By that Sin; fell the Angels

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Chapter 11;

Nori had left the medical wing, so Bulma could be alone with her thoughts. Bulma wanted to know more but Nori wouldn't divulge anything else. Bulma also wanted to speak with her mate but swore she wouldn't. She didn't know what would happen if she broke her swear but something very dark, almost a warning in Nori's eyes had scared her into keeping silent. She sighed, and looked over a Bura. She was awake and only a few more hours until she could get out of the healing chamber. So Bulma did what she always did when her mind was racing, she tinkered her in lab.

Outside in the Gravity Chamber, The Prince of all Saiyajins trained vigorously. 300x Earth's gravity seemed to be strengthening his inner core. A few jabs here, high kicks there. Destroy a bot or two. Yes he would defeat Kouki Shuu and kill that damn cloud creature that had dared to lay a hand on his princess. Suddenly Vegeta was overcome with a sense of dread. His Mother. Why on Earth had she popped into his head? He powered down the Gravity Chamber. He hated when that memory came to life. And try as he might to ignore it, he couldn't. It had to be played out. All be against his anger.

*Flashback/ Memory Sequence*

His father had charged into the gardens, worry clear on his face. "He is here." That is all his father said but when looked at his mother, the color drained from her face. Who was this person? Why did his parents look as they were about to face death? His mother looked at him and gave a weak smile. "Come my son, we have to go and great a guest." Vegeta followed his parents into the main royal ball room. He could see Nori and her parents had already arrived. It was just them, his parents, and an ugly looking lizard creature. His general was a tall blue man with green hair. Both gave Vegeta a nasty feeling in the pit of his stomach. His father spoke to the lizard creature. "Good evening Lord Frieza. And to you General Zarbon. Welcome to Planet Vegteasi. We have been expecting your arrival." Vegeta glanced at his mother, she was angry, but at what?

"You know what I'm here for King Vegeta. Now hand the boy over and your planet will be spared." "WHAT!?" Queen Mizuki shouted. "You promised him our son in exchange for the planet? How could you?!" The Queen was furious; this was not what her husband had leaded her to believe. She thought they would be discussing peace, not sacrificing her son. "My love it is for the sake of the planet. Lord Frieza will spare us all. You know you must put the good of the planet before motherhood." King Vegeta reached out to console his Queen but she jerked away from him and stood in front of her son. "NO! I will not stand by and let my son be given to this despicable creature." The Queen took to a fighting stance. "If you want him Lord Frieza, you will have to go through me."

Lord Frieza laughed. "I do not have time for your games monkey queen. Zarbon dispose of the wench." Zarbon got into a fighting stance and charged at the Queen. He went to land a punch but the Queen blocked him and kicked him clear across the room. Frieza was furious. The queen only smirked. "Is that the best you can do, you ugly fucking lizard!?" Frieza was beyond pissed but no that was not the best he had. He created a ball of energy and launched it at the queen. It was too fast, and Mizuki knew she could not dodge it, but she hadn't expected her sister Yuzuki to put herself in between her and the ball of energy. It went straight through her. "NO!" Noriko screamed in fear and rushed to her mother's side. Her mother wasn't moving. "Mother? Mother!" Noriko tried to shake her but to no avail. She wouldn't wake, and her eyes had lost the light in them.

Mizuki let her tears flow. Her sister had sacrificed herself for her. Her older sister, someone she looked up to. A great warrior was taken down in her prime. She glared at the lizard and launched herself at him. Only to have the same ball of energy shoot through her. "Mother!" Vegeta shouted. He ran to her in an instance. The queen coughed out blood and looked at her son. She smiled at him, and then the light faded from her eyes as well. Vegeta could only stare as his father did the same to avenge his queen but met the same fate. Frieza only smirked and invited Vegeta and Noriko safe passage on his ship. He was going to destroy the planet anyway. Vegeta held his dead mother in his arms. He screamed in pain and in sorrow as the tears rushed down his face.

Nori was pulling on him urging him that they had to leave. He didn't want to leave his mother here but he knew he had to avenge her, as he father could not. He got up and ran with Noriko to Frieza's ship. There in a small room huddled together cousins watched out the window as their home was destroyed. Why Noriko's father had not intervened was a mystery to them both. The cried the whole night through. For the loss of their planet and their mothers.

*End Flashback *

Vegeta held on to the wall of the Gravity Chamber. He hated that memory. Sure Frieza was dead but he had not been the one to kill him. He had not been able to avenge his mother. He filled him with hate. Hate for that stupid baka Kakarott. He knew he had to train harder. He had to beat Kouki Shuu, and prove that as The Prince of all Saiyajins no 3rd class baka could out due him. He would make him suffer. And there in the woods just beyond Capsule Co. Kouki Shuu smiled and looked on at the little life Vegeta had made for himself. It was time to attack and destroy everything he held dear.

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