Dead Space 2 :Isaac and Nicole Short Enconter

Before and After

Note That: Isaac is Hallucinating.

This is a True Story happened This Morning Feb 7.

` Note XBox 360.

Isaac:What the Hell's Going on?


Isaac:Who the Fuck is there! ''well walking into walls in alerm.'' ''Thinks:Wait,''

Isaac:''Walks up the path and Gasps.''

Isaac:Nicole? ''Walks up to Nicole.''

Nicole: ''Stands up.'' MAKE US WHOLE! ''Poof''

Isaac: What the Fucking Hell just happened?

Isaac:''Shakes off (Trys to) and keeps going.''

Isaac:''Looks for ammo and Health pack while Muttering Under Breath:''Nicole is Dead,Nicole is Dead,Nicole is Dead,Nicole is Dead.