Okay, HIATUS over. 12th Chapter of TRT. Nothing really to say apart from thank you for the reviews and here's the chapter. As you remember, we left off with Drew talking to Brianna on the phone. Just one thing first, I may have spelt a few of the Pokémon names wrong.

"Drew, is that you?" Her voice seemed to get more excited after every word that came out her mouth. Drew winced at her screeching voice, almost like chalk on a blackboard.

"Yeah, err…hi, Brianna," Drew finally replied with his palms started sweating under his nervousness. "Look, Briann-"

"You said you weren't going to talk to me again," Drew could tell she was smiling. Her somewhat taunting voice over the other side of the phone caused Drew to scowl. "What's with the sudden change?" She gasped. "Are we getting back together?" She excitedly asked quickly.

"No! Never, not in a million years!" Drew denied, trying his best not to imagine him and Brianna together.

"Oh, Drew, you're so cute when you lie!" she squealed, still oblivious to Drew's real feelings.

"Look, Brianna," Drew said, forgetting what Brianna just said. "Listen. I dropped…my ribbon in the restaurant where we last spoke," he said. "I was just wondering if you still have it." Drew silently prayed that she would reply.

"Errm, one moment," Brianna happily said. The sounds of drawers being pulled and Brianna rummaging through her stuff could be heard from the other side of the phone. "Let's see…light blue ribbon?"

"Yes" Drew smiled, finally getting his hopes up. "Do you have it?"

"Yes, why would I lose anything of yours, Drew?" she said giggling. "I mean…if this really was yours…" Drew froze.

"W-what do you mean?" He asked, hoping that Brianna didn't find the inscription on the back.

"Well, I do have a blue ribbon," she started. "But it belongs to what's-her-face," Brianna rudely told him.

"May…" Drew quietly told himself.

"That's the one," Brianna said, able to hear what Drew said. "God, why would you even have one of her ribbons? You know that they don't mean anything, not to mention they're probably diseased," Brianna screeched, causing Drew's blood to boil with anger. "Oh and look. It's got a little message on the back, how cute," she said sarcastically. "Drew, I thought you were smart enough not to hang around with that Maple reject."

"Brianna! Can you just send me the ribbon?" Drew shouted impatiently after getting tired from Brianna's criticisms.

"Now why would I send it to you, Drew? Wouldn't it be nice if you and I saw each other in person? Or don't you want that useless ribbon back?" Brianna trapped Drew. He knew she was still smiling.

"Fine, but I'm-" Drew replied but was rudely interrupted.

"Great, I'll be right over. Bye, Drew, love you," she quickly hung up, not letting Drew finish his sentence.

"I'm not…there," Drew eventually pulled his phone away from his ear and stared at the ground. Great, so I'm finally gonna have to see Brianna again, he thought to himself rottenly. If only she knew that I am actually at The Indigo Plateau instead.

Back at the hotel…

Misty exited her room with May still inside, resting after today's frightful ordeal. Misty herself also felt that sharp pain that May went through, jabbing into her heart. She was clueless on Kenny's next move; all that she did know was that it wasn't going to be good. Just as she closed the door, she looked up across the hallway to see Tracey leaving his room. The blood on his face was completely wiped off. Scratches and bruises on his legs, almost invisible, and his light green shirt was clean.

"Misty," he quietly said, looking at the girl from across the hallway. "It's 2:00pm, you wanna get some lunch," Tracey shyly said. He started walking towards Misty as Misty walked towards him. "Ash's battle is at 2:30."

"Tracey." She sighed, stopping in her footsteps when she was just a mere metre away from Tracey. She hesitated for a moment, finding the best words she could find to reply to Tracey with. "It's just that I…," she stopped herself, and looked up to Tracey's gentle welcoming smile. She smiled back and stepped forward, wrapping her arms around him, and resting the side of her face on her chest where she broke into tears.

"Misty, is something wrong?" Tracey asked, eventually hugging her back. Misty continued to hold on to him, not letting him go.

"I j-just wanted to say…I'm sorry," she sniffled. "I cannot begin to imagine how brave you are, to take all that from Kenny and still stand up to him. I'm sorry I didn't know before," Misty cried.

"You have no need to be sorry to me, Misty." Tracey tightened his grip on her, holding her closely to his heart, feeling her body shake. He felt his shirt get heavier as it continued to absorb Misty's tears like a sponge. Eventually, Misty moved her head from Tracey's shirt and looked up to him. The tears in Misty's eyes made the emerald shine shimmer beautifully.

"I just want you to know, Tracey, I'm not letting you out my sight," she giggled, despite the make-up on her face being smeared. She put her head against Tracey's chest again, and continued to hold him.

"Yeah, so anyway, how about we get some lunch before Ash's battle?" Tracey suggested, gently pushing her away. She wiped the remaining tears from her eye and faced Tracey.

"I'd like that," Misty replied happily. As she walked down the hallway with Tracey, her eye caught the grasp of a green haired woman walking by with a red sceptre placed in her hand. "Could that be…no way…Liza!" Misty shouted whilst waving her arm, trying to get Liza's attention. She turned around and walked towards the Cerulean Gym Leader.

"Hey, Misty, it's been a while," Liza said, walking up to her.

