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Gohan walked into his classroom and sat down. Lunch was over, and it was finally the last period of the day.

He couldn't help but be relieved—normally, he didn't mind school, and wasn't in any particular hurry for it to get over. Today, however, an ominous feeling of foreboding had plagued him the entire day. Not just any ominous feeling either—the kind of feeling you get when Frieza is standing right behind you. The kind of feeling you get when you're trapped in a space pod by your evil alien uncle. That kind of feeling.

Gohan would be happy just to escape today with his life—and finally, blessedly, sixth period was here. Just one more period to go, and he would emerge unscathed.

Gohan smiled shyly as he walked up the steps and slid into his seat. As usual, Videl was glaring at him suspiciously, Sharpener was obliviously flexing his biceps at some girls across the room, and Erasa tried to pinch Gohan's butt before he sat down. Just a typical day at Orange Star High School.

Gohan blushed, evading Erasa's second attempt to pinch his bottom, "Uh, hi Erasa."

Erasa giggled and batted her eyelashes, "Hi Gohan," she breathed.

Gohan sighed. He knew she was just playing around, but she was making him REALLY nervous!


Gohan jumped, startled, to see Videl staring at him. "Uh, yeah Videl?"

Videl glared gleefully, her sharp eyes zooming in on the band-aid decorating Gohan's cheek. "We need to talk. In the hallway. NOW."

Gohan gulped and followed Videl into the hallway, ignoring the jealous stares Sharpener sent his way.

Arriving in the deserted hallway, Gohan leaned up against the wall, and attempted to look casual, "So, eh, Videl, what's up?" Gohan squeaked.

Reaching out, Videl ripped the band-aid from Gohan's cheek. "Ha! I knew it! I've got you now Son Gohan—Saiyaman was cut in the exact same place just yesterday! You ARE Saiyaman!"

Gohan stood frozen with shock. Unconsciously he moaned, "Oh, no! The identity of Saiyaman is public knowledge!"

Videl smirked. "I'd hardly call it public knowledge. If you want to keep it that way, here's what you need to do…"


Gohan slunk back into the classroom after Videl. He was being blackmailed. It was humiliating! Not only that, but how was he supposed to keep a lid on things if he was giving her flying lessons at his house? Between his father and Goten, one of them was SURE to blow something up before the lessons were through.

Gohan sighed. At least the worst was over—his premonition had come true. He'd met the enemy and been defeated—this day couldn't get any worse. At least that's what he thought.

At the front of the room, Mrs. Doyle smiled up at the class and gestured for them to calm down. "Now class," she said, picking up a stack of papers, "what I'm passing around is a flyer, explaining a very special event that's coming up next week."

Gohan took a paper off the top of the pile, and passed the rest on down. He stared in horror at what was written on it. *No….* he almost sobbed, mentally.

Mrs. Doyle smiled sweetly, totally unaware of the torment poor Gohan was enduring. "As you see class, next week is international Bring Your Parent to School Week. It was instituted a few years ago, to help parents keep in touch with what's going on with their child's education. Now this isn't mandatory," Gohan perked up, "for most classes," she continued, "but I've decided to make it an assignment for this one." Gohan sagged, as the perky Mrs. Doyle continued on obliviously.

Gohan tuned the rest out. He couldn't listen. This was absolutely the WORST thing that could have happened to him!! Maybe, if he was lucky, he could convince his mom to go…..



"But mom!"

Chi-Chi shot her son a glare. "I want your father to take you Gohan—you two never do anything together these days except fight—you two need a little quality bonding time that doesn't involve bashing each other silly!"

Gohan sagged in defeat. Across the table, Goku smiled at his son, "Hey, don't worry about it Gohan! This is going to be lots of fun!"

Gohan grimaced. That's what he was afraid of…


Bulma grinned widely into the telephone receiver, "You don't say Chi-Chi? I think you're absolutely right! This'll be a PERFECT chance for Mirai Trunks and Vegeta to get some quality bonding time together!"

Mirai Trunks paled and looked up from the table. What was his mother planning? Ever since his mother had died in his timeline, and he had returned to the past to stay, Bulma had been pushing him and Vegeta together, forcing them to participate in odd father-son bonding rituals. The last time had been mini-golf. Trunks shuddered. They should be finished rebuilding soon, and everyone was expected to make a full recovery.

