the attack coming her way Renamon let herself fall back down toward the ground, and away from the poisonous gas. As soon as she landed Renamon jumped backwards rising up in the air and away from any of the purple gas that still lingered in the air, as she gathered energy in the two long sickles that were her arms, "Twin Sickles!" Renamon shouted unleashing a pink purple energy blade from each of the blades. The energy blades closed in on Dokugumon, but her mask helmet offered her some sort of defense as she was able to knock the energy attacks away from her without suffering any damage.

With most of her webs damaged by Renamon Dokugumon couldn't get close enough to her to attack, neither while Renamon was still in the air or the moment she landed. As soon as Renamon landed she rushed toward the closest tree and jumped off it boosting her speed, and shooting herself across the clearing at Dokugumon. Seeing Renamon coming at her Dokugumon turned around so she could try and trap the yellow kitsune and leave her as easy prey, "Poison Thread." Dokugumon said.

Renamon pushed as much power as she could into her hands igniting them in intense blue flames, "Power Paws!" she said slashing her left hand forward. When Renamon's blue flamed claws made contact with Dokugumon's webs there was only a moment resistance before the webs snapped, and with each web Renamon cut through it ignited with the same blue flame that was on her hands, though the flames spread at a slow rate. Thrusting her right hand forward in a jab Renamon aimed to hit Dokugumon right in the middle of the virus Champion's head, only to have Dokugumon jump away at the last second.

Looking back toward where she was just a second ago Dokugumon let out a hiss in anger, as she watched Renamon crash through another of her webs with little effort, "Poison Thread!" Dokugumon snarled out releasing multiple shots of spider webs in the digital fox's direction.

With all the spider webs that Renamon was being forced to dodge she didn't notice that she was slowly being forced into a corner by the poisonous spider digimon, as the webs slowly surrounded her. When Dokugumon noticed that Renamon was finally right where she wanted her she climbed onto one of the nearby webs before she started to jump from web to another moving in on Renamon at a fast pace. Knowing that she only had one chance of getting out of this trap Renamon prepared to launch her attack, "Diamond Storm."

All of the diamond shards headed in Dokugumon's direction, but the virus digimon jumped above them dodging them completely. Looking back at the fox digimon Dokugumon saw that Renamon was moving as fast as she could past all the webs, either through running on the ground or jumping through the trees wherever there weren't any webs. "I don't think so cupcake! Venom Blast," Dokugumon said unleashing a blast of poison gas in the direction that Renamon was heading. Seeing the poisonous gas right in front of her Renamon was forced to move back or end up surrounded by it. Scowling slightly Renamon immediately started looking for another way out.

'I have to find a way out of here.' Renamon thought before she spotted a small opening that she could get through, 'There!' Running to the opening as fast as she could the vulpine digimon weaved through the spider webs.

"Oh you want to get out? Here let me help you!" Dokugumon said her voice coming from right behind Renamon. Eyes widening in shock Renamon glanced behind her only to see one of Dokugumon's legs rushing toward her. Grunting in pain Renamon is tossed toward the opening she was running towards just a second ago, smashing through any and all of the webs that were in her way before she hit the ground in a role.

"Renamon!" Rika yells, as she runs toward her partner and kneels beside her.

"Rika you have to get out of here." Renamon told her again, as she struggled to get up.

"I don't think so," Dokugumon said crawling onto one of the webs so she was right above the two of them, "In fact why don't I finish the two of you off right now, Venom Blast!"

Seeing the blast of poisonous air heading their way Renamon forced herself to stand up between the attack and her partner.

'Idiot!' Naruto yelled in his own mind, as he saw what Renamon was doing. 'It's poisonous gas! You're not going to stop it by just standing in front of it!' he thought going through another sequence of hand seals, 'Wind Style: Great Breakthrough Jutsu.' Naruto thrust both his palms forward unleashing a blast of wind from them that blew all the poisonous gas away.

'What was that?' the female tamer and digimons all thought when they felt a strong gust of wind that dispersed all of the purple gas. A quick look around for the source proved pointless; as it appeared that they were the only ones there.

'One more chance you two,' Naruto thought from his new position behind another tree, 'then I'll have to finish her.'

While Dokugumon was busy looking around for what could possibly have created that wind Renamon took the opportunity to land a kick on her head while she could, which she then followed up with a punch that was covered in blue flames, "Power Paw!" before flipping backwards away from the virus type spider.

Dokugumon quickly recovered, as she landed on another web, and sent another blast of poisonous gas at Renamon, "Venom Blast."

The Venom Blast hit Renamon before she could react, and kept going heading straight toward where Rika was standing. Seeing her partner was being swallowed by the poisonous gas and that more was heading in her direction caused Rika to freeze again in worry, for both Renamon and herself. Then in a blink of an eye Rika found herself a few feet away from where the Venom Blast impacted with the ground, and being surrounded by warmth that she hated to think that she was slowly getting used too. Looking up Rika saw Naruto grinning down at her with his fox like grin.

