Title: Draco's task (Chapter 1 of 3)
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC17
Warning: Non-con, strong language, scenes of a strong sexual nature, angst, dark, smut
Summary: Draco wasn't sure how to feel at first. He knew that the moment that he walked into that bedroom he was going to be greeted by an angry, spitting Harry Potter.
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
A/N: Beta'd by the wonderful spicykittins who was so helpful and made this fic so much better

Draco wasn't sure how to feel at first. He knew that the moment that he walked into that bedroom he was going to be greeted by an angry, spitting Harry Potter. He wanted to feel calm, or if anything, a little cocky at the situation that they were both in; though if he was completely honest with himself, he was totally terrified. How was he meant to act? He had never been put into such a twisted and sick position like this before, and being a Death Eater that was saying something. He knew Voldemort was evil but this was going beyond the usual masochistic games he played. Perhaps because it was Potter and he thought he needed to be treated worse than anyone Voldemort had ever tortured in his lifetime.

Potter had been captured by the Death Eaters only a week ago and everyone had assumed he would be killed the moment Voldemort lay his red eyes upon him. Instead he had imprisoned him, making him the vindictive plaything of most of the Death Eaters. Everyone had their turn of throwing the boy a Crucio or two. A few had even taken to Muggle beatings, but all were banned from killing him. Draco knew that was for the pleasure of Voldemort and Voldemort alone.

After days of hearing all the others telling of the way Potter had squirmed and screamed when they gave him a particularly bad curse, Draco had begun to feel sick; he was the only one who hadn't visited the cellar and tortured Potter. It wouldn't give him the satisfaction it seemed to give others, besides the fact he wasn't sure if he could. His family wasn't exactly in Voldemort's good graces after what happened at the Ministry with his father and his failed attempt at killing Dumbledore himself.

For weeks Draco had been anticipating his punishment that the Dark Lord promised was coming. The arrival of Potter seemed to push it far from his mind, but after a week of Potter's imprisonment, Voldemort seemed to come up with a brilliant and twisted idea.

He had summoned Draco to him and Draco had never felt more afraid in his whole life. He was sick with fear and whilst he listened to Voldemort, the sickness only grew. How could he possibly do that? How could he do that to another human being?

Casually, Voldemort mentioned his mother who had been reluctantly warded with his Aunt Bellatrix, whilst his father did tedious jobs for the 'cause'. His parents were so conveniently at Voldemort's disposal and if Draco did not comply then they could easily be sorted and taken from Voldemort's care.

After that, Draco realised that he had no choice. He had to do this, no matter how wrong and oddly thrilling it was.

Potter was to be kept at Malfoy Manor, which was empty now with its residents busy working for the Dark Lord. Draco was to stay there and would act as Potter's warden. Neither of them was to leave the house unless Draco was summoned to see Voldemort. This made Draco realise that he would be a prisoner too, a prisoner in his own home.

Voldemort had each room fitted with a bell; a small innocent looking bell that hung from the wall. Each time these bells chimed - which Voldemort commanded no matter where or how far he was from the house - Draco was to perform an act, an act that sent shivers down his spine whenever he thought about it. Voldemort would use the pair of them as his play things, forcing Draco to do his disgusting acts at the same time as degrading the 'Boy Who Lived' in such a way that would scar him for life. Draco just hoped that Voldemort would get bored soon, even though he realised with a shudder, that it would mean Potter would be of no more use to humiliate and therefore finally disposable.

Potter had been delivered to his house earlier that day and was now in the bedroom that would be his own for the duration of this - well, this imprisonment. Draco flooed to his home and was relieved when he saw the familiar furniture and walls. He inhaled the scent and felt a wash of warmth. He hadn't realised just how much he had missed the place.

As he climbed the stairs he realised his legs were shaking and his palms were sweaty. He didn't know what he was going to say when he faced the other boy, his enemy of the past six or seven years. He hated Potter, but did he really want to do this to him?

When he reached the landing he saw Goyle's father standing guard at the door. He had obviously delivered Potter himself and when Draco walked over to him with as much ease as he could muster, Mr. Goyle smirked at him.

"Draco," He said in greeting.

"Mr. Goyle," Draco nodded. He was pleased his voice sounded firm. "How has he been?"

"Not too much trouble," Goyle shrugged, "mostly throwing a tantrum or two, but to be honest I don't think he has much energy. Not after that hex Nott gave him this morning." Goyle whistled, "It was a beautiful sight."

Draco smiled at him, "I'm sure it was."

Goyle suddenly looked a little excited, "Although nothing compared to what you're going to do to him, eh Draco?"

Draco's smile faltered, "That's right."

Mr. Goyle sniggered and Draco was sickened to hear that it was gleeful, "Oh you are going to have so much fun."

Draco tried to stretch his smile further, "I'll try."

Mr. Goyle pattered him on the shoulder, "Well I'll be off. I'll, er, go and report that you've arrived." He headed towards the stairs, "Have fun."

Draco watched him leave with a tight knot of terror in his stomach. He heard the unmistakable sounds of Mr. Goyle flooing and Draco knew that this was it. All fireplaces would be cut off from flooing and all doors would be locked. They were trapped within the house. Draco was permitted his wand, but that was mostly for him to use against Potter as he wished.

Draco thought this punishment was rather odd of Voldemort, as most Death Eaters seemed to be rather envious of Draco's new role and entitlement, but Voldemort must be more observant than he thought, he must have seen that Draco had yet to attack Potter and therefore would find punishment in this task.

Biting his lip anxiously, Draco inhaled deeply. He searched within him for the confident, arrogant person he usually was, the one that had been trampled on by Voldemort and his demands. He needed to be the old Draco to pull this off. He needed to do it with a sneer.

Quickly, before he could change his mind, he pushed open the bedroom door to find Potter sitting on the edge of the bed, his hands clasped between his thighs as he rocked a little, back and forth. Draco was momentarily stunned by Potter's appearance. He was even smaller than he remembered. He resembled a nervous child that awaited punishment. He could see his skin was much paler than usual, almost as pale as Draco's. His jaw had a bruise across it that made Draco wince at the sight. Potter was wearing Muggle clothes; Draco knew the other Death Eaters probably dressed him in this to make him feel less worthy and plebeian. Potter probably didn't even notice, what with growing up in a Muggle house.

