Chapter Seven

Kelsey and Ren met us back at the hotel. We found them in their room, Mr. Kadam on speaker. We came in quietly, and Kelsey looked up and greeted us, her eyes going wide at the weapons in our hands. Ren politely interrupted Anik, saying that we were back.

We jumped in to explain everything that happened, and we told Anik of our weapons. Kelsey held out her hand to hold the trident, and when Yajna gave it to her, she almost dropped it. Ren caught it before it clattered to the floor.

"It's heavy," they both said, surprised. They smiled at each other.

"Jinx, you own me a coke," Kelsey joked.

"I'll get you one later," he promised, and handed it back to Yajna. "That's strange. I thought we all would be able to handle the weapons Durga gave us."

"I guess not." I said, holding the discus. I looked to Yajna, who was looking at me with her lovely purple eyes. I smiled. "When do you want to leave to Rome?"

"You can just take our plane," Ren said. "That will be much faster."

"How about tomorrow, then?" Yajna said.

"That will be no problem," Anik said from the phone.

"I didn't think that they would combine," Kelsey said. "I mean, that's Roman mythology."

"Yeah, how did you know about Remus and Romulus?" I asked.

"I was a history major," she explained. "My favorite was european history. And Father and I were going to go there this summer with Mr. Pillai..." She trailed that off awkwardly. She blushed. "Um, which one is Kelsey's and I's hotel room?"

"Next door," Kelsey said, bouncing up. She pulled out a key card from her pocket, and handed it to the other girl. "I'll be in there in a minute."

"Alright," she said, nodding. She smiled at me and Ren. "Good night."

"Sweet dreams," I replied.

"Good night," Ren said politely, smiling.

I watched her leave. She sent me another smile before closing the door. I stared at the door for some time, and I heard the swipe of the card and the door closing next door. Ren said something, and I had to turn to him. "Huh?"

"Mahir Pillai," Ren said slowly. "It's her fiancé."

I paused, staring at him for a moment. Kelsey went quiet, and looked at me cautiously. Ren looked me straight in the eye. He sighed, blinking slowly. "I should have told you earlier. He called me earlier, asking where Yajna was. I forgot to tell her."

I continued looking at him in disbelief. "You bastard."

"But, for you, stealing a fiancé is no problem, is it?" Ren said, defensive, and he rose from the bed. I growled low in my chest, stepping up. Kelsey stood, stepping between us. She put a hand on both of our chests.

"Ren, Kishan," she said, looking between us. "You two need to behave! We're in a hotel. They can kick us out, you know. I'm sure they don't care even if you told them you were Dhiren and Kishan, the two princes'! And I'm sure Yajna is tired and already freaked out. She doesn't need to see you two fighting."

Ren huffed, but relaxed his stance. I rolled my eyes, pulling away. "Then I'm going to take a shower. Kelsey, you're welcome to join me. Ren, you can watch." The last thing I saw before I shut the door was Kelsey rolling her eyes, keeping a hand on Ren's arm as if that would stop him from killing me.

I walked in, thanking Yajna for opening the door. My bag was on the other bad, and Yajna had just opened her suit case. She had showered, with her wet hair up in a towel. She smiled, apologized, and went back to the phone.

I listened to her rapid hindu, picking up words here and there. I walked into the bathroom to brush my hair and my teeth. I had just pulled my hair into a pony tail when I walked out. Yajna hung up the phone at the same time, sighing heavily.

"Boy trouble?" I teased.

She laughed with little humor. "I'm sure Dhiren already told you I'm engaged."

"Yes," I said, sitting on the bed. "He told Kishan. He wasn't very happy about it..."

Her face fell. "Kelsey, what if I'm not... Yesubai? What if I just look like her? How can any of this be possible?"

I smiled at the girl. "Yajna, you're not Yesubai. You're just a reincarnation. You're still you. Don't worry about that."

"I know," she said, looking down to her hands in her lap. "But I don't want to disappoint Kishan. How he looks at me... I can practically feel his heart was given to me just by a look."

"Kishan and Ren are strong about their feelings," I agreed. It was almost fun to talk about boys with the other girl. We were about the same age, loosely speaking. I almost felt a pang of jealousy that Ren had feelings for this girl, Yesubai. I could see why. She was beautiful, with the most stunning eyes. Much thinner than me. She was small and petite and looked like she belonged on an arm of an Indian Prince.

"How about you and Ren?" she asked.

"We're friends," I said, and my heart felt pained. I needed to be strong. Ren needed someone else. Someone better. "What about you and Mahir?"

She blushed, and looked down. "I love him. I can see myself living with him and being happy for the rest of my rest, however short that is. He's a doctor, the head doctor, at my father's facility..."


"But," she said, chuckling. "Kishan just seems so much more. I could see myself going everywhere, trying everything. Learn about how he grew up, so much more different than most. I could see myself being happy with him. He could just give me so much..."

... And to end on the girl talk, there was a loud thumping from the other side of the wall. Guess which side? Yep, the one with Ren and Kishan. Yajna jumped.

"Don't worry," I assured, as she looked concerned, opening her mouth. "They get into disagreements... You see, they don't get along too well."

"Oh," she said, still looking unsure.

I smiled, and then yawned. "Well, I'm going to hit the hay."

"What do you mean?" she looked at me, seeming confused.

"Um, going to sleep," I corrected myself, and laughed. She laughed as well.

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