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"Goku...where is he?!" Mirai Bulma was just as intimidating as her counterpart, and Goku did not want to mess with her.

"Bulma, I'm sorry, but I have no idea where Mirai Trunks went. And Vegeta...he was here just a moment ago!" Goku pleaded.

Gohan walked hesitantly forward, trying to ignore the hex signs Mirai Bulma directed at him, "Well, maybe he ran off and Vegeta went after him. I mean, you DID say he took the time machine without permission Bulma, I'm sure he doesn't really want to face you...."

Mirai Bulma looked at the calm and hesitant boy before her and shook her head slowly. It was hard to believe that in just a few short years from now, he would be turned into the evillest force the universe had ever known by her own husband. "Err...good point, Gohan dear..." she looked quickly for signs of anger at the pet name, testing this innocent-seeming Gohan, but all she received was a blush, "But if you don't mind, I think I'll look around."

Gohan watched as the older version of Bulma crossed the lookout, peering under heaps of rubble that Vegetock had created during his search for the baby dinosaur, as if hoping to locate her errant son at any moment. Videl, who stood a few steps behind Gohan, felt a warm hand on her arm. Turning, she was surprised to see Chi Chi, accompanied by the young Bulma. Both women had a look of deadly anticipation in their eyes.

As Videl was lead forcefully across the deck past Vegetock and Chibi Trunks and Goten who were actually practicing the fusion for a change, she felt her stomach change to ice.

Videl found herself sitting in a rickety wooden chair, and she scarcely had time to wonder where it had come from before a bright light appeared to shine harshly in her eyes.

"So, Videl..." Chi Chi's voice was casual, but behind her shoulder, Videl could see Bulma smirking widely, cracking her knuckles with a look of deadly menace, "Let's talk....wedding. Now as for the flowers; roses, or lilies?"

Videl gulped and thought wistfully of her job with the police. She hadn't had a call in weeks. Where were bad guys mowing down unarmed citizens when you needed them?


Dende looked around the room and sighed. As cool as these guys were, there wasn't really a lot you could do in an 8' by 12' cement room with metal bars for decoration.

These guys...they were good guys, though! Looking around the cell which was by now littered with empty Pina Colada glasses, colorful umbrellas tossed brokenly to the side, where they winked like lost dreams, Dende could almost SEE the bond that had grown between him and his fellow drun-- err, occupants.

There was Jimmy Two Fingers. Aside from his violent tendencies, he was cheery enough. Just never ask him where he lost those fingers.

Then there was Bobby the Banker. He was, well, a banker. He just couldn't seem to stay out of the bottle when the weekend rolled around.

Then Butch and his gang, who called themselves the Crazy Eights, because, they maintained, they were crazy, and there were eight of them. Dende, feeling sorry for his buddies, refrained from mentioning that there were really only six.

The most colorful character of Dende's little group turned out to be Isabella. She, well, he, was a large man in his mid-thirties who had explained to Dende quite seriously that he just enjoyed dressing up as a woman. Dende could understand. Pina Coladas weren't the only things that were addictive.

Taking in Isabella's red sequined number, and the assorted rags of the rest of the cell's occupants, Dende smirked and clapped his hands.

"Whoa!" Butch dropped his Pina Colada and it hit the floor with a shattering crash, "Dude, what just happened?!"

Dende dusted off his new leather jacket and straightened the numerous zippers. Sometime during the night he had passed beyond the point of "merely drunk," to a stage that transcended it as a mountain surpassed a hill, as the sun surpassed the moon in brightness. In this odd, nether stage, Dende found himself completely and totally uninhibited. He wasn't Kami anymore, he wasn't even Dende...he just WAS. And he, was a wild man...er....Namek.

"That, my dear friend, is a leather jacket with all the trimmings," Dende nodded approvingly as his new friends exclaimed over their attire, and Isabella spun happily about in a tight leather mini-skirt, accentuating his muscular thighs nicely, "Today is a new day for you. Today, you have become something more than what you were. Today, you have become full blown members of Kami's Krew."

Bobby the Banker's eyes brightened, "I...I always wanted to be a mobster...I had the name...I just never," he couldn't help a sniffle, "I just never thought it was actually attainable, you know?"

