By that Sin; fell the Angels

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Chapter 1:

*Daddy help me! *Run here they come! We are doomed! HELP! BOOOOOMMMMMMMM!


Conquer and Destroy….SHOW NO MERCY!

MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….Vegeta… could you…

….I'm your family…

Vegeta woke with a start and sat straight up in bed. The nightmares where getting stronger, getting worse. The sweat on his back and brow where evident, even on the pillows. He looked to his left, and yet his mate was not there.

"Damn woman, where is she?" Vegeta thought to himself.

He got out of bed and grabbed a towel to shower. The dreams where not really nightmares but memories. Memories of the Demon he once was. Sure he was still strong, prideful, and royal (The Prince of Saiyajins, to be correct), but he no longer killed for pleasure and blood. That was a long time ago. Though he would never admit it to anyone, not even Bulma, but that was his greatest fear; a fear of Judgment. He stepped into the hot shower to think, it was only 9am, and he hadn't slept in.

He feared he would be judged in the afterlife. Sure he was killed by Buu once, but really he was sent to King Kai and brought back to help fight. Then when the fight was over he was brought back to Earth no questions asked. He had a feeling King Kai and Kami had something to do with that. No he feared Death, real Death. The Death where you did not and could not come back. His sins where many, and all horrid. He stepped out of the shower and put on some boxers and sweat pants. He was hungry and the woman was nowhere to be found, he was grumpy and needed to eat. He went downstairs and found breakfast had been made and was left on the table.

He also found a note from Bulma."Vegeta, here is breakfast. If you need something please help yourself as I am out today with Bura. Trunks is with Goten. There is lunch in the fridge all you have to do is heat it up. Can you manage that? LOL!" Vegeta smirked at the note; the woman would pay for the little insult later.

He let his mind probe for her, she was at the mall with Bura, and they were fine. He ate a rather large breakfast of 10 eggs, 6 pieces of toast, a whole honeydew melon, and water. There was also a lot, really A LOT of bacon and sausage for him to eat. After being on Earth for so long he had become accustomed to the food. The woman knew his likings and obviously had left them for him to find. Life had settled into a routine, he would train all day ever chance he got. When he wasn't training himself, he was training Trunks and Bura how to be warriors. They gloried in it, just like a prince and princess should. Bulma didn't even seem to mind, and while he would not admit it, Kakarott and the Z fighters had become; well not really friends he would say, but allies.


Vegeta nearly dropped his glass of water on the floor when he jumped out of the chair. He had heard a man's voice clear as day. It seemed so familiar and yet he could not place it. He went in search of the voice, checked very room in Capsule Corp and yet he could find nothing. He sensed a Ki but it was very faint and powerful. But just like that it was gone. Bulma's parents where away on vacation so it was just him. Bulma had taken Bura and Trunks was out with Goten. At least that is what her note said. He shook his head.

"Bah, nonsense!" Vegeta said aloud. Yet he could not shake the feeling someone or something had watched him, and for some reason Bulma. He shook the feeling off and went outside to train.

4 hours later Vegeta was taking a break from training when Bulma and Bura had come home. He had stepped out of the Gravity Chamber and wiped the sweat off his face, when Bura came bouncing into the yard to greet him.

"DADDY!" She jumped at him and he caught her with ease. Though he would never admit it, he had a soft spot for Bura.

"Hello Princess." He squeezed her and she just laughed. Vegeta smirked; the little one was quite strong for being only 8. "Daddy! Guess what mama and me…" he corrected her, "Mama and I, Bura." "Oh, right. Mama and I went to the mall and had so much fun, you should have come Daddy." Vegeta shook his head, he didn't care much for people he didn't know. The Z fighters he had gotten use to, other than that he did not care for crowds. "Maybe another time Princess." Bura smiled at him. "Ok Daddy!"

She kissed him on the check and jumped out of his arms to run back inside. Bulma let her pass and told her the snacks where in the cabinet. She turn to Vegeta and smiled but he could tell something was wrong. He linked minds with her to find out, so Bura could not hear.

"What troubles you?" "Some man was watching us the last hour Bura and I were at the mall." Vegeta knew it; he should have gone to check on them. "Vegeta?" Bulma looked at him, he didn't say anything but he could hear her thoughts. He shook his head and went to her; she was shaken a great deal. Bulma was not weak; she was strong for a human and one of the most intelligent people he had ever known. He had taught her how to sense Ki's and to fly. But this man had upset her to point where she had cut her day with Bura short. She turned to look at Bura fumbling with her snacks as Vegeta pressed against her back side, she could hear his thoughts.

"Do not worry about this; I will find this man and take care of him." "I know Vegeta, but it wasn't me he was just staring at, it was Bura too. His eyes…. his eyes were filled…...with lust." "I could sense his Ki, it was very powerful" This made Vegeta's blood boil. Not only did some other man have the audacity to look at his mate but his daughter too? In that way? NO! He was beyond mad, he was outraged. He keep his thoughts in tack so Bura could not hear.

"What did he look like Bulma?" "He was a very tall man, long dark black hair, tied back in a low pony tail. Black eyes, a muscular build. He wore a long dark coat over what looked like a suit. It was his eyes that frightened me Vegeta. Almost like he was trying to stare into my soul."

Bulma turned around to face him but he was staring off into the distance. He was now certain someone had been watching him. He was pissed. He looked at Bulma, gave a quick nod and went out the back door to Kakarott's place. Surely if there was a Ki present and he had sensed it, Kakarott had too. As he flew by a man in the shadows hid his Ki and watched Vegeta fly to the direction of Kakarott's.

"Not yet dear Prince of Saiyajins, soon very soon, everything you have will be mine." The man chuckled; soon he would have to make his move, before SHE arrived to stop him and reunite with the Prince of Saiyajins. That, he feared, would ruin his plans forever. And he had more in store for Bulma Briefs, oh yes... much much more.

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