"Liza, wow, and you're right, it has been so long," Misty said, slightly surprised that Liza was there.

"You can say that again, Misty, how have you been?" Liza asked, throwing her sceptre from one hand to the other.

"I've been great! How are all the Charizards?"

"They're all fantastic," Liza replied to her cheerfully. She moved her eyes to her left, looking at Tracey and scanning him from head to toe. "Is this your boyfriend, Misty?"

"Oh, n-n-n-no," Tracey hastily replied to her, flailing his arms about before she could jump to any conclusions. "Oh, sorry, I haven't introduced myself, I'm Tracey," he held out an arm to Liza, to which she shook it firmly and quickly.


"So, I hear that you raise Charizard, is that right?" Tracey asked.

"Only the finest in the world," she boasted, placing her hands on her hips. "My very own Charla is here aswell," she went on to say.

"Does that mean you trained Ash's Charizard too?" Tracey's eyes brightened. His smile grew wider as he leaned in towards Liza.

"I sure well did," she boasted once more. "I'm telling you, that Charizard of his is one tough battling machine. I haven't raised a finer Charizard to date. With determination like that one, who knows how powerful it will be in battle-"

"Wait a minute, does that mean Ash is battling with Charizard today?" Misty asked excitedly.

"Right you are. He called me only a couple days ago, so I got here on Charla as fast as I could," she replied.

"I bet Harrison won't stand a chance against Ash now that he's got Charizard," Tracey noted.

30 minutes later at Stadium A…

"Welcome ladies and gentleman to the final battle of the 2nd round of The Rivalry Tournament!" The highly charismatic announcer's voice echoed across the stadium. A myriad of Pokémon trainers and fans alike jumped to their feet and cheered. The sound of the energetic crowd was ever so similar to that of an army of Beedrill guarding their nests. "As you may already know, only one of the trainers competing today will make it into the 3rd round, but which one will it be? First off, we have Harrison of Littleroot Town in the Hoenn region!"

The large steel gates opened automatically, and a tall trainer walked onto the battlefield. He looked a lot older than Ash. His height was a big giveaway, not to mention his strides seemed to be uniform, as if he had been walking across that stadium for years. Harrison wore a purple and pink t-shirt that suited him surprisingly well despite the contrast in colours. It was difficult to tell whether his golden brown hair was spiked or if it was just swayed back in the wind. Howls and screams arose from the excited crowd; no doubt the girls were ensnared by his teenage boy looks and his charismatic swagger to his battling position. "Thank you," Harrison waved both his arms in the air at the momentous crowd that cheered his name like a chorus. "Thank you, it's great to be here!" He announced once more, smiling excitedly. Okay, Ash. Bring me everything you've got! He confidently thought, eyeing the other side of the battlefield.

"We love you, Harrison!" Fan girls proclaimed from the stands. Harrison merely smiled and waved at the anonymous fans cheering out his name wildly.

"Now, facing off against Harrison today is Ash of Pallet Town located right here in the Kanto region," the announcer roared out across the stadium. A large quarter of the crowd went into a frenzy of excitement, chanting the name of their fellow Kanto resident.

"Wow, it sure looks like my little boy has attracted quite a fan base," Delia said vivaciously, observing the vast majority of people rising to their feet and calling out Ash's name.

"Well, what else did you expect from one of the greatest trainers?" Professor Oak replied. To his left, sat Drew and no one else.

"Hmm, I wonder where everyone else is," Drew asked himself, mostly thinking about May.

"I'm sure they'll be here soon," Professor Oak replied to him. The crowd continued to scream and shout in ecstasy, waiting for the young trainer to appear from the other side of the battlefield. "But I really do wonder what is taking Ash so long," the old professor said impatiently.

"Can Ash Ketchum please report to the battlefield at once and take your place," the announcer calmed his tone and turned it into a more serious one. Murmurs and whispers arose from the crowd in shock. "Ash? Are you there?" A man quickly walked into the announcer's box and shook his head. "We are sorry about the short delay, folks, but it appears that Ash is not yet with us," the announcer's message was met with even more murmurs and the occasional boo from the more serious fans located within the crowd.

"Hmm, I wonder where Ash could be…" Professor Oak asked himself.


"Ash, how could you forget the time of your own battle?" Leaf penalised him. She ran along with Gary, Brock, Max, Dawn and Ash towards one of the smaller stadiums surrounding The Indigo Plateau.

"It's not my fault we're late" Ash denied, slowly heaving himself down the street after filling himself to the brink with noodles and vegetables.

"Typical of Ash forgetting his own battles," Gary taunted. "Next you'll be telling us that you forgot your own pokemon," Gary laughed. Ash quickly hovered his hand over the three pokeballs on his belt just to make sure.

"2:32pm," Dawn said looking at her poketch. "C'mon!" It wasn't long before they reached Stadium A and the site of Ash's second round battle. The group split up with Gary, Leaf, Brock and Max heading towards their seats and Dawn standing with Ash.

"Allright, Ash. Your battle against Harrison is just through there. Have you got your pokemon?" Dawn sat him down on the benches located just before the gate.

"Yep, all three of them," Ash said happily, quickly scanning his hand over the three pokeballs on his belt again.