Draco closed the door behind him and Potter, still, had yet to move. His shoulders were slumped forward and his eyes were lowered to the floor. He hadn't seemed to notice Draco's presence at all. Draco thought that maybe he should clear his throat to make himself known, but then figured it made him seem too nervous.

Inhaling deeply, Draco said in his firmest voice, "Ah, Potter, I see you've already made yourself at home."

Potter's head shot up in Draco's direction and at first his eyes seemed to widen, they looked momentarily relieved, but then they narrowed.

"Malfoy!" Potter snapped, standing up quickly from the bed, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

Draco lifted his chin and set his eyes to be hard and cold, "I am here as your warden, Potter, and I really don't care for you using that tone of voice with me."

"Tough shit," Potter snarled.

"Potter, if you continue to talk to me like that then I'll be forced to punish you. Do you want to spend the night in the cellar?" Draco asked.

He saw that Potter visibly shuddered, the memory of a week in the dungeons still fresh in his mind.

"Now," Draco continued, "I assume you know why you are here?"

Potter shuddered again and Draco took that be an affirmative.

"They," Potter spoke in a low voice, crossing his arms over his chest, "they didn't say that it was going to be you."

"Did they not?" Draco asked as casually and indifferently as he could muster. "Well I suppose they kept it as a nice surprise for you."

Potter looked at Draco with narrowed eyes, "Oh c'mon, they can't be serious. You're really not here to - to -"

"Oh believe me, the Dark Lord doesn't really joke around, Potter."

Potter's eyes widened and his mouth dropped, "But - but Malfoy, I mean, c'mon! That's - I mean that's - you wouldn't!"

"Merely following orders, I assure you Potter. I certainly am not getting any enjoyment at the prospect," Draco folded his arms too.

Potter merely stared at him wordlessly for a few seconds before crying, "That's beyond sick!"

Draco wanted to agree, scream from the rooftops that yes he too thought it was sick, but he had to do it. He had to follow his master's orders.

"I'm afraid there is nothing you can do about it, Potter."

"Yes I can!" Potter yelled, "I'll fucking fight you to the death before I let you anywhere near me!"

Draco sighed, "You're forgetting that I have a wand."

"I don't care!" Potter shook his head violently and Malfoy could see, with some mixture of satisfaction and horror, that desperate tears were forming in Potter's eyes.

Draco lifted an eyebrow and dropped his arms from around himself, "Perhaps you should take a bath Potter; you look like you could use one."

Potter blinked, "I don't want a fucking bath."

"You should, you don't know what was in that dungeon with you."

"I don't care!"

"Yes well I do!" Draco yelled, "So you will get in that bath now or I'll throw you in the cellar!"

Potter opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. Draco turned quickly towards the en-suite bathroom and turned the taps. Hot water gushed into the porcelain tub floor and began to fill slowly. He turned to pick up a white fluffy towel and placed it on the railing beside the bath. He was grateful that his house elves were still permitted to stay at Malfoy Manor so that he could still have the luxuries of clean towels and nice food.

He turned to see Potter lingering in the door frame. His eyes seemed to be fixed hungrily at the hot steaming water and Draco knew his muscles would be killing him from all curses thrown his way.

"It's not going to bite you know," Draco told him.

Potter looked at him and narrowed his eyes again, but walked further into the room. He stopped on the rug and looked from the tub to Draco then back again. With a knowing smirk, Draco knew that Potter wanted privacy whilst he undressed. It was silly really, Draco thought, with what they were inevitably going to be doing soon. But if he was entirely honest he wasn't sure if he wanted to see Potter taking his clothes off.

"Don't be too long. I'll be back to check on you shortly," Draco warned as he stepped out of the room.

He heard Potter murmur something but decided to ignore it for now. He stepped out of Potter's bedroom and into his own, which was situated next door, so he was close to Potter if a bell rang. Voldemort had explained to him quite carefully about the way the bells work. They would ring in whichever room Draco and Potter were in and they would continue ringing until Draco had began the task, or in other words, the moment he touched Potter and got onto assaulting him. The bell will ring again the moment that Draco... completes the appointed task. Voldemort had a similar bell that would also ring to tell him when Draco had finished so that he knew the violation of Harry Potter was successful. Draco shuddered at the thought of Voldemort knowing something so intimate.

As Draco sank down onto his own bed he pulled out the tiny vials that he had been given in case of 'emergencies'. Although Draco was young, if Voldemort wanted him to go again without a proper break, Draco might need a certain boost in his energy. The vials were filled with a potion that solved such problems.

He hoped he wouldn't have to use these potions often. He placed them on the cabinet beside his bed and ran a hand over his eyes. Why was he in this mess? Why was it his responsibility to look after Harry fucking Potter? If Potter managed to escape then Draco knew he was majorly fucked. He may as well kiss his life goodbye, but not before seeing his mother and father tortured in the most brutal way first.

He lay motionless for endless minutes. He heard the soft pad of House Elf feet scurry passed his door and knew they were trying to stay invisible to the occupants of the house as they cleaned up around them. They had been specifically banned from even speaking to Potter.

At the thought of Harry, Draco slowly slid from his bed with a groan and walked across the floor. When he reached Harry's room he hesitated before he knocked lightly. He really wasn't ready for a naked Potter just quite yet.

He heard Potter quickly dressing then a reluctant, "Yes?"

Slowly Draco pushed open the door and stepped inside. Potters hair was damp and his face looked so much brighter than before, though his jaw still had that strong bruise and his eyes were wary and nervous. He held his arms tight around himself again.

"Feeling better?" Draco asked.

Potters only response was to raise a disbelieving eyebrow and Draco couldn't blame him.

Draco walked over to a chair that was in the corner of the room and sat down. He motioned for Potter to sit too, and with a roll of his eyes he complied, perched on the edge of the mattress. They sat facing each other in an awkward silence for some time.

Eventually Draco sighed, "Would you like me to get one of the House Elves to fix your bruise for you."

Potter's eyes were on the floor again and he slowly shook his head.

"Are you sure? It looks quite painful." His voice was much softer than he meant it to be.

Potter lifted his eyes to meet Draco's and for a moment he merely stared at him pleadingly before he whispered, "Please, don't do this Malfoy."

Draco was a little stunned. He had never heard Potter beg before. He wasn't sure what the stirring in his stomach meant.