Dende scowled and shook his head, "NO! We are NOT mobsters...we are..." Dende thought...what exactly were they? Oh yeah! "We're a biker gang! A GOOD biker gang, one that fights for Love and Justice," Dende had always been a little jealous of Gohan in his hero role. With a lazy wave of his hand, the wall to the cell disappeared to reveal ten shiny motorcycles revved up and awaiting their new masters.

With a joyful cry, Jimmy Two Fingers leapt aboard his bike and patted it lovingly with his two fingered hand, "It's...it's just a dream come true, ya know?" he asked in a heavy Brooklyn accent.

Dende nodded gently, careful not to sit on his tail as he leapt astride his own bike, "Yeah, I know. Alright guys, time to save the world from corruption and violence! Let's go!"

Butch looked at the five former members of the Crazy Eights, now part of Kami's Krew and shrugged, "Whatever he says goes. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking of taking up religion!"

With a raucous laugh, the bike gang zoomed after Dende, unknowingly headed straight towards Selsnack City, where Mirai Cell still stalked, although he was running a bit low on victims.


Mirai Cell looked around the clothing littered street with disgust. What did a guy have to do to get a meal around here? Humans...so pathetic. One or two get sucked up the tail of a ten foot monster and the rest run screaming into the sunset.

Sitting down on the warm pavement, Mirai Cell crossed his legs and put his chin in one hand, trying to think. What was his mission again? Oh yeah, world domination. But he was SOOOOOOO hungry! He just couldn't help it, damn it all to hell, why did he have to have Goku's genes!

Looking up from his rumbling belly, Mirai Cell was distracted by a shiny red gleam arching through the air to land several streets away. Climbing to his feet, Mirai Cell started in the direction of the ship as quickly as possible. Ships usually meant people, and people meant food. And he was hungry...or at least he thought so....there was this constant odd rumbling in his stomach and he couldn't seem to get rid of it. It was disturbing. Chasing the thoughts from his mind, Mirai Cell continued on his way.


Mirai Gohan was lost. Everything was blackness. It was warm...but not in a good way. For some reason, he got the distinct inpression that he did NOT want to know where he was. Oh well. He'd bide his time, and some day soon, he'd make his move. He might be nuts, but he sure as hell wasn't stupid.


Mr. Satan sat quivering in his pod. *Aliens....aliens.....CELL....scary....* Even if he'd wanted to get out, he didn't think he could have. He was literally PETRIFIED with fear. Fortunately, the ship itself solved this problem for him, the hatch popping open and the seat tilting sideways to deposit the champion in a quivering heap on the sidewalk.

As Mr. Satan watched in awe, the ship quickly closed up and sped away, leading the great Hercule to conclude that perhaps even jetcopters had a sense of self-preservation.

Looking warily around, Hercule saw nothing. There were several scattered piles of clothing which...should have been significant, but he couldn't quite remember why--after all, he'd been much too busy with tours to have been watching the news during the time preceeding the Cell Games--but not much else. The street was deserted.

"Ha!" Hercule climbed to his feet and smirked self-confidently, in a soft whisper he called, "Are you here Cell? Oop, guess not, false alarm, I'll be going then." Turning to flee, Mr. Satan ran smack dab into a giant green figure which stared down menacingly at him, the very picture of destruction, "AHH! Please don't hurt me Mr. Cell, Sir!" Hercule groveled, his face buried in the cold feet of the figure before him, "I'll even help you! I'll wash your back, I'll make your bed, I'll even cook you dinner..." Hercule paled as he realized just what Mirai Cell ate, "Or--Or-- I--WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! DON'T KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!"

The mighty warrior cowered, prepared for certain doom, but....it didn't come. Venturing a glance upward, Hercule's gaze was met with a smiling green ceramic dinosaur which wore a sign that read "DINOSAUR PETTING ZOO, ONLY 5 ZENI!" around his neck.

Hercule snorted. "HA. I knew it wasn't Cell all along...I was just uh...I was...er..." Seeing that he had no audience, the champ gave up his protestations and sagged wearily. Hopelessly lost, Hercule started down the street, hoping to make his way out of Selsnack city, heading unknowingly into the arms of one very hungry 'little green monster'.


