"Such a misfortune!" Kamijō Tōuma yells as he is running down the residential streets of Academy City trying to get away from a certain middle school level 5 electro master girls chasing him. "Will you stop chasing already biri biri, why are you so obsessed about fighting me?"

"I told you that my name is Misaka Mikoto, get it right for once you jerk; and stop running from me, face me already!" Mikoto yells as she shoots surges of electricity at Touma.

"Why are you always chasing me? Don't you have anything else better to do then to plan your next ambush against me?" Touma asked running and ducking behind a parked car trying to avoid been hit while his back was turned towards the thunder wielding girl chasing him.

"Because I want to know why I can't beat you, why my power won't work on you!" Mikoto yells gathering huge burst electricity in the palm of her hands and firing it at Touma.

Touma sees the electrical attack coming towards him and knows he won't be able to escape it so he lifts up his right arm and cancels out the attack with his Imagine Breaker. Mikoto is once again shocked and enraged at the same time that her attack her no effect on Touma, there was not a scratch on him. "Why...why won't my power work on you?" Mikoto snaps and charges at Touma with her fist surging with electricity. Again with his right hand, Touma catches her punch and cancels out the electric surge.

Mikoto though about electrocuting Touma while she was in touching him but found she could not use her power for some reason. "What's going on? Why isn't the electrical current isn't flowing through my body?" Mikoto began to panic wondering what to do next then she noticed that Touma still had her by the hand and started to blush. Knowing she could not use her powers with him touching her, all Mikoto could do was scream in embarrassment.

"Hey wait, why are you screaming, someone might mistake me for a pervert." Touma says trying to get Mikoto to stop screaming.

"Then let go of me you idiot" Mikoto pulling away trying to escape his grip, but Touma world not let go.

"No way, if I try and let go you'll just attack me again!" Touma said back still holding Mikoto's hands firmly

Some of the residents herd the scream and came out of their houses. "Hey what's that high school boy doing to that middle school girl?" One of the people asks.

"Is he trying to have his way with her?" One woman asks.

"Look at the uniform that girls wearing, she from Tokiwadai Middle School."

"Yeah she's an Ojo-Sama." Two people added.

"Someone please, call Judgment or Anti Skill." Another woman yells.

"Screw Judgment, I'll take care of this little punk." A big buff guy walks out his house towards Touma. "So you like picking on little girls do ya, ya punk?" The buff man asked flexing his muscles cracking his fingers.

"No wait, it's just a misunderstanding" Touma said backing up, he let go of Mikoto's hand and looked to her for back up," Hey say something already!" Touma begs but Mikoto just stands there with a love struck smile on her face still blushing. Touma quickly dashes off in the opposite direction being chased be a mob of people. "Such a misfortune!" Touma yells one last time.

Mikoto finally snaps out for her blushing state to see Touma in a far off distance, too far to run after. "Hey don't run away from me I haven't beaten you yet" She yelled throwing up her arms. "Damn that coward, I swear the next time I see him I'll-" Mikoto stop's her pouting when she here's a woman screaming, she run off in the directions of the scream to see what's happening.

Mikoto arrives to see a huge dog about to attack a woman; the dog was growling fiercely showing it razor sharp teeth towards the woman ready to attack her at any second. "Hey knock it off you mutt" Mikoto yell's at the dog. The dog turns its attention towards Mikoto and lunges at her with its mouth wide open prepared to bit her. Mikoto dodges the dogs attack and charges up electricity, but before she could fire it the dog quickly turns around rams Mikoto face first into a giant pile of manure (horse and cow crap you put on grass to make it greener)." Why you over grown flea bag!" Mikoto growls her whole body sparking. "I'm already pissed off from that coward running off on me so I hope you don't mind taking my anger out on you!" Mikoto counters shooting electricity at the dog but purposely misses; the dog lets out a loud whimper and runs off in the opposite direction."

"Yuck! What is this stuff, it stinks!" Mikoto whines. "Argg! And why do my eyes burn so much." Mikoto cries clutching her eyes closed.

The lady that the dog was going to attack ran over to help "Oh no are you alright young lady?" The woman asks worryingly.

"Yeah I think so, I'm ok, just a little dirty that's all." Mikoto responded moving around still with her eyes closed.

