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The Mew project had never happened, and the Cyniclons had easily taken over the planet, they keep the humans alive but… all men are forced to work ridicules hours at incredibly hard jobs. Lots die from sheer exhaustion and over-taxation. Women are treated like animals, they are all kept in underground cells, and can be claimed and owned by any Cyniclon for any purpose, if they haven't been claimed by the age of 25 they are forced to be treated like cattle to be bred with other males in order to keep the species alive. The way the humans are kept and treated is sick, and there is nothing anyone can do about it… right?

Ichigo's POV

I sat there in the dark damp cell fearing every moment of my life, at anytime I could be summoned by my Bozu (lord/master) and though he dressed me in pretty clothes and fed me well, and treated me nice, he was forceful, and had stolen my kisses more than once, the thing I feared the most was when he decided he wanted more than kisses, I shuddered at the thought, I would have either run away or have gotten myself killed before that could happen. I had already managed to get a hold of a sharp shard of glass I could stab myself with if worse came to worse, and I couldn't find a way out. I heard the quiet tears of my cell mate Lettuce, her Bozu had already forced her to wear no shirt for him, when he was kissing her, but he too had not forced her to go there yet, but by her sobs I could only imagine that he wasn't very far away from that point yet, she was only seventeen, a year older than me, and I didn't want any more of her innocence stripped from her, I went up to her

"Lettuce-oneesama" I whispered, she turned and faced me her eyes puffy and red

"What?" she asked

"If you have to, I have a piece of glass that you can use as a knife under the bed" I told her she looked at me with genuine appreciation

"Thank you Ichigo-sama" she whispered back, I felt angry at the aliens and their evil ways, forcing us to go to the point of suicide to free ourselves. Suddenly I heard the sound of a 'swish' I turned around to face a stone-faced guard name Itachi, he was our prison guard, and he brought us to and from our Bozus

"Ichigo, your Bozu summons you." He called to me, when I didn't come right away he came up to me and kicked me in the ribs like a dog, then he grabbed my wrist and pulled me up, then he faced lettuce

"You're Bozu, has decided to keep you here for a few days, he has found another servant to suffice him for now, of course, if he leaves you for ten days, you'll be back to being master-less and claimable." I saw in lettuce's eyes that her heart had nearly skipped a beat; her Bozu was going to leave her alone for a bit! But I hoped that he didn't leave her forever, because there were many other Cyniclons, who were worse then even her Bozu, and if she were to fall into their hands then… I didn't bear to think of gentle lettuce in the hands of some of the monsters that had imprisoned our planet. Itachi teleported out of the cell and then I was in the house of my bozu, Itachi quickly left, and my bozu came towards me, in his eyes was the light of hunger, I took a few steps back, he teleported behind me and grabbed me, his arms were around my waist, he turned me around and pushed me against the wall, then he pressed his body over mine and roughly kissed me on the lips, his tongue had forcibly entered my mouth and he was feeling the inside of my mouth with it, when he abruptly stopped, obviously hearing something that I couldn't pick up with my ears. Soon after a guard that I didn't know came in shoving forward a boy about my age if not a year or two older. He had blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, he looked exhausted and on the verge of collapsing, he must be under Kish's command I thought as there would be no other explanation for him to be here, the guard spoke to my Bozu

"Kish, this dog, didn't fill the quota for two days."

