Welcome to this fanfic. I guess I should explain a few things before we begin. Well this idea came to me the other night while watching Digimon Adventure. Patamon and Tailmon (which is Gatomon in the dub by the way) have always been my two favourite digimon. I've always wanted to see them evolve to the ultimate level (or the level known as mega in the dub). That is basically the purpose of this fic, but I decided to make it better than just that. Well enjoy the fic.

By the way I prefer the Japanese terms to the English dub ones, so that's what I'll be using. I guess I should give you a basic conversion chart.

Taichi – Tai

Yamato – Matt

Takeru – TK

Hikari – Kari

Koushiro- Izzy

Jyou – Joe

Daisuke – Davis

Miyako – Yolei

Iori – Cody

Tailmon – Gatomon

HolyAngemon – MagnaAngemon

Child Level – Rookie Level

Adult Level – Champion Level

Perfect Level – Ultimate Level

Ultimate Level – Mega Level

Well hopefully that will clear everything up. One last thing, I don't own digimon.

Episode 1: The Greatest Threat Yet! The Seven Great Demon Lords!

It was summer of the year 2005, two and a half years since the defeat of BelialVamdemon. Peace had returned to both worlds and to the Chosen Children it appeared it would remain this way. Little did they know that very summer the peace would once again be at stake. The Chosen Children were about to face their greatest challenge yet.

The day for Takeru was going well so far. Earlier that week he had finally worked up the courage to ask Hikari out on a 'date' with him. Or at least he would think of it as a date for now. When he had asked Hikari he had made it sound like he just wanted to hang out with her as a couple of friends would do, so here they were at the park with their digimon. All four of them held ice cream Takeru had bought for them just a while ago. After all the past events with the digimon, people had grown use to them so they didn't second glace Patamon and Tailmon clearly eating their ice cream in public.

Hikari turned to Takeru with a smile on her face once she had finished her ice cream. "So, what do you want to do next?" She asked him. Over the years that had passed, she had become quite a beautiful young lady for her age of fourteen. She still kept her hair short, but she had grown a bit taller and matured in ways that would turn any teenage boy into mush.

Takeru smiled back at her. "There's nothing in particular I want to do. I'll do whatever you want to do." He answered in a gentle voice. He too had also matured quite a bit. He was taller and a bit broader.

Hikari thought for a moment. "Well there's nothing I really want to do either." She turned to their digimon, "Why don't we ask or digimon." The two digimon turned to her then to each other in thought.

With a wide smile on his face, Patamon thought of an idea. "Let's play tag!" He cried out. He turned to Tailmon and tagged her. "You're it!" He cried and flew off as fast as he could.

"No, you're it!" Tailmon cried as she quickly caught Patamon and tagged him.

"Hey, no fair. Tag backs aren't allowed, are they Takeru?" The digimon turned to his partner to find both humans laughing. While they may grow older, their digimon would always remain the same.

"Well I don't know, but I think you should wait at least 5 seconds after being tagged before tagging back. That way it gives them some time to move away." Takeru answered. With a triumphant grin, Patamon turned back to Tailmon.

"See, you didn't give me enough time to get away." He told her. Shaking her head, Tailmon brought her paws up.

"Well it's not my fault you're so slow." She said. Patamon's face grew fault, feeling insulted.

"Hey, you take that back!" He demanded. Playfully, he punched Tailmon in the arm. With a grin, she playfully punched him back in his body. The two began rolling around in a mock wrestling match. The two humans once again couldn't help but laugh. It seemed like nothing could go wrong, but it did. Without warning the sky grew dark. The two humans looked around confused and the two digimon stopped their match.

"Huh, was their supposed to be an eclipse today?" Takeru asked in confusion.

"I didn't hear of one." Hikari answered equally as confused. The two digimon's eyes were narrow.

"Something is coming." Tailmon said, grabbing the two humans' attention.

"Tailmon, what's coming?" Hikari asked, but was soon answered by screams. They all turned to see people running in terror from a hoard of small winged digimon, causing them to gasp.

"Those are Evilmon!" Takeru cried having recognized those digimon from their final fight with Piemon.

Turning to Tailmon, Hikari cried, "Tailmon, go fight them!"

"Right!" Tailmon ran over to the hoard and leapt into the air. "Neko Punch!" She cried as she punched one Evilmon then another with her special attack. The two digimon fell to the ground and were turned into data.

"Patamon, evolve and help her!" Takeru told his digimon, holding out his D-3.

