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Two weeks and several arguments later, Lance was on his plane and heading to New York City with Mai and Aella. They weren't very happy about his decision. Neither was his father, and the rest of them also had some strong opinions. All except Kai. The conversation still stuck in his mind.

"I remember leaving the safety of Okinawa to chase after my sister," Kai had said, managing to corner Lance in the park. "I was stupid. You're being stupid now. The difference between us is that I left with nothing but that credit card and with Riku and I completely clueless. We didn't know what was going to happen, but we let it happen anyway."

Lance looked at Kai with a new respect. He'd heard his father talk about the stories of Kai as well, and how Kai had kept much of society safe after Saya had disappeared for a year with Hagi. After Riku had died.

Not a lot of people talked about Riku. Julia didn't say anything out of what she said was respect. David and Kai rarely spoke about him because of grief that never fully went away. Kaori simply shook her head about it.

Lance wondered very briefly what Riku himself might say if he were still alive.

The thought didn't last long. Aella, who had been comfortably reading next to Lance had fallen asleep, and her head dropped onto Lance's shoulders. She looked a bit like an adorable sleeping mouse to him, and he couldn't imagine abandoning either of them. He'd grown up with them. They were his sisters.

Was that what Riku and Kai felt when they found out that Saya was planning on keeping them safe with ignorance? Mai, who was across the aisle from them, balled up some paper and threw it at Aella, hitting her square in the nose. Aella, dead asleep, sneezed, rubbed her nose, and let her head flop to the other side of her shoulder.

"That's so not cool," Lance said, but a wide grin split his face. The two were twins, but the two could be opposites in many cases. Mai was always high energy and scattered, and Aella was more collected and low key. While Aella would nap, Mai would play pranks on her.

Mai smiled even wider and winked. "I just don't want my sister to miss the landing."

They were landing already?