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At Night Dinosaurs and Dragons Fight

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Last Time

"Oooh, marital arts sounds exciting." A new voice said catching all their attentions. Turning toward the source they saw a blond woman fashionably dressed standing in the doorway. "Mind if we come to watch?" She asked the teen.

"Um," Naruto muttered unsurely not knowing who this woman was.

"Oh my where are my manners I haven't introduced myself have I?" The woman asked, "I'm Rumiko Nonaka. It's nice to finally meet you Naruto-Kun; my mother's told me so much about you."


Naruto stared at the woman for a moment longer, as he took in her features. In a single word she was beautiful and could easily see why she was considered to be one of the most popular models in the business. Looking at the older blond woman, Naruto couldn't help but wonder what Rika would look like in a few years. The girl was already stunning and she would only get more beautiful with time, even more so then her mother even. Even as these thoughts crossed his mind he couldn't help but feel a sense of strange nervousness for some reason, as he stood in front of his best friend's mother. "Hello Nonaka-san it's nice to finally meet you," Naruto said to her with his patented foxy grin, while he rubbed the back of his head the only physical proof that showed how nervous he was.

Rumiko smiled at the blond haired teen, as she stepped into the room, "Now, now Nonaka-san makes me sound so old Naruto-Kun, I insist that you call me Rumiko. After all I'm not going to force my daughter's best friend to speak to me so formally, now am I?" She questioned the teen boy before examining the blond teen curiously. "Let's see here, you are handsome, beautiful shade of eye and hair color, and from what my mother has told me you are also kind, considerate, charming, and quite intelligent." Rumiko concluded nodding her head and crossing her arms under chest, Naruto blushing lightly at the grown woman's words, before turning to face her daughter. "I approve," The blond woman told the amethyst eyed teen with a wide smile.

"W-what do y-you mean you approve?!" Rika asked indignantly her face heating up slightly at what her mother was insinuating. "There is nothing to approve of!"

"Ah, to be so young again," Rumiko said with a wistful sigh escaping her lips. "You know Rika if you don't do something soon some other girl is going to snatch Naruto-Kun right up." She stated embarrassing the two tamers even more. Though what no one in the room seemed to notice was, not even the person in question, was how Rika unconsciously clenched her fists at the mention of some other girl getting together with her blond friend. "In fact if I was a few years younger…"

"Hello Rumiko dear," Seiko said greeting her daughter, sparring the teens from any further embarrassment, as she rose up from the table and gave her a hug, "What are you doing home so soon, I wasn't expecting you to arrive for another couple of days."

"Oh, we got the photo shoot done ahead of schedule, so I was able to come home early. Which reminds me," Rumiko answered before turning her attention toward her daughter, "Rika I bought you the most adorable dress." The blond woman told her daughter pulling out a white and light blue frilly sundress from one of the bags that she had been carrying. The look Rika gave the dress the moment she saw it made it obvious to Naruto and Seiko exactly what she thought of the dress, Rumiko was completely oblivious to Rika's feelings, as she hadn't taken her eyes off the, in her opinion, cute sundress.

"I'm not wearing that." Rika stated resolutely leaving no room for argument.

"Rika you at least have to try it on," The red head's mother said with a pout, "Besides," She continued a devious look in her eyes, "I'm sure Naruto-Kun would think that you'll look really beautiful wearing it, isn't that right Naruto-Kun?" Rumiko finished by turning to ask for the whiskered teen's opinion.

Naruto gulped nervously shifting his gaze between Rumiko and Rika; one was giving him an overly sweet smile while the other one was giving him a withering glare that had him sweating slightly. He silently wondered if Kami enjoyed putting him in these sorts of situations where he was damned no matter what he said. "Well, I uh…" He stammered trying to figure out something he could say that wouldn't end with him facing a woman's ire. "I, I should really get going. Don't want to keep Henry waiting to long for our match." Naruto said hastily getting up and quickly making his way towards the door.

"Hold on Naruto-Kun, we'll go with you." Seiko said causing the teen to stop mid-step and turn around to face the elder woman.

"Ah, you don't need to do that Seiko-Obaachan. Besides Rumiko-San just got home and I'm sure you want to spend some time with your daughter." The sapphire eyed boy replied.

"Nonsense you've told us about how you learned martial arts and I would certainly love to see what you can do." Seiko told him and then turned to look toward her granddaughter. "You want to go as well don't you Rika?"

"Whatever," Rika muttered noncommittally looking away. She wouldn't admit it but she was actually quite curious about what Naruto was capable of. To her this was just another opportunity to learn about her mysterious friend.

"And I was the one to suggest it in the first place, so of course I want to go." Rumiko answered with a cheerful smile on her face.

"Well shall we get going, Naruto-Kun?" Seiko asked the blond shinobi.

Seeing that he really didn't have much of a choice Naruto nodded his head in acceptance. "Alright," Naruto said with a sigh, "But I'll have to meet you all there. I need to go home first and get some things for my spar with Henry." Naruto told them, giving them the directions and address to the dojo before leaving.

A few minutes later the group of four arrived at the dojo, a modest looking building that looked like what a traditional dojo should. Walking inside they found the students there all practicing either by sparing with one another or performing their katas. Soon after they entered the building Henry walked toward them with a smile, though he was a bit confused by what Rika was doing there and who the other two women were, wearing a white training gi with a green belt tied around his waist. Walking behind him was an elder gentleman, most likely the sensei of the dojo, dark greying hair and mustache. He wore a blue long sleeved shirt, similar to the kind of shirt that Tenten was known for wearing, beige colored pants, and black shoes.

"Hi Henry," Naruto said greeting his friend and fellow tamer.

"Hey Naruto," Henry replied before shifting his gaze to the red head that stood beside the whisker marked boy, "Hi Rika." He said somewhat uneasily still not all that comfortable around the amethyst eyed girl. Rika just spared the half-Chinese tamer a glance before looking away as her form of greeting.

"Henry," The blond haired boy began drawing his friend's attention, "Let me introduce you to Rumiko Nonaka and Seiko Hata, Rika's mother and grandmother." Naruto said gesturing to the two women beside them.

"It's nice the meet you both," Henry said bowing slightly too both women, "I'm Henry Wong, a friend of Naruto's from school." The two women greeted him in return before he introduced the man that stood silently behind him. "This is my sensei," He said, as the man stepped forward his hands behind his back a small smile on his face as he gazed at them, his eyes lingering on the blond haired boy for just a second longer trying to determine how capable of a fighter he was.

"Greetings and welcome to my dojo." The man said before focusing his attention solely on the blond haired boy. "I understand you wish to challenge Henry to a spar," He stated more than asked.

"That's right," Naruto answered nodding his head an excited smile spreading across his face.

"Very well then, we will just wait for you to change before getting started. The changing rooms are in the back." Sensei said gesturing toward the back of the dojo getting, a thanks from Naruto before the Cerulean eyed teen left to change into his training clothes. A few minutes later Naruto emerged from the changing rooms wearing a simple orange shirt and black training pants. Making his way toward the mat that Henry was waiting for him to begin their match. Naruto absentmindedly noticed that some of the students of the dojo had stopped whatever it was that they were doing and were now watching him and Henry excitedly. Looking at his fellow tamer Naruto remembered something before a sly smile crept its way across his face.