"W-whiskers?" Rika asked in slight shock, but also a bit of relief.

"The one and only, that was close wasn't it Rika?" Naruto asked.

Rika was about to say something else when she felt what had to be Naruto's hand give her left butt cheek a small gentle squeeze. A tick mark appeared on Rika's head, as one of her eyebrows started to twitch. "Let me go you PERVERT!" Rika yelled punching him in the gut knocking the air out of him, as feel down onto his knees.

"Itai, what the hell was that for Rika?" Naruto wheezed out.

"So you can learn to keep your hands to yourself." Rika replied back.

"It's not like I meant my hand to be there. I was in a rush to save your ass from being killed by Dokugumon's Venom Blast." Naruto said, 'and what a nice ass. Small and firm, yet nice and round,' Naruto thought to himself before shaking his head incase Rika notices something he didn't want her too.

"Whatever," Rika muttered angrily before the sound of something hitting the ground drew her attention to Renamon who was lying on the ground. "Renamon!" Rika yelled running back toward her partner with Naruto following after her.

"Rika, I'm glad you're safe." Renamon said weakly before shifting her gaze to Naruto, "Please take her away from here." Renamon all but begged, as she once more struggled to get up. "I'll hold Dokugumon off as long as I can."

"You don't have to do that Renamon. Whiskers' digimon will take care of her." Rika said, as tears started to appear in her eyes before she looked around for the two orange digimon. When she didn't find them she turned her attention to Naruto, "Where are they?"

Naruto shook his head sadly before answering her, "They're not here I came on my own." Out of the corner of his eye Naruto saw that Calumon wasn't too far away from where they were standing, the red triangle on his forehead glowing slightly. 'Looks like you two might still have a chance.' Naruto thought realizing what the glowing red light might mean.

"Oh! Game over?" Calumon asked sadly his ears shrinking.

Turning her attention back to Renamon Rika's tears almost overflowing seeing her partner barely hanging on, "You can't give up Renamon, not now. Please!"

"Rika run while you still can."

"Don't go away, please don't leave me." Rika pleaded, as some tears finally spilled over.

"I have to, but don't worry Rika. You're not alone everything will be fine." Renamon replied closing her eyes.

"No, RENAMON!" Rika shouted holding Renamon as close to her as possible, as her D-arc started to shine brightly along with Renamon and the red mark on Calumon.


"Renamon digivolve to… Kyuubimon!"

When the light died down in Renamon's place stood a much large fox digimon that looked almost exactly like Renamon except for a few differences. First of all this fox was much larger than Renamon and stood on all four legs instead of two. Her face was more fox like than before with a white muzzle, two blue markings under each eye, and a yin yang symbol on her forehead along with each leg. She had a longer mane than she did as Renamon, and pale blue flames flaring around her paws and tail tips. The two most notable differences were the white and red rope tied in a bow with two golden bells attached to it that was wrapped around her neck. And the other difference was the, now, nine flowing tails that she possessed each being tipped with the mystical pale blue flames.

'Kyuubi…mon,' Naruto thought in a mixture of shock and awe, as he stared at the yellow furred kitsune. 'Should have guessed that something like this would happen if Renamon digivolved. Time to see if you can live up to your namesake Kyuubimon,' Naruto thought the tone of his thoughts going from amusement to one of expectation.

"Game time," Calumon said happily, as his ears grew back to their full length and the Zero Unit on his forehead stopped glowing.

"Let's play. Poison Thread!" Dokugumon said; her anger overriding any of the fear she felt in the fact that her opponent had just digivolved into her Champion form.

"Payback time," Kyuubimon stated calmly; spreading her nine tails apart each of them lighting up in a bluish-white fire, "Foxtail Inferno!" The nine balls of fire launch off of Kyuubimon's tails, as she sends them after Dokugumon's webs lighting all the remaining webs in the same blue fire.

'Can she control them?' Naruto wondered, as he watched the fireballs move across the webs till they had ignited all the webs surrounding the spider digimon, and were now headed towards Dokugumon.

"Not so fast, hot shot!" Dokugumon said jumping off of the spider webs and falling towards her.

"Step into my parlor!" Kyuubimon replied, as she jumped into the air herself. "Dragon Wheel." Kyuubimon shouts starting to spin around in a circle creating a dragon out of the pale blue fire that lets out a roar before flying at Dokugumon. It moved around Dokugumon, like Kyuubimon's Foxtail Inferno did, surrounding her before it flips itself back around hitting Dokugumon from above, and turning her into data that Kyuubimon absorbed.

"You digivolved, but how?" Rika asked after her partner landed in front of her.