Mikoto was covered from head to toe in manure; it even got inside her clothes. She still had her eyes closed and could not see at the moment. "Oh no this is really bad, we need to get you cleaned up and fast." The woman said, she suddenly lifted Mikoto up by her armpits and the cradled the girl in her arms, the lady then carried Mikoto off into her house.

"Hey wait, what do you think you're doing? Where are you taking me? Put me down!" Mikoto struggled to get out of the woman's arms, but the women ignored Mikoto's protesting and kept walking. She was brought down what felt like a long hallway then into a room that felt damp and warm around her, the woman sat Mikoto down in a chair. She then felt her shirt been unbuttoned, and jerked away from the woman. "What are you trying to do to me? I don't feel that way about other girls!" Mikoto yelled trying to get away from the woman.

"Please you need let me help you!" The woman spoke. "That manure you fell in had some really dangerous chemicals in it. I need to get it out of your eyes and hair now, or do you could go blind and your hair will fall out?

"What, really? Oh kami I going to die!" Mikoto started to panic.

The woman grabbed Mikoto by both of arms trying to calm her down. "Please clam down!" The woman said calmly. "You not are going to die, IF you cooperate and let me get that stuff off your hair and skin now!" The woman continues to take of Mikoto's clothes.

"No I can undress myself" Mikoto yelled in embarrassment still resisting.

The woman sighed. "Still resisting huh? Well I guess I have no choice then." The woman said putting her hand on top of Mikoto's forehead, instantly all the embarrassment she had felt had suddenly disappeared and Mikoto was left sunned and speechless. Without any more resisting from Mikoto the woman went back to work taking off her clothes starting with her uniform vest, then her top and bra. Next the woman worked her way down to Mikoto's removing her skirt and was surprised to find that she was wearing shorts under, last came her Gekota printed panties came off then her shoes and socks. Mikoto was then walked over to the bathtub lifted up again and sat down in the warm water.

The feeling of the water snapped Mikoto out of her trance. "W-what did you just do to me?" She asked.

"I used my power of Mental Regression to take away your modesty." The woman responded.

"Mental regression, what do you mean, like I'm going to turn into a kid mentally."

"Yes my power does work like that, but I can also use it so you don't feel nervousness or anger also." The woman responded. "You see a three or four year old child doesn't know the meaning of modesty so they can stand naked in a crowd full of people and not feel any embarrassment, I just manipulated your mind into thinking that." The lady said leaving Mikoto's side for a second and walking to the medicine cabinet and taking out a bottle of eye cleaner. She walked back over to Mikoto and held her head back and used a couple or drips in each eye. "So how does you feel now, do they still burn?"

"My eyes still burn a little, but it's not as bad." Mikoto told her.

"Give it about 20 minutes and you should be able to see again." The woman smiled. "But for now let's get you cleaned up; err what was your name again?"

"Misaka Mikoto" She told her.

"Well then Mikoto-chan you're in good hands, by the way my name is Maime." She said squirting shampoo in her hands and went on to washing Mikoto's hair.

"I can do that myself Maime-san." Mikoto said rising her hands.

Maime slapped both of Mikoto's hands away. "Just let me help you OK, I need to make sure we get all those nasty chemicals out of your hair and skin or else you'll really be in big trouble young lady." Mikoto finally gave up and stopped fighting and let Maime bathe her. She let the shampoo sit in Mikoto's hair, then used a bath towel to wash her body starting with her chest area on down, finally Maime used a bucket of water to wash the shampoo suds out of Mikoto's hair. "Why don't you stay in the water a little longer while I put your clothes in the wash and bring you something else to ware."

"That sounds good to me." Mikoto shook her head and relaxed in the water while Maime took the girls clothes and put them in the washer.

Maime then went into another room and rummaged through a closet to find something to wear for Mikoto, but most of the clothes were either too big or too small for her to wear, in the end Maime found a puffy frilly pink dress with a purple heart and a giant red ribbon tied in the back. Maime walked over to another part of the closet and took a green package, she ripped the package open and pulled out an under garment like item then walked back to the bathroom.

"Hey Mikoto-chan are you ready to get out now?" Maime called out.

