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Summary: After hearing about the "Phantom Doll", Edward can't help but be curious. He falls in love with the figurine and decides to buy it, but there are rumors about the doll and how it got its name. It supposedly can move, talk and some former owners even claim it drank their blood. Unfazed, Edward buys the doll anyways.

A/N: It might seem choppy because it was going to be drabbles but since I'm losing my internet, I put it all together and it came out nicely.

. . .

Edward's P.o.V

I barely registered the soft clicking of, my friend, Jasper's laptop as he typed away at something. My gaze and attention was trained on the magazine before me, displaying lovely limited edition ball jointed dolls that will be available for only two weeks for the holidays. Alice, a friend of ours, grabbed my attention by pointing to some dolls in the magazine she was looking in and I admired the unique clothing they wore.

"The 'Phantom Doll' is up for action again," Jasper informed us while keeping his eyes on the screen.

".. That one again?" Alice frowned, closing her magazine.

"Phantom Doll?" I questioned then blinked suddenly remembering hearing that name before. "You mean the one they say attacks people and sucks their blood?"

"Yeah, that's where the name came from. It's a really pretty doll, so someone always bids on it, but they always end up selling it right after getting it." Alice explained while scratching her chin while thinking about what she heard. "It keeps happening over and over, so you can't help but think something creepy is going on. That's what all my friends in the doll community online say about it."

"Hmm.. I'd like to see what it looks like." I murmured but Alice heard me and her face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Edward, you're interested in a doll! You should get one of your own instead of just making clothes for them."

"I'm happy making clothes," I assured her. "Besides, your dolls are there to wear the clothing I make."

"But you'll like it even more to have your own doll to design for and dress up!" She shot back easily but a new voice from behind startled us before we could have a staring glaring contest.

"What are you talking about? You're in college now, it's time to stop playing with dolls."

"Tanya!" Alice huffed when the taller woman grabbed her precious magazine and lightly tapped her on the head with it.

"Edward, Jasper, you don't have to go out of your way to play along with her, you know." Tanya ignored Alice and tossed the magazine back onto the table.

"Actually, I don't mind sewing, and making clothes for ball jointed dolls is fun." I shrugged. It may not sound very manly but it does make me feel peaceful.

"What he said," Jasper replied in a bored tone, which was funny because he didn't make doll clothes.

"Besides, Alice likes the clothes I make for her doll," I reasoned. Alice sent Tanya a winning smirk and got a jealous glare in return.

'Still.. I might be even more inspired to sew if I have my own doll.. ' I thought to myself before turning over to Jasper. "Is that Phantom Doll expensive?"

"Wanna have a look?" He asked and turned his laptop towards me and clicked on a small picture, enlarging it. "Here, this is it."

I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw the actual doll sitting on a white platform, obviously the owner had made it so that they were put in a cute position to sell it quicker. 'What the.. ? This is the Phantom Doll that everyone thinks is creepy? How is she creepy? She's.. beautiful.'

The 'Phantom Doll' had chestnut brown hair that reached down past he shoulders in slight waves, some thick strands were placed in front to frame her face. Her light brown glass eyes were in perfect condition, not a scratch on them and her painted skin wasn't chipped or looked faded. 'She must have been well cared for.' The clothing she was wearing was a black sleeveless dress that was designed to look torn just above her knees, red paint applied to the bottom to look like fake blood. 'No wonder why they think she's creepy.' Besides the dress, she had a long black cape to cover her shoulders and knee high black boots.

"Edward, you really shouldn't get involved with the Phantom Doll," Alice said worriedly, if so, a bit superstitiously.

"This one.. I want this one." I confirmed.

".. Huh?" She furrowed her brows, confused.

'This is.. the first time I fell in love at first sight..'

A few Days Later..

After an hour of convincing Alice that there's no way dolls could be possessed, she over-looked that single 'flaw' and was actually glad that I was finally getting my own. Making doll clothes and owning a doll yourself is really a girly hobby but ball jointed dolls were special. They take weeks, sometimes even months, to make and design. The cost of them mostly range in the hundreds so if you were just looking for a play thing, this wasn't your doll.

Now I was currently opening the package I had received moments ago from the mail man. It made me sigh in relief that it had arrived safely. I wasted no time in opening the package, carefully taking the doll out styrofoam and holding it out in front of me.

"So beautiful.. " I couldn't help saying, a smile spreading across my face. "You're even better than the picture. This dress suits you but I'm sure I could design something that could really bring out your beauty."

I placed her on a pillow on the couch, making sure she was in a sitting position, legs out in front and cape spread. "Okay, time to make some new clothes! Hmm.. Or maybe I should buy a stand first." I turned around and sat down at the desk, switching on my laptop. I wasted no time in searched for the perfect stand for my perfect doll.

"So.. " A voiced chimed behind me, sending chills down my spine. "You're my new master? This is the first time I've been able to turn human so quickly." It chuckled and I slowly turned in my seat.

Standing there was what looked to be my doll, except she was bigger and looked so very much human. My heart began to speed up as the rumors raced through my head. All thoughts stopped when she placed her index finger under my chin and lifted my head up.

"I've been passed around from master to master for awhile now, but I think I might be able to settle down this time. What's your name?" When I didn't say anything, she tilted her head to the side. "What's wrong? Does this form scare you? Oh! From now on, please say "I love you, I only have eyes for you!" At least five times every day."

"You.. INTRUDER!" I made a move to shove my hands at her shoulders but they slammed into the wall instead. "Huh.. "

"How rude! You dare raise your hand at a woman, who happens to also be your doll?" Blinking in confusion, I looked down and noticed that she had taken the form a child. "Surprised, aren't you, Master? Not that I blame you. I have a soul while my Master loves me"

'What the.. '

"And for me to take a human form on the first day, you must really love me."

'The doll's move.. and talking.. '

"I like you, Master. Go ahead and love me as much as you like!"

'What's wrong with me.. '

".. Master?"

'Am I going crazy.. ?'

"H, hey, Master, are you okay?"

"I'm.. really tired. I think I'll go to bed now.'

"What? Hey!" She started to tug on my pants and I looked down at her.

".. " That's all that came to mind when I looked at her. And without warning, I picked her up and placed her on the couch. "That where I put you first and that's where I'll find you in the morning, just sitting there. Yeah.. good night."

