Generation Breakers: Intuition
By Sinead

Chapter Two


Sam cooking on the grille turned out to be a semi-disaster, despite the fact that he said he knew how to use a grill. Fortunately, Lennox and Epps rectified the situation, sending Sam off to distract Annabelle, pulling together barbeque chicken and hot-dogs in a manner of minutes. Both of the soldiers knew that either way, between cooking or playing with little Annie, Sam was going to earn points.

But the question was how would the just-barely-adult take it? Granted, he had been through so much worse, but to learn that he was going to be a father? The boy was about to go into college on the East Coast, and he had been looking forward to having a "normal life" at this point. He'd said as much to Lennox before.

Ratchet walked up to stand behind the grill, looking down at the cooking food before Epps closed the grill cover. He had spoken to Raevyn's father, and the man had just managed to whisper a few words before he had fallen silent, processing the fact that he was going to be a grandfather long before he had thought he would. The medic spoke softly. "Leukyn is having mixed feelings."

"Don't blame 'im," Will said with a rueful sigh, sitting at the picnic table. "I would probably have gone on the hunt for the boy who got Annie pregnant by this point. I think Ironhide would join me on that endeavor."

Shaking his head, Ratchet moved to sit, unbending his own pride just enough to do so. "I do not understand, Is not the announcement of new life a happy time for your kind?" This concept truly confused the Transformer. "All of life is sacred, and Sparklings are greeted with great celebration, no matter the timing."

"Yeah, but don't your kind also have a safeguard to make sure that you plan their arrival? We can't. We can try as hard as we can not to have children, but the odds of conception are so very high that without all of those protections from physical to chemical, and I am willing to bet half of my yearly wages that you wouldn't allow Raevyn to use chemical contraceptives because you knew how detrimental they could be to her health. Two kids at the peak of their fertility are gonna make a mistake and conceive if there aren't enough precautions taken." He sighed, and rubbed at the back of his neck. "And half the time we don't even know that the woman is preggo."


"Pregnant. Slang."


The were interrupted by the high, happy squeal of Annabelle of, "Daddy! Sam's a monster!" followed by giggles as the young man tickled his "prey."

William Lennox smiled as he looked to Ratchet and addressed the mech. "I think that the boy will be fine, given the change that he adjusts to the idea and takes the time to think levelly."

"Would he be angry?" came the cautious, concerned question. The neon-yellow-green mechanoid did not want Raevyn exposed to Sam's anger, and didn't want her to worry that he would be angry with her.

Opening the grill, thinking about it for a long moment and shifting the still-cooking food around while he thought about it. "Depends. Stop fretting about it, old man. Those two have level heads. If it were any other babies having babies, then I'd worry." Looking up as he closed the grill, turning the heat down to keep the food warm instead of cooking it more, he saw that Optimus had joined them as well. "What're your thoughts on the matter, Prime?"

Weighing the pros and cons, the Autobot took his time in replying, straightening and thinking about it with a sigh. But when he did finally speak, it was all the reassurance that they all needed. His optics were kind, father-like to any and all that were able to see them, even though they were of two separate races. Epps sighed and his neck released its tension, eliciting a small smile of relaxation to come forth. Lennox looked up and sighed lightly. The Cybertronian leader's voice was gentle, kind, and whisper-like. "I am sure that between us, with the support we can give them as friends and guardians, then they will be fine. Oh, stop scowling, Ratchet, or I'll have Ironhide throw his hip out especially for you."

"Pah. Let me worry about the girl." He extended his scanners in the area of where she and Jazz had driven off, then nodded sharply. "Good. She's almost here."

Lennox chuckled and turned around to call out, "Sam! Annabelle! Come set the table!" He watched as Sam carried Annabelle to the barbeque area over his shoulder, struggling and making "monster noises" that sounded a lot like she was trying to imitate a large dog growling. She had to stop as she was tickled again by Sam, erupting in giggles and shrieked laughter. All three adults smiled at the scene, but each for their own, private reasons.

Jazz pulled onto the estate, getting updates from his comrades while he did so, planning his actions accordingly. Driving up to the house, he let Raevyn out, feeling her hand upon his paintwork for a moment before she slowly walked over to the chorus of teasing that had erupted at Sam's expense. Transforming, Jazz simply unloaded everything from his subspace pocket directly into Raevyn's room in the house, glad for his deft hands as he opened the window. He listened intently to the conversation.

The mech listened as the teasing paused prematurely to Sam's voice. "Raev? What's wrong?"

Walking around the house, the silver Autobot sat behind his human, seeing how she had just looked at Sam with the tears brimming over the black eyelashes. Instinctively, she turned towards her guardian and ran over to embrace his torso, holding onto him with trembling limbs. Jazz bowed his head, having done more comforting during their drive to and from the mall than anything else. His voice was hushed. "Babe . . ."

"G-gimme a sec . . ."

Sam came up to the Autobot, his face filled with worry and confusion. "What happened? Is she all right?" He stepped up closer to his girlfriend, resting a hand upon her lower back while looking first to Jazz, then up to Ratchet.

It was that medic who spoke. "She is physically all right. No injuries or trauma."

Nodding, the young man turned his gaze upon the trembling young woman. "Hawkeye?" he prompted, leaning his head closer to hers, whispering, "Rae, what's the matter?"