Vegeta walked into the kitchen and he immediately knew something was wrong. The woman was just setting down the telephone with a broad smile on her face, and his future brat looked like he had just learned that android 18 had a crush on him. Vegeta was nervous.

Bulma smiled sweetly at her husband when she saw a wary look jump to his face, "Oh, Vegeta," she cooed.

Vegeta slowly backed away from the woman, almost praying that Frieza would come and rescue him from whatever horrible fate she had planned. But no. Vegeta was the Prince of all Saiyans. He stood tall and proud, and glared death in the eye, "What do you want, woman?"

Bulma's wicked grin grew a little wider, "Oh nothing much Vegeta—you and Trunks are just going to spend some quality bonding time together. Gohan's high school is holding a "Bring Your Father to School Day," and you two are going."

Trunks' mouth dropped open, "But, but mom! I don't even go to school there!"

Bulma turned her hawk-like gaze on her son from the future. He froze like a tiny rodent, sensing its impending doom. Bulma smiled, "That could be arranged Trunks—you're still only 18 after all—I'm sure I could pull a few strings and have you enrolled before this Friday—OR you can just go for this one day and make your poor mother happy."

Trunks slumped in his chair. He knew when he was beaten. Vegeta, however, never was one to give up easily. Opening his mouth, Vegeta flung himself headlong into the battle, "Woman!!"

Bulma's gaze descended on Vegeta with crushing speed. "Don't you 'woman' me Vegeta!" Vegeta prepared himself—he knew threats against the gravity room and his bed privileges were sure to follow—he had worked on becoming indifferent to those threats, and now smirked smugly, as his training was sure to pay off. Bulma continued, "If you don't do this for me Vegeta—no food—for a week!"

Vegeta opened his mouth with his prepared reply and choked. No—no FOOD?! The woman was evil—pure evil—and Vegeta knew that he had lost. Glaring at Bulma, Vegeta muttered, "FINE!" and stomped out of the room to train.

Mirai Trunks put his head in his hands. What had he ever done to deserve this?


Gohan flew nervously towards the school in his Saiyaman costume. Goku flew beside him in his customary orange gi, after refusing to wear anything else. Gohan feared that this refusal was the beginning of a terrible trend that would be his day.

Banking in mid-air, Gohan and Goku landed on the top of Orange Star High School. Quickly changing out of his Saiyaman costume, Gohan lead the way towards the door leading from the roof down into the school proper. Half way there, he felt two familiar ki's approaching, and the pit of his stomach filled with lead. Turning, he found his worst nighmare had been confirmed, as there stood Vegeta, with Mirai Trunks in tow.

Goku's eyes widened and he waved cheerily, "Hiya Vegeta! What are you doing here?"

Vegeta smirked. "Well, if it isn't Kakkarott, and Kakkarott's first brat."

Mirai Trunks rolled his eyes. Did his father call EVERYONE brat? Smiling, he walked up to Gohan, "Hi Gohan. Sorry about this, but I gather your mother called mine, and convinced her this 'Bring a Parent to School Day' thing would be a good opportunity for me and Vegeta to bond," he rolled his eyes towards his father and whispered, "Don't worry, I won't let him blow anything up."

Gohan smiled apologetically at Mirai Trunks for his mother's interference. "Let's just hope that NEITHER of them blow anything up." Looking across the roof, Gohan almost yelped, seeing his father and Vegeta lowering down into sparring stance. "Hey, dad, Vegeta? We don't have time for that right now—class is going to start in five minutes. Besides," he reminded them, "we don't want anybody to recognize us from the Cell Games, right?"

Vegeta snorted and muttered something to the effect of not caring, and blowing up stupid humans, and damn baka women, while Goku just stood cheerfully up and gestured for his son to lead the way.


Gohan entered his classroom a bit warily, his father, Trunks and Vegeta trailing behind him. There were tons of extra chairs set among the student's regular seats, so Gohan just lead the way up to his usual place, where Sharpner and Erasa were already sitting, with what looked to be older, larger replicas of themselves.

As Gohan drew near their seats, he nervously eyed Erasa who was drooling in his direction.

Erasa, and the woman sitting beside her who was obviously her mother, giggled as Gohan and his band approached. Sitting nervously down, Gohan was relieved when she didn't try anything funny.