And without another word, I dragged my feet to my room and fell asleep with my clothes on.

. . .

"Morning.. " I greeted in monotone, putting my pack sack onto the table and taking out my homework.

"What's wrong, Edward? You don't look so good." Tanya commented with a frown. Alice and Jasper looked up from their books to cast a worried glance my way.

"My doll arrived yesterday.. " I began to start but Alice jumped in her seat, obviously excited.

"And? What's it like?"

"It was the Phantom Doll." I finished, my expression blank.

Tanya looked like she had seen a ghost, Alice looked equally spooked and Jasper look aloof.

"She didn't suck my blood, but the rumors were right about her moving. She turned into a human."

"How can you say that with a straight face? Get a grip!" Tanya all but screamed, clutching into my shoulders and gave a good shake. "This is all your fault too, Alice!"

"What, mine?'

"If you haven't introduced him to those stupid ball jointed dolls last year, he'd be interested in better things!"

"She talks too. And gets bigger and smaller." I continued, like nothing was wrong.

"That's not possible!" Tanya whined, giving me another shake.

"Sorry about that, Edward," Jasper frowned up at me, feeling bad. "I didn't mean to scare you. It was probably just a dream."

"It's not your fault, Jasper. I'm the one who said it was creepy, sorry." Alice turned her attention to him and Tanya kept giving worried glances.

'They're right.. it had to be a dream, or maybe I was breathing in bad air and had a hallucination. I'm sure the doll will be back to normal when I get back to the apartment.'

. . .

"Oh, you're finally back! Exactly how long were you going to take before coming home?"

'She's not back to normal.' Came the obvious thought as I furrowed my eyebrows together.

'I'll forgive you if you give me a hug." She smiled cheekily at me and I gave no reaction. The whole thing still had me pretty numb. Noticing this, the human doll placed her hands on her hips. "Don't just stand there, come and give me a hug. And you haven't said 'I love you', yet. I told you to say it at least five times every day."

I felt something within me snap. Without a second thought, I curled my fingers into a fist and aimed straight for the nose. But she was too quick for me, jerking back right out of my reach.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Oh, I thought maybe if this was a dream, it would be okay to hit you."

"It is not okay! This is the real world!"

"So it seems. Guess that finally sunk in."

"Took you a long time to accept it!" She snapped and folded her arms across her chest.

"Be glad I did. And why are you acting so high and mighty anyways, especially when I'm taller than you? I think I understand why you keep getting sold over and over again."

Her eyes had widened at that and I wondered if I struck a nerve. But she quickly replaced that look with a sinister, painful smile. "That's right. They all welcome me with open arms at first. Shower me with love and affection. Treasure me. But they change their tune the moment I start moving. Some call me a 'phantom', others call me a 'monster'. See this?" She lifted her dress to show off a creamy thigh that should have been unmarked but there was a visible pink scar starting from the inside of the thigh and moving out. "That's from having a knife aimed and pulled down. It's awful, isn't it? Is me turning into a human really that frightening? Especially since it's a sign of how much my master loves me.. "

I couldn't help but stare at her in shock while she continue to talk, the cold smile still plastered on her face.

"It's not like I was going to eat them. I just wanted to thank them for loving me," This time she frowned. "I just wanted to say their names. Not that I ever managed to do it because I always turn back into a doll before I can say it. That's proof that my master has stopped loving me and started fearing me." I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. She gave a grateful smile my way and held her hands up in front of her. "But you're different. Even now I'm still moving, still talking."

'Yeah, well at this point I decided to ignore almost anything,' I thought to myself. 'After all, I fell in love with her at first sight. Of course, I'd never tell her something as embarrassing as that.'


"Huh.. ?" I looked around, not spotting her any where.


"Hnn?" I looked down and felt my eyes bulge. "When did you get small?" She had turned back into her doll form and was now holding her arms up to me.

"Hug!" She demanded with a furrow of her brows and a small pout on her lips.

I couldn't help it but I felt my heart skipping a beat. I believe I get it now. She probably tries to order me around so much because.. she wants my affection more than anything else. So I picked her up carefully, giving a warm embrace.

"As a reward, I'll tell you my name!"

"Your name?" She nodded excitedly.

"It's Bella, Bella Swan."

"Bella Swan.. " I tested the name on my tongue, not minding the way it rolled off naturally. She seemed to like it as well, I assumed by the way her cheeks tinted pink. "How about midget?"


"Or shorty?"

"You bastar- "

"Bella." I called her name out softly, instantly stopping the string of colourful curses that was sure to drop from her mouth. "Bella." I called again and she clamped her mouth shut, eyes wide.

"T, that's how it should be in the first place." She mumbled, shifting her gaze downwards.

At that point, I thought my strange doll was kinda cute when she acted like that. 'But I'd never say that, even if it killed me.'

. . .

I quickly answered the door, since the person on the other side didn't have an ounce of patience and knocked non-stop. Closing one eye, I peeked through the viewing hole to see who it was, just in case it was one of those pesky sales people. But it turned out to be Tanya. I wiped the frown off my face before opening the door.

"Hey Tanya, what's up?" She gave me a nervous look and began to fidget with her fingers.

"Nothing.. I was just in the area, and I wondered what you were doing. May I come in?"

"Of course." I opened the door a little wider, enough to allow her to walk in before closing it behind me.

Walking further into the apartment, she spotted Bella sitting innocently on the couch cushion.

"So this is the doll?" I nodded and she frowned. "Edward.. are you okay?"


"You said stuff about the doll moving. Is there something bothering you? If you're scared of that doll or something.. I'm here for you!"

"Tanya.. "

"We've been childhood friends and I couldn't bring myself to say it before, but I've always loved you!" Her declaration of love for me made me freeze on the spot. She gripped my biceps and looked up almost pleadingly. "What about you? Is there anyone you like? You're not going out with Alice, are you?"

The mere thought of her suggesting there would be some sort of romance between Alice and myself almost made me gag. Suddenly I was pushed to the floor and I grunted, feeling a sharp pain on my bottom.

"Edward!" She cried out and began to rub her chest against mine. "Can't you choose me?"

'She's nuts!'

"That's more than enough, you bimbo."

Tanya froze in her actions, eyes widening.