"Hey Henry," Naruto began, "How about we make this match a little bit more interesting." The blond shinobi suggested.

"What do you mean?" Henry asked him curiously.

If possible Naruto's smirk got even more devious. "A wager," Naruto stated. "Whoever loses has to do one thing the winner says."

"I'm not sure," Henry said uncertainly.

"How about this, we tell Sensei what we will have the loser do, and if he agrees that it's nothing dangerous than we do it." Naruto offered Henry trying to get the half-Chinese tamer to agree with him. Thinking it over for a bit Henry was still a little unsure, Takato had told him about the incident with his clothes that suddenly changed and transformed into an exact replica of Kari's from Digimon Season 2. He didn't know how, but Henry was sure that somehow Naruto was the one that made it all happen, it sure as hell seemed like a prank worthy of his supposed skills as a prankster. Henry would have already refused Naruto's suggestion, for fear of what the blond haired boy would have him do, but the knowledge that Sensei would have to agree to the terms of the bet first at the very least assured Henry that whatever Naruto proposed wouldn't be too bad.

"Alright," Henry said coming to a decision.

"Great," Naruto replied with his usual fox like smile. Having being paying attention to what the two tamers were discussing Sensei stepped forward to listen to each of their conditions. When Henry whispered to Sensei what he planned to have Naruto do, Sensei just nodded his head in acceptance showing that he found that Henry's terms to the wager acceptable. When Naruto told Sensei his idea the elder gentleman's eyes widened for a fraction of a second while his lips twitched upwards slightly, but it happened so quickly that no one noticed it. Nodding his head, his eyes full of mirth, Sensei indicated that he accepted Naruto's wager and the blond boy walked back toward where he was standing before. With the two teens ready to start Sensei moved off to the side to stand by Naruto's guests before signaling for the match to begin.

"Hajime," Sensei said starting the match, and causing the two teens to fall into their respective stances.

The two tamers stared at each other for a second trying to assess the other's skill before Henry started the match by charging at Naruto and throwing a punch aimed for the sapphire eyed boy's midsection. Naruto watched as Henry came closer; the blue haired boy was surprisingly fast, when compared to the people from this world, but to Naruto he was still moving slowly. Stepping to the side Naruto let Henry's punch sail by harmlessly before ducking under his follow up strike. Henry's eyes widened momentarily in surprise and shock, while he was far from being the best fighter in the dojo he was no slouch either, for his blond opponent to evade his attacks so effortlessly was amazing. Not letting his surprise affect him, Henry continued his attack on Naruto. The blond haired shinobi was easily evading his sparring partner's attacks, though just because he was stronger than Henry that didn't mean he wasn't taking this fight seriously. Henry's form was good and his strikes were strong, but his form was also predictable and easy evade.

Watching from the sidelines Sensei was amazed by Naruto's skills, "Incredible." Sensei murmured quietly.

"What is incredible?" Seiko asked Sensei, as she stood next to the man.

"Uzumaki-Kun's style of fighting," Sensei answered her, "When Uzumaki-Kun first took his stance I was concerned because it looked most like what one would expect from a brawler, someone who learns from fighting in the streets, and fighting against Henry and his style would have most likely resulted in Uzumaki-Kun getting hurt in the end."

"But it looks like Naruto-Kun is the one that has the advantage Sensei-San; he's evaded all of Henry's attacks so far." Seiko pointed out looking at the young man that she was growing fond of with a smile.

"And that is exactly what is so incredible," Sensei stated admirably watching the blond teen all but dance around one of his favorite student's strikes. "Ever since Henry threw his first punch Uzumaki-Kun's way of evading is vastly similar to that of the Snake-style of fighting. The style of fighting focuses on the user evading his opponent's attacks creating openings so he or she can counterattack with quick and precision strikes. To learn such a style of fighting usually takes years, to be able to use it to its maximum potential even longer."

"That is rather impressive," Seiko commented, laughing softly as her daughter began to cheer for Naruto quite loudly, "But Naruto-Kun has yet to attack Henry." Seiko noted.

"Yes," Sensei replied having noticed the same thing, "It makes me all the more curious to see what it is that Uzumaki-Kun is capable of." What Sensei didn't tell Seiko was that he had also noticed that the style Naruto was using was also vastly different from what he had seen of the Hebi style before. He could see other styles, some he didn't even recognize, worked into his evasion that flowed perfectly with one another with no sign that they were working against each other, or taxing on Naruto physically.

Rika was staring at her friend's fight in amazement, he had told her before that he knew how to fight, but what she was seeing right now was far from what she first expected. She didn't know how good Naruto was, her knowledge of fighting extending only as far as a few self-defense classes and fighting off the occasional fan-boy, but he made dodging Henry's attacks look so easy and effortless, each move served some purpose that kept him out of the half-Chinese tamer's reach, and even without having thrown a punch yet it was obvious to everyone watching that Naruto was the one in control of the fight. Watching him, Rika couldn't help the strange feeling of pride that she felt for Naruto at that moment, she also found herself unconsciously smiling in his direction.

"He's incredible isn't he?" Rumiko whispered to her daughter curiously.

"Yeah," Rika agreed with an almost dream like sigh, not realizing that she had said that out loud. Rika's eyes widened when she finally realized what it was she said, and more importantly who she had said it to, "Wait, what I… uh um?" The redhead stammered her normal cream colored skin growing a shade darker, as she failed to find an excuse for what she said.

Rumiko giggled at her daughter's reaction, this was the first time that she had ever seen her daughter so flustered. And over a boy too!

Henry's was starting to tire, he had a thin sheen of sweat over his skin, and he was becoming just a bit frustrated. It had been at least 15 minutes since Sensei had started the match, and he had yet to even come close to landing even one hit on his opponent. Normally this wouldn't have bothered him all that much, seeing as he didn't approve of fighting in the first place, but after continuously being on the offensive and not being able to land a single hit anyone would start to lose his cool. It was only made worse by the fact that Naruto hadn't even tried to attack, then you could understand Henry's frustration.

After successfully evading another series of punches and kicks from his sparring partner Naruto suddenly grabbed the punch that Henry aimed for his chest shocking nearly everyone, and relieving others who had started to grow bored, with the fact that he had finally done something besides dodge, before pushing the clenched fist back forcefully causing Henry to take a couple of unsteady steps backwards.

"Alright," Naruto began his fox like grin spreading across his face, "Your speed is impressive Henry, and the strength behind your punches and kicks isn't bad either." The sapphire eyed shinobi praised his friend before his grin turned wilder, unnerving Henry slightly, "Now it's my turn to show you what I can do." He said, as he began his attack.

Even though Naruto was literally only a couple feet away from him, Henry swore that the blond teen disappeared for a second before reappearing in front of him, something that a few others would agree with. Henry barely lifted his arms up in time to block the punch that Naruto had aimed for his chest, but grunted from the pain he felt in his arms from where the punch connected. He didn't have much time to dwell on it because he had to duck under a kick from Naruto that came close striking his head. In only a few seconds the pace of the spar had completely changed, Henry who had been on the offensive since the fight began suddenly found himself having to push himself beyond his limits just to keep up with the pace that Naruto was setting. But even as he dodged Naruto's attacks Henry couldn't help but feel amazed by the level of skill his sparring partner was showing.

