Episode 10: The Three Great Angels Unite! Defeat Lucemon

The group stood stunned at the sight before them. Was this giant purple dragon like thing really Lucemon? How was he still alive? Curious, Ken pulled out is digimon analyzer to check. When he did his eye's grew wide.

"That's Lucemon." He told the group, "In this form he's known as Lucemon Satan Mode. He's an ultimate level. I guess that last attack somehow caused him to evolve." Everyone stared at him in shock.

"No way..." Daisuke let out, unable to believe it. The dragon before them laughed.

"Actually, that final attack just destroyed the light which I possessed." He told them, "Now I'm pure darkness." Everyone's jaws hung open.

"Does that mean he's pure evil now?" Takeru asked.

"You could say that, but then again, I was pure evil before!" Lucemon responded. Taichi gritted his teeth at the demon.

"Come on guys, let's not give up. We've beat the other six demon lords up to this point and we're close to beating Lucemon now. We've gained tremendous amounts of power along the way and I doubt he'll be able to withstand it no matter how powerful he is in this new form." He said in attempt to inspire everyone. Behind him, Omegamon nodded.

"Taichi's right. I'm sure we can beat him if we all work together. He said and raised both the WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon heads on his arms, "Double Torrent!"

"I won't give up either." Imperialdramon said as he raised his arm, "Positron Cannon!"

"We've come too far to let Lucemon win now." Seraphimon brought both his hands to his right side, "Seven Heavens!"

"I won't let him destroy both worlds with the powers of darkness." Ophanimon brought both her hands up, "Sefirot Crystal!" The four attacks hit Lucemon at once and the kids cheered, but were soon silenced when the blast faded away.

"No way, they're attacks had no effect at all!" Yamato gasped out in disbelief.

"Does this mean that we can't win?" Daisuke asked, hoping that this was not the case.

"Looks like you Chosen Children are finally realizing the truth that I have been saying all along, that I am unstoppable." Lucemon growled out, "Now that you've realized this, it's time for me to say farewell as I have no use to play with you further. Why don't you stay here and watch hopelessly as I go destroy your world. Good day, Chosen Children!" The children watched helplessly as the dragon flew into the sky. A giant portal of light appeared in front of the beast and it flew through. Omegamon, Imperialdramon, Seraphimon, and Ophanimon flew after him, but they were too late. The gate closed behind the dragon, leaving them stuck in the Digital World.

"Damn it!" Taichi cried out as he fell to his knees and hit his fist against the ground in frustration, "I can't believe this!" Yamato joined him on the ground.

"We really can't do anything!" He too also hit his fist on the ground. Hikari and Takeru knelt down to comfort their brothers.

"Don't worry Onii-chan, it's not over yet." Hikari told Taichi. Taichi looked up at his sister.

"What are you talking about, Hikari, he just left us here while he went to attack our world." He pointed out, feeling completely hopeless. Yamato also looked up at his brother.

"Did you not notice that all our digimon attacking at once did absolutely nothing to him?" He asked in rage, "There's nothing left we can do! Lucemon will destroy both worlds and there is nothing we can do to stop him!" Daisuke and Ken were feeling the same way right now, but Takeru shook his head.

"You're wrong, Onii-chan." He said.

"What do you mean, Takeru? That sounded right to me." Ken said in despair, "We can't reach him right now and even if we could, we have nothing left to attack him with. It's completely hopeless." Takeru stood up to face Ken.

"You're wrong Ken, it's not hopeless." He told his friend. Smiling, Hikari stood up and walked beside him.

"That's right. Even now, when both worlds face this darkness, the light continues to shine." She said. Takeru nodded at this.

"That's right, and as long of the light continues to shine, there will always be hope." He responded. Proud of their partners, their digimon walked up behind them, placing their hands on their shoulders. A bit surprised, the two turned to them. With a smile, Ophanimon nodded to Hikari.

"That's right." She told her partner, "For that is what destiny is."