"You've got a lot of nerve, laying your hands on my master." The strawberry blonde whipped her head around and gasped at the doll. "Don't think you'll make it out of here in one piece."

Bella gave Tanya a sinister smile before growing into her human form. She experimentally flexed her fingers and reached out for the teen on the floor, inches away from her hair before Tanya scooted back a bit, eyes wide with horror.

"M-Monster!" She chucked a book that was laying near her, missing the, now adult sized dolls head. Bella's eyes had widened at the name and froze in her spot.

I acted quickly, swiftly picking Tanya up off the floor and started to push her towards the door.

"What do you think you are doing," I hissed, clearly enraged. "Attacking and violating me isn't enough? You're gonna break my precious doll too? Get out."

"Edward, I.. " Tanya tried to reason but I wasn't having any of it.

"Get out!"

I saw the tears roll down her face before she turned around, opened the door and slammed it behind her. I waited until I couldn't hear her heavy foot steps before sighing and walking over to Bella.

"That crazy girl, what was she trying to do anyways? Are you hurt anywhere?" I reached out to inspect her but my hand was slapped away.

"You don't care if I'm hurt or not," She said in a cold voice with a small smile on her lips. "After all, I'm just a monster."

"You're a monster?" I huffed, raising a single brow at her. "How so? You're beautiful.. " I lifted my hand once again to cup her cheek and run the pad of my thumb in small circles.

".. " She stared at me, eyes wide, innocent and mouth opened slightly. I gave a light smile before I noticed the area around us.

"Ugh, the rooms a mess, Tanya came by at the wrong time."

"Master.. " She called out softly.

"Oh, come to think of it, I never told you my name, did I? It's Edward."

"Edward.. " She tested the name out and I nodded.

"Yeah, Edward." I assured her but she continued.

"Edward.. Edward.. Edward" A soft and sincere smile graced her lips.

After that.. she kept saying my name over and over again. It got kind of annoying, but she seemed so happy saying it, so I let her do as she pleased. It was kind of cute.

. . .

"Hey, Edward, we've got a problem!" Alice yelled out to me as I made my way over to our usual hang out table outside.

"Morning Jasper, Alice. What's going on?" I asked, settling down in my seat beside Jasper.

"Tanya's been going around telling everyone you have the Phantom Doll at your place. She's saying it moved! And it attacked her! And it was going to eat her!" Alice cried out dramatically

"Oh.. that is a problem," I said as nonchalant as I could, opening my bag and taking out a few magazines.

"Weren't you saying something like that before too? It's not true, is it?" Jasper asked, taking one of the magazines and flipped through it.

"Of course not, I was only joking around. My Bella is the most adorable doll in the world." I smiled fondly and Alice blinked, clearly confused

. . .

Tck. Tck. Tck. Whrrr. Whrrr. Tck. Tck.

"Edward, how long is this going to take? You should be done by now, right?"

I ignored her.

"Hey, Edward! Edward!" She tugged mercilessly on my sleeve and I feared I was going to mess up. I grabbed some wasted fabric and tossed it onto her head." Wa!"

"Stop bothering me, Bella! I'm making your clothes right now."

'I can't believe she is my love at first sight- a ball jointed doll I bought off the Internet.' She pouted cutely before stomping her little feet on the desk.

"I've been waiting this whole time for you to come back from school. Then you say you're starting homework, and now after all this time you say you want to sew. When do you plan on paying attention to me? I've already told you, you have to love me at least once a day, but you still haven't said anything yet! Dolls just wanna be loved! Don't you understand?

"You're so annoying," I picked her up by the back of her shirt and dropped her onto the floor.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?"

"Don't be so loud, go wait patiently over there. All I want to do right now, is to use my own two hands to make you more beautiful. Me working so hard to do so is just another expression of love." I explained and she blushed, brows furrowed.

".. Well, if you say it that way, I guess it's okay." She took a few tiny steps back and sat down. "Like this?"

"Well, that was easy." I said dead panned and she gawked.

. . .

"Morning you two," I greeted Alice and Jasper, setting my bag on top of the table.

"You look different today.. " Jasper commented, looking at me from the corner of his eye.

"Huh? How so?"

"Your back." Glancing over my shoulder and pulling the fabric of my shirt to the side so I could get a better look, I nearly ripped it from what I saw. I reached around to grab her and held her in front of me, facing away from my friends.

"Bella! What are you doing here?' I whispered harshly but she gave me a sweet, sinister smile.

"Heh.. It's your punishment for ignoring me."

"Ahh! this is the super cute Bella then?" Alice appeared beside me and clasped her hands together. I could practically see the starts in her eyes. Bella had froze into a 'lifeless' doll the moment she saw Alice.

"I must get a picture!" She whipped out cell phone and began to snap away. "Let me take some more!"

After Alice had calmed down, we settled back into out seats and I placed Bella on the table in front of me.

"This is that doll then? It's beautiful." Jasper reached out and felt the texture of the hair. "It's very silky."

"Thanks, Jasper."

"Oh yeah, Edward, let me take a picture of her with my dolls from home too, okay?" Alice asked, still snapping random photos.

"No problem, but one one condition."

"What is it? Anything's okay!"

"Can you do me a favor and put that picture you just took of Bella onto your blog? This way, I think everyone will accept that Bella is just an ordinary doll. And the rumors of her being the "Phantom Doll" can be dispelled. Bella isn't one of those dangerous dolls." I petted the top of her head and leaned forward to look at her face. Before when she froze, she had made sure to keep her face emotionless but now I could see warmth seeping into her eyes, softening her expression.

"Okay! I'll post an update as soon as I get home."

"Thanks, Alice."

"Oh, but I'm glad."


"Bella suddenly showing up hanging onto your back really scared me. But after hearing your words I feel better. You must really treasure your Bella, huh?"

A smallest smile appeared on the little dolls face.

. . .

"Listen up, Bella. Over there's the shrimp, and the boiled eggs are here. After you peel them, I'll make kabobs."

"This.. you want me to do that.. ?" She had an appalled look on her face as she gazed down at the food.

"Just help me out a little, as punishment for deciding on your own to follow me to school."

"What? All of this is your fault for constantly abandoning me!"

"Well, now I'm paying attention. Me letting you take part in my everyday life is something you should be thankful for. Now come on, don't just sit there, hurry up and help me make dinner."