Gotenks...was cool. That's all that could be said about it. Goku watched, half fascinated, as the combination Saiyan strutted proudly from the golden light that had given him birth. It was a bit of a miracle, with Vegetock for a teacher, that he'd even succeeded in being born at all. And it had only taken half a dozen tries!

Vegetock looked up from where he was engrossed in a conversation with a butterfly, and blinked in surprise as he saw Gotenks, "Well I say! I was just telling this fellow here that I didn't think butterflies could fly this high," the butterfly fluttered and twitched his antennae in confirmation.

Gotenks looked at his grandfather, puzzled at exactly how this related to him. "Huh?" A shiver ran down the spines of the collected crowd. Bad enough to see those oddly familiar, yet totally new features but that voice...

Krillin shuddered and buried his face in 18's abdomen. He just couldn't take anymore voices.

Vegetock strolled towards Gotenks and patted the boy's hair inquisitively, making a broad circle while stooping to examine several points of interest while he made his circuit. Finally he came to a stop in front of his grandson and crouched thoughtfully in front of him.

Gotenks eyed him oddly for a moment, then smirked, one eyebrow raising lazily as he posed, "Yes. You may stare. I know I'm wonderful."

Goku eyed his half son warily and whispered to Mirai Bulma who had taken a break in her search for Mirai Trunks to watch the transformation, "Does that look oddly familiar to you?"

Mirai Bulma blinked, "Well...Trunks does do a few underwear ads in the future..."

Suddenly Vegetock smiled. "You're a very pretty butterfly, but...where are your wings?"

Mr. Butterfly nodded in agreement from his perch on a nearby flower. Purple and black were the very best butterfly colors, and highly sought after in butterfly-dom.

Gotenks' eyes widened in outrage. "I'll have you know I'm the most POWERFUL being in the universe! I am NOT a stupid butterfly!" at this point the Goten side of Gotenks' personality took over for a split second, "But butterflies are REALLY neat."

Vegetock paused and scratched his head, "....well, I'm sorry to disagree old man, but I must say that I'M the most powerful being in the universe."

Gotenks crossed his arms, an amused look gracing his features. "Very well. Would you care to prove that?"

Vegetock's eyes brightened merrily and he slapped his hands together, bouncing excitedly to his feet, "Right-o then! It's settled."

Gotenks' eyes narrowed and he crouched a little lower, "Yes."

Vegetock continued as if the boy had not spoken, "We shall have a singing contest, to prove once and for all, that I, Vegetock am the Mightiest Creature in All the Universe!"

Gotenks hesitated for a moment, trying to figure the logic of this statement, but once again the Goten side took over, tempered with Trunks' arrogance, "Fine. 'Cause I'm the best at EVERYTHING. Just wait until you hear," Gotenks' voice lowered mysteriously, "The Super Duper Gotenks Song of Terror and Destruction!"

Krillin paled, "That sounds bad."

18 raised an eyebrow, "Well, they're certainly creative."

Vegetock pondered, one hand resting in the other, "All right then. And I...." pausing dramatically, Vegetock pulled himself to his full height, "And I shall sing, Ode upon a Dragonball."

Goku scratched his head, "I don't think I've ever heard that one..."

Gohan snorted, "That's because he just made it up."

As Gotenks and Vegetock faced off, Gohan looked on with mixed feelings until he heard a voice calling his name. Looking over, he saw Bulma and Chi Chi gathered around Videl, while the young girl sat sweating in a chair. It looked vaguely reminiscent of a police interrogation, and even with all her work for the police department, Gohan didn't think he'd ever seen a more trapped expression on Videl's face.

Gohan approached cautiously, ignoring the way that Videl's body twitched this way and that, the way the sweat that had collected had drenched the neckline of her t-shirt, causing it to stick to her body...WHOA! Calm down Gohan.

Chi Chi smirked at the expression on her son's face. She was a woman. She knew what that look meant. HER LITTLE BOY WAS ALL GROWN UP! Jumping to her feet, Chi Chi grabbed Gohan in a fierce hug, "Don't be ashamed, son! Your father used to look at me that way all the time.