"Yep, got it all. Pikachu, why don't you go with Dawn?" Pikachu jumped off his trainer's shoulder happily and onto Dawn's. "Okay, you're going down, Harrison," Ash confidently said to himself, psyching himself up.

"Good luck out there, Ash." Dawn smiled blissfully as Ash exited through the gate and entered the blindingly bright light that lead to the stadium.

"We apologise for that short delay, folks" the announcer reassured. The sea of anonymous fans jumped to their feet as Ash walked up to his position on the battlefield, opposite to Harrison.

"Hey, Ash," Harrison called out from the other side of the battlefield, staring confidently at his opponent. "What took you so long? I wanted to get you over and done with so I could get onto the full battles," he shouted tauntingly.

"Don't think it'll be that easy, Harrison," Ash smiled just as confidently, despite it being weird for Ash having a battle without his Pikachu by his side, cheering him on and supporting him.

"It's been a while since we last battled. I'm sure you remember the outcome," Harrison further taunted Ash from afar. "But to be fair, I would rather not have faced you at such an early stage in the tournament. A later stage, possibly the final would've been better for the both of us, but it doesn't matter, cause I'm still going to beat you, like last time," Harrison stood up straight and looked up into the crystal clear baby blue sky that hovered above him.

"I have a feeling that it'll be a lot different than last time, Harrison," Ash replied, continuing to smile confidently.

"Best of luck out there, Ash, and may the best trainer win," Harrison commented. A few metres above him in the stands, Dawn and the rest had just taken their seats.

"Sorry we're late," Gary apologised, taking his seat next to Drew. Drew quickly looked to his left and scanned the people approaching.

"Don't worry about it, not like anything has started," Drew folded his arms and slumped in his chair, sighing. "Where's May?" His thoughts immediately changed when he realised May wasn't present. "And where's Tracey and Misty for that matter…," he asked, looking over at the rest of his friends approaching their seats.

"Beats me. I think they're still at the hotel," Max said, watching the referee step onto the field.

"Well they better hurry up if they want to see Ash lose," Gary joked. Dawn, who sat next to Leaf, rose to her feet and slapped Gary at the back of the head.

"Owww! What was that for?" Gary exaggerated, holding the back of his head in pain.

"Just getting you warmed up for when Ash beats the crap out of you," Dawn cunningly replied with a smug expression on her face. Leaf quickly turned her head towards Dawn and gave her evils.

"Sorry we're late," Tracey ran down the steps with Misty and Liza following not far behind him. "We didn't miss anything did we?" He looked over at the battlefield to see the referee only just taking his place.

"Nothing has happened. It hasn't even started yet," Brock told him. His eyes darted to the side to see Liza taking her seat next to him. "Liza!" He quickly shouted, getting down on one knee within the space he had and holding Liza's hand. "Liza, it's been so long since my eyes have witnessed such fiery beauty, coupled with the unmistakeably fair looks of-"

"Yeah, and it's been so long since you've done something like that," Max said, yanking Brock's ear and dragging him away. An awkward silence followed short after.

"So you're Liza, right?" Dawn asked.

"One and only," she replied. "I train Charizards at the Characific Valley in the Johto region. I've even trained Ash's Charizard," she added.

"So you're the trainer behind the Ash's mighty Charizard," Gary said, slightly surprised. "Is it battling today?"

"You'll just have to find out," she winked, turning her attention to the battle in hand.

"Err…Misty," Drew sighed before looking over at the redhead. "Do you know where May is?" Misty froze for a moment, not wanting to tell Drew the real reason.

"Errm…she's not feeling very well. She says it could be something she ate or something like that," Misty improvised. She unconsciously looked over at Tracey, who gave her a friendly nod before turning his attention back to the battle in hand.

"This battle between Harrison of Littleroot Town and Ash of Pallet Town will begin momentarily. It will be a three-on-three battle with no time limits. Begin!" The crowd erupted into another frenzy with trainers jumping to their feet and cheering loudly and excitedly.

"Allright, Kecleon, let's go!" Harrison swiftly grabbed his first Pokéball and threw it high in the air. Within the intensely luminous flash of light, a small Pokémon stood before the crowd. A miniscule reptile-like creature with skin covered in tough olive-green scales, and a brilliant red zigzag stripe going across its stomach. A pair of bright yellow frills sat upon the Kecleon's head, twitching as the Pokémon observed its new surroundings, feeling the warmth of the battlefield and the colour of the dusty ground with its small, beady eyes, centred within two yellow rings.

"Kec-Keclon," Kecleon hissed, unwrapping its long skinny tail. The energetic crowd rose again to their feet and cheered for Harrison's Kecleon.

"A Kecleon, huh?" Ash reached into his back pocket and pulled out his Pokédex.

"Kecleon, the Colour Swap Pokémon. Kecleon can freely change its body's colour. The zigzag pattern on its belly doesn't change, however."

"Change its body colour, eh?" Ash quietly said to himself. "Hmm…"

"Ash better choose carefully. Kecleon is a normal type, so he should choose Heracross," Brock noted.

