Edward left Bella 122 years ago. What will happen when he meets a girl that reminds him of Bella? Will he forget Bella entirely? Or will he stay loyal?


It has been 122 years since Edward left me. I was a wreck when Carter found me. He was a vampire, just like me. When he found me I was still human, and in depression because Edward left me. Carter had been a nomad by himself for too long, so he decided to change me.

He thought that if I was a vampire then the sadness would be easier to handle. He was right. We met Maddy in the forest about twenty years later. She was obviously abused. She was about to die from her injuries, but Carter changed her.

She soon joined our family. We all hunted animals instead of humans. Six years later we were all hunting when we heard crying coming from a house. I followed the sound, and I found a small six-year-old girl being abused by her parents. Maddy was beside me in a flash, and was about to jump into the house and kill the parents, but I pulled her back.

"Maddy," I said, "breathe. I will save the little girl tonight." Maddy calmed down, but she was still furious. Before we changed her she had been abused, but it was too late for her when she ran away. She was still grateful that we changed her.

Night soon came and the little girl, and her family, went to bed. I ran up the wall and into her room through the window. The little girl was still bleeding, and just looking at her, made what was left of my heart shatter. I scooped her up and was out of the house in a second. When we got home I bent down and bit her, because she was about to die. She would join our family as well.

Her name was Emily. Emily was a very cheerful girl. She also had a power. She was telekinetic. We found this out when she wanted the remote but Carter wouldn't give it to her. It just flew out of his hand and into hers. I was a shield, and I keep my family safe from attacks to the mind.


I still laugh when I remember the day we found my, and Maddy's powers. She had turned invisible, but it was only a trick of the mind so I could see her just fine. She was hiding from Carter, we were playing hide and seek. I ran into her room and hid across the room from her. Carter came into the room and found me but he couldn't see Maddy. I laughed, and she pitched in with me. Carter ran around the whole room looking for her, but she was invisible to him, he couldn't even smell her. I was rolling on the ground laughing when she finally showed herself. We guessed that my shield was purely mental because Carter can tackle me when he is a different shape because he actually changes, instead of looking like something else. Meanwhile Maddy only goes into your mind to not let you see her. We all learned to use our powers to help each other. I would shield everyone's mind, and Maddy made us invisible and untraceable. Emily and Carter couldn't really do anything to push their powers on us, so they just fought harder if we were in trouble.