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"She's beautiful." Cuddy said softly as she looked down at her daughter, who she was currently breast feeding. She felt House's hand on her cheek and she closed her eyes, leaning into his touch.

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine. Get some sleep, I'm being discharged tomorrow remember?" She replied frowning slightly as she remembered that going home would mean commuting back and forth to the hospital everyday to see her daughter.

"She'll be fine here. We'll see her everyday until she can come home." House whispered to her reassuringly as Katy let out a small cry, announcing to the room that she was no longer hungry. Cuddy let out a soft laugh before adjusting the sleeve of her hospital gown back over her shoulder as to cover her exposed breast.

"She's like a little kitten." She laughed as she wrapped her daughter back up into her blanket. "My little Katy cat." She cooed as she kissed the top of Katy's head before handing her to House.

She watched as he gingerly took their child from her arms and gently settled her into his own, a look of pure pride and affection on his face as their little girl quickly fell asleep in his arms.

"She's lucky to have you as her father you know." Cuddy said softly.

"Don't start."

"No, it's true House. She's lucky to have you as her father. You know why? Because I KNOW you're not going to be the type of father yours was to you. You're going to show her affection, just like you've shown towards Rachel, and to Kate while she was still in the womb. You're not going to physically abuse her because you wouldn't dare hurt anyone physically, especially not a child."

"You're forgetting the time I punched Chase in the face." House quipped.

"Haha, let me finish." She replied sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. " What I'm saying is that she's lucky to have you. You're not the same person you once were, you're different now." She said finishing off as she caressed his upper arm.

"You're forgetting something."

"And what is that?"

"You're also forgetting that the reason I'm different is because of you. You helped me become a better person. Well, as best of a better person an asshole like me could become that is. If it weren't for you coming to me all those months ago, I would probably be out at some bar and still sleeping with hookers. Because I know you, I've been changed for good."

Cuddy responded to his unexpected declaration by leaning forward and resting her forehead against his.

"I love you so much." She whispered softly, before lightly brushing her lips against his as her hand moved to his cheek.

"Wilson, will you put her down? You look like a mother hen." House teased, smirking as he watched his best friend softly rock a sleeping Katy.

"House, leave him be." Cuddy replied, smacking his arm as she pulled finished buttoning up her blouse.

"WHY, are you so abusive?" House replied, rubbing his arm.

"Because you like it rough." She replied without missing a beat as he watched her bend over to retrieve her slippers.

"You tease. You know we can't do the nasty for 6 weeks."

"Oops, it completely slipped my mind." She said innocently as one of the nurses came in.

", we're going to take her back to NICU now, if that's alright with you..."

"That's fine." House watched as Wilson handed Katy over to her mother and Cuddy touched the tip of her index finger to Katy's nose, before pressing her lips to her forehead.

"I'll see you tomorrow." He heard her whisper softly as she neared him. He gently smoothed down Katy's dark hair before planting a big wet kiss onto her cheek.

"See you tomorrow kiddo. Give those nurses down in peds hell okay?" He joked as Cuddy rolled her eyes before wiping his saliva off of the newborn's face.

"Mommy!" Rachel cried running towards her mother the second Cuddy entered the house.

"Hi honey!" Cuddy said happily as she sat down onto the couch and Rachel climbed up beside her. She took her daughter into her arms and kissed her on the cheek.

"Were you a good girl while I was gone?"

"Yes! I was good. I played with Woooooodrow A LOT!"

Cuddy laughed softly at her daughter's over exaggeration of the "oo" sound in their dog's name. They'd had him for several months now and it seemed like Rachel would never say his name correctly.

Just as she was going to ask Rachel where Woodrow was, she heard the click of paws on wood and watched as he stumbled into the room, tripping over his enormous paws.

"Jeeze Woodrow, you're huge! I was gone for four days and you're a giant!" She laughed petting the excited puppy as he licked her face. "Oh I know boy, I missed you too." She said kissing his head.

"Dear lord woman, you are talking that horrible dog voice of yours again." House said suddenly, dropping her bag onto the floor and joining her on the couch.

"Oh shut up." She retorted, rolling her eyes as she leaned against his side.

"Mommy, where's my sister? Why you not bring her home?"

"Honey, -"

"She's going to be home soon, you can meet her tomorrow." House said cutting her off.

"Thank you.." She whispered as the toddler ran off to play with the dog, hating herself for not having thought about what to say to Rachel when she asked where her baby sister was.

"No problem." He replied as she felt his lips make contact with her temple.