All those watching were also in a state of awe, with all the people in the dojo now focusing their attention solely on the match between the two teens. Sensei's eyes were sharp analyzing Naruto's movements and taking note of the type of style that Naruto was now using. Like his defense Naruto's offense seemed to consist of different styles of fighting that mixed perfectly together. The blond shinobi was completely dominating the fight leaving no openings for Henry to exploit. With one final combination of strikes Naruto broke through Henry's guard, landing a couple of successful blows to his chest before knocking him off his feet.

"That's it I win." Naruto stated looking down at Henry who was too tired to get back up.

Sensei seemed to agree with him because not even a second later he called the match in Naruto's favor. "Winner Naruto Uzumaki," He declared to the excited cheering of everyone in the dojo. Calmly walking toward his downed opponent Naruto held out his hand for the young teen to take before helping him stand up.

"Good match," Naruto told him a smile spreading across his face.

"Yeah you too," Henry answered with a groan, rubbing the spot where Naruto hit him last soothingly, "Though if it's alright with you I think that I'll put the idea of a rematch off until later, much later." He finished with a wince causing Naruto to chuckle a bit awkwardly. Naruto was saved from having to say anything back when he noticed that Sensei, Rumiko, Seiko, and Rika were coming towards them.

"Excellent work you two," Sensei praised the two teens receiving a thankful smile from Henry and a bashful grin from Naruto. "Especially you Uzumaki-Kun, you did exceptionally well in your spar against Henry."

"Yeah," Henry agreed not at all bothered by his losing, "I could barely keep up with any of your attacks and didn't even come close to landing a hit. When you said you were good I didn't think you meant you were completely unstoppable."

"I'll say," Rumiko commented excitedly, "It was like watching something out of an action movie."

"Congratulations on your win Naruto-Kun." Seiko said to him with a smile. Naruto thanked everyone for their praise before turning to the final member of the group with a questioning look in his eyes, seeing the blonde's attention on her caused Rika to look away momentarily before saying something.

"You did ok, I guess." Rika murmured quietly, but still loud enough for Naruto to hear. A wide grin spread across Naruto's face at Rika's compliment, as unenthusiastic as it might have been, it seemed to make the blond shinobi happier than any of the other compliments he received, something that Rika was inwardly very happy about.

"Thanks." Naruto told her before his grin went from happy to mischievous, as he turned to face Henry, "Now Henry about our little wager." The half-Chinese tamer groaned slightly having hoped that his friend would have forgotten their wager, or at the very least called it off.

"Alright, what is it that I have to do?" Henry asked him anxiously.

If possible Naruto's grin just became more mischievous, as he answered his friend's question. "Nothing much," Naruto began, "Just put on a bit of makeup, tie your hair into pigtails, and introduce yourself to everyone you meet today as Pwincess Pwetty Pants." The blond tamer finished nonchalantly with a shrug of his shoulders saying it all as if it was no big deal.

"WHAT?!" Henry shouted in disbelief at what he would have to do, he would only have had the blond buying him lunch for the next week if he had won. He also regretted ever telling the blond about his younger sister and how she loved to play with Terriermon, believing that the small rabbit digimon was a stuffed toy, and how she would refer to him by that name.

"Relax Henry it's just for today," Naruto said to him, "And it's not like you'll be forced to dress like a girl like Takato was."

"So you were responsible for that." Henry said accusingly, as he stared at his friend suspiciously.

"I never said that." The sapphire eyed boy replied innocently. "Besides you agreed to this and Sensei found the stakes of you losing acceptable.

At the blonde's words Henry turned to his Sensei in question, "Sensei?" He asked curiously, when he agreed to a bet against Naruto on who won the match it was on the condition that Sensei would decide if the stakes were acceptable.

"Well," Sensei started coughing lightly into his hand, "While the conditions of Uzumaki-Kun's terms of the wager are a bit embarrassing I do not consider them to be intentionally malicious, and are only supposed to cause you some mild discomfort." He reasoned.

Henry sighed he wanted to argue against the bet, but he had agreed to it when Naruto first proposed it, and he couldn't go back on it now that he lost just because he didn't like the results. Reluctantly the half-Japanese tamer nodded his head in acceptance, "Where would we even get make-up or something to hold my hair up?" He questioned in a last ditch effort to avoid having to go through with it.

"I can help with that!" Rumiko suddenly spoke up excitedly holding up her purse, "I've got everything we could possibly need in here!"

"Great," Henry muttered doing his best to keep the sarcasm out of his voice, if Rumiko heard him she didn't react to it as she pulled him away from any prying eyes and began her work.

A few minutes later the two returned Henry's hair now pulled into two short pigtails, with light mascara under his eyes, and blush on his cheeks. He put his foot down when Rumiko attempted to put lipstick on him. When they finally rejoined the group Naruto was barely restraining himself from outright laughing at his friends appearance, Rika let out a snort of amusement before composing herself, though the smirk on her face made clear to everyone that she found Henry's appearance to be funny, Seiko managed to keep a pleasant smile on her face, while Sensei didn't show any outward reaction to his student's appearance.

"So, what do you think?" Rumiko asked them giddily.

"It's perfect Rumiko-San." Naruto replied struggling to keep himself under control. Turning to face Henry, Naruto gestured toward all the other martial arts students in the dojo, "Well Henry why don't you start introducing yourself." He suggested giving his embarrassed, friend a smirk.

"You know I just might give up the pacifist lifestyle if it means that I get a chance back at you for this." Henry threatened lightly before letting out a sigh resignation and turned to face his fellow students, while silently cursing the grinning blond under his breath, "Hello everyone I am Pri-" He began only to be cut off midsentence.

"Oi I said to introduce yourself as Pwinces Pwetty Pants, with a 'w' instead of an 'r' like your sister says it." Naruto told him, while he subtly pulled his phone out to record what was happening.

Henry didn't even bother trying to stifle the groan that escaped his lips, as he again wished that he had never told Naruto about his sister's habits. "Fine," He groaned before taking a deep breath and slowly let it out, "Hello I'm Pwinces Pwetty Pants." Henry finally said a light blush spreading across his face, as everyone was staring at him in obvious amusement and some were even openly laughing at his misfortune.

"Alright that enough," Sensei said, his voice strained just slightly, quickly silencing many of the students and drawing their attention to him, "Please return to your practice now." All the students immediately listened to their sensei and went back to doing whatever they were doing before Henry and Naruto's match.

"Sensei," Henry spoke up get his Sensei's attention, "I think I'll be going home early today."

"Very well," Sensei replied he wasn't about to force the boy to stay and practice while having to look like he did.

"Thank you." Henry said gratefully.

"Hey Henry," Naruto started moving closer toward his friend, "No hard feeling, right?" He finished somewhat nervously, as he held out his hand for Henry to shake.

Henry stared at the hand held out toward him and then to the blond teen that was looking at him anxiously. He had already decided that he couldn't blame the blond for suggesting the bet when he agreed to it in the end, but that didn't mean he couldn't make sweat at least a little. "Yeah no hard feelings," Henry finally answered taking his friend's hand and shaking it.

"Good." Naruto said relieved.