"This sucks.. " She whined but began to help.

"You're clothes.. " I gave her a quick look over. Too fancy. "Don't match what you're doing right now. How about you change into something else."

I stood up and she gladly dropped, onto the plate, what she was doing and followed me to my room. I picked out two items for her and left the room. After ten minutes I opened the door to check what was wrong that it was taking her so long. She was standing in front of the mirror, gaping at her reflection.

"What kind of clothes are these? They're so plain and so not cute! It doesn't allow my inner charm to show through it at all!"

"But it's more convenient, isn't it?"

She was wearing one of my white button down shirts and black khaki pants. Was she really expecting me to have a dress or mini skirt hiding somewhere in my dresser or closet? I dragged her back to the kitchen and got to work on making the rest of the kabobs.

"Stop complaining already and help me. I'm getting hungry. Speaking of which.. can you even eat?"

"Since I'm a 'human' now, it should be okay, but I still haven't tried it out yet."

"Really? Then we can eat together today and figure out what kind of food you like. If you don't like this stuff, then we can go out and eat next time." She stared at me, her sheeks turned a light pink.

"Together.. "

"Hurry up, move those hands faster! How come you haven't got anything done yet?"

"What are you saying? I already peeled all the shrimp! and I'm starting to peel the eggs now!" I watched as she used a little more force than necessary. "How.. how did this happen? The egg white came off with the shell!"

"You sure are dumb.. "

"This sucks! I'll get it right next time for.. "


"I just did it again! Edward, these eggs are really low quality! Make sure you complain to the store owner or company next time!"

"Calm down, Bella. If you just peel it slowly and gently, it works out fine. And what do you mean 'low quality'?"




"No matter how many times I do it, it's always messed up! How could I let you eat something so cheap! Edwaaard!" Bella whined, and tears were starting to form in the corners of her eyes from embarrassment. I blinked at her before smiling and playfully poking her forehead.

"You're really clumsy!" I gave short laugh but stopped when her tears spilled over and ran down her face. "H, hey, Bella?"

"Ah.. I'm crying.. no wonder my visions blurry.. " She rubbed her left eye and caught a tear on her fingers. "So, even I.. am capable of tears.. All those others times, before I even had time to experience those painful emotions, I had already returned to being a doll. And I could never understand why.. I just wanted to say my masters name. But before that, I had already been crowned with the title of "monster".

But it turns out.. it turns out that I was so desperately longing to see a smiling face," More tears had started to run down her face but she made no action to remove them. "I didn't even realize it myself.. " I placed my hand over her head, giving a small ruffle.

"Bella, shrink back to doll size for me." And she did, without questions or putting up a fight, my clothes shrinking along with her. She stared up at me and I reached down, picking her up and holding her close. "I'll always hold you like this so you can cry as much as you like."

And that's exactly what she did. She clutched to my shoulder and sobbed for a long time. My left shoulder's cold and wet, but let me receive all of your tears this way.. and if there's any remaining trace of sorrow, I'll wipe it all away.

. . .

"What do you think, Edward? does it suit me?"

"Of course! After all, this was custom made for you."

After a whole week of sleepless nights, I had finally completed Bella's outfit. It was a sleeveless and backless white dress with a bow on the back giving the effect of butterfly wings. The dress stopped at her knees before before continuing down with three layers of ruffles. For added touches I attached small silver pearls to random places, a white see through scarf wrapped around her neck and a small silver feminine top hat. I ran my finger over her cheek affectionately, admiring how well the

dress fit her.

"Hah, don't do that, Edward, it tickles!" She clutched my finger with her tiny fingers, trying to push it away. I smiled fondly down at her and removed my finger.

"Do you like it, Bella/'

"Of course I do! And thank you, the clothes you made are really detailed and beautiful. You really are very talented!"

"Well, I did this all for you. To be able to hear the doll thank me is really great." I brought my index finger back to her face, lifting it up to me. "I'm really glad I picked you, Bella."

There was a faint glow surrounding her before she turned into her human form, standing before me in the clothes I made, now life sized. She stared down at me with an unreadable gaze but it caused my heart to pound.


"Edward, I.. I don't know how to say this,, I feel really happy and lucky. But it's not just that. I can't express myself clearly at all.. Damn. How should I explain these feelings to you.. ? I just can't find the right words to say it."

"Bella.. every time you feel like this, just smile at me." I extended my arm and was able to cup her cheek properly. "That's the best praise I could ever receive."

It looked as if she tried to smile, or force one at least but in the end she grit her teeth and tackled me to the ground.

"Wha! Bella, you're human-sized right now.. that hurt." I started to push myself up but froze when I felt her lips on mine. It only lasted a few seconds before she pulled back and I stared up at her, shocked.

"Oh.. I know what this is now." She whispered and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. "The feelings I have for you are.. love."

Love.. Her words settle themselves securely into the deepest parts of my heart..

"Bella.. " I leaned forward, cupped her cheek snugly before giving a sharp pinch.


"Bella, your clothes are getting dirty! Off, get off!"

"What? What did you say?" She quickly got up but not before a few pearls and the bow on her top hat fell mercilessly to the ground.

"The clothes I had worked on for so long,, "

"Sorry, Edward, it wasn't on purpose!"

".. I'm going to start fixing it now. And you.. " I slowly turned towards her and she flinched. "Take off your dress, too! Put on your other clothes!"


"For messing up the clothes I made you! Go stand in the dunce corner over there until I'm done!"

. . .

"Buying groceries, doing the laundry, washing the bathtub. " Bella hummed a tune while reading off the list. "Edward, what is this?"

"This is stuff for you to do while I'm at school, so you can help with the chores.

"What? You want ME, Bella the 'Phantom Doll' herself to go out and buy groceries?"

"Yeah! You should head out now. Hurry up and change, I'll go with you this time."

. . .

"I'm home, Bella." I called out into the house, shutting and locking the door behind me. I took off my shoes before walking within the apartment. I instantly spotted Bella kneeling on the floor, wearing one of my loose white t-shirts and sweat shorts.

"Edward.. you finally came back, you jerk!"

"Aw, you've been working so dutifully, good job!" I teased and she gaped at me.

