Your Hair is Ridiculous - Chapter Three.

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I was going to give him a chance, a chance to date me or for me to date him. That was simple enough, I think. First of all I had to find out where he was, I glanced at the clock, dinner time, he'd probably be there. I could just saunter, I don't really 'saunter', I'll try walking up to him and just say, "Hey James" and when he says "Hey Evans go out with me?"

I'll say "yes" and that's that. No big deal.

Though I would have to check he is still talking to me, he might have just given up and moved on by now or he may be writing to Saint Mungo's to admit me to the crazy ward. I'm sure I wasn't completely crazy, I could blame it on being female but that was very Anti-Feminist of me. So that would be the first step, us having no communication may be an issue, unless I could raise Carrier Owls, though I'd have to assume the identity of a seventy year old man so I didn't look out of place at all those Carrier Owl conventions that went on all around the country in secret.

That probably was not going to be altogether easy seeing as I'd just walked into the hall to find Mary sitting so far away from the Marauders, it could have not been more apparent that; at that moment life would be so much easier if the other gender didn't exist. I sat down opposite Mary,

"Why aren't you sitting with Remus?" I asked very uncasually, as Alice and Frank slid in place beside me a moment later,

"We had a fight," she said moodily, trying to stab soup with a fork,

"Oh, what about?" I asked sympathetically, I hated Mary in a bad mood it was like having to live with a flobberworm (not that I've ever done that).

"You know he tells those guys everything" she exclaimed,

"Yes" said Frank and Alice nodded. No, I didn't which was worrying now my crazy wasn't confined to one male source. I should really stop thinking about myself, I wonder what Remus had said. I'd have to give him a kick for upsetting Mary, or I'd just hide one of his books. Though I had to guess I was in their bad books, or I might not be, I sometimes have no idea what is going in on my life.

"About everything, what they think of people, which girls they've slept with, how they were in bed, they talk even more than we do," she elaborated,

"You talk about sex?" said Frank, coughing on some water, glancing at Alice,

"Don't worry Frank, Alice is always complementary" I assured him quickly, he grinned

"You best keep up the high standards," she added to him, wrapping her arms around him

"Oh, I will" he said nuzzling her neck.

I glanced at Mary she was completely unfazed at their intimacy; it was probably just natural when you were with someone. I wondered what it would be like to have that all the time, comforting in a way, as well as being down right sexy. I'd have to make sure my husband was handsome so I always had something nice to look at, that was shallow, but on the other hand James was very good looking. I quickly bashed that thought out of my head, James as my husband that was stupid, I mean for starters the vows were going to be difficult if we were not talking to each other. That is probably why they have a Priest so couples can just carry on their fight regardless of whether they are getting married or not.

When I looked back at them, they were looking at each other as though they were the food on the table, which is slightly worrying.

"How fast can you eat?" Frank whispered,

"Not fast enough" Alice replied, kissing him

"We'll grab something from the kitchens afterwards then" he said, and grabbing her hand he led her out of the Great Hall. I wouldn't see them for a while, and hopefully no one else would either or some first years parents would be getting some funny questions in a couple of days.

I turned the conversation back to Mary,

"So, have you broken up?" I asked, I just wanted to know how many books I had to steal,

"I don't know, Lily" she snapped, then went silent.

I think now would be the good time for me to stop talking and just let her think this one out. I had some thinking of my own to do, operation find an explanation for James, would he buy that a Wrackspurt entered my head? That may work. Failing that I may just carry on like everything is normal, that's what my mum and dad always do when they have a fight, but when she throws the salt at him at dinner instead of passing it to him, it clues Petunia and I in.

I was late for breakfast the next morning, and not in the most awake mood. I scolded myself as I hopped around the dorm pulling on red and gold socks to match my Gryffindor top, scarf and hat. I hoped that I had just enough red and gold on to be identified as a Gryffindor, or I may end up being thrown in the Black Lake for no true patriotism. I should explain, it was match day, the last match of the year, Gryffindor vs. Slytherin, this match would reveal who would win the cup. There was no clear favourite this year, and so it was a massive event as Gwenog Jones, Hestia's cousin left a year early to go pro, so James who was now the Captain really had to prove himself, they hadn't lost a match yet, but they didn't win in as big as margins as when Gwenog was Captain.

