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"talking" "who are you"

Thoughts who are you"

Yelling who are you?

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Chapter 2 the final test

Jump City

Robin point of view

I was having a relaxing day me and the rest of the team we had just finished eating pizza. Surprisingly no villains had attacked today and nothing weird had happened yet well except that me and the team discovered that Starfire liked to drink mustard.

My only thought right then was "today is going to be a great day nothing could possibly go wrong?" (Never ever say or think that).

As if karma was just waiting for him to think that a bus suddenly coming down from uptown and it was picking up speed but that's not what scared me and the team no what did that was that the bus was heading towards a Baby Carriage that was for some reason in the middle of the frickin street. (are they stupid or something).

No one saw the person on the roof tops watching the plot unfold.

Normal point of view

This person was wearing a suit that had one side dark orange and the other side black with a s shaped on the dark orange side it also had metal armor around the arms and legs and a black utility belt ( look at robins apprentice outfit) it was none other than Naruto Uzumaki.

I was here to watch the show and if necessary help Jinx, Mammoth, and Gizmo if they were losing.

I saw their plan and it was quite ingenious if you didn't see Jinx shot bad luck at the bus.

Cyborg ran in front of the bus and was using all of his strength to try and stop the bus while Starfire and Beastboy grabbed the back of the bus slowing it down slightly

Robin saw that they wouldn't be able to stop the bus before it would hit the baby carriage so seeing this he ran and quickly moved the carriage out of the buses path.

Raven 1 minute earlier

She was not having a good day first Beastboy wouldn't shut up then she noticed that a bus was heading for a baby she saw that even with her friends help the bus wasn't going to stop so she concentrated on the stick shift then said AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!

Black magic (I am calling that the black stuff she fires is called) wrapped around the stick shift and moved it from drive to park making the bus stop instantly.

Starfire and Beastboy saw that the bus stopped and she glide to Cyborg and smiled.

Beastboy changed back into his human form and smiled and gave a thumbs up to raven.

Starfire went to check on robin and the baby.

Naruto was watching and saw that Jinx mammoth and gizmo were about to attack he only said one thing "now show me, prove to me and sensei you are worthy of being his Minions he said this in a voice that expected results.


Jinx was watching with baited breath she would finally prove that she was a true villain not some little piss ant grunt but a full villain.

Her only thought was 'I will finally get out of the academy, i will not fail"

Her last thoughts were filled will so much determination that one could not help but feel it around her

You see in the academy it was in one word for her hell in the academy she was taught everything that a villain would need to know to survive and become a force to be reckoned with.

She knew what would happen to her and her teammates if they failed this they would be disciplined that made a shiver go down her spine if there was one thing that the academy could do was discipline you.

So she would make sure with all her strength that she would beat the teen titans with that she readied herself for the trap.

Normal point of view-street

Robin and Starfire were checking the baby as soon as robin lifted the blanket it didn't show a baby it showed a smiling cat thing(I don't know what the hell that was)

Suddenly it's eyes lit up and it asked " are you guy always this stupid?" it's eyes then shot a laser right at Robin and Starfire hitting both of them throwing them both into a pile of trash where robin got a banana peel stuck on his head. (not sure if this is how it went or not but I haven't seen the show in years).

Then the fight started

Jinx hit Raven with a bad luck blast while mammoth Smashed Cyborg with the bus.

(sorry but it's fucking 2 in the morning so the fight went just like the show)

Naruto roof tops after fight

I was impressed there fighting skills could be a bit better but there team work was almost perfect which was actually harder than most people would think. I now understood why Slade-sensei wanted these three to work for him if he trained them they would become one of the strongest villain teams there ever was.

I was also impressed with the teen titans there teamwork and skills were almost at their peak the titans were able to combine their strengths and their weaknesses.

But I noticed that the only reason the teen titans lost was because of two reasons 1. Was because robin was taken care of first and without a leader they were pretty much screwed. The 2 reason was because of the villains surprise attack.

I thought only one thing right then and there I can't wait to see the rematch! After he thought this he got a maniacal grin on his face and he started to laugh unfortunately jinx, mammoth, and gizmo heard him and looked towards him

Jinx point of view

I was just celebrating with my teammates that we just beat the teen titans our first real crime and we were about to go to the titans tower to take it over when me and the other two idiots(it's jinx what do you expect) heard a insane laugh it scared all of us it sound like a person who enjoyed to see others suffer however under that enjoyment was a pit of unending sadness and hatred.

Just then I felt something I haven't ever felt before fear untold fear at whoever was laughing.

So imagine our surprise when we turned around and it was a guy that looked to be our age.

he was wearing a black suit with armor on it(once again robins apprentice outfit) we couldn't see his face it was hidden under a hood. He looked like he stood about 5 foot 8 but the most striking thing about him was his bright sapphire eyes they were so sharp and they looked like they could see right into your soul.