"Of course I would be doing the chores! And what kind of doll do you take me for! I'm not some stupid robot; my only job is to let you love me!"

"But I do love you. That's why I'm treating you like family and splitting the chores."

"You're a really cunning guy." She muttered.

"Don't look so angry. I bought you a small cake. We can eat it together, as a reward for helping me out."

I opened the box and took out the chocolate frosted cake that had whip cream and cut up

strawberries, kiwi and peaches on top.

"Eat up, pick the one you like." When she didn't say anything, I looked up to see her staring at me intently and mentally groaned. "What now?"

"My only reward is a piece of cake.. ? What I want, is something more 'special'."

"You sure are a willful girl." I murmured, cutting a slice for myself.

"You're even worse, making someone as important as me help you with chores! I went out and bought you groceries like you said, and cleaned the bathtub, I even washed and folded all the laundry!"

'Okay, okay, I get it." I raised my hand and patted her head. "Good girl."

".." Her lip curled a bit, giving a small snarl with a hard glare.


"What am I, a dog? I want more." She grabbed the hand that was patting her head and brought the fingers to her lips, kissing them gently. "More things that can belong only to me."

Bella clutched onto my wrist tightly and yanked me forward, engaging me into a hard kiss. I felt my growing feelings stir within me and I even started to respond to her kiss. But the logic part of my brain kicked in and I gave a firm but not so hard push.

"You're really heavy!" There was a quick flash and child-sized Bella appeared.

"What about this? Is this size okay, then?" She pouted, clearly unhappy that her advances were shot down. "You were the one who said you'd reward me but now you won't even give me a little kiss!

".. " I sighed. "Fine then, but just one kiss, nothing more."

I placed my index finger onto my lips for a second before placing it onto her's. She stared, wide eyed, cheeks flushed. Then she buried her face into my chest, arms crossed and feet flailing.


'She's so cute,' I couldn't help but smile. She peeked up at me, saw my amused look and beamed. 'Bella's loving tone when she talks to me is something I can finally understand.'

"Bella, let's go out together the next time I get a break from school."

"Together?" She smiled, eyes full of hope and excitement.

"Yeah, together."

"Then it's agreed! I really look forward going out together!"

. . .

I knocked on the blood red door three times, waited one minute and was about to knock a few times more but it opened before I could.

"Edward! Sorry for taking so long, Jasper is here too."

"Oh, is he? Sorry to intrude."

"Don't worry about it, come in, come in!"

I stepped into the warm household where I've been to many times before. Alice lived here alone with her mom, who was a designer and rarely ever home due to work, so it was almost as if she was on her own. But she didn't mind, she was never alone, usually having Jasper or other friends over to keep her company.

I followed Alice up the stairs, holding Bella, doll-sized, in my hand. She tugged on my shirt and I brought her up to my ear so she could whisper to me.

"Edward.. how does this count as going out? We're just visiting some woman's house!"

"You gonna be picky? We went out together, didn't we?" I whispered back. "Besides, I already promised Alice last time I'd let her take photos of you. Think of it as a souvenir, okay? Just let her take some pictures."

We walked down a hall with soft cream walls, various pictures of abstract paintings on the walls before reaching Alice's' bedroom at the end.

"Edward, you can just put Bella on this chair that I designed for dolls."

"Thanks, Alice." I set Bella onto the red plush chair, making sure she looked comfortable enough.

"You can come over here. It's Jasper's new creation; it 's really awesome!"

"Really? What did he make?" I turned away and walked over to Jasper, missing Bella's hurt expression.

"He made this wooden carving himself!" Alice boosted, clearly pleased.

"That's just like you, you're so skilled, man." I complimented. Jasper wasn't one to blush but he did looked flustered.

"Yeah, but I still can't figure out how to make it symmetrical."

"It's already good enough, look at how beautiful it is!" Alice carefully picked it up, examining it from different angles. "Hey, Edward, what have you been doing lately?"

"I don't know if you'll like it, but I heard you got a new doll. So I made a hat for it as a present." I took it out of my pocket and presented it to the two.

It was a light pink cabbie hat with a bow at the back, the ribbons falling long and small fake white jewels surrounds the cap.

"Your designs, no matter how you look at it, are always really cute." Jasper complimented, giving a smile.

"Right, right! I like Edward the most! I'm so lucky to have met you, it's only at times like these that you're so sweet!"

"Hey, now, are you saying I'm a cold hearted bastard at all other times?"

We shared a good hearted laugh together before continuing on talking about other things. There was a loud crash behind us, making us freeze in what we were doing. Turning around, we saw that Alice's' hand painted vase knocked over, shattered and water leaking everywhere, a couple roses looking crumpled.

"What.. ? Why.. why would this vase have fallen?" She questioned in a small voice and I looked sharply at Bella.

Her face was blank, still, but her eyes were dark with fury.

"Hey, Edward, don't you think Bella's position is different from before?"

I jerked a bit when I realised she was right. When I set Bella down, her arms were resting at her side but now they were on the arm rests, her head held high, as if she were a queen.

"I.. I must have misplaced her earlier, which explains why she would accidentally touch the vase. Sorry, Alice, I'll pay for it." I knew it was lame but I couldn't think of anything off the top of my head.

"Oh, no need to.. sorry for saying something weird and silly." She kneeled down to the floor getting ready to pick the shattered remains. "Just gotta clean it up first.. "

"We'll take care of it, Alice, the glass is sharp." Jasper was by her side in seconds, stopping her from picking anything up.

I followed suit, kneeled and picking up the big shards first. Making sure the others weren't watching, I slid my gaze up to Bella, giving a small glare. 'What do you think you're doing, Bella.. ' As if reading my thoughts, she furrowed her brows just slightly, giving me a glare of her own.

. . .

Once we were back at my apartment, Bella wasted no time turning to human-size and spun around to face me.

"Bella, you broke that vase earlier, right? Why would you do that? Doing things like that'll only make everyone scared of you! I finally got Alice's' help, putting your picture on the blog.. getting her to try cleaning up your reputation!"

"I can't take it anymore.. All you ever do is talk about her.." She whispered harshly at first but grit her teeth and started to yell. "Whose owner ARE you? I'm the only one who belongs to you, right? So why would you make clothes for other dolls?"