"Allright, Gliscor, I choose you!" Ash hurled his Pokéball across the battlefield. In an equally bright flash of light, a very large, bluish vampire bat-like Pokémon appeared. Gliscor heaved its heavy tail side to side, surrounding it in a cloud of dust. The two barbs on the end of its tail, equally as sharp as the heavy pincers at the end of its arms, glimmered and gleamed under the heat. He crossed his claw-like arms and smiled bravely, showing its sharp fangs and long tongue.

"Gli! Gliscor!" Ash's Gliscor said, waving its brutish arms around.

"Looks like it's going to be Ash's Gliscor against Harrison's Kecleon. With both Pokémon known for their incredible talents, this is sure to be one intense battle."

"Gliscor? What was he thinking?" Misty criticised, leaning forward in her seat, almost outraged at his decision. "If it was me down there, I would've chosen Heracross any day."

"Well, knowing Ash, he's got some sort of plan," Brock chuckled. "Maybe he's trying to counter speed with the ability to fly in the air," Brock wondered.

"It wouldn't be surprising. By having the sky on your side, Gliscor will be able to see everything on the battlefield," Liza noted, "and if he had used Heracross, he wouldn't be able to see as much."

"It has been decided that Harrison gets the first move. Begin!" The referee announced. The audience nudged themselves to the edge of their seats, trying to get a glimpse at the action.

"Kecleon, use your ability and hide!" Harrison called out. The green Pokémon dived towards a boulder and vanished in an instant, leaving the entire crowd gasping in awe. "Great job, Kecleon, now hold on for a minute," Harrison cheered on his Kecleon.

"What? Where did it go?" Ash asked himself, darting his eyes back and forth across the battlefield in an attempt to find Kecleon.

"Where did Kecleon go?" Dawn asked, also scanning the battlefield for anything that looked similar to a small green reptile.

"That's Kecleon's ability, Colour change. It can easily just blend with its surroundings on call," Drew replied to her. "But whenever it attacks, it cannot do so whilst using its ability. Surely Ash knew that," he said in a slightly disappointed way.

"Well, Ash did face Kecleon before, but even back then he could barely see it. Like the Pokédex says, Kecleon's entire body disappears except for the red zigzag marks on its belly," Misty informed them. "Look, over there," Misty quickly said, pointing her finger at one of the rocks on the battlefield, on it, a red zigzag. "That's definitely Kecleon over there!" Misty said.

"Ash, it's on the rocks!" Dawn shouted loudly from her seat. Her voice mysteriously echoed from her seat, right to where the battle was. Ash quickly looked to the rocks on the battlefield.

"Hmm, I still don't see anything apart from that red zigzag-." Ash stopped and looked up at Gliscor, still waiting for a command. "What did the Pokédex say again? The zigzag pattern on its belly doesn't chan-"

"Use Psybeam, Kecleon!" Kecleon quickly revealed itself. Ash's and Gliscor's eyes quickly focussed their attention on the green reptile that only just revealed its location. The zigzag stripe on Kecleon's belly glowed brightly before releasing a jolt of psychic power, shooting out of Kecleon in the form of a powerful multi-coloured beam. Gliscor froze in the air, startled by Kecleon's Psybeam. The powerful attack struck Gliscor right on its wing unexpectedly.

"Gliscor! Are you okay?" Gliscor struck the ground with a heavy thud, engulfing its entire body with the dust from the battlefield. "Gliscor!" The dust cleared momentarily after, and Gliscor quickly rose, balancing on its tail.

"Use Psybeam once more, Kecleon!" Harrison said.

"Kecle!" Kecleon shot out another beam using the might in its psychic arsenal. The beam shot like a thunderbolt towards Gliscor's tail.

"Gliscor, launch yourself into the air with your tail!" Ash commanded. As Kecleon's Psybeam came charging in, Gliscor launched itself into the air using its powerful tail, dodging the Psybeam attack from Kecleon.

"Grab Gliscor's tail using your tongue!" Kecleon's surprisingly extensive tongue whipped out of Kecleon's mouth and wrapped itself around Gliscor's tail. "Now, throw him to the ground, Kecleon!" Kecleon snapped its head back and threw Gliscor's heavy body to the ground with a dull crash. A large cloud of dust arose on impact, fully hiding Gliscor's body from his trainer and his opponent.

"It's beginning to look like Kecleon is having the upper hand against Ash's Gliscor," the announcer's voice echoed across the crowd like a voice in a canyon. "No doubt Kecleon's next to flawless speed and incredibly long tongue is the culprit in this onslaught."

"Gliscor really is taking a battering out there," Dawn sadly said, leaning forward and discretely praying to Ash. "It's almost as if Harrison wanted Gliscor to launch himself off the ground like that, only for Kecleon to then grab him."

"That's the way Harrison works. Ash really needs to get on the offensive," Brock added. "I still worry for Gliscor's wing, though. After being hit by such an attack, Gliscor didn't look like it was able to move so well."

"Gliscor! Get up!" Ash shouted.

"Gli-scooor," Gliscor rose to his feet, with the help of its pincers. A large crater, far larger than Gliscor himself, appeared at its feet.

"Ash," Harrison called from across the battlefield. "It looks your Gliscor has had quite an effect on the battlefield instead of my Kecleon, you sure you're fit to battle?" Harrison taunted, smiling proudly at his Kecleon.

