"Hey biri-biri are you ok?" Touma asks Mikoto helping her up off the ground and on to her feet.

"Yeah I'm fine, but what I want to know is what you're doing here?" Mikoto grunted holding her sides in pain.

"I heard about what happened with Kouta and a girl named Alice who lives here. I dragged him back to make him apologize but then I heard a lot of banging going on from inside the house, the next thing I know I see you come flying out of a glass door all beat up, so tell me what's going here?" While talking Touma's eyes gazed down towards Mikoto's skirt and noticed that it was ripped in the front and he and caught a glimpse of her diaper. Touma blushed and Mikoto looked and noticed that he was staring at her.

Mikoto screamed and crouched down covering herself up. "Where do you think you're looking you pervert?"

"I'm not looking!" Touma yelled turning his head blushing harder. "Here cover yourself up Misaka." He then took off his jacket and handed it to Mikoto.

"Thank you." Mikoto said taking Touma's jacket and tying it around her waist.

"Hey don't you dare forget that I'm still here!" Alice regenerates the vector that Touma destroyed earlier and swung at both teens. Touma balled up his fist and punches the vector completely destroying it again. "What, how did he do that?" Alice was shocked to see that her vector was destroyed by the same person again.

"So Misaka you mind telling me what's up with that little girl?" Touma asked.

"No time to explain we've got to stop her, so if you can use you're your right hand to touch her like you did me the other day then she won't be able to use her power and maybe we could end this fight."

"What you want me to fight also?" Touma asked. "Such misfortune, fine I'll help you, and then you can explain to me why you're wearing a diaper." He smirked at Mikoto.

Mikoto's face turned crimson red when she yelled "SHUP UP!"

Meanwhile Kuroko was still running through the house searching from room to room looking for Uiharu and Saten. "Damn it where could those two be, I've searched this whole floor and I still can't find them anywhere." Kuroko finally made it to the last door in the hallway then listened in quietly as she heard two muffled sounds coming from the other side of the door

The door was locked so Kuroko took out one of the spikes she keeps under her skirt and teleported through the keyhole unlocking it. She entered the room to find both Uiharu and Saten in awkward situations. "What in the..." Kuroko was shocked to find Uiharu tied down to a bed wearing a one piece pink footed sleeper with teddy bears prints and obviously to anyone she was wearing a diaper underneath with a pink tape stuck to her mouth. On the sides of the bed were two robotic hands tickling her feet and stomach causing her nonstop pain from laughter.

Kuroko then looked over at Saten who was strapped to a massage table wearing a small pink shirt that only went down to her bellybutton and thick pink diaper tapped around her waist, and a rubber ball with a black elastic strap attached to it gagged in her mouth. Also on the side of the table were two robotic hands messaging Saten, but in the lower areas of her body where her diaper was, and could she be heard screaming through the gag in her mouth from across the room.

"This level six version of Alice-chan sure has a sick mind!" Kuroko said to herself remembering the time she was violated. Wasting no time Kuroko ran to save her friend's when she was suddenly grabbed from behind and carried off by a female looking robot wearing a maid's uniform.

"Beep boop Beep I detect moisture coming from your diaper miss, please allow me to change you." The maid robot said as she rolled Kuroko to a nearby changing area.

Kuroko put up a huge struggle against to robot trying to get free. "Hey put me down you over grown trash can, I'm not wet because I peed myself you know!" She protested then got angry and hit the robot in the face without thinking.*CRACK* was the sound that kuroko's hand made when hitting the robot. Kuroko screamed in comical pain shaking her hand furiously.

"Beep boop Beep, that's a bad girl!" The robot scolded, its face then switched from happy to mad as it flipped Kuroko over in an instant and delivered three hard slap's to her diapered behind making Kuroko scream again. She was actually still in pain from the beating she had received earlier from Alice and her vectors, and now thanks to all the struggling she put up from being handled by the robot Kuroko felt worse than ever, her whole body ached in pain but she remembered that her Onee-sama was depending on her so Kuroko used the last of strength to jam one of her spikes into the robot's gear's in its shoulder area, the robot finally lost its grip on Kuroko and released her, despite the pain she was in Kuroko was able to teleport behind the robot the then rip out a wire causing it to stop moving.