"Please," Potter continued, with a little more desperation, "Please, don't. You know you don't really want to."

Slowly Draco sat back, "Potter, save yourself the embarrassment."

Potter frowned, "But-" He faltered. He swallowed and his fists clenched at his jean clad knees, "But Malfoy, please-"

"Potter, stop." Draco sighed shaking his head. "It's no use. What will be, will be and there's nothing you can do to change that."

Potter opened his mouth to speak and Draco was sure it was to beg again, but a soft noise stopped him. A small tinkle of 'ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling' met their ears and Draco saw Potter's face pale of the only colour he had. Draco was sure he probably paled too as his stomach flipped.

Slowly, Draco pried himself from the chair and walked towards Potter. The other boy's eyes were wide with obvious fear and he seemed unable to move. Draco stopped when he was in front of him and gently he rested his hand on Potter's quivering shoulder. The bell immediately stopped ringing.

Potter was looking up at Draco with fear written all over his face and his breathing was sharper than usual. Draco tried to push him backwards but he resisted.

"Don't," Potter whispered weakly.

Draco pursed his lips and shoved Potter down as hard as he could. He took out his wand quickly and waved it, causing Potters arms to be tied above his head around the head board. Potter gasped.

With another flick of his wand, Potter's clothing was gone. He didn't dare look down at the body in front of him as he vanished his own clothes. He, at first, felt a little exposed being in such good view of Potter, whilst completely naked but Potters struggles against the binds made him realise that he was the one that was in control. Potter was completely at his mercy.

"Untie me!" Potter demanded, but Draco ignored him.

He continued to curse and scream and pull at the ties whilst Draco busied himself with the lubrication spell that he had never used before. His hands shook rather noticeably as he placed his wand down, completely out of reach of Potter. He had never done anything like this with another man, he had never even thought about doing this with another man. Draco did not have a single homosexual urge or interest in his body but he knew he had to do this.

He glanced down at Potter properly for the first time. His writhing body, covered in bruises and scratches, tied up the way it was, shot a flood of blood towards Draco's cock. He was surprised at himself; he hadn't expected to become so aroused by this.

Potter was still screaming for him to let him go, but Draco was barely taking it in. He was too busy admiring the way Potters rib cage was slightly visible through his skin. He wondered what it would feel like to touch and he realised that he could do that, he was allowed to touch Potter if he wanted. He was his to do with as he wished. Lifting his hand, Draco ran his fingertips lightly down Potters heaving chest. His skin felt silky smooth and his bones were hard. Potter instantly gasped and flinched at the contact.

His brow creased and his shouts quieted. He lifted his gaze to Draco and pursed his mouth so his lower lip didn't quiver.

"Please Malfoy," He whispered, his voice breaking a little causing Draco's wandering fingers to pause, "Please. I don't want to do this."

Draco stared at him then bit his bottom lip as he parted Potter's legs. He had used the lubrication charm on him too and carefully he pressed his finger to his entrance.

"Don't worry," Draco whispered reassuringly, "I'll make it quick."

Potter's eyebrows flew up and he didn't look like he had been put at ease at all. Then Draco pushed his finger inside of Potter's hole.

"No!" Potter cried, trying to clench his muscles.

"Potter," Draco whispered quickly, "Relax or this will hurt."

Potter didn't seem to be listening to him and tried to close his legs. Draco pushed them apart as he added a second finger, slowly pumping them in and out. Potter pulled hard at his bindings, letting them cut at his wrists as he tried to pull away from Draco's intrusion.

"Stop it, Potter," Draco ordered.

As he thrashed again, Draco growled angrily and pulled his fingers free. He held onto Potter's knees and held them apart firmly. He scurried between his thighs and fumbling a little finally pushed his tip into Harry's entrance.

"Fuck." Draco gasped, whilst Potter's mouth dropped open and his eyes watered. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck."

He slowly sank in deeper, his cock getting surrounded by Potters unbelievable tightness. He marvelled at the warmth that wrapped around him, and thought briefly that he wasn't going to last very long.

He looked at Potter's face carefully and saw that his entire mouth and brow was scrunched up against crying out on pain, or just plain crying. At least, if he didn't last long, it wouldn't be as bad for Potter.

When he was buried as far as Potter's body would allow, Draco let out a long low breath.

"Fuck you feel good," He muttered breathlessly.

Harry cringed away from his words, turning his face away.

"I promise," Draco gasped, "I'll be quick."

He saw Harry's eyes clamp shut and his hands tighten to fists in their bindings. Gingerly, Draco gripped at Harry's hips, his fingertips barely touching his skin as he pulled out almost completely and thrust back in. He heard himself make a small moaning noise at the back of his throat. Harry merely whimpered in agony.

Draco moved in him, back and forth, marvelling at the feel of the body around him. Harry felt even better than he looked, and Draco wanted to take it, to just take it all. He wanted to own it and use it. He couldn't believe he was allowed to abuse and fuck this perfect little creation beneath him, but he was and Merlin was he going to enjoy it.

"Fuck. Oh fuck, Potter," Draco gasped feeling himself building. "Oh fuck, that feels so good."

Harry's hands tightened their grip on his ties so much that Draco could see his knuckles turn white. In turn, Draco tightened his own grip, holding firmer to Harry's hips, which lay flat and still against his thrusts.

Eventually, Draco's rhythm sped up and became more forceful, causing Harry to groan in protest. Then, Draco felt the pressure build behind his cock and in his balls until eventually he came, thick and heavy, inside Potter's tight hole.

Harry's eyes flew open as he felt the heat fill him more and more. It felt endless until Draco slumped forward, catching himself quickly on his hands before he landed any where near Harry.

The bell that hung on the wall rang softly again, before falling silent.

He rested on shaking arms before, finally getting his breath back; he pulled himself out of Harry's snug body. Harry made a small cry as he slipped out and Draco rested back on his knees as he stared at his own come oozing out of Harry's body.

His eyes flickered to Harry's face and he saw that he had a none-too-pleased expression at the sensation his leaking opening created. Draco sighed as he fell back next to Harry's side. He picked up his wand, his hand still trembling, but this time, due to post orgasm satisfaction. He waved it, releasing Harry of his bindings.