"Really? Well then don't feed him for two days." Alarm flashed in his eyes

"But, I have a family I need to share with, they'll starve!" he said desperately

"Well, you should have thought about that" smirked my Bozu, the boy turned and looked at me, and he guessed what Kish had been doing, he noticed the sweat gleaming off of my forehead, and my red face, I looked rather sickly I thought as I caught a glimpse in the mirror, the boy spoke up

"Your servant girl… she looks sick, I have medicine that can cure her, of course the medicine would take a few days to heal her completely, and you would have to take care of my family if you wanted it." My bozu took a look at me, and he saw that I did indeed look sick, and he seemed to really love me or my mouth anyways

"Fine, just fix her" he jabbed a finger towards me, the boy nodded and came up to me, he pulled out a syringe needle that contained a blue sparkly liquid, he bent his head to my ear

"You know about cats right?" he asked, I nodded

"Then you'll be fine, as long as your strong enough" he seemed to pick each word carefully as if he were worried about the two aliens in our presence,

"Ok, can you please expose your arm, I'm Ryou by the way" I pulled my sleeve up

"I'm Ichigo" he injected the liquid into my arm

"Well Ichigo, you should be fine in a few days, but you should try to take it easy until then alright?"

"Thanks, hey, Ryou, I have a cell mate and well…" he nodded understanding, then he turned to Kish

"Bozu, might I give a needle to Ichigo, to give to her cell mate for healing?" Kish thought about it for a few longs seconds, then he nodded

"Thank you Bozu!" I told him happily, glad to be able to help out lettuce, Kish seemed somewhat surprised at my not forced praise, but he seemed to like it. Ryou carefully took out another vial and needle, the liquid in this one was also blue, but it was tinged with a slight green hue, he passed it to me, and I took it gratefully, then Kish dismissed Ryou and the guard, he turned and faced me, I inhaled sharply, having forgotten about my previous situation, but he didn't come and kiss me, he spoke instead

"Did you really mean it when you thanked me?" he asked

"Of course, I care deeply for my cell mate Lettuce" I replied somewhat surprised, he nodded then smiled at me

"Well, it's good to know how you work!" he said, then he scooped me up and teleported me back into my cell, he looked about it and frowned at the bleak conditions, he saw lettuce sleeping on the torn-up piece of fabric that we called our bed.

"Wait here" he instructed teleporting off, not like I could go anywhere… I went to lettuce and woke her

"Meh? What is it?" she asked sleepily, her eyes were still red,

"Lettuce, I have some medicine for you, I had some and I'm feeling slightly better, but also stranger, anyways here" I carefully took out the needle and loaded the vial onto it, then I injected it into her arm, I didn't need to roll up her sleeve as it was tattered, I noticed blood on her arm, I gasped

"Lettuce, you didn't…" she shook her head weakly

"I wanted to, I almost did, but I couldn't finish the job, Ichigo, will, will you kill me?" she asked, I heard the gasp of someone, I turned around, standing there was Kish arms laden with supplies, I finished injecting her with the drug,

"She was going to… you were planning on…" he trailed off and then went over to the 'bed' he picked up lettuce and placed her beside me, then he flipped the bed up and saw my feeble attempt to hide my weapon of glass which was now covered in blood

"How could you!" he demanded angrily, I stood on my tip-toes so that I was at the same height as him


"what would you do?" I looked up into his eyes, they were still furious, but the anger slowly faded, he sighed and took the glass in his hands then he teleported it somewhere,

"I've gotten some things for you guys" he picked up the items that he had dropped in his anger, he showed them to us, it was some bottled water, food, clothes, blankets, and other various luxuries

"Your giving all of this to us?" I asked amazed, he nodded, and then shook his head slowly

"You might be right about something strawberry" he teleported in front of me and kissed me again, and for once in my life, I didn't struggle as hard to break free from his embrace. He had a new sparkle in his eyes that hadn't been there a few hours ago,

"Thanks for everything Ichigo, see you tomorrow" he winked at me and left, I sighed, then me and lettuce began to set up all of the supplies he had given to us, we lit the candles bringing light to our previously too dim cell, and we put our bed back and put the fluffy quilt on it, then I dressed lettuce in a nice light green sundress, and myself in a pink tank top and blue jeans, we sat on our bed and shared a few crackers with cheese, wondering how we could have gotten so fortunate. Our little bits of peace and happiness never lasted long, this was proven when Lettuce's Bozu teleported in his storm gray/purple eyes blazing.


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