After the adrenaline in Kuroko's body subsided from defeating the robot and knowing her friends were now safe the pain became too much for Kuroko to handle as she fell to her knees, but she still crawled over to Uiharu and released her from her bonds and fell out on the ground.

"Oh no Shirai-san, are you ok?" Uiharu hopped off the table and rushed over to where Kuroko was lying.

"Yes I'm fine Uiharu; now please help Satan-san." Uiharu nodded and rushed over and freed Saten from her bond's then rushed back over to see if Kuroko was alright. Kuroko was now breathing heavily and her skin was pale thanks to her injuries. "Uiharu, Satan-san, we have to find Alice's mother who we met yesterday Maime-san." Kuroko said, weakly trying to get back up.

"Are you crazy Shirai-san? Look at you; you're badly hurt we need to get you to a doctor now!" Saten said.

"No Onee-sama is fighting Alice right now, but I don't know how much longer she can hold out against her, and plus Onee-sama asked me to find Maime-san, she's our only hope in stopping Alice."

"But Shirai you can barely breathe and there's a lot of blood around your mouth, you could have internal bleeding!" Saten yelled.

"Please Shirai-san lets us take you to the hospitable." Uiharu begged her partner.

"Please, Onee-sama is counting on me, I can't let her down." Kuroko pleaded with the two girls.

Both girls looked at each other shook their heads. "Saten-san we've got to find her." Uiharu stated.

"Yeah you're right Uiharu, put Shirai-san on my back, I'll carry her." Saten crouched down as Uiharu lifted Kuroko and placed her on Saten's back, Kuroko latched her arms around Saten's neck hanging on.

Soon the three were out of the room and sprinting down the hall until they reached the other end with two huge double doors facing them. The three girls entered the room and found Maime passed out on a bed. Uiharu walked over to Maime and shook her until she woke up.

"Are you ok Maime-san?" Uiharu asked her.

Maime gave off a soft moan and blinked a few times to clear her vision before seeing the girl's faces. "Hey you're the girl's from yesterday, what are you doing here, and what happened to me?" She slowly stood up. "Wait oh no! I remember now, Alice grab you and your friend and held you both of you prisoner, are you two ok, you aren't hurt are you?" Maime looked and saw Kuroko badly hurt on Saten's back. "Oh my gosh you poor girl, did Alice do this to her?"

Uiharu and Satan did not say a word.

"Don't worry about me we have to help Onee-sama." Kuroko said weakly.

"Don't be silly, as a mother and a nurse I can't leave you in the condition you're in, I must to treat your wounds first." Maime said taking Kuroko from Saten's back and laying her on the bed. Maime used bandages and ointment to treat Kuroko's wounds. "I'm sorry for what my daughter has done to you girls; I don't know where she got this idea on putting diapers on people she likes to play with."

"Please don't worry about that!" Uiharu said suddenly making Maime jump. "I know you've been trying your best to prevent this from happening, so please don't blame yourself."

"Yeah, most parents try and get rid of their kids by sending them here, but you stuck by your daughter." Satan added.

"Thank you for understanding girls." Maime had just finished treating Kuroko's wounds and rested her head on a pillow. "Now you stay here and get some rest Kuroko-chan, we'll take over the rest from here." Maime told her.

"No I can still fight, take me with you" Kuroko protested.

"Out of the question young lady, you need to lye still before your injuries become life threating!"

"But I-" Kuroko was cut off when Maime placed her hand on her forehead, Maime then used her mental regression power on Kuroko. Kuroko tried to speak again but realized she couldn't.

"Whoah! What did you do to her?" Saten asked Maime.

