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Why Hugging An Angel Isn't Allowed

Honestly, there is only one thought going through Sam's mind when Castiel goes to hug him, even with all the things that he is currently worrying about.

When Castiel opens his arms, and steps forward, his intent clear, and his expression shy and a bit awkward, but almost anticipant, all Sam could think is "Dean will so fucking kill me."

So he steps back, and shakes his head, making an excuse about how awkward it would be. Because it would be awkward. He's pretty sure that Castiel has never hugged anyone, and has never even really thought of hugging someone. So Sam is also pretty sure that if Castiel was to hug him, it would be stiff and uncomfortable and way too fucking tight (is it just me, or does that whole description sound REALLY wrong?) and he'd rather not have to deal with a bunch of broken ribs merely because the angel was ready to show some affection.

But the whole awkwardness and reluctance to feel any pain thing is merely an excuse. Or it kind of is, in a way. Because Sam is really fucking reluctant to feel any pain just because he decided to hug a certain angel, or because a certain angel decided that hugging him was the best course of action… but the pain that he's thinking about wouldn't come from the actual hug. Oh no…. if he was to actually hug Castiel, then there is no doubt that Dean would come after him with a freaking gun and kill him, no matter how much his bug brother may enjoy having him back.

Dean may try to hide it, but Sam knows his big brother better than he knows the back if his own hand. And there has always been something between Dean and Castiel, "a profound bound" as Castiel once called it. They push each other and they butt heads more than anything, but it's always been in a way that barely masks the concern and passion that they wield for each other. And fuck, Sam know that he sounds a bit like some love crazed teenager with stars in her eyes and sonnets ready to bloom from her lips, or… even worse….like Becky when she's going on one of her fangirl rampages, but there is no denying that Dean is more than just a little possessive of Castiel, and that Castiel feels the same way about Dean, all though Sam is pretty sure that the angel has no idea what he's fucking feeling, he's so oblivious and clueless about human emotions. But Dean may try to hide it, and deny it, or cover it up as something else as much as he wants. Sam still sees it as clearly as he sees his reflection staring back at him in a mirror. And Sam knows that if Dean found out that Castiel hugged him, especially before Dean himself could ever hug Castiel…. then Sam would not be so easily forgiven.

It sucks really, because Castiel looked almost disappointed, and a bit rejected when Sam had stepped away. And Sam hates that he's the reason that Castiel feels that way. And Sam also hates the fact that he now has the angel thinking that hugging between males is wrong, because it isn't, not unless you're some emotionally stunted man, like Dean. But Sam likes to live, thank you very much, and he thinks he's missed enough of his own life as it is. He doesn't need to die young just because his older brother is too stupid to see what's right in front of him, and too clouded by doubts to realize that what he wants is already his.

One of these days Sam is just going to lock those two idiots in a room and force them to admit their feelings for each other. Really…. It's the safest thing for everyone.

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