"We're just fine, aren't we, Gliscor?" Ash stopped looking at Harrison and turned to his Gliscor, holding onto his wing so dearly. Oh, man. Gliscor's wing…better play it safe, Ash thought to himself. "Gliscor, return." Ash grabbed Gliscor's Pokéball, and a red beam of light returned the Fang Scorp Pokémon to his Pokéball. The crowd split into two halves, one half booing and the other half applauding Ash's decision.

"It was a good move from Ash to return Gliscor, Kecleon's tongue is too powerful," Tracey said.

"If you're going to change you're Pokémon, then I think we'll do the same," Harrison said, returning his Kecleon to his Pokéball. "And I think I'll bring out you. Go, Hypno!" Harrison hurled his Pokéball onto the battlefield. A yellow Pokémon appeared on the rocky battlefield immediately. A creature with ears of a jackal and a pair of large squinty eyes appeared before the audience. It had a natural scarf, made of nothing but snow white fur. In its left human-like hand, a metal pendulum swung back and forth.

"And it looks like Harrison has gone for Hypno, a Pokémon that should never be underestimated, especially with psychic powers as powerful as the ones it has. Now we wait the identity of Ash's second Pokémon..."

Ash froze for a moment before grabbing another Pokéball from his belt. "Heracross, I choose you!" A large beetle-like Pokémon with a single large pronged horn coming out of its forehead appeared dramatically on the battlefield. A pair of antennae with spherical tips coming out of Heracross's head sat next its elliptical eyes. Heracross waved his horn around to the crowd, demonstrating its incredible brawn. The crowd roared with excitement as Heracross took its position the battlefield.

"Hypno versus Heracross. Harrison's Hypno has gained the highest number of KO's on his team with a remarkable three, whilst this is Ash's Heracross's debut in The Rivalry Tournament. Even I can't predict this fierce battle between brains and brawns."

"Isn't Heracross weak to Psychic attacks?" Misty asked.

"Yes, but Hypno is weak to Bug-type moves. All Ash needs to do is get it right this time," Tracey replied. "If Ash makes just one slip-up, it's over."

"Heracross, Hyper Beam!" Ash shouted, pointing at his opponent's Hypno.

"Heracrouuu!" Heracross got on all fours, illuminating its horn and pointing it at Hypno. An orange ball of energy appeared in front of Heracross's mouth where it continued to grow as time went on. Eventually, Heracross fired a potent beam from the ball of energy right at Hypno.

"Steer it away using a Psychic attack," Harrison calmly told his Pokémon. Hypno calmly held its pendulum in front of him. Swinging from side to side, the Hyper Beam attack from Heracross diverted in the other direction to where Heracross aimed for, rendering it useless. "Now steer it right back at him, Hypno!" Hypno manoeuvred the orange beam of energy using its pendulum, right back towards Heracross.

"Hypnooo," Hypno droned.

"Block it, Heracross, like we practiced!" Heracross got on all fours again and shut its eyes tightly, bracing itself for Heracross's own Hyper Beam attack. The orange beam completely engulfed Ash's Heracross , with the immense heat from the potent attack radiating off Heracross and finding its way to Ash.

"Heracro!" Heracross cried, enduring the pain valiantly. Meanwhile, Ash and his friends watched his Pokémon suffer.

"Ash is in deep trouble," Brock sadly noted. "Harrison is using all of Ash's moves against him. It's not surprising that he won last time."

"But that was a long time ago," Dawn replied to him in a more upbeat tone. "You can do it, Ash!"

"Wow! Have you ever seen anything like that in your life! Hypno's incredible Psychic power has literally gained control of Heracross's Hyper Beam attack. Ash will really have to step it up if he's going to make it out of this one alive!" The announcer said excitedly.

"Heracross, are you okay?" Ash urgently asked. He restrained himself from walking onto the battlefield, and fell to his knees. "I know you can do it, Heracross…" Ash quietly said to himself, not expecting Heracross to hear him.

"Oh, and what has happened to Ash out there?" The announcer said, leaning forward in his seat to try and gain a closer look. "It looks like Ash has fell to his knees, does this mean he gives up?"

"No…no…you can do it, Ash!" Dawn encouraged loudly from her seat, her voice echoing around the stadium. Thousands of faces turned to her, looking at her confusedly. She blushed and slumped in her seat, still keeping a close eye on Ash and Heracross. Ash quickly looked up to the crowd. On one of the highest seats in the stadium, the bluenette smiled caringly at Ash.

"Hera-cro." Ash looked back at the battle in shock to see his Heracross waddling towards him bravely, still in pain, but still enduring it valiantly.

"You're right, Heracross!" Ash quickly rose to his feet. The crowd burst into a loud array of roars and cheers as Heracross walked back its place on the battlefield, standing just after the crater that Gliscor had created. "Allright, Heracross, use-." Ash's mouth sealed tightly, not letting a word out and allowing his eyes to watch the spectacle set before him. A thick dark-green ghostly aura surrounded Heracross's body like a flame. A strong smell of the forest emitted from the ghostly aura strangely.

"Heracrooouuu!" Heracross roared loudly, shattering the ghostly aura.