With a few final farewells Henry left the dojo and started to make his way home having to introduce himself only to a couple of people on his way home. Sadly once he reached his apartment he learned that his father decided to have an impromptu family gathering that day. So he had to introduce himself as Pwincess Pwetty Pants to all his family members incase Naruto somehow found out he didn't carry on with their bet, and he was sure that Naruto would somehow find out. On the other hand Suzie was completely ecstatic with her brother's appearance, and just about demanded that he have tea with her and Terriermon.

Back at the dojo with Henry gone the group of four said their goodbyes to Sensei, after Naruto changed back to his normal clothing and Sensei told him that he was always welcomed to come back so he could train if he wanted. After leaving the dojo the group decided to go out for lunch to a restaurant that Rumiko knew about, and even offered to pay on the pretense that she wanted to get to know Naruto better. Lunch went smoothly for the most part with the only real problems being some of the questions that Rumiko asked the two teens that embarrassed them. When lunch was over Rumiko once more voiced her approval in Rika's choice before they separated and went to their respective homes.

The following week Naruto was sitting in class barely listening to Ms. Asaji talk when she mentioned something that drew the blonde's attention to her. Apparently someone had been causing trouble in Shinjuku Park after dark. Besides that nothing else seemed all that important with her announcement. It wasn't until school ended for the day that Naruto heard anything else about it when Kazu was talking about it with a few of the other boys in class that included Takato and Kenta.

"Guess what I heard?" Kazu began being the center of attention, "Hah, get this guys, there's some kind of pint sized pyromaniac loose in the park. Wish I'd thought of that."

"How do we know you didn't, Kazu?" Kenta commented jokingly though he knew that his friend wasn't capable of that sort of thing

'So it's someone who uses fire. Could it be a digimon?' Naruto thought to himself already having one suspect on who could be responsible with the mayhem that was being caused in the park at night. Across the classroom some of the girls were also talking about the mysterious happenings going on in the park.

"So you wanna know what I heard? This will really make you mad." A blond girl with her hair in twin pigtails began.

"Really? Tell us." A second girl with short purple hair said.

"Someone," The blond haired girl started, "Is going around picking on couples in the park while they're kissing, can you believe it?" She finished angrily. If that was the case then when she finally convinced Naruto to go on a date with her their moment could be ruined when they went to the park for some alone time.

"Aw, that's terrible." A third girl with short brown hair said.

"It must be a boy." The final girl with dark brown hair and glasses said, as a group all the girls turned to stare angrily at the group of guys

"Yeah, it's a boy all right. Come on." The twin tails said angrily.

"Confess!" The short brown haired girl demanded.

"Don't look at me." Kazu replied slamming his hands down on his desk.

"Confess to what? We haven't done anything, girls never play fair!" Kenta stated upset by the girls' accusation.

Before anything else could be said the scraping of a chair against the floor was heard by everyone in the room, who as one turned toward where the source of the sound came from where they saw Naruto standing up at his desk, his head lowered so his hair covered his eyes from view.

"Ah, of course Uzumaki-Kun couldn't be responsible for these mean tricks." The blond twin tails stated confidently while trying to compliment the blond at the same time, the other three girls doing the same thing.

"You…" Naruto began quietly.

"Huh?" The blond girl asked confused.

"You, all of you," Naruto began again. "I can't stand people who carelessly blame others whenever something goes wrong. You are blaming the boys based on some rumor that you've just heard, and for all you know could be completely wrong. Stop judging people without knowing all the facts. You're the type of people I hate the most." He finished raising his head to glare at the small group of girls. When everyone in the class could see his eyes again they were all surprised by how fierce they looked. Finished saying his piece Naruto grabbed his things and left the room.

The four girls just watched Naruto's retreating form frozen with their mouths hanging open and shocked looks on their faces, as they grew noticeably paler and the blonds final words repeated themselves in each of their minds.

A few minutes later Takato, Henry, and Naruto were outside the school, as Takato told his two friends about his fear that Guilmon was somehow involved with the attacks in the park.

"You think it was Guilmon?" Henry questioned his friend doing his best to ignore the blond who was currently rolling on the ground laughing at the idea, "I don't know Takato he doesn't look like a kid to me."

"There is no way that it can be Guilmon." Naruto stated picking himself up from the ground dusting himself off. "For one they said that whoever did it looks like a kid not a miniature red dinosaur. Secondly Guilmon doesn't have the right mind set to go around at night scaring people. This seems like something a nasty little brat would do as a prank. If people's bread suddenly started to disappear then I would be worried that Guilmon was responsible." The blond shinobi said jokingly at the end, unintentionally an image of Yogi the Bear coming to mind, Guilmon smarter than your average digimon.

"Hey that's right!" Takato stated happily, as he and Henry laughed lightly.

Terriermon suddenly drops down from the tree that they were all standing beside, hanging upside down, "I gotta agree with Naruto. You got to wise up guys, they just think it's a kid cause it's too small to be an adult."

"See nothing to worry about." Naruto said.

"Um, Naruto?" Takato began apprehensively, "What was up with that back in the classroom?" He asked the blond tamer while Henry just stared between them confused.

Naruto let out a sigh, as he stared up at the sky for a second, the girls accusation had resurfaced a few old memories from his life in his old home, "It's nothing Takato, if anything I over exaggerated things a bit. I'll probably have to apologize to them tomorrow." He finished.

"Well if you're sure. It's just you seemed kind of upset." The brunette tamer said.

"Like I said its fine, just some old memories." Naruto told him reassuringly, though he now left the two boys and one digimon curious about what memories could upset the usually cheerful sapphire eyed boy.

"Anyway," Henry started getting the conversation back on topic, "I heard the principal telling the teachers they have to start patrolling the park tonight."

"But that's horrible, they're gonna catch Guilmon this time for sure." The virus tamer said worriedly, as he started to envision all the experiments, and other unspeakable things, that could happen to Guilmon if someone found him.

Later that night Naruto was jumping through the trees of the park by himself, having called training off for the night. He decided to try and look for the person responsible for scaring the couples that visited the park at night, mostly because he was worried that with the teachers patrolling the park there was a greater chance that they could stumble upon him training with Patamon and Coronamon. He was sure that the Impmon that he meet some time ago had something to do with the attacks, but he had been searching for the last couple of hours and had been unable to find the small purple digimon. He had just decided to give up looking for the night and try again some other time when he noticed Takato walking through the park with Ms. Asaji, with Takato seeming to be thanking the brunette teacher for something.

"I won't let them do it!" Takato suddenly shouted before taking off in the direction of where Naruto knew Guilmon's hideout to be located.

'He sure has a lot of problems.' Naruto thought to himself, as he watched his friend suddenly freak out before shrugging his shoulders and continued making his way home, choosing to let Takato deal with anything that he was worried about on his own.

In another part of the park the small purple virus digimon that Naruto had been looking for was walking through the park after scaring another couple, "Eh, Humans are beginning to bore me, always so predictable, so pathetically... huh?" Impmon was complaining to himself until he noticed he noticed a large black figure in a thin cloud of data. "That's more like it! Someone's bioemerging! Ba boom!" He finished excitedly, as he ran closer to the bioemerging digimon.