Hearing a yelp, Gohan looked up to see his father staring at Erasa and rubbing his bottom. Erasa giggled, "Is this your dad Gohan? He's a cutie!"

Goku cautiously backed up, only to be pinched again, this time by Erasa's mother. The older woman wrinkled her nose and grinned up at the startled Goku, who now had a hand protectively clutching each butt cheek and said, "My daughter's right—you ARE a cutie!" before collapsing into a hopeless fit of giggles, clutching at her daughter's shoulders.

Vegeta snorted, "Ha. Looks like Kakkarott's popular with the ladies!" Then scowled, barely dodging a pinch Erasa sent in his direction.

Erasa blinked up at Vegeta, "You're cute too! Your hair—it's like, so wild!"

Vegeta's face darkened, and Trunks quickly grabbed at his father's fist to extinguish the ki ball that was forming there. "Heh, now dad!" He said anxiously, hoping Vegeta would see reason.

For once, he did, and just sat grumbling, as far away from Erasa as possible.

From down the isle, Sharpener scowled. Nobody'd tried to pinch HIM. Then he smiled arrogantly to himself and flexed his arms, thinking to himself, *Ha, no wonder—nobody'd dare mess with a guy with arms like these.*

From down the aisle, Vegeta caught the gesture and gritted his teeth. Damn that woman! This was going to be a long day…


Videl walked into the classroom and was startled to see her usual row filled with unfamiliar faces. Next to Gohan, sat a man in an orange gi, who was blushing and looking nervously around. *That must be his father,* she thought in surprise, *I wonder why he never said he was into martial arts.* Videl almost slapped herself upside the head and mentally chided, *Duh! It's because he's been trying to hide the fact that he's Saiyaman, moron!*

Walking slowly up to her seat, Videl examined the other two new faces, who somehow seemed slightly familiar. One was a boy around Gohan's age, with purple hair and blue eyes. His eyes were fixed on the desk in front of him, and he did NOT look happy to be there. Next to him, sat a man with spiky black hair, and an annoyed scowl creasing his forehead. Videl shuddered involuntarily. Somehow she instinctively KNEW that she DIDN'T want to be the one that scowl was directed at.

Walking cautiously down the row, Videl seated herself next to Gohan, causing Erasa to glare at her, as she had to scoot down a few seats.

Gohan smiled shyly, "Hey Videl."

Videl returned the smile. "Hey Gohan, is this your dad?" She asked, pointing to Goku.

Gohan glanced nervously at his father, who seemed to be behaving himself, "Yeah. This is my dad, Son Goku."

Videl's eyes widened. "THE Son Goku?! Legendary figure in the World Martial Arts Tournament?" She asked, staring at Goku in awe.

Goku grinned back at her and rubbed the back of his head, "Yeah, I guess that's me."

The room broke out in excited whispers. No one could have MISSED what had just been said. Little nerdy Gohan was the son of Son Goku—martial arts legend?!

Gohan sighed and let his head thump to the desk. This couldn't get much worse.

From down the table, Vegeta smirked evilly and said, "Why don't you introduce us all to your mate, Gohan."

It just got worse. Gohan blushed and glared down the table at Vegeta—he knew the man had only used his name to make it absolutely clear to everyone just WHO he was talking to.

Gohan gritted his teeth and bit out, "Her name's Videl, and you know darn well she's not my mate Vegeta!"

Vegeta snorted. "Yeah right, brat. Tell me when you finally mate with her. I'll have the woman throw a party."

Sharpener looked on with the rest of the class as Gohan glared at the smirking man with the pointy black hair, and Videl blushed into her desk. Who the heck was this guy—was he a friend of Gohan's? And why the heck was he talking about Gohan, and Videl—and MATING?! Did he know something they didn't?

Gohan turned an interesting shade of red, and tried to sink into his desk. He was going to kill Vegeta. He knew that it was impossible to do anything—there was no such thing as damage control in this situation. The rumor mill was turning, and nothing short of blowing up the entire student body was going to stop it. Gohan paused momentarily to consider this option, before reluctantly dismissing it. Blowing up people wasn't the way to solve your problems. Well, unless you were named Vegeta.

Gohan shot another glare at the smirking Saiyan Prince who was trying very hard not to look pleased with himself. Groaning, Gohan looked up as the teacher walked in. The day hadn't even started yet, and already he felt like he was in quicksand, and sinking fast.

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