"That, ladies and gentleman, was Heracross's famous ability, Swarm. Only when a Pokémon is at the very edge of their endurance will this rare ability activate," The announcer jumped around in his box excitedly. "With its Bug-type moves powered to an almighty level, Hypno will sure have difficulty countering this nasty bug."

"Bug-type moves, eh?" Ash said, scratching his neck. "In that case, Heracross, use Megahorn! Full Power!" Ash commanded intrepidly. Heracross wildly charged towards Hypno at great haste with its horn illuminated in a flawless white light and Swarm activated.

"Heracroo!" Hercaross crashed its solid horn into Hypno's stomach, throwing Harrison's Pokémon right back. A large mark appeared on Hypno's belly where Heracross's horn made powerful contact.

"Hypno!" Harrison called out to his Pokémon. "Stay strong!"

"Quick, Heracross, follow up with a Horn Attack," Ash smiled cunningly. Heracross flew using its wings towards Hypno, horn first.

"Hypno!" Harrison cried out as he watched in despair Ash's Heracross's horn making contact with his Hypno again. "Get up, Hypno!" Harrison said, with Hypno still down and struggling to get up after taking so much pain.

"And now, the tables have turned and Hypno is on the defending end. I seriously doubt that it would hold up any longer, not with Heracross's Swarm ability activated."

"Come on, Hypno!" Hypno heaved itself to both its legs, still shaking uneasily and unstably.

"This is our chance, Heracross. Finish it off with Megahorn!" Ash boomed. Once again, he could literally taste the sheer sweetness of victory, sending his taste buds into ecstasy. Back with the action, Heracross's horn illuminated brightly again. The Pokémon then fiercely charged towards Hypno, also deluded by what has not yet happened.

"Looks like it's one-nil to Ash," Misty smiled.

"Don't be so sure," Drew replied to her. Just as he said that, Hypno clicked into place and stood up firmly.

"Hypnosis," Harrison quietly said to his Pokémon. Heracross was stopped in its tracks, only a few metres away from knocking Hypno out, by Hypno's uncanny pendulum swinging back and forth. Heracross fell to the ground with its eyes mystified by Hypno's pendulum, and fell asleep.

"Hera…Hera…Hera…," Heracross snored loudly.

"It looks like Hypno beats death once more with that Hypnosis attack by putting Heracross fast asleep. How will Ash counter this?" The announcer said, gaping at the battlefield from his box.

"Use Sleep Talk!" Heracross rose to its feet with its eyes still wide shut, then the Bug-type fell forward to its hands and knees before charging up a Hyper Beam attack.

"Hypno, Dream Eater!" Hypno ran forward, and a ghost-like shadow came out of its body. The eerie shadow floated towards Heracross, passing right through the Fighting-type, obliterating its conscience by shattering Heracross's dreams with Hypno's stupendous psychic power. The shadow continued to feed on Heracross's mental structure, crushing its insides, all within that split second.

"Heracross! No!" Ash shouted, watching Heracross fly back as Hypno's ghost returned back to its body.

"Heracross is unable to battle, Hypno is the winner," the referee called out, holding a flag towards Harrison. The crowd, half stunned by Hypno's dramatic attack, rose to their feet eventually and applauded Harrison's Hypno.

"And there we have it, folks. That Dream Eater attack is stronger than it looks, it is no surprise that Hypno is Harrison's leading KO-er," the announcer said into his microphone, watching Hypno regenerate its health.

"W-w-what just h-happened?" Misty shivered. "It was scary."

"That was Dream Eater. It only works on Pokémon that are fast asleep, but as Ash thought that he could use that to his advantage with Sleep Talk, Hypno was able to use Dream Eater to knock out Heracross and heal itself at the same time," Brock informed her.

"So now that Heracross it out of it, let's see what Pokémon is going to bring out next to take down this mighty Hypno."

Ash gritted his teeth, looking over at the yellow Pokémon from across the battlefield. I don't want to have to use Charizard now…and Gliscor's wing may not be allright yet, and I'm certain that his last Pokémon is Blaziken so-

"Ash," Harrison called out. "You can decide which Pokémon you are going to use all day, but you're never going to win this tournament," Harrison confidently said, smiling tauntingly at his opponent. "At least not before you beat me."

"We'll just see about that! Gliscor, I choose you!" Ash threw his Pokéball in the air. The thick surge of light morphed into the Fang Scorp Pokémon.

"Gliscor!" Gliscor called out, pushing down on his tail to gain the aerial advantage against Hypno.

"I think we'll start this one off. Hypno, Hypnosis again!" Harrison called out. Hypno ran forward and held its pendulum out to Gliscor.

"Gliscor, don't look!" Ash shouted. Gliscor quickly threw his claws towards his face where he secured them against his eyes, trying not to be fooled by Hypno's Hypnosis attack.

"Hmm, Hypno, use Psychic, but gain control of Gliscor's claws," said Harrison cleverly. A smile crept unconsciously to his face just as Hypno's eyes began to glow a ghostly blue. A haunting chime shook the stadium, and Gliscor's arms were enwrapped within Hypno's Psychic attack.

"Gliscor?" Gliscor looked at both of his claw-like arms, gazing at the unearthly aura and the sinister stench that the Psychic move emitted.