"I've always helped Alice make clothes for her dolls, and today's was just to thank her for taking your picture. What are you so upset about?"

"Why did you have to be so happy about it, then!"

"Of course I'd be happy when I'm with friends!"

"All of you were laughing like that, right in front of me! You KNEW that I could only sit there and watch, yet you still kept smiling!"

"Calm down, Bella, I was just chatting with my friends." I reached out to her, hoping to calm her down but I saw a glint of red flash in her eyes.

"Shut up!" With a inhuman force, I was pushed back, falling to the floor. I winced and looked up, seeing her surprised expression.

"That really hurt, how violent. What was that for?" She didn't speak, only reached her hands out a little but brought them back to her chest, clutching the hand that used the strange force. I got up and gave her arm a soft pat. "Well, do as you like. I won't be bringing home sweets for you anymore."

. . .

"I'm home." I called out, after getting into my apartment and shutting the door. When I walked into the small living room, I spotted Bella in her custom made chair. 'What's with her today, always staying in doll-form..' "Hey, Bella, let's make up. Why should we fight over something like that? Let's just talk it out, okay?"

When she did nothing, I felt a little anger rising in me. "Don't just keep sitting there! I don't want to keep fighting with you like this.." When she didn't move, I started to feel frustrated. "Bella, why am I the only one talking? You should said something too."

".. "

".. Bella?" I leaned down to get a closer look and frowned.

'Why doesn't she react at all.. ? It can't be, that just because we had a fight, I somehow started loving her less? No, that can't be true. I don't feel any differently towards her, so that must mean.. that Bella chose to push me away?'

Her lifeless eyes scared me.

'What I did yesterday,, did it really upset you so much? So much, that you'd rather return to being a doll again? Is it really possible that just because of this, Bella will become just another ordinary doll.. will I never see her again?'

"Bella! What are you trying to pull.. after saying all those angry things, you just leave without a word?" I knew I was starting to shout and that the neighbors could hear me but I didn't care. "If you're going to leave me, at least let me hear your reasoning! It's fine even if it's just one word, but say something, Bella!"

"Edward.. " Bella looked up at me, puppy eyes filled with tears. I felt anger and embarrassment well up within me and I smacked her across the head. "Waa!"

"Have you had enough? Why didn't you reply when I first started talking to you? I even said I wanted to make up, so why did you still continue to ignore me?"

"Because," Her voice was small as she sat on her knees, crouched over and rubbing her eyes with her hand, "Because I really am.. just a "Phantom Doll".. I even attacked my own master.. Every time you smile at someone else, or even look the slightest bit happy, I get this horribly heavy feeling in my heart.. a feeling I can't control at all, to the point where I can't even see anything else around me. I finally understand why my former masters all feared me.. And you.. you must hate me too"

She slouched even lower as her shoulders began to shake. "I promise you, that I can always remain as a doll, that I'll never move again. Just please, please don't hate me.. "

"Bella.. what you did has nothing to do with being a '"Phantom doll". We just had an argument, that's all." She whipped her head up to look at me, hope in her eyes. "Since you came here, how many times have I sent you flying? How many times have I smacked you around? If you're a "Phantom doll' then I must be the devil. Do you get it, Bella? You were just jealous."

".. Jealous?" She tilted her head to the side, tears still leaking down her face.

"You were just jealous of my friends."

"Jealous, you say.. ?"


'Her emotional maturity is like that of a child's.' The thought caused a warm smile to form on my lips. 'This is her first time experiencing this "evil", and her first time having these emotions.'

"Bella, whenever you feel like this again, just tell me "I love you', and everything'll be alright."

"Love.. ?"


"Love you. Love you.. I love.. you.. I love Edward the most!" Her words 'cause my heart to skip beats more than I could count.

I reached for her small form and brought her to my lips without a second thought. "Bella.. "

She's my willful, stubborn yet absolutely adorable doll. Your very existence is a mystery, but I'm willing to accept every single aspect of you.

I pulled back only to see Bella staring at me, eyes wide and red faced. After a few seconds she fell completely limp.

"B, Bella?"

. . .

After coaxing her to go into her human form, I sat on the couch and allowed her to lay her head on my lap.

"Don't you always do the same thing to me?" I muttered while running my hands through her hair. "How come when I do it, you go all faint?

"Oh be quiet, Edward. Be a nice guy and let me relax for awhile."

"Okay, okay." I chuckled and continued to run my hair through her silky locks.

It doesn't matter whether you're a doll or a human. I'll always be with you.. That's something I knew from the very beginning.

. . .

"Edward, can I look now?" I stopped humming my nameless tune to respond.

"Just a second."

"This is taking foreveeer," She whined before sighing, clearly bored. "What exactly are you making, anyways?"

I looked over my shoulder to look at her. She had her back turned to me, hands over eyes but I saw her beginning to remove them.

"No peeking yet!"

"Eep!" She hid them again.

"Don't worry, I'm almost done." After a few more minutes, I huffed and stretched. "There, it's completed. Okay, Bella, you can look now."

Excitedly she turned around and gasped. "Woooow!"

It was a miniature tent that would be her little house from here on. The sheets were a shimmery blue with ribbons, pearls and other glitz decorating it on the outside while on the inside was a doll queen sized bed and a rack of all the clothes that were given especially for her.

"Since cloth and materials are pretty cheap nowadays, I made you ones of these. Jasper helped me with the structure, and the wardrobe's a present from Alice. Go on, have a look." I settled her down before it and she ventured inside.

"Ah! There's new clothes!"

"I made some casual ones for you to wear normally."

"Edward!" She turned around faster then my eyes could follow and pounced onto my face.


"I really can't stand you," She laughed out loud, a big smile on her face. "Just how much more do you want to make me love you before you're satisfied? I love you the most!" She started kissing me all over my cheek and I chuckled.

"Okay, okay! That tickles!"

"What are you saying? I want to kiss you even more, or I just wouldn't feel right. I think my heart right now just might explode," She leaned over and kissed me on the nose.

Seeing her so happy because of some simple thing I did made my own heart flare with delight.

. . .

"And then what? Did you dress Bella up in the clothes you made and I bought for her?" Alice asked while digging into her lunch.


"Where are the pictures, then? The pictures!"

"I knew you'd want to see them, so I actually took a few."

"Really? I wanna see!"