"I just used my power to take away her ability of speech." Kuroko tried to get up again but was gentility pushed back down again, She let out a huge sigh "Listen if you try and get up again I'll use my power to regress your muscle joint's to that of a three month old so you won't be able to sit up on you own let alone walk do you understand me!" Maime said in a strict motherly tone. Kuroko flinched in fear as she saw that Maime was serious down lied back down and stayed down. "Now that we have no more protesting stall we get going?" She smiled making both Uiharu and Saten fearful. The three left Kuroko in the room and ran towards the battle that was taking place in the backyard.

"Hey do you think Shirai-san will be ok?" Uiharu asked Maime.

"Don't worry she'll be fine if she rest a little, plus she should be comfortable sense I changer her into a fresh diaper while treating her wounds."

"I was wondering Maime-san isn't your Mental Regression power just like mind over matter, where you make the brain think something is happening to the body and that something actually something happens?." Uiharu asked her.

"I see you've figured it out Uiharu-chan, I just made Kuroko-chan's brain think that her ability of speech was that of a one year old so she couldn't speak at all. The body can't do what the mind can't process so for example if I made her mind think her leg joints were that of a three month old then she wouldn't be able to walk".

"Wow that's one scary power, like mother, like daughter." Saten thought to herself.

After going through a flight of stairs three girls entered the kitchen to get to the backyard when suddenly Touma comes crashing through the window.

"Are you ok?" Maime walks up to Touma.

"Stay back its dangerous!" Touma yells as one of Alice's vectors comes after him trying to grab him again. Touma attempts to use his Imagine Breaker but is hit across the kitchen and lands in the next room before he could do so.

"Look at his arm, he's not ok!" Saten pointed out that Touma's arm was purple and blue indicating that it could be or close to being broken. Mikoto rushes in and uses her electricity to gather pots and pans and throw's them at Alice's vector disabling it, Touma quickly gets back up run's back into the kitchen and places his arm on top of Alice's vector destroying it once again, but the second vector smashed through the window and smacks Mikoto over the table, Touma quickly destroy that one also.

"What are we going to Misaka, the moment we destroy those thing's she recreates them instantly!" Touma says.

"Don't worry I have a plain." Mikoto exclaims. "I notice when ever Alice-chan uses both of her vectors at the same time she does not move her body, She must need complete concentration to control both of them because of their size and weight so-." Mikoto walks over and whispered in Touma's ears.

"Ok that sounds like a good plan Misaka!" Touma runs back outside to get Alice's attention. Alice throws both vectors at Touma and he manages to dodge both of them. "Hey is that the best you can do, I know someone who needs to wear diapers who can swing better than that!" Touma taunted the little girl. Alice starts to lose her temper and starts swinging her vectors wildly trying to hit Touma. She finally picked up her swing set and thows it a him. "Such misfortune!" Touma screamed, the swing had just missed him by a couple of inches. "Misaka nows your chance, do it!"

Mikoto sneaks up from behind and wraps her arms and legs around Alice's body and shock's her causing her other vector to disappear and Alice seemed to be on unconscious.

"Is it over?" Touma asked, he walk's towards Mikoto, but Alice's starts moving again she uses the vector she used to keep herself in the air to toss Mikoto into Touma. Alice then recreates her two large vectors and split's back into six separate ones, and then she combines all seven to make one vector that takes the form of a human.

"W-what the... she made another one, and in the shape of a human?" Before Mikoto could blink the vector was standing in front of her. With great speed and power the vector hit Mikoto in her stomach; her feet left the ground as she was round house kicked through the back yard gate leading into the streets.

"No Misaka!" Touma called out to her, but Alice's vector appeared in front of him and hit Touma in his face knocking him across the yard.

"You two will know the power of a level 6, theirs no one who can stand against me!" Alice laughs maniacally.

"Think again!" Touma was back on her feet. "I'm going to destroy that illusion of yours!" Touma charges forth with his fist balled up. "Hitting a little girl may not sit right with me, but it has to be done!" Touma threw his fist towards Alice but it was caught by her vector.