The digimon was a large black dragon like creature with four red eyes, and its ears were similar to Guilmon's in design. It had red clawed hands; its feet only had three claws each a dark grey. On its left shoulder it had a grey skull and a red bat like symbol on the back of its left hand, and on its left knee a grey cross. It had torn black wings sprouting out of its back, it had stitching on varies parts of its body, and belts on its arms and tail.

"Hey, you there, four eyes!" Impmon shouted after climbing on top of a small structure that was nearby, "What cha doing huh? Oh, I'm sorry little baby Dramon can't get out of the mean old Digital field." Impmon said mocking the large dragon digimon, "Ha, ha! Guess you're not so tough now, huh? Ha, ha! What do you say to that? Not a thing." The Rookie level virus digimon continued to mock the larger digimon by making hand gestures at it and sticking his tongue out at it. Ignoring the virus dragon digimon's roars and growls Impmon continues to provoke it. "Ooh, I'm so scared. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Big baby Dramon's gonna take Impmon's head off? That's so sweet." Impmon finishes, with his eyes closed by pointing at the trapped digimon unknowingly cutting through the data cloud that held the bioemerged digimon prisoner.

Now free of his prison the black dragon digimon let out a might roar, that instantly caused Impmon to open his eyes and see for himself that the digimon that he was just tormenting could move freely now.

"Come on, I didn't mean it. I'm laughing with ya." Impmon said fretfully suddenly afraid of what the large dragon digimon could do to him. The virus dragon digimon just laughed maliciously, as it slammed one of its hands into the small building that Impmon was standing on causing it to shake, and send Impmon flying off of it. Satisfied that it caused the small annoying digimon some harm the giant virus digimon spread its wings and took off, heading towards the more populated parts of the city. "Uh, this is what's called a tactical error." Impmon commented from where he had landed in the bushes, watching the dragon digimon fly away.

Back at his apartment Naruto was on his laptop when suddenly a window opened up showing a map of the city with the data signature of a newly bioemerged digimon, called Devidramon, flying through the city. Grabbing everything he would need in order to confront the black dragon digimon, Naruto just called out to his two partners when another screen popped up showing that a second digimon was bioemerging in the opposite direction from where Devidramon was currently located. "What the hell?" Naruto muttered angrily.

"Naruto, what's going on?" Patamon asked his tamer entering the room, as he looked at him confusedly with Coronamon right beside him.

"Two digimon have just bioemerged." The blond shinobi told them.

"Then what are we waiting for, let's go!" Coronamon said impatiently.

"They're far away from each other." Naruto stated.

"So what are we going to do?" The small fire cat digimon questioned his tamer.

Naruto thought it over for a second before coming to a decision, "We'll go after the second digimon. The first is drawing a lot of attention the others will probably find it and take care of it." Naruto decided, as he made his way out of the room.

"But won't the other tamers wonder why we didn't show up?" Patamon enquired causing his tamer to stop mid-step.

"Your right Patamon, and if we tell them about the second digimon they will wonder how we knew about it when they didn't." Naruto rationalized before a solution to the current problem presented itself. Bringing his hands up Naruto performed a single hands seal and called out the name of his favorite jutsu, "Shadow clone Jutsu." The dual digimon tamer said, as three poofs of smoke appeared in the room. The smoke cleared just long enough to reveal three replicas of the blond shinobi, but before either digimon had time to inquire as to why he would make three copies of himself two of the Shadow clones performed another jutsu and were once more covered in a cloud of smoke. When the smoke finally cleared it revealed exact replicas of the two digimon standing beside the only Shadow clone that looked like its creator. "There," Naruto began, "Those three will go after the Devidramon with the others, while we take care of the digimon that is bioemerging." The blond finished opening the window to his room that they could all leave out of.

"What a Devidramon?! Are you sure that we should leave him to the others?!" Coronamon exclaimed in concern for the other tamers and their digimon.

"They'll be fine," Naruto replied confidently a smile on his face, as he watched the Shadow clones jump out the window, "I believe in them." He stated.

Looking at their tamer the two digimon could see how sure he was that the other three tamers could handle the fallen dragon digimon. The two orange furred digimon glanced at each other and shrugged their shoulders in unison. If Naruto believed that the others could handle it then they would believe in their friends as well. Nodding at their tamer the two digimon quickly climbed onto his shoulders before he jumped out the window towards where the second digimon's signal was coming from.

Sitting on top of one of Shinjuku's many buildings Devidramon stared out at the city. "I can have some fun before searching for him," Devidramon said to itself, "Who out there is worthy of me?" The evil dragon digimon questioned, as he searched the city for an opponent. Below him Devidramon sees Guilmon running towards where it was located baring its fangs at the small red dinosaur digimon the larger virus digimon dived downward from its perch on top of the building, and towards the unsuspecting Guilmon.


Inside his office in Hypnos Yamaki watched, as one of the digital abominations flew right by his window, "That's enough, this is becoming a personal embarrassment." Yamaki stated closing his lighter and standing up from his chair.


Back outside Takato arrived just in time for Devidramon to fly above both him and Guilmon causing huge gusts of wind to be created. Hastily pulling out his D-arc Takato began to read all available information he could on the flying virus digimon. "Whoa, Devidramon, man he gives the evil eye a whole new meaning. Hm, Champion level, virus type. Ouch! That Crimson Claw attack of his looks nasty." Looking up from his D-arc Takato watches as Devidramon lands in front of him and Guilmon, the two virus digimon start growling at each other.

A short distance away Rika arrived just in time to see Devidramon land in front of the brunette tamer and his red raptor digimon. She began to pull out some cards to enter the fight when Renamon stopped her.

"Not this time." The yellow vixen began getting a confused glance from her tamer, "I can't. This is Guilmon's fight." She stated not taking her eyes off the two growling digimon. Seeing how firm Renamon was in her decision not to interfere Rika groaned slightly in disappointment, that digimon looked really strong too.

"Rika! Where's Takato?" Henry's voice called, as he ran up towards the red head.

"Hm, up there," Rika answered in the same disappointed tone as before.

"Don't sound so sad about it Ri-Chan." Naruto's Shadow clone's voice said coming up behind them, with Patamon look alike on his shoulder and the Coronamon look alike was standing on the ground beside them.

"He's right in the line of fire." Terriermon commented from his perch on Henry's shoulder with a laugh.

"Who would have ever expected it from Takato," Naruto added with a smile.

"You guys aren't helping things," Henry stated disapprovingly, getting a shrug from Naruto for his troubles while Terriermon remained quiet.

In another part of the city the real Naruto and his digimon were closing in on where the D-arc was showing that the Digital signal was coming from. When they turned a final corner they weren't at all surprised to find a Digital field waiting for them. They were surprised though when that Digital field suddenly dispersed with arcs of lightning moving around where the field once stood. In the center of it all stood alone dog like digimon with small charges electricity dancing around its body.