"Right." Patamon flew into the air as Takeru's D-3 emitted a light which surrounded Patamon. "Patamon evolve!" He cried as he spun around, bursting into light as he evolved into his adult form. "Angemon!" The digimon lined himself up with the hoard of Evilmon. "Heaven's Knuckle!" He cried as he fired off his attack, which reduced several Evilmon to data. He and Tailmon continued to attack the seemingly endless hoard of Evilmon.

"There's too many of them!" Hikari cried out in despair.

"We're going to need some help." Takeru concluded. Luckily, he got his wish.

"Mega Flame!" They heard as a giant fire ball flew in, killing several Evilmon.

"Fox Fire!" Came another attacked. The blue fire roasted several more of the Evilmon.

"Onii-chan!" Both Takeru and Hikari cried as the same time as they turned to see Taichi and Yamato riding in on their digimon. Behind them were the rest of the Chosen Children and their adult level digimon, including even Mimi who was visiting from America.

"Looks like you two can use some help." Taichi said. With a smile he raised his finger and pointed it at the Evilmon. "Everyone, get them!" At his command all of their digimon began their attack on the Evilmon. With all of them working together, they managed to kill every last one of them.

"So what was all that about?" Daisuke finally asked.

"Why were they here?" Miyako asked. Koushiro stepped forwards.

"Guys, awhile ago Gennai contacted me and said he had something important to tell us." He told the group.

"Gennai!" The group cried.

"Yes, we should all come to my place right now so we can find out what it is. It may be related to those Evilmon we fought just now." With a nod everyone followed Koushiro.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Hikari said.

Meanwhile in a mysterious dark place in the Digital World, seven dark figures sat in the shadows watching the events that had just unfolded though an orb.

"Well it appears the Chosen Children were able to defeat the Evilmon." One of the figures, who was most likely the leader of this group.

"That's not that surprising," Another voice, this one a female one said, "Evilmon are weak digimon, no matter how many there are."

"Right, those Chosen Children wouldn't last one minute against me." Another of the figures said, raising a gun and firing it in a random direction.

"I've fought them before," stated another of the figures, "They weren't strong at all."

"Well then, we should prepare ourselves for their arrival." The first figure stated, "For one they face us, it will be the end of the Chosen Children!" All seven figures began to laugh evilly.

Back in the human world, the Chosen Children had arrived at Koushiro's house. After setting up his computers Koushiro turned to the group.

"Everyone stand back." Koushiro ordered as he pressed a button. In a flash of light, Gennai was standing before the Chosen Children once again.

"Gennai, it's good to see you again!" Taichi greeted.

"Thanks Taichi, but I wish I could say the same." Gennai told him.

"Gennai, do you know anything about why all those Evilmon attacked?" Takeru asked. Gennai nodded in answer to this question. "Well what is it?"

"A new group of enemies have emerged in the Digital World." Gennai told them, "They pose a great threat for both worlds and have already weakened the gateway between the two worlds." The Chosen Children gasped at the news.

"Does this mean we have to fight again?" Mimi asked. She really hated fighting. After BelialVamdemon was defeated, she had hoped that would be the end of it.

"Yes, and that's not even the worst of it." Everyone was in shock. They had no idea how things could be worse. "These new enemies are more powerful than anything you have ever faced before. It will take all you've got and more to defeat them. Also I have no doubt that while they will remain in the Digital World, they will continue to send evil digimon through the gate into this world." All of the Chosen Children were feeling extremely down at the moment. How could they possibly win?

"So, what is it that we are up against?" Taichi finally asked.

"You are up against a group known as the Seven Great Demon Lords." Gennai told them, "As you could probably guess there are seven of them in total. Each one of them represents one of the Seven Deadly Sins."

"Seven Great Demon Lords..." Ken trailed off. He didn't like the sounds of them already. After his days as the Digimon Kaiser, he resented the power of darkness and it sounded like this group used it.

"They are Lilithmon representing the sin of lust, Beelzebumon representing the sin of gluttony, Barbamon representing the sin of greed, Belphemon representing the sin of sloth, Demon representing the sin of wrath, Leviamon representing the sin of envy, and finally Lucemon representing the sin of pride." Gennai named all of the Seven Great Demon Lords to the Chosen Children, who were in shock.

"Did you say Demon was one of them?" Takeru asked. Gennai nodded.

"But we sent Demon to the Dark Ocean!" Daisuke cried out. Ken nodded beside him.

