Random Quiz 2

A/N: Time for another quiz you weren't expecting! This time you'll find out what iCarly segment you'd be if you weren't already a living, breathing person! (Warning: people who aren't living or breathing should not take this quiz) XD

1. OMG, my parents are driving me craaaazy! I can't live with them! College can't come soon enough! But since you're not old enough to live on your own yet, what summer camp will you be at this summer? (Tip: tell your parents the camp doesn't allow cell phones) XD

A. I'm not really the camping type. I'd rather stay home and drink tea!

B. I don't care what kind…as long as I can tell ghost stories around the campfire! Have you heard the one about the lotion? It was banned in the U.S. and Canada!

C. A dance camp! Hip hop, jazz, ballet…I love it all! Just give me a beat and I can't control my feet! (Warning: this quiz is not responsible for anything your feet might do)

2. Halloween is just a month away! Have you decided what you're going trick-or-treating as? I can hear you people saying "we're too old!" Well, stop yelling at your computer screen and answer the question!

A. Big Ben! I love clocks…and watches…and time…I'm obsessed! (Yes. Yes you are)

B. Something totally scary like…a bunny! Those things creep me out. What's with all the carrots? WHY DO THEY NEED GOOD EYESIGHT?

C. I've already got my costume. I'm just gonna wear my dance shoes and leotard XD

3. Ever heard the saying "You are what you eat?" What are YOU? Oh, come on…tell me! I promise I'll keep your secret. I won't tell anyone! I'll just tell my computer…as I post it on SplashFace. (:

A. I 3 fish and chips sooooo much! I'm eating fish and chips right now! Oh, and pretending I have a British accent too. Tea just makes me do the craziest things! ;) (You definitely are crazy. Chips are just fries, you psycho!)

B. Um…I like scary stuff. But I eat hamburgers all the time! OMG! Is there something wrong with me? Oh. Wait. Hamburgers are scary. Oh, thank goodness. I was worried for a second there. XD

C. I'm a dancer…so I eat dance? Whoa…that's like eating myself! Oh…my head hurts. Darn this confusing quiz! But I'm gonna finish it cuz it's so hilarious (Awww, thanks!)

4. It's Random Day at school (just pretend like you understand this question) and you're supposed to wear crazy clothes! What do you pull out of your closet? *Sigh* Ok, fine. (Your neighbor's closet. There. Happy now?)

A. A hoodie with a picture of the British flag on the back. Go England!

B. A bra OVER my shirt! Yeah, that's right! I'm original! Wait…what do you mean "everyone else is doing that?" Noooo! Well, whatever. I'm still gonna do it. You'll see. You'll all see!

C. I'll wear my dance shoes and leotard again! What? It's not that weird…is it? IS It? Why are you laughing and moving on to the next question! Come back and answer meeeeee! ):

5. What's your favorite game (besides Spin the Bottle) ;)

A. London Bridges Falling Down!

B. Using my Ouija board to contact dead people! Duh! Hey granddad…how's the afterlife? Um…I know you're dead any stuff…so I'm not mad. But you forgot to send me a check for my birthday. Just saying.

C. Dance Dance Revolution is the best thing ever invented (: I could play it all day.

6. Your favorite show is about to come TV. What is it? Hurry and answer before the lotion screams your name! HURRY!

A. House of Anubis! It's full of British people…man, I could listen to their accents all day XD

B. Truth or Scare of course. It's just so…scary!

C. Dancing With The Stars is my favorite. All those partners dancing…dance…purple…dance…I just love it!

If you answered mostly A's…you are Pathetic Plays: The Englishman Who Was A Terrible Father To His Two Children, Fuffly and Peeta. You're obsessed with all things British! Let's hope you don't become like the terrible Englishman who was…well, that's a long title. I don't feel like typing it again.

If you answered mostly B's…you are the Bra Who Tells Ghost Stories! You're definition of "scary" might be different from others…but you'll never give up trying to make people scream and change their pants.

If you answered mostly C's…you are Random Dancing! Good for you, being one of the most popular segments on iCarly! You overachiever! Isn't random awesome? Everyone should be random! Random jumping…random murdering…random sleeping…wait. Not random sleeping. That wouldn't be a good idea if you were driving…