"Yeah the bath was great Maime-san" Mikoto said standing up in the water.

Maime brought over a giant bath towel and used it to dry Mikoto off. "I brought to some clothes for you to wear but... they may a bit too childish, sorry I hope you don't mind."

Mikoto fought through the burning sensation in her eyes was able to open her them a little bit to see the dress. "Wow that looks so cute!" Mikoto said with her eye's glimmering, but quickly shut them when she felt the burning sensation again.

"I guess I was wrong then" Maime giggled, she then took Mikoto by the hand and led her to a chair, Mikoto held onto Maime's shoulders as she stepped into something that felt like underwear but puffy, Maime slid the puffy like underwear up Mikoto's legs and around her waist, last came the dress which Maime just slipped over the girls head.

"Maime-san these pantie's feel kind 'a puffy, what are they?" Mikoto asked feeling the material of the garment.

"Sorry Mikoto-chan their adult pull-ups and it's the only thing I had that you could wear as underwear."

"What you have me in a diaper?" Mikoto shouted.

"I forgot to tell you that I'm am a nurse, and I deal with girls your age all the time, and before you start to protest again just know I have to get you uniform clean, so please just deal with it for a few hours." Maime said sternly this time.

"OK" Mikoto said dropping her head in defeat. "But first tell me, will I forever have no modesty, because I have a room that would go crazy if she find out that I don't."

"Don't worry my power only last a couple hours, by the time you're ready to leave, my power would have worn off by then or sooner. My house is pretty big so I'm just going to carry you to a room until your able to see again OK." Without a word from Mikoto, Maime picked her up and carried her to a room and laid her in a bed. "You lay here for a while and I'll be back to check on you in a few minutes." Mikoto responded with an "OK" and lay in the bed until she drifted off to sleep tired from the day's events.

"Where am I?" Mikoto gave off a soft moan as she woke up from her slumber, opening her eyes for the first time while in side of Maime's house. She looked at her surrounding and noticed that the room she had been sleeping in was big enough to be a college lecture hall with nothing too special to look at inside the room besides their just being the bed she was lying in and an office desk. Mikoto left the room and then found herself in a long hallway with 6 doors on each side. "Wow Maime-san must have a lot of money to live in a house this big." Mikoto said to herself but then she was pretty rich herself going to Tokiwadai Middle School a school for rich girls.

Using her ability to sense electrical impulses from other human bodies, Mikoto entered one of the rooms and found herself in what looked like a little girls room. The walls and carpet were light pink and the room was filled with girl's toys and stuffed animals wearing handmade dresses. Mikoto walked around the room admiring how cute the room looked when someone came from behind her and lifted up the back of her dress. This shocked Mikoto so she quickly turned around to find a little girl wearing a yellow flower dress.

The girl smiles and giggled at Mikoto "Hey Onee-chan your just like me right?" She spoke happily.

"Wow she's so cute!" Mikoto squealed to herself, she knelled down to eye level with the girl asking. "What do you mean just like you?"

The girl lifted her own dress reviling a diaper with a yellow stain in the middle. "So you can't hold it in also Onee-chan?"

Mikoto realized that she was still wearing an adult pull-up, and was at a loss for words not knowing what to say to the girl. "Well it's not like that, err..."

"Alice" The girl answered for her. "My name is Alice, Onee-chan."

"Alice-chan it's not like that, I'm wearing this because-" Before Mikoto could finish her sentience Alice took Mikoto by the hand and drug her over to a pile of stuffed animals on the floor "Onee-chan come on, lets play." Alice gave Mikoto a stuffed rabbit to play hold on to, while Alice held on to a teddy bear and began to play when Maime walked into the room.

"So this is where you were Mikoto-chan, I was worried when I came back and you weren't in the room I left you in, and I see you met my daughter Alice?"

Alice ran up to Maime and jumped into her arms and ban-bared her mother with countless questions. "Mommy, Mommy Onee-chan is like me right? She has to wear diaper's all the time just like me right, she can be my new friend right?"

"Alice what have I told you about pointing out other people's problems, Mikoto-chan probably did not want to be reminded that she's wearing a diaper." Maime lightly scolded

"I'm sorry mommy." Alice told her.