"Haha, just hold on." I turned slightly towards my bag and opened it. After a few seconds of moving around text and note books, I frowned. "Oh.. "

"What happened?"

"It's gone. My phone's gone." Alice's' jaw dropped, gawking at me openly while Jasper shook his head.

"What? You didn't drop it, did you?"

"Maybe it's in the classroom.. "

"Should we go look for it?"

"You don't have to look for it. Edward, you forgot to bring it!"

And standing there before us was a human sized Bella.

"Bella? What are you doing here?" I felt myself beginning to panic and cast quick glances to Alice and Jasper.

"To bring your cell phone! It's pretty important, isn't it? It never leaves your side."

"Yeah, it's pretty convenient.." I leaned in and started to whisper, "but how did you get here? Don't tell me you took a taxi.. " She just flashed a mischievous grin and I sighed. "Bella, can you please try to be a little less wasteful?"

"Edward, is this your friend?" Jasper spoke and stood up to stand beside me and Alice followed along.

"You should introduce us!"

"Sure, we're currently roommates. Her name is.. Bella."

"E, Edward.. " Bella now looked uneasy, looking at me as if I was crazy.

"You two live together? I didn't know that," Alice smiled with a faint blush on her cheeks. Clearly she was thinking something on a whole new level.

""Bella", it's the same name as that doll," Jasper pointed out but there was no suspicion in his voice.

"And they look so similar, too!" Alice clasped her hands together, admiring Bella. I could almost see the hearts form around her. "They're both so beautiful."

"Sorry, Alice. I'm not handing her over to you."

".. Ehh?"

"Is that okay?"

"Sure! I'm okay, I won't abandon you just for that! We're friends after all. But if you two are really like that, then I'll be really pissed off." She gave a sinister grin. "If all the good looking people like you two get together, then where would that leave the rest of us plain folks? As an apology, you two should treat us to dinner!"

"I agree with Alice," Jasper chuckled and rested his chin onto his hand. The guy would do anything for a free meal.

"W, wait, Jasper, how could you take her side?"

"No matter your relationship, it's a rare chance and I think we should all go out and eat something nice.. of course, you'll be paying, Edward."

I swear that she's a devil in sheep's clothing. I placed my hand over Bella's hand, out in the open, and she looked at me , surprised.

"Looks like you made some friends," I gave her a reassuring smile at her pleaded gaze. The next random thing she did was clutch my hand back and threw our arms into the air.

"I.. agree!"

"Perfect," Alice giggled.

At that time, no matter what they said, I should've taken Bella home..

. . .

I didn't think too much when I went ahead and introduced her to my friends, but it was one things I regret the most. And possibly for the rest of my life.

We heard a few things thud to the ground and looked over to the person standing only a few feet away.

"You.. why? Why? Why are you here? That girl.. it's her! She's the "Phantom Doll!"

"Tanya.. " I felt a sharp chill shoot down my spine when the strawberry blonde pointed at Bella.

"Monster, she's a monster!"

"What are you saying, Tanya? Why are you saying things like that?" Alice stood from her seat, getting ready to defend Bella.

"I was gonna ask the same of you guys! That girl is a puppet, you know! why aren't you guys scared of her? Edward, wake up! You must be crazy.. Unless, maybe you're the same as her.. you're a monster just like her!" I jerked my head back, surprised by her attack on me.

I felt, more then saw, Bella rise and I quickly got up to stop her from doing anything rash. "It's okay, Bella."

Tanya gulped, stumbling back a bit before running off, leaving her forgotten text books on the ground.

"What's with that girl, I can't believe she's still calling your doll the "Phantom doll"!" Alice growled out, sitting down and smacked her hand onto the table.

"If anything, she's the weird one." Jasper huffed, looking pretty upset about Tanya's outburst as well.

"It's alright, you guys. I'm fine."

I could see from the corner of my eyes, Bella's dark expression, her hand clenching into a fist every few seconds. She was anything but fine. Before anymore damaged could be done, I gave her some money to take a cab home. I promised her I'd bring some sweets home after school so she shouldn't be upset anymore.

. . .

Bella waited until the university bell rang before swiftly walking across the now empty green grass, spotting her target sitting alone on a bench, slumped over

"Sitting here all by yourself like this is really dangerous, you know." Tanya jerked up at the voice and paled when she saw who it was.

"You.. what are you doing? What do you want?" She grabbed a stone from the ground and chucked it at Bella, who side stepped it easily.

"I came to give you a warning. I don't care how many times you call me a monster, because I'm already used to it. But.." She now stood in front of the cowering teen and reached down the clutch the front of her shirt. "If you ever dare to insult Edward again like you did just then.. well, I don''t know.. what kind of scary thing I might accidentally do to you."

Tanya gasped up at her and her shoulders began to shake. Bella, pleased by her reaction, snorted and released her hold on her shirt, turning around and walking away.

'I bet with Edward would be mad for sure if he knew about this.. But people like her need to be taught a lesson. Or at least spanked on the bottom.'

Once Bella was out of sight, Tanya allowed her self to curl into a ball, her hands clutching her head.

"What is this.. what's happening here? She's clearly a monster, but no one believes me! Instead, they look at me as if I'm the strange one, even though it's really them! They must have been brainwashed.. if only she weren't here.. If only she didn't exist, then everything would be perfect!"

. . .

"I'm leaving for school now, Bella. I'll see you in the afternoon."

"Wait a second, Edward, are you sure you haven't forgotten anything? Your cell phone? Wallet? Handkerchief?"

"Handkerchief?" I snorted and ruffled her hair. "Yeah, yeah. Don't worry, I got anything. Except for the handkerchief, I could just get napkins at the school. This almost feels like.. we're already a real family." Bella's face instantly flushed and I hid my chuckle with a cough. "Everyone's coming over today for dinner, so make sure you clean up well. And after school we'll go buy some stuff to bring back."

"I got it, just leave it to me." Bella gave a small snort. She takes great pride in doing the chores I've given her, finishing everything in perfection.

"Okay, I'll leave it up to you. I'm going now."


. . .

'I've met an owner who treasures and trusts me so much.'

"All done!" Bella checked off the last chore on the list and sighed in content. "I've finished everything. Now all that's left is to wait for everyone to come home."

. .