"And as long as we believe in our destiny, miracles can always happen." Seraphimon said. The rest of the kids stared at them blankly.

"Are you guys still on that?" Ken asked.

"But Ken, it's the truth. As long as you don't let the light in your heart die out." Takeru told him.

"But still, in this situation..." Daisuke trailed off.

"Come on, Daisuke, it's not like you to give up." Imperialdramon said in XV-mon's voice, "Don't you remember when you faced BelialVamdemon. You refused to give up then and that led to a miracle."

Daisuke thought back. He remembered how when he wished for more power, it had somehow triggered V-mon to evolve into Fladramon, Lighdramon, and XV-mon all at the same time. After he had spread this to the rest, they had eight armour digimon, five adult digimon, two natural perfects, three jogressed perfects, and two ultimate's facing BelialVamdemon. At this memory he smiled. "Thanks, Imperialdramon." The digimon nodded as he turned back to Takeru and the others. "You guys are right. As long as we don't let the light inside ourselves die out, miracles can happen. I won't give up until I've breathed my last breath." His words encouraged the rest to keep their light alive. "Now let's get going, maybe there's still a TV we can use to head back to our world."

Back in the human world, the rest of the Chosen Children were waiting for Gennai to arrive when the building started to shake. In a panic, everyone clung to whatever was close to them.

"Is this an earthquake?" Miyako asked in a scared voice. She hated earthquakes. Before anyone could answer her, they heard screams of fear from outside followed by a loud blast. Curious to what was happening, everyone ran to the window. Once they saw what it was, their eyes grew wide.

"Is that a digimon?" Sora asked. To answer her question, Koushiro grabbed him digimon analyzer. He paled at what it told him.

"Guys, that's Lucemon's ultimate form..." He trailed off, hundreds of questions running through his mind.

"No way, he evolved..." Jyou muttered, staring at the scene of the dragon destroying the city. People ran in fear as he knocked over buildings and breathed fire from his mouth.

"What's he doing here?" Mimi asked. She was not prepared to fight such a powerful monster.

"What happened to Taichi and the others?" Sora asked worriedly. She didn't want to think about the possibility that Lucemon had killed them.

"Why is Lucemon doing this?" Iori asked. Even to this day, he still could not understand what would lead a living thing to do something so evil.

"How can we possibly stop him?" Miyako wondered. If in fact Taichi and the others had failed against him with four ultimates, what chance did they stand with six perfects?

"Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to any of those questions." Koushiro told them sadly, "But one thing I do know for sure is that we are the only one who can stop Lucemon right now, so let's give this our best shot. The whole city, no maybe all of Japan, possibly the whole world is relying on us right now." He turned to Tentomon.

"I'm with you, whatever you decide, Koushiro." He told his partner. The rest of the digimon turned to their partners.

"Come on Jyou, what do you say? I can still take him." Gomamon said.

"Let's show him what we are made of." Palmon told Mimi.

"I'm sure Taichi and the others just had a minor setback. They'll probably be here to help us in no time." Piyomon told Sora.

"Iori, we just can't sit back while this evil being destroys everything." Armadimon told his partner.

"Miyako, I know this doesn't look good, but just do what you always do and say bingo." Hawkmon said.

"Moumentai, Wallace!" Terriermon gave Wallace the thumbs up with a wink. Lopmon just nodded. All the Chosen Children smiled at their partner's encouragement.

"Bingo!" Miyako cried out and pointed to the door. "Chosen Children, let's roll!" With that she ran out the door, Hawkmon flying after her. Smiles on their faces, the rest of the Chosen Children chased after her.

While this was happening, the rest of the Chosen Children had just found a TV set in the Digital World. With smiles on their faces, they ran up to it.

"Alright, maybe now we can go face Lucemon in our world." Daisuke said as he pointed his D-3 at the TV. "Digital gate, open!" Unfortunately for them, nothing happened. Refusing to give up, Daisuke tried again. "Digital gate, open!" Still nothing. "Digital gate, open!" Same. "Come on, digital gate, open!" Daisuke fell to his knees in frustration. "Why won't it open?"