In the end, I didn't even get to breakfast that morning, I literally collided with Sirius, which knocked me into a wall, he didn't seem at all bothered that he could bash people into walls, by just walking into them. He stood there waiting for me to stop rubbing my shoulder, clad in Gryffindor Quidditch robes, he was a beater for the team, he hadn't stolen anyone's robes, although it was the type of thing he'd do.

My shoulder hurt I wondered if he had adamantium clad to his bones, that must be the only reason his chest was so hard, I could conjure a really strong magnet and see if he flew to it.

"Evans" he said, snapping me out of my Marvel comic style experiments reverie,

"Yeah" I said,

"You've got to help me," he said pleadingly

"With what?" I asked, I was not going to help them with any 'fun' pranks,

"I'm going to the root of the problem" he said as though it should have been obvious

"Me?" I asked, "Why am I a problem?"

"You're not exactly, you could be the solution" he explained insufficiently

"What are we talking about?" I asked, I was really confused now

"I need your help with Prongs, of course" he said, oh, Merlin, they did talk about everything,

"I don't know" I said, I wasn't even sure if I could help him,

"What's going on with you two?" He asked,

"I don't really know" I admitted, I didn't and also he was like James brother, it was never wise to tell him anything,

"Lily, he spent ten hours non-stop just talking about you last night" he said fractiously

"Really" I said, smiling, he could not be that annoyed with me, if he was still talking about me,

"Yes, with him one side, Remus yammering on about Mary, and Peter's snoring, it's a miracle I'm still here" he said dramatically

"What's going on with Remus and Mary?" I asked, she'd just gone straight to sleep last night, and so none of us really knew what was going on,

"I don't know" he said "We'll find a broom closet, throw in some condoms, shut it up and they'll be good for hours" he added, dealing with the problem, even though it went against every moral in my body to agree with Sirius, I had to give it to him that would probably solve any conflict between those two.

"And –" I went to ask

"I'll smother Peter with a pillow next time he snores, if you really want," he said, I couldn't help but begin to laugh, he seemed really stressed and I didn't even know why

"Lily" he said sighing "The point" he gestured to a spot about a metre away from us. Then ran and pretended to pick it up and bring it back to where I was standing, releasing it from his hand, and brushing the air to make it float over to me. He was an odd one that Sirius Black but highly amusing.

"Okay" I said, he proceeded to blather about me giving James a chance, I had always appreciated Sirius, not just to look at, though I was thankful for that, if only he wasn't so aware of how hot he was he'd be so much better. It was his sense of purpose; he was always doing something even when he was just lazing around. He always got people's spirits up; always up for a laugh that was probably why people gravitated toward him. Though he could be a pain in the arse, after you waded through the arrogance and all the crap he got from his family, that was often public knowledge, you found that he was not a disappointment, far from it; he was caring and loyal, just like James.

That brought me back to my senses; he had been talking about James

"You know?" he finished,

"Kind of" I said, granted I hadn't actually listened but I was a good guesser,

"What do you want me to do?" I asked finally,

"If there is any chance, anything can happen between you, just tell him, even if it's one in the million chance, throw him a chocolate frog, Evans" he said grabbing the tops of my arms theatrically, this boy had to calm down,

"Okay" I said, nervously, I did not really know what I was going to say, I would just wing it that is what I was best at, note the extreme sarcasm there. But I had agreed with the other voices in my head to lay off him and give him a chance, and they actually know if you lie

"He said that he was going down to the changing rooms," he hinted strongly

"I'm going" I said

"Run, Evans" he exclaimed, "Run like you've got a fire crab –"

"Finish that sentence, Sirius Black and I'll hex you until you are no bigger than a Cornish Pixie" I shouted at him,

He laughed, "Go" he said

"Where are you going?" I asked, probably not that time to be nosey, but oh well,

"A little pre-match ritual" he said winking, and disappearing through a tapestry

"Ugh" and a shudder was my only response, definitely not the time to be nosey.