"Aw crap, I'm already starting to get nervous." She whined and fiddled with the chores list. "Oh right, I should change clothes first.. I gotta dress in casual clothes.'

Diiiing - Doooong

Bella blinked and stood up from the couch and walked over to the door.

'Why doesn't Edward have a peeking hole?' She huffed but leaned her ear against the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's Tanya."

".. What do you want?" She bit out a little harsher than necessary but she didn't care.

"I went a little overboard last time. I wanted to apologize so bad. Can we talk a little, please?"

"No need to. You can just tell me from the other side of the door, I can hear you perfectly."

"I want to apologize to you directly, properly. Can you please open the door? I know it would make Edward happy if he knew his friends were on good terms with each other."

'It'll make Edward happy?' This perked her up instantly and without a second thought, she unlocked and opened the door.

Tanya raised the large wooden hammer and swiftly brought it down.

'Edward, I'm sorry.. I don't think I'll be able to have dinner with our friends..' Was all she could think before everything went dark.

. .

"Edward, you've been on the phone this entire time, is something wrong?" Alice finally asked, a worried look on her face. I looked at her for a second before looking back at my cell phone.

"Oh, it's just that Bella hasn't been picking up at all. I always call her before heading home. Her not picking up the phone is really strange.

"Maybe she went out to buy something? Since we're going to have dinner for four people, there's ought to be a lot of ingredients to buy." She suggested, hoping it would lighten my mood.

"She might have thought we're have no drinks and went out to buy some?" Jasper added in but nothing they said did anything to my sour turning mood.

"Even if that were true, isn't it weird that she's still not home yet? She's been there all day and the store is a ten minute walk away."

"Maybe the store was out of drinks and she went to a store farther away?" Alice's' voice was unsure but she gave a small shake of her head. "I don't think you have to be so worried about it."

After climbing the steps up to the second floor of my apartment building, I stopped in front of my door and felt Alice collide into me.

"Ah! What's wrong? Why'd you suddenly stop?"

The door was open.

".. Edward?"

I rushed forward, slamming the door open the rest of the way to reveal Tanya sitting on the floor, her back facing us with a hammer sitting innocently by her side.

"Oh.. Edward, you're back!" Tanya blushed at the sight of me, a shaky smile forming on her face.

"Why are you here?" Alice whispered harshly, surprised as much as I was to see her. "Did you sneak, or break into Edwards apartment without permission?"

"Don't be ridiculous, Alice! What do you mean by "sneak"? I came in through the front door! She let me in!" Tanya pointed over to the wall beside the door.

". Oh my.. " Alice covered her mouth with her hands, unable to say anything more. Jasper protectively placed his hands on her shoulders and glared over at the strawberry blonde.

"Tanya did you do this?"

"Yeah, it was me! It's not like I had a choice anyways, it's her fault for being a monster!"

I felt the life inside me beginning to slowly leak away, my legs carrying me over to the now lifeless doll, before giving out. I looked down at the shattered pieces on the corner of her head, arms and legs.

"What are you saying? Bella is Edward's most treasured doll!" Alice cried out, over her initial shock. "How could you do this?"

"Then I'll pay him back, alright? How much money was it? She was just a doll, so she couldn't have cost that much! Heh, but after this she won't be able to move.. I sure showed her!"

"Yeah.. She can't move anymore.. " I felt my shoulders starting to shake and hot liquid run down my face. "You really made her.. completely unable to move.. "

"Edward.. "Alice whispered and I could hear her starting to sniffle along with me.

I clutched my dear Bella, clutched what was left of her, tried to stare at her through blurry eyes, willing her to move, to do something, but she only stared back, emotionless, lifeless.

'It sounds like there's someone crying from far away.. I recognize this voice.. who is it.. why are they crying.. I wish I could wipe away those tears of yours, but my body won't listen.. my hands won't move.. Oh right. I remember now. This is probably because the way I look right now is so tragic that you're moved to tears..

Will my soul just disappear like this? I can't see anything at all, and you sound farther and farther away.. If I'm going to die anyway, I really just want to see you one more time.. you're the first to give me love that's lasted longer than a few seconds and you're my one and only master. If I knew things were going to turn out like this, I would have held you more tightly..

I should have expressed my love more often..

And I should have called your name so many more times..


And more..

And more..


Beep.. Beep.. Beep.. Beep. Beep. Beep.

. . .

"Jasper, have you talked to Edward lately?" Alice looked weary and tired, as if she had trouble sleeping.

"No.. he hasn't pick up his phone since that day." He answered her, his voice sounding equally exhausted.

"I haven't been able to reach him lately either.. and I don't think he came to school today."

"Maybe we should drop by his house after classes are over."

"Yeah, sounds good. Even if it was only a doll, seeing it completely shattered like that must have been traumatic."


"E, Edward?" Alice gasped in surprised and Jasper looked me up and down, making sure nothing was wrong or to make sure I didn't do anything stupid to myself, I didn't know.

"Sorry, I seem to have worried you two." I gave them a small smile but they didn't look like they bought it.

"You sure you alright, man?" Jasper asked and I nodded.

"Yeah, thanks for all the kindness you've shown me lately, but seriously, no homo, okay?"

"Well, it's all right as long as you're here. I found a lot of doll repairs shops for you." Alice pulled out a couple sheets from her binder and placed them in the middle of the table. "We can go look at these together, and see if there's anything that can fix Bella.. don't worry, I'm sure we can make her look as good as new!" She forced the cheerfulness back into her voice and I gave her a smile for trying.

"Thanks, Alice. But I don't want anyone to fix her."

"What? Why not?" Her fake smile dropped, making her look absolutely crestfallen

"Because there'd be no point to it."

"When you say that there's no point.. doesn't that mean you're giving up on Bella?"

"I won't ever give up on her. Things won't change no matter how much I grieve.. so I've decided to move forward." No matter how many dolls Alice owned, or how longed she kept them, she wouldn't understand. I'm sure she liked Jasper, possibly even loved him, but if she heard me that I loved Bella romantically, she'd think I'm crazy. She doesn't believe Bella could change her size, didn't know that she could talk and move, like normal people could. She wouldn't understand if I tried to explain how I knew that if Bella was repaired, she'd be lifeless.

So the best solution would be to move on.

. . .

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