Harry instantly dropped his hands to his chest, holding his hands tight together, his chest and stomach quivering, before he slowly turned his back on Draco. Draco stared at him for a few moments. He had thoroughly enjoyed his time with Harry, but he wished that Harry had gotten the same pleasure from it as Draco had.

He knew it was completely the opposite of what he was meant to be doing. He was meant to be abusing and humiliating him, but Draco had never wanted that. He never wanted to do that to another human being and he really wanted to see Harry in a moment of lust filled bliss. After feeling him in this whole new way, Draco felt as though his eyes were opened to something and he wasn't about to let it go.

He sat up and leaned over to place a hand on Harry's arm. Harry instantly flinched away and Draco sighed. He was going to get Potter on his way of thinking sooner or later. If he just relaxed and enjoyed himself then wouldn't that be the ultimate way to defy Voldemort? To make it so his punishment and torture was neither of those things, but actually pleasurable?

Draco got out of the bed and grabbed a dressing gown from one of the hangings. He wrapped it round himself before heading to the door. He paused briefly as he turned to look at Harry, who had curled himself into a tight ball, his eyes fixed on the wall opposite him. He could see his entire body trembling and Draco had to swallow thickly against the sight. He turned to leave without another word.

Draco couldn't believe it. It was three in the fucking morning and yet the bell was ringing carelessly on the wall. He hadn't expected Voldemort to be considerate about the time, as all he wanted to do was torture Harry over and over again, but still he had only abused him for the first time mere hours ago. Surely he could give him a bit of a break.
Draco scoffed to himself. Of course he fucking wouldn't, when has the Dark Lord ever shown mercy? Quickly Draco slid from his bed and walked out the door. He didn't want Voldemort to think he was getting to Harry with hesitation, so he needed to go touch him quickly.

He headed into Harry's bedroom, which was dark, the bluish light from the moon the only thing that showed Harry's sleeping figure. Draco felt a pang of pain as he looked at him sleeping so peacefully. He was still curled up into a ball, but this time he was covered in a tee shirt and boxers and the blanket covered parts of his body. No doubt the House elves had dressed him and tucked him in whilst he was still staring at the wall.

Draco stepped up to the side of the bed and waved his wand to bind Harry's wrists just like before. He didn't want him fighting when he realised what was going to happen again. He reached out his hand to touch Harry but hesitated. Perhaps he should wake Harry before the bell stopped. He wouldn't want Harry to think he was using the bell as an excuse because he was just trying to get himself off.

He held out his wand and gently prodded Harry in the chest.

"Potter," He hissed. Harry stirred a little but he still did not wake, "Potter. Harry."

He watched as Harry's eyes fluttered open, the shadows of his eyelashes in the moon light making beautiful patterns across his face. Draco had to gulp before he spoke again.

"Harry, the bell," He whispered, gesturing towards the still ringing bell on the wall.

Harry's tired eyes looked at it then back at Draco. He tried to move but then discovered he was tied up again. Comprehension dawned on Harry's face and it was quickly replaced with terror.

Draco quickly rested his hand on Harry's arm, stopping the bell from ringing, and then climbed on to the bed. Harry struggled quietly, his eyes wide with fear. Draco saw that he was having difficulty in moving, all that time in the dungeons and the first violation - Draco refused to use the 'R' word - had made Harry weak, he could barely fight back.

Draco hooked his fingers into Harry's boxers and pulled them down his legs until they were completely gone. He shimmied out of his own then pulled off his tee shirt. He was a little disappointed that he could not remove Harry's top, so the he could see those marvellous ribs, but he couldn't vanish them again, Harry didn't have much clothing to begin with.

"Don't do this to me again," Harry begged weakly and tiredly.

"Sh, Potter, it'll all be Ok," Draco soothed not meeting his eye as he waved his wand to slick up his cock and Harry's hole.

He had to admit, although he was tired and Harry looked less than Ok, he was rather excited. It didn't take long at all to get an erection and all he wanted to do was breach that body again.

He knew to be careful though, Harry would still be sore from earlier. So carefully, Draco lined himself up behind him and Harry tensed instantly.

"Relax," Draco whispered.

He rubbed the tip of his cock of Harry's hole, gasping at the heat. Harry pulled at his bindings, screwing his eyes up again, pretending to be anywhere else but there. Slowly, Draco pushed his tip inside and Harry's hole swallowed it then clenched. Draco had to choke against a cry of pleasure at the sudden tightness.

He ran his hands over Harry's thighs soothingly, "Relax Harry. It'll be over quicker if you just relax."

Gasping against the obvious effort to listen to him, Harry tried to make his muscles unclench. He frowned as Draco slid even more into him and he had to purse his lips again to stop from screaming.

When Draco was in as much as he was allowed, that was when he saw it. Harry's eyes were still screwed up tightly, but a stray tear escaped the corner and slid down the side of his face. Draco watched it, frozen above him. He then acted without thinking and leaned down and captured the tear with his lips. Harry's head instantly threw to the side away from him but Draco had already felt the wonderful feeling of Harry's skin against his mouth and instantly craved more.

He began to move in a gentle rhythm as he pressed soft kisses to Harry's face. Harry tried to move away but he couldn't get far enough. He began to whimper his disgust at the back of his throat as Draco's hands ran under his top, caressing his skin with his fingertips.

"Stop it," Harry whimpered pathetically.

Draco merely panted into his ear, "Harry, you feel so good."

Harry's eyes opened and he let out a silent tear filled gasp. He was trying so hard not to cry, but it was too difficult.

Finally, Draco lifted himself back on to his knees as he thrust into him. He looked down at Harry's body, it was so small and frail and his. He gripped his hands at Harry's small waist and lifted his hips as he forced him to thrust back.

Harry clenched his jaw and begged repeatedly in his head 'Do not cry, do not give in'.

His tear filled eyes met Draco's smouldering grey and he felt sick. Draco couldn't seem to take his eyes from Harry's cheekbones which were flushed the most wonderful pink he had ever seen.

"Merlin," Draco gasped, "You're so beautiful."

Harry's eyes narrowed the best he could as he hissed, "I hate you."

Draco's stomach stabbed with pain at that, but he kept his thrusts going as if he had never heard him. He looked down at Harry's cock which was as limp as it ever was. He lifted a shaking hand and wrapped his fingers around it. He tugged and pulled for a few moments trying to get some sort of a reaction from it, but Harry's tearless sobs were enough to make him give up.

