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Ichigo's POV

"So Kitten, will you give me what I want," Kisshu asked stroking my face with his hand, "or should I take it?" I grimaced and turned my head away from him.

"Bozu… please, don't…" I begged. He grinned, his sharp fangs revealing themselves as he did.

"You're so cute when you beg, but I won't be nice to you forever without payback. Just remember that." He replied giving me a deep kiss before teleporting me back into my cell and disappearing. I sat alone in the darkness for a long time before anyone else returned.

Lettuce was the first one to arrive back after me. For some reason she had seemed on-edge and more assertive then before Ringo's death nearly two months ago. She also, surprisingly, appeared to me more attached to her Bozu then before, which was quite something considering the way she usually felt about him, and him her.

Things had changed for me too. My Bozu had become rougher, just a little, but it was enough to notice. He also started showing interest in more than just kisses or gentle touches.

As I sat on the stone floor of my prison I was struck by a sudden intense feeling of panic. I rose to my feet quickly and peered about in the darkness.

"Ichigo-san, what are you doing?" Lettuce asked.

"Ssh!" I hissed, my ears pressed flat against my head. I took a few steps into the awning darkness of Pudding, Ringo, and Berri's original cell. We hadn't been there often since Ringo died. But right now my senses were blaring alarm and it was coming from in there.

"Lettuce," I whispered, "put out the candle." She didn't reply, but moments later the light dimmed then fell leaving both cells in the dark. But in doing so that let my eyes adjust to the darkness better, and soon I could see almost as clear as day.

I took a few hesitant steps into the cell. I didn't see anyone, but alarm was flaring through me like I was kindling for a fire. Then a slick iciness slid past me, I stiffened and looked at what had just touched me. I saw nothing. But yet again I felt the slimy chill against my neck; this time with whispered words.

"Tick tock, little beast, the hours are turning on the clock, soon it shall be my feast. Time is running out for you, because if I can't make him for my servant, then who? Who else but me, and I shall kill you certainly. So run kitty, run. Or lay down and die." I shivered and screamed, "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I heard a chuckle, and felt the iciness slid down my body.

"Lettuce, can you light the candle again?" I sensed more than saw her nod. Then a warm glow lit the entrance back to my cell, where I soon retreated to.

Moments after I got back to my proper cell, Itachi appeared with Pudding, he dumped the friendly monkey on the ground, and then left without a word. By this time an idea was forming in my head.

"Lettuce, Pudding, what are your guys' weapons?"

"Weapons?" they asked in unison.

"Yeah, like how mine is 'Ribbon Strawberry Surprise Bell.' You guys get weapons too, you just need to name them, and they'll come to you." I explained.

"O-okay," Lettuce said then after a quick pondering said, "Ribbon Lettuce Rush!" and before I could tell them that the 'ribbon' wasn't necessary, Pudding jumped up and said, "My turn! Ribbon Pudding Ring Inferno!"

Then their weapons formed. Lettuce's was a beautiful pair of castanets and Pudding's was a cheerful tambourine. I groaned, "You look like you're going to start a band…"

"Sorry?" Lettuce said with a questioning lilt.

"It's okay… anyways, do you guys know for sure how your weapons attack?"

"Not a clue!" Pudding chirped with a grin.

"We're doomed…" I said as Pudding began to shake her tambourine in an upbeat rhythm. Lettuce patted me gently on the arm, "Don't worry, we'll figure out how to use these soon."

I smiled at the green haired girl, "Thank you Lettuce-sama…" she blushed at the respectful suffix.

A near-silent 'shhwump' noise entered the air and disappeared as quickly as it had come, not too quick, however, to not allow Lettuce, Pudding and I stash our weapons of mass… music making. I thought the last bit with a grimace, we were so screwed if we ever truly needed to attack anyone, I mean, what would we do? Music them to death?

Itachi gave us an icy look as he deposited Zakuro in the prison before he disappeared again. Zakuro regarded us almost as coolly. She walked past the three of us, who were now sharing one cell, and into the cell where Pudding had used to live, she hadn't cared that Ringo had died there; all she wanted was her own space.

I waited a while before deep even breathing came from the other room, indicating the purple haired woman's sleep. After I knew she was out, I turned to Lettuce who lay to the left of me on the small mattress which lay on a crushed frame. It wasn't much for a bed, but it was so much better than what we had used to share.

"Lettuce, can I ask you something?"

"Mm? Sure…" she mumbled sleepily, Pudding was already fast asleep to the other side of me as it was late into the night hours.

"My… my Bozu wants something from me, but, I'm not sure if I can give it to him yet. But I don't think I have much time for choice left. What do I do?" I asked, hearing the slight desperation in my voice.

Lettuce gave me her full attention now, she appeared to be wide awake again as she looked at me carefully, "What kind of thing does he wish for Ichigo?"

"He wants… payment for his niceness… but, I don't think I'm strong enough to sleep with him…" I confessed, Lettuce looked up at the charcoal grey ceiling of stone above us deliberately avoiding my eyes.

"…Well, maybe it won't be as bad as you think." She said.

I startled, "Lettuce, have you..? Did you…?"

"Yeah, I've shared my bed with my Bozu, what's so bad about that?" She snapped, quite out of character.

"But I thought that you'd rather have died then have, you know, sex with your slaver!" I exclaimed.

"He's not that bad!" She responded angrily, "Besides, you're the one being mean right now, so don't even talk to me, okay? Life doesn't come easy to everyone like it does for you, you know. So stop being so conceited!"

"L-Lettuce… I didn't mean it like that…" I stammered

"Just… Leave me be." She responded wearily, turning away from me. I sighed and scrunched my eyes closed till spots of colour blossomed in my vision, mentally bashing myself for being insensitive to one of my only friends. I turned to her, "Look, Lettuce, I'm sorry… Whatever you decide for yourself, if things have changed for you for the good, then I'm happy for you, I just wish you'd let me know earlier or something."

"Well, I'm sorry." She mumbled slightly grouchily, she sighed and turned back towards me.

"Ichigo, there's one thing though…"

"What?" I asked.

"I think I might be with child."

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