Bleach: Three eyed madness

Summary: a new Arc begins. Ichigo Kurosaki continues his battle against Aizen. However during the battle at fake Karakura town both side are attacked by forces that should not exist. Led by Nomad they seek control over all planes of the universe. Forced to work together can Ichigo and Aizen defeat the child of the goddess of madness. All begins in part 1 of the gorgon trilogy.

If your submitting a Oc they must be a villain or neutral character as its soul society and Hueco Mundo vs. the glaring eye forces.

Follow this template if submitting a OC

Name: Nomad Orken

Age: unknown

Appearance: long black hair reaching just below his shoulders. Pale skin and yellow eyes and long forked tongue. He wears a old overcoat that is open at the front revealing his bare chest wear in the centre a red eye is tattooed. He also wears black slacks plus a pair of worn combat boots. He is exactly 6 foot tall.

Personality: a odd creature being a child of a goddess, he is extremely powerful being though he hates showing off and believes if someone to challenge him they have to have his respect. He does suffer from fits of madness on occasion though he looks on it as a positive aspect of himself. He cares for his subordinates as if they were his children and wont hesitate to avenge them or protect them

Powers and Weapon: the Medusa Blade. His mothers sword is a potent weapon of pure energy though it looks like a simple long sword one cut will begin the petrifaction process which encases his enemies in a stone shell if it is broken the person trapped is broken along with it. If he touches a foe with the blades hilt he can pass a piece of his madness onto them.

Rank within the Eye: ( this is the position of the OC in the glaring eye army. Only four characters can take the rank of Cobra ( think the Espada )though there is ten lower positions need filling.) Nomad is ranked Head Serpent and commands the entire Glaring eye forces.

Okay so use the template if sending a character. ANYTHING can be sent as long as its plausible. So it can be mythical creature ( along as they have a human form ) hopefully I will see some characters soon. Once I have the 4 Cobras I will start the story. Gandalf42 out.