Then he felt his cock twitch excitedly inside of Harry's body.

"Fuck," He choked, "Yes, I'm going to come."

"No," Harry shook his head. He knew what would happen when he did.

"I am," Draco nodded and smiled, "Fuck, yes I'm gonna come, I'm gonna ccome right inside you, Harry."

"Please don't," Harry begged, pulling feebly at his bindings.

"Oh fuck Harry, oh fuck!" Draco choked and suddenly he released himself inside of him.

He arched forward trying to get his cock as far inside the other boy as he could, whilst he released himself. Harry was grimacing as he felt himself being filled, and he stared up at the ceiling as another tear leaked out.

Draco panted when his orgasm stopped; hearing the bell ring again then pulled himself carefully from Harry, hearing a satisfying squelching sound. Harry lay panting in front of him, his stomach now extremely tender due to the amount of semen Draco had given him and it was quivering violently.

Draco brushed aside a strand of his blonde hair from his forehead as he looked at Harry carefully. He still had that adorable pink flush over his cheek and his lips looked a little swollen due to him clamping them shut tightly to keep from shouting out. Draco wondered if they were as soft as they look.

He bent down slowly and pressed his lips carefully to Harry's. Harry was completely unresponsive; he merely lay there not moving. Draco puckered his lips and kissed gently at Harry's still mouth. He lifted his hand and pulled at Harry's chin forcing him to open his mouth. He slid his tongue inside; desperate to feel Harry's to see if it was as soft as every other part of him.

He wasn't disappointed. Although Harry still didn't move and he didn't allow his tongue to rub against Draco's, Draco moaned audibly at the sweet taste of his mouth.

Eventually he pulled back, panting softly against Harry's still parted lips.

"You taste as good as you look, Harry," He whispered.

Harry shifted his chin lose of his grasp and clamped his mouth shut, glaring up at Draco's face. Draco pursed his lips and sat up. He got dressed slowly before getting up off the bed and waving his wand to release Harry's bindings. His arms fell heavily beside him as if the weighed ten times more than they usually did.

Silently, Draco walked across the room to the door. He paused in the frame before he whispered, "Goodnight Harry."

He headed back to his own room and climbed into his bed. He could still feel his stomach pooling with satisfaction and he smiled a happily. He was just about to drift off when he heard the sound of running water from the next room as Harry ran himself a bath, planning to scrub himself clean until he bled.

The next day, Draco didn't see much of Harry. He allowed him to sleep for most of it as he knew he would be exhausted after their midnight activities. Harry had slept throughout breakfast and dinner, which made Draco worried as he knew Harry needed to eat to keep his strength up.

When it reached tea time, Draco knew Harry had to get up. He couldn't stay in his room for the rest of his days, sulking. Luckily Voldemort had not rang the bell yet that day, obviously too busy. Draco used this time to organise things around the house. He told one house elf, Kiki, and she would be the only elf permitted to talk to Harry. He felt he may need someone other than Draco to talk to at times. He also locked all the doors in the house that contained any Dark objects that could be used against him if Harry ever attempted to escape. He also checked all the fireplaces to ensure the floo network was completely down.

When everything was complete he headed towards the dinning room. The table that used to be in there was long and unnecessary for a three person family, but it now had been replaced by a much smaller and modest table, so he and Harry could have more 'intimate' dinners, Draco presumed. Obviously another attempt at making Harry suffer, having to have private dinners with his rapist.

Draco suddenly shuddered; he wasn't allowed to think of that word. That was not what he was doing. He turned quickly towards Kiki to distract himself and strode over to her.

"Go and fetch Harry for tea, Kiki," He ordered, not unkindly.

Kiki quickly nodded, "Yes, Master Draco, sir."

She hurried off and Draco pondered how much trouble she was going to have with Harry. Maybe he'll throw a fit and attack the poor elf. Draco should have gone himself; he could handle a reluctant Harry after all.

He sat at the dining room table, preparing himself for the long wait, but it never came. After only a few minutes, Kiki came back into the room followed by a tired and weak looking Harry. His eyes were drooping at the corners and it looked like it took a lot of energy to just to blink. He mouth was set into a small frown and his arms hung limply at his sides.

Draco blinked after he stared at him for longer than what was deemed acceptable and quickly gestured for Harry to sit down. Kiki helpfully pulled the chair out for him, as he didn't seem capable of doing it himself. He sank down into the chair and let his eyes rest on the empty plate in front of him.

The pair sat in silence as the house elves began to bring food from the kitchens and dished them onto each boy's plate. All the house elves, except for Kiki, ignored Harry as he sat glumly at the table. When they had gone, Draco picked his fork to begin eating.

"Eat, Harry," He ordered as the other boy had yet to move.

Harry slowly shook his head, "I'm not hungry."

"You look starved, Potter," Draco pursed his lips, "Besides you need to keep your strength up."

Harry winced, knowing exactly what he needed to keep his strength up for.

Draco sighed and began to eat his food slowly. He kept his fixed on Harry, whose hands were tucked between his thighs and his mouth was open slightly. He looked so lost.

Chewing his bottom lip, Draco scanned the table, "Maybe you could just have some bread, for now." He reasoned.

Slowly, Harry's eyes lifted to Draco's face and he knew it was taking a lot of effort for him to look at him.

"Ma-Malfoy," He whispered, "Can I ask you something?"

Draco put down his fork carefully, before he said, "If you wish."

"Ron and Hermione, did - did they get away, during the attack?" Harry's eyebrows were creased together in a worried line.

Draco inhaled slowly then picked up his fork again, "I'll tell you what. You eat something and I'll tell you all you need to know about your friends."

Harry blinked at the compromise and quickly picked up his fork and began to shovel food into his mouth. The moment the flavour hit his tongue he forced more and more into his mouth before he could even swallow. It wasn't until then that he realised that he was actually starving.

Draco knew though, that this much food, so soon, when he wasn't used to it would make him sick, so he raised an eyebrow in Harry's direction. Bashfully, Harry stopped and swallowed his mouthful. He then began to eat slower with smaller portions.

"Now," He said quietly before he ate a fork full of mash potato, "Ron and Hermione?"

"The Mudblood and the Weasel are something you don't need to worry about," Draco said casually. He could tell Harry was trying to glare at him, but he was failing miserably. "They managed to escape the attack."

