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Chapter 1

Oh Ha Ni and Beuk Seung Jo have been married for almost a year now. Beuk Seung Jo still acts mean and distance to Oh Ha Ni, it doesn't matter how hard she tries to get near him it always stays the same, just like they were in high school. POOR Oh Ha Ni... Even Beuk Seung Jo's mother tried too but nothing. It made Oh Ha Ni feel rejected.

It a Saturday morning she wakes up to find Seung Jo already gone, she got up to go and take her shower, when she was done she walk down the stairs to find everyone at the table. She said good morning to everyone and kissed Seung Jo on the cheek but he didn't even bother to look at her nor respond she felt heartbroken. After an hour the whole family went (expect Oh Ha Ni and Seung). Seung was reading his book as usual and she went sit outside the garden to think.

Oh Ha Ni thoughts

Why is he ignoring me? Have I done something wrong?

I shouldn't surprise he always does that to me ever since we were in high school but he's the one that came up with the marriage idea. Is it because I'm not good at cooking, I'm smart or the fact that I'm useless as a wife. Yep he probably devices better someone than me.

I should start taking cooking classes and learn how to o everything on my own.

She looked over at Seung Jo see him still reading, she got up and run to her room to get her bag. She came back down.

"Where are you going?" he asked her

"I'm going out, why you ask?" she asked rudely Good since he's going to rude to me, why don't I be rude back her though...

He looked at her for the first time since last night. "You could at least say you're going, instead of just walking out like that" he said

"Why? So you can ignore me like you always do" she looked away and spotted the car key. "Oh I'm taking your car hope you don't mind, bye won't be long" she took the key and ran out without stopping.

Beuk Seung Jo I promised to be a loving wife to you no matter what and that's exactly what I'm going to do. But first I need to learn everything on my own.

I love you I truly do and I want you to love me just the way I love.

I remember the poem I first wrote to you but I kept it a secret to myself. I still have it and I'm waiting for the right moment to give to you, because I fear you right now especially when you get mad.

The poem goes like this

You make me laugh

You make me cry

You make me smile

You make me love you

You brighten my day with your prince charming smile

How can I resisted you,

Oh, please tell me how

You're mine everything.

You're always there

When I need a friend to talk too

You're always there

When I need someone to hold me tight

And tell me everything will alright

You make me love you more

No matter how hard I try not to

I always get trap...

You've always called that bright love.

Oh, please tell me how is this possible?

You make my heart melt inside my body

Just one glance gives me the shivers

Promise me, you won't execute me

With those gorgeous smiles you shoot me every time

I want you to me love, just the way I love you

You're my bright love

Now, tell me I'm your bright love too.

Tell me, I'm the one who makes you laugh

Tell me, I make you smile whenever you see me

Tell me, you're heartbroken when I'm not around

Tell me, you love me

Tell me, you need me by your side

Let's call this bright love...

I will make you happy and nothing can stop, but I need to teach you a little lesson...

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