Alice scoffed her vector snapped Touma's arm in two.

Touma let out an ear shattering scream and fell to the ground holding his broken arm.

"Alice stop it right now, that's enough!" Maime called out to her.

"Oh and what are you going to do about it?" Alice taunted back.

"I'll stop you myself!" Maime said running towards her but Alice's vector grabbed her by the back of her neck and held her in place as Alice walks over to her. "Is that all you can do mother? I thought you were going to stop me?" She taunted.

"No sweetie just hoping you'd get close enough so mommy could give you a little surprise." Maime said as held her breath and threw a glass bottle on the ground; purple gas then filled the air around them.

"ACK! What is this stuff?" Alice asks falling to her knees, and could hardly breathe as her vision was getting burry. "You!" Alice yelled as her vector slapped Maime to the ground. "I going to kill you-"

"You're not going to do anything." Mikoto cut Alice off. "How dare you put your hands on your own mother, its unforgivable!" Mikoto was sparking with anger' she took out a coin and charged it up with electricity.

"So Onee-chan still wants to play? This time I'll make sure you don't get back up." Alice's vector charged full force while at the same Mikoto fired her Rail Gun. Both Vector and Rail Gun collided with each other. Both Alice and Mikoto pushed with all their might but Mikoto's Rail Gun shot through Alice's Vector completely destroying it.

"No that was my strongest vector how did you defeat it?" Alice was again short of breath and the gases effect took its toll on her. "What was that gas I breathed in?" She turned towards Maime.

"It's a special gas I made that only affects kids, it numbs the body when breathed in. In a few minutes you won't be able to use your power as the gas numbs the part of the brain that allows ability users to use their powers." Maime said walking towards Alice.

Alice could no longer stand up striate, the whole yard around her was spinning as she was slowly losing consciousness. "Stay back, what are you going to do to me?" Alice tried to back away but she couldn't move anymore.

Maime smiles and picks Alice up then hugs her. "Nothing Alice you are my baby and I would never do anything to harm you, rather you're the level 6 Alice, or the innocent Alice, I love both or you dearly and nothing will ever change that."

The level 6 Alice was then over flowed with emotions she never felt before and hugged her mother back. "I love you too Mommy." She said changing back into her old self, then bursting into a full crying fit.

"There, there its ok honey mommy's here." Maime said hugging Alice tight as she stopped crying.

Mikoto slowly limped over to Maime. "I'm glad she's back to normal, it was really hard having to fight her like I did."

"You and that boy did well fighting together Mikoto-chan, so tell me is he your boyfriend?" Maime asked grinning at Mikoto.

Mikoto blushed hard. "There's no way that idiot is not my boyfriend; he is the lowest of the low saying how unfortunate his life is, it's pathetic and it drives me crazy."

"Oh, so that's the way you really feel about me Biri Biri?" Touma asked as he stood behind Mikoto causing her to flinch. Without a word Touma snatched his jacket from around Mikoto's waist but took her ripped skirt along with it, leaving Mikoto's wet diaper fully exposed. Touma know he was screwed "Oh crap Biri Biri I'm so sorry I did not mean to-"

"YOU…IM GOING TO KILL YOU!" Mikoto screamed, shooting lighting at Touma.

"Hey you could have killed me with that, and don't forget my arm's broken!" Touma yelled back, backing up.

"THEN SHUT UP AND DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Mikoto then started to chase Touma around the yard. Touma ran through the hole in the gate where Mikoto was hit through earlier and ran down the street. "Hey come back here I'm not done with you yet!" Mikoto then tried to follow him but was grabbed by Uiharu and Saten.

Misaka-san stop, you can't run out in the streets like that, you want everyone to see you"? Saten asked. Mikoto ignored them and tried to get free from the grip on her.

"Let me at that bastard, he has to die!"

"Misaka-san please you're doing to make your injuries worse by running around like that!" Uiharu tried to also restrain Mikoto, but it was not working.

