A/N: I sat down with intention of writing the first chapter of my fic "Of Ringpops, Krispy Kreme, and Love". Then, this one song came up on my ipod that I would love for Puck and Rachel to sing together and I started to think of other songs that might work as well for other couples and well... this happened. I know this is a total cliche' and has been done abotua million times, but here's the thing: I don't really care.

Disclaimer: If I owned Glee, last night Rachel would have been the one to grab the football and almost get injured, and Puck would have realized he couldn't live without her.

Rachel walked into Glee quietly and sat in the back. It was the first day of school since winter break, thus the first day of Glee. She wasn't exactly sure where she stood with all the members. Finn hated her. Santana had been tremendously rude to her and the only one who stood up for her was Puck. Noah Puckerman, of all people. Now, Rachel knew that wasn't fair. Noah had long since stopped his slushy-ing ways and had been nothing but kind to her. He was an excellent person and she was sure he would go far in life. However, it didn't stop her from being shocked at the fact that he was her only remaining ally. Tina and Mercedes had been slightly grateful to her ever since she deferred her solo to them, but she wasn't expecting them to suddenly start having sleepovers and braiding friendship bracelets. Without Finn, she really needed some sort of ally, so she was going to try her hardest to tone down her Rachel-ness, so as she could survive these next couple weeks.

"Sup Berry?" Noah said walking into the room and plopping down into the seat next to her.

"Eloquent as always, Noah." Rachel said with a roll of the eyes. She quickly followed it up with a smile, however. Not wanting him to think that his presence was unwanted.

"How was your christmas?" He said.

She looked at him confused. "Noah... we're Jewish."

"Oh, right." He said.
Rachel stared at him and was about to say something else but stopped when Mr. Schuester walked into the room.

"Good afternoon everyone!" Mr. Schue stated brightly. He heard a few muttered hi's and a grumbled "what's so good about it?" from Puck. Clearly, not everyone was as excited to be back from break as he was. He had the perfect thing to cheer them up.

"Well, everyone, to kick this new year off with a bang, I think we should have another... Duets Competition!" He exclaimed. Instantly the room was abuzz with excitement. Everyone was excited at the thought of being able to go to Breadstix again, and being the best in the class. Rachel was instantly happy as well. She wouldn't have to throw the competition this time, and could actually try her best. Her happiness was short-lived however, when she remembered now that her and Finn had broken up, she wouldn't have a partner.

Mercedes hopped up a couple of seats and sat next to Santana.

"I have some great ideas for us! There's this one song that we could totally rock and-" she began.

"Woah woah woah, slow your roll Wheezy. I'm working with Britt on this one." Santana said, gesturing to the other side of her, where her and Britt's pinkies were firmly linked.

Mercedes frowned. She totally thought her and Santana could win this one. She had some great ideas, and their voices went so well together. Now who would she work with?

Rachel saw all of this and was about to pipe in. Her and Mercedes had the strongest vocals in the club, and were a shoo-in to win the competition. However, she was beat to the chase.

"I'll work with you Mercedes." Artie spoke up. "Britt was supposed to be my partner." He added with a frown.

Brittany got up and went over to Artie, sitting on his lap.

"I'm sorry, Artie. San and I haven't had any us time in a while and I just really miss my best friend. You get it, right?" she said.

He nodded his head, but anyone could see that he was clearly upset with this. With reason. No one had forgotten how the two best friends had once shared a sexual relationship.

Rachel looked around the room, desperate for a pair. She saw with horror that almost everyone had already been paried up. They went as follows: Ken & Barbie (Sam & Quinn), Asian Fusion (Tina & Mike), Mercedes & Artie, and Santana & Brittany. The only people left were: Her, Noah, Finn, and Lauren. She could clearly see that Finn was having an internal dilemma, his emotions clearly displayed on his face. He ovbiously couldn't pair up with Rachel, considering they just broke up. There was so much animosity between them, not to mention 'Finchel' duets usually consisted of loving looks and circling the piano. He also didn't necessarily wanted to go with Puck because things had been kind of awkward ever since Puck had kissed Rachel. However, she knew Finn well and could see on his face that he had decided to go to Puck. She sighed and resigned herself to the fact that she would never get to go to Breadstix, if she was working with Lauren.

However, to utter surprise, she heard Noah's rough voice in her hear.

"So, crazy, what song d'you wanna do?" he said.

She looked at him suspiciously. "You want to be my partner?"

"Uh, yeah?"

"Are you sure? Finn is headed this way and I'm one hundred percent sure he is about to ask you to be his partner. I don't want you to have to work with me just because you don't think there's anyone else. I can just go and work-" Puck silenced her with a finger to her lips.

"Will you just can it, Berry? I want to work with you. You have the best voice in here. I should know, you run your mouth enough." Rachel smiled at the somewhat backhanded compliment she had recieved, and Puck continued. "Besides. Singing a duet with another dude? Totally gay." Rachel glared and he could tell she was about to go on a tangent about homophobia so he silenced her again. "You know what I meant."

Finn clearly saw that they decided to work together based on the way Puck and Rachel (but mostly Rachel) had begun to discuss talk about song ideas. He glared and angrily stomped his way back over to Lauren. She sat down with her cadburry eggs and he knew that she was just not going to even attempt to win. He looked back over at Rachel and Puck and saw she had her head thrown back in laughter with her hand touching his arm and he tried not to be jealous.

Whatever. He could go to Breadstix on his own anyway.

A/N: That was basically just a chapter to set things up. I'm not envisioning anymore than like... six or seven chapters of this. Just enough to have everyone's duet and then maybe an epilogue. Which is good because I have like... three other multi-chap fics in my head but I can't start any of them while I'm working on another fic because I will never get them finished. Definite couples for this: Puckleberry and Brittana. Fabrevans will continue as will Tike. Finn and Lauren will not end up together and Mercedes and Artie will definitley not end up together.