"Teme!" A twelve year old Naruto yelled, emerging from a thick forest of leaves into the small clearing. It was slightly damp from the morning dew, and a little too quiet for the hyperactive genin's tastes. He looked around with shifty eyes, which widened in shock when they caught sight of his teammate.

"Teme!" Naruto yelled again, running over and crouching down beside Sasuke's limp form. He let out a sigh of relief once noticing the familiar rise and fall of his teammates chest. So he wasn't dead, Naruto thought, but he was pretty banged up. There were cuts and bruises all over Sasuke's body, and his shirt was a bloody mess.

Who knew that Lee could do so much damage...Naruto snickered at the thought. The great and all-mighty Sasuke get his ass kicked by Konoha's Green Beast? Impossible! What would Sakura say when she-

Wait. That gave him an idea.

Naruto glanced around the clearing, double checking that nobody was around. After deeming it safe, he rolled the unresponsive Sasuke onto his back and propped his chin up on the grassy ground. A small bit of drool leaked from his mouth, but Naruto thought that would compliment his plan nicely.

Once Sasuke was arranged to his liking, Naruto placed one foot over the small of his teammate's back, right on top of the shredded Uchiha symbol. He held up his fist in triumph and sing-songed "Oh, Sakura~!"

It only took a minute for the only girl member of team Kakashi to show up at the clearing. After all, one had to stick close to their teammates in the Forest of Death. Anko had been right when she'd warned them that the chuunin exams were no joke.

The sight she was greeted with, however, made her rethink Ino's offer of switching teams. "Naruto...what the fuck are you doing?"

The triumphant smile slowly faded from Naruto's lips. He had expected Sakura to drop down on her knees in front of him with little hearts in her eyes, not give him the 'do you need some fucking medication?' look she always gave Lee.


"You what?" Sakura snapped, at her last straw. She was supposed to be on guard, DAMMIT!

Just then, Sasuke decided it would be a good time to wake up. "Dobe, get your foot off of me."

Naruto was flipped to ground by an angry Sasuke, who smirked smugly. In response to her teammates foolishness, Sakura gave them both with a good bonk on the head.



"Keep your voices down!" She kissed, holding up a fist threateningly. "If we get caught by some enemy nin, it'll be on your head!"

Naruto pouted, rubbing his aching temple. "I'm sorry, Sakura-chan." He hung his head in shame.

Sakura's eyes softened. She bit her lip, "Che. Just don't do it again." She gave him a small smile and and announced that it was Sasuke's turn to guard. He grunted his agreement and she skipped off to their little bed of leaves.

"Hey, teme?" Naruto asked, realizing that Lee was still scared shitless of Sasuke from that time he went berserck on all the Sound nin.

"What, dobe."

"Why were you lying unconscious and bruised in the middle of the clearing, anyway?" Naruto leaned in with curious blue eyes, dying to know what had possibly gotten the best of Konoha's Ice King.

Sasuke sighed, rubbing a sore spot on his back.

"I tripped."




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