A/N: *grins* It's me again. :) I took Enkidu07's challenge; this is something totally personal. I don't know why, but I have a thing for bullet wounds. Lol.

So imagine, somehow our lovely Winchester boys got into a hostage-situation with some other random people. Dean needed to play hero (would we expect anything different?) and got shot in the process. (Plus I kinda blame Vanessa Sgori and Tara for infecting me with the Hawaii Five-0 virus. lol)

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Bleed Together

The bullet had hit him square to the chest, close to his right shoulder, the location probably the only thing that had saved him from a fatal shot to his heart or lung. That was three hours ago.

Dean blinked, focusing bleary eyes on Sam, who was pressing an already soaked shirt to his wound. Darkness was eating away his vision fast and he felt feverish.

The shooter was anxiously pacing in front of them and the other twelve hostages, waving his gun like a maniac.

"Hang in there, Dean." Sam's voice was low and terrified. He pressed harder down on the wound, eliciting a pained yelp of Dean. "We'll get outta here."



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