"It's not me you whom should be apologizing to, its Mikoto-chan sweetie."

Alice jumped out of the mother's arms and ran over to Mikoto "I'm sorry Onee-chan, I didn't mean to do it, I hope we can still be friends?"

Mikoto just smiled and patting her one the head. "It's ok, and of course we're still friends."

"Alice it's almost time for lunch why don't you go and get washed up and get ready to eat ok, you can eat with Mikoto-chan." Maime told her.

"But mommy you haven't checked me yet, I'm wet." Alice said holding her dress up.

"Oh I'm sorry honey wait here with your Onee-chan and I'll be right back with your supplies." Maime rushed out of the room.

Maime quickly returned with a diaper, a package of baby wipes a bottle of baby lotion and container of baby powder. Maime spread out a changing mat so Alice could lay down on it, then went to work ripping off the tapes on each side of the diaper and used some baby wipes to clean Alice's bottom. Next came the baby lotion which Maime just rubbed into Alice's skin, Maime took the diaper unfolding it then sliding it under Alice's bottom and applied baby powder in the right area's then tapped up the diaper. Maime then picked up her daughter the placed her back on her feet.

"OK now that, that's done go wash-up ok Alice."

"But mommy what about Onee-chan, you haven't changed her yet."

Mikoto jumped hearing that question then she was struck with an incredible amount of embarrassment, Maime placed her hand on Mikoto's forehead again and used mental regression to take away Mikoto's modesty of wearing a diaper. "It's ok Alice-chan I'm not wet at all." Mikoto told her.

"Yeah Mommy changed her a little while ago so she should still be dry, so get going." Maime said giving her daughter a soft slap on her daughter's diapered behind, Alice then ran out the room.

"Mikoto-chan I so sorry you were forced to play along with her." Maime said bowing her head pleading.

"It's ok Maime-san I really did not mind."

"Mikoto-chan, then can I talk to you after lunch?" Maime asked in a serious tone.

"It's about Alice-Chan right" Mikoto asked.

Maime shook her head yes.

Later at the kitchen table Alice and Mikoto were enjoying some hamburgers Maime made them for lunch. After lunch was over Alice started yawning indicating that she was sleepy.

"Mikoto-chan can you please wait for me in the next room, we'll talk after I put Alice down for a nap?" Maime asked picking up Alice. Maime took Alice back to her room and put her down for a nap, then walked back the room where Mikoto was waiting for her.

"You probably have a lot of questions you want to ask me right? Why is a girl her age wearing diapers, It's strange to you right?" Maime asked nervously.

"Well err…., I didn't think it like that but, is Alice-Chan sick or something." Mikoto asked.

"No it's a past injury from her power." Maime said sadly. "You see Alice was born with the powers of a level 3 esper and an IQ of 200. When she was just only 4 years of age her powers somehow increased that of a level 4 and was still growing. Alice did not have a normal childhood, instead of playing with kid's her age she would always want to read books or find a way to make her power stronger, she did not want to make any friends; all she cared about were her powers. One day she caught a bad cold and I took her to the hospital, the doctor who examined her noticed her powers and that's where it all went wrong."

"What happened?" Mikoto was getting nervous.

"The staff their told me that my daughter had the potential to make history and become the first level 6 because of her age and the strength of her current power. Alice wanted to do it so I did not stop her even though I was against it in the first place. A month after working with the doctors and doing a series of test Alice's power jumped to a level 5, and that's when I noticed changes in my daughter's behavior. She did not want to have anything to do with me, I could not touch her or get anywhere near her, it was like she rejected my love and I became heartbroken over it. I went and confronted the head doctor, and found out that they were giving my daughter experimental drugs to raise her level that's when I had, had enough with the testing. I was going to take Alice away all of that testing, but the doctor's told me that they were so close to making Alice a level 6 and they would not let me get in their way. I was knocked out and held prisoner. When I finally spoke to my daughter she told me "not to get into her way" with the coldest look in her eyes. A few weeks later, I was let out the cell they were holding me in to watch in final testing that would turn my daughter into a level 6. After the test was completed Alice was the first level 6 to be born, but something went wrong and she lost control of her powers and went crazy. She ended blowing up the lab killing every one inside expect me. Alice somehow protected me, but when I found her she was in a in a pool of her own blood. Thankfully we were under the hospital other doctors got to her in time to save her, but she was in coma for 6 months. I told the police everything that went on in the lab, and all who were involved were arrested. When Alice finally did wake up she was a completely different person, she called me mommy for the first time and she was finally acting like a kid her age should act, and she has no memories of ever having her esper powers. The doctor's told me, while rehabilitating her they could teach her how to use her powers again, but I told them no I want to keep my daughter the way she was. About a year later Alice was finally let out of the hospital, the doctors told me that she will never have any bladder control because of the explosion and the injury she received from it. After-wards we moved here to Academy City to start a new life."

