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"I'm pregnant."

The words echoed inside of his head as he stood in front of her desk. Cuddy was... pregnant... and it was his... Was it his? There could be a possibility that it wasn't his. He didn't know how to feel. He didn't know if he wanted children...if he had the energy for another child. Rachel was a handful already...

"Are you sure?" House asked dropping into one of the chairs in front of the desk.

"I-I took three tests. They're all positive."

He looked up at her and realized she was crying. He hadn't looked at her properly since he'd entered the room, but she was definitely crying. There were tears streaming down her face, and he realized how selfish he was being. He needed to support her, not sit there speechless.

"Do you want to schedule your appointments with the obstetrician here or at another hospital?"

"St. Mary's." She whispered. "I don't want anyone outside of you, Wilson, and I to know... In case... In case..."
House reached over the desk and placed a hand on her face.

"Don't do this to yourself. Everything will be fine." He reassured her, wiping a tear away with his thumb. He was lying, and as much as he hated to admit it, deep inside he knew things were not going to be fine.

Cuddy lay in House's arms later that night, a million thoughts an hour running through her head. What if the baby wasn't his? Would he leave her, or would he be willing to stick around and raise a child that wasn't his? Surely he himself was doubting the parentage of this child. She was relieved when he had called for her and scheduled her appointment with the obstetrician for the following week. Soon enough they would know who the father was. She turned herself to face him. She couldn't bear to think what would happen to their relationship if he wasn't the father. She looked at the man who had done so much for her already and swore to herself, that if this child she was carrying wasn't his, she would spare him the resentment of raising another man's child, and walk out of his life for good.

House awoke the morning of Cuddy's first obstetrician appointment with an anxious feeling in his stomach.

"House. Stop fidgeting so much. You're not the one getting examined. You have no reason to be worried."Cuddy commented as they sat in the waiting room of the obstetrician's office.

House stopped shaking his leg for a few minutes before starting up again.

"HOUSE. Calm down! For god's sake it's almost as if you're the one getting examined!" She said putting a reassuring hand on his thigh. He placed a hand over it.

"Whatever happens, you're stuck with me." He said looking up at her. There was something sad about the way she was looking at him.

"I know." Cuddy whispered.

"Lisa Cuddy? The doctor is ready to see you." called one of the nurses.

House followed Cuddy and the nurse into the examination room.

"Here's your gown. Once you've got it on, you can sit in chair with your legs in the stir ups, the doctor should be here in a few minutes."

House watched as Cuddy nodded at the nurse's instructions. He could sense that her nerves were setting in.

"Relax." He told her after the nurse had left them alone.

"I am relaxed."

"No, you're not."

"Can you tie this up for me?" She asked making her way towards him and turning around so that he could close the back of the gown for her. He ran a hand down her back before tying it.

"Relax Cuddles. It'll be okay."

Instead of answering him, he watched as she situated herself into the chair. He walked over to the chair closest to her and sat down.

"Legs in the straddles Cuddles."

"Shut up. They chair isn't even positioned right. I've done this before remember?"

House was taken aback by her response. She never spoke of her experiences when it came to pregnancies. He knew that she had tried IVF three times. He administered her injections the last time she had tried. This was what she wanted. He hoped for her sake that everything was fine.

The door to the examination room opened and a tall, slender red head entered.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Montgomery." She said introducing herself and extending a hand.

"You must be Dr. Cuddy." She said taking Cuddy's hand and shaking it. She turned towards House."You must be the father."

House looked at her hand for a moment before hesitantly shaking it.

"Gregory House."

Cuddy watched as Dr. Montgomery and House shook hands, relieved that he hadn't embarrassed her introduced himself as her "baby daddy" or something among those lines.

"Now, Dr. Cuddy, I have few questions to ask before I begin your examination, is that alright with you?"

Cuddy nodded, knowing exactly what the questions would be pertaining to. She dreaded bringing up that painful chapter of her life.

"You've tried to conceive children before, yes?"


"You've used IVF to try and help you conceive?"


"It says here this is your second pregnancy. Did you carry your first to full term?"

Cuddy swallowed the lump that had been forming in her throat.

"I-I miscarried, at five weeks." She responded quietly. She looked up at House who was sitting beside her and smiled weakly.

"Well, that was all, we can start your vaginal examination now. Get the worst part over with first, then move on to your ultra sound."

Cuddy took a deep breath and nodded.

House looked down at his feet the entire time Dr. Montgomery performed Cuddy's first examination.

"You can look up now Dr. House. The worst part is over."

House sighed, relieved that he wouldn't have to count the linoleum tiles any longer. He watched as Dr. Montgomery squirted the gel onto Cuddy's abdomen and smirked as Cuddy flinched at how cold it was.

"You're about five, maybe six weeks along." Montgomery said as she passed the wand along the bottom of Cuddy's stomach.

House watched as Cuddy let out a relieved sigh and looked at him, her eyes sparkling.

"Five or six weeks... Definitely mine."

"Over here, are it's feet." She pointed to the left of the screen. "And the head is over here. Look's like they've got your profile Dr. House. Oh which reminds me, would you like to know the sex?"

"No." House looked at Cuddy skeptically, surprised that they'd both said the same thing.

"Not yet anyway." Cuddy smiled as she looked at him.

"Alrighty then!" responded Dr. Montgomery as she passed Cuddy paper towels to clean off her stomach. Your next appointment is in a month, and let me just give you a list of the prenatal vitamins you'll need so you can pick them up in the front, and you'll be all set!"

She scribbled down a few names on a prescription pad and passed the sheet to House.

"You take these so she doesn't lose them while she's changing."

House raised an eyebrow at this.

"Okay..." He responded as she waved and exited the room.

"She's weird." House said as he watched Cuddy change back into her clothes.

"Who cares? The important thing is that everything's fine." She smiled.

House smiled to himself. She was right. Everything was fine... For now.