Title: Feral Abilities

Author: Sarge

E-Mail: Shalimarfox2@aol.com

   "Considering you crashed your motorcycle, you're in pretty good shape," Adam said as he read the results of the body scan he had just run on Shalimar.

   "Oh really? Well, I don't feel to hot," she replied as she let out a sigh.

   "Yeah, well you probably would have been hurt a lot worse, but I guess because you slid your bike sideways instead of flipping right over, you were saved from a lot more damage," he stated.

   "Well, how hurt is she?" Brennan asked from where he, Jesse, and Emma were standing.

   "Well, she's got a fractured ankle, sprained knee, a few bruised ribs, and some scratches," he replied.

   "And she's in pretty good shape? That doesn't sound too good to me," Emma said with a frown.

   Adam shrugged and got to work on healing Shalimar. When he was done, he looked at her, saying, "Now, I want you to take it easy. Go get some rest."

   "Yes dad," she replied as she slowly stood up.

   "Oh, and Shalimar," he said as she turned to look at him. "We'll talk about you not listening to me and putting your life in danger a little later."

   Shalimar rolled her eyes, mumbling, "Yeah, yeah." Then she walked out of the lab. As she headed down the hall toward her room, a wave on intense dizziness suddenly hit her and she had to hold onto the wall to keep from falling over.

   Brennan was just walking out of the lab when he saw Shalimar suddenly stumble and grab onto the wall. He immediately ran over to her. "Shal, are you ok?" he asked urgently.

   "Yeah, I'm fine," she lied.

   "You don't look fine," he countered.

   "I'm just a little dizzy. I didn't sleep very much last night considering Adam woke us up two hours after I we went to bed and I'm just a little tired," she replied as she let go of the wall and started walking unsteadily toward her room.

   Letting out a huff, Brennan wrapped his arm around her waist. She looked up at him in question. "If you don't go see Adam about it then at least let me help you to your room," he said.

   She nodded and allowed him to help her into her room.

   Sitting her on the bed, Brennan looked down at her, asking, "You gonna be ok from here?"

   Shalimar smiled and nodded again. "Yeah, I'll be fine. I just want to sleep," she replied as she flopped back on her bed and just laid there not bothering to remove her jacket or shoes.

   Brennan sighed and then sat down on the bed next to her. Taking one foot into his hand, he slipped her shoe off and then did the same for her other foot.

   Shalimar lifted her head to look at him and then gave him a small smile before letting her head drop again.

   Moving up her body, Brennan slipped her arms out of her jacket and pulled it out from underneath her. Then he pulled the covers up over her and after kissing her softly on the forehead, he stood up. Walking over to her closet, he hung up her jacket and then headed over to the door. He looked over at her one last time to see that she was fast asleep and smiling, he turned off the lights. Then he walked out of the door and closed the door.

   As he headed down the hall, Adam walked up behind him, asking, "So, how's Shalimar? Is she resting?"

   Brennan nodded. "Yeah, our resident kitty cat is fast asleep," he replied with a small smile.


   Brennan's smile suddenly disappeared as he turned to face Adam. "Are you sure that the injuries that she got when she crashed her motorcycle were the only things wrong with her?"

   Adam frowned. "Yeah, I'm quite sure. Why?"

   "Well, after she left the lab, I followed and I saw her almost fall over. I asked her if she was ok and she said that she was a little dizzy, but that it was only because she was tired. I've seen her tired before and it's never had that type of effect on her before," he explained.

   "Well, she did have a pretty stressful day, but you're right. It is a little strange," Adam agreed. "We'll have to ask her when she wakes up."

   Brennan nodded.

   "Now, I need you to go help Jesse search through the new mutant database to see if you can come up with anything about this person or persons that are killing all these ferals, ok?"

   "Yeah, ok," Brennan replied before he headed off to go find Jesse.


(A/N: I'm SOOOO incredibly sorry it took me so long to write this. I've had such bad writer's block, it's not even funny. I PROMISE that there will be more very soon! PLEASE REVIEW!!!)