Harry let out a loud, relieved, sigh and fell back into his chair. Draco could see that this was something that had been plaguing Harry's mind for a while.

"How did they manage to escape?" Harry asked.

"Well the minute the Order showed up, we thought it was best to just take you and go. We got what we came for so there was no point hanging around to kill unnecessarily."

Harry's eyebrows rose and slowly he sighed. "So who has been killed? Do you know?"

"I'm not sure," Draco shrugged.

"I need a bit more of a specific answer than that, Malfoy," Harry tried to sound stern but his voice was so weak it cracked in three places. "You attacked the Burrow, which was filled with friends. I need to know."

Draco shook his head, "You don't need to know anything, Harry."

Harry's lips pursed and he threw his fork back down on to the table. Draco was reminded distinctly of a petulant child. He looked down at his plate of food and scowled before he pushed it firmly over the edge of the table. He waited to hear the smash but a house elf saw it falling in time and levitated it back onto the table, it contents unharmed.

Harry glared at the recovered plate, glaring at Draco, before sighing angrily and his burying his face in his hands. Draco watched him, mortified at the sight of Harry breaking down so obviously.

Closing his eyes briefly, Draco sighed, "Look Potter. I don't know who was hurt or killed and who wasn't, Ok? I wasn't there, I wasn't at the attack."

Slowly, Harry lifted his head from his hands and stared at Draco, "Then how do you know about Ron and Hermione?"

"Because-" Draco sighed reluctantly, "Because I asked about it. Killing your best friends is one of the top things a Death Eater can do at the moment, except for capturing you, and no one was bragging that they did it, so I figured they hadn't..." He trailed off with another shrug.

Harry stared at him silently for another few seconds. He opened his mouth about to speak when he was interrupted by a familiar sound that now shot shivers down Draco's spine.

Draco looked up at the wall to see the bell ringing softly. When he turned back to Harry he saw that he had retreated back in on himself and he looked like did when he first came into the dinning room.

He rose up from his chair and walked around the table towards Harry. He pushed the plates away and lifted Harry out of the chair; the bell stopping quickly. The other boy stared down at the ground as Draco undressed him carefully. He didn't try to protest as he slowly became naked, all of the fight seemed to have gone out of him.

When Harry was completely without clothes, Draco undressed himself then lifted Harry up onto the dinning room table. He waved his wand quickly before dropping it carelessly to the floor. He parted Harry's legs and stepped between them, revelling in the feeling of Harry's thighs brushing his hips. He guided his cock to Harry's entrance and both boys instantly gasped.

"Please Draco," Harry whispered, "Please don't hurt me."

Draco's mouth fell open slightly and he leaned forward to kiss at Harry's jaw, "I'll be careful, I promise."

Then he pushed himself inside. He choked out a moan as he wrapped his arms around Harry's lower back as he thrust slowly into him. Harry's arms were limp at his sides and his body only moved when Draco forced it to. It was rather similar to fucking a rag doll, but Draco currently didn't mind because Harry's tightness more than made up for it.

Draco continued to press wet and soft kisses to Harry's jaw, soothing the angry bruise that covered his skin. He moaned against him, repeating his name under his breath as his rhythm increased and he fucked a little harder.

"Fuck Harry," He whispered.

Harry's head fell forward until his mouth was against Draco's shoulder. He stayed perfectly still, except for his face which scrunched and winced, trying desperately not to allow any of this to effect him, in any sort of way.

Draco didn't last long and soon he was groaning and shooting heavily into Harry again. Harry closed his eyes tightly as the bell on the wall rang and his body was filled with an oozing warmth.

Draco pulled him back a bit to look at his face carefully. Harry's eyes were drooping and blank again and his mouth was parted as he panted softly. His cheek bones were flushed again, this time covered with a faint sheen of sweat. Draco had never seen anything look so beautiful.

He cupped Harry's face in his hands and leaned forward placing a soft kiss to Harry's flushed cheekbone then, sliding his mouth across the bridge of his nose, he kissed the opposite one. He wasn't sure but he thought he heard Harry moan a little.

He dropped his hands to Harry's hips and pulled himself out. He glanced down just as his tip slid free of Harry's body and was greeted with a sight he never thought he would see. There standing full of blood and completely erect, was Harry's hard cock. Draco stared at it with wide eyes, unable to believe what he was really seeing.

Harry glanced down too then looked away slowly, shaking his head a little at himself. He felt disappointed.

"Oh Harry," Draco whispered around a soft, affectionate, smile.

Harry didn't respond he merely blinked blankly at him, his face showing no emotion.

Draco's smile stretched a little as he formed a fantastic idea. He parted Harry's legs even more, keeping them as wide as possible.

"Shift forward a little Harry," Draco ordered his voice soft.

Without pause, Harry shimmied as close to the edge of the table as he could. Yes, Draco thought, the fight has definitely gone out of him. Draco looked down at Harry's abused hole, which was dripping with his own come. He lowered his right hand and carefully placed his middle finger over the ring of muscles. Harry hissed immediately and Draco lifted his gaze back to him, but Harry was staring down at Draco's busy hand.

Then Draco pushed his finger into Harry's opening, after already having his cock in there, Harry's body swallowed it easily. He pumped his finger in and out deeply, listening to the soft sounds that escaped Harry's throat.

He stroked the inside of Harry's walls, feeling the sticky and thickness of his own semen inside Harry's body. Then, he added another finger, the fourth one along, leaving his index finger to prod at his ball whilst his little fingers brushed his arse cheeks. Harry gasped loudly and his face was creased into a frown, reluctant to show any pleasure from this.

Draco twisted his wrist and crooked his fingers and Harry's hips instantly flew forward against his hand as Harry made a choking noise. Draco grinned as he found Harry's prostate and continued to stroke it, making Harry whimper.

"Feel good, Harry?" He whispered as he watched Harry's hips jut back and forth.

Harry shook his head, his eyes scrunching closed and his brow creased.

"It does, doesn't it?" Draco teased, brushing his lips across Harry's jaw. He could feel Harry's walls rippling around his fingers and he knew he wanted it harder. Standing up straighter, Draco began to thrust his fingers in and out; his hand nearly a blur as he fucked them back and forth. He could hear the squelching sound his come made as he continued to pound harder and harder.