Most of the digimon was black with red eyes like Devidramon, but unlike Devidramon it was noticeably smaller in comparison, with bits of blue being exposed on its tail, neck and back of the head. It stood on all fours with three toed claws, three black spikes coming out of its back, and yellow teeth like markings running up the side of its body. On its head it wore a black mask of sorts, as it covered most of the digimon's head and looked like it had been torn slightly near the mouth giving the tears the appearance of being fangs. It had a yellow marking shaped diamond on its forehead and two yellow markings going through both of its eyes; a single horn was coming out of its head in the shape of a lightning bolt, the back half yellow while the front half was grey. On its front legs it had red markings and grey ones on its back. Located on its chest was the crest of Friendship in blue. With a mighty roar the digimon caused an electrical surge to occur that shorted out all the electronic equipment that was close by and blowing up some street lamps.

Naruto smirked excitedly, as he pulled out his black and orange digivice, though he already recognized the digimon that stood in front of them. "Raidramon, wow one of the Digidestined's digimon, an Armor level Vaccine type digimon. Its Blue Thunder attack isn't something you want to be on the receiving end of." The blond shinobi said reading off the information provided by the D-arc.

"We can take him." Coronamon stated confidently, as he and Patamon stepped forward.

"No." Naruto intervened moving past his two digimon who were looking at him curiously, "It's been awhile since I've gotten the chance to fight a strong opponent." Naruto stated.

"So you're going to fight him?" Patamon reiterated looking toward his tamer for confirmation.

"Yup," The sapphire eyed boy answered simply, "You two relax while I take care of this."

Grumbling a bit to himself Coronamon crossed his arms over his chest before letting out a reluctant, "Fine."

"Be careful." Patamon said worriedly to his tamer.

Naruto grinned in reply, as he stepped closer to the growling Raidramon. The digimon in question didn't seem to care that its opponent was going to be a simple human by the way it bent its front legs and it lowered its upper body closer to the ground, similar to the way wolfs do before they attack, and snarled at the approaching tamer. At an unsaid signal the two combatants rushed at each other, Naruto pulling out a kunai he had hidden along the way. The first clash saw Naruto's kunai connect with Raidramon's horn sparks flying between them, both trying to gain dominance. With one final push both combatants jumped away from each other, when Raidramon landed on the ground electricity began to surge from the three spikes on its back.

"Blue Thunder," Raidramon roared calling out the name of his attack, as the attack condensed into a ball of lighting over the three spikes Raidramon launched it at Naruto. The blond shinobi only had a few seconds to roll to the side in order to evade the electric attack, and the small explosion that followed after it impacted with the ground. The black armor digimon didn't give the former jinjuriki time to retaliate, as it gathered electricity in its mouth and proceeded to unleash the bolts of lightning towards where Naruto was standing, "Thunderbolt." With no other choice Naruto began to move across their improvised battle field, lit only by the moon above them, dodging blasts of lightning Naruto pulled out another kunai and tossed it, along with the one he had been holding before, at Raidramon as soon as he had an opening.

Growling Raidramon used his horn to deflect the incoming kunai. When it looked back toward where Naruto had previously been standing Raidramon discovered that the blond shinobi was no longer there, but didn't have to wonder for long as a voice from above the digimon instantly told it where Naruto was located, looking up Raidramon watched as the blond red streaked boy fell down towards him a spiraling ball of chakra in his hand.

"Rasengan!" Naruto shouted thrusting the attack down. Reacting at the last second Raidramon jumped away from where Naruto was falling, letting the Rasengan impact with the ground where it once stood and grind away at the earth. Cursing to himself that his attack had missed, the blond shinobi went through a quick series of hand seals before unleashing his next jutsu, "Wind style: Drilling Air Bullet jutsu!"

Lightning crackled from the three spikes Raidramon's back again as the ball of electricity was formed, "Blue Thunder!" Raidramon shouted unleashing his attack. The two attacks collided in midair and exploded into strong gusts of wind and arcs of lightning.

Shielding his face from the wind and electricity Naruto barely heard the name of Raidramon's next attack over the roaring winds, "Lightning Blade!" From Raidramon's horn a wave of electricity was released in a direct course for where Naruto stood.

'Oh hell no!' Naruto thought his eyes narrowed in annoyance, 'I've already have had to deal will Chidori, there is no way I'm dealing with a Raikiri too.' Holding out his left hand the Digital Hazard symbol on the back of his hand started to glow, "Digital Hazard: Data Destruction!" The Lightning Blade connected with Naruto's outstretched hand and started to dissolve into data particles the instant it made contact. When the last of the lightning based attacked disappeared Naruto clenched and unclenched his hand, as he tried to get some feeling back into his numb hand. 'Ok note to self, Data Destruction doesn't keep me from not feeling the effects of an attack.' Putting that information in the back of his mind for now, Naruto pulled out another kunai before charging at Raidramon, the Armor level digimon following his example soon after.

The two of them clashed for a second before running past each other. Turning themselves around they again rushed at each other this time when they meet they came to a stalemate again, like when they first collided with one another. Channeling chakra through his body Naruto started to forcefully push the armored digimon back, with one final shove the cerulean eyed boy got Raidramon to backpedal quickly Naruto followed it up with a chakra enhanced kick to the armored digimon's head that sent it flying back.

Flipping itself over in midair Raidramon landed on its feet before rearing its head back, gathering electricity in its mouth, and letting it go in a blast of energy, "Thunderbolt!" Raidramon roared.

Naruto sidestepped the attack and then dashed towards Raidramon at speeds faster than he moved at before. Seeing the quickly approaching sapphire eyed boy Raidramon began firing multiple Thunderbolts at him in an attempt to slow him down, but Naruto dodged around all of them, not once losing his momentum as he quickly reached the slightly panicking digimon. Naruto tried to hit the digimon with a punch, but Raidramon swerved under the punch making it miss by a few inches before trying to bite down on the blonde's outstretched arm, its teeth cackling with electricity.

"Electric Bite," Raidramon said, calling out the name of another one of its attacks before trying to chomp down on the arm.

Naruto didn't panic in the slightest; instead he used his other hand to almost effortlessly push Raidramon's head away. Raidramon's eyes widened in shock the moment he felt his head being pushed away by the blond so easily. The second that the teen's other hand had connected with his head no amount of effort allowed Raidramon to continue toward his designated target, and that really frightened the lightning using digimon. With his arm now safe of being bitten off by the canine like digimon, Naruto pulled it back before thrusting it forward delivering an uppercut to the astonished digimon sending him rocketing skyward. Before Raidramon knew what was happening, it heard Naruto's voice coming from above him.

"Wind style: Great Breakthrough!" Naruto shouted thrusting his hands downward releasing high pressured winds that slammed into the black four legged digimon. The hurricane strong winds smashed Raidramon into the ground where it struggled to even move, looking up it saw Naruto approaching with the same spiraling ball of energy it had seen him with before, with even more effort it tried to move, but the force of the winds had zapped it of most its strength, "Rasengan!" Naruto said, shoving the Rasengan into Raidramon's back. The armor level digimon started to roar in pain as flecks of data started to come off from where the ball of spiraling destruction connected with its body before bursting into data completely.

Wiping a bead of sweat from his brow Naruto made his way toward where his digimon were standing staring at him with looks of admiration. "That was fun," Naruto told them with a grin. "And a good work out too."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, can we go home now?" Coronamon asked his tamer a smile of his own on his face.

"Might as well, as soon as the Shadow clones dispel I'll know what happened with the Devidramon." Naruto answered him with carefree shrug, as they started to make their way home.