"You know what to do, Hypno!" Harrison grinned cunningly, pointing at the confused Gliscor. Hypno held up his right arm, a sudden jolt of Psychic power struck Gliscor's claws unexpectedly, throwing Gliscor's claws at himself. "Great job, Hypno! Keep it up!" Harrison encouraged.

"And it looks like Gliscor is attacking himself using his own claws, could that possibly be Hypno's momentous psychic power, or just the sudden will to give up?"

"Gliscor! Stop hitting yourself!" Ash shouted, looking up at his own Pokémon suffering to his own hands. "Gliscor!" Ash supplicated.

"Poor Ash, Gliscor doesn't seem to be able to control his own claws," Misty said, feeling sorry for her friend. "Harrison just seems to be using every one of Ash's moves against him. Ash will have to pull out something special to beat him."

"All hope is not lost, though. Psychic drains a lot of power from the Pokémon. It won't be long now until Hypno will get tired and be forced to let go," Liza replied to her.

"Gliscor! C'mon!" Hypno continued to throw Gliscor's claws at himself, each hit wearing down Gliscor's endurance.

"Send him crashing to the ground with Psychic, Hypno!" Hypno nodded and used Psychic again. The haunting aura trapped Gliscor's entire body, and Hypno slowly lifted up the heavy Pokémon above the ground. "The higher they get, the harder they fall, Ash." Harrison recited, placing an arm on his hip. "Now!" On call, Hypno lowered his arm, and Gliscor with it.

"Gliscoooorr!" Gliscor cried as the speed at which he plummeted to the ground increased.

"Gliscor! Break free, Gliscor!" Ash cried out loudly. Gliscor's arms shook violently, trying to break free. Just before Gliscor crashed into the ground, he swung his claws to the side, shattering Hypno's Psychic aura that had him ensnared within Hypno's shackles.

"Hypno?" Hypno's squinty eyes widened in shock just as the innumerable crowd jumped to their feet and blasted out a fearsome cheer for Gliscor.

"Allright, I've had just about enough of this. Gliscor, Stone Edge and aim for the sky. Gliscor's eyes began to glow a ghastly white, and a collection of sharpened stones orbited Gliscor. "Now!" On cue, Gliscor threw his claws in the air where the sharpened stone catapulted themselves, flying off into the sky where they were no long visible.

"What's Ash trying to do?" Drew asked.

"I don't know, but it is Ash we're talking here," Gary smirked, folding his arms critically. "I'm sure he's got some crazy idea going on."

"Gliscor, take Hypno down using X-Scissor!" Gliscor used the gentle breeze to his advantage, and he charged towards Hypno, enraged with his claw-like arms coated in a pale blue aura. He stormed towards Hypno, slicing his arms on Hypno's body with considerable force, throwing Hypno right back. "Now dodge the Stone Edge!" Ash smiled at his next to perfect timing. Gliscor backed away from Hypno just as the barrage of sharpened stones rained on the battlefield.

"Hyp!" Hypno!" Hypno cried as the stones crushed him. The rocks continued to fall from the sky, plummeting with great force on Hypno, who couldn't do anything in the shower of stones.

"Ash has timed that perfectly to make it seem as if it was raining rocks. Extraordinary!"

"Well well, Ash really did have a plan all along," Gary chuckled. "And a brilliant one at that." The last of the rocks fell directly on Hypno's head, knocking it out.

"Hypno is unable to battle, Gliscor is the winner!" The referee announced pointing a flag towards Ash. The crowd erupted into a loud cheer once more, congratulating Ash and his Gliscor.

"Ladies and gentleman that was the very first time in this competition that Hypno has been eliminated. Let's see who Harrison's next pokemon is," the announcer leaned forward in his chair, watching Ash's and Gliscor's overconfident smile.

"It breaks my heart to tell you this, Ash, but I think you know who's coming next…," Harrison returned his fallen Hypno and held out another Pokéball in front of Ash.

Is that Blaziken? Ash thought to himself, eyeing the Pokéball.

"Kecleon, you're up!" Harrison threw a Pokéball onto the field to reveal his green reptile-like Pokémon.


"Be careful, Gliscor!" Gliscor winced slightly before calming himself.

"Glis-scoor!" Gliscor nodded, smashing its tail against the ground intimidatingly.

"We'll start this one off. Kecleon, Psybeam attack!" Harrison said. Kecleon shot out a ray of psychic power straight at Gliscor.

"Dodge it, Gliscor!" Gliscor propelled itself to the left of where the Psybeam attack hit.

"Grab Gliscor's tail again using Lick!" Kecleon unravelled his tongue and shot it out at Gliscor's tail.

"Gliscor, do a flip and use Fire Fang to grab Kecleon's tongue!" As Kecleon's tongue came charging in towards Gliscor's tail, Gliscor flipped itself round as commanded and chomped on Kecleon's tongue with its teeth wrapped in flames, not letting go.

"Kecleeeooon!" Kecleon screamed in pain as the sudden jolt of heat pulsated through his tongue and to his body. Tears flooded from his eyes in immense agony whilst Gliscor's flame infused teeth had themselves firmly secured on Kecleon's tongue.

"Wow, I can feel the pain from a mile away. Kecleon will have to do something quick to get out of this one!" The announcer flinched, only just able to watch the action on the battlefield.