"Yes, you did, but the other Great Demon Lords have gotten him out. This is more cause of concern. If they are able to open a gate between the Digital World and the Dark Ocean, will they use it to bring unspeakable horrors to both this world and the Digital World?" Gennai pondered. He shook the thought out of his head and smiled, "But I do have some good news for you guys." As he said this he held up 8 tags. Smiles spread across the faces of the original eight Chosen Children.

"Our crests!" They cried out. Smiling, Gennai handed them there crests.

"Alright, now we can evolve to the perfect level again!" Takeru cried out in joy.

"And Agumon and Gabumon will be able to warp evolve to ultimate again!" Taichi pointed out as he turned to Yamato with a smile.

"Now back to the problem at hand." Gennai got their attention once again, "With the Seven Great Demon Lords in the Digital World and the threat of evil digimon crossing over to this world, I would suggest you Chosen Children split into two groups."

"That's a good idea, but who should go and who should stay?" Iori asked.

"Yeah, we don't exactly know who we will need where." Koushiro pointed out.

"I would suggest sending Taichi, Yamato, Daisuke, Ken, Takeru and Hikari into the Digital World to face the Demon Lords while the rest of you remain here to defend this world from any evil digimon that appear." Gennai suggested. "The Seven Great Demon Lords are powerful, so you'll need the most powerful digimon in your group to fight them. WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, and Imperialdramon are obvious choices being ultimate level digimon."

"But, Gennai, I thought that when you gave Tailmon back her Holy Ring, our digimon lost the ability to jogress evolve." Daisuke pointed out.

"That is true, but I have a present from Qinglongmon for both you and Ken. Just hold out your D-3s so that you can receive it." Both boys did what Gennai told them and held out their D-3s. Gennai brought out an orb of light which their D-3s absorbed. "Now XV-mon and Stingmon can jogress and evolve into Imperialdramon again." Daisuke and Ken turned to each other in excitement at the news.

"Really, that's awesome!" Ken cried out.

"You bet it is!" Daisuke agreed.

"So I understand why Taichi, Yamato, Daisuke, and Ken are going, but why are Hikari and I going? Our digimon can't evolve to ultimate." Takeru asked Gennai. The man turned to the two teens in question with a smile.

"Well I'm sure you two already realize that your crests of hope and light possess more power than the rest of the crests right?" The two teens nodded at the question, "Well these crests are so powerful, they have power that neither of you have yet to bring out of them yet." All the Chosen Children gasped at what he said.

"What kind of power?"

"Well you know how Agumon and Gabumon were only able to warp evolve until after Taichi and Yamato were shot with arrows of hope and light?"

"Yeah, I've always wondered about that." Taichi pondered, "Are you going to tell us now."

With a nod, Gennai continued, "It's all because the crests of hope and light are the only crests with the natural ability of ultimate evolution, but not as the crests of hope and light." These words confused everyone.

"That doesn't make sense. How can the crests of hope and light have the ability of ultimate evolution, but not as the crests of hope and light?" Koushiro asked.

"You guys know of the Golden Digimentals, right?" At this Daisuke's jaw dropped and he pointed at Gennai.

"Are you talking about the Golden Digimental that allowed V-mon to armour evolve to Magnamon? Are you saying there is more than one?" Gennai nodded.

"Yes, there is the Golden Digimental of Miracles you used and there is the Golden Digimental of Destiny." Gennai continued, "But you are probably wondering where they came from, being no crests. Well actually there are crests, bringing me back to the crests of hope and light. The truth is that the crests of hope and light true forms are the golden crests of miracles and destiny. If Takeru and Hikari are able to unlock their crests true forms, then Patamon and Tailmon will be able to evolve to their ultimate level."

"Wow, that's so cool!" Patamon said in awe, "I wonder what I'll evolve into?" The rest of the group was in shock. They never dreamed that Patamon and Tailmon could evolve to their ultimate forms. And given the power of their perfect forms, their ultimate forms must be unstoppable.

"But how do we unlock this power?" Hikari asked. At this question, Gennai shook his head.

"I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that." He answered truthfully, "But if you talk to Qinglongmon, he may be able to help you. After all he is the guardian of the crests of hope and light."

"Alright then, let's get going. No time like the present to beat the Seven Great Demon Lords, am I right?" Daisuke turned to the group. At his partner's words V-mon pumped up his fists.

"I'm with you, Daisuke!" He cried. Gennai stepped in front of them.