"Naruto," Patamon began, flying up and landing on his tamer's head drawing his attention to him, "Why didn't you use Digital Hazard more? Besides destroying one of Raidramon's attacks you didn't use it at all."

"Simple," Naruto started, "For the Digital Hazard to work there has to be data to work with. With Raidramon destroying the Digital field there wasn't any data I could use for Data Creation. I also learned just now that while Data Destruction does destroy an enemy digimon's attack it still needs to make contact with my hand for it to work, and I will probably feel some side effect in this case my hand became slightly numb. If I work at it I can probably improve it so that I won't need to make physical contact. Finally I didn't use the Digital Hazard directly on Raidramon because even though I can scan his digital code its complexity is still more than I can deal with right now, so if I tried to modify it, it could just make things worse for me." Naruto explained.

"Oh," The flying orange digimon murmured in reply.

"Whatever!" Coronamon spoke up cutting into the conversation, "Naruto obviously didn't need it, so let's just go home already." The fire lion digimon finished getting a chuckle out of Naruto.

"Fine, but tonight we are eating ramen." The ex-jinjuriki declared happily getting a slight groan from Coronamon while Patamon just sighed at the twos antics.

Back with the rest of the tamers things weren't going well for Takato. No matter what he did no matter which card he scanned Devidramon seemed to have the upper hand by the way he was almost effortlessly dealing with Guilmon. The virus tamer watched as Guilmon just barely avoided being hit the fallen dragon's clawed hands when Devidramon flew by the red raptor.

"Pyro Sphere!" Guilmon yelled firing a fireball at the flying digimon, only to helplessly watch his attack to be slashed apart by Devidramon.

"Right," Takato said pulling out more cards from his pocket, silently hoping that one of them would help Guilmon win in the end, "Digi-modify… Power Activate!"

"Pyro Sphere!" Again Guilmon called out the name of his attack this time though it was far stronger than before. Something which Devidramon must have noticed, as this time instead of slashing it apart the black dragon moves its wings in front of it to shield itself from the approaching fireball, before laughing mockingly at the digimon and tamer pair.

"Aw man, that should've worked!" Takato complained lightly before slashing another card through his D-arc. "Digi-modify… Hyper Wing Activate!" Six wings of light sprouted out of the growling Guilmon's back before taking to the sky only to be knocked out of it seconds later by Devidramon, who outmaneuvered the Rookie level digimon and closed the gap between them thanks to its better experience when it comes to flying, slamming its hand into Guilmon ending with the red raptor being lodged into a stone wall.

"No way!" Takato shouted in disbelief, as the panic he had already been feeling from before only became greater. Pulling out one last card he slashed it through his D-arc not even caring what it was at that point. "Digi-Modify… Speed Activate!" Landing on the ground Devidramon reached out to grab Guilmon just as Guilmon picked itself out of the rubble. Seeing Devidramon's hand approaching the red virus digimon used his new found speed to disappear and move out of the way. When he reappeared he was standing behind the large dragon, but Guilmon still wasn't safe as Devidramon's tail hit him the moment he stopped moving.

"Speed is useless here," Rika stated angrily, "Does he have any idea what he's doing? Oh for goodness sake he's his own worst enemy." She complained at Takato's ineptitude.

"He's not even trying to think ahead anymore." The Naruto Shadow clone pointed out with a sigh, "At the rate he is going he is going to get himself and Guilmon killed." The blond shinobi stated before he runs towards the bridge where Takato was standing, Rika following him soon after.

"He's a basket case." Henry muttered to himself before chasing after his friends. As he was leaving Terriermon jumped off from his shoulder, as he looked around and going into a seemingly random direction.

"Had enough? Rookie?" Devidramon asked Guilmon rhetorically, as he crushed the Rookie into the ground by pummeling his fist into the downed digimon.

"No!" Takato shouted while searching his pockets for any card that could help, "Uh, I'm running out of cards." The virus tamer stated desperation starting to seep into his voice. Just then all the tamers reached Takato's location, Terriermon back on Henry's shoulder called out toward the panicking red eyed boy.

"Yo! Hey there! Takatomon! Guess what I just found out? Naruto and I were right Guilmon doesn't have it in him he's not clever enough. He's innocent, well mostly innocent." Terriermon declared confusing Takato, "He was set up by that nasty little puppy kicker Impmon. Now, go tell him you're not mad anymore." He finished in a strangely stern voice for Terriermon.

Naruto looked between the two of them, not quite understanding what Terriermon was talking about, before he realized what Terriermon was implying. Acting quickly the Shadow clone appeared behind Takato and hit him over the head causing the teen to grab his head in pain.

"Ow! What was that for?" Takato asked him somewhat angrily, as he rubbed the spot where he was hit.

"That was for being an idiot!" The Naruto Shadow clone told him crossing its arms over its chest. "I told you that there was no way it could have been Guilmon, but you still blamed him."

"But-" Takato tried to say, but Naruto wasn't letting the brown haired tamer get a word in edge wise.

"No buts!" The Shadow clone cut in, "If you're going to be a Digimon tamer then your going to have to believe in your Digimon partner no matter what. Now go and apologize to Guilmon for being such an idiot." It ordered pointing toward where Guilmon was laying on the ground.

"I was wrong." Takato muttered quietly to himself. He watches as Devidramon's tail went to impale Guilmon, but suddenly splits open into three parts pinning Guilmon against a wall. "You have to get up!" He yelled at his partner.

"I am...trying..." Guilmon barely was able to get out despite the pressure he was feeling against his chest.

"Try harder," Takato ordered him, "I'm sorry Guilmon I should have trusted you like Naruto told me." He continued apologizing to his partner for doubting him and blaming him for the couples being attacked in the park, "Guilmon!" Takato finally shouted.

Watching the interactions between Takato and Guilmon, Naruto notices Calumon floating nearby. Even from where he is standing he can see that the symbol on Calumon's forehead was glowing brightly. Turning his attention to the pair in front of him Naruto was just in time to see Takato's D-arc shine brightly, and Guilmon was glowing, a bright red that soon blinded Devidramon.


"Guilmon digivolve to... Growlmon"

From a red egg of data the newly evolved form of Guilmon emerged. He was much bigger than Guilmon, standing at about the same height as Devidramon; for the most part he looked a lot like Guilmon but with spikey white hair and two horns coming out of his head that were tipped black. The Digital Hazard symbol was no longer on his chest, but on his shoulders. He also varies black markings all over its body, and its claws on its hands and feet were tipped black. On its arms were small retractable blades.

"Bull's-eye baby," Takato murmured quietly to himself.

Naruto shook his head and let out a sigh, as he was able to hear what his friend had muttered, 'That seriously better not be his catch phrase or something, because that was lame.' The blond shinobi thought.

With a mighty roar up towards the sky Growlmon stepped forward he and Devidramon, who flew backwards to be up in the air, growling at each other challengingly. "Pyro Blaster!" Growlmon yelled calling out the name of his attack, a stronger version of his attack as a Rookie, but Devidramon manages to evade the giant fire blast by flying out of the way. Extending the retractable blade on his arm it glowed, a light blue, "Dragon Slash!" The dinosaur digimon shouted, as he slashed his arm out towards Devidramon only for the fallen black dragon to move out of the way of the attack again. Coming around from behind, Devidramon grabbed Growlmon by his shoulders before lifting him up into the air.