Maime walked over and forcibly grabbed Mikoto by her shirt. "Young lady you are going to stop right now, that is no way to treat the boy you love and the person who help you!" She said in a strict tone making Mikoto freeze in her tracks.

"But I told you that I don't-" Mikoto's body pulsed and pain shot throughout her entire body, her injuries were finally starting to get to her. She was sweating not because of the heat, her breathing was unsteady and she could see black dots dancing in front of her eyes. "This is bad!" Mikoto said to herself as she lost all strength in her legs fell over.

"Oh no Misaka-san!" Satan caught Mikoto before she hit the ground. " Hang on you can't pass out like this!"

"This is bad, I need to treat her right away!" Miame said trying to determine the best methods for treating Mikoto's injuries.

"Hey mommy look Onee-chan's diaper is going to leak; you need to change her quickly." Alice pointed out.

Mikoto looked down and saw the pale yellow stain on her diaper becoming darker as she was wetting her diaper again. "What the, what's going on? I can't feel anything, I can't stop the flow." Mikoto's head was ringing with sharps pains also, her whole world was spinning as she was finally over come by darkness.

A few hours later a woman was standing Mikoto's bed. "Misaka….Hey Misaka wake up now!" A lady yelled at Mikoto while she was still sleeping. Mikoto slowly opened her eyes and saw the dorm supervisor standing over her bed side.

"Dorm Supervisor what are you doing here?" Mikoto asked in a panic.

"I received a phone call telling me that you and Shirai were badly hurt, and now that I see the two of you I know she wasn't lying!" The supervisor yelled making Mikoto flinch.

"But Dorm Supervisor I-"

"Quiet!" The Dorm Supervisor yelled silencing Mikoto, but then turned away not letting Mikoto see her smile. "I heard the whole story so don't bother explaining yourself, but now it looks like for the next couple of weeks you won't be pretending to wear diapers. You were hit in your abdomen area so much it caused you to lose control of your bladder, but thankfully Maime-san has already offered to let both you and Shirai stay here until you're both fully recovered.

"What about Kuroko is she ok?" Mikoto asked her.

"Don't worry she just has some bruised ribs and a mild concussion, but she will be fine if she does not move around too much, but she will be in diaper's for a while just like you Mikoto-chan, but trust me when I say she's far off better than you are." Maime said walking into the room with Alice hiding behind her leg.

Mikoto looked down at Alice and saw her trying to hide. "Alice-chan what's wrong?" Mikoto asked her.

"Onee-chan I'm sorry for what the other me did to you and your friends, I hope we can still be friends." Alice looked down

Mikoto smiled and patted Alice on the head. "It's ok, as long as you're ok that's all I really care about Alice." Mikoto looked over to Maime. "But Maime-san what about the other Alice, what if she takes over again what going to happen?"

"Don't worry about it, we had a heart to heart talk and agreed that she'll only come out if Alice is in trouble or being bullied, but she is not to use excessive force because I have decided to send Alice back to school when summer breaks ends."

"That's good to here!" Mikoto said letting off a sigh of relief.

Maime walked over pulled back the sheets that were covering Mikoto, up and stuck her finger in between the leg hole of her diaper. "Looks like someone might need changing again?" She smirked.

Mikoto's face was beet red and wanted to die at that point. "I can do that my self Maime-San." Mikoto said but her hand was slapped away.

"Mikoto-Chan of you put up a fight I'll do to you what I did to Kuroko-chan." Maime said in a sweet but threating tone.

"W-what did you do to Kuroko?" Mikoto asked now shaking.

"Oh nothing too bad, I just used my power to regress her brain into that of a six month old."

Mikoto was silent.

"Hey Onee-chan isn't it great we get to spend the next few week's together." Alice said happily.

"Yeah just great I'm going to spend the rest of my summer diapers." Mikoto said dryly.

I hope you guys enjoyed this story please look ford to a one-shot sequel to this story called 'The Rail Gun's date' A Touma X Mikoto story so once again look ford to it.