"Does this mean Lucemon really has won?" Ken asked. Takeru shook his head.

"No, we'll open the gate somehow." He turned to his digimon. Hikari did the same.

"Ophanimon, you can do something, can't you?" She asked.

"I can try." She answered and raised her hands into the air, beginning to glow. Seraphimon did the same.

In the time this had taken, the other digimon in the human world had taken this opportunity to evolve to their perfect levels and charged at Lucemon who was still terrorizing the city. Not wanting him to continue any longer, they attacked to get his attention.

"Horn Buster!"

"Hammer Spark!"

"Shadow Wing!"

"Flower Cannon!"

"Top Gun!"

"Aramitama!" All six attacks hit the raging dragon. The Chosen Children were disappointed that the six attacks combined had no effect. Their goal was accomplished though; Lucemon had stopped terrorizing the city and was now looking at their digimon.

"Ah, so these are the weaker of the Chosen Children and their digimon." Lucemon commented, "You shouldn't waste your time. If your friends couldn't stop me, what chance do you think you stand?" With a scowl on his face, Iori pointed a stick he had picked up at the dragon.

"What did you do to Taichi and the others?" He demanded in the most threatening voice he had.

"Nothing." Lucemon answered, "I simply just grew bored of them, so I left them in the Digital world while I came here to destroy everything." Sora let out a sigh.

"So they're not dead." She said relieved. Miyako smiled.

"Guess this means we just need to hold Lucemon off until they arrive." She said. Lucemon laughed at her world.

"I wouldn't count of that dear," He told her wickedly, "You see, I locked the Digital Gate behind me. There's no way they'll be coming back here any time soon." Koushiro clenched his fist.

"What a monster." He said in anger.

Terriermon hopped down from Wallace's shoulder. Turning to his partner he said, "Wallace, I want to help. Let me evolve so I can do so."

With a nod, Wallace raised up his digivice, "Alright Terriermon, be careful." His digivice let off a glow.

"Moumentai, Wallace." Terriermon began to glow with the light of evolution. "Terriermon evolve!" He cried out as he spun around. In a flash of light he was a large bunny looking creature. He had gun barrels on both arms and a belt of ammo around his shoulder. For some reason this digimon wore blue jeans. "Gargomon!" Wasting no time, Gargomon charged at Lucemon. "Gatling Arm!" He fired from the guns on his arms at the dragon. Like all the previous attacks, it had no effect.

"He can't do anything either..." Wallace commented in disappointment. He hadn't been expecting Gargomon to beat Lucemon, but he was hoping he'd be able to do something.

"I wish I could help." Lopmon said. Ever since he had been reborn, he had not been able to evolve past his child level.

"Well I guess it's a good thing I'm here." Came a voice. Everyone turned to see who it was and their eyes lit up.

"Gennai!" The group cried out in happiness. Gennai nodded to the children then turned to Lucemon with a stern look on his face.

"Lucemon, you may think you are invincible, but the Chosen Children or the Digital World will never give up. We will defeat you!" He told the most powerful of the Great Demon Lords. Lucemon let out a laugh.

"You people keep telling me this, but I still don't believe you. Face it, I am invincible. Nothing can harm me. No matter who you throw against me, it will be the same. Soon you will all bow before me." He told the man.

"Oh really, well let's see how you stand up to the Digital World's ultimate form of good." With these worlds, Gennai held out an orb Qinglongmon had given him. "Wallace, hold out your digivice to this orb." Doing as the man said, Wallace held out his digivice. There was a bright flash of light and soon it surrounded Lopmon.

"Lopmon warp evolve!" He cried out. He flashed past his adult and perfect form, arriving at his ultimate form. In this form he was a giant pink bunny type thing. His giant ears almost looked like wings with a holy ring around each one. He seemed to float in the air as he brought he arms over his head and circled them around to the lower part of his body. "Cherubimon!"