"I'm pregnant," she blurted in a shaking whisper, causing Sam's face to pale, then flush. She continued. "Forty-six days along with a baby boy."

Samuel Witwicky's hand dropped from Raevyn's back as the news hit him. It was like a ton of bricks that he hadn't needed, and he stared at her in shock, swallowing before stammering, "H-h-how?"

"Gee," Raevyn replied sarcastically. "Insert Tab A into Slot B. How else do you think that it could have happened?"

"That's not what I meant," the young man hissed back, leaning closer and resting his hand upon her shoulder. He wasn't aware that the damage was already done.

"I thought that we were being careful!"

Jazz moved in that same moment to hold his arms around them both, creating a metal cavern with his own body to shield their words and expressions from everyone while this was discussed. He was the only one who heard what was being said, and for many, many years, he would be the only one who knew what transpired between the couple.

And when everyone settled for dinner, and when Sam sat next to Rae, Jazz sat beside Bumblebee and watched his charge while the yellow mech frowned in "silent" communication with his leader and medic.

Standing, he shook his head and walked off, needing time to think on his own. Samuel James Witwicky was a young man trying to grow up. He wanted a normal life. He wanted a life that didn't have alien robots trying to kill him, but the boy had no idea that his life had been tied to the Cybertronians' lives since the time of his Grandfather, Archibald. Watching the sun hit the horizon, he contemplated the situation further.

He had a responsibility to Sam, even if he didn't agree with the way that the boy reacted to certain situations. While he tried to deal with everything that was tossed at him with humor and a gentle chiding nature, there were certain things that really made his energon boil. He was taking everything just a little too blithely, a little too "I'm cool with all this," and was really wanting to get out of this war. But you couldn't just leave a war when it became inconvenient for you. You can choose the battles, but you can't leave in the middle of one. You were part of a team, and you were relied upon. Sam had an important role to play, but what that role was, nobody was sure of yet.

Sitting down upon a hillock, watching the skies from the secluded California estate, Bumblebee sighed, his armor flattening and settling along his form. Sam had a long way to grow, and his reaction to the news of a Sparkling . . . a baby . . . was proof of that. Jazz had given the two privacy, but he hadn't looked happy at the end of it. Sam wasn't ready to be a father, and Bee had a feeling that Raevyn knew this from the way that she had been watching the kid.

Watching the sun fall beneath the treeline, then dip beyond the curvature of the earth, the scout aimed his head up towards the sky, watching the clouds pass overhead, colored by the reflection of the sun. What was he going to do with the boy? He felt terrible about this. Maybe he shouldn't have encouraged the relationship quite so much, but . . . he had thought that Rae could have been good for Sam. And Ratchet and Prime agreed.

But . . . Jazz and Ironhide hadn't.

Frowning, he sent a wordless ping to the weaponsmaster, a mech who had half-raised him with Prime, and got a reply almost instantaneously. :What's up, kid?:

:Why didn't you agree with encouraging the relationship between Sam and Raevyn?:

:You're bringing this up now? Dammitall, Bee, I'm about to start some maneuvers with Lennox's squad for how to train that new dual-species response group.:

Bumblebee sighed, sending a burst of soft static over the internal com with the action. :Raevyn's pregnant by Sam.:

There was silence for almost a full moment before Ironhide replied. :Well, slag. All right. And how's he taking it?:

:From what I can tell? Badly.:

:You're an adult. Talk with him.:

:Ironhide, you know how he'll respond to me telling him what to do. Despite my age, and despite my experience, he still sees me as a peer.:

:You could have changed that, you know. You could have been more mature.:

Growling over the connection, the younger mech replied, :Ironhide, if I had shown my full maturity as a scout and technically as an officer under Prime, the boy wouldn't have trusted me.:

:You do have a point there. So he's not at all pleased that a Sparkling is on the way.:

:An infant, Ironhide.:

:As you keep pointing out, I'm old. So I'm going to call them Sparklings. Annabelle likes the term.:

:You are altogether too obsessed with that child.:

:You're one to talk. I doted on you as if you were a gift from the AllSpark to myself and Chromia.:

:Eh. True.:

:So.: Ironhide paused for another long moment, and Bee assumed that they were trying another maneuver. He was right when Ironhide burst into a series of curses in various languages. :Punkass kid thinking that he can strategize something better than I can just slaggin' got himself a faceful of asphalt.:


:He deserved it. I told him not to move in a certain direction, he moved that way anyway, and Sideswipe plowed right into him.:

:Any other injuries other than his good looks and pride?:

:What good looks? I think he broke a couple fingers and is bruised. Slag. I have to go and chew out some humans for thinking that I'm intentionally hurting their soldiers. Good Primus. Sorry, kid.:

Chuckling, Bee shook his head before sighing and watching the stars come out. :Just answer my question, please, 'Hide.:

The answer was quick in coming. :Because she's more mature than he was, and more mature than he could hope to be. She needs a mate that is more mature than she is. It's as simple as that. Just like Chromia and I encourage and challenge each other to keep moving forward in our personal development, Raevyn needs a mate that will do the same for her. Have to go, Bee.:

:I understand. Thank you, Ironhide.:

The connection cut and the young scout stared up at the constellations, wishing that he had Prowl's processor for problems like this one. He just didn't know what to do.