"Kecleon, hang in there!" Harrison called out to his Pokémon in horror.

"What's wrong, Harrison? Gliscor got your tongue?" Ash taunted harshly, smiling uncontrollably. "Tighten your grip, Gliscor!" Gliscor obliged and a surge of fire came flowing from Gliscor's fangs and right through Kecleon's tongue, setting the green reptile-like Pokémon alight.

"Kecleon!" Kecleon cried out with its body wrapped in blazing flames. Gliscor released his fangs from Kecleon's tongue, and immediately after, Kecleon fell to the ground.

"Kecleon is unable to battle, Gliscor is the winner!" The referee announced to which the crowd replied with a standing ovation to Ash's Gliscor.

"As painful as it looked, it got the job done," Leaf noted. "Only one more to go, and Ash still hasn't brought out his last Pokémon."

"Return, Kecleon,"Harrison said, flashing a red beam at Kecleon which returned it to the sanctity of its Pokéball. "That was very brave of you." He chuckled slightly, grabbing his last Pokéball. "I hate to say this, Ash, but I really didn't expect that flip, but it doesn't matter now, because I've got this!" Harrison announced holding out his last Pokéball. "Blaziken, it's all up to you!" A Pokémon appeared on the battlefield in Kecleon's place. A tall figure entered the battlefield like a gladiator, showing off its sharpened claws by emitting a blaze of fire from its wrists.

"Blaaaaziken!" Blaziken roared, spitting out a charring Flamethrower attack. The crowd gasped in wonder as Gliscor looked at his trainer fearfully.

"Don't worry about Blaziken, Gliscor. I know you can do it!" Ash triumphantly encouraged his Pokémon. Gliscor turned back to the action, smiling in a relieved way.

"Harrison's got a Blaziken?" Drew said, slightly bewildered by his strange variety of Pokémon.

"Oh yeah, in fact, Blaziken was the one that knocked out Ash in the Silver Conference when we travelled in Johto," Brock informed him. "Ash may have the advantage with a Flying-type; but it's hard to predict what Harrison is going to do. It was tough then, but who knows what power it has now…"

"And Harrison has gone for Blaziken as his third and final Pokémon. With those incredibly powerful legs, it will be interesting to see what Ash does," the announcer proclaimed in anticipation.

"It doesn't matter what Pokémon he has, we're still gonna win, aren't we Gliscor?" Ash confidently told his Pokémon floating in the air.

"As you wish, Ash," Harrison replied. "Blaziken, use High Jump Kick on the ground!"

"Err…does Harrison know what he's doing?" Leaf asked.

Blaziken spun around and hammered its foot against the ground, sending a ton of rocks flying into the air above him. "Now, use Blaze Kick on the rocks, Blaziken!" Harrison called out. As the rocks came down, Blaziken leaned to the side and roundhouse kicked the rocks straight at Gliscor with an unimaginable force. As the rocks rocketed towards Gliscor, they slowly set ablaze under the immense heat.

"Gliscor, look out!" Ash urgently shouted. The blazing rocks crashed into Gliscor with such power, throwing him beyond battlefield and into concrete wall that separated them from the stands. The whole crowd grimaced as Ash ran out of his square to his fallen Pokémon

"Gliscor is unable to battle, Blaziken is the winner!" The referee announced. The entire crowd roared with applause, though some still shocked at Gliscor's departure from the battlefield.

"What was that?" Dawn said at the edge of her seat. "It was almost as if Blaziken used a Stone Edge attack using the rocks from the battlefield, except the rocks were on fire."

"Yeah, a little similar to what Paul did to Gliscor in the Sinnoh League, don't you think?" Brock asked, remembering how Paul told his Electivire to use Thunder on the battlefield, resulting in a similar effect.

"But this…did you see how powerful that Blaziken's legs were? I just hope Gliscor is okay," Dawn pleaded, feeling sorry for both Ash and his Pokémon.

"Gliscor, are you okay?" Ash asked to his fallen Pokémon, not responding. A mark on the wall in the shape of a vampire bat appeared where Gliscor made impact with it. "Return, you did a fantastic job and I'm proud of you," he said, turning back to the battlefield and he walked back to his square, glaring at Blaziken and his trainer, Harrison.

"It doesn't matter what Pokémon you bring out, Blaziken has got it sorted," Harrison said, "oh, and, Ash, you can thank your friend Paul for inspiring me with that move," Harrison added.

Ash scowled at him, gritting his teeth violently. "And just like Paul, I'm gonna beat you too! Charizard, I choose you!" Ash threw his Pokéball onto the field. Another thick surge of light morphed into Ash's old-time friend.

"Charrrararar!" Charizard roared, shooting out a scorching Flamethrower attack from its mouth. It smiled menacingly at its opponent, whom which it recognised, and took its place on the battlefield.



"What a finale we have here! Fighting for a place in the third round of The Rivalry Tournament, which trainer, Ash or Harrison, will emerge victorious in this last heated battle that pits fire against fire?"

Just wait 'til we get to the 6 on 6 -.- I felt my battles have not been as good as they could be, and I am certain that I made a lot of mistakes there, but hey. Just a couple things, 1st, I know that Kecleon is in fact really really slow, but it is quick in the anime. 2nd review please Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.