Maime looked over and saw Mikoto clenching her fist and trembling in anger, she had a murderous look in her eyes. "Mikoto-chan what's wrong?"

"They used her... THOSE FUCKING BASTARDS USED HER AND NEARLY GOT YOU AND ALICE-CHAN KILLED!" Mikoto yelled slamming her fist on the table. "The same thing happened to me when I was younger, I gave my DNA to a scientist I trusted, he told me it could be used to help people, years later I found out it was being used for evil purposes. That's why I can't stand bastard's like-." Before Mikoto could finish Maime placed her hand on top of Mikoto's forehead and all the anger she felt was gone. "Y-you used your mental regression powers on me again didn't you."

"A girl your age should not be using language like that." Maime said tapping Mikoto on the head.

"I'm sorry, but when I hear stuff like that it really makes me mad and I can't help myself."

"I know, but you wouldn't want Alice to see you with such a scary face now would you, this is the first time she's has taking a liking to someone she just met, because once Alice find's out that that you really don't need to wear diaper's she'll be upset."

"Why, what for?"

"Before we moved here I tried sending her to school, but the other kids made fun of her because of her problem, I was scared she might revert back to her old self and lose control of her power again, so I took her out of school and home schooled her, I don't want the same thing happening again, but because of that she had become isolated from the world."

"What if I came over and played with her and possibly help her make some friends?" Mikoto asked." I played with the little kids of this city before and they were really nice, I'm pretty sure that Alice could get along with them no problem."

"Yes but are you also saying that you're going to pretend to wear diaper in front of Alice, Mikoto-chan?"

"Yeah but as long as I don't have to use them, then I'll go along with it."

"Mikoto-chan thank you so much, I'm so glad you're willing to do this for my little Alice!" Maime said hugging Mikoto lifting her off the ground. "This means so much to me, I will love you forever if you can help my Alice make friends."

"No problem, but I can't breathe!"

Maime let go of Mikoto. "Oh my sorry, I got a little too excited." Both Mikoto and Maime heard a buzzing sound coming from the kitchen. "Oh your clothes are ready; Alice takes long naps so when she wakes up it will be really late."

"Yeah and my dorm mother will kill me if I miss curfew again." Mikoto said shaking.

"Then you'd better hurry and get dressed, I wouldn't want you to get into trouble."

Maime took Mikoto's clothes and ironed the wrinkles out and gave them to her. Mikoto quickly changed back into her school uniform in the bathroom and ran to the front door.

"Tell Alice-chan that I will see her tomorrow, and expect to be popular with the other kids ok."

"OK bye Mikoto-chan" Maime said waving.

On the way back to her dorm Mikoto walked into the convenience store and shortly walked out with a black plastic bag. "It's a good thing I have no modesty and can't feel embarrassed right now or, I would not have been able to do that." She said to herself.

Mikoto reached her dorm room and quickly threw the bag under her bed.

"Onee-sama I missed you". A girl yelled jumping on Mikoto's back, wearing the same uniform as, and had her hair tied in pigtails with red ribbons tied around them.

"Kuroko you have two reasons' to be lucky today, first reason being that I can't get angry at the moment and second we can't use our powers inside the dorms so please get off of me." Mikoto asked calmly.

Kuroko gave Mikoto a strange look. "Onee-sama what do you mean when you said that you could get angry at the moment? Could it be that Onee-sama went out with a boy today and is too happy to get angry with Kuroko?"

"No that's not it now get off of me." Mikoto said prying Kuroko's hand off her back. Mikoto lay back in the bed thinking what to do for Alice.