I did a walk-run tribute down out into the grounds that a cheating contestant in a walking race would have been incredibly proud of. I saw his tall figure from a distance, his hair was in its permanent disarray, but I was so worried that my brain and my mouth would start saying different things I could not even think of other synonyms for ridiculous to berate him with.

"James" I called, once I was in hailing distance of him. Great opening line Lily, you would have been booed off a stage in a dingy back street pub with that opener. I stopped running as I preferred air in my lungs then the puffs I was exhaling, I was seriously unfit, but James was walking towards me, uphill slopes didn't bother him, so it probably wasn't the best time to re-think my health plan.

"Are you okay?" he asked, as I clutched the stitch in my side, that wasn't his opening line, what happened to 'Evans, go out with me?', he'd thrown my whole semi formed plan out the window, so now I'd definitely have to wing it.

"Yeah, I'll be fine, I should just stop after the second helping sometimes" I said, really making yourself attractive here Lily, aren't you?

"I wanted to say something," I said, once I could start taking full breaths again,

"Lily, if you've come to tell me that I have ridiculous hair, I know, I actually do listen to you, and open the letters you've sent reminding me" he said, the last one was an exaggeration, I didn't really like to send letters, my owl was very unobliging.

"No, I wasn't going to say that" I said annoyed, okay, it probably was not a good idea to get annoyed at him

"Well any other insults can wait until later; I've got to beat Slytherin" he said, why would he jump to that conclusion, okay I did mainly insult him but not all the time, I mean sometimes I would just kiss him and then run away, there were no words involved in that,

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry" I said finally, editing out the bit about how he puts too much pressure on himself, and that it's only a Quidditch game, and I wouldn't care if he won, lost or just did air cartwheels the whole match.

"Okay, what for?" he asked, he was so nice, that or I hadn't kissed him etc, and it had all been a dream, that would take some explaining, every other sentence beginning with 'remember, how I'm a crazy person...'

"Kissing you, then kissing you back, then running away" I said, the words spilling out of my mouth, maybe this wasn't such a big deal for him, well, I was just fulfilling the quota for teenage drama queen,

"That's okay, I mean, it was a bit confusing, but then I just remembered you were crazy," he said, his left cheek lifting into a half smile, minus the calling me crazy part, he was perfect

"I was confused," I said, that should explain everything, he looked at me picking up on the past tense,

"As in you were, but you aren't any more," he said carefully,

I nodded, I did not really know what else to say, and I wanted to know what he had said about me last night,

"And so, if I were to ask you out, there is a chance you might say yes?" he asked charily,

"A good possibility" I said, smiling

"What's brought this on?" he asked, tilting his head probably to see if it was Sirius dressed in a wig

"Your mother paid me," I said sarcastically

"Did she rob Gringotts again?" he said partly enthusiastically as though that was the only way this would happen, I laughed, I wondered if he's parents were as barmy as him.

"A little birdie told me that you talked about me all last night, I had to do something, the poor little thing seemed traumatised," I mentioned

"Sirius might not appreciate being called birdie" he said grinning "or little" he added,

"Yeah, he wouldn't want that to get out to the female population" I said grinning back,

"This conversation is going to awkward place," James said,

"I don't know what you do in that dormitory of yours," I said shrugging

"I could show you after the match," he said winking cockily, I frowned; my mind did not need to go there right now, tactfully change the subject time,

"Did you never mention to Sirius that he could change the subject?" I asked,

"No, it was too fun, the more Remus and I talked about sappy stuff and unrequited love, the more we thought his head was going to explode, he sees most girls for one thing, so this baffles him" James explained, I knew they weren't entirely innocent ever,

"That was mean, he was so nice about you earlier," I said

"He's got another motive" James assured me, I suddenly felt like a pawn in one of their elaborate games, but a pawn which was winning I decided when James wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him,

"How do I make it a very good possibility?" he asked, he was still focused on my answer

"Beat Slytherin, of course" I said, smiling up at him, he was really tall, I hadn't noticed that before, but his lips were quite a long way away from me,

"That I can do" he said, I stretched up on my tiptoes and kissed him lightly, he picked me up and kissed me back, that was a good solution to the height difference was my last coherent thought until I heard the ominous voice of Sirius Black,

"Put her down, Prongs," he said, I frown, why couldn't I spend all my time kissing James, I probably wouldn't be practical and confuse a lot of people mainly due to the fact that he had yet to get an affirmative answer from me for a date, but we were getting there.