Light flooded from Cherubimon's body as he floated in the air before Lucemon. Amazement was etched onto the face of all the Chosen Children as they stared at Cherubimon with their jaws hung open.

"I don't know why," Sora commented, "But no matter how many times a seemingly small and powerless digimon evolves into a glittering angel, it still remains amazing."

"What shocks me the most was that we were actually expecting it this time, yet it still amazes us this much." Mimi added. Everyone nodded at this. They were all silenced as Cherubimon began to speak.

"Lucemon," He began with a booming voice, "You and the other Great Demon Lord have caused terror and fear in the lives of many digimon and humans alike. Even with your comrades defeated, you refuse to admit your wrong doings and continue to cause terror. Why do you think I should not punish you?"

"I laugh at the thought of you thinking you have the power to punish me." Lucemon snarled back, "I faced the other two of you 'Great Angels' back in the Digital World and they were no match for me. What make you think that you alone can defeat me?"

"Perhaps I can't alone, but how would you stand again all three of us combined?" Cherubimon inquired. At this question, Lucemon couldn't help but laugh.

"For someone with big ears, you sure are hard of hearing. I said I locked the digital gate behind me. They're not going to be coming to your aide." Lucemon told him.

"Really, we'll see about that." Cherubimon closed his eyes and raised his arms into the air. As he began to glow, he looked up into the sky and shot up a pillar of light.

Back in the Digital World, this pillar of light reached Seraphimon and Ophanimon, who were still in the same position. With a smile on her face Ophanimon announced, "We're through." This brought a smile to everyone's face.

"Alright, now let's go kick Lucemon's butt!" Daisuke cheered as he and Ken climbed onto Imperialdramon. In the meantime Taichi and Yamato climbed onto Omegamon. Both digimon flew up into the pillar of light and through the gate. Not wanting to be left behind, Takeru and Hikari climbed onto their digimon's backs and they took off. The gate closed behind them.

Smiles crossed everyone's faces as they saw their friends fly down from the pillar of light.

"Alright, they're back!" Miyako cried as she watched the four digimon land in front of them so that their partners could climb off. With tears in her eyes, Miyako ran over to Hikari and gave her a hug. "Oh Hikari, I'm so glad to see you again!" Smiling, Hikari hugged her back.

"It's good to see you too, Miyako." She told her friend. With their partners' safe, the four digimon flew towards Lucemon, who was growling at them.

"How did you open the gate? I had locked it!" He asked in frustration. This was not what he had planned.

"Oh, you don't know yet?" Ophanimon asked him smugly.

"We just kept the light inside our hearts alive." Seraphimon told him, "And as long as that light doesn't die, hope will already remain." Cherubimon smiled at his two fellow angels.

"And through the powers of destiny and miracles born from light and hope, I was able to open up the gate by connecting with these feelings." Cherubimon finished.

"Oh please, not that bull shit again." Lucemon muttered under his breath.

With a smile on her face Ophanimon responded, "Oh don't worry, we weren't expecting a creature of darkness like you to understand it."

"We'd just thought we'd tell you why you were never able to use the true powers of light." Seraphimon added. These words enraged Lucemon.

"I'll show you true power! Divine Atonement!" Light shot from the crowns of the seven deadly sins which floated around him. Ophanimon used her shield to block this, while the other angels blocked the attack with their powers.

"Our turn. Seven Heavens!"

"Sefirot Crystal!"

"Lightning Spear!" Cherubimon fired a spear of lighting from his hand. The three attacks hit the dragon head on, but once again the beast was unharmed. The Chosen Children still could not believe it.

"They still can't hurt him! What the hell is Lucemon?" Daisuke cried out. The angels on the other hand remained calm.

"I think I see it now." Ophanimon said. Seraphimon nodded.

"So do I." He said.

"It's rather obvious." Cherubimon said. The children looked confused.

"What is it? Do you know how to beat Lucemon?" Taichi asked for the group. Ophanimon nodded for the angels.