Harry whimpered loudly and his hips seemed to have a mind of their own as he thrust against Draco's attacking hand. Draco stared at him; Harry's flush even deeper and he was sweatier than before, making it look as though Harry's cheekbones were sprinkled in glitter. He leaned forward to kiss one of them again and Harry sighed. The sound made Draco's own cock twitch back to life.

He could feel his own hot arousal, begging to be back inside where his fingers currently played. It strained in the air as it throbbed with desperation.

"Harry," Draco panted, "This is going to feel even better, Ok?"

Draco pounded his fingers even more before letting them slide quickly from his body and they were replaced almost in the same movement with Draco's hard cock. Harry gasped loudly as Draco sank completely inside. It was deeper than he had ever been before, and he could feel his tip brushing Harry's prostate.

Harry's legs were still wide, and Draco held onto his thighs as he pulled himself out then back in, before merely rotating his hip so that his cock continually rubbed over Harry's most sensitive part.

He gasped when his bare chest came into contact with Harry's and instantly wrapped his arms around his lower back, splaying his fingers over his skin.

Harry continued to whimper as Draco ground against his prostate repeatedly. His face was still set into a deep frown, showing his determination to not get any pleasure.

Draco panted as he rested his forehead against Harry's, running his fingers over his back.

"Just let go, Harry," Draco whispered.

Harry pursed his lips and he seemed to be having trouble trying not to cry again. Draco lifted one of his hands to Harry's face and cradled it in his fingers.

"Please, Harry," Draco begged, kissing him softly on the jaw.

He lowered his head and ran his lips up and down the side of Harry's neck, feeling him shudder in his arms.

"Yeah, that's it Harry," He spoke against his skin. "Just give in."

Harry moaned desperately and his hips suddenly began moving again against Draco's.

"Fuck," Draco hissed, "Yes, Harry, fuck me back."

Harry gasped and brought his arms up to wrap around Draco's shoulders. He dropped his head there again, this time panting and moaning against his skin.

Draco could feel his muscles clenching around him and he knew that Harry was close; he knew Harry was going to come at any moment. Draco placed another kiss to Harry's neck then tightened his hold around the other boy's body.

"Come Harry," He panted, "Come for me."

Harry replied with a moan as Draco increased his speed, feeling his own orgasm building.

"Come all over us both and then I'll come inside of you, Ok?" Draco said breathlessly.

He felt Harry nod against his shoulder and tighten his grip around him.

"I love coming in you, Harry," Draco continued. "I love abusing and coming inside this perfect, innocent, little body. I love filling you with me."

Harry suddenly gasped and pulled Draco closer to him as he stiffened in his arms. Draco felt hot come shoot out across his own stomach and that was enough to send him over the edge too. He thrust deep into Harry before he released more of himself, filling Harry's belly with even more of his release.

They held tightly to each other as they rode out their orgasms, then eventually they both relaxed and their heads fell forward. Draco could feel Harry's lips brushing his shoulder as he panted softly against it.

He didn't want to break their hold on each other and he certainly didn't want to relinquish the heat surrounding his cock, but soon he didn't have a choice as his flaccid penis fell from Harry's body.

He pulled back from Harry's shoulder and Harry didn't have a choice but to do the same. He stared with half lidded, tired, eyes at Draco and Draco felt something in his stomach flip.

He leaned forward to brush his lips against Harry's and nearly jumped out of his skin when Harry began to move his lips too. He pressed numerous soft and delicate kisses to Harry's mouth, which he returned, before slowly creeping his tongue inside and flicking it cautiously over Harry's. He groaned when Harry's tongue was responsive and began to caress his own.

He lifted his hands to brush the back of his fingers over Harry's cheeks, before he cradled his face gently with his fingertips. He tilted his head to the side and Harry moaned.

After a few minutes, Draco reluctantly pulled back a fraction allowing the pair of them to gasp for air. They stared nervously at each other, before Draco kissed Harry one more time on the lips before pulling away completely. He cleared his throat as he walked over to his clothes and began pulling them on.

Harry hesitated on the edge of the table for a few seconds before slowly sinking to the floor. He winced as he moved and tried to pick up his clothes. He dressed much slower than Draco, his hands trembling as he fidgeted with the material.

Eventually they were both dressed and Harry's eyes were trained at the floor again. He folded his arms over his chest and his body shivered.

"May I go back up to my room now?" Harry asked quietly.

Draco nodded and bit his lip as he watched Harry slowly and gingerly made his way towards the door to his room.

Draco thought Voldemort was being even more vindictive today. He hadn't rung the bell since their meal yesterday and the pair of them had spent their entire night and day on tenterhooks as they awaited the next time.

He knew the waiting would be just as bad as the actual abusing, and therefore he let them sit and stew for nearly an entire day now. Draco did not let Harry sleep like he had done the previous day, but made him eat when he did and follow him around the house as he did odd jobs, ensuring their safety. He never made him walk for long though, as it was obvious he still didn't have much energy.

Now, it was evening and outside was dark. Draco closed all the curtains in the drawing room as Harry curled up into a ball on one of the armchairs staring into the fire. He had his thumb to his mouth and he nibbled on the end. The sleeves of his jumper were brought up to tuck in his hands into and Draco wanted desperately to go over and soothe him. But Draco knew he was the last person he would want to touch him right now.

Draco stood in the background pretending to read a book that was in his hands. He was too busy scowling at the words to really take them in. He felt so utterly useless and he knew he was just as bad as the Dark Lord for doing this to Harry, but he didn't have a choice, his entire family was in danger.

He was surprised at himself for how much he wanted to look after Harry. He wasn't sure exactly when he suddenly became Harry and not Potter, but that shift was important in Draco's mind.

He wanted to make their time together gentle, so Harry didn't feel abused or attacked, but he knew Harry would only ever see it like that. Even though he had successfully made Harry come the day before, he knew it didn't mean anything to Harry. Why would getting a moments pleasure suddenly wipe out his feelings of being violated?

Draco sighed and closed the book in his hands. He placed it back on the shelf and closed his eyes. He wanted things to stop being this way. He wanted to escape the hell that he was in now.

His eyes flew open as the bell on the wall tinkled softly. He turned to look at it and frowned when he realised it wasn't ringing in the way it usually did. This time it was a short 'ding-ding-ding'. Draco knew what that meant and he swallowed nervously. This was going to be difficult.