James just chuckled and put me down, but left one arm still wrapped around me,

"I'll score a goal for you," he said,

"Thanks" I said, so even if it end Gryffindor and Slytherin tied on 0, Lily would have ten points, though I wasn't entirely sure if that's what it meant.

The other team members soon surrounded us; no one seemed fussed, that James and I were so close together. They were probably too nervous about the game, hopefully everyone would react that way, I mean it was common knowledge that I had issues with him, mainly his hair. However, I was more concerned about how annoyed some other girls would be if I took James off the market. I mean, Alice was still bitched about and her and Frank had been together longer than my oldest pair socks. That was an odd measurement of time, but still a measurement.

"Come on team," James said, in his official Captain Voice,

"Ah, yes Captain," said Sirius, "we score so you can score," he added throwing a wink at me,

"Lovely, Sirius" I said sarcastically, frowning at him

"Don't be crude" said Emmeline Vance, a sixth year chaser, she smiled kindly at me then ruined it by adding "but whatever motivates our Captain"

"Or distracts him" added Benjy Fenwick,

"You are such a sore loser" she replied, rolling her eyes

"You distracted me" he said defensively, I looked at James for information, as everyone sniggered at their disagreement

"Last night we were playing three a side Quidditch because Dai was in detention" James explained

"It wasn't me who exploded that cauldron, I swear Captain, Slughorn was just looking for an excuse to give me detention" Dai interjected fervently,

"Dai, it's alright, they're just jealous, if it had been me I probably would have exploded the cauldron" James assured him

"So, Emmeline and Benjy were on opposite teams and Emmeline uses alternative tactics to stop Benjy scoring" James, said politely

"She cheats" said Benjy bluntly

"What did you do?" I asked her

"Flashed him" she said shrugging "It worked" she added, I just laughed

"It was just in practice though, wasn't it? I'm not sure if I can stand losing for a disagreement in a friendly," James told them, he was so commanding, it wasn't enforced they respected him so they listened to him,

"It's his own fault for getting distracted," said Emmeline scowling at Benjy as though this was all his fault,

"It's not my fault, it's your fault," he argued back, I was going to hazard a guess that this had been an ongoing argument ever since last night

"It isn't" she replied, I wanted to laugh but I held it back like everyone else, they were so concentrated on each other, the match could have started and they wouldn't have noticed.

"Have you seen your body?" he said as though this was the crux of the matter,

Emmeline broke her intense gaze and smiled at him, "Ah, thanks" she said, I wasn't sure if he implied it as a compliment, but never brush off anything that can be interpreted that way, presuming that the fight was over, he kissed her, I looked at James who shrugged as if to say, 'if they're not fighting, they're kissing'.

After a moment, James looked at his watch, they were going to be late, this is probably why they don't let me on Quidditch teams, that and my objection to being fifty feet in the air with only a piece of wood to cling onto, if it was on the ground I'm sure I'd be a lot better at it.

"Do you want to intervene?" James asked, Fabien Prewett, the other Gryffindor beater, who just nodded then, swung his bat menacingly,

"Fabien, you know you are terrifying when you do that," James said proudly as he pulled Benjy away,

"That is the point" he replied laughing

"I should go" I told James, and stood on my tiptoes again to kiss him on the cheek,

"Good Luck everyone" I said and ran off into the throngs of people that were now spilling out of the Castle, as I wove by way between various different groups of people, trying to find Mary, Hestia, Remus, Alice and Frank. I glanced back at them Gryffindor Quidditch team, I realised what a messed up relationship James and I had, or whatever you would define it as. But then again it was me and I'm definitely not in correspondence with relevant thought or common sense, they got sick of stupid questions about the differences between quills and pens.

Suddenly, there was more than a Quidditch Cup at stake here, and I had every faith that James would win completely. After all he had already won me over, for the moment at least.

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