"Yes, I believe that dragon form is just a decoy to distract us." She explained, getting nods from her fellow angels. The rest gasped and Lucemon backed up nervously. The angels could tell they were on to something.

"That orb he carries is rather suspicious." Seraphimon pointed out. They could hear Lucemon gulp. They must be close.

"I wonder what he keeps in there..." Cherubimon looked at Lucemon slyly.

"Let's find out then. Eden's Javelin!" Ophanimon fired a beam of light at the orb Lucemon held. It didn't seem to do anything at first, but a small hole soon opened, allowing everyone to see what appeared to be a larva with twelve wings. Ken pulled out his digimon analyzer.

"That's Lucemon Larva." He read and gasped, "Apparently that is Lucemon's true form." With that information, Ophanimon stopped her attack.

"So if we destroy that, we'll destroy Lucemon once and for all." She concluded.

"Sounds good to me." Omegamon said, "Garuru Cannon!"

"Positron Cannon!"

"Seven Heavens!"

"Sefirot Crystal!"

"Lightning Spear!"

"Horn Buster!"

"Hammer Spark!"

"Shadow Wing!"

"Flower Cannon!"

"Top Gun!"


"Gatling Arm!" Everyone attacked the orb at once, but none of these attacks could penetrate the orb. Lucemon let out a laugh.

"You may have found my weakness, but this Gehenna here will absorb all attacks using the power of darkness. Good luck reaching my true form with your attacks!" He told the opposing digimon. The three angels turned to each other and nodded. Each one of them moved into position around the dragon and held out their arms, forming a circle of light. "No, what are you doing?" Lucemon cried out. The power of darkness weakened before the light, causing a small hole to form within the orb. This hole grew bigger as the light grew stronger. Omegamon turned to Imperialdramon.

"I'll leave this to you." He told the digimon and began to glow. A holy ring shot into the air, forming a sword. Omegamon then degenerated back to Agumon and Gabumon. Imperialdramon grabbed this sword, transforming him into Paladin Mode. Taking this as their cue, the Chosen Children raised their digivices, pointing them at the sword to power it up. Once the sword was fully powered, Imperialdramon drove it through the hole running it through Lucemon Larva.

"NOOOOO!" The demon cried out as there was a bright light show. When the light faded, Lucemon was gone.

"Alright, we did it!" Daisuke cried out as Imperialdramon degenerated into V-mon and Wormmon. The two digimon ran to their partners to celebrate. The rest of the digimon degenerated as well and ran to their partners.

"Good work, Chosen Children." Gennai said in congratulations, "I knew we could count on you once again." He walked over to Takeru and Hikari. "Takeru, Hikari, good work on discovering the true meanings of your crests. It made you both stronger people and really helped in the defeating of the Great Demon Lords." The two smiled at the man.

"Thanks Gennai, I'm glad we did too." Takeru said as he turned to Hikari with a smile. She may not love him like he did right now, but he knew that as long as he kept the light in his heart alive there was still hope that maybe by some miracle she may return them some day.

Smiling Gennai turned to Koushiro. "You did great as well Koushiro." Koushiro blushed at being recognized by Gennai.

"Me? But I didn't do anything." He said in confusion. Gennai shook his head.

"But you're the one who figured out that there were three great angels." Gennai told him. "You sought out the third angel so that all three could be here today. In the end, they really saved the day and it's all thanks to you." Patamon and Tailmon smiled at him as well.

"Ya Koushiro, you did well." Patamon told him.

"Thank you, Koushiro." Tailmon said with a bow. Koushiro blushed.

"You're welcome, but I really didn't do much of anything. It was Mimi who thought of Wallace." He defended himself in embarrassment.

"Maybe I did, but you're still the one who suggested we find he third angel." Mimi told him. Much to Koushiro's relief, Gennai took the attention away from him.

"Thank you too, Wallace, for coming to Japan to help us." Gennai thanked the boy from America.