"Just one last thing." He said and pulled out what appeared to be a mini-laptop, "This is a digimon analyzer. It will give you the data on any digimon you see. It may come in handy for beating the Seven Great Demon Lords. I'll give it to Ken since he's the smartest of the six of you." Gennai handed it over to Ken. "It even has a feature that will allow you to send the data to Koushiro on his Digimon Analyzer here. Working together you may find a way to win."

"Thanks, I'll be sure to use it." Ken said as he took the analyzer. With that the six humans and their digimon stood in front of Koushiro's computer holding out their digivices.

"Let's go beat the Demon Lords! Digital Gate open!" cried Daisuke. With that they were sucked into the gate. The rest of the Chosen Children stood there in silence for a moment until finally Iori thought of something.

"I'll go call their parents to tell them where they are." He said as he left the room.

When the group of twelve arrived in the Digital World, they were surprised to find it in a dark state.

"This is even worse than when the Dark Masters were around." Taichi commented.

"Yeah, and I didn't even think that was possible." Yamato agreed with Taichi.

Suddenly the earth started shaking. The Chosen Children looked around trying to find the source.

"Welcome, Chosen Children to our Digital World!" Came a voice none of the Chosen Children liked.

"At last we meet again!" Came another voice, this one they recognized though.

"Demon!" cried Daisuke as Demon stepped out of the shadows in front of the children.

"Glad you remember me." He said. Another digimon stepped out beside him. This digimon's right half looked like that of an angel, while his left half was that of a fallen angel.

"Well since you already know Demon, why don't I introduce you to the rest of the Great Demon Lords. I myself am Lucemon." He pointed to himself. "Next we have Leviamon." A long digimon that almost looked like a dragon walked out from the shadows. Its body was red. It had a long snoot with many sharp teeth. It had two tails each with a blue mane that ran up its body.

"I look forwards to killing you, Chosen Children." He said.

"Next is Belphemon." An enormous monster followed from the shadows. Its size rivalled that of VenomVamdemon's. Its appearance could only be described of that of a beasts. It had two horns coming out of its head and two wings on its back.

"I'm going to crush you, Chosen Children!" He told them. The children were speechless. This digimon was one of the scariest they had ever seen.

"Next we have Barbamon." What looked like a long bearded old man appeared before them.

"A pleasure to meet you, even for as short of a time it will be." He said.

"Next comes Beelzebumon." What looked like a motorcycle punk appeared from the shadows. He was dressed all in leather with two guns at his legs. He wore a purple mask which had his blonde hair coming out the back.

"I'll enjoy blasting you Chosen Children to smithereens." He said as he raised one of his guns.

"Finally we have Lilithmon." A female fallen angel finally came out from the shadows. Her cloak barely seemed to cover her sexy body. All of the male Chosen Children had to admit that if she had not been evil, they'd be very turned on.

"Seems you have some cute ones among you. Too bad I have to kill you all." She said.

"Together," Lucemon finished, "We are the Seven Great Demon Lords!" All of the Chosen Children were shocked. Now that their enemy was in front of them like this, they had no idea what they should do.

"I had no idea we'd have to fight them all at once? Takeru commented.

"What do we do? There's no way we can win..." Ken trailed off. He was even more frightened then when they faced BelialVamdemon.

"Come on guys, let's not give up before we even try!" Taichi encouraged them.

"Taichi's right! Now everyone evolve!" Daisuke commanded.

"Right!" Everyone agreed and held up their digivices so their digimon could evolve. When all that was done WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, HolyAngemon, and Angewomon stood by their side.

"Now, attack!" Taichi cried. All of their digimon charged at the Demon Lords, but before they even knew what was happening, their digimon were pushed back and degenerated on the ground before them.

"No way, they lost already." Daisuke said as he rushed to V-mon's side. The rest of them did the same.

"I'm sorry, Taichi, we really did try." Agumon said weakly.

"They were just too strong for us." Gabumon continued for him, also in a weak voice.

Lucemon laughed like a maniac. "Really, is that all that the Chosen Children can do? It's time to end this. With this attack there is a 50% chance you will die and the other 50% is that you'll just be badly injured. I wonder which it will be. Dead or Alive!" He cried as he launched his attack. A circle drew itself around the Chosen Children.

"What's going on?" Yamato cried out as a dome stand to enclose itself on them. Just before it could close though, a cloud came in and whisked them all away to safety.

"I'll stop them!" Beelzebumon said and pointed his gun at the retreating cloud, but Lucemon stopped him.

"Let them go for now. It wouldn't be much fun if we killed them all now anyways." He said. "After all, there is no possible way we can lose!" With that he broke into more evil laughter.

To Be Continued...