He looked over at Harry, who still had yet to move or react to the fact the bell was ringing. How was he going to get this reluctant person to do that to him? He knew he would probably end up having to resort to threats and he would have to keep his wand over him to make sure he didn't bite down.

He made his way over to Harry and brushed his fingers over his cheek. The moment he touched him the bell fell silent.

"Harry?" He murmured.

Harry's eyes slowly slid from the fire towards Draco who stood over him.

"The bell was ringing," He said softly.

Harry's face was still blank as he nodded once and pried himself from his chair. He stood in front of Draco, waiting for his clothes to be taken from him. When Draco merely stood and looked at him nervously, Harry raised shaking hands to the hem of his jumper and was about to lift it off.

Draco quickly grabbed at his wrists, stopping him.

"No," He shook his head, "That's not what he wants you to do."

Harry blinked and dropped his hands. He looked at Draco expectantly, worry lining his face.

"He wants," Draco inhaled hugely before sighing, "He wants you to - to use your mouth."

Harry frowned a little, "Use my-?" Suddenly his face smoothed as he realised what he meant.

Draco could see that Harry had gone even paler, and feared that he might collapse.

Then, looking down at the floor, Harry murmured, "Ok."

Draco's mouth dropped as Harry slowly sank to his knees. He raised his hands to undo Draco's trousers but his fingers trembled too much. Draco brushed them away and unbuttoned them himself. He delved his hand inside and pulled out his cock which had hardened at the sight of Harry on his knees before him.

Harry's breath hitched nervously and he shuffled a little closer. He shifted his gaze nervously up at Draco, and then dropped them almost instantly. His fingers still shaking, Harry wrapped them around Draco's shaft and he heard Draco hiss above him.

Hesitantly, Harry parted his lips and wrapped them around Draco's tip. Draco moaned, his hands forming fists by his sides.

Harry was unsure of what to do, so he began to suckle on Draco's tip, letting his tongue swirl every so often.

"That's good Harry," Draco encouraged, "Now just a little more."

Harry wasn't sure what he meant by this, so Draco placed his hand on the back of Harry's messy head and pushed him further down. Harry stretched his mouth around the girth and Draco let out a long low breath.

"Yes," He whispered.

Harry continued to be pushed until Draco touched the back of his throat and Harry instantly choked and gagged. The feeling of Harry's throat contracting around him made Draco's knees buckle.

He quickly shoved Harry's head back and Harry quickly gasped for air. He looked up at Draco's face gratefully for allowing him to stop. But stopping was far from Draco's mind.

He gripped Harry's arms and pulled him along the floor. He sank down on to the couch and parted his legs, pulling Harry between them. He sat back against the cushions, gently tossing himself as he stared at Harry's face.

Harry eyed Draco's cock which was being rubbed gently, coated in his own saliva then he looked up at Draco's face who nodded at him. Taking a deep breath Harry lowered his head back towards the cock he had been working on moments before, and wrapped his mouth around it again. Draco let go of it and gripped lightly at Harry's face, this time though he didn't force him to go further than he was. He allowed Harry to go at his own pace.

When Harry sank half way down he pursed his lips and sucked. Draco thrust away from the couch, his eyes fixed on Harry's face. He couldn't believe Harry had that same flush again, spread across his cheekbones, just beneath and across where his glasses sat on his face. He brushed his thumb delicately over it and Harry responded by closing his eyes and humming.

The sound sent shivers down Draco's spine and he arched his back slightly.

"Fuck, do that again," He breathed.

Harry frowned for a few seconds then made a similar humming noise at the back of his throat.

"Yes!" Draco hissed.

Harry began to bob his head up and down a few times until his frown deepened so much it lined his youthful face. He pulled back allowing Draco to fall from his mouth. Draco stared at him, both his eyes and his mouth wide open.

Harry chewed his lip bashfully as he stared from Draco's cock to his face.

"I'm sorry," He mumbled, "It's just, you taste like powder sugar."

Draco's mouth closed and he raised an eyebrow in the direction of the small boy crouched down in front of him. He had never sucked on another man's cock before, but he always assumed something like that would taste salty, not sugary.

"Is that a problem?" He asked his breathing heavier than usual.

Harry worried his lip a bit more then shyly shook his head. "No," He murmured, lowering his mouth back down to Draco's tip, "It tastes nice."

Both Draco's eyebrows shot up as Harry willingly took his cock again. This time he wasted no time in bobbing his head again whilst sucking on him. His hand came up to wrap around the base and he squeezed his fingers.

Draco cried out and was about to warn Harry when he suddenly shot his load straight into Harry's warm mouth. Harry's eyes flew open as he felt it fill him and continued to suck as he milked it all from Draco's throbbing cock.

Eventually, the cock fell from his lips when the bell rang and Harry was left with a mouth full of come. Draco looked at him through a sated gaze. He saw that Harry's jaw was looser than usual and his eyes looked around the room as he held it all in his mouth.

"Swallow it," Draco commanded through his gusty breathing.

Slowly, Harry did. Draco saw him grimace as he forced it down his throat then when it was all gone he looked up at Draco with bright, nervous, eyes.

Draco ran his hands to Harry's shoulders and pulled him up his body. Harry allowed himself to be pulled, not finding the energy to fight back. He straddled Draco's knees and Draco brought him down to kiss him softly.

Harry returned the kiss, allowing Draco to taste himself on his tongue. Then Draco slid down to the side so that he was lying down on the couch, his head rested on the armrest. He pulled Harry around with him whilst they continued kissing so that Harry was lying on top of him. He wrapped his arms firmly against Harry's back and he felt him relax against his body.

"Are you tired, Harry?" Draco asked against his lips.

Harry nodded, his mouth brushing against Draco's.

Draco kissed him again before saying, "Go to sleep then."

Harry glanced down at their position, Draco lying flat on his back whilst Harry lay on top of him wrapped up in Draco's arms. It was beyond ridiculous and yet, Harry couldn't turn it down. He felt comfortable and warm, so only a little reluctantly, Harry nodded and rested his head on Draco's shoulder, his face buried in his neck.

Draco couldn't help but grin as he ran his hand up and down Harry's back feeling the different muscles relax beneath his touch. He turned his head and gently kissed Harry on the forehead, his lips brushing his scar. Harry hummed tiredly and Draco knew in that moment he had drifted off to sleep in his arms.