When I was about to run up to him and yell at him about what was so funny his image swirled for a second then just disappeared.

This scared the hell out of us we looked every way to see if we could find him but he was just gone.

I was going to look around the city to find this bastard that laughed at us when gizmo said hey we got to go take over the snot brains tower.

"He is right and I probably won't be able to find that laughing guy he's probably long gone by now" was what she thought

So I turned to my so called comrades looked them in the eye and said "alright lets go destroy the titans" she said this with a Cheshire like grin.

Both mammoth and gizmo knew that grin when she did that grin you instantly did what she said or your ass would be getting hit with a big amount of bad luck.

With that they went to the titan's tower to destroy the teen titans.

Unknown location Slade

I was watching the villains to be and thought only one thing they have potential

I turned around and said "Naruto what do you think of them"

Naruto emerged from the shadows and thought for a minute before answering " I think there team work is very good however while there team work and strength are good they don't cover their weaknesses if me or you trained them they could be a force to be reckoned with.

I nodded at his point he saw what their strengths and weaknesses were and knew that they had the potential to get even stronger.

I turned to Naruto and said "what if I said I would allow you to train them"

Naruto was in shock he said that if him and Slade trained them they would be strong but he didn't think Slade would actually let him train them.

Naruto bowed to Slade and said "I would be honored to train them".

I just acknowledged this with a nodding of the head

"Well I want you to watch them and if it looks like they are about to lose I want you to retrieve them is that understood" Naruto nodded and was about to go when I suddenly said "also Naruto if it looks like you're about to fight the titans retreat I don't know if you're ready to take them on yet".

Naruto looked at Slade and said "yes sensei"

With that Naruto stood up and just simple shimmered for a second then was gone no trace that he was ever there.

(Look the fights are the same as in the show on the episode final exam want to know what happened look for the episode)

Titans tower roof top Naruto

I saw that the villains were doing well that was until the teen titans with their leader robins help tricked each of the villains into using their strengths against them.

I was looking and saw that they had lost however I would be damned in hell before I allowed these three potential partners in crime to go to jail.

I shadow walked (I own this) behind the three (when they are in a group I'll be calling them the H.I.V.E three) I heard that Gizmo slipped up and said Slade's name and saw robin grab Gizmo.

Robin looked gizmo right in the eye and said "who is Slade"

Gizmo simply smirked at robin and said "wouldn't you like to know snot for brain (couldn't help it it's gizmo).

Robin was about to force Gizmo to tell him who Slade was when a kunai came sailing straight for his heart.

Robin's reflexes were the only thing that saved him from dying he dodged the kunai and watched as it hit one of the steel frames and stuck in it.

The H.I.V.E. three's eyes widened when they saw the kunai they had seen that kunai before when they were talking to Slade.

Everyone was shocked but they got over it Cyborg raised his cannon(I don't know what the hell it's called) and yelled " who the hell threw that?

They heard a voice behind the H.I.V.E. three say "I did"

Everyone turned and saw Naruto

Jinx turned she thought she recognized his voice from somewhere when she remembered where she decided to yell them out loud I recognize you you're the idiot that was laughing at us in the park! Who the hell are you?

I walked up to her making everyone tense I then grabbed her hand and kissed her knuckles and said " my name is Naruto may I ask what your name is beautiful.

This made jinx go into shock and blush there were not that many guys who would do what Naruto just did most feared if they did they would be at the end of a blast of terrible luck.

Jinx got over her shock and said "my name is jinx" She said this with a smirk.

She then lost her smirk and said "now why are you here"

My face instantly lost the kind smile and said "I am here to take you back to sensei"

Her face then showed that Jinx was afraid to go back

She probably thinks were going to send her and her teammates back to the academy I thought.

I then turned to the titans and looked at each of them one was a half robotic teen another was a green changeling; another was a orange girl with red hair.

When I turned to the fourth member I noticed when I looked in her navy blue eyes she reminded me of what I used to be.

She wore a blue bathing suit type of thing (I don't know what the hell to call it) with a blue cloak she had darkish gray skin with high a cup to medium b cup breasts. But what interested me the most about her was that I felt demonic chakra coming from her.

I would have looked deeper to see if she was like him but a star bolt stopped me I turned and saw the orange girl's hands were glowing with energy.

I saw that robin got his staff out the green one had changed into a bear the robot guy was about to fire a sonic cannon at me and the demon girl had dark energy surrounding her hands.

I thought right then I could fight them and see how strong I have gotten,

I would have right then remembered that Slade said I might not be able to take them on.

With that I turned to the HIVE three and said " were leaving"

Robin said "you're not going anywhere"

I smirked "whatever see ya later birdy" I said this then started to laugh at seeing the other titans and the HIVE three trying not to laugh.

I grabbed the three and we swirled for a second then disappeared. Shocking the hell out of the teen titans.

End of the chapter

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