Bulma nodded reassuringly, oblivious to the growing look of horror on Gohan's face, "Yeah Gohan, it's perfectly natural that you'd want to mate with Videl."

"What?!" Videl yelped, hands leaping to her throat in embarassment, unsure who she wanted to kill more, Gohan or herself.

Bulma waved away the embarassment, "Aww, come on Videl! Don't tell me you haven't seen him looking! Everytime you walk by little hearts form in his eyes and his body says, 'WOO BABY!'

As Gohan looked around for a good spot to die of mortification, he was interrupted from his search for a death bed by a hideous wailing.

"O DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGONBALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thou art DIVINE....." Oh DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGONBALL!!!!!! I wish you were MINE...... So orange and so sparkly, positively SUBLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME..... SO dotted with stars that it's practically a CRIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!!!!!!!! Oh DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGONBALL, I wish you were mine......"

Vegetock brushed off his spotless shirt and turned to the audience and bowed, mistaking the tears in their eyes for tears of pleasure.

Goku rocked back and forth, shuddering, "My ears...my ears!"

"YOUR ears," Piccolo whispered back, regenerating his own with a pop, "I had to pull mine OFF to escape that.....that.....song."

Goku gazed wistfully at Piccolo's discarded ears and then regarded his new ones, " I wish I could do that."

Next to Vegetock, Gotenks took in the reaction. *How am I going to beat that? They're...they're CRYING. Man, I can't believe it, I thought it was really really BAD, but they loved it! How am I going to compete?!*

Taking a deep breath, Gotenks nodded firmly. Whatever happened, he was going to give it his all. After all, he knew he was magnificent and aside from that tiny lapse in self confidence he'd just experienced, he'd always been convinced of his own perfection. For the whole five minutes of his life, he'd always known that he was flawless. Clearing his throat, Gotenks began to sing.

Goku winced as his son began wailing. As it rose in pitch he again slapped his hands over his ears, watching in surprise as his son flashed golden, and then with another huge flash acended to Super Saiyan 2. Piccolo reached his limit shortly after the second transformation and with an aggrieved sigh, reached up and tore his ears off once again. Gotenks' voice continued to ascend higher and higher, a grating pitch that could (and did) shatter windows hundreds of miles away gnawing at the bones of the Z-Senshi, until, with one last mighty scream, Gotenks' hair grew long and the bone shattering voice shrieked out, "Super Duper Gotenks Song of Terror and DESTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

On the final note, something shattered. Even Gotenks was surprised, rolling back head over heals, losing Super Saiyan 3 and splitting into two small tumbling forms, as a hole in mid-air opened up on the lookout. Staring from the hole in surprise, were Vegeta and Mirai Trunks, the former looking a bit surprised, while the latter, looking desperately relieved, all but ran towards the whole, jumping out to join the others.

"Thank Kami," Mirai Trunks gasped, oblivious to the fact that Kami now ran a biker gang in downtown Selsnack City, "I haven't had a second to rest since we stepped in that hell hole! Is that all he does, TRAIN?!"

Vegeta stepped calmly out of the hole as it began to close and crossed his arms, "You were weak, brat. You needed training. Besides, in three short months you ascended to Super Saiyan 2. Do you think you could have done that anywhere else, with any ONE else? And," Vegeta pointed out logically, blissfully ignorant to Mirai Bulma's presence as she stood behind Goku, waiting for the full explanation, "You escaped your insane mother's clutches. She's probably gone by now."

"INSANE?!" Two voices squealed the word simultaneously across the lookout. As Mirai Bulma stepped out from behind Goku, Bulma stepped up to join her, and together they advanced, an implacable force, towards their errant husband and son.

Chibi Trunks sat wide eyed next to Gohan, his time as Gotenks forgotten, and shook his head. Leaning over, he whispered somberly to his friend, "They are SO dead."


In Otherworld, the Supreme Kai lay shuddering in a pile of discarded popcorn. And things had been going so well! Looking at the sadly smoking remains of his surround sound system, the Supreme Kai concluded that maybe he should have hit the mute button before the singing contest had begun. Wincing, he pulled himself up and began scooping popcorn back into the bowl. Oh well, he'd just have to watch the show in subtitles. He hated the dubs anyway.

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