"It was no problem." Wallace told him, "I wasn't doing anything exciting in America and it was fun to meet new friends." He couldn't help but blush a bit. With a smile, Terriermon hopped onto his partner's shoulder.

"Hey Wallace." He said to get his attention, "Moumentai."

Laughing, Wallace pulled Terriermon off his shoulder into his arms, "Oh moumentai yourself, Terriermon." As everyone was laughing, the children's parents came running over.

"Taichi, Hikari!" Yuuko yelled out as she ran over to her two children, her husband close behind her. The two siblings were currently standing beside each other, looked over to them as their mom caught them both in a bear hug.

"Whoa, mom, it's good to see you too." Taichi said.

"Are you two done saving the world now?" Susumu asked.

"Well unless another evil digimon rises up, which hopefully won't happen, we are." Taichi answered once his mom freed him and Hikari from the hug.

"But even if that did happen, I doubt anything could possibly stand a chance against us now." Hikari added. In the meantime the rest of the parents were busy hugging their own children.

"Oh Takeru, I thought you promised you'd tell me before doing something like this again." Natsuko cried as she hugged her son. She was scared she would lose him this time.

"I'm sorry mom, I guess it slipped my mind." Takeru told her as he hugged back.

Daisuke was being scolded by his parents for not telling him. "Well I'm sorry, but it kind of came out of no where." He told them as his explanation. He then turned to his sister who looked to be holding back tears. "Huh, what's wrong, Jun-nee-san?" When he asked this, Jun slapped him then began crying in his chest. Needless to say, he had not been expecting this.

"Daisuke you dummy!" She cried out, "I was so worried you were going to die and then I would be left an only child!"

Mrs. Ichijouji held Ken in a hug as she cried. "Oh Ken, I was so worried you'd never come back!" She cried. His father smiled at him, despite how worried he had been.

"We're proud of you for saving the world though." He told him. Ken smiled back at him.

All Hiroaki could do was smile at his son. "Welcome home, son." He said.

It was now the end of the week. All of the Chosen Children stood in the air port to say good bye to their new friend and his digimon. Mimi and Palmon were also heading back to America today.

"Bye Wallace! It was nice meeting you." Daisuke said.

"Have a safe trip." Takeru told him and Mimi.

"Come back and visit some time." Hikari told them.

"Well you know I will." Mimi told her and turned to Wallace, "What about you?" Wallace thought for a moment.

"I would like that." He told them. He looked over to Lopmon who was hanging with Patamon and Tailmon. The three of them had become good friends.

"Oh Lopmon, it's sad you have to leave already." Patamon said. In such a short time, the three have them had come to become like a family. He didn't like the idea of that family being broken like this.

"I hope we'll get to see you again." Tailmon told him.

"Don't worry, I'm sure we will." Lopmon told her, "Rather its Wallace coming back to Japan, or Takeru and Hikari visiting America, or them meeting up in the Digital World it will happen." The two digimon nodded.

"But still, I'm going to miss you." Patamon said.

"As will I." The three of them hugged each other with tears in their eyes. Terriermon took this moment to pop in.

"The three of you need to moumentai." He told them, "You'll end up seeing each other sooner than you think."

"What, do you know something?" Lopmon asked his twin. Terriermon said nothing to this. "Come on, tell me!" Wallace walked over to the two and laughed as he picked them both up.

"Come on you two, it's time to go." He told them, "We still need to go through security and our flight leaves in half an hour." With that he and Mimi took their digimon with them as they left the group.

Half an hour later the group watched as the flight to New York took off. "Think we'll ever see them again?" Tailmon asked.

"Don't worry Tailmon, Takeru and I were thinking about taking a trip to New York sometime." Hikari told her. Tailmon looked up at her as did Patamon with Takeru.

"Really, when?" Patamon asked.

"We were thinking about next week." Takeru responded. With smiles on their faces, Patamon and Tailmon looked at each other. It seemed they be seeing their new friend again soon after all.

The End!

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