"This is so not good." Takato remarked, as he and the others moved away from the bridge they had all previously been standing on. High up in the air Devidramon released his grip on Growlmon and the red dinosaur digimon began to fall towards the ground.

"Here Takato use this." Naruto said urgently while handing his friend a card from his deck holster. Looking at the card that the blond tamer was handing him Takato noticed it was just another Hyper Wings card. When he went to point that out he was cut off before he could even start by Naruto. "Just use it or Growlmon is going to end up seriously hurt from a fall that high up!" The blond Kyuubi told him.

"Oh right," Takato answered grabbing the card and quickly slashing it through his D-arc, and for the second time that day he called out the name of the card. "Digi-modify… Hyper Wing Activate!"

Falling Growlmon had closed his eyes, as he waited to impact harshly with the ground below him, but before he hit the ground he felt himself become light and then was just floating up in the air. Snapping his eyes open he, momentarily took note of the six pair of wings that once more coming out of his back before he shot himself into the sky strait at Devidramon. The black Champion level digimon was surprised by the fact that Growlmon had shot up towards him so suddenly. Because of his surprise he barely avoided having Growlmon ram into him, but he hadn't noticed that red virus digimon had extended his arm blade for his Dragon Slash attack. Holding its injured side Devidramon growled at the now flying tyrannosaurs sized digimon.

"You'll pay for that." Devidramon snarled its claws starting to glow an eerie blood red, "Crimson Claw!" The dragon digimon roared swiping at Growlmon.

"Dragon Slash," Growlmon countered blocking the red claw attack with his blue arm blade attack.

Streaks of red and blue lighted up the sky as the two Champion level digimon clashed for a while drawing varies onlookers from different parts of the city. The two digimon seemed to be evenly matched, but eventually Devidramon gained the upper hand in their little match, as he started to out maneuver Growlmon while in the air. Dodging another Dragon Slash by flying higher in the air Devidramon hit Growlmon over the head with his tail sending the newly digivolved digimon crashing into the ground, luckily the Hyper Wings slowed down his decent, so when he impacted with the ground it wasn't as hard as it could have been, but was enough to kick up a good amount of dust.

Running towards where Growlmon crashed the tamers witness the large dinosaur digimon rise up out of the dust cloud his eyes glowing a solid bright red.

'Is that the Digital Hazard? Is it acting up?' The Shadow clone thought worriedly. From above Devidramon dives down towards Growlmon.

"Pyro Blaster!" Growlmon shouted shooting strait up at the quickly approaching Devidramon. The power behind this Pyro Blaster exceeding everything that the tamers had witnessed before, as the heat and light coming off it forces them to shield their faces.

'Damn it! This is insane! Is this the power of the Digital Hazard?' The clone wondered, watching as the pillar of pure heat energy rose up and completely consumed Devidramon within it turning the black virus dragon digimon into data.

Absorbing the defeated Devidramon's data Growlmon's eyes once more glow red before it roars up at the night sky.

"Damn," The Naruto Shadow clone whistled in appreciation, "That is some serious power Takato." It commented, "But we should really get out of here now. Who knows how much attention we've drawn," It added, as it turned to leave. "I'll see you guys tomorrow at school." The Shadow clone finished, taking the Coronamon and Patamon clone with it before disappearing around the corner. As soon as it was out of sight from the others, and making sure that there was no one nearby, they all dispelled themselves sending the memories of the evening back to the original.

With the other tamers they watched their cerulean eyed friend suddenly leave. Rika let out a huff of annoyance before turning and walking off the opposite way that the whiskered marked boy had left, not even sparing the other two boys a glance goodbye. She couldn't believe that the blond idiot had just walked away with a goodbye. Where was insistence of walking her home that she had expected, not that she wanted him to walk her home, but that wasn't the point. It was just strange and completely unexpected.

"Renamon," Rika said, calling her digimon to her side, "Was there anything strange with Naruto that you noticed?" She questioned.

Renamon was silent for a moment, as she contemplated her tamer's question before answering. "I didn't give it much thought." The yellow vixen began, "But there did seem to be something different about him tonight," She continued. "The natural presence that he usually gave off was different; it was weaker than what it usually. Almost like a shadow of what it was before." Renamon finished.

"I don't suppose you would know why, do you?" Rika asked her.

"I'm sorry Rika, no." Renamon answered apologetically.

"Its fine," The red head coolly, as she causally dismissed her partner. Renamon disappeared from view, as she went back to following and watching over her tamer from above.


Yamaki snapped his lighter close angrily feeling almost personally insulted. Not only were those digital abominations fighting right outside his office building, as if that wasn't bad enough, he also discovered that the blond brat, Naruto Uzumaki, was involved in all of this. Going around acting as if it was all some sort of game, and to make matters worse Uzumaki had not one but two digimon hanging off of him. He spent hours trying to find anything that would make the boy stand out in the slightest, but everything that came up turned out to be completely normal and now it turns out that the boy was one of those tamers. Someone was seriously messing with him and Yamaki swore that he was going to make them pay for making him look like a fool.

The Next Day

The next day at school Naruto approached a group of four girls, the same girls from yesterday, who were all still completely pale. He let out a sigh before calling out to the girls drawing their attention. "Hey girls," Naruto began, all the girls perking up at the sound of his voice. "I wanted to apologize for yesterday. I overreacted and shouldn't have talked to you all like that, so I'm sorry." The blond haired teen finished bowing slightly to all of them.

"Uh, it's alright Uzumaki-Kun. You were right too. We shouldn't have blamed the boys for just a rumor." The girl with the twin tails hair style began for her and her friends.

"Yeah we're sorry." Another of the girls added.

Naruto gave the small group of girls a wide grin that made them all blush heavily, but before anything else could be said the female voice of another girl cut into the conversation.

"Hey what are you all doing?!" The girl asked angrily, "Stop bothering Uzumaki-Kun! He doesn't have time to waste on any of you!"

"What was that?!" The glasses wearing girl of the group inquired loudly, "I'll have you know that Uzumaki-Kun was enjoying himself until you got here."

"Yeah right," Another girl said, "As if Uzumaki-Kun could possibly enjoy spending his time hanging out with you losers, especially when he has me."

"Like hell!"

"Stay away from my Uzumaki-Kun!"

"You should all stop deluding yourselves. Uzumaki-Kun and I are going to end up together."

More and more girls came and soon the argument broke out into another fight. Naruto watched everything from the sidelines, as the girls argument slowly escalated from insults and name calling into slapping, scratching, and hair pulling. Walking up from behind him was Ms. Asaji, she watched girls fight each other for a moment before letting out a tired sigh.

"How do you keep on getting yourself into these sorts of situations Naruto?" Ms. Asaji asked her blond student.

"It's not like I meant for this to happen." Naruto defended himself, "I was just apologizing to some of the girls from class, because I overreacted to something yesterday. And this just sort of happened." He finished indicating to the free-for-all that was going on.

"You might not mean to, but somehow it always turns out like this." Ms. Asaji pointed out with another sigh, as she went to break up the fighting before things got any worse. 'The school day hasn't even started yet and I already have a headache.'

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