"It was thanks to you Rika you made me digivolve," Kyuubimon replied, "you made me stronger. You weren't afraid to show how much you cared about me. Like a true friend."

"Hm I see," Rika said gently placing her hand against the fox digimon's cheek getting Kyuubimon to lean her head against it, "do me a favor? Don't tell anyone."

"That was very touching," a familiar voice said, "Don't worry Ri-Chan this will stay between the four of us, right Calumon?" Naruto finished looking at the small white digimon, while Rika's face burned a bright red remembering that the blond haired boy was there and saw everything.

"Right," Calumon said, though he didn't have the slightest idea about what was going on.

"But seriously Ri-Chan I'm glad that you finally realized what you have to do if you want to become stronger." Naruto said.

"Whatever," Rika mumbled refusing to make eye contact with her sapphire eyed friend.

Naruto let a smirk cross his face, "And now that you are being honest with your feeling you can be honest with what you feel about me." He said teasingly.

The blush that Rika managed to make go away returned when she heard what Naruto said, "W-what the hell are you talking about?" Rika questioned in both anger and embarrassment.

Naruto ignored the flustered girl's question, as he turned his attention to the small white creampuff. "Hey Calumon how about you spend the night at my place? I'm sure that Patamon and Coronamon will be happy to see you."

"Sure," Calumon said jumping onto the blonde's head. "Will we get play a bunch of games and a lot of yummy food?"

"Of course," Naruto answered, as he made his way out of the park.

"Where do you think you're going!" Rika shouted out to the blonde's retreating form, "Stupid pervert don't think I'm going to let you just leave after saying something like that and what you did earlier." Rika finished chasing after the shinobi tamer, with Renamon following silently after her tamer with a small smile.

Couple of Days later

When Takato woke up he could already tell that it was going to be a good day, as he got up out of bed. After going through is usual morning routine Takato reentered his to find that some clothes had been laid out for him, taking a closer look he found that it was an exact replica of Davis Motomiya's Digital World clothing, and quickly put them on.

'Mom and Dad must of gotten me these.' Takato thought excitedly, 'They're kind of cool I guess.' Looking at the clock that was on his desk Takato's eyes widened when he noticed how late it was, he already wouldn't be able to meet Kazu and Kenta like he usually did. 'That's too bad I would have loved to rub that I got some awesome new clothes in Kazu's nose.' Rushing out of his home Takato gave his a quick, "See ya after school," before running out the door.

When Takato finally made it to class he was one of the last ones there, he also didn't notice evil smirk that Naruto had, as he made a quick hand seal to dispel the fox illusion that were on the clothes that he left for Takato. 'Payback time Takato.' Naruto thought.

When everyone in the class stopped to stare at him Takato was sure it was because his awesome new clothes and they were envious of him, he was partially right. The virus tamer was therefore very confused when they all suddenly burst out laughing and were pointing at him. Looking down thinking that he might have stained his clothes on the way there, so he was obviously surprised that instead of blue jacket with flames on it and brown shorts that he was wearing a white and pink shirt, long pink gloves and yellow shorts. Takato's face became as red as a tomato when he realized that the clothes he had on were an exact replica of Kari's.

'How did this happen,' Takato asked himself, as he desperately tried to figure something out about the situation he was in.

Naruto chuckled to himself, as he watched Takato become frantic. Sure this might be a bit cruel, but it wasn't like he was going to let things get too out of hand. Fox illusions were one of the few things he was able to master when it came to using Kyuubi's power. They worked kind of like Genjutsus except that they had… conditions was a good word for it. When a Genjutsu is released the illusion is broken and that's it. But Fox illusions were different in the fact that the caster of the illusion could decide certain conditions for the creation and release for the illusion. The illusion on Takato's clothes made it so anyone who sees them would automatically see a replica of Davis' clothes; of course any Genjutsu user could do this. It was the release of the illusion that made it special. When Naruto released just now it made it so only those in the room would see what the clothes actually looked like and anyone else Naruto chose. While the rest of the school, and anyone on Takato's walk back home, would just see him wearing his usual clothes. A couple of other conditions that Naruto set was that anyone that those who did see the release would forget about it after the end of the week, and considering that it was Wednesday Takato only had to put with it for two more days, and finally that they wouldn't be able to talk about it outside the classroom, to keep word from spreading.

'I'll have to destroy any pictures others take.' Naruto thought watching as a couple of the other kids took out the phones, 'Well I'll take care of that later, and might as well enjoy this. And this is only the beginning Takato.' Naruto finished with a small smirk on his face that quickly became more evil in appearance. Looking down at his desk Naruto had a notebook out with the words "Henry", "Jackie Chan", and "The song: Kung Fu Fighting" written on one of the pages.

"Now how can I get my revenge on you Henry?"

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